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This is my first post here.  I've lurked for a few days and figured when the time was right I would contribute.  Well, today the time is right.  I want to share an experience that I just had.  I'm not prepared to refer to this as an OBE, but I'm also not completely prepared to simply call it a dream.

A tiny bit of history about me before I get into the experience:  I keep a daily dream journal.  I've had many lucid dreams over the years--beautiful, wonderful, liberating lucid dreams.  I've always leaned toward the spiritual/metaphysical but I've kept a healthy perspective of personal skepticism to help guide me.  I meditate and practice relaxation techniques regularly.  As a child I dealt with sleep terrors and conscience awareness of sleep paralysis.  Now in my early 30's I recently began experimenting with attempts to leave my body.  I've read Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buhlman, and I'm almost through reading Robert A. Monroe's Journeys Out of the Body (there are three other books from various authors, including Bruce, that I plan to read soon).

Sorry for the length of this post, but now I'll get to the meat of it:
I decided to lay down a couple hours after I awoke this morning.  I did this for the purpose of practicing OBE techniques.  I was on my back, in a very comfortable position, and I began deep relaxation techniques.  Soon I was in the familiar hypnogogic state and saw visions inside my eyelids.  I paid the visions no mind and continued to focus on the blackness.  My awareness of my body started to fade, as though I was becoming numb, and I began to say an affirmation, "I will retain clarity and awareness when I separate.  I am out-of-body." (I've made it to this point--and possibly a bit beyond--several times in the past.)  Then I remembered that Monroe said that you could mentally pull the vibrations into your head from the space above you--and that's what I did.  They felt clunky and loud in the beginning, then I focused on the idea on sending them throughout my body.  Then I guided the vibrations to become faster and finer...more like a buzzing.  I decided to test things a little.  I stretched out my arms to my sides and eventually my right hand felt something.  It was the door jam, which was about 6 feet away from me.

This is where it seems really odd.  I still couldn't see anything.  I wanted to look and see if I was really touching the door jam.  When I tried to look it seemed like I was doing so with my physical eyes.  It was a struggle to open my lids, and they kept fluttering and obscuring my vision.  And while things looked strange, my arm didn't look stretched and long.  When I stopped worrying about my vision I continued to "feel" the empty doorway.  I could make out the intricacies of it with my hand.  The vibrations became louder and 'clunkier' again and I felt drawn into my physical body more.  I stayed calm an guided them to become faster and finer again.  I willed myself to float off the bed, and I could feel myself rising.  When I tried to verify this with my vision, I had the same problems with poor, fluttering vision.  The vibrations seemed more violent and again I was drawn to my body.  Again I corrected the vibrations.  This time I mentally requested that I "become my higher self" that I see my "spiritual essence (or "soul").  I felt like I rose high from the bed and started to have very odd visions.  I could see what looked like distorted images of cartoony animals...each animal glowed with a different color (and the colors seemed to correspond to chakra colors.)  

This time when the vibrations drew me back to my body, I decided I needed to get up and examine my physical environment (really give that door jam a good look, etc.)  But while I thought I was doing that, instead it wasn't real.  I was dreaming it.  In fact, from there I began a series of vivid and surreal dreams (far to lengthy to summarize here.)

Okay, here's my dilemma.  Did any of this happen?  Or was it all part of a vivid dream?  I remember having the feeling of "I'm doing it!  I'm really doing it!" while it was happening, but with the segue to dreams I can't be sure any of it was real.  It felt real, but the skeptic in me won't say absolutely that it was real.  Part of me thinks that this was an intense dream brought on by my having just read about Monroe's separation techniques prior to lying down.

Thanks for reading all of this.  I'd love to hear any thoughts you may have about it.

Welcome to the forums, NotthEOne

It sounds like you're really making some good progress.  You'll find lots of hints and how-tos in the many posts on the forums.  I highly recommend the search feature--there's just so much good stuff to sift through.

Welcome to Members Introductions! / Newbie
July 04, 2004, 08:31:44
Welcome to the forums, Soulvibe

Hope you enjoy yourself here!

Welcome to the forums, Redwolf

As for your question about deep achieve what?  Do you mean how long should you practice deep relaxation as part of an attempt at acheiving OBE?  If so, I don't think you can get an answer in hours, instead it's going to be the answer nobody likes, either "it depends" or "it's different for everyone."  Those are the right answers, I think.

Some people need a long period of relaxation to reach trance or a body asleep state.  Others may be able to do it in a very short time.  Some will be able to shorten the amount of time with practice.  

That's the best answer I can give you.

Hi, Joshua

I'm sure your input will be very well received around here.  I look forward to reading more from you.

Tayesin wrote:
By trying to control every aspect of the process we make it more difficult for ourselves.
I totally agree with that.  Besides, nothing makes thoughts more stubborn than trying to forcefully banish them [:)]

Hi, DukeLordxX.

The noise of unwanted internal talk used to be really distracting when I would try reaching trance state.  It's pretty easy to get past it now, but I didn't start out by trying to force it away.  Instead I would just relax about it and let a thought drift in and then I would sort of answer it, like:

Unintended thought:  I need to pay that electric bill
Response thought:  I do need to pay it, but I can do that tomorrow.
UT:  I wonder if I'll ever move away from here.
RT:  Probably one day—doesn't really matter.
UT: What ever happened to that stuffed monkey I had when I was a kid?
RT:  That's a funny thing to think of now?  Hmm, probably lost it.  It's okay.

After a couple of minutes the thoughts would fade.  For some reason engaging them would help.  Little fragments of thought would still seep in, but I just made it into a game.  If a couple of words came to mind I wouldn't think of the meaning of the words—I would just let my mind picture the letters floating by in front of me and then floating away.  Eventually I would feel myself drift into quiet trance.  The key for me was to never become frustrated by the mental chatter.

Now, most of the time, I don't have to go through all of that.  I just go through a mental checklist to relax myself and then focus on my intent, but in the beginning those techniques helped me.

Yeah, Runlola can run faster to post than Reemy.  Not surprising [^]

Runlola, your little running Lola at the bottom of your posts hypnotizes me.  I have to snap myself out of it. It's all good because my brain can use the break.
First, welcome to the forums,  invisicode!

It sounds like maybe you started to exit your body and lost control and lucidy and then slipped into sleep.  Who knows?  Maybe your adventure continued and you just lost the memory.  Or, maybe it wasn't an OBE, but regardless it was a new experience for you and that's still progress.

I think you were close.

You may want to go here:
Click the link that says 'Paper on Pin Exercise'
Some people use foil instead of paper.

I don't have any experience with this, I just thought I'd share a link that I knew about.[:)]


edited to add:Oops, nevermind Runlola beat me to it[:D]
Not sure if it has to do with the amount of energy moving, though someone else may post some ideas about that.  I was just wondering if you are well rested physically when attempting this.  If you start when you're already tired it will probably be harder, at least in the beginning.  Have you experimented by trying it at different times throughout the day?

Good luck with your energy work.

How do I know when it is possible for me to move my astral body? Also does moving your astral body feel 100% like moving your physical body? If yes, then how exactly are you supposed to know which one you are moving?

Good questions!  You know, you'd probably get different answers from each poster.  I guess that's just the nature of this.  Well I'll give you the answers from my perspective.

I know that it's possible for me to move out of my body when the vibrations are just so [:)].  It's kind of hard to describe.  I feel the vibrations come on—usually very strong—and usually they seem the strongest in my head.  The first thing I do is focus my intent to have the vibrations spread throughout my body—I just sort of will it to happen.  Then I focus on the vibrations reaching a higher frequency—smoothing out to become faster and more even, almost like a buzzing throughout my body.  (When I say that I focus on these things, it's not like a deep focus, just a mild thought kind of focus.)

When it's just right (hard to explain how you know it's right, and it doesn't take long at all, maybe a minute or two to get just right) I will myself out of my body.   Some people prefer to sit up to get out of body, but for me I just think of floating and rise right up.

My body does not feel 100% like my physical body.  It feels absolutely as real, but usually lighter and more energized (although in some OBEs it can be just the opposite and leave one feeling heavy and tired.)  Of course when I'm floating there is no confusion about which body is moving, because darn-it-all my physical body just doesn't float [:D].

Hope that helps some.

Hi again, Dave!

I took note of your call sign so when hubby gets set up he'll have it.  He doesn't have the equipment yet, but he's excited to get it soon.  It's something his Dad used to do in 60's and he's always wanted to try it himself.

Mystic Man wrote:
Other than that, how are you and how are your OBE travels doing for you?

I'm okay--just rolling with the punches of everyday life (and it sure can punch hard at times[:)].)  As for my OBEs, the last week or two hasn't been very productive.  It's still pretty new for me and sometimes they seem to come easily and other times they don't come at all.  No worries, I think I've just been a bit stressed lately so I'm not it the best state to achieve them.

How 'bout you?

DukeLordxX wrote:
Last night I decided to try and AP by meditating, and reaching trance, but not really worrying about whether or not I APed.

That's the perfect attitude to have, not only because it's helpful for reaching AP, but also no matter what happens you don't feel like you failed at your attempt.  You didn't AP but you did reach a cool state.

Like Moonburn33 said, I think you reached a light trance--and if that's a new state for you then it's still awesome progress.  In similar states I've had my eyes move quickly, but for me it seems more like a spasm in my eyelids.

When the vibrations hit they are unmistakable.  So you're right that you probably didn't reach them.

As for your inner dialogue, well, at least in the beginning, it's almost impossible to shut it off.  The best thing to do is to try not to think too much on it.  Sort switch your inner voice to that of a nonchalant observer.  You can still take mental note of the things you are feeling but just don't focus on it too much on it or get too excited.  The more you do this the easier it is.

BTW, the forums do NOT blow [:D]  I know in my short time here they've been an excellent resource.  I hope they will be for you, too.

Welcome to Members Introductions! / Hi!
June 24, 2004, 12:49:49
Hi, Roni
Nice to meet you, too!

Hi, Mystic Man!  Welcome to the forums[:)]

I took a peek at your profile and see that you're a ham radio enthusiast.  My hubby has always wanted to get into that.  Seems like a fun hobby.

Hope you have fun here.  I look forward to reading your posts.

Welcome to Members Introductions! / Greetings
June 23, 2004, 15:53:08
Hi, Kevin!  Welcome to the forums[:)]

There's a lot of information here on energy work, so you should find plenty to satisfy you.

As for meditating with noisy folks around, I find earplugs really help.  Just the cheap little squishy ones from the drug store.  If you live in the woods, definitely try to do it outside sometime.  I love meditating in the forest!

Okay, I'll give it a shot.

I get a monkey (probably an ape, actually.)  And...a cat.

That's all. Doubt it's right--maybe I just have monkeys on the brain.[:D]

Hi, Crystak!  Welcome to the forums[:)]

I just wanted to chime in about the part where your son percieves colors with different people.  It sounds like he may have synesthesia.  It's very similar to what I experienced as a kid and I'm  a synesthete.  For me it also includes some words having a taste, sounds having feeling and visual references, and some objects have a percieved's different for everyone with synesthesia.  Don't worry, it's not some type of awful disorder--we're just lucky to have been born with extra sensory inputs.

If you want to read up on it, you might try this site:
or just do a google search on it.  From the way you described your son referencing people with colors, it just really stuck a chord with me--especially given how young he is.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / AstralSkeptic
June 15, 2004, 10:56:26
Welcome to the forums, Tjoe.
Then the career got in the way and now that I am older I am skeptical about what I thought I'd experienced all those years ago.

I think this is really common.  I can think of experiences from my youth that were completely real to me at the time, then years went by and the responsibilities and more mundane parts of life became the focus, and those things from so long ago didn't seem as real.  It's all about perspective.  Now I'm more open to these experiences again and making new ones.  For me it's like an awakening or a new cycle of personal growth.  

I still have my skeptical side.  It forces me to constantly analyze and question what I perceive to be happening.  Perceptions are tricky things.[;)]

So the key for me is using my mind to let the vibes course throughout my body and also using my mind to increase the intensity to the correct level for me to separate.

I do this, too.  I got the technique from Buhlman as well.  Buhlman's advice concerning the adjustments to the vibrations works--the frequency seems easy to alter and they are much more manageable when they're spread out.  Your right that Buhlman's book is worth reading, although I do have some complaints about it.  He repeats himself a lot, which I found tedious, but he really does have some good ideas.

As for sitting up verses floating out?  Floating, for me, is so much easier.  It doesn't require any effort.  I really should try sitting up more often, but when I've done that in the past I've become stuck from the waist down.  I need to work on it more.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Kevin.


Hi, Joe!  Welcome to the forums [:)]
Sounds like you had a really intense experience.  I'm sorry to hear about your sister-in-law.  It must be a very hard time for you and your family.  I hope you are able to find out what's happened to her soon.

Welcome to Members Introductions! / Hallo
June 10, 2004, 02:56:44
Your English seems very good [:)]  Welcome to the forums.  I'm sure you'll find lots of helpful information here.

cairnsb wrote:
this is probably the dumbest question asked on these boards, if so forgive me [:D]

cairnsb, I meant to say this in my first post: It's not a dumb question at all!  I think a lot of people wonder if there's a point to doing it and if it's worth the effort.

Dream Cadet wrote:
When I stop for several days, I actually have nights where I don't remember a single dream.

I've had the same thing happen.  If I'm feeling ill or even just particularly distrated I might let my journaling slide and in no time I start waking up sort of blank and stuggle to remember my dreams.  I think that's a great point that you brought up--it shows how much of an impact the journal can have.
Hi Malevicta.  It sounds like you'll be able to add some interesting input around here.  Be sure to share your dream experiences, as they sound like they're pretty interesting.  I'm fascinated by the changes the narcolepsy made.

Welcome to the forums!