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All I know for sure is that "I am".
This oil spill issue for me is the most gut wrenching, horrible, discusting thing I have ever seen in my 45 years of life. I remember the Exxon Valdez spill and all the pictures of the birds soaked in oil. I still cannot watch anything about that because images of those oil soaked birds stay in my head.

This spill is worse, but yet on the news I have yet to see where they show the birds and animals soaked in oil. WHY? people need to need to see the effects of what this is doing. Instead the news talks about what elected officials should or should not do to because it might jeopardise there election possibility's down the road. Absolutely sickening.

Our in sashable need for oil has brought us to this. We are all part of the problem. I believe there is technology for cheap energy. Tessela and HAARP come to mind. Until the need for control, power,and greed are no longer running the world, we probably won't see any thing to replace oil. Even if there was a remote chance that something like could happen we should never have been drilling for oil a mile deep in the ocean.

This strikes me at the core. I dream about it, and think about it all the time. I live in midwest USA, I have only been to the ocean a few times, but I am sick to my stomach to see this happening to our earth. Lets just keep on killing our mother earth so we can keep driving our metal boxes to work to keep the whole system up and running.   
I have not been to a movie in about 18 years but I went to see this one. I believe James Cameron had some non physical help in the making of this movie. How he received this information I do not know. I think is was meant to wake up more people to how humanity has totally lost its connections with the natural world and the non physical that support our being.

We come to live as a physical entity to experience, and raise our quality of consciousness. So there must be both bad and good in the world for us to make decisions to either raise or lower our quality of consciousness. However at this point and time I think the over all quality is going down fast. We are on a path to self destruction. In pursuit of power, greed, and more stuff we are killing our planet and each other.

So I thought it was a great movie. I think it moved a lot of people to think more about how destructive we humans are to each other and everything around us.

It was along movie but honestly I was so engrossed in it that it did not feel to long at all. Actually I look forward to a sequel. Best movie I've seen in eighteen years :-)
scary, this type of technology will of course be turned into a weapon.
Thank you Alan for taking the time to share this incredible expierence.

I may not be much help but I had a some what similar dream a few months ago.

I was also in a house that I grew up in and was being chased by some hideous looking evil thing. Just when it was about to finish me off I felt the energy of total rage and fear rush through my whole body from the feet up.

I raised my hands and concentrated the energy into my hands and rushed towards Mr.Bad butt and shot lightning bolts out off my palms and blasted it into nothing. Then I woke up in a cold sweat but I felt good that I had confronted it head on and came out victorious.

I felt like I had passed some sort of test or over came a fear hurdle of some sort.

Sorry I don't have much to offer in the way of help. Your dream just reminded me of mine.
I wonder too, I see all these changes accelerating more and more. Some say 2012 is the begining of a new world. For a begining of the new there has to be an end of the old. Major changes to be sure.
I live in Wisconsin and saw this for only the last about two seconds before it went down behind the tree line. I was standing outside and thought that there was lightning in the sky but the sky was clear so I walked around the house to look to the west to see if there was a storm coming. To the Southwest I saw two balls of orange lights go down over the horizon. I listened for a crash thinking maybe it was a plane going down. The next morning I saw it on the news. Pretty cool sight, I wish I had seen the whole thing though.
also earthquakes in illinios, mexico, california, wyoming, and the volcano in iceland. yup, I believe it's all related to the 2012 thing.
For the last 6 years I have been searching and learning. My intuition won't let up, I have been trying to figure out what is going on. I have my own theories from all the information that I have gathered through reading, the internet, dreams, and feelings from the earth and all its inhabitants. I believe big changes are happening and will accelerate in the next few years.

I think a lot of people feel this, some try to learn (like most people here), some feel, but are lost and do do not seek, most (the walking dead) choose to ignore and try to continue business as usuall.

The Hopi, the Mayans, the circlemakers, and other cultures all over the world are saying that this time is one of great changes for humanity.

This may be a rough time for humans but we can not continue to kill the planet with our way of life. I do not claim to know the truth about what lies ahead but I look forward to time when people live in harmony with the earth and all life.

Our mother is crying and needs to heal.
I think you would find this book very interesting and helpfull.

"Secrets In The Fields" by Freddy Silva.

I am about half way through the book and am facinated at how other beings are communicating with us through the use of sacred geometry and symbols.

You can check out an interview with Freddy Silva at 
Welcome to Magic! / Re: Programming water
March 30, 2010, 09:23:16
We have very good well water and I always feel greatfull to drink it. I don't know if I am programing the water but I will hold up a glass of nice cold water and send thoughts of gratitute and feel that the water is healing and beautifull. I'm not sure it changes the water but it feels good to me.

I think to many people take water for granted. This is our life source, I wish we would take better care of it.

I have heard about this programing at least four times in the last few days. I just found it ironic that you brought it up also.

I will experiment a bit more with this and see what happens.

There is a guy in Canada who makes cannabis oil and has been curing people that have cancer. Its so frustrating to hear about the battle he is fighting with the government. He has lots of documentation to back up his claims but is treated like a criminal.

Find out more by googling Rick Simpson, cannabis oil or Phoenix Tears.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Diet
March 13, 2010, 11:14:24
Mostly venison, lots of eggs from my chickens, and all sorts of home grown veggies from my gardens.
Looks like you eat well. Are your vegtables organic?
I guess "questions" was not the right word. It is just that a lot of what your saying agrees with what Amit Goswami says. I thought that if you had not heard of him you would find his work interesting. Anyway everything you are saying rings true to me.

I am not a highly educated person but I do see what is going on in this world and you are right, the world has lost it's soul. It saddens me greatly to see what we have done to this planet in the persuit of money and power. I have lost my will to partisipate in our way of life. My skills lie in working with my hands, survival in nature and in general I feel a strong connection to the earth and all her beauty.

I actually hope that what some say will happen in the next few years about our transformation of consciousness really does happen and it brings people back to a more simple way of life and respect for each other and the earth and all her creatures.

I feel something is going to happen. I have always wanted to just go off into the wilderness to live out my life but I feel those days are gone. I feel as though I am where I am at for a reason and my skills may be needed soon to help those around me.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and wisdom here. I think is espeically good for the young people here.

Have you heard of Amit Goswami? If not I think you would find his work very interesting. You can look him up on youtube or he has quite a few books out. I first listened to him on youtube being interviewed on Coast to Coast radio.

Amit Gaswami is a quantum physicist who is proving God or downward causation through science.
I think you would find some answers to some of your questions.
Quote from: mon9999 on March 08, 2010, 09:02:47
so guys just would like to ask if how do you deal with people who criticize and discriminate what you believe in especially in metaphysics? I'm quite sure a lot here have experienced already  :-)

What I try to do is to remove myself from my ego and not get offended by what others say or think. For me, if I let them get to me I can feel the negative energy this creates which is not good for anyone. Try not to blame them, they just do not know any better.

We are all on different paths, but eventually all paths lead to the one. 
I have not heard of Tammers but I have heard of souls that work with animal energys in the spirt. They can do such things as connect with a pet or the pets energy that has crossed over and bring them to their human spirt.

I think I read about this in Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: clarification anyone?
February 14, 2010, 17:52:31
Thanks GP, I''ll check it out.
Welcome to Dreams! / clarifiction anyone?
February 05, 2010, 13:23:38
Two nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night with this statement in my head.
"Imagination is the etherics interpretation of ideas and data"
I tried to wrap my brain around this yesterday for quite some time. I am not a real intelectual person but what I think it means is; ideas and information from the physical or 3D is sent to higher dimensions and sent back to 3D in the form of images and feelings that we use to create.
Any other thoughts on this?
Root: open (31%)
Sacral: under-active (13%)
Navel: open (31%)
Heart: open (56%)
Throat: open (38%)
Third Eye: open (50%)
Crown: open (56%)

I guess I am not real open to people.
Summersolstice, I'm glad you like the books. For me there there are a lot of things in the books that fit well with many of the Native American teachings that I have learned about. I think, (feel) there is definitely some higher source of energy involved in the creation of the books. I'm not convinced that the author was capable of making up such a story, but there are also things that I just can not believe. I have experience in wilderness survival and one thing that really bothered me was the the author never talks about how Anastasia survives the long Siberian winters. I know that in a survival situation if you do not eat meat you will die. You would also have to use skins to make warm enough clothes. In the books Anastasia is said to be capable of transporting her actual physical body to any location she chooses. May she just gets out of Siberia for the winter and spends that time in a warm location, I don't know? There are other things also that I have a hard time with.

Anyway, there is something in those books that I connected with. I am a nature lover and I am disgusted with what we humans have done to this planet. Since I was a small boy I have always wanted to live off the land in the wilderness.

I will be planting my gardens soon and I am going to try some of things Anastasia suggests. Keep in touch and let me know your thoughts after you read some more.
Hi all,
I totally agree with dbmathis on the reasons religion exists. I get so fired up over the issue that it causes me great anger. For a while I was voicing my opinion and it caused me to be in a very negative place.
I had a very vivid message in a dream one night that has helped me deal with the issue. In the dream there was just the face of a man, nothing in the back ground around the face except white. The man pointed his finger at me and said "TREAD LIGHTLY ON PEOPLES RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, THEY ARE ON A DIFFERENT PATH". I took it as a pretty clear sign to not try and change peoples beliefs. There is a symbol known as The Apache Triangle that I had learned about that relates to the path people are on that I connected to the dream.

To answer your question SoulsNirvana, I don't think it's strange at all for an atheist or agnostic to be interested in AP. I would say follow your intuition.
I posted on your intro site. Know that your time here is not meaningless. Keep your head up and be proud. Is there anywhere around where you live that you can take a walk out in nature? Thats how I got started in all this. If you can find a spot out in nature and just go there and sit you can learn a lot. Pay especially close attention to the birds. They are a doorway to the spirit. If this interests you let me know and I will give you things to work on.

Welcome allskillage,
Quote from: allskillage on April 09, 2009, 22:23:24
hey, i've been "informed" about this theory about the psychological death where you eliminate your ego and all of that but... what does that have to do with astral projection? people and internet have kind of pieced little parts into my brain about how to astral project, eliminating your ego, building consciousness, and even something to do with "sex magic"? id like to start over though because its not helping and im just really confused about what to do with life.

1. How do you even astral project?
2. why do you want to astral project? is it the answer to life some how or something?
3. am i to young to do all of this?
4. is there scary things about astral projection?

i want to do something with my life not just live, die and its over. does this somehow relate to the answer to life? i dont know what to do and i think ive been introduced to these concepts the wrong way

by the way im new to astral pulse :) 

I,ll give you my thoughts on some of your questions.
First I don't believe you have to completely shed you ego. I thinks it is Healthy to have a good sense of self confidence. For me, I try not to judge people, I try accept them for who they are. But I will distance myself from people I do not like.

I don't know about sex magic, so I can't help you there.

Look around this site and you will find loads of information on how to astral project. I would say to start practicing some meditation where you relax your whole body and clear your mind of all thoughts.

People want to astral project for many different reasons. For me it is a spiritual connection, I just thirst for knowledge. I, like you allways thought there has to be more to life and I now know there is. I think you will discover that if you seek you will find. Follow your intuition, just the fact that you are here shows you are seeking knowledge.

I don't think you are to young. Actually its probably better because your mind is more flexable or not so set in it's ways.

As far as scary things, I am not sure but like attracts like. If you are fearfull you may have a negative experience. Try to keep a positive attitude. This is not only true in the astral but in the physical as well. I believe if you treat other people as you would like to be treated life flows in a good way.

You can do anything you want with your life, once you put your intent into action things will just start happening. But remember this works both ways too. So if say you intend to do harm, harm will come back to you.

Well I hope that helps a little, spend some time reading here and you will learn a lot.

see ya