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Hi all, this has been on my mind for a while.   Energy work might be fun and interesting but apart from that what use is doing energy work?   You might say it heals your body.   I have cured illnesses by good thoughts so I do not have to do energy work.   I read on a forum that Robert Bruce says it is good to do energy work to evolve.   It sounds vague to me.
Hi all, what ap techniques do you enjoy doing for at least 20 minutes? I can often hear myself snoring and that means I am close to ap. I do an ap technique such as I imagine myself rising up, going up a ladder or rope but I get bored quickly. I cannot seem to keep doing it for long so I give up and end up falling asleep. I need a technique that will interest me for at least 20 minutes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Hi all, I am going to start getting into the habit of looking through my eyes.   When I start seeing things then I will know that I am getting close.   When do you start to look through your eyes.   Do you do it straight away or wait for a little while.
Hi all, does TV, computer and other technology make ap harder.   It might stir up your mind and make relaxing harder.   It might be better to listen to music or read before you try to ap.   Does it make any difference to you if you watch TV or not.
Hi all, this morning I could feel I was traveling out of my body.   I was going fast and I was traveling for a while.   I thought I have to get out of my body and of course it wrecked it.   When I woke up I realised that I was already out of my body.   This happened about five times.   Was I being pulled out of my body or did my inner self decided to go out traveling.    Perhaps no one can give an answer as no one may know.   I used to think that my inner self comes out of my body by itself.   Now I am not sure.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Exercising then ap
December 30, 2015, 05:48:20
Hi all, I was reading an ap book and it said, if you exercise vigorously for about an hour in the middle of the day, it will be easier to ap.   Do you think this is correct.   
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Strange mind
December 01, 2015, 08:13:49
Do you think our minds are strange.   I was meditating late this afternoon and I heard someone saying to me the person who they went out to dinner with wanted to put the baby into the toilet area.    This happened a very long time ago and I had forgotten all about it.   It is strange that that came into my mind.   I never thought about it.   It just flashed into my mind.   I think the mind is very strange.
Hi all, just wondered sometimes we ap and it can turn into a dream.    Would you say this came from your mind if you ap and you became a bird or some alien creature?    They are talking about it on another forum.   I will not say anything as I am likely to upset people. 
Hi all, do you find this a bit irritating.   On another forum someone says astral projection is dangerous.  I am learning to ignore it and forget about it.   If they want to think it is dangerous I will let them think that.   I tell people that I have good ap experiences and there is nothing to fear.   If they want to listen to me then that is good.   If they do not want to then that is their problem.   
Hi all, when your eyes are closed and you start seeing things as you know that is a sign you can ap.   When that happens does your mind feel more relaxed than normal?    The reason I am asking is because I do not think my mind always relaxes.    Therefore I can get no signs and fall asleep.   If this is the case I will have to be more alert and pay attention and notice when my mind starts dreaming.   Thanks for your reples
Hi all, I keep saying any technique will work when you ap.   I still think most techniques will work.   I was wrong.   I was doing the jumping technique and it did not work.   For a moment I felt my legs move so maybe it did work.   I was thinking about cakes.   Soon I have to buy a cake for mother's day.   I did not expect to be at a shop looking at a folder of all these different cakes.   I was back into my body, then I thought I will imagine eating a bun.   I was eating a bun.   Then I realised I was back into my body.   I thought if I can eat a bun I can get out of my body.   I spiritually got out of myself.   It felt like my physical body moving but it was my spiritual self.    There were times when my mind was very relaxed.   When that happens I end up at some place.    I realise that I do not always get ap signs.   If I just meditate I could be lying there for a long time without results.    I have to imagine something and if that does not work, do some more breathing and imagine something else.   
I would love to ap in bed.   I keep trying but I hardly ever ap in bed.   I go out into another room on the floor which is not that comfortable.   I lie on a thin mattress.   I am going to use the other room more often as I really want to ap more.   I do not expect any replies, I was just letting you know.   I have learnt things.   You never stop learning. 
Hi all, I have convinced myself that ap is easy and it is easy.   I have also convinced myself that I can easily concentrate so I can ap without falling asleep.   Tonight I decided to try to ap.   I was lying on my back but I was not getting anywhere.   I was not trying very long.   Perhaps it was because I was practicing my meditation earlier and I did not feel like waiting for a long time.   I got into a bit more comfortable position but not too comfortable otherwise I have a greater chance of falling asleep.   I noticed my breathing was getting more and more relaxed.   I knew any moment I was going to ap.   I saw a brightly coloured shape.   I felt myself moving.   If I let it happen by itself without doing anything, sometimes the ap symptom ends.   I decided to get out of my body.   I kept saying I can do it.   When I got out of my body the experience did not last long.    I could not see very well and everything was spinning.   I said, stop spinning.   Eventually it stopped.   That was the first time I ever had that spinning problem.   Now I have to work on getting my ap experiences to be much better.   I will have to start convincing myself that when I am out of my body I will not have any problems and everything will be great.   I know that could take time for it to work.   I have had some really good ap experiences.   I do not expect any replies.   I just thought I would let you know.   I am not able to tell anyone else about my experiences. 
Hi all, when I meditate after a while I often feel a sensation at the top of my head.   It feels like something is pressing hard on my head.   If I concentrate on it, the feeling gets a lot stronger.   I was wondering would this be a good ap technique.   If yes, how would I use it to ap.
Hi all, when I meditate I often feel a sensation at the top of my head.   It feels like I am pressing against something hard at the top of my head.    The more I concentrate on it, the feeling is a lot stronger.   Do you know why it is happening?    Perhaps it is normal and nothing to worry about.   I am not worried, I was just curious. 
Hi all, last night I tried to ap but I fell asleep.   I accept that we do not always consciously ap.   What I find is a bit irritating is I do not keep trying to ap.   I give up for the night.   The more we try to ap, the more we are likely succeed.   I fell asleep because I was lying on my back on the floor.    It is not very comfortable.   I did not expect to fall asleep.   This is why it is important to think you can ap anywhere anytime.   If you are not prepared for it, you may not ap.   
Hi all, when you are in the astral and you see the ocean, city, buildings, landscapes and it looks like what you would see in the physical, is it possible it could come from the mind?   I was talking to someone today and he said the mind is extremely powerful.   You could be seeing things that are not real.   My imagination is terrible.   I cannot draw anything and I cannot imagine things in my mind.   If it came from my mind, how could I see things that are extremely realistic?   What are your thoughts?    A long time ago, I said, now I see a talking brown horse.   A horse appeared and it was very realistic.  The horse was not coloured brown.   It could talk.   Was that from my mind?
Hi all, this morning I ap.   I was with someone and he said I am taking you to the police.   I have not done anything wrong and I have never been in trouble with the police.   It did not make sense.   When I woke up I thought that came from my mind.   That was not real.   How do I stop things that are not real?   I think it happened because in another forum they talk a lot about astral police.   I guess it stayed on my mind.
Hi all, last night I practiced to ap.   I was lying on my back and I persevered with it.   Normally I give up.   The mind is very powerful.  I talked myself into wanting to ap.   I normally want to go to sleep and my body feels uncomfortable.  It could be because I do not want to make the effort.   I want to make an effort but a part of me does not.   I keep fighting with myself.  I do not know if that makes any sense.   I said to myself my body feels comfortable and I am getting more and more relaxed.   It was working.  I felt my body feeling lighter.   Unfortunately I fell asleep.   I was not disappointed.    When I woke up I knew I was dreaming.   Normally I do not remember anything.   I wanted to try again to ap.   The more you try, the more likely you will succeed.    I started to lie on my back but my back started to feel sore.   There is nothing wrong with my back.   It was because I was lying in the one position for too long.   What do you suggest I do?  Thanks,
Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / I reacted badly
December 01, 2013, 07:48:16
Hi all, I reacted badly.   What do you think of this?  I did not sleep first.   I was meditating and I felt a hand on my back.   I tried to physically call out but I was not able to.   I was trying to get away but I could not move.   I said, spiritually why are you doing this and who are you?   A male voice said, I am Peter.   I said I do not know you.   He said he knew me in a previous life.    I struggled for a short while and I was able to wake up.   I felt I reacted badly.   I should not have reacted like that.   Now that I am typing this, I remembered who Peter was.   Peter was my husband's brother who passed away two days ago on Friday.    It is a shame I am not able to tell my husband about this.   He does not believe in ap.    I was not asleep.   I was awake.   
Hi all, I have been practicing meditation in the afternoons or early evenings most days of the week for many months.   I can now get my body deeply relaxed but my body sometimes jerks or moves.  I am not 100% certain that it is my body jerking.   It could be my inner self that moves. I know it is a common problem.    I will have to keep practicing and hope I will get passed it.    Does this happen to you a lot?   When I practice ap early in the mornings it does not happen.   I usually ap.    I suppose the solution is simple and that is not to practice ap in the afternoons or early evenings.   Whether I succeed or not I will keep trying.   My goal is to ap whenever I want to.
Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Seeing bad things
September 07, 2013, 00:09:04
Hi all, I am having a discussion with someone about seeing bad things in the astral.   I only see good things in the astral.  I know evil does exist but I think if you think you will see bad things you are likely to see bad things.   If you are positive you are likely to have a good time and see good things.   I think if you are afraid you are likely to see bad things.   Perhaps if you see something weird it can be true but most likely it would come from your mind.  What do you think?
Hi all, How do I see a friend before I ap?   Do I say I am with that person now?   I keep saying the name of the person until I ap or do I think about the person?   I am not able to visualise very well so I may not see the correct person.  Perhaps it does not matter because my inner self will know who the person is.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.   I thought if I can go wherever I want to go to that would be better ending up all over the place and trying to reach my destination.
Hi all, I notice when my mind feels very relaxed I am about to ap.  It works well.  I ap instantly.  Lately it has changed a bit.  I now notice that my mind feels relaxed but not extremely relaxed and I instantly ap.  The problem is I am not prepared for it so I end up in a dream.  What do you suggest I should do?  Should I try to notice anything that is different when my eyes are closed to give me a clue that I am about to ap?  If I do that, could it tense up my eyes or mind making ap harder to do?  I could try to do an ap technique but the trouble with that is I am not sure when to do it.  It is a bit of a guess if it will work at that moment.   Perhaps I should do both methods.  Thanks for your replies.
Hi all, does everyone in this forum phase to ap.  I do not phase.  I do not think I do.  I never looked it up so I am not really sure.  I do know that it is good to notice things when your eyes are closed.  I only notice things when it is obvious, like one time I saw a lion.  I have seen other things as well.  I try to notice more on how my forehead and body feels as that it a very good sign to know that you are about to ap.  We are all different and what works for me may not work for you.  I realise that.  I was just wondering if I am the only one that does not phase.
Hi all, this does not happen very often.  It only happens occasionally.  I am not trying to ap.  I am thinking about something and I am spiritually doing what I was thinking of.  The trouble is I do not realise I am out of my body.  This morning I woke up about 2.30 am.  I thought it is a bit early to wake up and try to ap.  I will wait for another half an hour.  I was thinking about getting up and that is what I was doing.  I was outside of my bed, organising the things I need to take to the other room.  I did not realise it until later.  For now on anything I think of I am going to assume I may be out of my body.  Does this happen to you?  Another time I was wanting to go to the toilet.   I was thinking about it so I got up to go to the toilet.  I did not realise I spiritually got up to go to the toilet until later.  My grown up children thought it was funny but my husband was not impressed.  He said I could have wet the bed.  My family do not believe in ap. 
I went out in the other room to try to ap this morning.  It was about 4.00 am when I woke up.  This time I am getting better with awareness but I still need more improvement.  I kept saying I am aware now.  I was going through walls and travelling to places.  That is something I could not do before when I wanted to travel somewhere.  I would end up back into my body.  I felt aware but when I came back into my body again I realise I did not remember much of what happened.  I was too focused on saying I am aware.  Next time I will slow down and not rush.   I will take a good look what is around me and what I am seeing. 
Hi all, does anyone use affirmations, such as, I am out of my body now, before you try to ap.  I thought it might be a good way to keep your mind alert and focused. 
Hi all, everyone keeps saying to let go of your physical.  If I let go of my physical I would not ap as often.  It is very important that I notice my physical body.  That is a very good indication that I am about to ap.  In particular I have to notice my forehead.  I breathe in and out and if my forehead starts to feel relaxed then I know I can ap.   I just wanted to let you know.
Hi all, I have been told to use intent if you want to see someone or go somewhere.  Do you have to have love in your heart for it to work as well?   It has been on my mind for a while.
Hi all, does anyone know if you can ap when you hear things?  Yesterday I was meditating and I heard a voice saying, its a secret. 
Hi all, do you get any warning before you ap?  Usually before I ap my forehead feels relaxed and I know that I am about to ap.  Lately I do not think that has been happening.  I am not getting any signs.  I am lying down breathing in and out and the next moment I am dreaming about something.  This happened twice this morning.  I think I better start looking around my eyes when my eyes are closed so I can look for any signs that I am about to ap.  What do you think?  Is this how it is with you?  Thanks for your replies.
Hi all, someone said to me that tai chi is better than meditation as it is more relaxing.  With tai chi you are doing gentle movements as well as meditating.  Would tai chi be more of a help with ap?  I am thinking about doing it but I am not sure.  What do you think?  Thanks for your replies.
Hi all, When I am out of my body I get distracted as there are people around.  How do I travel somewhere when there are people around.  Do I pretend the people are not there so I will not get distracted.  It is preventing me from going to places where I want to go to.  I did not get myself aware as I got distracted.  Any Ideas. 
This morning when I ap it sounded like a helicopter was close to me.  I felt myself moving into the helicopter and a man was flying it.  It was weird.  I was just letting you know how strange it was. 
Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Ap without sleep
December 28, 2012, 16:48:39
Hi all, I can ap when I have had a few hours sleep but I want to ap when I lie down without getting any sleep.  If I am determined I do not fall asleep but the problem is I do not ap.  I do not try to ap if I am already tired.  After a couple of hours I give up.  I think if I am determined enough and keep at it I will eventually ap.  The idea is I want to train myself to ap so I will be able to ap when I want to.  Do you try to ap without getting any sleep?  Has it worked for you?  What do you think of my idea?
Hi all, you do you want to hear something stupid?  I am not afraid seeing scary things or anything else that may happen.  What I am afraid of is not having a sheet or blanket on me when I am lying down.  Even in the hot weather I have to have a sheet on me because I do not feel safe without it.  I have always been like that ever since I was little.  This morning it prevented me from aping because I thought the blanket was off me.  I have to not let it worry me.  I do not expect any replies.  I am just letting you know how silly it is.
Hi all, I think I read that to stay out of your body you keep looking at your hands.  Is that right?  Is that what you do?  Lately I have been going out of my body and a later on I get zapped back into myself again.  It is quite frustrating.  I know that emotions such as being excited, talking too loudly, wondering around aimlessly etc can send you back into your body but as far as I know I have not done anything like that.  I was pulled back into my body when I heard someone calling me.  I was a bit surprised.  The other time I was just about to say where I want to go to and I got zapped back into myself.  Thanks for your replies.
Hi all, there are a lot of people that use Binaural Beats.  I am wondering what is special about the beats that makes it very good.  I listen to the sounds of the wind, rain and thunder.  I find it very relaxing. 
Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Snoring sound
October 02, 2012, 17:43:50
Hi all, I often hear myself snore but I am not asleep.  I am aware on what is going on.  My mouth is closed so I am wondering is it possible to snore when my mouth is closed?  What do you think?  Next time it happens I am going to visualise something.  I must be ready to get out of my body.
Hi all, this morning I was going out of my body and I was traveling underwater.  I could hear the bubbles and I could see the fish.  I kept moving along.  I decided to close my eyes as I was afraid I might see a shark.  It was a good thing that I closed my eyes as if you think something will happen it usually does happen.  That would be a bad experience if I had seen a shark.  Has anything like that happened to you?  It does not have to be a shark.  It could be a lion, crocodile or any dangerous animal.
Hi all, I have problems getting to where I want to go to.  I easily get distracted.  I land in some place and I do not end up where I want to go to because I end  up looking around or talking to someone.  Do you have that problem?  What do you do about it?  Perhaps I have to make more of an effort not to get distracted.  Perhaps before I try to ap I should say where I want to go to.  What do you think?  Thanks for your replies.
Hi all, does everyone on this forum phase to ap.  I do not phase as I have my way of doing things.  My idea of phasing is I try to notice things when my eyes are closed.  I do not know if you do a lot more than that.  If you phase and I do not phase that means we have different ways of doing things.  If someone asks a question and I try to help I may not be much help because you do a different method.  Am I correct?