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Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Biological Children
December 05, 2023, 14:12:33
Quote from: Volgerle on December 05, 2023, 10:48:16I really wonder how many are INFJs here, too? Would love to know if anyone did the test too. I would assume a few more INFJs round here.

Interesting test :-)

Introvert(75%)  iNtuitive(19%)  Feeling(28%)  Judging(6%)

You have distinct preference of Introversion over Extraversion (75%)
You have slight preference of Intuition over Sensing (19%)
You have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (28%)
You have slight preference of Judging over Perceiving (6%)
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Biological Children
December 04, 2023, 15:15:02
No children! Xanth and Lightbeam have told the exact reason, it's exactly how I feel. Since I was a child, I knew it very well. It makes me nervous to think that someone else will depend on me to survive or be happy. I love being alone, introspection, reading, meditating, make art, work from home. I love silence, sometimes I'm wearing sound-canceling earmuffs around the house  :-D . Although I also have my counterpart, I love traveling for months as a backpacker and meeting people from all over the world, and spending days in the mountains until the food runs out and drinking from the waterfalls (alone or with friends) is what I enjoy most on Earth! I consider myself a Free Spirit, I don't like someone depending on me, it's just me and my crazy things.

I know I have a lot of love to give to the world and many desires to help, this world is a mess and needs a lot from us. I always do what I can for those who need it, but not in the familiar way. 

I really admire those who have children! They have truly sacrificed a part of their lives for Love. One of my best friends recently had her baby and it was 14 hours of labor, 40 hours without sleeping, wow... a warrior, I couldn't. She is a very sweet girl and at only two months old she has a very deep look, I know she is an advanced Soul and I'm happy to be a kind of aunt to her! In fact, before she was born, she was the one who woke me up in a lucid dream and took me by the hand through a door where I entered the Void, and I wonder if we had really met on a higher plane. I saw her as a five year old girl, very beautiful.
Thank you very much Nameless, it's a pleasure to have your comment here and I'm very glad that you enjoyed my writing  :-D . Laughter is welcome! You don't know how much I laugh at my experiences myself... both when I write them and when I live them. And not to mention lucid dreams, the other day I ripped a leaf off a plant and ate it, just to play with textures and flavors lol.

These frequencies in the air are a wonderful and new thing for me, they appeared when an invisible force began to direct some of my incursions, at the same time I feel entering a pure state, it's like being a child again. It's very healing and best of all, it's brought to the physical body.

And in relation to the ambient vibrations, on one of those outings, I managed to float out of the window of my room, but everything was black (I said "clarity now!" But this doesn't work for me) when I went outside, I noticed that the blackness was less dense because it was daytime, since I felt as if the sun was illuminating my "closed eyelids", that was weird. But although I couldn't see, I could hear, and very well... too much I would say, to the point that all the sounds of the city seemed completely deafening. I was stunned by the cars, the buses, and above all the constructions and their machines, I had to return to my body for that, it was unbearable. 
In the physical I had the sound-cancelling earmuffs on, and my windows closed tightly, therefore I couldn't hear that construction. Only when I went out to my balcony I could perceive a very distant construction, but when I went out the window in the obe I felt like the construction was over my head! I have taken it as a verification. The sound amplification was incredible.

In my opinion, I think there are more interesting things than RTZ, but I want to see my body again, since the last time I did it, 10 years ago, I went into shock, in absolute panic... this didn't bring me back to my body! On the contrary, I cried next to it, I felt like I had died even though I heard the breathing, and I apologized for all my self-destructive behaviors of the past, I felt that that body had made an enormous effort for this Soul to advance a little further on the Path... it was quite a catharsis! But it was traumatic, I have a deep love and respect for my body.
I feel like I must face that again, maybe I'm the one who self-blocks my vision. It's incredible how despite having read books, facing the truth directly has no comparison. It's definitely not like looking yourself at the mirror, nor a hologram in LD, it's simply unique. I think it's something very basic that must be overcome and understood.

I'll continue working hard on it  :-) 
Hello Astral Pulse! I will share my progress, reflections and problem solving here. I have already mentioned it, but for greater detail, I would like to give a small introduction, 12 years ago I learned the technique of lucid dreams and from them, how to transfer my consciousness to the dense energy body in order to detach myself from my physical body.

Maybe I have had a period of two or three years of activity, but more than anything in the practice of lucid dreams and recreating physical scenes with the greatest possible hyperrealism, that was my goal. Everything was perfect, flavors, textures, colors, smells... A whole Matrix! Regarding the APs, when I detached myself from my physical body, I was left floating in the Void and with many problems.

The reality is that I feel that in that period I was just playing and experimenting, I never managed to control my emotions, and I had many fears, that's why I stopped practicing. Today, in a more mature and committed stage of my life, I use this wonderful gift that has been given to all human beings, as a tool for personal growth and self-discovery, to transcend a little the human experience and the illusion of holograms (solid structures) that surround us and break the established conditioning that has made us partly forget our true universal identity.

I will not follow an exact chronological order, but rather I will share what I consider most relevant, I don't want to bore you. I'm not yet living great adventures! I'm in a period of practice and adjustment, trial and error. Stopping practicing was not good, it's like repeating the year at school again, it's easier but still demands discipline and new requirements.

Some "detachment" sequences:

-Suddenly I become aware, and I perceive myself half outside my body and half inside, I see everything black around me, I think I'm in the Void, I have no human form, I'm a kind of "energy worm" that moves in a serpentine way underwater, I hear a wonderful music, I feel a sensation of fullness... I decide to go out, but I can't, so I ask for help, I feel an invisible force that takes me out of there, but I remain disoriented in the blackness, upside down perhaps, but I get my bearings. All the time I feel a kind of "music" around me, they are frequencies and vibrations, it's like mantras, sounds, chimes, "angelic chants"? These frequencies are incredible, healing, they make me feel very good, they revitalize me and I wonder what they are. I try with all my might to project myself into RTZ, to feel myself there, I start to see the door frame, and I start to get very nervous, I was achieving it... I feel the heartbeat of the physical body increasing a lot, too much, since my connection is partial, I know I should calm down but it's difficult. For some reason I'm now petrified, I can't move anymore, I know I should apply thought + intention, but intention was lacking, I only thought about moving, this is not enough for me, there must be will. I return to the physical body.

Note: This return to the body so soon is something new that didn't happen ten years ago. When I left the body there was no turning back easily, I even once had seven false awakenings in a row, one of the biggest scares of my life, I couldn't go back even if I tried. I was already waiting for a guide to come for me so I could go to the "other side" lol. I think that many times it may be due to a lack of total awareness or that in reality my physical body is not completely relaxed and can wake up very easily. I know that thinking about our body or having an emotional shock can easily bring us back, but in the past this didn't happen, so I think maybe it has to do with brain chemistry, I still don't know.

-This time, I find myself trying to get out of the body, making swinging movements, but from front to back, and not sideways, but like a hammock, it gets stronger and stronger! Faster! I start to hear some kind of music, frequencies, it's the best sound in the world, I feel ecstasy, I start to see colors, spots, a synesthesia... OMG this is great! I see everything black around me, except for these colors, I think I'm in the Void, I no longer care about leaving the body, this state is incredible, although I don't even know what I'm doing. Suddenly I feel that a hand grabs me and squeeze me very hard! I think they injected something into my arm, the pain is strong. I ask them to please relax a little and it doesn't hurt anymore, they are ready to take me out, but I tell them that I want to be like that today "between worlds" and I woke up... obviously after the return I regretted it. Maybe my NP assistants thought I was having some trouble separating from the body, but no, it was just me doing crazy things as always, who knows.

Notes: Now I have left a card on a tall furniture, to have a focus, an intention if I separate from my body, since I perceive a lot of confusion when leaving, I'm nervous and somewhat disoriented. But I think directing your intention somewhere easy is a good start. It doesn't really matter if I get to see the real card someday.

To go from Lucid Dreaming to a separation from the body, in the past I did the following:
In the lucid dream I lay on the floor, and I felt myself in my energy body, when I realized, I was in my physical body with the vibrations and I rolled to the side, I fell to the floor but I was in the Void, not in RTZ. There was a notable increase in awareness.

When I was able to project to RTZ I did it in the following way, in the lucid dream I made a very big jump, and I screamed with a strong intention "I want to go to RTZ!" and I appeared stuck to the ceiling of the room... seeing my physical body lying in bed and listen the strong breathing was a terrible shock for me. It's not something easy for me, although it may sound so simple.

In this new stage of practice this separation is happening spontaneously most of the time, but on occasions in the lucid dream I screamed "I want to feel my expanded being", I don't know why I said that, but suddenly I was spinning like a log outside of my body towards my room. I saw everything black, but I could perceive the furniture by touching it, all the textures, the tiles and the plaster, the bed... The most incredible thing, I found things from ten years ago by touch! The computer table still had wheels, when we had removed them, there were four lamps instead of three on the ceiling fan, and my old speakers were there too! I also felt joints of structures that are impossible to detect visibly, the floor would have to be broken, I notice a slight curvature when the floor of my room and the wall meet. Well, it was fun!

However, I'm doing the exercise of letting the experience flow, without modifying it, I'm not intending at this moment to leave the body when I have lucid dreams (we are supposed to be outside, although there are very realistic hypnagogic states where I feel that I have not separated from the body). And I try to apply the technique that Xanth teaches in his book, about simply increasing awareness to move to a higher frequency... And it really works! But if I spontaneously find myself in a situation of separating from the body, I think I must have a strategy. However, I have already realized that this notion of separation is not so important, since what travels is consciousness, to where the intention is established, but it's a state that requires certain management and is still fascinating and interesting to explore and learn to control.
I'm still learning!

Thanks for this space
Kind regards,
Tak ♥~
Thank you very much Escape Velocity! For the contribution, it's helpful and inspiring. I was reading some of Kurt Leland's experiences on his blog and I really loved it. I like his writing style, it's engaging and fluid, and how at the end he analyzes his own symbolic interpretations of what he has seen. I haven't had time to read them all yet.

The topic of simulations responds very accurately to my personal stage at this moment, and I feel that for the first time I'm being "properly prepared" to explore someday the higher astral, as you suggest, in this matter of first being able to control/understand/heal our deepest emotions and thoughts, limitations and human conditioning, which prevent us from moving freely towards broader areas of consciousness, and what is necessary in the process.

I loved reading Kurt's 2012 post on preparing souls before reincarnation. That reminded me a lot of a hyper-realistic semi-lucid dream I had a few months ago, where I was a little girl in a beautiful forest and I would attend a school with many children. The realism of the dream was surprising, as I could feel the hot sand under my feet in the areas where the sun was shining, but in the shade the sand felt cold, the textures, the smell of the forest and its colors, the peace... everything was wonderful and I wanted to live there forever and in that moment I remembered I had been there many times. The school was a small cabin, but upon entering its proportions were enormous and there were hundreds of children like me and several teachers to assist the different groups. My class was the development of creativity and we had to paint abstract paintings with many different materials. When a teacher approached to me, I was afraid that she would tell me that I was doing it wrong, but on the contrary, with love, she showed me how I could better develop my creative skills and so I did it, it was wonderful! I suppose those are the famous "sleeping classes" of which I already have many in my repertoire, as many members here.

The mention of "Shadow people/Shades" also caught my attention, beings whom I encountered in my first spontaneous forays at the age of 16 before having read anything about the subject and barely understanding what was happening (and recently I saw them). I still don't quite understand who they are, if they were human or not, etc. And from what I read, he talks about that in his books, it would be good to understand a little more, if possible.

And now in relation to the "clicks" it happened to me many years ago, is really disconcerting! Like you say, I think that we are constantly processing new information and learning at a higher level that we are often not aware of. In fact, practicing phasing, I often find myself in a semi-awareness hypnagogic state reading a book and turning the pages while I continue lying in bed, I feel the texture and weight, in general it is about natural sciences. But when I gain full awareness and realized what was happening, poof! I come back here and I don't remember any of the information. 

Do you know if these K.L. books are available in PDF format? Since I only see the option of acquiring them physically. The issue of shipping and customs is quite exhausting, a digital format would be better. In my country they sell the book but they have to order it abroad first, so it's the same. I may not see the option on the page and if it is already digitized. And if not well, just order it by mail!

Enriching information,
Thank you!
Hello Tides,

I have loved reading your entire Journal, little by little I'm trying to read all Journals here. I love reading people's explorations and progress. I have enjoyed reading yours and it seems to me that you have had fascinating experiences, such as having several perspectives of yourself at the same time, or sharing your energy body with another entity, woh! I liked those a lot.

Oh yes, the famous false awakening, what a moment! Many times, it has happened to me to get out of bed while practicing phasing and walk around the room, without realizing that it had already happened... In fact, I even went back to bed thinking that I should concentrate more on practice and not waste time doing silly things... funny! Sometimes one concentrates so much on the technique that ends up forgetting the very objective of the exercise :-D

I have read in another thread that you have raised an interesting question, about having Obes, but without feeling a specific astral body, while in others it was more evident. 

I remember that Robert Monroe talked precisely about how he detached himself from his physical body, but then he detached himself from his denser energy body again and left it orbiting around his physical body, to move on to another less dense vehicle and begin an exploration. Right now, I'm reading Willian Buhlman's, I haven't read that book for so many years! I haven't finished it, but I have reached the part where he precisely raises this question, of having several energy vehicles to explore and finally ends up doing the same as Monroe, going from his denser energy body to a less dense one, to explore superior aspects of the astral world or his own consciousness. Apparently, everything has to do with different energy bodies and their density scale. I suppose it all depends on what one is looking for, but I don't think it's so essential to feel in the dense energy body, becoming aware in the NP is enough to direct the intention towards the objective (correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I've experienced so far).

In fact, at this moment in my last practices I'm not feeling any body, my explorations are like a point of view/consciousness in the air, I tried to extend an arm to touch something and I didn't see anything, nor did anything happen, I realized I had only imagined the feeling, but I didn't even create an holographic one. Intention is what directs my visual focus left or right, up or down, since there is no head or body moving, I can spin 360 degrees like a top to see the entire scene around me. But I have not experienced seeing 360 degrees all together, including up and down at the same time, as if I was a sphere without blind spots, no, this is something that has caught my attention all this years and I hope I can achieve it without getting startled! I will do my best to achieve it (oh, if anyone has experienced this, I strongly ask you to tell me what it's like, since it's difficult for me to imagine it) This is new for me and the truth is... I love it! It's very different from lucid dreams where I have a solid holographic body or in my APs where I'm misty vapor made of light, it's different and new, it feels so good. 

I think that consciousness is able of traveling through the NPR in such a free and subtle way that it goes much further than we can understand and is not tied to the notion of a particular body.

Explore and play with this and see what happens! Thanks for sharing Tides,

Quote from: GrumpyRabbit on November 07, 2023, 19:17:42Hello Tak!

I just read your message and thought I'd reply to some of what you wrote here, since you kindly sent me the link to this post of yours. So an interesting update I can give is that a couple months ago I spoke to a psychic and asked exactly what these experiences are - especially because for me, they've always been extremely painful. She told me that the entities doing it are part of my spiritual support team (SST), and that they were trying to do a reboot/reset. I'm not sure of what/for what, tho. Eventually I will speak with her again to find out more. She also told me something that another psychic & shaman had told me: that the SST entities that were doing this to me are extraterrestrials (apparently some folks have ETs as part of their SST) and that I'm one of them. That is, I'm an incarnated extraterrestrial. This was fascinating to me because I wasn't trying to get any of that confirmed by the second psychic, but her guides gave her all that additional information and clearly wanted her to communicate it to me. Maybe they knew I needed the validation of what the first person had told me. I don't think that means that every entity that does these "surgeries" is an ET specifically, there are probably many different types of beings that come in to work on us like that. You described yours a lot different from what I see, and people have all sorts of different things on their SSTs. I think the take-away, at least for me, is that I don't need to keep struggling away whenever that happens!

Thank you Grumpy Rabbit for taking the time to read my threads and respond (holy patience) I really value your responses and as I told you in the PM I read your entire Journal and you don't know how much your experience over time helped me and above all the feedbacks you received from our most advanced members here. Very interesting about the extraterrestrial guides, and everything that the psychics told you about it, I imagine that it has given you hours and hours of reflection, this Multiverse is wonderful, I can only feel bliss.

Yes, I was struck by the number of times you consciously went through that in your Journal, and about the pain. I think certain adjustments are necessary to continue moving forward, nothing to worry about! Just part of the process. Not long ago I received one, but it was from the Void, I saw myself in my energy body as I always see myself, just white light, around me beings, but only blurred silhouettes in the blackness, I was paralyzed and I felt very, very "sedated." I was alarmed by that, but someone took my hand and told me everything would be okay. I felt cared for, decided to rest and I lost awareness.

Thanks again Grumpy! I hope to soon see your Journal full of incredible adventures to delight in  :-D
Quote from: GrumpyRabbit on November 07, 2023, 19:30:21Hello again!

I haven't done mushrooms myself, but the only thing that is at all similar was something that happened in the late 90s. I was in high school then. I was messing around with doing energy work, and after a long time achieved an altered state. It was as though I became a tiny homunculous and was inside my own rib cage! It's like my consciousness shrunk and sifted down from where it usually is for all of us (behind the eyes) to the inside of my rib cage. It was also as if I were aware of all parts of my body at once - like my consciousness were also somehow spread out over the inside of my entire body, dispersed and flowing thru all my veins. It was strange, at the same time "I am inside my own rib cage" and also "I am everywhere inside my body all at once". There was a sense of unity with every drop of blood coursing through my veins.

If you're interested in shamanism, I can heartily recommend a book called Singing the Soul Back Home by Caitlin Matthews. It will walk you through how to do shamanic journeys and has an excellent Q & A section.

Thank you very much Grumpy Rabbit for sharing your experience of energy work and I really appreciate and value your feedback in my thread, I really wanted someone experienced in the NP connection through the Master Plants give me their point of view. At this moment I decided not to use the help of any plant to project, since on my last trip they told me that I no longer needed to do it, that I could get there on my own (I was not looking to heal anyone, just self exploration) I will definitely read that book, it interests me and I find it a fascinating world for which I have deep respect.

Your experience seems simply wonderful to me and really shows how consciousness extends to levels beyond the conceivable and to the unknowable. The only more or less similar experience I have, also with entheogens, was feeling that my consciousness was not "trapped" in my physical body or my head, so to speak, but that my entire being extended for miles and miles, to the highest cloud in the sky or the most distant mountain. It was incredible and I felt totally free, I knew my focus was here at this moment, but in reality my consciousness was fully integrated with my entire environment, it only happened once and it was beautiful. To this day I remember it and apply that feeling in my meditations.

A big hug!
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Ask for a Dream Agent
November 04, 2023, 21:10:26
Thank you very much again Escape Velocity for this remarkable and valuable information! Here I am taking notes and adding the books to the list... 10 points!

Wow! You also experimented at The Old Mansion, so cool! I really liked your Clueless style experience. Interesting that most of your dreams take place there, because for three years now, at least four times a week, almost all my dreams are there as well. It's very interesting how over time a story has even developed around it. The first time I arrived at The Old Mansion (in non-lucid dreams) I found it by chance, I was totally drunk with a group of friends and we wanted to find a place to have a party (I don't drink and I'm not a party person in my physical life) It was a completely abandoned, dirty and dark, really scary and gloomy. Over time it had already been reconditioned and converted into a Hotel and event venue, which I attended as a guest and also to participate in parties. After I started taking classes there with a group of people, where we also lived, I felt like I was at Hogwarts lol. Until this year they ended up hiring me and now it seems that I have a job at The Old Mansion as a receptionist and also preparing the rooms for the new guests that arrive. In fact, last night we received a person who was making the transition to the "eternal rest" and was taken away by some "paramedics" I had to prepare her room. This is getting more and more interesting  :-o . I get there as a wayward and ended up working fine, they did a good job with me LOL.

Regarding The Void I enter spontaneously now, I just intend to enter from the LD and that's all, there I am. In fact, sometimes I have a hard time maintaining a lucid dream with scenes, because everything falls apart around me and I enter The Void. I have also discovered that part of the night, I don't dream any images, but rather I'm in The Void just thinking (I have become aware in this situation). A big thank you to Volgerle and his sticky "The Void", which I highly recommend everyone read. It helped me a lot in my progress! I learned to talk to The Void and it responds to me in the most incredible way, before I didn't know I could do it. I was lost and isolated in my "Egosphere". I also thank all the members here who always give me advice, I am making leaps and bounds thanks to everyone at Pulse :-D . At some point I will make my Journal here too, but I still have to wait a little bit. 

Kind regards,
Welcome to News and Media! / Re: UFO in my village
November 03, 2023, 20:47:21
Thank you Lightbeam for sharing such an incredible family event! What an emotion your mother and sister have experienced, clearly something that will accompany them for the rest of their lives. And it's not just a light, but such a craft! Quite a privilege  :-)  That feeling of vacuum was interesting, it seems that this is how those "machines" operate. I have heard that description many times in sightings. And it's good that this recent news appeared, it's always nice to find that others have had the same experience.

I have witnessed UFOs 9 times, events that I still cannot find an explanation for, but I have never seen something of that magnitude. I hope to have the opportunity one day, even if it is in the NP. What strikes me most about the phenomenon is that one is in one's daily life doing anything, and "feels" an urgent need to go out or look out the window... and there it is. In fact, the last time I saw one was in 2019, I was in a little town at holidays, I was in a hostel at night and something inside told me to get out of there because I had to go look for something "very important". I even walked alone in the dark of the night in the town looking for "that thing" that I didn't even know what could be, until I found it over the forest... I think that's how I saw them so many times, I "feel" they're there, that's why I no longer worry about looking at the sky for hours like I used to do in my old town, the Milky Way shone brightly and I saw beautiful meteors, but not UFOs. I know I shouldn't look for them, if I have to see them, I will see them...

I loved this experience! I always feel very excited when listening/reading these stories, sometimes I have spent hours reading about sightings. I must have inherited it from my father, who has also seen UFOs in 1960/70 and read every book there is on the subject. Thank you!

A hug,
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Ask for a Dream Agent
November 03, 2023, 08:51:54
Thank you very much Escape Velocity for your words and advice! I really liked reading your thread and all the comments. Congratulations for your test! All that was really complex. I'm now very curious about Leland's 10 levels of dreaming, this book will definitely be on my list.

Letting yourself go is simply amazing and it has changed my entire paradigm! The most fun, sometimes when I enter a stage, I can't leave it. The other day I was exploring an Old Mansion, but when I wanted to leave opening a door to the outside, there was The Void. When I enter the Void and ask to take me somewhere else (sometimes I'm tempted) it "spits" me in another part of the Old Mansion. So, it wasn't possible to go anywhere else. In fact, I woke up three times and all that times I consciously re-entered into the Old Mansion. I went to check the rooms and everything was still intact, every detail. I imagine the Old Mansion just floating in the Void. There were lessons to be learned. 

Also, the other day I asked the Void to show me what I need, suddenly I feel an invisible hand that takes me along a long path in the blackness, to then be carried away by an invisible force all the time, so I didn't control the exploration. It takes me into an incredible city integrated with nature and people in colorful clothes flying everywhere. Then I enter a beautiful forest and I observed big flowers, but these flowers were different! It 's very difficult to explain, their colors were not perceived as here, but rather they were seen as a very bright light radiating over them and within them, it was like seeing in another spectrum, so to speak. 
Those flowers shocked me so much and the heart rate of my physical body began to accelerate considerably (since I partially maintain the connection and I could feel it) Sometimes, a phenomenon happens, I can be perfectly 3D in a NP zone, while at the same time I feel my physical body lying on the bed, breathing, etc.. It's like consciousness divided in two bodies at the same time. The Inner Voice told me that I should calm down and I did my best, but after a while I came back for this reason.   

Traveling this way was nothing short of exquisite, I have been stucked in the Void for years. I just had to be open and receptive to receiving help, that was the whole mystery!

The refraction of light over the flowers were very similar to this image :)

I know that these experiences show me all my weak points, I really need to learn to be neutral. I must start working on that here physically with meditations, which I left aside lately.
Every day of practice is a box of surprises and it's what I'm enjoying the most, you never know what will happen. I find everything fascinating in this new stage and I'm infinitely grateful for every lesson learned.
Quote from: Lumaza on October 27, 2023, 14:11:55Nope. You are constantly challenged to "re-invent the wheel". I think this is why so many of the past members here disappeared. They basically hit the wall, that so many of us do and after a while, lost interest. Also, "life" is always happening and that will completely consume you, that is if you allow it to. It could also be that they found what they were looking for and then were done with it. Only they know why!

Thank you so much Lumaza for sharing your thoughts! I agree with you, this is a constant of challenges. If there's one thing I deeply regret, it's stopping practicing. We're not starting from scratch, but it's not easy to pick up the pace either. I should have solved my problems, instead of throwing everything away, but it's all part of the learning process.

Quote from: Lumaza on October 27, 2023, 14:11:55A change in your mindset really does change your reality. It leaves you not only open to more, but also craving more.  You just need to learn to lose your constant need to control everything there and instead "open yourself up" to it. Trust will lead you further than you could have ever imagined.

You have definitely hit the spot! The issue of control, that's what led me to stay stuck in the past. I remember in Monroe's second book (or third?) where he said that his experiences had completely changed when he decided to "let go." I'm implementing it and it's wonderful. From the Void I simply manifest my intention to be shown what I need and I'm carried by whirlpools, tunnels or forces towards different scenarios. Now is where everything is starting to flow.

Quote from: Lumaza on October 27, 2023, 14:11:55This is the second time I have read a post of yours speaking about visiting the low and shadow places. If I had not explored those areas further myself, I would not have been introduced to the phenomenon of "Retrievals". That is where the Retrievals are. You are entering someone else's version of "hell" and darkness.

Now it's coming a third time...  Recently I have been there again and it was spontaneous (like always) I became aware and I was being carried by a guide, a formless grayish white energy being, through a place of gray fog, I call now this place "Shadow land." because the people are like black shadows and they have a haggard and terrible appearance, I had been there before. There were hundreds, it's like an entire city, but each one is in their own bubble and they don't seem to see anyone, and every time someone passed by me, my energy body was shaken with a wave of horror and suffering. I remembered the retrievals, and I told the guide that I couldn't continue, these people need help! But he told me that I couldn't do anything for them, and that I knew it well. I still wanted to try, so I went to a "shadow woman" and asked her if she needed help, she said NO and left... well I embarrassed myself a bit and I'm also a newbie, I can't do this now! But I have good intentions and I think they have been able to see it.

Hopefully over the years  I'll have my chance like many of you here. I think they take me to these places to know the entirety of the Multiverse, ALL of it. CURIOSITY and the desire to know more are always stronger and here I am, more excited than ever. This is how I have overcome any fear. I always carry the torch of Love high and we are never alone in this.  :wink:

Quote from: Xanth on October 27, 2023, 14:49:44Thank you, Tak, for the kind words of encouragement!  I'm certainly not going to stop, but progress is going to be made slowly, no doubt.  haha

Yeah, apparently, this stuff ISN'T like riding a bike.  :D

Perhaps you could deal with the issue of motivation in your APs, and ask what "ingredient" is missing, you might get a vibe  :-) .
Quote from: Kodemaster on March 22, 2023, 23:18:47Have you projected to a country 1000s of miles away, to which you have never been? I did twice. Once I projected to Switzerland somewhere along the Rhine River (if I got that right) and flew past ships carrying shipping containers to their destinations. More recently, I projected to Cardiff in Wales. I clearly remember the big red building, and a nearby market.

How great it must be to project to other countries. I really miss the little town on the beach where I lived for two years, my second home, in the neighboring country. What has happened to me is that I had dreamed about this place before even knowing its existence and also in that dream it was told me that I was going to live there. I arrived at the town by chance for a job offer and it was the same place of my dream, I saw it exactly as it is. that's when I understood everything. The most extraordinary, the same thing happened to other people in the town. They dreamed of it, that they would live there and it came true.

Quote from: Xanth on October 26, 2023, 16:56:55But yeah, that's it.  I'm half-assedly trying to initiate these things, but without the motivation... it's certainly not easy.

I think I understand what you're feeling. 10 years ago in my lucid dreams after creating a world as perfect as this, I felt that how far I could go? I felt like I had already done it all (in my limited view of things at that time) I had a beautiful palace surrounded by gardens, I did the most crazy parties, vices, etc, etc. I did what I wanted and when I wanted. Unlike what anyone might think, all of that left me bored, empty, and disinterested. But well, one needs to hit the face against the wall alone after all. And regarding the APs it was worse, I visited shadow and low places for not controlling my emotions, which left me with an even more bitter taste, also stucked in the Void, a real mess lol and I threw in the towel because I got tired. 

But in all these years, I and my perspective of things has changed a lot, I try to take this practice in order to explore those hidden areas of consciousness, those aspects of being, that are not possible to experience here by our conditioning, going towards "unexplored" territories from this human perspective, but which are still there, that bigger part of us, which is veiled by our physical senses and social indoctrination. See the full spectrum, or at least as far as I'm able to process. It's bold and scary, but worth a try, even if it takes 30 years. Just knowing that we experience at this moment, only a small portion of what we truly are, was enough to unleash in me a very deep desire to search. 

Go beyond the limits! Go beyond the human, take creativity to the innermost, to a purely abstract plane...  let's see what happens. Experience new sensations, some people say they see new colors or hear new sounds, I have never experienced that, but I did synesthesia and I have felt unknown and extraordinary emotions many times, that have no translation to human words, it's just exorbitant and otherworldly.

CURIOSITY can be the best fuel, there are no limits, the possibilities are immense, and that can only fill me with such great joy that I feel like I am going to explode!

Quote from: Xanth on October 26, 2023, 16:56:55I find I don't really have the drive or motivation to do this anymore.  One month has yielded two very short lucid/astral awareness experiences.  I've been mostly, trying Stephen LaBerge's MILD technique mixed with reality state checks.

I thought that once one reached a certain level in the technique, one could stop and then pick up from the same place at any time, but no. At this last time it also happened to me, maybe it took me about 20 times, but I adjusted it, the experiences are increasingly longer and more lasting, but it takes many attempts, you have to be patient. I think this stage may be a little difficult to accept for those of us who once did this so well, but it is part of the process, you will adjust soon!

Quote from: Xanth on October 26, 2023, 16:56:55I'll tell ya that THC really doesn't help the mix.  HAHA

Regarding THC, I haven't used it in some years, in my case it always gave me the most vivid dreams and sometimes strong hypnagogic images, but I'd rather not to take shortcuts of any kind this time. Perhaps it would be best to limit the use a little if you feel it has a bad impact on your practice, at least in those days.

I don't know if this comment helps, but I felt identified and that's why I share my thoughts 😊

A hug and I hope you find the motivation very soon to explore the wonders of consciousness again. There is still much to discover.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Ask for a Dream Agent
October 25, 2023, 14:34:17
I just wanted to report that I tried asking for a dream agent twice and failed. The first time an inner voice (this is a voice independent of me, but I know at the same time it's myself, is like a dissociated part of me and my new guide from now on) this voice told me that I don't need one and just go ahead and I did it. But since I'm an insistent person, another day I tried again, I chose a random dream character and told her, you will make sure that I don't lose awareness! She crossed her arms, looked at me wrong as if to say... Me? No way! And she disappeared. Very interesting and fun.

Things no longer work in the same way as they did 12-10 years ago, but my training still continues, especially the issue of controlling emotions, above all euphoria and adrenaline, this ones are the most difficult for me, my "Achilles heel". Recently I was being carried at full speed by a mysterious invisible force, flying over a highway near the coast between cars, I saw a beautiful beach and said... I'll stay there! And this inner voice told me not to do it, that I knew very well that I shouldn't "let go of the force" but I didn't care and I did it anyway. When I arrived at the beautiful beach, the water became dark and turbulent, the sand dirty and it seemed that a big storm was coming soon, that's when I realized my mistake and get into the Void (I got carried away, due to a silly distraction and interrupted the flow of the training).

I also take this opportunity to say that I was reading a lot here on Astral Pulse about the thin line that divides F2 and F3, the information has been very enriching for me and has completely opened my perspective on the matter, it also explained many things that had me confused before. Few years ago I didn't read too much about these things, only the basics. I had hundreds of lucid dreams but I saw them as something completely distant from astral projections at that time, for me they were a route to them, nothing more, but my perspective has broadened now. 

Last year I had anoher training situation in a LD where I was shown precisely this layer overlay.

I found myself dreaming, not lucidly, but very vividly, there I was doing tests with some people, we were in a kind of futuristic base, and we had to work as a team to solve a problem and open a door that would take us to the next test. In the last test, everyone went through that door, except me. Very frustrated, I suddenly found myself in my room and became fully awareness, then a woman appeared and began to give me directions. I told her, Wait a minute! You can't tell me what to do, because I'm in a lucid dream and you are a product of my subconscious. She told me, You are wrong, you are not "lucid dreaming" this is a projection. I answer, Prove it to me. And at that moment she creates many particles of white light that begin to float like fireflies throughout the room. I was completely shocked, someone outside of me was actually there.
My reaction wasn't good, I felt like she had "invaded my mind" in my confusion of what was happening. This scared me a lot and I told her Intruder! Get out of here now, and I set out to "kick her out". This woman was taken aback by my reaction, at times she seemed to lose awareness and wanted to leave, but she gained control again, grabs me and tells me  Calm down! I'm just here to help! I don't know what she did to me, but in a second I was crying like a child, apologizing for my reaction and I hugged her, embarrassed. 

It was fantastic. I liked it a lot because it was as if I was woken up by a slap in the face. Now I'm in a stage of pure training in LD-AP (control emotions, uncondition from human limitations, learn to move through intention-thought, control the energy body, extend the experience as much as possible, etc. Phew! a whole study plan) I feel that I'm being prepared to one day live the big journeys that many of you share here. Some years ago I hadn't been able to reach this point due to my confusion and behaviors, but now it's different, it 's a more mature stage with a real commitment. It's great!
Quote from: LightBeam on October 20, 2023, 11:50:08hi Tak, for me personally, when I refer to the Source, I mean All That Is = God. The totality. But I know that I have larger self or higher self which is on a smaller scale, but it's different from your higher self. Both have their individuality so to speak with its array of characters and experiences. Then we drill down further to characters. I think the levels are so many and can be labeled in various manners, but the Source to me is the total oneness, the source of all from which all consciousness on individualized levels of all scales sprung. The separation to all these down levels and scales are a matter of perception. I wouldn't call them illusions though. I really don't like the word illusion. If something is perceived as real, then it is real to the perceiver. Now, the perceiver may not be aware that they can shift their perception/beliefs and start perceiving something else. They may have posed restrictions on purpose, but that's another topic. As we speak all of us and everything that ever exists are parts of the Source but at the same time all perceiving separation. The degree of awareness of the larger scales of ourselves all the way to the source depends on our individualized journeys.

Thank you very much Lightbeam, very well explained!  :-)  It's clearer now...I suppose it all depends on the perceiver's own experience, and on what scale they perceived that, how open to the experience they was and to what extent the Ego disintegrated to merge into that Unity. 
I love reading your progress over time Jenn, how great the vivid and colorful dreams are. My dreams tend to be gloomy, cloudy, with gray and blue tones, in the twilight, if it's not night! I don't know why. This doesn't bother me, on the contrary, I love them, it gives a lot of suspense and adrenaline to everything (not always but most of them). Where do you buy those Dreamland's ink cartridges? I miss those explosions of colors!  :-o

What happened to you doesn't seem strange to me at all, although I don't know why, it happened to me (and even worse!) In the last years 3 times I woke up and didn't know where I was, in which country, or even in what year or absolutely nothing ... total reset! Only lasted about 10 seconds and everything came back, something inside told me that I should stay calm, that I would remember soon and so it was. This could be because I was a backpacker for four years (yes, I really like traveling and meeting people, on Earth too!) and changing places so quickly could generate that effect, but at that time I was stable, it was really strange, it happened to me last year also and I'm not traveling. Unlike you, I don't remember what happened during my dream to get into that situation. Perhaps I have gone further than I have been able to process, or I returned faster than usual... who knows.

I see that you have a great skill with dreams Jenn, the fact that they are so vivid and real means that you are just one step away from making them lucid. Have you not considered inducing lucid dreams and projecting that way? I believe you have the potential to achieve this. I never learned to induce paralysis and vibrations at will and detach myself like the classic OBEs, but I "cross the threshold" through lucid dreams. Maybe that's your way.

Let's go with those dreams!
I love this video! I'm moved by the way this man expresses himself. Thanks for sharing!

At this moment I have some doubts about "The Source" as I understand, especially from Monroe's latest book, we all have our Primary Essence Focus, our particular Source, which projects into countless universes and realities of different types, beings (us/alternate/parallel lives) to experiment and return with the knowledge acquired. Now I don't understand if when people talk about The Source, it is this same thing or another "larger Source" from which the Primary Essence Focus arises. I don't understand if when people refer to the Source, it is the particular one, or the Totality. As I understood from Monroe's last book, everything would extend to macrocosmic scales.

I hope I made myself understood. Sorry for asking this question in the Retrievals thread, I hope to read more soon! 

Thank you,
This reality check was not chosen by me, but rather it arose spontaneously in dreams and now it´s what I use, it makes me laugh. I have several tattoos on my body and I always moisturize them, in dreams I did but...they disappeared, changed places or transformed into other things. It just can't be! I said... it really distressed me. There I realized that I could only be dreaming! On one occasion when I realized I was dreaming, the tattoo turned into a crown... it was fantastic. Now my reality checks in physical are to look at my tattoos and ask myself if I'm dreaming, wait a few seconds and look at them again... in LD they will surely have changed.

The hands also work, I have seen many fingers! (or less) Regarding flying, it was not good for me, since thinking that I was in the physical, and therefore with a conditioned mind, I could not fly, since I didn´t believe it was possible. But I use it when I have gained a lot of lucidity and I "fear" being really physical and I don't dare jump from great heights, lest...  :-o
Hello sac_boy, I am very glad to have found this topic. I feel this inner voice speaking to me constantly during my last few experiences. A few years ago I was a passionate practitioner and I left it because I didn't pass the fear tests, I never felt that voice before during the practice. However now that I have returned to the practice "full steam" all the time that voice is with me, it doesn´t feel like my own thoughts reflecting, no, it´s definitely a voice that speaks independently, but at the same time I have come to the same conclusion that you, that I am myself, another dissociated part of me. This voice gives me instructions when I find some obstacle or gives me some advice (until now it has not made fun of me, it is not necessary, I do it myself 😊) I am really happy that in this new stage it´s present, many years ago I was so confused... now everything is clearer. I posted a thread here where this voice recently gave me an Ego lesson saying...

(...)"somehow "an inner voice" told me that this was not possible because there was no one who could interact with these people... that is, "I" did not exist at all, therefore there was no one there who could interact and talk with others. There were simply images perfectly organized through a creative mind, and life flowing in all its splendor, existing and being, but there was no person behind all those events, which in some mysterious way, happened automatically alone and in perfect order. I laughed knowingly because I knew it was all true, until I found it totally terrifying! And I open my eyes with a start." (...) -

 I have also discovered  "The Commands" and traveling through tunnels and whirlpools from the Void, I imagine that will be the Astral Wind. Now I don't know who specifically I directed The Command to.

Also like you, I have discovered that another part of me has an active and agitated life in the astral, of which I am not aware here, or rather, I could only be aware for a few seconds before everything ends, I caught me "with the hands in the dough" talking and discussing with my guides, also diagramming like an architect of life, my physical situations from the Void, etc. But being aware of this, BAM! To the physical body, a glimpse of what happens "behind the scenes".

My first OBE was at the age of 6, I found myself in my room outside of my physical body, this didn´t surprise me, I just said.... ok! I'm out of my body now (no one ever told me this was possible). I also had my first lucid dreams at that age and this voice told me that humans were capable of traveling to other worlds, but that I shouldn't talk to anyone about it, they wouldn't understand. When I was 10 years old, when I was afraid, I imagined a golden bubble around my body before going to sleep and I also knew that when I died, I could travel through the entire universe "as a ghost" or the RTZ. My religious education was Christian and beyond Heaven and Hell, no one told me that such a thing was possible.  I still have a long way to go, but I feel that it is like that, I think it is just as you say, we have parts of us dissociated and with a very active life in other areas of consciousness. I feel like my Earth self is being "educated and trained" by those parts, to remember what we already know deep down.

Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Goodbye
October 10, 2023, 10:05:46
From here I send you Strength and Light brother! Maybe you should try alternative medicine, some energy work, if medication isn't working. I have chronic gastritis and it was a horrible experience, I have had a super strict diet for two years, I never eat anything that is not homemade, I always carry my tupperware everywhere and I am afraid to eat anything. It affected me a lot psychologically but over time you get used to living with it. Don't give up, never!
Thank you for sharing your dreams and experiences, our valuable treasures, hope you come back soon.
A fraternal hug,
Welcome to Dreams! / Ask for a Dream Agent
October 04, 2023, 18:59:59
Twelve years ago I was a regular practitioner of Lucid Dreams, but like many of us, I stopped the practice and now I'm back on the road again. Something I'm deal with a bit now is keeping my lucid dreams as long as possible, so I remembered a technique I used to use, spontaneously emerged, but which I found very effective and I intend to implement it again.

In a lucid dream I had at that time, I suddenly found that I was constantly being chased by two or three people, no matter what I did, they wouldn't leave me and I didn't understand why. How at some point it starts to happen, I started to lose awareness, and here is where these people were the ones in charge of preventing that from happening, they didn't tell me that I was dreaming, no, but instead they asked me questions and encouraged me to observe my surroundings carefully, in detail and to question everything, and by doing so I could become aware again. For example, I might see a multicolored tree, so they would ask me... Look at that tree! Is it not weird? Are trees like rainbows? And I could respond... maybe it's some different kind that I don't know, and they would respond, look carefully, observe, I'm not sure about this, isn't it doubtful?... Of course, I'm dreaming! I said. And there I regained full awareness. If I had an attack of euphoria and wanted to run or fly through a beautiful meadow (this always makes me lose awareness, due to the emotion) they would grab me and lock me in a room to maintain control (hilarious!) And so with many more situations. It's like I somehow relegated the responsibility of maintaining awareness to these Agents, it wasn't my idea, it just came up. It's very good because I didn't have to make any effort like with other techniques, it was a matter of requesting support and that's all.
In this way I extended the dream for a long time, I may have done it only tree or four times, but the result was good.

The subconscious does such crazy and ingenious things to wake us up in dreams! The other day some big neon lights appeared in the sky that said "Lucid Dreaming" how could I loose awareness with that sign? (A kind of dream agent) I died of laughter and I was able to give myself the pleasure of running through the meadow without getting lost.

Creativity is 100% in F2 and it manifests itself in the best and most fun ways. If you have created a Dream Agent or would like to try and it works for you, feel free to share it here.

Thank you so much Lumaza, your comment is greatly appreciated! Everything written here and the other associated forums is truly invaluable, all is so neat and complete. Sometimes I get a little anxious because I have a lot to read. And every time I "climb a step" I see that there are still miles and miles of steps to climb. Just a chick hatching, I'll enjoy the process.

Regarding the notion of  "a body", it's something that I have been working on lately "being just a point of consciousness" since when I wake up in my dreams and seek to change Focus, I realize that I do not have any body, or is a kind of vapor, or maybe holographic.
How well I was reading in Xanth's book and also here, I do not need to "detach myself" from any body and "move on to another", but rather increase my awareness and "focus properly" there is no such thing as "outside and inside" we are already there! After all, that's what the phase is about I seem to understand.
Going back to my physical body to roll out like I did it ten years ago, in this case it only woke me up and the human conditioning of trying to stay in a body also made me miss several opportunities, trying to walk "on legs" (which I didn't have) and see with "the eyes" returned me to the physical immediately, in my frustration of not achieving it.
Just like breathing! Since lately I have been aware of my breathing, when I woke up in a dream I realized that I was not doing it... I almost had a heart attack, I died! said. And an internal voice told me... "Calm down! You don't need to breathe here, remember?" I laughed at this but it was too late, I went back to the physical.
I still have this body thing very embedded and sometimes it's a problem. I just need to learn to focus intention and thought appropriately.

In fact, last week I had my first three Obe after many years! (A lucky streak in a row) just coming out of the 3D blackness towards my room only by the intention and as a simple "vapor" (I still had a lot of problems that I need to adjust) But it was a step forward for sure!

Practice is everything! I set my alarm to almost every day and fall asleep with Gateway every night. During the day I do reality checks and repeat my intention to myself. It's incredible how the subconscious programs itself, in fact last night I didn't plan to practice, I just relaxed, played a little with the hypnagogic state and fell asleep, guess what happened... I lost awareness, but when I regained it I was in 3D blackness, trying to project to RTZ and looking for a card that I hid in a tall cabinet (I don't consider validation proof to be important, I only did it to focus on an intention). Something interesting, returning to the notion of the body, I really didn't know where "I" ended and the blackness began, I felt melted there.
I didn't succeed! But it doesn't matter, I'm really happy, because it happened alone and I know it's because of perseverance.

I'll continue working on it. 😃
Hello Astral Pulse, I would like to share a very particular experience during phasing. I've been reading a lot here about the phasing method to induce our desired NP experiences directly. I never did it that way, however throughout my life, even as a child, it happened to me that sometimes when I went to sleep and closed my eyes I saw beautiful organic and geometric patterns and visuals or totally vivid and solid landscapes, as if I had my eyes open, but they were completely closed. When I was a child I didn't know why this happened or what it was, but when it happened I really enjoyed it. At the same time I sometimes stopped feeling my physical body, to find myself inhabiting a kind of "giant shapeless balloon" (more fun!) In any case, I began to forget about all this because of its strangeness and infrequent situation.

A few months ago I started using Hemy Sync Gateway and this wonderful events happens again, so I decided  to induce it at will with Frank's method of noticing 3D blackness and something very peculiar happened, which in fact I had already experienced spontaneously 14 years ago.

In this particular hypnagogic state I find myself seeing and merging with a landscape, it was a small town of precarious houses, people went up and down the hill, since the town was built on a steep hill. I observe people and I feel like interacting with them, but I was not sure about doing it for some reason, I thought about why and somehow "an inner voice" told me that this was not possible because there was no one who could interact with these people... that is, "I" did not exist at all, therefore there was no one there who could interact and talk with others. There were simply images perfectly organized through a creative mind, and life flowing in all its splendor, existing and being, but there was no person behind all those events, which in some mysterious way, happened automatically alone and in perfect order. I laughed knowingly because I knew it was all true, until I found it totally terrifying! And I open my eyes with a start.
14 years ago the experience was similar, but even stronger, I was also in a very deep hypnagogic state, observing a beautiful landscape, but at the same time... there was no one looking at this landscape, "I" was no longer there, there was only the mind, the images, life, consciousness, order, but there was no 'I', no particular person behind all that.. for a moment it was fine, just flowing, until I found it totally terrifying! And I came back. I certainly find it very difficult to express this in words, too difficult I would say, it sounds so simple and is at the same time so complex.

I find it incredible that these kind of events happen in the hypnagogic state, it really is a wonderful state, much more than a simple entry into lucid dreaming, obe, etc. I would like to delve more into this state of "without self", something completely terrifying, and at the same time interesting to analyze and delve into. Unfortunately it is not something I can induce at will, but it could happen again and I will be attentive, I will try not to be startled this time.

The most challenging thing about phasing for me is to have "neutral and curious mind" during the hypnagogic state. I can't stop being amazed or scared by the things I see. The other night I went from a beautiful rain of turquoise and gold crystals with green whirlwinds around, to finding myself floating over some guys with bloody axes in a slaughterhouse... how to keep a neutral mind with that!? I came back immediately. Practice, practice, practice.

This state is surprising, and with the methods that I am reading here in the Pulse of all the users I am understanding it better, especially the "movement" to enter into the landscape, what a joy when it happens! This really stimulates my imagination a lot, since I decide not to control the visuals, when I see the opportunity I "go in" and I have to look for the most creative ways to achieve it, this morning I turned into a lizard and ran through the forest, how funny! I couldn't think of something like this "from here".

What helps me enter into this state is to take some diaphragmatic breaths for a few minutes, then breathing normally, I fully concentrate on my breathing to calm the flow of thoughts, always very concentrated on my breathing and observing the blackness. By fully concentrating on my breathing, this produces a kind of dissociation, so thought begins to function autonomously and manifest itself through visuals.
I like to think that I am in a Cinema in front of a black screen, this keeps me expectant and attentive "waiting for the movie to start" that is where the visuals begin little by little and also the famous voices that call you, greet you, etc etc... we are entering! 😃 It is essential for me to have a little sleep, but not too much, otherwise it doesn't work for me.
I also use a sleeping mask, so the light doesn't bother me, and my "star assistant" noise cancelling ear muffs for sleeping, to completely isolate the sound. (Earplugs could also work, but I don't like them) In my case it is essential to isolate any external stimulus to be able to focus inward.

I like this about not losing consciousness, I still don't control it well and I'm just "getting the hang of it" but it's so fun that I'm right now like a little girl who discovered a "new toy"... I still use the Mild technique to induce Lucid Dreams, because I learned to use it twelve years ago and I found it 100% infallible, but now I do this also because I find it fascinating.
Surprising things can happen in between, like losing the sense of "I" and just "being" I hope to have new opportunities to experience it, since one of my goals in practice is to feel and unlock those "hidden and unexplored" states of consciousness.

I liked that book very much! In fact, with it I learned everything I know about Lucid Dreams twelve years ago.

Did you get it Xanth? The Counting Method? In my case, counting forward or backward only makes me feel sleepy, and therefore enters into the hypnagogic state, where abstract patterns or visuals (chaotic or controlled) begins, that will lead me to dream, but when I go through that filter I already don't even know what a number means... I'm not sure if when I start  dreaming I will continue counting and saying that I am dreaming, unless I do it consciously in the hypnagogic state and do the direct phase continuing the counting?
This method would be the same as falling asleep just repeating "I'm dreaming" without counting, which will most likely lead to becoming aware of the Rem state at some point, but I don't know if immediately after falling asleep.

I think The Counting Method could be good to maintain awareness during the lucid dreaming, telling yourself that you are dreaming, also counting or doing some calculations (addition, multiplication) makes my awareness increases quite a bit.

The truth is this book is excellent, not all the techniques have worked for me, such as "spinning" to gain awareness or changing scenarios, since in dreams my body is usually holographic or "vapor" or does not even exist and spinning seems strange to me. That could induce an obe (rolling from paralysis), I mention it because the book insists a lot on using it. But everything else has worked wonderfully.

Something that always caught my attention about this excellent book is that it has a particular philosophy, for LaBerge, out-of-body experiences are only dreams and nothing is real outside of the imagination. In fact, he cites some APs from some people that are incredible, trips to space with 360 degree vision or even the connection with the Source itself from the Void, but they only qualify them as dreams. I believe that the book simply tries to reach a broader audience, where people feel more comfortable with the idea of dreaming, since if we talk about projections, many could be prejudiced and not practice, this gives the opportunity to encourage people to explore their own consciousness. He says to "draw your own conclusions" if you see yourself outside the body, he doesn't deny it.

Xanth I'm finishing reading your book, I loved it! Thank you. I already wrote down many tips, I also have many questions but I will try to solve them in practice and ask later, like a good student.

Tells us if The Counting Method worked.
Hello Blossom, I'm so glad you were successful! I loved reading your experience seeing the bed through your physical body and feeling yourself in your astral body. Nice to see all those hours of practice paying off!  I'm sure that soon everything will be clearer and you will be able to repeat the experience, you will find "the twist" and you will reproduce it. You are very detailed and organized and I am sure you will realize it soon. 

Respect talking about this with others, I never do it. In fact it's sad that some of my friends have even had some spontaneous obe in the past, but they got scared and weren't interested in broaching the subject. And the saddest thing is that despite knowing of the existence of other planes, it is difficult for them to believe my experiences because they have not experienced anything similar, many people only believe what they experience. Luckily I no longer feel the need to communicate this with the people around me, my family never knew anything about what I do, nor do I plan to talk about it, many of them could be scared, and see it as "a ride into dead's world".
How lucky we are because Astral Pulse exists! I give thanks for that.

From my window I can see now a big full moon today, it makes you want to fly there :wink: