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You keep mentioning 'the darkness'. This may be your initial technique to work with, by applying what Xanth described as the Noticing technique- just an easy, unemotional, detached observing of whatever you are Noticing. In this case, it appears you have some exposure already to The Void. People call it by different names, but it is fairly commonly encountered as the three-dimensional black space, the 3D Darkness, the Starfield or Starspace. The Void is a NP environment that seems to exist within and between many dimensions. 
If you find yourself there, then great! Just relax and gently observe; don't push or force anything. Just Notice the depth and velvety texture of the Void. The lights are apparently not stars, but they are significant. Many times, as you Notice, the depth and texture of the darkness may begin to shift and swirl slightly. Your attention may be drawn to one light or group that may begin shining more brightly. Continue your detached, casual observation and you may feel a sense of movement towards that light or area of darkness. Allow this to happen at its own speed and you may experience a direct shift into another NP environment. Don't try or expect to go somewhere of your choice; something beyond you will choose your environment and there will be a significant lesson to be learned there; so go with the flow. The Void is a great way to travel and learn! Volgerle has an excellent thread labeled The Void, above in this forum.

Lumaza's Doorway thread is excellent to study and speaks for itself. He mentioned movement and I want to elaborate on that. Many of us have found that using a simple visualization that involves rhythmic movement can often lead to a Phasing Shift to a NP environment. First you need some meditative or trance depth, but this can be a great early morning technique. Visualize bouncing on a trampoline, dancing, snow skiing or snow boarding, riding a showjumper horse, water skiing, riding a roller coaster or a bobsled or Lumaza's pace car idea...let your imagination run on this one; it's that simple and straightforward. 

As LB wrote- the occasional voice(s) in your head can be from many reasons particular to you. Have you ever answered them back, asking what they want or what information they may wish to impart? We all have NP guides working with us, but they usually remain in the background. Some few psychics and channelers appear to have ongoing conversations with some of their guides. So, if the voice is happening during meditative or sleep/wake transition periods, this could be a possibility. Your interest in channeling may have opened a conduit, of sorts.
Oh yeah, I meant to comment on this earlier. In another thread, you mentioned a guy getting in your face and literally shoving you out of the scene.

That sounds like you were on the verge of entering an aspect of the Astral, and somebody objected and you got ejected...don't feel bad, you're not the first and won't be the last. So, you were actually there, for a moment.

Your challenge, for now, is to wonder why you were not allowed in...
You already have many of the basics on a subtle, intuitive level; I can see that.

It is a big, messy knot to unwind...part of the fun, I guess! I am still trying...

Keep asking questions, we are glad to offer advice and encouragement...

I was going to suggest talking techniques, but you don't really need that. Whatever method gets you to those small snippets of that! Once those visuals start, just observe them unemotionally and let them some point, they will 'strengthen' and finally draw you may feel like a lucid dream, but go with it anyway...whatever develops in the visual is not by accident, it will be a lesson for you.

And that will be your next step forward.

I realized mine needed to be much more specific. There also may be a process involved requiring permission-asking and giving. And involving the idea of Service (to the greater good of the Multiverse?).

Do no more than three affirmations at a time- they are like simple computer instructions to our inner self. Do each one every day for a week or two, whatever feels right for you. Sincerity to yourself is important here.

One type is just recognition of the situation-

"I wish to learn how to have out of body experiences."
"I know that the out of body experience is safe and enjoyable."
"The Universe keeps me safe and teaches me it's wonders. I know I am always protected."

Another involves permission-

"I know that I am more than my physical body."
"I ask permission of my Higher Self to learn the Art of Non-Physical experience and exploration."
"I grant myself permission to explore the out of body experience."

The personal process-

"I remember my dreams and Non-Physical experiences."
"I easily shift my awareness into the Non-Physical and am open to what I need to learn."
"I am ready for the next, best lesson I need to learn."


"I offer my personal service to helping the betterment of the Universe in any way I can."
"I offer to the Universe everything that the Universe offers to make me better."

Feel free to modify to suit your own sense of sincerity to the practice.
Techniques, affirmations and theory-

Let's talk about general theory for a moment. The biggest "disconnect" I see continuously in learning to have an OBE is most of the literature talking about literally floating up out of your body like a ghost and floating around your house and local area. It involves the 'swaying, floating, sinking, bobbing' sensations and does indeed happen for many people...but it's not always that way. There is also the 'quick-shift' method, as described by Monroe in his second book when his experiences noticeably changed from the former 'ghostly' manifestations to the more 'clean', Lucid Dream-like experiences, which we now refer to as Phasing. There can also be a mixture of the two, such as I think LightBeam describes, where she starts off with the clearly kinesthetic exit sensations of 'swaying side to side' that she intuitively knows to use as an exit method, but she then naturally shifts it her Phasing or Dreaming energy body...

This Phasing or Dreaming body is actually the energy vehicle that you already know very well: When you are dreaming, this is the energy vehicle your awareness is in. Same Dreaming body when you are in a Lucid Dream, just your awareness is much higher. As LightBeam describes, the 'feel' of this energy body is very similar to how you feel in your present physical body, except 'lighter' in noticeable ways. So, if you have had any significant Lucid Dreams, then this is the feeling of energy body that exemplifies it.

The other energy body, the 'ghostly' form that so much literature talks about...well, for the sake of discussion, let's call it what the Theosophic tradition (which draws from Hindu/Buddhist tradition) describes this as the Etheric energy body and it is closely-aligned to the physical body, so that is why it has such 'physical and kinesthetic' sensations associated with it, both in exit sensations and just how it operates. My early Etheric experiences felt much like being underwater or scuba that can serve as a comparison.

The other energy body is either one or two up the line- the Emotional/Astral body or the Mental body. Within these two bodies, we experience the next-level dimensional experiences, moving from our dreams into the Astral and Mental realms.

Many of us can debate the details in describing the various aspects of these two experiences, but understanding the basic difference should serve to clear up many questions.

The key is- as you work to understand your personal method for achieving an exit, these are the qualities to notice and interpret. If you get kinesthetic sensations, go with it; if you are getting visuals, then go with that.

In your case, lostsole, you are getting visual snippets, which points toward Dream/Astral experiences. So, to me you sound like a guy piloting a plane down the runway about to take to the sky, and wondering why it doesn't drive like a car... 

First rule- Observe. Just observe in a dispassionate, unemotional manner and do not engage with any sensation or visual until you are literally 'drawn' into the sensation or scene. The kinesthetic sensations, you can go with those; let them increase until they pull you into them and a transition will finally occur- you have to stay calm and just observe until it happens. The visual type will just gradually increase until it pulls you into the scene.

I hope that helps regarding theory.


LightBeam has touched on the idea that occurred to me.

You are not getting deep enough in your relaxation to completely let go and detach/exit. That has been my biggest problem for years and it seems LB suffers from it a little, as well. You may be relaxed enough to experience vibrations, but that is no guarantee. My ability to move from the vibratory stage to an exit of some sort is less than 50%. Reading of other's experiences, that appears to confirm my idea.

So, you have to become more relaxed and the likely best method for that is to try one or two methods- Wake up an hour and a half earlier than normal, washing your face or brushing your teeth for ten or fifteen minutes and then returning to bed and attempting any number of techniques. Or perform the WBTB (Wake, Back To Bed) method. Go to bed at your normal hour, but set an alarm for three hours. At that time, get up and stay awake for an hour, nothing too physical or exciting (read a book or do laundry), then return to bed or a recliner and work a technique. Each of these methods allows your physical body to regenerate to some degree and limit the "drag" it creates to pull your awareness back down with it into deep relaxation or sleep.

These methods require you to disrupt your normal routine somewhat, but it is the discipline this Art will require, at least initially, if you determine to be successful.

Also, I have come to realize the absolute importance of daily energy work. It doesn't have to be extensive, just 15 minutes, at least. Makes a big difference!

Then there are the techniques and supporting affirmations-
Casey, yes the beauty of it all is when the thought occurs that 'it all can somehow be true at the same time'.

Opening to a greater spectrum of possibility...absolutely!

Looking back at my notes, I didn't have much on the television screen. I was swimming in darkness, not even the Void, I think. I had requested helping in a retrieval at the beginning of the session and this was like ten minutes in. Rather than a television screen, it was like PIP or Picture in Picture...very clear and definite, just a noticeably smaller picture, set within the blackness.

The next screen was markedly larger, but still separate from me in an emotional sense, which only occurred to me later.

So, my natural instinct is to think that is somehow a self-imposed limitation of my perception and not an exterior imposition. Now, I look back and wonder whether it was my subconscious or my higher self or something beyond and outside my self...I just don't know, but like you say, the question serves to expand my thinking.

Great stuff...and the genesis of a new thread on 'Guidance'.
Casey, it is so interesting how many of us come to this subject from such differing directions, such diverse backgrounds and resulting in certain disciplines of application. Part of the confirmation process, to me at least, is the expertise of commentary coming from so many different sources, such as yourself- you bring such strong reinforcement of the healing, meditation and attunement qualities of the thank you for that!

And thank the internet and websites such as this one, for what develops as a community of like-minded people who can discuss on a world-wide basis. When I was a teenager, I was scrambling to find just a few decent books on the subject, lol. There is so much potential open to us now.
Okay, so I can only speak to a 10 plus year break that ended around 2008, but yes, coming back to the practice involved vibrations for awhile.

Consider this a re-attunement exercise,lol.


'Outside forces'...I use that term to only indicate the influential forces that are out there in the Non-Physical (NP), guiding us and pushing us. I don't pretend to even barely more than understand their existence and the purpose of their involvement in many of our lives...all of us? No, not necessarily all of us...maybe a far fewer number than we think, but for those of us involved and concerned consciously in our individual soul development? Yes, it seems apparent that we eventually become aware of these influences, and the forces are definitely focused upon each of us, even into surprisingly personal terms. The question becomes- Who is generating this and to what degree?

So, that leads into theories of Higher Self, Oversoul, Disk Members (the Monroe idea), aspects of Self, aliens, Angels, Helpers, Teachers, Instructors...go ahead, add a few more...I have some more ideas to add to this.

This should probably be a whole new thread, but it needs to start somewhere...

My point is that there is an incredible complexity to the levels of individual guidance many of us are experiencing/receiving. Can we even try to relate and correlate these experiences with one another among us? Or are they incredibly powerful, yet uniquely individual events to keep to ourselves? I think we need to try to share them and learn.

Maybe it is sharing larger events and realizations; maybe smaller, individual events. Here is one-

My first Lifeline Retrieval at TMI in 2019 involved the death of an American soldier in the MidEast. I entered the session and felt difficulty in asking for a retrieval and receiving any kind of energetic response. I was in darkness. Swimming in darkness, I eventually noticed a small, 20 inch tv screen materializing in my visual field. And in a barely, technicolor fashion, I saw a line of soldiers moving up a ridgeline when they were shot up by automatic gunfire. The lead soldier went down with several wounds, which I 'knew' had killed him...the scene disappeared. When the scene reappeared, the visual screen was now probably 70 inches and I felt nearly 'within' the scene, but not exactly...I was reaching out to the soldier and helping him to his feet, despite the continuing gunfire around us...the scene faded again, only briefly...the next scene, I was fully there in the and holding his arm and instructing him to follow me as we rose into the air and up to Focus 27 where the retrieval was completed.

Here is possibly an example of the process at work- Xanth mentioned trying to better understand Monroe; and I mentioned Moen; and omcasey referred to my comment 'outside forces' which, while I was re-reading passages of Moen's last book (in order to answer Xanth), which mentioned an idea I had not before realized: That Guides will often impose an emotional screen onto early retrieval experiences, in order to protect and determine a retriever's ability to discriminate and maintain an emotional distance to the retrieval at hand.
For the last several years, I had determined that my first impression of this retrieval- the 20 inch tv screen, was my inability to properly focus within the experience. Re-reading Moen's book, that passage, made me realize that I might have been wrong all this time. The 20 inch screen visual that I had, may have not been due to my own lack of NP sensibilities, but rather an 'emotional screen' imposed from outside myself...until a determination could be made as to how I would deal with the situation on an emotional level...a safeguard, as it were. An inside thing or outside? A complete other question.

Again, the synergy of these questions brought me to a whole new consideration.

Further thoughts are needed.

There is an amazing, unarguably, serendipitous quality to how the Monroe books (especially the first one) spontaneously appear in people's lives...another indication of some instructive aspect of the Multiverse at work. In my own case, back in 1973 and at the age of twelve, I ventured into the Brentano's Bookstore at Tyson's Corner Mall in Northern Virginia (tagging along with my mother's monthly pilgrimage for family shopping) and wandered past the Psychology section (Psychic or Astrology, not even considered as sections at this point; New Age not even thought of yet, lol) and, gazing the book covers and titles, I espied Journeys Out of the Body, with a cover photo cleverly showing a faded image of a man floating above himself. I flipped through the book quickly and took it to the checkout, where the young man stared at me like I was crazy as I shelled out the 3 or 4 dollars of my life savings to buy it. I just knew, on a subconscious level, that it held answers for me based on my early experiences; I actually hid it from my parents, to avoid the questions that I didn't even understand, much less want to explain.

9 years later, and I had discovered this really cool, New Age bookstore in Georgetown, DC (Yes! Bookstore) and made trips there every six months or so, for three years, checking out various esoteric ideas and books from Sufism, Buddhism, Tantra, Kabbalism, Witchcraft, Theosophy, etc. Walked in one day after six months and Boom! there was the last copy of the first edition of Far Journeys staring straight at me from the front bookcase. That's for me, I instantly knew! Bought it with the lady owner saying that my book was the last of their first shipment and had sold out in three

45 years later, after having done a few courses at The Monroe Institute (TMI), I shared my early book experiences with one of the long-time, senior staff at TMI, a wonderful person...and she responded that, yeah, they have heard hundreds of stories of the books literally falling into people's hands...

An interesting phenomenon.

Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: Orion's Belt
September 15, 2023, 18:29:35
Maybe not Orion's Belt, but rather Orion's Bite? Lol

An interesting method for initiating interstellar experience!
My bad T-Man,

The Guidebook IS the fifth in the series.
Xanth (and anyone else interested),

Since you mentioned being currently on a Monroe kick and looking for some new reading material, I would highly recommend a book by Bruce Moen- Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook: A Manual for the Art of Retrieval and Afterlife Exploration. The book covers a broad range of related topics, ranging from deeper descriptions of Monroe's Focus Levels, energy-building and exit techniques, methods for sharpening perception skills such as the balance between the "Perceiver and the Interpreter", Helpers and Retrieval techniques and examples, etcetera.

One technique Moen discovered as a way to overcome his own difficulties when lost in the darkness and no visuals or audio can be engaged, is "Priming the Pump" by utilizing your imagination for a few minutes to engage a visualization or other sensory input. Reading some retrieval stories by Ginny here on the Pulse from years ago, I first read of that technique...and I initially rejected the idea, and strongly so, thinking it led to simple fantasy. Not until years later I was at TMI and struggling myself, that one of the Facilitators suggested the technique. So I tried it the next session, imagining the visuals and conversation for a minute or two...nothing. Then I spent close to maybe three minutes with the method and, like spinning a record or movie film slowly up to speed, the visual took on its own life; I was amazed! The technique didn't always work, maybe for different reasons, but it was better than 50/50, so I can now highly recommend it.

This book provides answers/ideas to many of the more nuanced questions we explore on this forum, so I think many could benefit from it. Moen also wrote 5 slim volumes called Exploring the Afterlife Series, which details his early learning experiences as well as many Monroe Institute sessions exploring the Afterlife, giving great perspective and confirmation on the work going on there. Five stars!
Xanth and Lumaza, I agree with both of you on the limitations and confusion that inherently results in an arbitrary system such as Monroe's Focus level definitions. However, in describing any 'unknown' new thing or territory, some form of reference must be utilized. We either use old and common terms or we create new ones and look for common agreement; without which, we don't get very far.

Initially, I accepted and preferred Monroe's Focus levels as a form of reference or road signs on the 'NP highway', but honestly, in practice, it really did not work for me. Having spent many weeks at TMI, I have found a mixture of opinions- for some, the Focus levels work almost perfectly as reference points; for others, like myself, the reference Focus levels work much less consistently; so it is a mixed bag of results.

For me, at TMI, Focus 10 only resulted at best, in a very relaxed state. I honestly could not differentiate between F10 and F12...Focus 15 is supposed to put you in the Void range; I have never felt that, maybe a deeper F10 or F12, maybe a few times a glimmer of the Void characteristics. My singular best Void experience was the first experience I shared here on the Pulse back in 2013, my Fieldtrip experience. But that Void experience was the result of coming aware from within a very deep sleep.

Every subsequent Focus level just seems to deepen my trance/awareness...I don't really get the differentiations described at TMI; nonetheless, I can report many TMI participants do experience more nuanced understanding of the different Focus levels; so it seems a matter particular to the individual.

The significant event that occurs for me is around Focus 21 and above, when I have a definite purpose and intention; then I begin to automatically Phase; I just 'shift' into the required environment. I get the sense it is not self-manufactured because it is completely unexpected and a 'mission' begins to unfold. No etheric OBE stuff, never had it at least my personal experience, although many others have. In my various TMI groups, I definitely notice two groups early on- the etheric OBE'rs and the Phasers. By the time I got to Retrievals and Exploration 27 and onward, all the consistent experiencers were Phasers, whether they described themselves as that, or not. And some truly diverse and talented people beyond my skillset...I have described some of these events.
By the time I start Phasing into Focus 22 and higher, the experiences are very closely-aligned to the described Focus level- F22 involves Hell regions and lower Afterlife regions, F23 moves up from there into a 'cleaner' vibrational region where retrievals are generally attempted; F24 through F26 are described by TMI as the Belief System Territories (BST's) of gradually aging religious systems...I never honestly experienced the TMI tour of this area, but one of my last retrievals seemed to definitely involve dropping off a soul there. Focus 27 is the Afterlife gathering area that most of us will enter- Summerland, the Park, etc. I had several experiences there, but I would have preferred some more to satisfy my curiosity. Beyond that, in the Starlines program, we ventured into much higher Focus levels...with mixed results for myself: some disappointing, some, there is always more out there...just where you want to pound in a signpost and call some place/where/frequency point a particular place...go for it, lol.

So, Monroe's Focus levels description can work, but not for everybody, nor every time. Having the experience I do, I like the simpler version of Frank Kepple's 4 Focus levels, but I can see that it would likely be too simple and unclear for newer experiencers. There are times for more detail and times for less detail.

An interesting jigsaw puzzle.

Much more to say, good comments in general. No accidents or drowning required, lol!

I have the tinnitus issue, as well. Some say it is incoming data stream...idk, bothersome. You might try focusing on it for a few hasn't worked for me!

Loosh...funny thing, no one has ever mentioned it in five weeks at TMI. I think it was one of several 'off-target' concepts Robert had...he was good, but not perfect. The Matrix may work at a smaller, subtle level, I just don't know...there are all kinds of parasitic systems operating around us, including, yeah, I do get caught up in the hierarchical, farming principal...

If we are Consciousness, floating around the Multiverse, choosing at various times to inhabit local planetary populations...who is to argue against other Life systems choosing to harvest the same biological entities we happen to be inhabiting?

Who has rights here? Any contracts been drawn up?

I bought the Gateway cassette tapes in 1995, my GF bought me the CD's in 2005...personally, they did not do much for me, but that's me! In 2018, I spent a week at The Monroe Institute and did the entire Gateway Program for six days.

It was a great experience for many reasons, but it still did not work for me, like I had expected. Reason being: I am hard-headed and difficult! I cannot relax and cannot down-tune myself into the appropriate mood...even with five days of Hemi-Sync!

Since then, I have done 4 more week-long courses at TMI and had wonderful, if not perfect, experiences. The courses have NEVER gone according to plan and I have spent days upon days of pure frustration, only to be interrupted by amazing experiences, which have led me forward on this path. Has it been perfect or what I expected? No. But I work with what I get.

So quit doubting yourself. Some of us are just more hard-headed than others (me included).

I will disagree slightly with Xanth here and say that Focus 10 is described accurately as Mind Awake/Body Asleep by TMI. That never worked for me and was never my experience until one night, I had a several-hour NP/SP etheric/phasing set of experiences...probably brought on by a bout of severe indigestion. During this period, I had clear knowledge that my physical body was asleep and snoring, while my consciousness was free to roam as it wanted. I freely exited and re-entered my body over a few hours; an amazing experience. So, I guess I could call that a deep Focus 10.

The difference is a question of degree and it took me a long time to realize that. Upon my third week at TMI, I inquired upon a few people about the 'facts' of Focus 10. Each of them were definite in that they could almost always reach a MABA state...I disagreed, saying that I could not achieve the fullest, deepest state except in the rarest of times. In all honesty, the women seemed much more able to achieve the state on a consistent basis. Nonetheless, throughout the TMI programs of Lifeline and X27, I had been able to move to the higher Focuses of F23-F27 nearly every time and it wasn't until I asked the most experienced Facilitator at TMI, that he explained how each Focus Level should be thought of as a 'range' of frequency...that there can be a high F10 or a medium F10 or a low F10...a high F23 or a lower F23 and that as long as you could work within that level, then just be accepting of it...sometimes we limit our own perceptions for certain reasons and sometimes outside forces limit our begin to realize that these experiences are becoming much more complicated and on multiple is hard to describe without experiencing it yourself.

Given my understanding so far of 'outside forces', I realize the broader and deeper context to this idea. It is not a perfect or ideal answer that I wanted, but I can understand its nature.

Hope that helps in some part.
Ffazed- you are describing many different NP (Non-Physical) sensory impressions that are quite clear to many of us, the difficulty is that, early on, we don't know how to differentiate or focus on just one or two particular keep that in mind, as you proceed. Given that, you are being very accurate in your descriptions.

I have realized, over the last fifteen years or so, the fact that we do have guides, working with us on an individual basis. Thirty years ago, I thought this idea was just wishful fantasy, but now I have come to realize the simple truth and practicality of the idea. Like some friends who remain below and belay us as we climb the rockface, we have guides who remain on the NP side and follow/support us. They either stand at the top or the bottom and hold the ropes that support us, as we traverse the escarpment. If we fall, it is because we choose to fall. That lesson is our own choosing. Think back in your life, how many times these unseen helpers were actually there. I cannot speak for anyone else, but in my own case, yes...a few times, they have been there.

Maybe I am completely wrong...and I admit to that possibility. But in a Wider Reality, with Souls and individual Consciousnesses moving about the galaxy, inhabiting various forms of Life, in order to better experience various forms of Reality...wouldn't we do it in a 'Lateral Support Team' fashion...which is to steal the term from the automotive industry...meaning we have some team members remaining on the other side to lend support? OMG, we are suddenly into helpers, guides, teachers and Angels...

This may be the 'pink' energy that you sense, from time to time. Pink describes a pure form of basic peace and love energy, maybe not that of a soulmate, but a friend. The fact that you have noticed it is not a thing to take lightly; it likely indicates your level of higher NP awareness...which is good and on target... it may indicate the timing that you are 'supposed' to become aware of this energy and supporting influence. Think about that and the wider, deeper perspective or context. I don't pretend to know, but the slight negative feelings that may intrude around the 'pink' energy are likely manifestations of your dark side subconscious Fear constructs...not a terrible thing, we all have them...just something to be aware of...our subconscious insecurities show up foremost in our dreams, our uncertainties, Sleep Paralysis (a big one) and all our little, niggling self-doubts...all Fear-based. As our NP experiences progress, these fear-based events will continue to show until we recognize them and finally decide to dispel them. They are that tenacious and pernicious and also that simple to defeat. We just have to decide to.

My own guides remain mostly invisible to appears that I wanted it this way. Some of us choose this path. Like you described, I sometimes catch a glimpse of a body, a face, just the facial outline, the hair, an impression...but almost never the full facial expression...but often I do get the playful and loving and supporting emotion of a friend. That has become an unexpected and incredible emotional support in my later years, something I never suspected forty years ago, but feel a priceless thanks for, now.

Try the etheric exit methods like Rope and Trampoline...but also consider Phasing methods such as Lumaza's Doorway Technique...also consider Wake Back To Bed methods (WBTB)...timing can be crucial in these things.
Welcome to the Pulse, lostsole!

Those are some great experiences that you have shared, thank you! I think you have already found some great insights and understanding within many of them, on your own; and that is the great challenge! Like you may have already realized from the responses of Xanth and Lumaza, there are members here on the Pulse who have had very similar experiences to those you there is good advice available to you and your wife.

We don't pretend for even a minute, that we completely understand all this; but with common purpose and shared advice, we are slowly figuring things, we welcome you even more so.

I have a few comments, but since I haven't figured out quoting (maybe with the wonderful new format, I can come to understand,lol), you will have to endure my primitive methods...

#1 The learning process you and your wife are going through is pretty normal- We get some NP (Non-Physical/Psychical) experiences as children, teens and even in early adulthood...but then our 20's, 30's and 40's show up and our attention is fully-riveted to Life here on the Physical Earth, which is where it arguably should be...
For some of us, we continue to get these little, peripheral NP experiences that somehow keep our attention and curiosity throughout those years and eventually, we reach a point in our lives where we decide to begin the exploration once again. So, you and your wife sound like you are moving towards that point of here you are!

#2 Sleep Paralysis and Vibrations...They are important NP signals that occur for many of us, but not necessarily all of us. And there are differing combinations. Vibations are really cool and eye-opening and we think, obviously, have to do with a frequency adjustment. SP is another aspect altogether, and can be a simple signpost along the way, or it can present the environment of a problem that has to be dealt with...namely Fear. It may be a simple NP survival mechanism, like the Fight or Flight Response or it may serve the purpose of providing an environment for dealing with a deeper issue such as Fear. And that often manifests as The Hat Man, the Night Hag, the Witch Riding Your Back...any number of wonderful terrors going back through history. As much as I distrust the political distortion of the site, this is a really good go to compilation I found years ago-

So, you can see how common and worldwide the phenomenon is. The key to dealing with SP is staying calm and not letting the excitement or Fear overtake's not easy and I have failed more than a few times, lol.

I will post this and think a bit raise some very good questions.

PS- Oh yeah, the snake climbing out of your Third Eye is a great sign of that chakra activity. Your heart feeling like it is going to explode out of your chest is the clear sign your heart chakra is fully activated...just stay calm and work to quiet them down a little bit. Maybe another member with some better chakra knowledge could comment and help us both on this subject, because I deal with it, as well.

To prevent derailing this thread any further, we now return control to the Tides2dust Journal, lol!
Yes, you have to be aware of the 'look', that slight sidewise glance or stare that explains no one is receiving...

It is disappointing when it happens, yet enlightening. It proves a certain sense of solitude many of us share; which is its own community, I guess.

There is often the hope of Time and that attitudes open wider.

NDE's and certain higher level experiences do allow us to experience PUL (Pure Unconditional Love-Which seems to be a commonly-assumed name for it). My best PUL experience happened while I was on a lunch break at work back in 1984... not sure was delivered by a totally unexpected guy of South American descent, a shaman of sorts, who chanted me into an all-consuming PUL experience...transported me into a different, all-loving Presence-Realm...since then, I've been close to that in certain OBEs...but nothing actually equaling that. It was a one-of-a-kind-experience.
In agreement with, and adding to Xanth and Lumaza comments-

My general complaint is that 'science' (or worse yet, scientism) has not and will not recognize the field of insists the idea of consciousness is just a false byproduct of physical brain activity...when actually, I think it is likely the other way around (to some degree).

Just from a personal perspective, since the age of about a year and a half, I have been aware and suspected the condition of consciousness within my own field of activity...and all the many decades since then, have only gone on to confirm that. Is that a 'construct' of my own mind, based on artificial and often incorrect sensory data? Okay, so what if it is? My artificial construct is not inherently better or worse than anyone else's...go ahead, prove me wrong! the best we can do is to arrive at some general consensus or agreement. And, in my own case, my construct works for me...yours is your own problem.

The medical study described, I read the highlights several years ago...and was not particularly impressed. These med techs stimulate the TPJ with some voltage and induce vague sensations of 'floating or weightlessness'...they then announce they have created an OBE in their patients. This is not an OBE and they apparently have never experienced an OBE, much less described it as one of the very many diverse types.

So, I don't completely discredit it (except for the experience part!), but maybe it does describe some limited aspect of how the experience may be translated and reported within the organic brain. But then, they want to say their experiment describes the 'limitations and constraints' of the organic system in defining 'SELF'...and I find this characterization as nearly criminal. These researchers, in qualifying some several synaptic firings to definitions of SELF, I find almost offensive...the study, as so many governmental studies do these days, uses the qualified language to say, the results 'suggest' that OBE experiencers are having synaptic disruptions within the TPJ which indicate lack of Self-indentification and awareness and mental stability...that is what it reads like...

I will say this about that- Spending the last ten years, reading the reports of/texting with/ PM'ing with/phone convos with more than a few seasoned, experienced members here on the Pulse...I have found them to be THE MOST stabile, mature, intelligent, spiritual, practical, self-confident and evolved people I have ever communicated with...did many of us start out Life a bit confused? Absolutely, but that process of answering Life questions only served to strengthen our characters. In any conflict of mental or emotional nature, I would stand with any of them.

Sorry, this medical brain crap about misdefining 'floating sensations'...these people have NO idea of what is being discussed. They need to spend three weeks at The Monroe Institute...and even then, I'm not sure that would do it...but guess what? Not my problem!
I think that a distinction is necessary here.

If you want a collection of NDE's that remarkably affected and altered people's lives, you probably won't find much of that here; you will find some. Possibly check out the many books of literally hundreds, if not a few thousand and more NDE's that author P.M.H. Atwater has compiled.

Here, on the Pulse, you will find Non-Physical explorer's reportings of their experiences. And these experiences don't so much as 'remarkably affect and alter' the experiencer's much as they serve to 'confirm' their prior spiritual understanding, beliefs and intuitions. You will find that most of the seasoned experiencers here at the Pulse have always had these beliefs, literally from birth! They did not need an event to wake them up! They were already awake! The experiences, whether NDE's or OBE's have only confirmed our thinking. That is not to lessen the power of the experiences, only to point out that many of us already had intuitional understanding to begin with. The experiences certainly can adjust or modify our prior concepts, and I think the majority of us remain open to new and more refined understandings as we grow and evolve. It is likely a never-ending system of learning and we remain open to that.