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Hi All,

I checked down this avenue and discovered many hidden costs.  First it is important to understand that POD books tend not to be stocked by book stores.  Why?
(1) Stores usually cannot return unsold POD books
(2) Stores have to prepay to get POD books
(3) Most POD books are usually not well advertised or well reviewed, so stores to not anticipate good sales.
For details read the discussion on fee-based POD at this link:

AuthorHouse (used to be 1st Books) now has packages to counteract these problems, but they are expensive.  You need to buy an insurance program for $600 US to allow books to be returnable -- not a bad deal.  The tough one though is advertisement and book reviews.  This costs over $3000+ US --Ouch! -- for a decent shot at things.  This package also provides book signings in a few Barnes and Noble stores, which is helpful.  Once publishing, return insurance and advertising and local travel (days drive) costs are all added up, it comes to well over $5000 and approaching $6000 US. YIKES![:O] Conversion to Canadian dollars makes the eyes roll. Since, I have not struggled much as an author -- too new to say that -- the long road of first getting published in magazines and through contests is looking attractive right now.  

Best Wishes to All,
Sorry guys accidentally wrote over my original post, which outlined the process of getting published in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy market.  Part of this process involves getting published in magazines, ebooks and entering contests.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Magazines:
Here are some printed and electronic Sci-Fi/Fantasy Magazines that are accepting submissions.  Many Sci-Fi Mags have short life cycles. I you know a good Sci-Fi/Fantasy Mag please let me know.

(1) Realms of Fantasy (10,000 word limit)

(2) Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine (25,000 word limit)

(3) Asimov's Science Fiction (7,000-12,500 word limit)
They accept boarderline fantasy my specialty

(4) Quantum Muse (8,000 words or serial stories)

E-publishers for Sci-Fi/Fantasy are:

Twilight Times Books (subs accepted July 15, Aug 5th 2004)

Mundania Press LLC (They also have big names here for ebook prices)

Runestone Publishing (specialize strictly in Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

Double Dragon Ebooks

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writers Contest:

Best Wishes,
Dear Beth,

Alexandria seemed to be a hot spot during early Christianity.  I have a deep fascination with the history behind the Library of Alexandria.  I would be very interested in any comments or recommended reading you might offer on this topic.  

Below are some links on this topic:

Dear Beth,

I have found your posts to be very interesting.  It is nice to read well thought-out, considerate posts. To me it does not really matter if Jesus lived or is a story about good moral principle -- a story to help guide us to good living and higher spirituality.  I am happy either way though I am still tending towards the believe of Christ incarnate since that is something I would like to believe.  

I do have a question for you though:
I belong to the United Church of Canada (loosely) but hey we are a rather loose church.  One of the major topics of discussion within the United Church of Canada is whether Jesus was married.  

I will post an excerpt from the website below and then would be interested in your comments and what you think the parts of the bible hinting at a marriage symbolically mean.

The story of Mary with the alabaster jar anointing the feet of Jesus is cited by some scholars as the most direct witness to their marriage. It is in all four Gospels and was a story in which Jesus gave express command that it be preserved. This ceremony was an ancient one among many royal houses in the ancient world, which sealed the marital union between the king and his priestess spouse. We find it mentioned briefly in the Song of Solomon.

Source Link:

I will do what I never do...but I feel this must be said.

THE TRUTH is that you are loved.  That there is a Love that exists that is so absolutely accepting, so all encompassing, so beautiful that once you have felt it you wish for nothing more than to have it with you always.  

This ABSOLUTE TRUTH will set you free.  In its absolutism it makes no demands.  It is just there waiting for us to let go of our fears, our desires, our guilt, our need to be needed, our anger, our illusions.

There are a million illusions of fear, anger, need, desire we must peel away to reach this ABSOLUTE TRUTH that we are loved and are love, an energy beyond words.  Stripe away the illusions and you will be free.  No one need guide you there save your self for only you can navigate your illusions.



Hi all I will not be around much cause my mother-in-law is visiting.  Don't worry.  She is a nice lady with a good sense of humour.  All is well in Sunnyville.[:)]

If any of you want to post some good mother-in-law jokes I'd love to read them.[:P]  Man!  I'm not looking forward to being the mother-in-law.  They always get such a bad wrap.

Best Regards All,
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Unexplained experience
August 18, 2003, 08:31:09
A while back, I was driving a rental car through Northern Alberta in the evening.  Out of the blue, a small ball of light (the size of a racket ball) approached from the drivers side of the vehicle and hit the hood then bounced off.  I was so shocked I slowed the car right down to 40 km. (Shh! I was going 120 km on the highway.)  I tried to inspect the hood from the inside of the car but saw no dent.  Again surprising since the ball had made quite a loud sound.  I kept driving slowly as I rounded a big corner in the road with a large embankment (Northern Alberta is more hilly than southern Alberta).  I saw a large buck standing beside the road watching me slowly pass.  

I could not help but wonder just how critical my timing had been or what might have happened if I had continued at the speed I had been going.

Goingslow, as usual got me thinking.  

New Age ideas started out as a fresh look at old concepts.  These New Age ideas formulated itself into a philosophy and now I feel they are starting to structure and harden themselves into a religion.  

What are your thoughts on this?

My thoughts are that:
(1) Religions have a lot of rituals and rules.  
(2) Rules are like wallpaper or pretty clothing.  
(3) True spirituality is an individual truth that grows with beauty inside and spills out.  I do not see it as rules which followed constrict and mold us into what someone elses image is of God like nature.
(4) Rules have a small place (what we eat, the music we listen to, the clothes we wear etc.) but I see them as fine adjustments on a microscope.  You can have a lot of fine adjusting rules and what is under the microscope will still look fuzzy. Coarse adjustments on self (from within) usually bring greater clarity.
(5) To me New Age philosophy is a large pool of ideas to help us learn about and clearly see ourselves.  It would be sad if it just turned into another religion.

I have seen people read the experiences of 'the enlightened' and then taking on these 'enlightened peoples' lifestyles as if by doing so they will attain enlightenment.  I also see people worrying about all sorts of little things avoiding the big thing...know thyself...see all your flaws with clarity...don't kid yourself...we have much the same flaws deep down.  The only difference between a truly enlightened person is that they see these flaws in self with clarity and thus can gain greater control over them.  They are not better than you or I.  

If only a degree of enlightenment is attained usually the 'enlightened person' still has some mastery over ego left.  Lack in mastery of ego can result in a desire to take on a saviour role.  But no one can save you, save yourself -- except yourself.  Our harshest critics can be our greatest saviours when we let our defenses down.  Though it does help when the critic also sees, admits and maybe even shows that they have the same flaws and foibles.[;)]

Welcome to Dreams! / -
August 17, 2003, 19:59:49
I am writing this after a very profound hour long dream.  I thought I would share my thoughts and hope you will to.

In marriage finding someone to bond with on all four levels equally (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) helps.  In friendships we can frequently get away with bonding with someone on only one of these levels, for physical think sports guys.[;)]

Finding marriage material (someone to bond with on all four levels) is not easy.  Now imagine finding someone who matches on a chakra level.  For there are traits associated with each chakra that can strengthen or weaken a marriage.

Root Chakra:  Practicality, ability to make decisions and stick to them.  I have just seen one marriage break up because the two people did not trust each other.  They were not worried about the other cheating.  They just could never (either of them) make a decision and stick to it.  I really liked both of these people but found it impossible to make plans with them.  

Sacral Chakra: This is not just about sex.  More importantly it is about healthy self image. Security in self.  No one likes being married to some one who is insecure and needy.  The words 'old ball and chain marriage' come to mind.

Solar Plexus: Ego.  Best way to screw up a marriage.  Arguing over who is right and wrong.  Who cares.  What is really important?

Heart Chakra: Aww! The ability to love on all four levels equally. Not easy.  

Throat Chakra:  Communication!  

Third Eye Chakra: Insight into human nature.  My best discussions with my partner are about this.

Crown Chakra: Spiritual bonding. Also, I see this as the source of the sense of moral fair play.  Finding someone who has the same moral values as you do.

Finding your dream person:
Aw! You say, "Impossible to find!"  But we can only attract what we are selves have managed to become.  If we are stuck on ego then likely we will be stuck in ego driven relationships with ego driven arguements. Is the answer to become your dream person? (No, no I'm not suggesting a sex change[:P]).

In my dream I was interviewing old boyfriends who had married and were now divorced.  What struck me was their complaints about their partners were all traits I had decided were insurmountable in them.  Insurmountable meaning, I felt they were likely not to grow out of these traits. Not to say they wouldn't - just a probability thing based solely on my opinion at the time.

Interested in your thoughts.

I am going to take a leave of absense from the board for two weeks. I have to work on something over the next two weeks while I have the opportunity.  Sorry, I did not expect the crystal thing to catch on like this. The discussions I had in the past on this topic were always quite tame (low hits).  I really did not expect multiple threads on it. Please note Link's Shadow is quite knowledgable in this area.  

Dear All,

I found a good website I thought I would share.  Rare when you get one with this much detail and this many pages.  If you read far enough there are some good exercises and meditation suggestions to help with chakra activation.  Often the chakras are sluggish or wobbly or lopsided when they first start to spin.  Also, discomfort is common due to blockages.  Consistent work helps move past this stage.  As some of you know I am a big fan of using crystals in combination with chakra meditation since they can be helpful with clearing blockages.

"Men are afraid to forget their minds, fearing to fall through the Void with nothing to stay their fall. They do not know that the Void is not really void, but the realm of the real dharma."

[Please note dharma means "the way things are." This may seem overly vague, until you understand that the word "dharma" has been used to imply "the laws of nature" or "that which sustains the universe."]

A quote from Zen Master Huang Po

Dear All,

I thought I would share some old but interesting lucid dream experiences and benefits I got from them.

I'll start with one incident and see how it goes.  

I was dreaming that I was asleep but mind awake and saw the outline of a being who was partially see through enter my bedroom.  This 'being' rushed at me in fury and pulled at my sheets (in my dream not in real life) then in anger they jumped straight at me as if to jump into my body.  I quickly woke up startled and wondered what this was about.  I suddenly realized the 'being' was the same shape and size as someone I had angered that day.  I had not guessed how angry until this dream gave me an indicator. I got verification the next day when I apologized.  

I see this as an example of yet another value to lucid dreaming.  It can show us the impact we have had on others.  

Best Regards,
Dear All,

What are your thoughts on the following statements.

1)"Planes", "kingdoms", "realms" or whatever they may be called, are not physical locations or places, they are states of consciousness.

2) Life in the astral planes is no more or less highly spiritually evolved than life is on the physical plane.

3) Whatever we draw to ourselves from the unseen kingdom holds us there, the same way things hold us to the physical plane. To communicate with the Angelic Kingdom and The Masters, we must not get hung up on the physical or astral planes.

4)The astral body is held in the astral regions when one is not on The Path. The emotional body is shed with the astral body. If one is on The Path, the astral and emotional bodies will dissolve.

5)Your Soul is held in bondage by the things you believe you were on earth (mental body). If a person has achieved Mastership on earth, they shed all the bodies of the lesser kingdoms and pass into the Angelic Kingdom. Such people are free from the cycles of rebirth.

6)Be careful of ego - It draws the energies of the lower nature. The greatest danger is feeling that you can't go any higher. Keep your mind focused on God and The Path... you try many things along the Path, but do not deviate; do not get distracted and forget where you are going.

If you are wondering what the various planes are see the link below and scroll down a bit.
The higher planes are: the Buddhic, Atmic, Monadic, and Logoic Planes.

Hey All,

I just had my longest fully lucid dream ever.  It lasted 4 hours long.  I know the length since I checked the time before a late night visit to the washroom.  It started as I fell back to sleep and did not finish until I awoke this morning.

It was so cool I considered writing a Sci-Fi book about it.  The topic is too overdone though. You know, aliens taking over the world by invading human bodies.  I was armed with only three abilities; keen observation, mild telepathic ability, linguistic talent.  I was able to trick them into thinking I was one of them by assuming the identity of one of their aliens I saw die.  It enabled me to infiltrate quite high into their command and break it.  

During the dream information was fed to me (some telepathically from the characters, some through observation) and I was in full control of the decisions I made based on this information.  It was a lot of fun -- way better than an interactive movie.[:)]

Perhaps the length of a lucid dream depends on how fascinating it is?  How much it engages the dreamer?  What are your thoughts and experiences?

Thank for your help.

I have a lot of work to do on my novel and you guys have given me valuable direction.


Thank for your help.

I have a lot of work to do on my novel and you guys have given me valuable direction.


Welcome to Astral Chat! / Dear neg removal5
July 02, 2003, 11:23:31
Dear neg removal5,

You are reacting and rationalizing.

Is your reaction and rationalization helping?

Are you growing spiritually from it?

Are you helping others with it?

We can only change ourselves not others. Look within and forget trying to teach everyone around you a lesson. My suggestion is let go and Live and Let Live. The forces against you vanish when you stop forcing. I do not know you but for some reason it is easy to push your buttons and you return the favour full force. Past baggage is usually responsible for this behaviour. Pushing buttons eventually will lead to an explosion and we accomplish nothing but a big mess -- so why do it? The bigger person ends it with silence, if resolution is not possible. The bigger person looks within to find the source within self not worrying about anyone elses opinion.

Who cares who starts what -- I don't. I see tremendous pain in your words. Unfortunately I cannot help you. Only you can help you.


I've accumulated good websites and thought it time to share.  Please feel free to share![:)]

Covers the basics well.

Orson Scott Card provided this website to answer questions not addressed in his book "Characters and Viewpoint".

Wonderful resource! Test your command of the English language!

Something for everyone here.

Idioms Characters might use. Careful though remember editors do not like cliches.  They are acceptable if characters would use them.

I'll keep adding to this.  Hope you do to.[:)]
The following books provide solid recommendations to young writers.

(1) "The First Five Pages" by Noah Lukeman (4 out of 5)
This book provides an editors perspective.  He tells us what editors look for and how writers can avoid unnecessary rejection slips.

(2) "Characters and Viewpoint" by Orson Scott Card (5 out of 5)
Highly recommended for those writing fiction - a wonderful character builder.[8D]

(3) "Beginnings, Middles, and Ends" by Nancy Kress (5 out of 5)
I am an author who struggles with the beginning of my story -- middles and ends are easy for me.  This book helped solve this problem.

(4) "The Art of Creative Writing" by Lajos Egri (4 out of 5)
A good book to help develop characters.

(5) "How to Write and Get it Published" David Stode Akens (2 out of 5)
This book's strength is showing how picky editors can be.  They want writers to know the difference between breathe and breath, aggravate and irritate, awhile and a while, disinterested vs. uninterested, can and may.  They hate cliches.  They dislike when two characters have similar sounding names.  Picky, picky but important to know.

Robert recommended the following books as well. Next week I will order these from the library.  I will provide author names at that time.

The Art and Craft of Novel Writing (Author?)

Reader Over My Shoulder (Author?)

More to come.  Please feel free to add to this reading list.  I would appreciate it.[:)]

I don't know if any of you have already come across this site.  I found it interesting though and thought I would share.
It seems nicely organized and has a good Frequently Asked Question list and much more.

Welcome to Writers Corner! / 50 words to avoid
June 29, 2003, 07:33:43
The following list of words add vagary or unnecessary wordiness to a story. Precise and concise are what publishers look for. [Rules saying never end a sentence with a preposition, have changed -- thanks to Wiston Churchill.] These are words 'that' mark an amatuer in most editors minds.

About, actually, all, almost, already, also, become (and related words like became and becoming), begin (and began), bit, enough, even, ever, exactly, fairly, guess (and related words like guessed, guesses and guessing), just, indeed, little, oh, only, other (and another), nearly, now, plenty, pretty, probably, quite, rather, really, right, seem (and related words like seems, seemed, seeming and seemingly), such, slightly, so, some (and related words like somehow, something, sometimes and somewhat), soon (and sooner), sound, start (and related words like starts, started and starting), still, sudden (and suddenly), that, then, thing, think, too, truly, try (and related words like trying, tries and tried), very, well and yet.

It is fine to use the word 'that' if you are referring to that ball, that cat,  that 'particular thing'.  Otherwise, avoid it like the plague.

I found an inexpensive American software for writers. It can be ordered over the internet.    

Best Regards,
Lately I have been surveying young adult literature at both the library and bookstore.  

My Conculusions:
(1) Many books underestimate the comprehension and complexity of a twelve year olds mind.  The books almost talk down to the kids.  This is especially true of books written before 1990.  Thank goodness for J.K. Rowlings.

(2) Children's and young adult books seemed to be judged by adult literary standards.  Meaning, most symbology and details loved by children are missing from the books.  The source of this error could be editorial.  Definitely one does not want to over adjective or adverb any book.  What is missing are the amusing details or the symbolic details kids love. In my mind, these are what entices a child to read a book for a second time. 'Stuff' many adults think is superfluous or might not get. Any fairy tale has its root in symbology but symbolic details are more like cookies along the way to grandmother's house. These cookies seem to separate the big sellers from the average selling kids books.  Since I enjoy amusing details and symbology my chances of going through the 'standard' publishing circuit could be low[?]Insert

If you guys and gals have noticed attributes kids love in stories please post.  I would greatly appreciate your input.[:)]

Best Regards,

Welcome to Astral Chat! / The 11:11 effect
June 24, 2003, 09:15:36
I am not a big clock watcher so I am always amused when this happens.  I get spurts where I see 11:11 on the clock.  This is my fifth time in the last three days.  Even woke up to a noise to see it on the clock.  Oh well, just one of those odd amusing things that sometimes happens.[:P]