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Thanks for you guys chiming in on this.

Had to ask, do you think its possible for anyone who hasn't had the famous 'vibrational' stage (like me) to perhaps use continious
determined self-programming methods to maybe induce it during bed time regardless of when exactly? then use this as a springboard
to project from?
Quote from: Nameless on November 07, 2020, 10:38:26
The affirmation "mind awake body asleep" is indeed a good one. Here are a few others;
"I am aware in my dreams"
"I am lucid at all times"
"I project easily"

Just keep it simple. You don't have to repeat these all day long. Just do so every now and again and take a moment to internalize what you are meaning while you say it. I think the most important part comes at the end of the day just before you lie down to rest/meditate/project. Take a few minutes to reaffirm your intentions and then just let it go.

Ah good. Can I ask if you've ever tried any with any luck or experiences?
Quote from: Lumaza on November 03, 2020, 01:15:19
I assume you mean Frank Kepple. The general consensus is that Frank passed away. He hasn't been a "active" member here for  many years now. He did leave behind of plethora of knowledge though. We are all thankful for that!  :-)

That gentleman sure left a wealth of info on this topic  would be sad if he really is deceased.
So being I'm off work and have some free time I thought to myself why not do some projection/OBE self affirmations throughout the day. I have heard they can be effective in helping you get to the state to project when you've spent all day or most of the day doing them.

I'm not exactly sure of how I want to try to project eventually but I think maybe getting to the right mind awake body asleep state at bed time may be worth trying. If I do happen to find myself indeed mind awake and body asleep when laying there at night, I can perhaps take it from there with which exit technique to attempt if I do feel it will be successful. What do you guys think?

I am hoping to get some advice on what to self affirm to myself through the day to prepare me.I understand it's not guaranteed to work still but it's worth a shot. I thought of perhaps repeating something like saying "mind awake BODY ASLEEP" every so often. Would this help pre-program myself do you think? Also for anyone who's attempted this, how often is a person generally supposed to re-affirm themself with a line like above is it once every half hour or 10 mins or hour or?!

Would like to hear about your luck with this method if anyone has had any with it. Thx all.
I don't mean totally drunk off your face but maybe mildly or maybe just after a casual beer. As a rule I'm sure it benefits nobody to drink before attempting to project but has anyone ever projected intentionally or unintentionally after some booze regardless if you were very drunk or could barely feel the effects in your system. Just curious.
I'm not sure I understand you guys. Are you saying you can be in OBE and your physical body can go to the bathroom on its own?

Kind of an awkward question but I think its something many likely have dealt with during their OBE attempts especially when waking up after a nights sleep and trying a method but if you wake up and could benefit from going to the bathroom but want to use the opportunity to try to attempt a technique to go into 'mind awake body asleep' to project from, could you still actually 'get out' of your physical body whilst still needing to go to the bathroom and find when 'out and about' you are still just as capable? I would assume whilst 'out' the feeling to go to the bathroom would not be a factor anymore and would appear once back in the body. I also should add that I do not mean when you are absolutley bursting to urinate, obviously the sensible thing would be a bathroom visit but I am referring to the point where you could indeed benefit from it but its not too much of a strain for the time being.

Excuse me if I am grossing anyone out talking about levels of refraining from calls of nature but I am trying to see if its distration and disruption can be overridden so to speak.

Quote from: shineling on October 16, 2020, 23:33:49
In one of his early books Monroe describes the rolling-out technique. It's simply that - you roll out of body. Now the trick is setting yourself up before going to sleep. You sort of program yourself to stay a little lucid before falling completely asleep. And then when you're half asleep you just roll out to one side of the bed. I usually like to face my room instead of the wall but it works on right or left sides.

could you be a little more detailed on this process please? you have me intruiged.
First up I get that AP/OBE techniques work differently for everyone and that the amount of success varies between people. Some people are naturals and can get OBE's frequently and others can struggle and seemingly never have any regardness of what techniques they attempt but I thought it'd be worth asking if there is a general known method that has good success for people on average attempting to 'get out' ? I am talking very generally. Was there ever any surveys done or poll's on the best AP technique people use? I'm sure there would be a couple that would appear to be effective for many who attempt. I was really wanting to know what it was if there indeed is one.

Anyone know anything on this? thanks.
Quote from: Lumaza on December 10, 2019, 06:20:50
Mine that I bought have subliminal messages in them. I don't know about the free ones though. Like I said, I paid for mine and got exactly what I paid for!  :-)

Interesting. I wonder how the mind can hear the 'inside voice' though? I purchased mine also and intend to give it a fair shot but during all the ocean wave sounds you can't hear any trace of a voice I guess its supposed to be this way in the way it needs to tap in beyond just the ears. I just can't help but wonder if my brain is just taking in wave sounds still or a voice muffled greatly by wave sounds.
I see so many people mention this and its basically supposed to be the records in the form of a library or maybe a cinema of supposedly everything that's ever happened at anytime ever since the beginning of known existence.

Anyone managed to get to these in the astral? what happened? any awesome memories of perhaps immersing yourself in this? I am a little skeptical to be honest but experiences are interesting to me if anyone has indeed been there.
Quote from: Lumaza on December 09, 2019, 19:46:47
Did you miss this part of my reply above "They are good? That's my opinion of them. Truthfully though, I can find others just as good for free on youtube. Recently I have been listening to this one before bed and have been having some very "quick' and unique experiences afterwards. Take that for what you wish!  8-) It' loops for 8 hours, so you can turn it off at anytime you wish.

If you search that subject in the Astral Pulse search engine you will find what other people's opinion and experiences with them were. There was a conversation on this very topic about 4 or 5 months ago here. Use the heading "Brainsync".

Good luck!  :-)

K "they are good" so obviously means they have legit subliminal messages in them. I'm interested in this aspect rather than binaural audio as I've tried those before without much success but thx for the link none the less.
Cool but I think you misunderstood my question still. I was asking if they were a con or nothe since someone else said there was no subliminal messages in them.
anyone had anymore experiences with these brainsync mp3's the OP talked about? am tempted to get one myself I mean its worth a shot but also am concerned another poster said there was no subliminal messages in them!??! this is a con you mean or?! maybe I'm misunderstanding but what they said is on the first page:

Quote from: Lumaza on September 11, 2018, 22:57:49
Last night I found that the four pack that I purchased from her years ago did not have subliminal messages in it, like Volgerle mentioned. One of them used a ocean setting of crashing waves though.
Will study all of these thankyou guys.
Am curious to hear from anyone who's experienced in AP have you ever had an experience where you might have 'lived' or 'existed' in an alternate reality in the rtz or out in the astral where you were gone for minutes and whilst out there it was more like years?  I've heard of these types of things happen.
Anyone had any experiences when doing this? any progress when fasting? some people say it helps a lot for some reason but I am not sure why.
Has anyone got a solid technique for me to try when in this state? I mean perhaps something that worked for you when you did it from this state.
I have come across myself consciously when asleep suddenly in the black zone just awake in darkness I assume this is the 3D blackness people talk of. Quite simple; how do I project from here please?
You frequently hear in Astrap projection experiences of people travelling through space and timeffort and asking entities all sorts of educational questions. Is there anything you have learned in your astral journeys that perhaps sheds light on some of the mysteries of the universe? Do parrallel dimensions exist? Are there other vensigns of ourselves out there? Is the universe infinite? Are there alI ensure?  The list goes on. Anybody had any luck with these sorts of age old questions?
Quote from: ThaomasOfGrey on June 15, 2017, 16:47:15
You may be falling into the age old pitfall of focusing on the symptoms that occur half way. You might find it useful to imagine projection as a continuum between awake and dreaming.

When you embark from the awake state you travel an unknown road wondering at which point you will be there. You know about certain signs that you are getting close and that causes you to stop and consider exit strategies prematurely as you really don't have a proper scale to judge where you are on the continuum.

I suggest employing a "what's next" mindset. It is like an extension of the visualization exercise wherein one imagines a thing, changes it, imagines a new thing then changes that continuously. There is always something coming next. Treat the symptoms the same way - "I feel the vibrations" - your thought is not "how do I exit?" or "is it happening"; you want "what is next on the continuum because I don't know how close I am". Once you follow the continuum all the way you will be in a dream reality and would have "let it happen". It is pretty obvious when you have succeeded if you aren't attached to succeeding at the first sign of success.

hmm this is good.... so basically just let go and as things happen just kind of accept it and carry on without thinking too much about it. Do you think if this works out ok they'll be a point where possibly I will just know instinctivly almost when to project? like maybe something like vibrations will be strong or something (if I get any). When you go through it all will you just know?
I am sort of not knowing what to do still as its not clear as some people say you have to suddenly intend it while you are in a relaxed state and can't feel your body then others say you just don't think more or less and 'let' it happen. Like which is it? I am worried if I think about wanting to project I will break my relaxation state or maybe bring unwanted focus on my physiical body and disrupt the attempt. Sorta confused right now.
Quote from: Bloodshadow on June 13, 2017, 23:40:30
I tried it but I almost always fall asleep, I need something to occupy my time to keep me awake thru the processs (btw I messaged you back). however I did do it once or twice but majority of times I have fallen asleep.

when you don't feel your body anymore what do you usually do then to project?
I think this only really works well on your back but is there a way of utilizing this tecnnique of laying as still as possible on your back until your body goes numb and just doing your best to relax whilst listening to soothing music or something. I feel there could be potential has anyone had any luck with this?