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Thanks for your answers guys :)

My objective when saying that was to provoke and make you react. :)

And now i see some good answers. :)
Everything is real within that concept.

I understand what the OP means by real.

In fact, no Astral Projector in the entire world was able to do simple verifications while "projecting".

I suspect that OBEs are not "real" (real as my body, my computer etc; but they are real as dreams).

I find interesting that almost no projector will try to prove to itself that OBEs are real. Often, they will say that
while OBing one will not care about such "mundane" things...
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Grays
February 27, 2011, 15:09:32
We will never know exactly and for sure what Grays are, or even Reptilians, Annunaki, etc, because UFO Entitys wont reveal themselves to us so soon.

UFO Phenomenon will stay in the shadow for many and long years.
Buddhism does not fly away from uffering or social life.

Buddhism is a different path.

Generally people seeks the path of joy and fun. We search for pleasurable things, we love dancing lights and groovy sounds, we get in extasy with beautiful bodys, we get powerful sensation doing sport, and so on.
Humans love sensations. The attachment to sensations has a downside: we are also more vulnerable to bad things and bad sensations.
Thats why Buddhism demands firts, that one should be more reasonable and seek less funny and pleasurable things. And that may sound like running away for many people.
But when you start to follow the Path totally, you will see that in fact you become more alive, more lucid and mind clear.

For an outsider, meditating seems like a boring thing.

For a meditator, its like taking a bath in the cold waters of a river, a in a sunny morning.

Why is there suffering? Because we are. Because we crave and get greedy about things. We wish, we suffer. We are like dancing whirlpools or hurricanes. Never stopping.
We suffer because we are clouds of conscience. As soon there is life, there will be always suffering.

According to buddhism, one needs to Nibbana (i used Nibbana here as a verb, since thats more logical than saying that Nibbana is a state). Then suffering stops.
Bilderberg group
Search that on google.
I hope they kill each other lol.
Controlling the entire world its not an easy task. IF its true the things they say about such familys, bilderberg group etc, even if they have lots of political, economical power, my hope is that they fail, because human society is not predictable. Maybe they will "die" with their own venom...
It seems to much exagerate what they say :-)
but if we accept that bilderberg is real, what could we do? No fight seems possible
Thanks :-)
I dont believe totally on that. I wish you were correct :-(
What i see is society getting divided in 2: very rich vs very poor.
My country, Portugal, is a very good example of that. Our politicians stink like ****. If you look at Portugal, Brasil, Italy and a few other countrys thats what you will see. Even USA are starting to get like that, in a very subtle way.
Anyone here read the book of Daniel Estulin about the Bilderberg Group?
Its and amazing and very sad thing! In his book he talks about something real: a group of people (politics, millionaires, etc), well known from everybody, that every year has a kind of secret meeting where they talk things that we will never get to know. The meetings are real indeed, that can be verified by anyone. What one may ask his if what Daniel says is real: that the group is like a shadow government with intention of controlling the world by creating an economic unbalance in the world. This way there would be (like we can see in many countrys) two classes: very poor people and very rich people. The poor ones would be like slaves so to say, sustaining the economy and way of life of such people.

If you think well and observe around you, thats what happens :-(

What do you think?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Pure Land Buddhism
February 23, 2010, 13:20:45
I dont have sure if i should post this here.

Recently i´ve been giving more attention on Buddhism. Buddhism speaks on many things about our existences. For example, it says that after death, the thing we call "i"/"i am", or soul if you prefer, will reencarnate/rebirth again, life after life. Buddhists believe that the laws of karma (cause and effect) will influence our new rebirth.

We may rebirth as a bird, or an ant. Maybe we will get lucky and come back as humans, or worst, as ghosts. We can even rebirth as other forms on other planets or dimensions. For example, buddhists believe we can rebirth as demons or inferior beings suffering in Hells for eons and eons...but if we accumulate lots of good karma, we can rebirth on celestial realms and have a joyful life for some eons. But eventually, even on that pleasurable life we will die and rebirh again on lower realms. We are on this cycle, the samsara, for eons and eons, never ending our suffering.

So, buddhists think that the relief for this is the Nibbana, the ultimate state of existence and non existence, a state with no more cycles of birth, life and death. Something far away from words. Buddha was the first of our era achieving that. There was other Buddhas before, maybe in our planet, maybe on other dimensions. If we get lucky enough and if we work enough as good monks and good persons, we may develop the luck/karma enough to rebirth as high ranked monks that MAY achieve the Nibbana. But this is a very burden and long way to do things.

Recently I found a Buddhist school that was completely unknown to me: Pure Land. According to it, there was once a Buddha that created a dimension/place whatever, a place called Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss or just "Sukhavati". That Buddha his called Amithaba, or Amida, or Amituofo (Depending on the language). That pure land is a place where everybody can go (like an heaven) after death. That place is special, it's the meanings to an objective, not the end. It's the place where you can learn directly with Buddha Amithaba the path to Nibbana. Once you reach it , its guarantee that you will never fall back into the samsara and that eventually you will reach nibanna (even if that takes eons of time).

According to Pure Land, you can reach that place if you practice the nembutsu: the recitation of Amithaba name, with your mind completely pointed to that recitation. Daily, one should recite "Namo Amithaba Buddha" or Chinese version "Namo Amituofo", or maybe other similar version (by the way, Namo is like paying respect). You can do it loudly or silently in your mind. Why is this? Because you are training your mind very much for the most important thing: right after death, if you recite his name and wish and vow to rebirth on Pure Land, it is said that Amithaba himself will escort you to his blessed realm and you will be our of samsara cycle of suffering once for all.

Pure Land adepts says that after years of practice and by really vowing to reborn on Sukhavati, one may get signals of the eminent rebirth: maybe one will get to know the exact time of death, maybe one will see Buddha, maybe flowers (lotus) coming from nowhere, etc. Also, right after death, if you succeed on your rebirth, people may get signals of your achievement: flowers raining from the sky, amazing lights or images, beautiful sounds coming from nowhere, the body may not decay for many days and may even exhale sweet smells, etc. But not always that may happen. It seems that one may find some relates about that on internet but that's hard to find (I think that in Chinese there are many things).

According to Buddhists, the Pure Land teachings were given to us by our historical Buddha many times (and in fact I saw that there are some sutras dedicated just to Pure Land). Also, the teaching its so important that the historical Buddha (Shakyamuni Buddha, among other names) told it to his followers spontaneously. I mean, most of his teachings were told as an answer to something asked by his followers, but this one was so important that he told it with anyone asking it. Buddha himself warned that such teaching is so amazing that it will be very hard to believe for many people, but it's a true teaching.

If this is true or not I don't know. I would like to believe that yes. But I feel the obligation to share it because, we never know, if its real, maybe some of you may achieve the ultimate state of existence because of it.
Thats interesting, i hope you can use that to provoke APs that may prove the reality about projections.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / hello to everyone_APproofs
February 21, 2010, 18:44:46
Hello people! I dont visit these forums since a long time ago!
How are things here? Do you guys still project? lol

Or, more seriously, anyone here tried to do a wish that i had: proving that AP is real?
I will never do that i think...i never really succeed with projections, only a few not controlled attempts, but i always had the wish to see AP experts more dedicated to such important achievment.

The last days hi spoke with Frank by PM, we were trading ebooks if i can remember well. I gave him some few ebooks and as a way of saying thanks, he said he would offer me a copy/ebook of his book (the release was near i think). After that i never had any more news about him.

I remember some discussions here in the forum about some people complaining that they bought that book before receiving it, and in the end they never saw the book, neither the money they gave. Some people start talking that Frank may have disapeared with the money. In my mind i still believe that Frank didnt do that, that something different happened. But we must accept that something really happened to him. Maybe a) He is dead...thats a very probable thing  b) He really escape with the money of the books he sold, but i dont want to believe on that  c) he, or someone in his family, is very ill and he lost all the emotional or physical capability to be on a computer  d) someone he loved died, and that "kills" a people for sure.

Its a shame that we dont have even his email so we could trace him (by visiting facebook, hi5, etc) or contact his family so we could know if he his ok. I will pray for him. He was, so far i remember, a very nice guy.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Kazbadan bye bye
October 02, 2008, 18:19:22
Thanks Tay ;), after tomorrow i will get  married !

But i will not close my astralpulse registration. Sooner or later i hope to comeback :)

I enjoyed your company over the last few years, astralpulse was the only place over internet that was some kind of virtual home lol, a cozy place where i feel good. So, this is just a temporary good bye i hope :)

I bet nothing will happen. Dont wast ur time.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Kazbadan bye bye
October 01, 2008, 08:10:00
loool, thanks :D
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Kazbadan bye bye
September 30, 2008, 15:57:41
Hello old APforum members! I dont know if some of you still being here...

Well, its just to say...good bye!! I am going to marry right this week! :)

Also, i think i will get without net for months (or more probably).

It was a pleasure  to be with in your company!

A special big hug for Nay :)

hi! I am afraid of a third WW too.
1st, Russia is playing with fire and provoking European countrys
2nd, USA gov is being stupid on responding on an agressive way to russia. I hope that the animal called Bush do not forget that if a war starts the 1st ones suffering with a possible war, are normal european people like me (Portugal) that are not related with this childy confusions.
Yes, i know that one "kills buddha". I was just answering to the thread starter about the idea that one is free if follows is own path. In fact, when i learn buddhism i must follow my own path. In fact, Buddha himslef says that only yourself can work to reach elightnment.

What i was trying to explain was precisely that: i gave an example of a religion where, if you follow it, you get free and still being "following your own path" (altought the way to follow it was discovered by Buddha).

Do you understand? lol. I think that there is a problem of understanding to the language/syntax (my problem of coarse, since i cant explain very well in english :-)
Still having no news from Frank??

Anything? The nature of his problem, his actual health state...anything
Give me ANY topic and i will give "strange" coincidences with them and numbers.

ITs easy to create sch stuff!

For example: George W Bush: 11 letters?? Wrong! Because his complete name is not that one. (the W is something more, right?). Also: Afghanisthan (whatever you write it in english) as 11 letters: ok, but if you write it in Afeghan or portuguese or whateverm u will not have 11 letter.s


thats just (with all respect) crap

I WOULD like to have more strenght to follow buddhism.

I dont think that following buddhism means to be (quoting Tayesin):
"I do not attach to any belief-system because each one is based on control of us, and because of this each one limits what we can experience."

Why i do not agree?

Its like science: if i want a teacher wants to teach, lets say, Relativity to his students, he will not force the students to do from scratch what Einstein did. I mean: in a school, students don tneed to recreate from zero and from themselves the things they learned. They dont have to to alone and by themselves, the theories they are studying (so, if i am going to study quantics, i dont have to discover bymyself everything!) . Thats loosing time and thats impossible! So, in school we have our work more easy, because we just need to "review"  /learn with help (from books, teacher, classes, etc) these things.

With buddhism its the same: why should i loose time, years and years, to discover the path that was found, at 2500 years ago, by Sidhart Gautama (Buddha)? He found the path, now its more easy for me and others: we just need to follow the path. Of course thats its advisable to look at what buddha said, before we follow his doctrine. Buddha himself said that! If, after a reflection, i like what he says (i mean: if i like buddhism) then i will follow it.

And doing that is not loosing me freedom.

Do you get my point? :)
Anunaki, 2012, yaddayadda = bullshits
Budhism helps a lot to but i am not even able to start meditation.
And whatever you may say, stress can be caused by external factors too...try to work a lot and then try to work little. you will see the difference. but now in portugal a teacher cannot work little...