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Welcome to Metaphysics! / The karmic web
January 20, 2003, 02:21:33
In  responding to a query on the physic self defence forum my ego was given a little kick ,but it also started a chain of thought which I will document here.
The inquirer sought help  to counter act a sustained and seemingly complicated attack from a acquaintance .My statement that this was karmic she  rejected  ,apparently the perpetrator held this self same view using it to justify his actions. If someone was kicking the crap out of you ,you don't lie down and take it ,neither dose a karmic debt give anyone the right to put in the boot .
So how much contact with others over a lifetime is karmic, twenty ,fifty or one hundred percent.  Experts have varying opinions but I feel its imposable to give a definitive  answer. Rule of thumb , the amount of interaction designates the karmic tie ,  in other words the more  you have to do with a person the more likely the tie.
Life has been a series of  people some are still a feature some  have moved on  while others are just arriving .Through dreams intuition , regression and with  help from a friend  I have worked  out  these  karmic connections in fact they are a web .I cant go through all the twist and turns , but to demonstrate the coincidence of karma I will show the connection or not of six families who's homes border on to my families.
The main karmic pull in these cases lies with my  husband , a avid collector of military memorabilia, any thing from the second world war catches his instant attention . Any German items are his  passion. should the find be air force he's on cloud nine .From this its  pretty clear were he last incarnated and one neighbour also a collector of Germany  items in all likelihood knew him ,in that time and place. To our right and left are veterans from that conflict one a English pilot the other couple were slave labour in Berlin  ,every chance of debt alround here .In the forth house lives a German gentleman a  boy at that time who knows were he fits in. To thicken the plot ,my son  also  lived through this war.With one house hold we have no contact so I would say no karma and the in the last house lives a good friend of my husbands Auntie, This is not the strongest link but  most relations form karmic bonds and so part of the web.
Out of seven  houses six are interconnected  if someone wants to work out the percentages be my guest maths were never my strong point.
Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / Mayan Calendar
February 13, 2003, 00:39:26
Very interesting indeed! I favour this version of 2012 to the Christian version. Although, for the moment, it holds the same position as the Christian theory of 2012 - a position of interest and awareness, but not action or strong beliefs. If there is that kind of war this year, maybe i will rethink things (if i'm still alive [:P]).
None the less, that was an interesting read, thanks for sharing!
Hi  yoki.
I think you shouldn't worry if your experience is less intense.
It should mean that now your energetic body is able to handle the increased flow of energy that you get from rising. Much like having your muscles more trained so you don't feel fatigue any more.
I don't remember exactly where I've read this, perhaps in the NEW tutorial that you can find in the download section. Surely it isn't written in Astral Dynamics, I haven't read it yet....

Don't know about your eyes and ears.

Bye, Mirco

About "guides" and "guardians"- many disagree.  I personally don't think we understand how it works, but I know that there are many interested in each of us, including individuals who are "related" to us- and I don't use the word "related" literally, I think we have friends we have never met in this life.

I am glad you found Bruce's work so enlightening.  He does represent what I believe will become the "new age" of new age...less mysticism and more objective and down to earth research, and I liiiiike it!

fides quaerens intellectum