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I believe I had a spontaneous projection a few nights ago. I have them now and then. This woman approached me and instantly realized that she knew me with a very deep rooted bond. She jumped into my arms and the feeling of unconditional love can not be compared to anything in this realm. Had this feeling once before when passing through the tunnel of light. Not sure who she was, but the impact it had on me is quite overwhelming. I remember every single detail to the finest degree, and the images keep playing over in my head. Some are skeptical that the astral is not real. Normal dreams just don't have this level of impact, detail, feeling, and emotion that stays with you days and days after. The level of awareness and thought are the same as here, if not more elevated and peaceful. Feels a bit muted to be back here in comparison, now that there is a reference point of how things can/should be. Perhaps with the higher frequency of those realms positive feelings and perceptions are increased exponentially.
Does Marconic Energy sessions, Reiki, 4D Energy (RTI) or Qigong help develop OBE consistency and spiritual connection/awakening? There is of course traditional meditation and Yoga as well. If so, which ones are the most effective? I assume energy work's effectiveness varies from individual to individual? Curious about members experiences with these energy modalities. Marconic energy healing appears to be a newer type of energy work, geared to raising one's vibration and connection to your higher self. It looks interesting, but the recipient of the energy appears to be very animated during the session, which has me a bit concerned to try it.

I have been meditating and doing Qigong of late, but have not tried the other forms of energy work, nor yoga. I remember watching one of William Buhlman's lectures where he stated Qigong can be very helpful for OBEs.