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Frank (et al) - a thought came to me when I read your reply to the "time perception" thread ( about your guide 'Harry'...

Firstly, how does one contact / obtain the help of a guide in the astral? Is this a matter of strongly broadcasting the desire to get help from an astral entity, etc? Or is something more complicated involved?

My reason for asking is this - if we are all more or less active in the astral during sleep, even though unremembered, it should be possible to ask for a guide to assist in even progressing to the point of achieving one's first OBE (correct/incorrect?). I guess you would attempt this by forming the strong intention to make that contact, and imagining the action to be performed, before sleep, with the firm conviction of making actual contact during astral excursions that night. I hope that doesn't sound too far-fetched or "ignorant", as I've had a couple of encouraging occassions using that technique. In fact, one was shortly after I read AD, where RB mentions methods of contacting people on exit - I decided to try it out and yelled out mentally "Robert Bruce" while falling asleep with the firm intentions, etc etc. On waking, I remembered having a dream where he spoke to me and gave me some advice on practicing. I emailed him a little while back and he said it is quite possible as his astral form is very active independently 24x7 with such requests. I would think that someone can do some limited work in the astral during sleep, even if conscious OBE exits are not yet possible....

What do you think? If you could give some basic technique for attracting the help of a guide for the purpose of astral awakening, this may be a great aid for many aspiring students.

Thanks and best regards,

Is there anyone out there who's practicing QiGong or Tai Chi?

I'm looking seriously at taking up Tai Chi very soon, then progressing to Dao Yin QiGong. I'm a bodybuilder, and don't have (a) great flexibility, (b) muscular relaxation. I want to know if Tai Chi really does help in achieving a relaxed body, and if QiGong has any appreciable effects on energy raising/manipulation. If not, I'd rather go for something like yoga, deep tissue massage or Pilates. Just wanted to know if anyone has good/bad experiences with the above.

Welcome to Dreams! / First serious lucid dream
June 20, 2002, 16:10:27
This probably isn't much to all you hardcore lucid dreamers out there, but I come from an environment of sleep deprivation and unremembered dreams so achieving high lucidity is something special for me. Anyway, this happened for the first time last night. I suspect that my usual dreaming was taking place, but in this particular dream I looked radically different - skinnier face, wider mouth, and disturbingly almost no muscle at all on my torso - just a bony ribcage. When I saw myself in a dream mirror, this gave me an emotional jolt as I am taller, and more muscular in real life. I then turned side on and saw I had a hunch back! The shock from this caused me to become very conscious, and some of my waking mental processes started up inside the dream. I felt myself up and down looking for reasons why I was suddenly this other man, but I quickly started thinking, "Joe, this is a dream. It's got to be a ****ing dream!"  Soon after that, sure that I was in a dream, I started mucking around with the environment, testing that I could make objects appear and disappear. This is harder than it seems (for me anyway). Simply willing something to happen is not enough, because the subconscious is stil creating the object. I usually had to turn away and keep a mental expectation that they would be different when I turned back again.

I experiemented with flying, which was hard at first even in a dream, but soon got the hang of feeling/mapping my own trajectory in the air and my flight followed it well after that. The dream twice changed environments for me, through association with what I was thinking in the previous environment. I went with it, and the most bizarre thing by far is that I met a number of people who all seemed to know me, and vice versa, and who I have been having a history with. This included some bizarre characters, friends as well as girlfriends. I questioned them about how they know me, and was shocked to hear claims that I'm over their place most of the time, that she's known me for years, etc. Of course, these were almost certainly mental creations, but probably long term ones, so I had no qualms about making her clothes disappear and testing the limits of ludicity. Strangely enough, I found it quite easy to maintain focussed erotic thoughts and actions without harming the clarity of the dream state, and even the orgasm was a "dreamt" one, having no real life consequence.

The beautiful thing about it, and that has now motivated me to put some effort into LD, was the many strange and wonderful places and mental creations possible. The dream felt like it lasted for 4 waking hours, although it was possibly 30mins of REM only, and apart from typical human mundane stuff, I remember other stuff like being in a strange land, flying low over a gigantic river, where these massive and weird looking whales would race long beside me like dolphins, jumping out of the water. They were red and had green fins, and the water would come of the river with them, so that they had a permanent arc of water extending above the waterline and follow them down the river.

Anyway, enough ramble. Again I'm sure the hardcore LD'ers are way past this, but it's just got me started in an area I would never have looked at before.

All the best

I just wanted to see if anyone else thought there was something missing with this understanding of reincarnation (RB's and Rawn's idea of multiple simultaneous incarnations, all happening right now, etc).

I don't see how multiple simultaneous incarnations (Eternal Now) is any better or more accurate than the allegedly "simplified" model of linear reincarnation... The point raised by RB's theory is that all incarnations are happening at once, not one after another, from the point of view of the very high realms where the Eternal Now shows everything happening at once. I can see how the Higher Self might perceive this, but the point is that the entity that's reincarnating (ie, me) doesn't see it that way. The incarnated entity sees past, present and future - to say that all time exists in the present moment is of no more value to the incarnated entity than saying that Earth's entire surface is visible from space, ie. the person walking on the ground only sees what's in front and what's behind. To that entity, their incarnations appear to be in the past/present/future, so a linear model is entirely accurate for practical purposes. Is it possible for someone to have recollection of their future lives? I haven't heard of it. And no-one seems to have recollection of their other presently-incarnated personalities right now. So while we are incarnating, we experience it in relative time. Maybe the linear model *is* the most accurate way to understand reincarnation from the human (and practical) perspective.

The other thing is that if linear incarnation wasn't true, what happens when a person dies and ascends through the afterlife planes? Do they then reincarnate or not? If they do, then presumably they do it more than once - it looks and smells like linear reincarnation and *is* linear reincarnation. If they don't, do they just finish up in the higher realms? That would satisfy every definition of religious Heaven out there. In that case, it doesn't matter whether other parallel incarnations also happen, since the entity itself only perceives the life/death/permanent afterlife experience, ie religious "Heaven". It looks even more convincing when medium communication is considered, since talking with deceased spirits should be impossible in many cases if they reincarnated and became babies once again. You never hear of that happening, only that Aunt Gladice who died 25 years ago keeps coming through.

So spirits either reincarnate or they don't, in which case either "linear reincarnation" or "heavenly afterlife" seem to be the outcomes...which makes "multiple simultaneous incarnations" a good theory from the Higher Self's perspective, but of no practical relevance to how reality is perceived from the incarnating entity's point of view, and isn't that what matters...

I don't mean to be argumentative (it's the lack of sleep talking" border=0>) but it doesn't seem to add up, and calling other theories "oversimplified" may be the biggest contradiction yet, given that they may reflect the reality of incarnated existence.
All - FYI: PPSD just came online at Hampton Roads ( for sale as of COB last night (woohoo), although their credit card security leaves a lot to be desired" border=0> I went ahead and bought the book anyways. Can't wait!

All the best!
Just wanted to post a URL to a document by a very experienced hermetic occultist named Rawn Clark (who some of you may know well) regarding experiences in the higher dimensions, and the sometimes jaw-dropping observations made about reincarnation. Rawn wrote an article titled Sowantha (, about contact with his "Greater" (Higher Self, or RB's Oversoul, etc). What is amazing to me is the level of detail in there, and the sheer accomplishment of traversing multiple incarnations at that level.

This is virtually identical to RB's descriptions of multiple simultaneous incarnations - There's got to be way more to the popular model than just linear incarnations.

Happy reading.

BTW: Rawn gave permission for the link. If you're into Bardon, chances are you've visited the site several times - it contains some awesome material, and Rawn's a very down-to-Earth and friendly guy to boot!
Has anyone found a way to join NEW somehow to the LBRP ritual? I'm slowly getting stronger results from LBRP, but would love to have the psychic energy to create much stronger pentagrams and seal them, etc. I'm just a NEW newbie (sorry) at the moment. Has anyone found that NEW improves the efficacy of rituals, etc?
Frank / anyone else,

Just wanted to know how long a projection will last if it's not in the realtime zone. RB says realtime projections last less than 20min, based on energy production while OBE. Are you limited to the same amount of time when in the astral regions?

G'day all,

There have been a large number of threads/articles on psychic self-defense against non-physical entities - what about other humans / LHP practitioners who mean to do one harm? Are there effective counter-measures against this? You would think it's pretty hard to "run and hide" from that sort of battle....Apart from a number of banishing rituals and higher entity intervention, I'm not sure if there are good methods?....I guess you could always evoke something nasty as a counter-attack, but that would have bad karmic consequences....

Would love to hear if someone is experienced in this.

G'day Adrian,

What do you think about migrating the old forum content ( to an archived board over here? There was so much really good content on a number of things, and it would be valued by many of the members who came across, to be able to review the old content, if Dave would be OK with that.

If you're snowed under with other stuff, I could help with scripting the data into the Snitz message tables, based on whatever rules are needed.

Forums Bugs Reports and Questions / Nice....
April 15, 2002, 19:42:58
Adrian - nice work. The new content looks good mate. I haven't noticed any of the download problems that others are having, although I'm on DSL so not a good example. However, IE has GPF'd twice on me already when moving between pages (once when trying to post) and I'm using IE 6.0.2600. Haven't noticed any bugs with the menus, although we had several problems with brothercake dropdowns a short while ago during testing - maybe new version is OK? The only other small thing is that poll took 3 page hits after answering to go away.

But other than that, sweeet.... I know the sweat it takes to bring it together, so well done mate." border=0>

Welcome to Metaphysics! / End Times?....
April 15, 2002, 06:19:02
Hey all,

I wanted to see if anyone had thoughts on the Christian Apocalytpic interpretation of current world events. It's been a while since I studied anything like Revelation, and although I like to think I am well past believing the Bible literally, I just can't shake the fact that so many events unfolding today were already predicted in several books of the Bible. The problem is that it doesn't look good, eg. the fact that a war in the Middle East is predicted within the next 2-5 years, that the Jews will destroy the Dome of the Rock and rebuild the Great Temple (has anyone seen the "Red Heiffer" thing - people got crazy over it), the implementation of barcoding/chipping technology, and specific signals for timing that point to the next 15-20 years for the emergence of an AntiChrist figure.

It all sounds very far-fetched, but I had a Benedictine brother sit me down and explain a number of predictions in detail once, and many of the events are already occurring. Just don't know what to make of it. There are so many psychics and so many versions of Prophecy - anyone can make a claim these days, but I put stock in something written thousands of years ago and verifiable today...

Anyway, I'm not gonna go out and horde food and ammo (just yet
) but would love to hear if anyone has a good understanding of it...
Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone practices mantra meditation and/or namajapa. I started mantra meditation a little while ago as a concentration builder, but don't find it quite as effective as some other exercises (ie. easier to lose focus amongst repetitions, etc). I've tried continuous namejapa in the past, and found it extremely effective for improving the overall level of concentration throughout the day, and more importantly some very beneficial results in improving meditative and spiritual consciousness, awareness of God's presence, etc.

These days, life is so much busier, and I rarely have time for basic recollection after the day's demands sap the last of my strength Just wanted to see if other people have had good experiences with either technique, and if anyone can offer hints or advice on improving the practices.



I just heard your interview on Art Bell - really good work :) - I'm looking forward to PPSD! As I was listening though, I was honestly troubled and not a little dismayed, as to why in God's great universe why (some) humans come under such consistent, widespread and fierce demonic attacks, and yet we see no evidence that the counter-force is there to defend such cases. Why is it that demons are apparently so interested in harming us, yet angels as our friends, guides and spiritual beings offer no defense to the defenceless. To my way of thinking, even on Earth when a small nation is invaded by a greatly stronger (evil) force, an equally strong ally will step in to help. Doesn't God have anything invested in His children? Would He not take offence at such gross violations of His law (I certainly would)?

I realise that the question is largely theoretical, but on a more practical note, is it possible to enlist the direct aid and participation of angelic entities in combat with demonic entities? Even deities? Not in the sense of "prayerfulness", "divine names" or "visualising white light", but fair dinkum angels-in-the-room defense? I honestly find it hard to accept that we live on a plane that is subject to a horde of fallen angels, whilst a horde of their opposite numbers sits and watches the action. I really would like to know if you have experience that shows that to be false...

Many thanks and my best :)


Welcome to Metaphysics! / Dejavu in dreams
February 21, 2002, 01:05:11
I've recently had a spate of deja vu experiences and wouldn't mind seeing if someone can explain the weird time reversals that are associated with them...

We were visiting a friend of the family about a month ago - a psychic in fact - whom I hardly knew before but who was quite powerful in the lives of my mother and sister. As I was sitting on the porch listening to discussion, I had a massive rush of recognition that I had dreamed of this occassion before, and as the psychic lady said something, everything became surreal and I was taken back to the time I dreamt it. Nothing so unusual - garden variety deja vu - except I didn't really remember being there before per se, just remembered dreaming that I was there, which I suspected may have been an Astral Wind experience.

I had another episode last week at work, and it was so weird I began to question my mental stability, although the details themselves were unimportant.

The weird one occurred a couple of nights ago, where I woke from sleep and recalled that I had a dream about a future event, but in the same episode, I also experienced myself having deja vu as the future event took place! Not only that, but I experienced the whole thing from that point in time, as if all of this had already occurred and I was simply recollecting the deja vu experience. It took several minutes to adjust to reality when I awoke!

So I'm probably having either a weird dream of my own mental creation, or the Astral Wind aspect that Robert mentions has some very funny time aspects to it. I am now just wondering what it will be like to live this all out soon - having the deja vu experience, then recalling that I dreamt I would recall it, etc.

Nothing major I guess, but weird enough for an astral novice like me.

Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Negs over water
February 18, 2002, 02:04:34
This is a bit theoretical, but I can't help wondering about some aspects of the theory that negs can't cross water...

1. Does the barrier have to be very close, or can the water be several levels down? ie. if I were on the 3rd floor of a building, would the water mains below street level protect me?

2. Does the general theory mean that no neg can travel between countries that are separated by water? ie. New Zealand to Australia (God forbid!)

3. Why couldn't a neg travel "over" or "under" a barrier?

4. Do other "good" or even "amoral" entities suffer the same weakness? ie. elementals, nature spirits, etc.

Hi Gandalf - I don't mean to offend anyone's beliefs, but I don't buy Dr Edmond Szeleky's accounts of Essene teaching. In fact, if you check out his site ([a][/a]) and other Szeleky-related websites , it looks like *he's* the one misconstruing ancient teachings to peddle biogenic products, even though he was a good man with honest intentions. I agree with Kakkarot - so many times Jesus emphasised the *intention* being people's actions, not their physical actions, which were unimportant. He was born into Judaism, which had literally *hundreds* of rules about ritual cleanliness, what food could be consumed, etc. His response was, "It isn't what goes into a man's mouth that makes him unclean, but what comes out of it." (ie, the mind and heart). I highly doubt he'd then go on to advise a strict course of vegetarianism, and such ridiculous measures as only baking bread under the sun. Didn't mother Earth give us fire? Should we also discontinue using eating utensils, or wearing man-made clothes, etc, etc?  There are hundreds of self-proclaimed "experts" with every possible belief under the Sun. It is untrue also that the Q (Qumran) scripts are the oldest or most authentic accounts of Jesus life and teachings - Roman accounts from Josephus and Tacitus are as old, and many other manuscripts of the original Gospel letters are very close (same century). Regarding whether the Gospels are accurate, and/or whether they contain Jesus' real teachings, that is too big and too complicated to put in an internet post" border=0>, and theoretical answers are without value anyways.

Peace brother.
Hey Fenris - long time no chat" border=0>

My #1 obstacle with NEW was visualisation, I even emailed RB about this a couple times.

The reason that NEW is different is because it avoids visualisation. The key ability is MBA - once you can truly "feel" body sensations internally and externally, you can produce much stronger energy sensations with TI. Visualisation held me back for a long time - my advice would be not to incorporate it if possible, but only if it gets frustrating doing without it. This was hard for me, since I had never trained my mind to recall and imagine body sensations.

Rather than be verbose, my practical advice is to perform the MBA exercises continually until your mind can perceive & generate external and internal body pathway sensations - this is very different to visualising them, and once you get the feel for it, it becomes easier and easier. At that point, you'll know how poorly visualisation stimulates the energy body. I made up a number of MBA-type exercises out of desperation, and they all helped, so lemme know if it's worth posting them, although if you do the book's exercises it would be just as good.

All the best mate!
Bit late now, but drink tons of water when u wake up to rehydrate. Then go eat a couple big fat burgers - a big mac is ideal - nothing gives your energy back better. If u plan on making it a habit, hit the gym more often and work on cardio - you can take a lot more hard nights and bounce back better. And swear to yourself that you'll never do it again :) ....
Hi A-M,

I got onto ST last night and was having a bunch of exactly the same problems - it is definitely some screwy management of cookies in the forum code itself, which is an opensource portal kit that is (usually) very good. Adrian is aware of this I believe.

Try this :-
1. In IE (6.0 or otherwise, I have 6.0.2600) clear out any existing cookies: Tools/Internet Options/Settings button/View Files button, and delete any "Text File" that begins with
2. On the same Internet Options dialog, go to Security tab and set security to Low, ignoring IE warnings, etc (NOTE: Make sure to revert this once done)
3. Make sure you're not overriding default cookie handling by going to the Privacy tab, then Advancedd... button and make sure "Override default cookie handling" is not checked, and definitely make sure it's not set to Block cookies if so. Uncheck the override if needed.
4. Hit OK on that dialog, then close IE and restart it (if you've been browsing to as this will drop the ASP Session state on the server.
5. Restart IE and go to main homepage, then go to register - for some reason until you  register it doesn't set a cookie, and won't let you browse the topic.asp (and some other scripts) !!
6. You should be able to complete signup OK - if you can't get past policy.asp then recheck the security level again. Confirm your email address when the signup email is delivered, and click it's link to take you to the confirmation page.
7. Once you confirm the email, you still have to go to front page and log in (!!). After you're logged in, you should have no further dramas reading/posting - I verified this last night.
8. Reset your security back to Medium/High, whichever you prefer, and if you are normally blocking cookies (which I do) make sure to add to your Allow list Tools/Internet Options/Privacy tab/Edit button. You should also now have a cookie written.

It's a pretty cool site feature-wise, but as will all opensource the testing regime is not always exhaustive enough to catch all variations of config.

I took a look at the link, and although I generally dislike making statements like this, that's got to be a load of rubbish. This was the first time I've read an account of that sort of material, and I haven't watched The Philadelphia Experiment movie or anything, so I started reading with an open mind, and could accept the theoretical possibility of some of his statements regarding classified military research and even possibly extra-terrestrial presence and technological inventions. Although I wouldn't say his claims on that stuff were true, they are a very remote possibility given what the general public don't know.

But then he started talking about a whole bunch of stuff that he's seen  through time travel, alien invasions, etc, etc and I read one sentence after another that was just trash. Some of the strongest flaws are in his pre-2000 predictions of what would occur in 2000/01/02, eg...
- "massive Earth changes hit in 2000, governments all over the world collapsed, planetary population was down to 450-500 million"
- "by the year 2000, Atlanta city was recked by riots and war, and it's population reduced from 3.5 million, believe it or not, to 15,000"
- "alien spaceships attempted a mass invasion of Earth, but due to Russian and American particle beam technology, all their ships were shot down outside Earth's atmosphere. The Russians were shooting down 30 a day, the Americans roughly 5-6 a day, covering many football fields with ship carcasses" (these must have been expectionally bright aliens to navigate millions of light years and bend time, but not figure out when they're becoming cannon fodder....)
- and so many, many more classics

About half-way through his massive document, he starts rambling about future events, and tries to bring in a whole lot of New Age and Conspiracy material that was aimed to get a lot of his target audience on board (imho). There's so much contradictory and just plain ridiculous material there that I stopped reading. Convinced me that his earlier stuff was baloney as well, since his main assertion is that he was part of this underground military/alien/phil warship project, but his memory was erased, but then he was deprogrammed, but only some bits of it came back, and now he's on their call-back list, blah blah blah.

Sorry for the strong wording - it's not meant to offend anyone, but I just can't see how that article can be justified in any. It's one thing to believe in "X-file" type stuff, but another to just live in pure fantasy land, which I'm sure is closer to Al Bielek's state of mind.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Our Favorite Quotes
July 05, 2002, 09:04:04
"When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die"
-- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"You can get more with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone."
-- Al Capone

"The Mind is the great Slayer of the Real. Let the Disciple slay the Slayer."
-- H.P. Blavatsky

"When travelling the Path, do not slow - there is always another step in front of you. But do not rush - there is only ever one step in front of you."

Homer (Answering the phone): "You'll have to speak up; I'm wearing a towel."
The only other 2c that I could add is not to be too rigid in what you consider "real world" perceptions. Your dream/astral body has been immersed in it's own dream/astral existence night after night, and from it's point of view, your waking perceptions are as distant and unreal as the dream perceptions are on waking. Sometimes it feels like you're a different person altogether. There's so much to learn from your dream mind that I would prefer to examine my subconscious, go through some deep emotional catharsis, and generally examine spiritual life concepts than worry about my "earthly" me. I had a LD on Saturday where I stepped through a door that I imagined led to me when I was a child, and then saw myself in my old house and sat down and talked with this child. It was one of the most deeply emotional and educational experiences I can recall. I treasure these more than doing "weird" or "cool" stuff, as they help so much more with spiritual progress. Just another perspective.
Dunno about sightings, but I hear that some Australian genetecists are leading the field in bringing it back to life again via cloning. There's a show on Discovery about a group from the Australian Museum who are in a race to be the first in the world to clone an extinct species, and they apparently successfully extracted the Thylacine DNA in 2000, from a pup that was in a jar of alchohol in the musuem. They reckon the Tassy Tiger will be back by 2010.
Hi astralc,

Stop it - you're making me homesick" border=0>

I'm currently stuck in Melbourne for work, but often do the Sydney-Melbourne weekday commute. You can imagine our glorious weather - the rain, wind, and general coldness! I don't mind Melbournites - they're more personable than Sydneysiders. But then again nothing beats the South Coast" border=0>. I plan to retire to a seaside villa on the Gold Coast once I've made my millions - just love the ocean.

I'm beginning Tai Chi real soon... thanks again for the info!