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When your conscious mind is awake its at the surface but when you start to relax the conscious mind lowers and as it lowers the subconscious mind rises up word same as a sea saw and as the conscious mind goes even further down the subconscious goes higher up but when they meet on the equal plan then you've reached the Theta State or the Lucid Dream State.  At that level the mind is aware and awake but the body is asleep. Now as the conscious mind drops down further and further and the subconscious comes up then as the consciousness go's lower your awareness goes away that that's why you have on recall.

I'm a Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist, been doing it for over 23 years. I hypnotized my mother in law for deep relaxation, then to have her drink more water by suggesting that the water tasted like chocolate milk, and Ice tea which it work for her. While she was in that deep hypnotic state I decided to have her experience an astral travel.  So I guided her out of her body through the ceiling in the sky then above the clouds the slowly above the earth looking down.  The suggested to her to go half way to the moon to see it closer and then look back and see the earth from that distance. Then told her to come back and see traveled same way she came through the clouds, above her house through the ceiling and back in her body. I counted her back up from 5 to 1 and she opened her eyes and was surprised and totally relaxed. She said it was so clear out of her body and seeing the earth and the moon. She didn't plan on doing an astral projection.  So yes hypnosis can be used to astral. 
Yes Healing energy can help plus hypnosis can decrease or elimate the pain in your wrist. I do one or the other or combine the two.
Spirit Guides where once humans living on the earth experiencing everything that we go through so they are better as guides then angles because angles never lived on the earth or experienced life struggles the way spirit guides have done.  Hope this helps.  Plus everyone has 2 main spirit guides.
Look up James Ramey hypnotist astral projection in search it will bring you to his astral MP3 for .99 cents and for the cd its 19.85 free shipping Hope this helps also.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Astral Diabetic?
June 07, 2013, 15:59:27
I'm also a diabetic that uses insulin, when doing astral travel it won't effect the blood sugar but for me I make sure when I astral after I take my insulin shot because while in that state of AP you dont want your blood sugar to drop.

So test your blood sugar before you do the astral and the time you took your insulin shot.  Hope this helps.
I use paltalk, facebook and skype for chat and visual chat.
Hi zorgbla, the dream state isn't in the Alpha State but is in the Theata State.
Welcome to the Healing place! / Re: Me
October 06, 2010, 21:12:48
Hi Mr_Dark I will send some long distance healing to you.  I'|| only need a general location. A state or country. When I send on a time and day we will both choose you will feel it working.  Let me know and we will set up a time.
Hi White Cloud,  Going to send some healing your way on Sunday Jan. 24th at 1:00 PM   EST. 
Ok White Cloud I'll be sending January 14th at 9:00 PM EST Let me know how it went.  Post it on astralpulse on your healing post.
Hi White Cloud, I'll send some healing to you but let me know what State or Country your in.

Once I get that I'll give you a time I'll be sending to you so you will be expecting it at that time.

As I send at that time just sit or lay comfortably as possible if you can and don't cross your arms or legs during the sending.  

I'll send for 30 minutes when I stop sending you can post how it went, what you experience and how it felt.

I'll send more after that point if you need more.

Hi Billberry,

I'll send some Long Distance Reiki to you give me a time you would like to recieve it?

At that time I'll send to you while your laying or sitting in a chair or on the couch.

Once Ive sent it later on go on astralpulse and post your results.

Hi everyone, and Ewok.

I'm on yahoo messenger not on MSN Messenger.  Tried to down load the different msn but for some reason my computer can't down load it for some reason?

Question if Im on yahoo messenger can I  be invited in on the msn messenger group?

If so my user name on yahoo is hypnomulley1956.
Hey Billberry,

Healing on its way (June 4th) time sending EST (9:00PM) recieveing time (6:00PM) your time in california)

Let me know how it felt during and after?

Hi truth_see,

I'm a hypnotherapist and have done past life session with subjects.  You can go here also for some hypnosis information and they have cd's for past life and astral projection.

Here it is. I've found them quiet reasonably.

Hi Graveyard,

Ok I'll send on Tuesday Feb. 3rd at my time 8:00 PM   Eastern Standard Time.

As I send just sit or lay down but don't cross your arms or legs as I send.

Just relax and pay attention to your whole body.  In a few minutes you will start to feel the energy sensation any where in your body but it will travel to other areas also.

Even if you don't tell me where your problem is it will go there and any other areas that you didn't tell me about.

The energy will go to 4 levels of a person.

1st. The Physical body to repair
2nd. Mental to Balance
3.rd Emotional levels
4.the spiritual side

It will go to all 4 areas that it needs.

Ok keep me informed to the results.

Hi Graveyard,

I'll send you some energy to you.  Text your State or Country and I'll read it and text back the time and day I'll send to you.  As I send at that time sit or lay down calmfortably and don't cross your arms or legs as I send.  Have your arms and hands resting on your lap.

I'll send for 30 minutes, you may feel many different sensations but allow it to happen.  The energy will be replaced and your body will take it in like a battery.

Let me know the results of the sending. How it felt-how it moved through you- and any other situations.

I'll check tomorrow for your reply for your answer to send to you and your general location.

Welcome to Astral Pulse Island! / Re: theta state?
January 18, 2009, 19:26:32

    There are 4 brain wave levels.

1. Beta (Awake)   2. Alpha ( Just before awake - Meditation)
3. Theta is the Somnambulistic State which has 3 levels
a. Somnambulism b. Deep Somnambulism and 3. Profound Somnambulism which is the ( Lucid Dream State - Sleep Walking - Hypnotic State - Astral State)
Beyond Profound Somnambulism is the Esdaile State, the Catatonic State and the last is the Sichort State (Ultra-Depth). 
4. Delta (Profound Sleep State) Conscious turned off no awareness and no dreams occur.


Welcome to the Healing place! / Re: Healing Request
January 17, 2009, 15:45:07
Hi tcavan,

Glad I could help you out.  Yes we have to ask the person if they would like to recieve the healing energy.  We can't send unless so.  I'll send you more sat night (tonight) my time at 9:00 PM EST.

When I get your responce for your friend let me know and I'll post when I'll send to him so he will expect it at that time.  Tell him I'll send to him for 45 minutes. 

I got your e-mail address so I'll add you on my e-mail list.

Welcome to the Healing place! / Re: Healing Request
January 13, 2009, 16:35:25
OK good Tom,  I'll send more tonight at 9:00 PM EST 1/13/09. I'll send for 30 minutes.  Remember just relax, calm the mind and dont have your arms and legs crossed while sending at that time.

Welcome to the Healing place! / Re: Healing Request
January 11, 2009, 19:15:42
Hi tcavan, send some healing to you. Sending at 7:14 PM  EST.  Let me know of any difference from the sending. I'll send for 30 minutes.
Hello intercept,

Yes with a screenname or real name and a general location just the person's (State or Country) no other details.

Hello Explorer,

Yes Ive sent healing energy to people all over the world. One lady in a chat room ask me to send some to her.  I used her screen name she was using and I only asked where she was from just a (state or country) after she told me on line I sent to her.

With in a minute she was feeling the energy.  She was in a little village in Italy Im in the USA. 

If you would like to try it let me know?

Hi 007,

Read your post its 1:06 PM Sunday Dec, 21.  I'll be home tonight at 6:00 PM your time would be 11:00 PM.  I'll send at that time.

When I start to send just relax sit or lay down but don't cross your arms or legs as I send.

I'll send for 30 minutes.  The Healing energy will start anywhere within your body as a sensation of warmth, to a heat, tingling or spinning energy.  You may feel a sensation of calmness, a floating or heavy feeling also.

The energy will work on those problems an any others also.