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nice article X,
LD feels internal. and OBE feels sooo external.....if i may use your examples, i feel like while OBE our waves are able to crest and splash and temporarily separate while always being required to recede back to our current common plane. this leaves me wondering why this world is a common truth, we all have an easily influenced perception here whether we recognize it or not. Over all we feel the same here, and every other plane is perceived by the collective inhabitants in the same way.

i may not be clear in this but i will end with a question... If we are all an ocean of separate consciousness neither internal nor external, then how is it that we interact with one another?
id have to say it does sound like a good chance.

as time passes we tend to forget how active our non-physical presences is. i remember as an infant child holding vast amounts of knowledge..almost like 100 lifetimes worth of information.  now 24 years later i only remember the feeling... :|

for my two cents, ill tell you that in my earliest recollections of what always worked to keep me in the "original" dream (the one i was having right before becoming lucid and ruining it haha), was to just admire something reality.... take in how real it is, enjoy the sensations.... its very overwhelming to take in a new world for the first time and takes time to get a feel for it, and i am thinking that is where your loosing it... i wouldn't suggest running around hysterically trying to teach yourself how to negative because you'll never get used to the underlying issue.. ( maybe im wrong but sounds like the overwhelming reality is getting you)..

think about it like this, what if we brought someone from the 1800's to our present time I-MAX. this person would be so overwhelmed with sights and sounds that they would freak-out and never enjoy the beauty of good film. if this person kept running into theater after theater he would continue to add to the issue.

now same situation... except this time we allow our time traveler to admire the seats, the lighting, size of the screen, and every small detail of the bigger picture and slowly introduce him to the movie at his pace... now it will still take some getting used to but eventually he will understand how real and exciting everything is and become more open to grand and exciting realities!
AAAHH! makes very good sense!

i guess i should of joined the pulse sooner, i bet id have a pretty keen grasp on navigating the spectrum mentioned.

after this read i feel like i can identify each step from my first post. im guessing that i was so out of control on this one that i was bouncing from Lucid Awareness to Astral Awareness like a mad man.


When i Mentioned i "felt the onset of the old familiar lucid dream" this is the point where (im guessing) i entered my body,which is my normal level, or plane of awareness. for as long as i can remember i have always compared my dream plane to a video game. i am the master user. i believe(d) when i lucid dream (LD) i awaken my sub-conscious while my physical body sleeps. during my LD i remain within my body and am simply exploring and building within my mind. i believe that when i interact within my LD its mere creations of my doing, kind of like the AI characters of a video game, someone has to initially program them. every thing in my LD's has a "program" feel to it  vs what i felt the other evening. these beings and people and my settings where not "programs" like i have encountered in LD but rather "users"

i may be under educated when it comes to OBE, Astral and LD all being the same, but i do understand how they could be. like i mentioned i believe i have only been astrally exploring the same plane as my physical body. im under the impression now that i just got a small does of whats to come! :-D

still EXTREMELY curious as to what authority and terrorism signifie.. also not sure if it matters but i am left handed, that's the forearm that held the symposium for terrorism.

Thanks all for the feed back!

The names Atom, ive used W.I.L.D. for over 10 years, and am starting to get into Astral and OBE's.

last night was an experience all in its own....sleep....awaken two feet above my body, i spend a long while feeling out the sensations and taking in the sight of my body laying on the bed....(not aware yet but im guessing this wasn't an OBE because of what happens next)....nose,ears,and eyes start bleeding onto my pillow....i assume i m dying due to the fact i am out of body. this frightens me and i try to re enter my body but find it impossible....fright turns to fear and i feel a ripping/pulling sensation from the back of my neck...i am torn into a darkness as vast as imaginable. this place holds a few beings who tug and throw me around amongst themselves stretching out my arms. one being carves two rows of symbols into my right arm, at this point  i cant read it. my left arm now is being carved with a single row of symbols that i later find myself able to understand these as a representation of the word terrorist or terrorism....after the branding i was forced into a reality or setting of a classroom, i fee very confused nd extremely scared. everyone around me knows me. i am freaking out feeling lost. the teacher is trying to calm me and everyone is trying to figure out why i am scared. finely the teacher comes up with a way to settle me..she tells everyone that she will now ask me a question, a question that i could not possible know the answer.. i look at my right forearm and now read the top line of symbols as the word authority backwards. (i dont remember the question) i knew the answer without a doubt in my mind and i was right....i frighted the teacher by knowing the answer and she asked me how i could possibly know what i knew...i said i know the answer because i am 25 years old (im only 24)...she acted as if i lied about my age when i said that then re-asked the question...she then realized that was the problem. she said that i was not supposed to be here yet and kicked me out of the room....

then i felt the onset of the old familiar lucid dream.

this my be long or in the wrong place but id like to join this place and hope for some feedback.  :?