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Welcome to News and Media! / The Secret?
March 23, 2006, 07:53:05
Anybody know what this is all about?
So the once-in-every-six-months vibrations start last night. I took a tramadol as my back was hurting (mild narcotic) and I took a 5-htp before bed. Immediately in bed the vibes start hard. Now that I know what these vibes are that I've had 5000 times, they don't come hardly often. Now I'm not afraid of them anymore, so I let them go.

However I pulse, vibrate, my chest gets KRUSHED, the whining and spinning noise gets higher in pitch and nothing happens. WTF? I imagined a rope, and my hand grabbing it, Still nothing.

Now I do remember jumping out of my body and jumping back in it, but that was sort of a small memory and I'm not convinced it actually happened. Anyhow a (what I think) lucid dream happened. I don't know what a lucid dream is really. Anyhow my dream was that I was lying in bed like I was and all the stuff on my nightstand was on the floor neatly arranged.

I got up and moved it back. Alarm, book, ear plugs, lamp. Then I notice it's on the floor again. Now I'm freaked out. I'm convinced I was getting out of my body and putting that stuff on the floor, though probably not possible. So I started freaking out that there was someone in the house. This is still in the dream btw. So I check closets, bathrooms, tubs, etc and nothing. I go downstairs to the basement and the basement door is missing.  :shock:

The wind is howling outside and the skies are grey. The deck on the back of the house is my old pressure treated deck. I have a mahogany deck my dad and I built. I go out to the front and my dad shows up in his truck with wood, tools, etc to help build the mahogany deck (that he already built with me)

I try to convince him the deck was built but somehow it is now the old deck. He looks at me like I'm nuts.

I go back inside and look around the house. I go to the tv room and notice behind a couch is a sleeping bag. I have an axe in my hand. I pull off the sleeping bag and a person jumps up and attacks me. Guess who that person is? ME  :shock: so my body double strangles me. My wife runs upstairs and yells no. I'm like what should I do, kill it? ME?  :shock:

That's when I woke up. I was shaking and my whole body was tingling like in the vibratory state.

Anybody make any sense out of this? BTW, the rest of the night I saw figures passing by the 1/2 open door to the bedroom. It was not a good night. I was f****g freaked out.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Tachyon energy
February 09, 2006, 19:56:42
It's supposedly the lowest form of energy there is and this energy is basically point zero or the source and can infiltrate anything and fix any energy imbalance, regardless of whether there are other imbalances.

A particular doctor on curzone speaks of witnessing tachyon energy healing a fresh wound within 3 seconds. There is little known about this. I pulled up a couple of sites that seem to sell small devices that contain this energy.

However I'm hesitant to spend another dime on any spiritual stuff. If this energy can be contained within a small object and heal wounds on contact, why haven't we heard about it.

I call bovine excrement. What say you?

Here's a letter I sent them. Email actually, you get the idea. I'm just surprised that spiritual people have lowered themselves to skumb suckers like the rest of the corporate machine. This stuff really burns me.

For a bunch of spiritual people, I find it odd that you deceive people by offering a FREE trial and then having to put in your credit card, so auto renew will be set to on for those that forget to cancel the membership. You people are only 1 step up from a parasitic organism. Doesn't Andrew Cohen have enough money? You people claim you want to educate people on being spiritual and not being like the rest of the machinery that is raping the planet. Well your just a bad, and remember. KARMA IS A BI*CH. Please forward this to Andrew, if you would.


Kevin Farrell
first off, I'd rather not hear of anyone that has to tell me to stay straight to meditate or obe. With me, it just doesn't work. I know those are defeatist thoughts and I don't like to sound that way. However after months and months of practice I just figure I'm one of those people that just can't relax and focus.

I've seen the site iamshaman and they aren't shipping at the moment due to computer upgrades and whatnot. So who else sells high quality stuff. Also is the extract in liquid form better?

I'm basically going to use this for meditation enhancement. I meditate daily and I just sit and nothing happens. I can't focus and I can never sit still. It's so frign hard for me to relax. So the next best thing for me to do is resort to drugs. So be it.

Now I'm not going to be an idiot. I will not take the required dose, probably not even 1/4 of it. I am a lightweight with drugs. I can't even handle 1 hit of pot, as it does not relax me, but makes me think, and trust me, I do not need to think.

The only thing that really relaxes me is anything of the opiate family. Unfortunately I don't have an unlimited supply and I am through with going through the withdrawals from it. I've had vicodins plenty of times for various bodily injuries and it seems that this was the only time I got remotely close to OBE.

So I'm going to experiment with Salvia. If that doesn't work, I'll try something else. Now I'm not looking for green men from Mars. Just the ability to focus a little better.

Salvia, what do you think? I've also heard of another plant called
Kratom. Anybody have any luck with that?

I regret to try to resort to having to use drugs to focus and perhaps have an OBE, however I am frustrated with not being able to progress. It's been months and months of practice and I still can't relax well.

Some people mention they see nothing. Well, what is nothing? Black? Some people say they see white. I've never seen any white, any light or anything.
What I see when I close my eyes is black. However that is the background. What permeates atop the black is billions of small dots, like grains of sand if you will.  Red and Purple are the colors. Some of them are multiple circles within circles, like a red dot with a purple circle and so on, probably a total of 20 circles within a circle, but still tiny. They float around and sometimes if I focus in on one, I can sort of bring it in and often times I can form a face out of it. However these aren't faces I recognize.

These faces aren't clear though and usually dissipate quickly. What do you think about the faces. I often wonder who is the owner of these faces since I don't recognize them. Are they people I have seen? Or something else?

So try it. Just relax, close your eyes and tell me what you see. My wife says she sees nothing. This is perplexing to me. I have always seen these purple and red dots. No other colors though. Often times to, I can manifest an image and start a little day dream. One fun thing I like to do is create a tank and romp down a path in the woods at high speeds. Quite fun too.

So, as you've probably noticed. I'm up. I'm down. My wife is adamant about me going on Zoloft again. I've been on all of them throughout the years. I can't say they help or not. I don't notice if they do or not. I don't want to be a zombie all the time. That's what scares me. I like to have energy. What do you spiritual folk think about this? I meditate, I try to have a (+) attitude. It works for the most part, for a few, but then it's back to the same miserable me. I'm never on the same level all the time. I don't get it. I can't stand pharmaceutical companies and the last thing I want to do is zombify myself with 99% of America. I just don't know what else to do. I hate my job and no matter how hard I try it's killing me. I sit for 9 hours a day, no interaction with anybody. Nothing to do. So I basically have to go on drugs because I've reached the end of my rope with the Info Tech field.

What do you think? Yay or Nay on the Zoloft?

Would you agree that when we are born, we are pure?
If yes, then what you are saying is in essence, this is the true self, correct?
If that is also true then we can say that everything else that is manifested inside ourselves are identities (ego), judgments, that we create, based upon experiences and the past.

So what this says is that everything we have manifested in our mind, has essentially become an identity or mind that separates is from our true self, hence, the suffering is self-created.

Does this give anyone else chills up and down their spine?

Hello all. I happened to stumble upon the movie, What the $#@% do we know. Amazing film. One thing that I got out of the film and correct me if I'm wrong, but. It seemed to say that if you believe, in every part of your organic  bran and subconscious of a particular dream or desire, without any doubt whatsoever, it will have no choice but to manifest itself to you? This seems plausible to me. Has anybody experimented with anything of this nature? I'm not talking about willing riches, but small stuff. It seems to me that when I have accomplished things, it occurs to me that I can't recall ever doubting myself in the process. Take something small for instance. There was a mountain bicycle frame. You'll probably think I'm nuts, but it was $3500 at the time. I simple said, I'm going to get it and that was it. I couldn't afford it all at once, but gave them a deposit and paid for it over a 1/2 years time. However I never once said "I'll never be able to get that"

So I wonder if I basically manifested this into my reality by not having any doubt that the goal would occur. What do you think about this manifestation stuff and the hypothesis of modern science that the inside affects the outside and not vice versa?

Welcome to Astral Chat! / What makes you, you?
March 22, 2005, 20:14:25
Simple enough. This I anticipate to be a good one. What makes you, you?
The war I'm looking to start up here :lol: Just kidding.

I'm wondering what folks think makes them up. Do you think you are primarily body, spirit, mind?

Now mind can be classified in many different ways, so perhaps we'll just keep it as body, spirit (incorporating the mind).

It's my opinion that my body has nothing to do with me, other than my physical appearance and as my own private terminator to navigate this happy happy planet called Earth. My organic brain is there to as a vehicle to convey my experiences, thoughts, memories into physical emotions, from the soul. This makes complete sense to me.

Now some would say that the body is you and that is all there is. However questions like, what wills matter to collect and become a body, with a soul inside it intrigue me. Questions like what makes the skin atoms bind together in a sophisticated pattern to cover the body.  This is similar to the post about. I'm in a different body. However I would like to keep this restricted to the title, which is simple enough to understand.

Ok, I've made leaps and bounds over the past year. I basically stopped hating the world and people in general. I don't get mad in traffic and road rage anymore and I don't worry about money. I've realized that all the s**t that I own is meaningless and ego based and that physical items do not make you happy. I've learned how evil ego can be. I now pass my days one by one, instead of living in the future. I've essentially never lived a day in my life. I can't remember a single birthday of my life really. Why? Because I never lived. I was never aware or awake. That has all changed and I feel much better psychologically. However with the energy work, it's going slow. The meditation, although it makes me feel good, does not yet provide the results I'd like.

Here's my problem though. It's the system and my job and the corporate greed filled rat skum environment. The pigs that own the companies I work for. The people that never shut down business, having people risk their life traveling in blizzard conditions to get to work. The pigs that make people work New Years Eve Day and New Years Day.

"Must push lasers out the door, no matter what"

This irritates me to no end. I'm not even the one that had to work New Years Eve, or day. It's the poor factory workers. I got it easy, well somewhat. I just can't stand it anymore. I hate my job. I'm an Oracle Database Administrator. I literally do nothing for 9 hours a day. Plus the 2 hour commute to get to the miserable place. I wake up in misery daily and it's draining me. I've almost perfected my thought process on life to an extent. This is the missing link and it's draining the life out of me. I can't stand to sit in a chair for 9 hours a day and 2 hours in the car anymore. Suicide is a common thought, although I would not do that to my wife and child (8 yo daughter, who doesn't live with us, but my X).
I just can't imagine another 30 years like this. I'd rather be dead. I just plain hate work. I can't stand working for these greedy pigs. Why a 40 hour work week? Ha? What would be wrong with 30 hours? What makes these pigs tick? I try so hard not to hate my job and the executive pigs. It's draining me and I have no way out. I've screwed my wife and I financially by being a greedy jerk, making poor decisions money-wise, credit card debt, you name it. All in the name of trying to fill the hole. A hole that I've finally realized can not be filled with external things. Happiness is internal. I know that now, but now it's too late. What should I do? I'm at a crossroads. I'd like to file Chapter 11 and just throw in the towel and start over simple. Work at a gas station, pumping gas 4 days a week. Seriously. I can't take the corporate environment anymore. This is hindering my spiritual progress. What do you suggest I do? This is not a sob story, I wish not to receive sympathy. I'm just desperate for a solution. I can't spend another 30 years like this. I'd rather be dead, seriously.

Thanks in advance for any insight, guidance.

So tell me, where's the white light? All I see is black and I've been meditating for 2 months now. Anybody? Anybody else see just black?

Hello folks. I've been reading about SAD. Seasonal affect disorder. I notice a dark cloud over my head starting in November when the clocks get screwed up (SET INCORRECTLY :x) and it doesn't end till April or May. I'm talking about low energy and depression for the main part.  Now I've heard of light therapy a while and my wife suggested going to a spa or tanning salon for it. I'm not the salon type however. I live in Massachusetts, the dark cloud state, where the sun does not shine and the dark cloud of death hangs low 8 months out of the year. I'm not lying either. 8 months of ***T weather. I've had it. So I've been researching this on a website Apollo Health that specializes in these lights.

My question is do any of you suffer from SAD as well as do I? Low energy, depression? Every year around April or May, I feel like a new person. 34 years of this now and I'm pretty fed up with it. I'm unable to move either as I have a daughter , 8, who does not live with me. Has anybody ever used these light therapy devices? Do they work? I've taken their Circadian Rhythm test and the results are below. I'm screwed ha? :lol:

Here's the link to take the test. Feel free to post your results on here and any other pertinent information. I can't go through another Winter like this. Any help/guidance is appreciated.



According to your score, you have severe Delayed Circadian Rhythm Disorder (DCR). DCR means your body clock is running slower than a normal 24-hour period. Because it is running slow, your body clock is producing the wrong hormones at the wrong time of day. This can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), insomnia and other depressive mood disorders. DCR causes you to have difficulty getting started in the morning, you may feel a bit groggy or down during part of the day, and you may experience a second wind later in the evening. Those with DCR are often referred to as night owls, and find it easier to stay up late at night. Although some DCR sufferers have little trouble falling asleep, almost all have difficulty getting up or getting started in the morning. [][/url]
I didn't see anywhere in the book where it says how many days to do the hand and foot work. At first, I felt nothing. Now after 2 weeks of foot work, I'm starting to get feelings. My hands are a little better. Shall I progress to what is chapter 8 (Energy bounce) or continue more with the hand and foot work. I've never done anything so boring in my life. I realize it's for a good purpose though and that's what keeps me going. I just can't wait to get the foot work done. JEESH.  :(

Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Meditation
February 23, 2005, 15:36:40
I'm wondering what you guys do when you meditate. Let's get a neat organized format for this.


Music Yes/No (Music a detriment or helpful):
Where you meditate:
How long you've been meditation:
Positive results:
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Nonexistance
February 22, 2005, 13:50:57
Some of the people I know have adopted a mindset of "when your dead, your dead"

This includes my father.

A religious friend of mine says that in the bible the soul dies with the body and the soul gets resurrected. I'm like ha? WTF?

How can the soul die? How can we just cease to exist? I am a conscious energy body (if you will) and I just can't understand/accept nonexistence.

Whadaya think?  :?:

Hello everyone. I'm wondering if someone can help me out. I've been experiencing ringing in the ears. I've always had a faint ring in my ears, but since I've started doing meditation with the higher balance meditation, it's stronger and stronger. Now one of the modules of Higher balance explains how there is a frequency and that is what I'm hearing. Well, interestingly enough, over the past week, this ringing is ever so present. The past 4 nights I've gone to sleep and I can induce vibrations at will by first letting each limb go numb, then they start to tingle and then I let this ring come present to the forefront then my whole body starts vibrating uncontrollably. However I'm so excited that I've learned to do this at will, I have not yet gone in to the paralysis state. It is my fear preventing this and what I've noticed is that lately, whenever I close my eyes, all that I see are negative entities. Enough to fill 8 books of tattoo flash that my tattoo artist buddy would love. If he could just be inside my head. So I'm thinking that these negs that I see (now I'm not OBE mind you) when this happens. I just shut my eyes and I see EVIL. Hundreds of faces and whatnot. Spinning, coming at me and whatever. I am not afraid of them, but I am thinking subconsciously my organic brain is causing this to try and prevent me from having an OBE. Does this sound right? What can I do to overcome this fear of mine. I've been going SRM lately (Stark Raving Mad) between the entities and the ringing in the ear. Well the ringing isn't that bad and I find it simply amazing that I can induce the vibrations at will. I've done this about 50 times over the past 4 days or so. Nuts I say, nuts. :lol:

I get out of bed and I'm scared to take a leak. I can't go downstairs to get a drink without all the lights on :lol: This is ridiculous. Any suggestions?


Hello, I've been reading a lot about magnets lately and I've been reading on a site about a particular individual who claims that ceramic magnets if properly placed on the body can increase chi. Has anybody done any experimentation with this? I don't understand magnets, I realize there is a North and South side to every magnet? Is that correct? Edjumacate me please.


Hello all. I've been thinking a lot about this lately and it's rather bothersome to know there exists multiple dimensions right before my eyes I guess which my pea-brained limited 5 senses can not perceive. I'm working with the higher balance stuff right now which is sort of a slightly different approach to viewing and perceiving this topic as well as a different meditation approach. Now I'm not one to even speak about this or even open my mouth as my passive spiritual journey has been all of the 34 years of my life, but the active journey has been less than a year, so I really have not right to say it can't be achieved. However,  it seems to me that there are a lot of people on here in search of the same thing, but not so many that actually achieve it, or it just seems this way to me. I'm starting to think, although I don't want to that this realm of MDC is limited to gifted individuals such as R.B and others and I don't want to think that I'm wasting my time. I want to know. I need to see, I have to. I agonize over it sometimes and try not to let it get in the way of meditational progress and I try to not really meditate with any want in mind. However what do you earthly beings think is the best way to go about achieving this. I am really starting to believe that it is the brain and it's belief systems molded by thoughts and the "you can't do that" mentality that makes this so difficult for most to find. But why? What is the method for mindlessness or to peel away the layers of damage caused by societal constraints. Throw me a bone, actually gimme a box of bones. Enlighten me. What do you think of this matter? Does anybody else agonize over this as do I? I don't mean to use the word agonize, I'm not really in agony, just in sort of a disgust, but not in a negative way. Just sort of feel ripped off if you will :lol:

Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Hobbies
February 16, 2005, 23:02:08
Is it me or is it my perception of this that bothers me so much? I don't know why this gets to me so much. It seems that since my spiritual development, I've come to see the downfall of humanity and it's so hard to not let the hate I've come to pigeonhole resurface and get the best of me. I'm struggling to learn to love life and all of humanity, but it's tough, especially after what I've come to see in people. I'm listening to a particular type of meditation that explains how the Earth is a living organism and the nervous system is of the planet is made up of living things (US) and nature that keep things in balance. It goes into explaining that there are red cells (sleepers) and the white cells (struggling to awaken)

Although this might not make much sense, you have to listen to it to understand it. Now lets just say I'm a white cell, stuck in with a bunch of red cells. I have the understanding that there is more than what we just see and I'm stuck in a place where everyone just does not understand. Not that I am trying to get people to understand as I pass my days without judgment as best I can and try to have no need to voice my opinion over others. Nobody I work with even knows what I'm into and I could care less.

Anyhow, my point. As I've evolved slightly spirituality, I see the downfall of humankind. I see where it's all gone wrong. I myself have contributed to the process and ego has created a debt filled rut that I don't know how I'm ever going to get out of, but that's besides the point. I see how the evil of the ego has tried to suck me in and has succeeded to a point in trying to make me a permanent part of the matrix as I call it, the fabric of reality, which for most is what they see with their eyes and experience through their limited senses.  I however am not a willing participant/product of the matrix and like to envision myself as a product of self-realization instead, although I'm not completely there yet.

I see the people. I see them rushing to work as if there is no tomorrow, or there is a suitcase full of millions of dollars waiting for them at work. I see people drive and risk life to get to work, to make the money that fills the ego and weaves further the further extending fabric of the matrix. I see how work becomes them and how they have become a robot of society for their little slice of pie to build the small wall of greed that is ever so important to them, all the while, making the rich elitist at the top build his or her wall of greed higher and higher. I see the people so dedicated as if work is all there is to life. I see them at 5pm each day, still on the phone, spreadsheets open, working busily away as if it's 9am. I walk past them as soon as the clock strikes 5pm and I'm always the first one out the door. The hours are 8-5 mind you, with a 1 hour commute each way, equating to a 55 hour week as far as I'm concerned. Why is it so hard for me to deal with this? I see them and I get sick. I hear all the talk of work, even on break, the smiles on their face, not even knowing how asleep they really are.

Is there anyone else that feels this way? How do I overcome this anger towards it. Should I cave in and become a corporate robot? Sometimes I think if perhaps I just cave in, I'd be happier. It however sickens me to no end to be around MINDLESS people, dedicating their lives to work so they can feed their ego through meaningless possessions all the while not realizing that their only concept of reality is the reality of their only perception of themselves which is based upon primarily on what they perceive others to think about them.  Does this make sense? Am I going insane?

Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Reincarnation
February 11, 2005, 16:44:20
Ok, Reincarnation. Supposedly, I chose to be here. Right? Well since I'm so disconnected with my true self, and no matter what method I try I can't connect, I find it hard to believe that there are 2 of me;
1. My physical Self
2. My spiritual Self

Now my physical self does not want to reincarnate again. I've had it with this planet, I don't want to come back. Sad to say that? Yes, but I'm serious.

Now if my "TRUE- SELF" wanted to come here to experience and I can't remember because I'm disconnected and probably never will be reconnected, then how the hell and I to believe that there is such thing as free will.

Do you know how sickening it is to me to learn of everyone elses enlightenment's and astral travel and to want to experience it myself, but nothing works. I feel no energy, I can't relax.

Also, what is the sense of loving someone if you are separated at death and carnate into another body?

I find the free will concept very hard to believe. I want what I want, but my true self wants different?

This is what really really really aggravates me to no end and I want to explode. Now granted, I've only been meditating for a month, if that, but how long does it take before I have the ******* answers to the questions that have been gnawing at my stomach since my inception on this planet. Yeah I'm mad, very angrily ticked off type of mad dammit :lol:

Hi folks, I've been working with some meditation tapes (Higher Balance) and there's a lot of chakra touching and energy consumption I guess you would call it for lack of better words. What I'm wondering is how long it takes before you actually feel anything. I've also been trying the NEW (New Energy Ways) by Robert Bruce. Same thing, I feel nothing. Now when I do my own healing method, which consists of drawing energy up from my feet to my hands, my hands start to tingle and pulsate and that's how I get that to work, but as far as chakra work, I feel nothing, absolutely nothing. Any tips/pointers are appreciated. Keep in mind, I realize this is not an overnight process and I've only been meditating and doing chakra work for a month and realize as well that in New England - Massachusetts (The Dark Cloud State Where the Sun Don't Shine) during these Winter months, energy levels are at an all time low.

Welcome to News and Media! / New Freedom Act???????
February 01, 2005, 19:44:38
This was posted on another forum I frequent under the supplement/body building section. I hope this isn't true. Here's what somebody posted.

" New Freedom Act. Soon you will only be able to use supplements/drugs the government gives you and most of you will be on them.

This act forces American kids to be psychologically tested and put on strong meds. They hoped to have 50% of American kids on psycotrophic drugs by 2005 which is what year it is now and that act was passed in December. After the kids it will be all American citizens, not the foreigners keep in mind.

Vaccines for everyone and whatever other garbage the Government throws in them.

But I'm just a silly conspiracy theorist, they don't actually want American citizens on drugs that won't make them think straight do they? "

My response below

The reason that the youth of America is
out of control these days is because of
1. Media
2. Lack of discipline
3. Failing to realize self responsibility
4. Blaming others for their problems
5. Failing to realize self responsibility
6. Television

See the media spreads fear. The constant barragement of negativity is taking its toll on the country. Who is the real terrorist? Al Queda? Haven't seen them in a while ha? Muslims? Yeah they sell me milk at the 5 and dime all the time and I work with them doing Oracle daily. WTF? Wake up America. We're all asleep.

The main problem is the fact that this country is relying on ego for internal happiness and not realizing the happiness comes internally not from the ego which is externally based upon your perception of how others perceive you. When your internal reference point is your ego, YOUR BROKED. It's killing us, all of us. I wish I could make this frign speech in front of the country instead of bull**** about Iraq, but that's a whole another nightmare bad movie rerun that wont end. I don't care, I'm happier than I've ever been. However I've awakened if you will and have really analyzed what is going on. You can't rely on drugs for internal well being can you? Hey, I get anxiety, I take klonazepam as needed, but 1/2 of a .5mg tab and through meditation and self healing I'm going to get off the crap. I didn't need it when I was 5 years old? Why do I need it now? I need it now because of the reality I've created for myself. A reality based upon ego, which is not what my true self really desired. I make money, spent money, I'm in debt and that's where my anxiety comes from. But the major point is that we all are one and we all must realize that. People need to slow the **** down and realize that others need help. Do something for someone else. Put a smile on someone else's face and see what happens to your depression and anxiety. That's why were here. I see the way this country is run and what's happening and I feel like I'm the only one that can see it. Can you imagine 50% of the youth population on Ritalin (sp?) JHFC
This is really getting out of hand. Nobody gives a crap though. I wish I could get 10M people together and walk up to capital hill and say enough is enough. We are ruining ourselves because our damn eyes are shut and blinded by what is told to us is right? What is right? The only thing that is right is what your true self believes is right. You know your gut feeling when your about to make a decision. People need to think for themselves and create an identity for themselves instead of being brainwashed by ego and government. Why let someone else think for you. Think about this. Would you let someone else breathe for you? You took your first breath by yourself and your last breath by yourself. Sorry to go off here about this, I'm shocked at what I just read if it is true, which I hope it is not, this is a very sensitive subject for me. But I'm only one person, I should just lie down and shut up like everyone else right? NOT. Anybody here agree with what I'm saying here, or do I need to be locked up?

Ok, I know, use the search function noob  :lol:

I have looked and gone over the various methods for OBE. As you all know, all I have to do is take a vicodin any time of day and when I sleep at night, paralysis is 90% sure to happen. However I want to learn how to do this without taking drugs. For those about to bark at me and haven't read my previous posts, I'll reiterate. I never took vicodins for OBE. As previously stated, I've had sleep paralysis and the intense vibrations and fear 100x before and never knew what it meant until recently.

Ok, my question. What is the best method to induce a sober :lol: OBE.
Out of all of the various methods, what works the best if anything.
Any help is appreciated. I've read over the 100's of posts on this and I'm a bit confused as to what I should start with. I tried the past 2 nights with no luck using the breath in hold for 2 seconds, exhale with no luck. I'm also coming off a 2 week vicodin cruise as well and it's not a pleasant feeling if you've never had the pleasure so perhaps that's inhibiting my progress as well. Any help is appreciated.

Simple question. Is the spirit the same as the astral body? Sometimes the terminology in here is confusing to me as a noob. Any help is appreciated.
Hi all, I've had several problems with teeth over the years and till I found this place, I always thought this experience I've had several times was whacked out beyond words. So due to the tooth problems, I've been on Vicodins here and there. I don't OD on the things either, just regular dosage and whenever I'm on these things and go to sleep this weird thing happens, which I think is the beginning of an OBE. For me however it is not a pleasant experience at all. It feels like DEATH. Now it's not like I'm buzzed out of my mind and imagining this either. This is real. I'll describe. It usually starts off with a buzzing in my ears, then a pressure, then a sort of helicopter noise and a feeling of going further if you will and as I go further the pressure increases and I feel that if I continue, I will die. I am paralyzed all the while this is happening and it seems like it takes every ounce of strength to come out of this state. It usually happens while I'm lying on my stomach, but last night I was on my side, my Siamese cat (King) snuggled up against me. Last night was the strongest it's ever been.  and it scared the hell out of me, I almost couldn't pull out of it until I yelled out my cats name "KING" as if he'd hear me (although it wasn't out loud but in my mind) and I seem to think he helped me. I know it sounds nuts, but I have a strong feeling that he helped me. Is this nuts? Do you think this was the beginning of an OBE? It is not a pleasant feeling by any means. My stomach feels weird when I come out of it, sort of feels like its up in my chest as well, although I do have acid reflux which I take meds for, but my fear is that if I continue when it's happening, I'm going to have a stroke or heart attack. the pressure and the increasing buzzing and vibrations in my body scare the hell out of me? What if I do go to the end, so to speak? What if my soul separates from my body and I don't come back? Well obviously I'll be dead. I'm confused as to whether what is happening is an OBE or some physical problem? Any guidance,  or info is appreciated.

How do you open a Chakra? Does the new energy ways explain this? I've read a little about it. Also I think I might be able to heal people. I've healed my wife of pain with her flat feet and agonizing pain. Now tell me if anyone can do this or if I am experiencing something special. I imagine energy coming out of the sky to my hands (raised in the air).

Before long, I feel my hands pulsing and I harness this energy for a few minutes and then work on my wife. Now if my hands are in the air pointed completely vertical, blood is rushing away from my hands, therefore I should not feel the usual pins and needles correct? But I do. Is this normal, or do I perhaps have a special gift? Anyone that has experienced anything similar or is a healer please chime in. Also, I'm wondering if Reiki is similar to Energy Body Development or is a completely different practice.

Any help is appreciated.