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Have you ever had  dreams of doing things that you simply would never do ?
I was reading on the internet that should you put a glass of water in your room it helps absorbed negativity, I figure it may help me with all this random dream crap I have been having, instead it made it worse anyone ever have something that was suppose to help you actually work in reverse ?
You should watch theses videos of what is being done to thousands of tress to get those resins incenses from trees when so many people love to burn, To me that  is just sick and Yea I happen to be a tree lover.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / bad Luck
July 08, 2023, 19:58:24
what would cause a person to have nothing but bad luck since practically the day they were born ?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Destroying ancient forest
November 05, 2022, 18:06:39
When I see stuff like this.I just want put a gun to my head and leave this sick world... ... nt-forests/
I am plague by having all kinds of negative thoughts and it seems that no matter what I do I cant be free of them I was wondering if anyone here goes through similar problems and what they have done to shield them self's from them ?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Mattress Question
June 13, 2022, 07:44:07
Do you think that sleeping on a black futon can cause problems, They say the black absorbs and I am beginning to wonder if my mattress is just loaded with negativity that may be a part of what is giving me problems ?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Being forced to change
April 12, 2022, 22:12:35
I often hear people say that change is unavoidable and that we much change in order to grow, Now only do I not like that, It scares the hell out of me
There are things that are very important to me to think that I will lose interest in the things I love makes me very sad and depressed, I have not interest in changing who and what I am for that is what makes up who and what we are, Why should anyone be forced to give up what is important to then and be forced to become something that have no desire to become I know I will fight that tooth and nail, What is your opinion on being forced to changed?
I have and I have never been so scared in my life my spirit guides are everything to me without them I nothing I have  been so very tired lately and my sex drive is so low I tried to go to a new age store to find out what was going on with me but that person was just a joke all she did was give me a crappy taro car reading and crappy pendent reading and said I had nothing wrong with me and sent me on my way has anyone else  had a similar experience like this ?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / No longer getting notices
January 21, 2022, 09:48:23
I have notice that I no longer getting any notices that I subscribe to to let me know
when someone else has responded to a post any one else having this issue ?
I am looking for a couple web sites

One was where you had to pay to watch videos on stuff like the great pyramids stuff
and all kinds of new stuff being discovered newage astral projection and such I am pretty certain it had the science in it

The other was very similar but it was with a new paper you had to subscribe to
Does anyone know of a any powerful Subliminal cd  or tapes I can check out I have absolutely no ability to control my dreams and if I can find something decent I think it may help me out a lot ?
I have had been having a lot of personal issues I can no loner focus and my mind keeps jumping around randomly and its causing me a lot of issues I have been unable to connect to my spirit guides in a long time its like there is a major block I have been seriously considering having  my charka balanced and having tuning forks used to clean them out But iam a little nervous about having someone mess around with my energy centers would like to get some input on this if possible.
Some times form out of no where I will get a really loud pitch sound that just comes there have been times it got so loud it dropped me to my knees had have not experienced it is a while But I have always felt like it was some kind of communication attempt ether that or some implanting knowledge in my head...
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Question
September 10, 2021, 23:26:10
If you walk out the Astral Door way in your house what happens if you forget your astral keys and lock your self out  :-)
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Preserving this site
September 10, 2021, 22:40:01
You know I was thinking this in my opinion one of the best astral sites I know that is  loaded with information and I would sure hate to see if disappear as you just never know what may happen I think something if is has not been done already to preserver this site for the future and beyond...
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Lucidology 101 looking for
September 10, 2021, 16:52:02
Would anyone happen to know where I can get a full copy of Lucidology 101 I went to the site enter my email and wrote them But never got a answer I have 102 and 103 But  I really need to get a copy of 101 email me if you know of a place I can get it.
I have heard of this being done of having people in the astral pull your astral self out of the body has anyone ever done this in helping someone get out or have had it done to them and how reliable is it ?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / What you want the most
September 08, 2021, 23:21:52
When you die and pass over do you believe that you will get what you want the most above all else ?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / as above so below
December 12, 2020, 12:53:32
If the old saying of as above so blow happens to be true and this world is in the mess that is it in,Then would  that mean the above is in one hell of a mess  :-)
Welcome to Dreams! / Why does this happen
March 24, 2017, 11:25:41
I can try as hard as I want to dream about the stuff I really want and nothing happens its like Iam totally bared form doing so, But if I have the tiniest thought about something and forget about it I can have all kinds of dreams about that one little thought, I want to meet my spiritual  guides but something is blocking me, Have you ever had anything like this happen ?
Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / private messages?
September 26, 2016, 20:10:17
Don't this forum have private message enable ?
This is something I have notice literally billions of people do all the time, They will judge a persons actual age by the age of the age of that persons physical body,instead of judging by the soul that drives that body, That would be like  me judging you by how old your are by the age of the car you drive around , For example if you were to go out any buy your self a brand new  truck tomorrow and drive it around for a period of five years, Does that make you the person driving it five years old, Now compare that to a soul that has reincarnated hundreds of times and is well over a thousand years old that has decided to come back to earth get their self a  new body, Does that age of that new body actually determine the age of the soul driving that body? You tube is loaded with videos of children under the age of 4 playing a piano better then Mozart. Just where do they think that kid got his talents from, That 5 year old little boy may appear to be only 5 but he may have a soul that can be well over 5 thousand years old,People need to stop judging by a persons maturity by that persons physical age, Cause physical age does not count its as simple as that...
If for some reason you sentence to roam the world as a Ghost what will be your Plans, as for myself I plan on going around letting Ghostly Farts on everyone...
You find a method that starts to work or something you have been doing all along and did not even realize you were doing it then when you  realized  it, You cant do it anymore, I have a simular expierence happen to me, some times when I woke up in the morning and set up feeling wide awake, But some reason my eyes were glued shot and I could not open them, so I lay back down again for a few minuets and get back up, and everything would be ok, I have done this several times before, and until I got lucidlogy, I have no ideal that I was actually astral when this happen everything felt solid and real,But as soon as I realized it, I have not be able to it again , The same thing happen when I found a good method for attaining sleep paralyses, the first few times I did it I fought to wake up then one time I relaxed and things started to get better, But just a soon as I realized I was getting closer, I could no longer obtain sleep paralyses any more have not had it come on me in months very depressing, I no longer even have the desire to try any more...
Is it possible for someone to block another person from projecting and if is is possible and you have been blocked what can you do about it I was reading this and it got me to wondering
Hi, I am trying to get some info on shape shifters particularly humans who change their shape on astral plane what I want to want to know is, does anyone know of any good methods to recognize a shapeshifter
who is trying to fool you ?