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Kosta Danaos (sp?) books are exactly what I'm talking about. Paying to hear somone running his mouth without offering techniques.  All of that story telling space could be used to "enlighten" someone wihout  stringing them along further. The misdirection is intentional.

Often, the idea behind this kind of drivel is that you're supposed to seek the guy out. This is purely on blind faith, because what the guy says is unproven. So, how do you find him, what will he teach you, how long will that take, and how much will that cost?

If you want hope, live a purposeful life.  It is purpose which polarizes you and polarization which empowers.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / YOGA!
March 16, 2005, 09:44:24
QuoteTo make the journey East, where the Star shines, deep within the blue pearl... where the master resides... there is a highway with many lanes...
It is a "diamond" lane of exquisitely refined, inner action

Do you know what this is?
QuoteBut it IS the case is it not that the biblical jesus WAS of the line of David and therefore of Jewish royal blood, whatever we may say about stories of 'simple carpenters'?

I am agreeing with you fully on this point. IMO, it is likely that the only reason he was a carpenter is because the Jewish royal family was displaced from the throne by a foreign occupation. However, he was not poor. If Jesus was rich, to call him a carpenter may be similiar to comparing Donald Trump to a brasero laboring on the jobsite.  Though in different senses, both are builders.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / YOGA!
March 14, 2005, 22:53:05
Tyciol, how does confusion liberate?
I have simply said that Christ was holy as a result of His Spirit, not by His flesh.

Quotei'm not really into your religious preocupations, for my part, I was just pointing out the origins of a particular story/myth that did the rounds in England for a while. But good luck with whatever it is you are into!

Well, I'm not preoccupied with anything not Biblically proveable. Hopefully, you realize my awareness of the fact that history was always written by the victors, and from the onset of that history, royals have always sought to justify their nobility by claiming their descendence from gods.

QuoteNow, if you believe the Bible:
Matthew 24:4-5 "And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many."

I recognize a theory that the major false Christ we Christians are expecting will be a royal who will claim descendancy from God. A present religious movement toward the ecumenical combination of world religions would qualify him to a universal audience, but of course, world domination isn't very nice.

Therefore, rather than paying attention to the issues of human descendancy which will be played against you, I have warned to look for the fruits of the Spirit in the coming messianic dictator in order to disprove his worthiness.

QuoteGalatians 5:22-23 - kjv - "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law."

When a person who will be called god will walk upon the earth, will he have these?

I ask because, speaking of the heritage of Jesus of Nazareth, the royal family of Britain and some of Europe claim to be able to prove their descent from Christ. Given that Christ's descendancy from David makes him a king of Israel, there is an interesting possibility for one wishing to claim Messiaship to a world religion.

Another guy will be claiming to be Christ, and I don't want you asking the same thing.
I am aware that I often come across as militant, but have you ever read any book reviews regarding Nei kung? It seems to me that charlatans are inspiring you to relinquish energy to demons, and I cannot see how this would keep people from loosing all hope.  To the contrary. Though the information at the end of those Satanic links does not flow freely, it is better known that the incubi(succubi) mentioned classicly drain the reserves of mortals'. Also, if you go the respectful route, and acknowlege something like a Law of Equivalent Exchange, you are not saving yourself any trouble. If anything, it's like making a contract with the children of the Prince of Lies.

Show me a link to where I can see a feat for free, and I can tell you what the person is doing. If it is not for real, this should be readily apparent, also.
QuoteA more accurate method to describe reality would be after you turn over the top card to put it back into the deck and reshuffle before you turn over another top card. This makes the prediction much much harder.

That was my idea, exactly.
QuoteThe past most likely to have lead to this present had the highest degree of probability from here

You might PM me if any one of you have experimented to the effect that not all info on these devices is published.
BlackRose666, an adept should know that the Satanic mystery pertains to scattering the seeds of knowlege on the wind. As strange metaphors do not further illuminate those who have taken the highest degree, those metaphors (seeds of knowlege) tend toward the purpose of sparking the interest of would be intitiates.

I am unaware of your knowlege of Bruce's writings, but I have yet to encounter any of them not being in close proximity to descriptions of exorcisms. They would seem to be mentioned as though it were a given that such entities would attach themselves sometimes to any astral traveller.

Whether or not projections are in your everyday repertoire as an adept, it seems that you have performed an exercize with unsavory results. However, my definition of an adept is one who has reached not merely self-realization, but God-realization.
The past most likely to have lead to this present had the highest degree of probability from here, but this does not answer the question of how the MDR was programmed, except for that poeple have claimed to jump to parallel timelines..
The site is generally mentioned as having info, but it is suggested in this thread that we make sure is real.
That is somewhat normal. Is soreness from this gaze the only problem you are having with your eyes?
Remember that Lucifer is an angel of light, god of forces, lord of the world, directing eye, god of will. I am suggesting that you worship Lucifer, not his darker, Satanic counterpart - the other head with the leaden foot on the same eagle.

Seriously- The Lucis Trust has spent 50 years at the United Nations Plaza and is now based at 120 Wall Street. It has consulted dozens of top companies, including Coca Cola. In spite of conspiratorial allegations, it wasn't really a secret. Non-evangelicals never really cared that your most well known predecessors in this symbolism were open Satanists, but we can call them Luciferians if you like the sound of that better. Sorry, but even a petty LaVeyan can tell that the difference is nominal.

the Lucis Trust. They are a messianic organization that preaches respect of all people and cultures. They see a commonality in figures such as Christ and the Buddha. And they believe that the coming of the Avatar will be for all humanity, not just Christians. Also they are critical of Christian missionaries more concerned with nominal converts than spiritual converts. The group has sort of an ecumenical, One Religion kind of overtone. So you can see why our author found this relevant.

Additionally, and more damning, the Lucis Trust is listed as having ECOSOC Roster Consultative Status. The ECOSOC is responsible for promoting higher standards of living, full employment, and economic and social progress; identifying solutions to international economic, social and health problems; facilitating international cultural and educational cooperation; and encouraging universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. ECOSOC's purview extends to over 70 per cent of the human and financial resources of the entire UN system. (Text from the ECOSOC site.)

It turns out that any NGO in existence for at least two years and doing work related to this broad mandate can apply for this status. There are hundreds of them. Roster Status is a catch-all for NGOs that are not large and have no particular technical expertise.

Here's the kicker. Still in regards to the Lucis Trust:

   Intimately linked to the organization are former American president, Jimmy Carter; former German chancellor, Helmut Schmidt; former English prime minister, Lord Callaghan of Cardiff; former United States secretary of defense and retired president of the World Bank, Robert McNamara; and many others of similar standing throughout the world.

The Lucis Trust posted on their web site a copy of a statement on human responsibilities written by the completely unrelated InterAction Council. That document was endorsed by all of the above.

We conclude: (emphasis added)

   But, mixed in among the outrageous and thoroughly unbelievable, there are a few nuggets of truth that deserve greater scrutiny. One of them is the fact that an organization founded by an occult teacher of esoteric philosophy that advocates the formation of one world religion, and seems to have a particular distaste for Christians, has connections with the elite in every human discipline. You may not take Lucis Trust seriously; but the United Nations and world leaders do. The question is why.
Something which is figurative is a metaphor. To say that someone is a stick in the mud is figurative in as much as they are not really a stick in mud. To call someone a piece of excrement is figurative as this could not actually be true. The saying is called a figure of speech; it is figurative. This might get difficult for non-English speakers who are reading an automatically translated page.

Similarly, many metaphysical terms have double meanings. These are meant to be felt out. The meaning is imaginary rather than taken literally.

Some schools of kundalini call each circulation of the energy one lifetime. It does not take an entire human life for the energy to make one circulation. However, the thought used to force each circulation can be said to cause as much spiritual developement as having lived one lifetime would. Therefore, each circulation is called one lifetime. It's just symbolism.
Quotehow will surgically implanted screws affect said activity?

Nothing will necessarily, especially if you have no irregular symptoms suggesting imbalance in the area.

I would even go so far as to say that adornments can have a medicinal effect. It is all an issue of how they are being used and the ways in which they attract the wearer's attention to the area.

A torn leaf, like a severed limb,  shows where the remnant was on a Kirlian photo. I am talking about mental and spiritual aspects rather than the physical. There might be large ear rings in a person's ear. If a person thinks that they are heavy, then the idea of heaviness at the ears makes it's way into meditation, etc.

Simply do your best to provide for undivided attention.
Well the ancient order of the same name (Melchizedek) was Hebrew, not Egyptian. If the guy's info really came from a culture of such thorough record keeping, there is no reason to believe that it can only be bought from him.
QuoteInteresting but as far as i know the whole 'joseph in england connection' has no evidence to support it, being a product (and wishful thinking) of english romantics! The poem 'jeruselum' of course is all about this myth but it is clear that it is the usual attempt to give the country some mythic connection to something presumed great, just like Aeneas, founding Rome, or i might add, Moses founding the 'promised land'.. England wanted some link so they came up with this, which was a popular folk tale at the time..

Be that as it may, an unbiased look through a concordance should make it reasonably clear which modern peoples descended from Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

I believe Anglo-Israelists in some respects and Merovingians in no respect.  Anglo-Israelism (also called British Israelism) has indeed been well evidensed in more recent times, but Merovingians use sketchy ties to historical records to prove their worthiness against the Jews. Being of the line of Jews which descended from David myself ( - not MY site) and a Christian by faith, I will not go too far toward the defense of those anti-Semites, one of which being likely to claim descendence from the royalty of Israel, sit in in the Holy of Holies, and claim that he is God.

It is for this reason that I wish to consider the sanctity of Jesus as having come from the Holy Spirit which dwelt in him, rather than by a chromosome.

Remember, it is written that one of the line of David will take the throne at the beginning of the Millennial Reign.  Rather than the Protestant belief that Jesus will come down and rule at the end of the Tribulation, this can also be construed by Merovingians to play into a 1000 year reich.

There are going to be alot of "Jesuses" with Jesus-like stroies floating around in the next few years as was predicted to happen shortly before the End. Let them be tested by their spiritual fruits rather than by their genealogy.
Tyciol's post (earlier in this thread) lists, an apparent contraction of bullsh|t and Bushido. I have not followed the other links, yet.
Quotewell he was a carpenter, so maybe he saved up his money?

As for the poverty of Jesus, it is said that (at the crucifixion) Roman soldiers cast lots for His clothes due to their material value. Their presense should bring something more to mind, that Israel was occupied by Rome at the time.

Geneaology had always been important, in order to prevent the scattering of the Israelites. The lineage of Levites and of royalty was maintained, but  rather than monarchs, they were called Exilarchs throughout the diaspora(s). It is my understanding that, though Israelites paid their taxes to the official powers-that-be, they unnoficially recognized the authority of the Exilarchs.

I have not verified it, but it has also long been claimed that Joseph (husband of Mary) had many silver mines in the area of England, where he apparently faced no language barrier.
Who said anything is random?
Terms, such as years and centuries, are figurative. One circulation of kundalini  can be called a life time, and indeed, several circulations cause lifetimes' worth of developement.
Are the eyes crossed in an upward fashion?
Yes! I am too complicated in explaining the relationship.
It sounds like, rather than locks, these are upward pumps of kundaletic force?
To reiterate, it is mostly an issue of attention.
Welcome to Metaphysics! / powerful source
March 08, 2005, 14:27:38
QuoteIf that were true then compasses would be going haywire when you travel around or over them and for that matter have you ever tried to plug your toaster into a mountain?

Of course, the generalization regarded energies finer than those measured by the compass, but they are evident to more subtle instruments - such you might be if you had the faculty for it.

Relative to an entire planet, mountains do not have such a great charge, although the pull is mildly visible to a normal compass.

These energies are upon the Cosmic Plane, meaning that they are physical radiations normally imperceivable by the physical body except by astral site. It is scientifically proveable that mountains are huge masses of dielectric and magnetic materials, those shifting through different layers of electrical potential in the atmosphere and in the earth's crust. If there was a way to create a circuit, you could certainly plug yours and miilions of other toasters into it.

Also, the mountains' energies are upon the spiritual plane, meaning that they have spiritually magnetic or electric properties. Though more simply, the fact is recorded in the lore of many ancient societies', at least to the degree that some mountains are regarded as male (+, electric) or female(-, magnetic.). From that classification, appropriate rituals would be performed at each place.