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Topics - Little Bibble

Thought I'd reawaken this topic because I remember reading someone talk about Bob Bruce's simplified Merkaba method but nothing was actually said about what it involves.

It seems the actual merkaba technique is very difficult for most people to do without taking a calculator and a set square into your meditation. Below is based on what Bob says in Energy work (this does not impinge upon copyright as it is freely available in the preview on google books) and from his forum posts:

"You do not need a trance state or anything fancy for this. You just need to be very relaxed, like you are when you first wake up in the morning. This is a good time to do it. Just wake up, roll onto your back, settle a little, and go straight into the two tube merkaba method.

Do not think about how you will do this method. Let go of physical limitations and just do this. Most people need several sessions before it becomes workable so please persevere. This method is best learned standing or lying down with eyes closed. Once learned it can be done in the sitting position with eyes open.


To begin, imagine and feel you are inside a full body length tube of energy, like a glass tube that fits snugly over you body, open at both ends. Imagine and feel this tube spinning clockwise around your body. Feel this with the full length of your whole body as best you can. Do not feel just one part of it moving around you. Imagine and feel the whole tube spinning with your entire body. Spend some time getting used to this action before attempting stage 2.


Imagine and feel you are inside a larger tube of energy that is full body length but this time about one arm length in width from your body (so basically just a wider version of the first tube). Imagine and feel this spinning counterclockwise around you. Imagine and feel the whole tube spinning with your entire body. Hold this spinning tube as best you can until you get used to the action.


Perform stage 1 and have the smaller energy tube spinning clockwise around your body. Hold this action until it gains body awareness momentum and stabilizes. Next, create the second larger tube and make this spin counterclockwise. Continue spinning both tubes simultaneously.

Command silently! (focusing on the inner tube) "this tube spins at the speed of light!" Repeat a few times and really put some 'zing' into the action and see and feel it moving at incredible speed.

Shift attention to outer tube. Command silently! "This tube spins at the speed of light!" and see and feel this spin at incredible speed.

Shift attention to hold both tubes and Command silently and strongly "These tubes spin at the speed of light" and feel them both accelerate so fast they become almost invisible with speed.

If you get this right, you'll experience a minds eye explosion of light 'major' and be expelled out of body."

Apparently this is a simplified version that he will be detailing further in Advanced Astral Dynamics.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Quote of the day
October 19, 2012, 04:14:37

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience"

Teilhard de Chardin

I've been using the Gateway Experience for several years now and I recently attended the Gateway Voyage at the TMI campus in Virginia so I thought I would share with you an insight in what I've come to understand about the the differences and explain some of my experiences about why this stuff is so special. I will try my best not to impose my will or preach as this (to quote Tom Campbell) is my truth and not yours.

First off I tried many different ways of using hemi-sync as there are many different approaches out there and I suppose all are equally as valid in their own way but I've come to realize that maybe some approaches had been counter productive for my consciousness development.

Let's take the simple notion of focus 10 - mind awake body asleep. A misleading label. Accounts of focus 10 vary wildly and for good reason as consciousness is personal and everyone experiences it in a different way based on their beliefs affecting perceptual filters when they do a focus 10 exercise. One of the most recurring questions I see on it is in regard to body awareness. I think a lot of techniques out there pay too much attention to this. Focus 10 can include being simply in a relaxed state to full body disassociation in a point consciousness state and everything inbetween. I get the impression too much emphasis is placed on acheiving total body disassociation which is counter-productive. As an example I will mention the Frank Kepples approach. Although a great method and a guy with much wisdom I feel people got side tracked with full mind/awake body asleep thing and thought that if they weren't in point consciousness by the count of 10 then they weren't there. It is simply not necessary and the sooner you let go of this fixation you might be open to more meaningful stuff. Gateway facilitators tell you while in your CHEC unit it is okay to move around, itch yourself if necessary, situp if you click out too easily. It doesn't matter as you will easily slip back into the focus level. And the final clincher that shows full body disassociation is unnecessary is you do an exercise where you move through to focus 21 while walking around outside.

That's the whole point of hemi-sync - It's not just about lying in a darkened room and escaping this reality. It's about incorporating and using in this reality as well to make your life richer

I think as a general rule you should not keep questioning signs and symptoms of focus levels. It's subjective and reading someone elses experience simply creates expectation in you and that is not a good thing. What is a good thing is to do the hemi-sync exercises which use rollercoasting - Those are the ones which keep moving up and down between particular focus levels. That way you get a distinct feel for each level and how it relates to you. Once you recognise that particular feeling of a focus level you can use it as an anchor point to easily shift back into that area of consciousness without having to overthink things.

I went to Gateway knowing I was at a disadvantage to my wife (also attending). I had spent the last 3 years devouring every piece of literature on OBE and TMI which created lots of expectation in me. My wife, who is into spiritual stuff, decided to come at the last minute not really knowing what hemi-sync was. She was open minded and had little expectation. That is the perfect state to be in for hemi-sync. I, on the otherhand, had a hard time putting all my expectations aside but over the course of the week I learned to trust myself and trust hemi-sync.

Now, what do you get out of Gateway? Well, I'm not going into specific details because that's personal to me but I will say that I don't think any of the participants got out of Gateway what they expected. They got what they needed. And what that is tends to be more profound than you will ever know.

What I have come to realise is that some people get into meditation for not necessarily the right reasons. Well, maybe the reasons are okay but as a result they don't yield the best results. what I mean by this is that I started to get better results with a few changes in mentality. Simply surrendering to process is always good. But largely I found a genuine desire for self love and acceptance is one very productive way forward. I went into exercises opening my heart space to love and self-love.

You may need to ask yourself what are trying to achieve with you OB attempts - connect with guidance, your soul group (i-there cluster), lost loved ones? If any of these then using love is  good launchpad. To stop you thinking maybe this is developing to a hippy-loving rant I will ground you with some Tom Campbell to show that growing towards love has science at its heart:

All matter in this universe is attempting to achieve a low-entropy state (entropy being a measure of disorder), If you take the big bang as an example then everything was in a state of flux and chaos. Over time it is trying to achieve harmony and peace in order to be more productive. Especially in humans this is best achieve through growing towards love. So if this is our ultimate goal on the Earth life system then it stands to reason that guidance will be more receptive to someone with an open heart space and goes into exploring consciousness with a more genuine intent rather than simply to fly in the clouds (which can also be fun). I will stop before I get too preachy.

After only 6 days the whole group of 21 of us felt the most incredible sense of fellowship and love and we were taking this into the hemi-sync exercises. Coupled with the energy of the place and surroundings made for some really enlightening experiences. Prior to Gateway I considered myself quite an even keel kind of guy in relations to my emotions. My wife complaining that I rarely show emotion. She has never seen me cry. 6 days surrounded by the love and energy and joy of our group at Gateway has changed me. I cried a few times during that week. At times I had no logical reason why. Even now thinking back to my Gateway makes me choke up a little inside.

They say Gateway extends beyond just the week and that you will get residuals manifesting themselves in your lives. It took 1 hour of being home before I got a call and an offer to move house that could alter the course of our lives for the better.

Gateway is expensive and certainly for us coming from Europe during peak season but we are definitely returning. Such an amazing experience.