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1. Attempting is like stretching a thin slice of rubber. Emotions are elastic in some sense. When you let go of the rubber (desire), it kind of stirs your whole psyche bathing in a quality. This quality was set up mentally.

2. Yes, you have spirit guides.

3. The devil is in the details.
There is no need for a mutual agreement; this is science talking making things easier. It is possible to enter someone's dream consciously without the other's conscient. Use the numbers 52 and 25 as you see fit. If you find numbers a little vague, then meditate on them and a course of action will be revealed. I didn't use them yet, but a demon conveyed these numbers to me as i also wanted to enter someone's dream in the past. When i let the desire fade, the demon appeared with these numbers. I don't know how to use them, but i do know that they represent hooks and are necessary for the action.
Quote from: Xanth on September 17, 2015, 20:24:39
Thankfully, objectively verifying your reality is meaningless anyway to WHY you're here in the first place.  Those who are searching for that answer are going to be searching forever and wasting their time.

Nevertheless, one can experience the answer i.e. objectifying reality to a "why". It's just that the process as a result of the "calling" is temporary. It's the way nature works. Even your existence on this planet has a purpose and your purpose is teaching. But this will end, so according to your own words; you're wasting your time, because your use of the terms "those" and "you" and "your" and "their" is just a projection.

Quote from: Xanth on September 17, 2015, 20:24:39
It's enlightenment.  The truth of your being.  It's the answer to the question and the question to the answer of "I am".

There are two of you; and one of you is enlightened, i don't doubt that. As long as you use words, you're being inconsistent or asymmetrical, no matter how sound your system may seem. You're standing next to yourself. The question is: "how long before you jump into your shadow ?" It's the same as in one of the first games of prince of Persia, where the hero has the option to fight against his own shadow, who makes the same moves as the hero. The solution is to jump into each other. In a "real" context, this can only be done when out of body.

Everyone has a shadow and has to learn to fuse with this context...we all have the same experience.
Quote from: Xanth on September 17, 2015, 14:43:54
I will tell you straight out that you've never, in the history of your experience, had a "dream".

Now that you mention it, it makes sense. 

Quote from: Xanth on September 17, 2015, 14:43:54
What we experience every night is simply a projection of our consciousness to another reality (any reality) with a varying level of awareness.  What people mistake as a "dream", "lucid dream" or "astral projection/obe" is that varying level of awareness, because they all FEEL very different.  Until you experience ALL THREE of those varying levels within a single experience, you probably won't understand.

I guess i don't know yet what it means to experience them within a single experience, but i do remember that i had an experience once, where i felt totally empty. I don't know how to explain it. Words just don't do justice to these kinds of things. I stood up in bed, with this emptiness. It lasted approx. 20 seconds.

Quote from: Xanth on September 17, 2015, 14:43:54
And the idea that things are magical until we "figure them out"... that's a ridiculous concept.  It always has been.

Perhaps you care to explain why the idea is ridiculous? I see concepts of science which manifest out of ancient ideas. Maybe i ought to reformulate the idea in other words to un-ridicule it?  

The author of that article claims that blavatsky read popular science from her time, but fails in proving this. If this is true, then Einstein just read the facts of popular science in the secret doctrine. but why did Einstein had a copy of a book from an occultist in his collection ? Einstein's sister also claimed this.

Hell i don't know, the whole schism is making me nuts. Science and may well be that science is right after all, there is a danger if mysticism comes to power in the world, as history has demonstrated. But is this an excuse for rejecting all of it ? What IF the universe is just an idea in the mind of some god ? OBE's are still considered bullcrap by the majority of scientists, a hallucination. If i have to believe this majority, then i'm forced to conclude that i'm a dysfunctional idiot. Maybe a blend of the two opposites gives a solution, if they blend after all. Why did most of the scientific experiments on ESP first showed positive results, and after replication negative ones ? Intent of the replicators? If it was intent, then the universe is just an idea in the mind of some god.
One can find him/herself in a kind of permanent trance state while wide awake and moving in the physical dimension. in this state, one can project into the astral, but the experience is not of a continuous nature. It is observing one's astral body in configurations of matter, like a photograph. If one focuses hard enough, then several photographs appear, something like a movie with a very low frames per second rate.

Quote from: Xanth on September 17, 2015, 12:02:55
Also, putting aside the (very wrong) idea that this stuff is magical, mystical or hard is paramount.

Denying the mystique of things is like denying dreams, and their connection to reality. Science has just begun in "uncovering" the dreams of the mystics from through the ages. I'm not saying science is bad when it demystifies things. It's just that facts are a result of dreaming and the product of a dreamer. however, there may be a kind of time-lapse before the facts are accepted as facts. One can also say that science just selects the factual parts of the mystics and discard the rest. This is the root of all evil. There is no such thing as opposition in a broader context. However here's something what i find an interesting read:
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: Silence
September 13, 2015, 20:24:00
Quote from: dpk38 on September 12, 2015, 08:51:39
A piece of advice, don't ask others for the meaning behind any of your visions. This is because each of us interpret them in a different way. They are based on personal knowledge and experiences and beliefs. In the end you'll end up receiving something which was not actually intended to be conveyed no matter how right, sensible,meaningful it sounded. The visions were supposed to be decoded by you. No matter how crazy it seems. Because by thinking over, you'll end up with the exact answer you were supposed to receive.

I agree with you in that i should decipher the symbol myself, but i may miss some general information, and by thinking over this type of information, i may come to exactness myself. But i understand you; in the end I asked for the significance. I should've asked for some thoughts of others.
Quote from: luffy28 on September 06, 2015, 19:35:21
Should I try to feel my whole emulated astral body going through a tunnel like flying with both arms out front?

As long as your thoughts remain focused on this image, there should be no problems. Although the technique provided on In5d seems quite simple, like there hasn't been much thought about it,  the focus in the end is focus itself. Many people find it quite difficult to keep an image in mind, that is, a stillstanding image. A moving image on the other hand, is a bit easier. I would say, try it a few times. However, when you reach the border of sleep, you might shift to a brief unconscious state, whereafter you find the possibility to separate yourself from your body when you re-become conscious. The thing is, when attempting to focus on a(n) (moving) image, you find yourself going astray, coming back to that same image. How much times you fail to remain focused varies from person to person, but my point is that this repetition of "coming back" to the image will result in a "coming back" automatically (in a trance state) in the period when you become unconscious, that is, after a half hour to an hour. Repetition as in "coming back" to the image is important.
Quote from: Xanth on June 10, 2015, 21:39:16
You're confusing "fear" (the emotion) with "Fear" (the... being-level concept) and "love" (the emotion) with "Love" (the... being-level concept).
They're not the same thing.  Most people make this same mistake though.

Give that a read... I tried to be a little more precise in it.  :)

You categorized good and evil. Most humans are known to oscillate between the two polarities. This means that humans express both positive and negative energy. One can argue that some people are more negative than positive, thus still classifying the concepts, but in a more fuzzy way. This is the root of all things evil; putting everything into boxes, antagonizing the concept of approximation. One can oscillate near the polarities, avoiding identification and thus classification, being in a position where control can be exercised over the dialectical process i.e. nature. Classification an sich should give a student some edge over nature, but this reflects the classical way, making room for the inability to handle contradictions right which manifest, resulting in a crisis and thus transformation into the opposite is a result of this same (spiritual) crisis.

Explain it to me then. How true is that statement?


You might be right after all. The experience was my own construction. I added meaning to that experience, and this didn't correspond with the facts. But if i match my experience with facts, then in a certain sense i ground the energy. I think that in this way, one doesn't grow spiritually. One has to conserve the energy to become proficiƫnt in the context of doing magick. I only recently started to ground my energies. For many years, i didn't and was able and am stiil able to channel enormous amounts of energy through my body and into the universe, because i took my convictions on faith. The grounding of experience (matching them with facts) also applies to your RV sessions. For every step foreward you take, you regress one step backwards when matching the experiences with the facts. I don't know the methodology the institute where you train uses, but it should be noted that grounding isn't always a step forward. Sometimes, you have to have faith in the information your HGA provides.
Quote from: Bluefirephoenix on August 27, 2015, 20:34:37
Schitzophrenia appears to be degenerative.

There is still no evidence for that, but there will be in the future. It's just that when a group of psychiatrists search for evidence, they first build a thoughtform (or hypothesis), in this case a "degeneration meme". This meme then attacks all schizophrenics and if they cannot defend themselves, their brain degenerates, so in the end evidence is found using brain scanners and what not. Maybe this is an intepretation of confirmation bias.

One can interpret the things above as; Psychiatrists formulate a hypothesis, then they search for facts and in the end they confirm their hypothesis. When a hypothesis is fairly new, there is seldom a confirmation of the hypothesis. It is only when the hypothesis is tested again and again, positive outcomes will manifest. There are exceptions of this. In this case the hypothesis was formulated earlier in other fields in another form, so the thoughtform already had enough power. I don't think even professionals can bypass confirmation bias.

I'm not a scientist, and my claims above may be false, but to me it makes sense that people create their own reality, even scientists, regardless of their claim that they are scientific and therefore unbiased.
It's the nature of the conversation. In a conversation, individuals exchange energy on many levels. If the person you're having a conversation with, has the word most of the time, this kind of feeling manifests in the more or less, less sensitives. If you have the word most of the time, then you are the predator. The more sensitive persons feel this even when none of the two is the dominant one. In a conversation, balanced or not, there are switches of "positions of power". It also depends on the subject of the conversation, in which case there can be a giving or a taking of energy when one has the word. What you feel is the energy being "sucked" by that person and to that person. Then you get the feeling the other is a predator or a vampire. The whole thing is a sign that you're waking up in a sense.
Quote from: Xanth on August 28, 2015, 12:06:36
Consider that when you physically die, everything that stays within THIS physical reality is meaningless.
What you take with you when you finally leave this physical reality is all that TRULY matters.  :)

I'm already dead.  :-D
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: Silence
August 28, 2015, 10:14:14
Quote from: Rakkso on August 27, 2015, 21:50:51
Temperature is fundamentally energy, (No I dont mean to sound clever :-D) energy goes up and goes down, expands-contracts, goes right then left, it doesnt eternally stays up, and it doesnt eternally stays down. Should have a mid point for things to happen.

Mid-point yeah. This reminds me of a state of equilibrium. As far as i know, human beings are open systems and they never reach a state of equilibrium. They constantly exchange energy with their environment. I guess one just HAS to conform to established rules...I don't know if i could do this.

Quote from: Rakkso on August 27, 2015, 21:50:51People would think I'm creizy  :-P
They have that: "most people who read the bible or dreams to much end up nuts" in their heads. lol
Not their fault.
No it's definintely not their fault. It is the nature of the system. One could say: everything depends on interpretation of facts, but this idea comes from the system. It is as if the system provides ideas to feel stable, while paradoxically disintegrating itself. Because if one is feeling stable, then growth on the inside or the outside cannot be. Or this feeling of stability is just an illusion, in that the system can extract and insert information out/in of our minds. The world is doomed.

Quote from: Rakkso on August 27, 2015, 21:50:51I don't want to bad-influence or something, but Vodka always gave me a good time around people I wasn't interested in talking to.
Now I need not one or the other.
But just in case, never failed me. lol
Quote from: Bluefirephoenix on August 27, 2015, 14:03:10
Aiwass is Crowlies higher self, his Holy Guardian Angel. He conjured the entity during the Abramelin ritual after he initially failed to finish the ritual in Scotland. A higher self or HGA is essentially a future version of that person. It's one who has gone beyond the need for physical earthly incarnations and are in harmony and unity with the source of all consciousness. This is who Aiwass is. He channeled the Thelema material which is probably heavily influenced by conscious mind intrusion of Crowly at that time. The being is in harmony with the universe and source. He portrayed that his goal was to unify himself with Crowly which Crowly misunderstood and took it in a sexual context because of his influence from the yogis of Himalayan India. The higher self did not mean it in that context. I suspect by now Crowlie has learned from and corrected this misunderstanding.

Given that information, What do you think happened in that experience?

Those facts are clothed in a new-age garment and evoke an anti-sex and lightsider attitude. Crowley did not misunderstood because that being wanted sex. All HGA's want, trust me. I am talking from personal experience. The nature of a HGA is demonic. These beings help the student to achieve power in whatever domain, and look at the influence of Crowley on the musical industry. Crowley is a sexgod at this very moment. He IS the musical industry and controls everything in it. I know it and i don't worship him. I cannot substantiate these statements with facts, but my meditations revealed them to me. The HGA is a genius, and if one has sex with it, one becomes a genius who can exert a powerful influence. Don't believe those facts you presented. The truth lies within, not in the written word. You may argue that the source of the experiences created during meditation are just a form of complex integration of facts accumulated during the waking state, but meditation reveals a lot more, look at your RV experiences.

Quote from: Bluefirephoenix on August 27, 2015, 14:19:33When you have a perception regardless if it's a dream, remote viewing, scrying, or astral projection... it does not matter which experience it was, the percpetions if possible should be matched against known facts. your perceptions of Aiwiss do not match the historically known facts about the entity. This happens to everyone and it happens often. Your mind, beliefs, yearnings, and fears influence every non physical perception you have. The trick is to learn to see it, evaluate it against any known facts and then correct the problem.

In remote viewing we have a score sheet that is done after EVERY session. You are constantly comparing your perceptions against known facts. The process highlights how your mind works and what you believe. If you do this without getting defensive you will learn something about yourself. If you do not and attempt to defend perceptions that are influenced by your conscious mind, you will not grow, and you will fall into a trap that is difficult to get out of. Lyn Buchanan calls this castle building. Basically conscious mind influenced perceptions build on each other into a story line which develops into a belief. You then incorperate that and have a belief that is entirely fabricated by your mind.

You don't need to answer my question but you do need to evaluate why that experience happened and what beliefs and mental processes are causing the demonization of a being who is not a demon or causing you to have a fabricated fantasy about a demon. I don't know which it is and I don't need to know. It's important to your spiritual development to do self evaluations.

At least this time you have some facts to work with. Not all experiences can be evaluated in that way as the facts are not always available for comparison.

My perceptions don't match the facts? Those facts you presented are the fabricated story. Especially historical facts regarding social issues are made-up. I know who that demon was, like the other ones they set loose to test me. I invoked the mental kung fu snake-style to scare them off. I wished i'd destroyed them, but that's the negative me.

Quote from: Xanth on August 27, 2015, 13:33:35No no, you misunderstand.  The difference here is talking "physical" vs "non-physical"...
There are definitely great people who have existed who have changed the course of human history.  Benjamin Franklin... Nikola Tesla... just two examples.
But it doesn't mean those changes actually ever benefited *consciousness*. 

They made great advances within this PHYSICAL reality.  I'm not talking about anything physical.  I'm talking about the aspects of consciousness that go BEYOND this physical reality... even though they are, actually, one in the same, but more "consciousness" as a whole.

You're right that they didn't benefit consciousness, but proponents of General Systems Theory and Ervin Laszlo with his budapest club are doing good things these days.

Quote from: Xanth on August 27, 2015, 12:17:48
If I'm being 100% honest here and I REALLY don't mean this in any negative way but... you're not that important.  Nobody is.

This is the problem today with "the one" mentality that most people have in regards to consciousness and spirituality.
You're interpreting random events as something with significance... sometimes a cake is just a cake.

What have you experienced?  You experienced something created entirely BY yourself FOR yourself to satiate your ego desire to fulfill your interpretation of a random event.

There are important people who helped shape culture and human thinking. If you don't consider these people as important, then that's your choice. If you don't support the "great man theory" formulated by Thomas Carlyle and you agree with Herbert Spencer who criticized the theory by stating that great men are products of their environment, then that's also your choice. As for me, i feel inspired by great men of science and philosophy, i feel ecstatic and a rush of energy when reading their works. It's the process of integration itself that counts in this case, which is of spirit, the scattered knowledge acquired from the environment is of secondary importance. Spirit over matter. The greatest minds in history were idealists, and materialists draw upon their works. Look at Hegel, an idealist, if it wasn't for him, then where would Marx and Engels ( founders of dialectical materialism) be? On the shoulders of Kant? Another idealist? Probably.

Things turn into their opposite, so don't be surprised if tomorrow you encounter your shadow and don't know how to deal with it.
Quote from: FuzzyQuills on August 26, 2015, 23:00:53
Sounds like some sort of energy bounce technique; is it? :D

It is step 5 which should do the trick; a type of cut. But, in theory, any method can work as long as desire is pushed into the unconscious i.e. forgetting. I found that effects were obtained two or three days later after using a technique without doing anything then. There is always a kind of delay in magick i found out.
Thanks for your story.
I don't consider myself a fan of Crowley anymore. In my twenties i was more or less influenced by him. I have his book 4, but i bought it merely for theoretical purposes, although i used some of the asana techniques presented in that book. Ceremonial magick is not my thing, never was. I don't work magick using that paradigm. Thelema today is a bunch of rockers and bikers, and i'm more of an unorthodox techno/science geek.

I don't know much about Crowley but i don't think he conjured Aiwass. I think that Crowley just listened to him and that the demon contacted him out of free will. That's a part of the story how Crowley presented it. Of course, there are also those neo-thelemites who like to invent stories and publish these on the internet.

In my case however, the demon was conjured, but not by me. I know he was set loose by the Tibetans to approach and attack me for evolutionary purposes. On the side, i know that to conjure a demon, one has to know its code. Only with this code, unknown regions of some brain can be hacked.

If you wish to know more about the events surrounding the Aiwass case, then the details of the events can be found in the equinox of the gods chapter 7.
Breath can be used yes. You can try this:

1. Breathe in deeply while counting to seven. Make sure that both lengths match.
2. Breathe out while counting to seven. Again make sure that the lengths of both operations match.
3. Repeat 1 and 2 combined seven times.
4. Focus all your awareness in your stomach and stay there for at least five minutes.
5. Draw a line from your stomach to your forehead but not too fast.
6. Focus all your awareness in your forehead and stay there for at least five minutes.
7. Now dissipate the focused energy in your forehead over your whole body and then go to sleep.

This may help. You can feel when the time is right to shift from 4 to 5 and 6 to 7. It is also of paramount importance that you control desire. If you can control it, then this method will work, like any other method you could choose. You've got to stay focused while executing this algorithm and afterwards, you have to forget it by thinking something else while dozing off.

@Xanth lol my first thought also
The fact that you fall asleep with the lamp off suggests that you can relax even faster, but you're not aware of this. Seems logical that to fall asleep, one first must reach a deep state of relaxation. It's just that it happens to fast to notice any relaxed feeling.

But, maybe the frustrating feeling is based on the idea or conviction that you can't project with the lamp on. The lamp shouldn't be a problem to project, you just need to deepen the relaxation by having an intent and patience. Undo the association lamp = frustrating
Quote from: Kzaal on August 26, 2015, 16:19:20
It's both telepathy and reading the signs and body language.

Yes, and telepathy is also more subtle, because it can affect people at a great distance.

Quote from: Kzaal on August 26, 2015, 16:19:20You need to deal with the paranoid factor tho. Because it can have a huge effect on your social life.

I know, something spiritual always has an effect on the social life. :-D

Quote from: Kzaal on August 26, 2015, 16:19:20With time, I've found out that telepathy isn't as useful as I thought it was.

How's that?

Quote from: Kzaal on August 26, 2015, 16:19:20Most discussions I have with people are brief because I already know the issue or they'll tell me straight away.

So it also has an impact on your social life. When things are brief, there isn't much social interaction. But yes, i know the feeling. It's the energy. Our group (the "spiritual" one) is much different than the majority of groups on this planet. So then it follows that the "judging energy" is much more intense.

I liked your post. Good energy :-D
Last week, i was waiting for the bus and reading messages from the spirit world in the medium of license plates of cars. A car came by with license plate LST-*three numbers*. I interpreted this as "listen". Just behind this car another car came by with license plate AWZ-*three numbers*. I immediately recognized the name "Aiwass". Just behind this car, another car came by with the plate AWS-*three numbers*. I said to myself; "ok, what about Aiwass?" Then i realized i had to fight this demon. As soon as i realized this, a car came by with the plate GFG-*three numbers*. I interpreted this as "Good Fabrizio Good". This was a reaction to my guess that i had to fight Aiwass, and, apparently i guessed right. I remained skeptical and said to my guides; "ok, we will see". That same night i had a dream where i was lying on the couch with my legs on my mother in my old home who was also sitting in the couch. On the table there was a computer screen with a "brainy alien with red glowing eyes" on it. His head was big and i could see his brain. Suddenly he attacked me telepathically. He was making me kick my mother violently. Then he stopped. I looked at the screen again and this head was now in mid-air above the screen. He attacked me again with his telepathic control by putting me upside down in mid-air and smashing me violently against the wall several times. Such force! I resisted by closing my eyes. I could still see Aiwass and i used my right arm by putting it in front of my field of vision, transforming it into a snake. Everything was moving, like we both were avoiding each others attacks. Then, when the demon came in front of my snake-arm i shot an energy beam and i hit the demon. Then i woke up. It was in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep anymore so i went downstairs for a cigarette. After sitting in the kitchen for a while, i looked at my watch to notice the time. Now, my watch is of the brand "certus". Then i realized that it is an anagram for truces. I realized that it came to a truce. I lighted another cigarette and heard a voice saying "you have done well". I felt a rush of energy and decided to write a book. I immediately set to work. I always wanted to write a book but there was some energy holding me back. Now the words come out fluently. I finished the introduction yesterday. I can finally work in peace!! A revolution in my thinking, truly.
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: Silence
August 26, 2015, 13:35:48
Quote from: Kzaal on August 26, 2015, 13:11:52
It's normal, not many people like to talk about their spiritual experience in real life either.

Why do you think this is?