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Great perspective, Tides! There are infinite things to discover and infinite ways to discover them. That's what makes existence truly fascinating! :)
This question often comes up when we try to analyze our experiences. Here is my understanding using analogies. Feel free to express your ideas.

-The "little" me is the version of my physical persona that I perceive myself to be in this moment/frame of this version of reality.  I am MVB born in the 20th century in EU, Planet Earth, linear version 100007654.                                                                                                                                                                                (In my view, there are infinite versions of every single point of consciousness existing simultaneously in the multiverse.)

-The "big" me is what we call the oversoul/the higher mind. It perceives itself is all personas all at once that it chose to express itself as and their infinite versions, including the "little" me. I am MVB born in 20th century EU, Earth, linear version 100007654 I am  a potato digger born in England in the middle ages Earth linear version 984557786565444, I am a roman soldier, I am the King of Scotland in 1398 AD, I am a member of the galactic confederation from Orion, I am  a blade of grass, I am an insect on planet  Mars, I am a stream of color in realm 18765 frequency, etc. I am all the above all at once without being confused. I am able to perceive myself as this large entity, not viewing myself as one character at a time linearly, but all at once as one being.                                                                                                                                                                              (In my view, the "big" me is the main programmer of the themes and experiences of the "little" us. But the "little" us have the power within their themes to evolve, learn, gain knowledge, expand, etc through situational lessons set up by the programmers, cooperation with other points of consciousness, tests to re-discover themselves from many points of view, testing their pre-programmed and acquired  beliefs within their enclosed game environments, testing how many self-imposed filters they can shed with each experience, choosing certain sets of lessons within each "life time", etc)

-The "all" me is All That Is perceiving itself as all versions of all points of consciousness and their infinite persona expressions including the "little" me and the "big "me simultaneously in one infinite moment. (In my view, the "all" me is the ultimate creator of everything". The big" me and the "little" me are fragmentations of consciousness. Each fragment though is never separate from All That Is. It just places filters/cloaks to block certain perceptions for the purpose of experiencing individualized story lines and expressions. All That Is is always in a state of becoming. It has no beginning and no end.

The best analogy (on a much smaller scale though, but you get the idea) to understand how the fragments perceive themselves and how can I/you imagine what is it to be the "big" me and the "all" me is the following:

-I am a child and I can not understand what it is to be anything else, although I am told by others what it is, I simply cannot comprehend because I am not within that other frame of reality (this is the "little" me)

-Now I am an adult and I understand what it is to be a child, but also an older sister, an aunt, a friend, a student, an engineer, a researcher, a mentor, a piano player, a karate master, etc. I can perceive all these roles as a part of me all at once without being confused or without the need to experience all these roles one at a time.  (this is the "big" me)

-Now, I am an adult and perceive myself being all these roles but in addition, I have learned how to AP and perceive parts of me that I never knew existed. I have the ability to perceive myself as ONE with everything. (this is the "all" me), and I am not confused, I am not lost within the infinite characters, no persona is ever lost or sees to exist, it is and always will be a part of the ONE, and the ONE will always know each "little" me as the ONE. Just like I am aware of my childhood, my adulthood, and I perceive both with the same validity, none is ever placed aside, both go in tandem of who the bigger me is, the same way no persona is ever "blended" or "dissolved" within the ONE. But all fragments perceive themselves as one entity

Conclusion: The only difference between the above various "me" is the filters that create the illusion of separation. To understand this and to know that at this very moment I/you ARE "All That Is" and to give the "little" us the ability to peel away more filters and within the enclosed game environment to actually see from far above and understand not only ourselves but all other personas and their purposes within our vicinity and collectively.
What comes to mind is that the mansion with its countless rooms is a blueprint/templates for physical world/experiences creation. I may be far from what you guys think of the mansion/house, but it can serve many purposes and show reflections of our physical personal reality as well. Or show us various possibilities for directions we can take should we chose different actions.
if anyone is interested, below is a link to a documentary called "That Sugar Film". IT really gives a perspective how BAD sugar is, but sugar is hidden in so many products and it has so many names. People are not even aware that they are consuming excessive amounts of sugar. This guy from Australia did an experiment and started consuming "healthy" food as many people think is healthy but accumulating so much sugar from them daily. he monitored his vitals, blood results, behavior and weight during the time he switched to this typical diet which kids also are fed. the film is very entertaining to see him switching, the way he starts feeling with sugar highs and crushes, he travels to America to confront the large companies that advertise products as healthy or do not acknowledge that sugar destroys people's health. Overall very entertaining, but it opens the eyes if anyone is not aware how people get deceived and brainwashed by advertising and government guidelines for food intake. This directly affects the brain, emotions, behavior, etc, and also overall physical health.
I found through so many experiments with eating and exercising that my optimal sharpness, awareness, increased downloads, increased APs, correspond with intermittent fasting, low carb diet, very nutritious food with lots of veggies, and daily exercising. The optimal of all is when I fast for 48 hrs. I typically do that once a month. I feel light as a feather, my mind is extremely sharp and clear. I feel like my brain is free to transmit.  I also drink dandelion coffee with several scoops of mushroom powder from Lion's mane, Turkey tail ( studies show that Turkey Tail kills cancer) and Reishi, and I add a teaspoon of matcha as well. 
I love how you have given names of your crystals :)
Every time I go to my local mall, I visit the crystal store. It's packed with giant crystals and art of all forms and sizes. I particularly like the ones that look like glistening snow. I just cant take my eyes off of them. When I put my hand near a giant crystal I immediately feel the pulling sensation. Not so much with the smaller ones. So, the mass of the crystals probably effects the strength of the energy. I imagine some day buying tons of large crystals and making a special room in my house all of crystals, to look like a different planet.
Hey that gives me an idea. I haven't thought of this before, but next time I AP, I will request to be taken to a crystal planet or dimension. That would be fun! Can you imagine the scene, the colors, shapes and illumination. And also communicating with them.
Quote from: Tak on March 17, 2024, 22:22:04the vast majority of people are too immersed in the everyday life problems, paying taxes, feeding their children, not losing their job, they don't have enough money... There is time to think about aliens? Looking at the stars on a clear night and think, is there anything more than this?

I have accepted a long time ago the diversity of this Earth school and the necessity of diversity. It's what makes it a school, and it makes the discoveries and achievements on individual level more magical.
But, I remember when I was little during the summer our family would sit out on the terrace every night and admire the stars and the Moon. My dad bought a very powerful binocular so we can look at the Moon up close, especially during full moon. I was fortunate to have been bourn to a family of very open minded people and despite the life challenges, my mom and dad never lost their sense of adventure and imaginative thinking. And one night, one of our neighbors stopped by. She was all about gossip, money, very earth drama oriented. My mom said, look the sky is full of stars tonight, isn't it beautiful, just to think how big the cosmos is. And the neighbor looked it her with puzzling expression and said "what kind of thinking is that?" and laughed at us and started telling us some gossip stories lol. I thought, OMG, I don't understand how is she not interested to know what is beyond our Earth? Back then I did not have that much wisdom and as I have now. But now I know, juts like I did not understand her, the same way she did not understand us. She had chosen to have a very focused human experience of a certain theme for reasons she had chosen on a higher level to learn something. We have all agreed to be co-existing in a  diverse environment to benefit form our differences in terms of learning. And I am thankful for the opportunities. In no way all of my observations imply judgement. I am just observing the dynamic of this school and the rate of growth, my own and collectively. My human part wishes everyone to be graduating with flying colors, but I know this is not how it works and to respect everyone's rate and choices of learning methods. Love to all precious souls who have chosen the hard road.
Amazing, Casey! Thank you for telling your story and contributing to the mass awareness!
Of course, there are many, many possibilities. No doubt there are many non-3D beings we make contact. But our physical cosmos must have billions of civilizations just as physical as we are, some more advanced able to travel fast through galaxies, some less advanced, some on our level. Just like people from different continents on Earth found how to connect with each other, just like this we can establish visitations and open interaction with other planets' intelligent inhabitants. As far as our growth, I think this is one of the main reasons more advanced civilizations do not want to openly contact us yet.
Quote from: tides2dust on March 16, 2024, 19:48:32I think the idea of mass contact can be interpreted in so many different ways. Some believe that such an event has already occurred, is occurring now.

To me mass open contact is ETs being among us to the public openly without hiding, speaking to us physically, talking interviews on the news, partying with us lol, landing their ships openly and getting out to the public to communicate face to face. Taking us on space ship rides would be cool. All that physical, ETs that are physical like us living here in this dimension, maybe some civilizations having abilities to shift from physical to non-physical easy and effortlessly, but still having home planets in our version of the physical universe. 
Wow, I dont know what triggered the experience last night, perhaps the focus on the above. This is the first time I am experience something of this nature, where in the experience I thought I am not in a dream nor I am APing. I thought it was real in the physical plane.
It was night time and the sky was swarming with all kinds of strange flying objects. My friend had no interest and said she was going inside the store. When I was left alone outside Infront of me appeared a thin woman with straight shoulder length reddish hair and very white face, not typical for a human. Everything else appeared humanoid. She said "Come with me". I said "Oh, you are an ET, aren't you?". Then I said, "but my friend will be out any time and she will look for me. Can you bend time and space and return me at this point in time?" She said "Of course, I can". Then she touched my hand and we teleported into her ship. At that very moment, I came to the realization that this was actually real and it was not a dream, nor an AP. That was my perception. I said " Is this taking place in the astral?" She replied "No, this is real". Then she said " We are going to enhance your vision and hearing". She put her hands in front of my eyes and and I felt warm energy waves on my face. Then she touched my ears and I felt a strong pressure and twisting sensation. That sensation cased me to wake up. MY ears were ringing like crazy, my body was buzzing and I thought, oh interesting. Then, instantly I felt asleep again and I returned instantly to the ship. I said to her "Wow, I just woke up in my bed and now I am back, is this real" She said " It is actually real, dont you know". Then she held with an instrument something that seems taken from a human body, it was small and covered in blood. She mentioned something about a child. I said " Oh, no, I dont want any children, dont do anything weird to me" She smiled and said "This is you as a child (it appeared that this was me in a form of a fertilized egg). She said "When we change the past and alter your DNA when when you were an embryo, it will reflect in your present".
That kind of freaked me out and I woke up again in my bed with my body buzzing. I did not return any more to that scene, but this was the first time I had an actual long conversation with an ET that I perceived as real and she also said it was taking place in the physical. I thought maybe this is what the people who report abductions experience.
This morning I am not noticing any changes within my vision or hearing. I've never had any issues, but I will monitor if I notice any enhancements. 
Quote from: tides2dust on March 16, 2024, 07:29:19It was raining. The first OBE I almost missed the chance by resisting that overcoming sensation(again). I get over that instinct to fight much faster now. I feel this wavy lullaby sensation and I start rocking my arms out from my body. I decide to stand up, success. I decide not to walk but to float- even better.

That's exactly what I observe every time I experience rain or snow in the astral. Not wet, not cold, but extremely pleasant feeling against my skin. And I've had APs underwater where I found I wont suffocate, there is no need of breathing lol. But while being underwater, the water felt like some pleasant substance, no resistance, just very pleasant surrounding my body.
I wonder if open, mass ET contact occurs, would most people expect the ETs to help us with various things that we have not yet achieved or discovered and to be expected from them to tell us all the things we don't know about the universe. How would people feel especially those in power since the ETs appear to be more superior with their abilities and technological advancements.

When I make attempts to make contact I send messages that I intend only friendship and love between us, and I would not ask them to help me in any way with my own challenges unless they feel they want to show me something. I don't want them to feel obligated to help because they are capable. But humans tend to get offended if friends can, but don't help or do favors. I am trying to picture the most probable scenario of a mass contact the way humans behave and think today. And if humans are ready. Or if ETs are waiting for humans to mature more.
The cosmos is so beautiful! Thank you for posting these images, Tides! And you are right, we as humans need various tools to assist with enhancing the inner experiences. I'm glad you are having fun with the app.
I dare not to use it too often, because I'm like OMG this is too good to be true. I dont want to jinx it. And I realize that is a type of fear. I wait until I feel extra extra strong desire to connect. 
Oh, how exciting, Tak! You have to tell us all about your QHHT session.
About your UFO sightings, that's incredible, it's like you manifest it with your super strong intent.
Very nice experience, Tides! Sometimes dreams show us what is the most probable near future event that we have created to be observed in the physical. Creation always starts in the non-physical via our thoughts, believes, intent, our goals as an oversoul, etc, and observable reflection in the physical is the aftermath. So your dream showed you the most probable event that you have already created and were about to experience in the physical buying the app, making a connection and the result of that connection. 

About the app, I find it very useful to experience these unique and special events. It puts your mind into a different mind set, it evokes intent more strongly as if you were to try on your own, at least for me. I had tried connecting on my own many times before through my own meditation and focus, thoughts, etc, but never produced these types of experiences as with the app. The crop circles tones alone REALLY take my mind deep into a believable state that these signals are now going into space and someone is detecting them. The first time I played them, I got goosebumps and said to my self OMG I am transmitting, someone is hearing these signals now and they can see where in the cosmos they are coming from. I felt sort of exposed, but an exciting feeling that someone flying nearby's devices and radars are now being activated and they are looking at the signal to see wo is sending them. To me this is the most significant part of the app that helps me to set the intent and excitement without much effort on my part.

I personally dont have a problem using thing that serve my purpose from organizations or individuals that I may observe as different than my frequency in terms of level of integrity and intent, because we can discern what may harm us and what may help us by interacting with them in any form. We are here to learn from one another and know that each plays a specific role in this game. What we perceive as negative serves the others as learning tools. There are agreements on a higher level and after all we are one. I have respect to every point of consciousness regardless of what role they have agreed to play for the purpose of creating opportunities for growth. With this mindset, I always see and perceive their good side that provides me what I need when I need it.
Welcome to Dreams! / Reversing Darkness
March 08, 2024, 09:45:25
Last night's dream was semi lucid, because I kept questioning things as I was comparing with my physical reality and wondering, but "something" kept me from becoming fully lucid, because when I do, I typically get out of whatever scenario I am dreaming and go off to my own preferred adventures. This time, I guess my higher self or something/someone else wanted me to stay in this scenario for a reason, but have enough lucidity to make certain decisions.
In the dream, I was flying above a beautiful neighborhood, the people below were walking, laughing, going about their life. I thought that I can't be seeing and I should lift higher so they could not see me or take pictures of me. I knew they were not ready to know what I know. As I was flying, I saw three beautiful women hovering around a tree and there were a few babies in nests in the tree. But the women had wings. This is what I questioned, and I asked them if they were humans. They said they were human fairies. They asked me if I knew the secret since I was a human but I could fly. Then we found ourselves in a large banquet hall where the entire town was gathering for a celebration. But suddenly, we saw through the large windows that a dark smoke was coming down from the sky and was destroying everything it touched. The smoke was coming towards our building as well. The scene was very scary, people were screaming and panicking. As the smoke descended upon our building, I stretched my hands up and started shooting energy. I asked the fairy women to help me. They joined and our energy field became stronger. I was yelling "reverse, reverse, shield, shield". I was trying so hard to increase my energy to be able to defeat the rad smoke, but it was not enough. Then I started yelling at everyone inside the hall. I told them that they had the same energy, but they had to believe to be able to use it. I urged them to join us. A lot of them did, and our shield increased. The dark smoke completely covered the building, everything became dark but we could still breathe under our energy shield. Each of our energy streams was visible to us and had different colors. Mine was on the violet spectrum, but as many people joined, I saw all kinds of colors. I noticed a very old man standing next to me being very scared and not even trying to use his energy. I asked him to at least try. He said there was no point, there was nothing meaningful in his life for him to stay alive and he doubted he had any power at all. I screamed at him and told him as long as he breathes is' worth fighting to honor the gift he's been given to exist. His expression changed, he stretched his hands and started shooting energy. I said "see, you do have power, you just have to believe". I saw that the darkness was retreating and the damage we observed previously was gone.

Quote from: omcasey on March 07, 2024, 19:29:20Does everyone already know the APP Lightbeam is referring to? I've not heard of it. Lightbeam, can you link me to exactly what it is that you are using?

Hi Casey, see the link to the app and the explanation what it is. It costs only $10 to buy. You can also search for Dr. Steven Greer on youtube to learn about his work. He is the developer of this app to initiate contact with ETs.
Quote from: tides2dust on March 07, 2024, 17:55:31OOO! Same, same. I have been hoping to make a personal pilgrimage to Sedona, AZ- I was hoping to discover more of the Peacock Angel. This year does not seem as plausible as I thought. It looks like next year is more realistic.

Great! And for fun, jut put the request out there as a highly desired thing to do, release from your mind what you may think are restrictions and see what happens. If we stay open to ALL possibilities, we will not place limitations. We don't have to think how it may happen. We just have to FEEL it and see what signs our higher mind will show us.
Hi Tak, yes, fear is one of the greatest obstacles humans need to overcome. We are getting there, maybe slowly but surely. I'm glad you've had positive experiences that had provoked your curiosity and given you glimpses of your potential.
The retreat is scheduled the end of May 2024 around Memorial day in the US and it will be in Sedona, AZ where the energy vortexes are. I have been to Sedona before and the energy is so strong, I felt it constantly especially as tingling on my fingertips and hands when standing on the vortex locations. I will try to attend, but it's just a day before I return from my EU vacation. We'll see. I really want to meet likeminded people in person. If anyone is interested the information is on the QHHT page-

That's beautiful, Tides! I like the idea of a universal citizen. :)
EV, and Tides, I recommend the app, but use it individually. If you happen to be with a group of people, then it would be fun via the feeling of collective adventure. I have never tried with a group, but I may go to one of the Dolores Cannon's retreats where they do this every time. They said in Spain last year they had a sighting and showed the video.
the three times I tried the app on my own, I did not stare at the sky long, as I was looking though my window, but did most meditation with eyes closed. My experiences have been within the next dimension, not physical, but that is also exciting. Maybe there have been physical encounters but our memories erased for a reason. That was my perception last time, where I completely lost sense of time passing. Like something disappeared in a pocket of time/space.
I have used the CE5 Contact App 3 times so far and every time it produces very interesting occurrences. I've had this app for quite some time, but I don't use it unless I get a very strong feeling of wanting to connect. Otherwise, I don't want to force anything, I just follow my intuition and inner signals when I need to take action about anything in general. I just ride the wave of synchronicity in life and I pay attention to inner messages.
Last night, I got that feeling again and I started the app. I did a deep meditation welcoming benevolent beings and sending them the coordinates of my location. Towards the end of the meditation, I had a very clear flash image, clearer than a physical image, a hand stretching out wanting to hold mine. The hand looked very much the hand of the ET from the ET movie. Then the entire being came into view. It looked like a humanoid tree, all brown with branches like arms and legs. It had a very friendly energy signature. I touched its hand and there was a flash of light which startled me and I snapped back out of the meditative state.
Then I went to bed, still holding the image I saw of the ET and I asked to continue our interaction during dreaming/AP. Right as I was falling asleep, I saw the same hand right in front of my face, but it was holding a large white pill, giving me to take. I actually snapped awake from that flash image because I was like, what the hell, why are you giving me pills lol. I didn't know what to think, what was the purpose of the pill and was it safe for me. That produced some resistance on my part out of fear. I did not have any dreams or APs last night.
I believe everyone experiences this phenomena at some point in their lives. I have observed it many times in my own life. And most of the time things get worse when I am too reluctant to go out of my comfort zone on my own, to take steps into the unknown to improve things I desire improvement. The fear of possible unfavorable outcomes or lack of confidence in ourselves are often the obstacles.  But this is where our higher self comes into play as it sits on the mountain top and sees every possibility and opportunity. It sees that we can and we are capable of and pushes us out of our comfort zone by creating the circumstances which we perceive as challenges. But the higher self is still us, so in a way we create the challenges for ourselves, just the conscious portion of ourselves does not realize it.
So, from energetic point of view, if new things are to emerge, old things need to be removed and this is the time of worsening that is perceived. If you want a newer house, you can't build it upon the old one. First you have to remove the old paint, the falling foundation, the cracked doors and windows. But you have to keep working on it and know that in a little while, you will have a new house. If you stop or do not initiate the  building process just because you are afraid to be left without doors and windows temporarily, you will never have the new house. Now, replace "new house" with, better health, financial abundance, greater love and relationship, etc, you will see that in each of these transformations there will be temporary worsening of the current situation. You will experience loss of the old in order to make space and build the new.
A better health may require a detox program, a change of eating habits, more exercising. All of these changes will trigger dying of old cells, withdrawal effects of substances, sore muscles from work outs until your body renews itself and becomes stronger. Unconsciously via your higher self you may create an illness to push yourself to make a change in your eating habits and lifestyle if you don't initiate this by conscious choice.
If you desire a greater love and relationship, you will create the circumstances of a break up to push yourself to get out of the current one and look for something better if you do not initiate this consciously by choice.
If you desire financial abundance, you may create the circumstances of losing your job in order to look for something better. This was the case for my sister. She was forced to look for something else when the situation with her colleagues became unlivable. But she had this job for 15 years and she felt comfortable as far as stability, but the physical labor was burdensome. She was reluctant to look for something else because she felt she could not find stability somewhere else. Well, her conscious self could not see what her higher self was seeing from the mountain top, so one day her higher self said, that's enough, I am pushing you by force. She had no choice but to look for another job. She was very fearful, but I knew all along this was a blessing in disguise. I told her that to stay positive. Shortly after, she found a new position in the same company where she still had the stability but the job was 10 times less demanding, very easy and had a better pay. But had the higher self not created the situation with her colleagues scenario to force her, she would have missed her potential and would have missed to find something she was desiring.
Always trust that there are reasons behind every challenge and that we from the standpoint of our higher selves do create them to push us along to reach our full potential. But if we resist and blame external forces for our "misfortunes" we may extend that "worsening time" very long.
Quote from: tides2dust on March 04, 2024, 21:06:58If the Earth gets blown up- not so what. It's a big deal! To me. :roll: I chose to incarnate here, and I know this region of time and space is very unique. Very special. Hehehe.  Our planet is such a gracious host... This is the direction I have chosen. That means dancing, being confused, getting angry, not understanding, loving, learning... And I believe this planet is very, very special! That it is important to experience that here. That this planet... No, this Universe has its own personality. I believe it. I feel it. I can not be dispassionate about it. *To me* that is a good thing.  :-)

:) My point is that we experience infinite versions of something including Earth life. In one version Earth gets destroyed, in another survives, in another the population kills one another, in another version there is bliss and synchronicity. In all of these versions we are participants. We are just not realizing it fully as isolated characters. But if we understand the nature of existence as a whole, we will not be so concerned about one isolated scenario's outcome, because we experience them all anyway.   
I look at things on the bright side. What's the rush. We have eternity to rediscover ourselves from infinite points of views with infinite lessons learned in infinite number of ways. I accept all, as all is a part of All That Is. If Earth gets blown up tomorrow, so what. This would be just one of the infinite versions of earth, and given that all scenarios exist in the multiverse, this really is no big deal. The consciousness constantly jumps from one reality to another and from one scenario/version to another, whether perceiving thongs from the smaller scale to the largest of them all. But always in a state of becoming, forever and ever, and ever. Just wanted to portray how small our problems truly are in the grandest of scales.