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Hello Astral Pulse! I will share my progress, reflections and problem solving here. I have already mentioned it, but for greater detail, I would like to give a small introduction, 12 years ago I learned the technique of lucid dreams and from them, how to transfer my consciousness to the dense energy body in order to detach myself from my physical body.

Maybe I have had a period of two or three years of activity, but more than anything in the practice of lucid dreams and recreating physical scenes with the greatest possible hyperrealism, that was my goal. Everything was perfect, flavors, textures, colors, smells... A whole Matrix! Regarding the APs, when I detached myself from my physical body, I was left floating in the Void and with many problems.

The reality is that I feel that in that period I was just playing and experimenting, I never managed to control my emotions, and I had many fears, that's why I stopped practicing. Today, in a more mature and committed stage of my life, I use this wonderful gift that has been given to all human beings, as a tool for personal growth and self-discovery, to transcend a little the human experience and the illusion of holograms (solid structures) that surround us and break the established conditioning that has made us partly forget our true universal identity.

I will not follow an exact chronological order, but rather I will share what I consider most relevant, I don't want to bore you. I'm not yet living great adventures! I'm in a period of practice and adjustment, trial and error. Stopping practicing was not good, it's like repeating the year at school again, it's easier but still demands discipline and new requirements.

Some "detachment" sequences:

-Suddenly I become aware, and I perceive myself half outside my body and half inside, I see everything black around me, I think I'm in the Void, I have no human form, I'm a kind of "energy worm" that moves in a serpentine way underwater, I hear a wonderful music, I feel a sensation of fullness... I decide to go out, but I can't, so I ask for help, I feel an invisible force that takes me out of there, but I remain disoriented in the blackness, upside down perhaps, but I get my bearings. All the time I feel a kind of "music" around me, they are frequencies and vibrations, it's like mantras, sounds, chimes, "angelic chants"? These frequencies are incredible, healing, they make me feel very good, they revitalize me and I wonder what they are. I try with all my might to project myself into RTZ, to feel myself there, I start to see the door frame, and I start to get very nervous, I was achieving it... I feel the heartbeat of the physical body increasing a lot, too much, since my connection is partial, I know I should calm down but it's difficult. For some reason I'm now petrified, I can't move anymore, I know I should apply thought + intention, but intention was lacking, I only thought about moving, this is not enough for me, there must be will. I return to the physical body.

Note: This return to the body so soon is something new that didn't happen ten years ago. When I left the body there was no turning back easily, I even once had seven false awakenings in a row, one of the biggest scares of my life, I couldn't go back even if I tried. I was already waiting for a guide to come for me so I could go to the "other side" lol. I think that many times it may be due to a lack of total awareness or that in reality my physical body is not completely relaxed and can wake up very easily. I know that thinking about our body or having an emotional shock can easily bring us back, but in the past this didn't happen, so I think maybe it has to do with brain chemistry, I still don't know.

-This time, I find myself trying to get out of the body, making swinging movements, but from front to back, and not sideways, but like a hammock, it gets stronger and stronger! Faster! I start to hear some kind of music, frequencies, it's the best sound in the world, I feel ecstasy, I start to see colors, spots, a synesthesia... OMG this is great! I see everything black around me, except for these colors, I think I'm in the Void, I no longer care about leaving the body, this state is incredible, although I don't even know what I'm doing. Suddenly I feel that a hand grabs me and squeeze me very hard! I think they injected something into my arm, the pain is strong. I ask them to please relax a little and it doesn't hurt anymore, they are ready to take me out, but I tell them that I want to be like that today "between worlds" and I woke up... obviously after the return I regretted it. Maybe my NP assistants thought I was having some trouble separating from the body, but no, it was just me doing crazy things as always, who knows.

Notes: Now I have left a card on a tall furniture, to have a focus, an intention if I separate from my body, since I perceive a lot of confusion when leaving, I'm nervous and somewhat disoriented. But I think directing your intention somewhere easy is a good start. It doesn't really matter if I get to see the real card someday.

To go from Lucid Dreaming to a separation from the body, in the past I did the following:
In the lucid dream I lay on the floor, and I felt myself in my energy body, when I realized, I was in my physical body with the vibrations and I rolled to the side, I fell to the floor but I was in the Void, not in RTZ. There was a notable increase in awareness.

When I was able to project to RTZ I did it in the following way, in the lucid dream I made a very big jump, and I screamed with a strong intention "I want to go to RTZ!" and I appeared stuck to the ceiling of the room... seeing my physical body lying in bed and listen the strong breathing was a terrible shock for me. It's not something easy for me, although it may sound so simple.

In this new stage of practice this separation is happening spontaneously most of the time, but on occasions in the lucid dream I screamed "I want to feel my expanded being", I don't know why I said that, but suddenly I was spinning like a log outside of my body towards my room. I saw everything black, but I could perceive the furniture by touching it, all the textures, the tiles and the plaster, the bed... The most incredible thing, I found things from ten years ago by touch! The computer table still had wheels, when we had removed them, there were four lamps instead of three on the ceiling fan, and my old speakers were there too! I also felt joints of structures that are impossible to detect visibly, the floor would have to be broken, I notice a slight curvature when the floor of my room and the wall meet. Well, it was fun!

However, I'm doing the exercise of letting the experience flow, without modifying it, I'm not intending at this moment to leave the body when I have lucid dreams (we are supposed to be outside, although there are very realistic hypnagogic states where I feel that I have not separated from the body). And I try to apply the technique that Xanth teaches in his book, about simply increasing awareness to move to a higher frequency... And it really works! But if I spontaneously find myself in a situation of separating from the body, I think I must have a strategy. However, I have already realized that this notion of separation is not so important, since what travels is consciousness, to where the intention is established, but it's a state that requires certain management and is still fascinating and interesting to explore and learn to control.
I'm still learning!

Thanks for this space
Kind regards,
Tak ♥~
Welcome to Dreams! / Ask for a Dream Agent
October 04, 2023, 18:59:59
Twelve years ago I was a regular practitioner of Lucid Dreams, but like many of us, I stopped the practice and now I'm back on the road again. Something I'm deal with a bit now is keeping my lucid dreams as long as possible, so I remembered a technique I used to use, spontaneously emerged, but which I found very effective and I intend to implement it again.

In a lucid dream I had at that time, I suddenly found that I was constantly being chased by two or three people, no matter what I did, they wouldn't leave me and I didn't understand why. How at some point it starts to happen, I started to lose awareness, and here is where these people were the ones in charge of preventing that from happening, they didn't tell me that I was dreaming, no, but instead they asked me questions and encouraged me to observe my surroundings carefully, in detail and to question everything, and by doing so I could become aware again. For example, I might see a multicolored tree, so they would ask me... Look at that tree! Is it not weird? Are trees like rainbows? And I could respond... maybe it's some different kind that I don't know, and they would respond, look carefully, observe, I'm not sure about this, isn't it doubtful?... Of course, I'm dreaming! I said. And there I regained full awareness. If I had an attack of euphoria and wanted to run or fly through a beautiful meadow (this always makes me lose awareness, due to the emotion) they would grab me and lock me in a room to maintain control (hilarious!) And so with many more situations. It's like I somehow relegated the responsibility of maintaining awareness to these Agents, it wasn't my idea, it just came up. It's very good because I didn't have to make any effort like with other techniques, it was a matter of requesting support and that's all.
In this way I extended the dream for a long time, I may have done it only tree or four times, but the result was good.

The subconscious does such crazy and ingenious things to wake us up in dreams! The other day some big neon lights appeared in the sky that said "Lucid Dreaming" how could I loose awareness with that sign? (A kind of dream agent) I died of laughter and I was able to give myself the pleasure of running through the meadow without getting lost.

Creativity is 100% in F2 and it manifests itself in the best and most fun ways. If you have created a Dream Agent or would like to try and it works for you, feel free to share it here.

Hello Astral Pulse, I would like to share a very particular experience during phasing. I've been reading a lot here about the phasing method to induce our desired NP experiences directly. I never did it that way, however throughout my life, even as a child, it happened to me that sometimes when I went to sleep and closed my eyes I saw beautiful organic and geometric patterns and visuals or totally vivid and solid landscapes, as if I had my eyes open, but they were completely closed. When I was a child I didn't know why this happened or what it was, but when it happened I really enjoyed it. At the same time I sometimes stopped feeling my physical body, to find myself inhabiting a kind of "giant shapeless balloon" (more fun!) In any case, I began to forget about all this because of its strangeness and infrequent situation.

A few months ago I started using Hemy Sync Gateway and this wonderful events happens again, so I decided  to induce it at will with Frank's method of noticing 3D blackness and something very peculiar happened, which in fact I had already experienced spontaneously 14 years ago.

In this particular hypnagogic state I find myself seeing and merging with a landscape, it was a small town of precarious houses, people went up and down the hill, since the town was built on a steep hill. I observe people and I feel like interacting with them, but I was not sure about doing it for some reason, I thought about why and somehow "an inner voice" told me that this was not possible because there was no one who could interact with these people... that is, "I" did not exist at all, therefore there was no one there who could interact and talk with others. There were simply images perfectly organized through a creative mind, and life flowing in all its splendor, existing and being, but there was no person behind all those events, which in some mysterious way, happened automatically alone and in perfect order. I laughed knowingly because I knew it was all true, until I found it totally terrifying! And I open my eyes with a start.
14 years ago the experience was similar, but even stronger, I was also in a very deep hypnagogic state, observing a beautiful landscape, but at the same time... there was no one looking at this landscape, "I" was no longer there, there was only the mind, the images, life, consciousness, order, but there was no 'I', no particular person behind all that.. for a moment it was fine, just flowing, until I found it totally terrifying! And I came back. I certainly find it very difficult to express this in words, too difficult I would say, it sounds so simple and is at the same time so complex.

I find it incredible that these kind of events happen in the hypnagogic state, it really is a wonderful state, much more than a simple entry into lucid dreaming, obe, etc. I would like to delve more into this state of "without self", something completely terrifying, and at the same time interesting to analyze and delve into. Unfortunately it is not something I can induce at will, but it could happen again and I will be attentive, I will try not to be startled this time.

The most challenging thing about phasing for me is to have "neutral and curious mind" during the hypnagogic state. I can't stop being amazed or scared by the things I see. The other night I went from a beautiful rain of turquoise and gold crystals with green whirlwinds around, to finding myself floating over some guys with bloody axes in a slaughterhouse... how to keep a neutral mind with that!? I came back immediately. Practice, practice, practice.

This state is surprising, and with the methods that I am reading here in the Pulse of all the users I am understanding it better, especially the "movement" to enter into the landscape, what a joy when it happens! This really stimulates my imagination a lot, since I decide not to control the visuals, when I see the opportunity I "go in" and I have to look for the most creative ways to achieve it, this morning I turned into a lizard and ran through the forest, how funny! I couldn't think of something like this "from here".

What helps me enter into this state is to take some diaphragmatic breaths for a few minutes, then breathing normally, I fully concentrate on my breathing to calm the flow of thoughts, always very concentrated on my breathing and observing the blackness. By fully concentrating on my breathing, this produces a kind of dissociation, so thought begins to function autonomously and manifest itself through visuals.
I like to think that I am in a Cinema in front of a black screen, this keeps me expectant and attentive "waiting for the movie to start" that is where the visuals begin little by little and also the famous voices that call you, greet you, etc etc... we are entering! 😃 It is essential for me to have a little sleep, but not too much, otherwise it doesn't work for me.
I also use a sleeping mask, so the light doesn't bother me, and my "star assistant" noise cancelling ear muffs for sleeping, to completely isolate the sound. (Earplugs could also work, but I don't like them) In my case it is essential to isolate any external stimulus to be able to focus inward.

I like this about not losing consciousness, I still don't control it well and I'm just "getting the hang of it" but it's so fun that I'm right now like a little girl who discovered a "new toy"... I still use the Mild technique to induce Lucid Dreams, because I learned to use it twelve years ago and I found it 100% infallible, but now I do this also because I find it fascinating.
Surprising things can happen in between, like losing the sense of "I" and just "being" I hope to have new opportunities to experience it, since one of my goals in practice is to feel and unlock those "hidden and unexplored" states of consciousness.

Hello to all the Astral Pulse community, I would like to share an experience with you
(I'm a native spanish speaker so I apologize if I have grammatical mistakes... I hope to do well!)
I would like to put the situation in context, this happened 10 years ago, at that time I learned, and also was practicing and inducing voluntarily lucid dreams and through them an Out-of-body- experience.

One night when I was not planning on doing my practices, I went to sleep normally, when suddenly I had a spontaneously Obe, I became aware and I found myself outside my physical body, a few meters above it, but this time I was not alone...! Six Beings that I didn't perceive as humans, were around my body, two on each side and another two at my feet. Their bodies were big masses of golden light energy, without human shape and elongated, could say that they measured about two meters, their bodies were made up of thousands of tiny light particles that rotated at full speed, and it is as if the movement of these particles generated the powerful light of their bodies. Also hundreds of  energy  "cords" of golden light came out from their bodies, which were directly connected to my astral body and in those "cords"  was movement.

When I observed this whole situation I could remember that this has been happening all my life since I was a little girl and I said... they simply came to do "their regular maintenance", just the rutine. But suddenly, I realized that this was not normal at all! And I really wanted to know what was going on and I took a closer look... While they were doing whatever they were doing on me, they discussed a lot with each other, I could only absorb concepts from that intense communication, since it was not verbal, naturally. They were discussing my future and what they had planned for me, it was like a "board of directors discussing one of their projects". And based on my response to the new modifications that they would act in a certain way. That's when I got anxious... Modifications? Projects? What is all about? Who were these Beings that are executing plans with my life and taking careful note of all of it? And why?
When I tried to move I was totally paralyzed! My astral body was immobile... I began to get more and more desperate, almost screaming internally, I exerted a lot of strength, and then I was able to free myself and float freely around the room (or maybe they decided to released me).
I did not feel afraid, because their energy was very warm and created an environment where I felt safe and comfortable. So I asked who they were and what was going on, but I didn't receive any answer. Therefore I decided that I wanted to go explore, as I was out of my body... And when I was about to leave the room suddenly one of them went close to me, and through those energy "cords" which I was still connected, "put me to sleep"... Immediately everything turned white and bright, and that was the end.

Well, now I know that we are accompanied on our path in the development of consciousness, that we are not alone and there are many Beings who are close to us, helpping in our progress. At that point I was a little sad that I hadn't been able to establish communication, but if you ask me, I actually felt that they only came "just to work", not having "a meeting".
And also I have to admit, that my reaction was not the best, the fact of "trying to run away" from the situation instead of waiting a little longer and try again for a new answer... I don't think I have "score so much points in my favor" anxiety won me over!

Who I think these Beings are actually... I cannot make personal conjectures! I almost never allow myself to do so, because I always try to have mind and objetive vision.
That was the only time I got to see "behind scenes", at first this whole situation disturbed me a bit, but currently I quite like the possibility of having a "work team". But the only person who can discover that, it's me. And I still have a long way to go, too much I would say! Hopefully in the future a new meeting can be possible..!

So during 6 years I stopped inducing my practices, because in my progress I was not able to control my emotions at all, but I still had spontaneous experiences from time to time.
Now, after many years I decided to back at it again, with a new perspective, a healthy life and more control of myself, and I hope to get "in shape" again and soon so I can continue moving forward from where I left off.

I would like to know if any of you have experienced something similar and find out what its going on (I do not mean to encounters with supra-physical beings, but to find oneself as in the middle of an "astral surgery" so to speak).

Thank you very much for allowing me to share this experience with you.
A fraternal hug,
Hello Astral Pulse community! It is a pleasure to be here, my name is Carla, I am 32 years old and I am from Argentina. My native language is Spanish, so I apologize if I make mistakes in the translation of my texts.

I 'd like to tell you how all started... I know it could be hard to belive, but I had my first spontaneous out-of-body experiences at the age of 6 (small, right? but only 2 OBEs) and at that time I also began to have my first lucid dreams. I entered places of beautiful landscapes (especially to a forest that I still going) fully conscious and feeling a deep ecstasy. I always knew that humanity was capable of exploring "other worlds" and for me it was something natural, I dont know how but I just knew it, and also that it must be a secret, so I didn't talk about it, not even with my parents.

I had lucid dreams throughout my life and also spontaneous out of body experiences. At the age of 22 I learned how to induce lucid dreams voluntarily and through them to induce an out of body experience. The problem was that it was almost always left in 3D blackness, indefinitely. And when I was able to see, many times I would lucid dream again, and at other times I could see my room and my physical body, but I began to have many fears in my explorations (which were never very long) and seeing my physical body gave me a dreadful impression. Therefore I decided to stop these practices for a while... until now, since I am in a stage of my life where I feel fresh, free, without fears or restraints, with the firm and strong desire to find the Truth of who I am, and my purpose in life.

I have read the three books of Mr. Robert Monroe, they have helped me enormously and also the work of Frank Kepple, simply fascinating, a true guide.
I would also like to share an experience with you, since I am a bit impressed for a reason, and is that 6 years ago I had multiple experiences using psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, where about than 10 times I have entered exactly at the same and a very similar "place" that Frank Kepple calls Focus 4.

I lose contact with my physical body, I disintegrate and merge into a Collective Mind (of course, fully aware, even more than this physical reality) where the ego and identity was lost (but not individuality). All is shared by the same Mind with countless Beings, thousands, that I did not perceive as humans. This at first was a very terrible shock! (The ego is hard to break) At first it feels like a real "intrusion", I felt like I was going to short circuit! But the Love, Harmony and Containment that these thousands of Beings radiated towards me was able to eliminate all the barriers of fear and to totally surrender to the experience.

It is a state of pure energy, I only perceived colors and geometric shapes, but It was a three-dimensional "place" I could move through it, floating, and incorporating myself in beautiful spirals, circles and different fluid shapes, along with all beings together.
They also explained to me how that "place" worked, that there is no such thing as separation, that it is only an illusion to be able to live in this physical plane, that we are many individuals sharing the same Mind. Just as on the Earth we share the same grounds with different bodies, in the same way the Mind is shared by all the individuals there and there is no difference between them and I. 
There I received information, such as where I was before I born here on Earth (It was a completely abstract reality, and communication was only through emotional concepts, for example, someone emulates a specific complex geometric shape, which contains information, and this is processed through emotions that are translated into concepts. I had to press the panic button, as Mr. Monroe said, it was very hard to hold it).
I really felt like I belonged to a bigger organism, like I was talking to every cell in my body (or also I was the cell of another Super Organism). I felt an ecstasy out of this world and I did not want to return here anymore, but I did it, with tears of joy and gratitude.

They also told me something important and that is that I do not need to use any kind of "drug" to access to this state (like a little scolding), that very soon, if it is my wish, I could enter whenever I wanted because the layer that divides us is thinner than what I can imagine, and they would receive me with great joy. From here it looks impossible! but I have the "identifier" now.

I would like to know if that "place" that I visited several times, will be something that Frank calls "Focus 4" and Robert as "I There". But well, I have so many doubts that only direct experience could solve. I would like to know your opinion!

That is my intention in the future, to be able to return to the Collective Mind, to the Cumulus of Consciousnesses,(that I affectionately call The Quantum Family) in a natural way and with tireless practice, because it was one of the most extraordinary events that I have ever experienced in all my life.
I lived all of this before reading the work of Robert Monroe and Frank Kepple, so my jaw dropped when I found similarities.

I know that there are many people here who master the technique perfectly and I hope to learn a lot from you. I want to tell you that I feel a deep respect and admiration for this community, also infinite gratitude for the creation of this incredible space and for taking the time to help and share. It is always a bit difficult to keep this "secret" and it is comforting to know that its a lot of people interested in the same purposes.
I can only say THANK YOU. I will learn a lot from you and hopefully, over the years, I can contribute something useful to this great community.
A brotherly hug,
Carla (Tak_09).