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Quote from: Szaxx on September 17, 2015, 11:43:13
Welcome Saksare,
Your description fits quite well. The closer you are to the sleeping body the more 'interference' you can experience.
As you had noticed excitement affected your experience, this is normal too.
It would appear that trying to heal someone can only be done by those with experience. That is obvious lol. If you  haven't mastered the skill in the NP, you may have been unable to access his home for this reason. When you think about guides looking after us, it speaks for itself. You don't hire a baker to do your plumbing lol.
The beats only help relax you and at best put your brainwaves into the correct frequencies. They help by removing interfering noises too.

Your mission was driven by intent and you never doubted yourself. This alone is a great help to any attempt. As thoughts manifest, yours were precise and you successfully made the exit. The mission may require more learning on healing. That's the only part you missed out on.
Great try.
Your English is very good too.

Hello Szaxx!
Thanks mate for coming up with answers and trust me they really helped me. I tried again to AP but didn't make it. I think I am over excited by the amazing experience. It would definitely take me time to master this thing and do it whenever I want to. I am working on it and I have no reason to disappoint me after my first experience. Wish me good luck.. Thanks again for guiding mate.. :)
Hello Guys!

First of all, I ain't a native so please tolerate my English a bit  :-D

I will start from the beginning. I have been researching the OBE for at least 3 months and this phenomenon really fascinated me a lot. I have been trying to have an induced OBE for the last 2 months; I tried binaural beats, OBE techniques, meditation and you name it; but everything went in vain. Today I was thinking about my nephew who was diagnosed with infantile spasms when he was just 7 months and he still can't even walk, speak or even eat by himself(he is now 5 years old but he is like that 3 months old kid). I planned to heal him with astral projection (it was a stupid idea because I am not an AP expert). So I put my phone in airplane mode, switched on the beats and put on my headphones. After like 20 minutes, I felt like I am gonna sleep so I removed my headphones, forgot about OBE and went to sleep(at 11:15 a.m). After a while I felt like I was awake but still sleeping (kind of Lucid dream feeling). I then started trying to get out of my body.. I knew I was sleeping but I started rolling on bed from one side to another, I even remember I could feel the foam of my bed while moving. I kept doing it but after a while I started getting back to awake state (may be due to excitement) but I thought to myself I have to stay here. So I again started rolling and suddenly succeeded to get out. I remember I hardly flew out of my house when I again realized I am having an OBE so I was pulled back into my body but not completely into it. I was floating around it but I was unable to go further away. Then I focused on the ceiling fan and started giving my body synchronized oscillations (I don't know if it is similar to vibrations or not). So that oscillation again helped to go out and this time I managed to get far away. I remember there was nothing that was pulling me back actually (as many first timers feel it) but I think it was my excitement that pulled me back to conscious state again and again. I faced this pulling two more times but I used oscillations both the times and managed to get out again. The fourth time I managed to be stable and started flying around. Suddenly, I remembered I was planning to try healing my nephew and I started flying towards his house (that is almost 6-7 km from my house). I remember I was flying over the highway. I could feel the traffic but nothing was too distinct. While I was flying over the highway, I was again disturbed by my excitement factor but I started moving my arms like I was swimming in the air. This was so much wonderful feeling and I never wanted to leave this feeling. After a while I reached my nephew's home but I found it different. It wasn't as it is in real life. There was a small door I had to go through. When I entered the door, there was a small lobby and I hardly could even pass through it and it was full of medication bottles and tablets that my nephew is having(for the last 4 years) for his treatment. I tried passing through the lobby but a syrup bottle fell down and broke. I don't remember if it hit me or what but the end result was that I couldn't enter his house. So I had a bad feeling in me and came back to my home. After that I kept flying in my own room, gave myself oscillations and rolled over my bed for a long time as it was giving me an amazing feeling. I was having fun when I suddenly remembered I had to pick my mom at 2 pm (in real life :D) so I looked at the clock and it was 12 pm. I was astonished to see that I have been hanging around just for 30-40 minutes. So it created doubt in my mind and I came back into my body. The thing that shocked me the most was the time that I saw on my clock in real life. It was exactly 12 pm :O... I wasn't sure if I had a dream or an OBE but when I matched the time, it really shocked me. One thing that was different this time; I was deeply relaxed like I had slept for 10 hours. So I thought of posting my experience in front of you guys. Now I have a few things in my mind, I'll be grateful if someone helps me with my questions:

1. First question is definitely what you expect.. was it an OBE? or just a dream?
2. Why couldn't I enter my nephew's home? I know its an odd question but any comments are welcome.
3. Giving myself oscillation a good idea? Is it similar to vibrations?
4. Do you think the beats played a role in inducing this OBE (if it is an OBE)?

Please guide me guys and welcome me to great people like you :)