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Good people and organisations to look up on the heart are:

Joseph Chiltern Pearce (good for some real understanding on heart intelligence)
Drunvalo Melchizedek (for some interesting heart-centric meditations)
The institute of Heartmath (which has done lots of scientific research into heart intelligence)
Quote from: Little Bibble on June 25, 2013, 07:21:01

Factually speaking I guess it's all a matter of opinion.

Was kind of going for sarcasm when I wrote that oxymoronic sentence. Would have added a smiley but that would have negated the irony  :lol:
Let me just explain why I'm making a big deal of it - as we all know belief plays a big part of consciousness explorations. If we read something, even something misinterpreted, then you're affecting your explorations. I remember when I first started out I was on a forum where a thread talked about being careful of the dweller when you get out because it WILL be there. Sure enough it was for me. Then I read stuff that said if was simply a belief issue. Never saw the dweller again.

Simple misinformation hindered my early projection attempts. That's why transparency is important. Well to me anyway.

So if I said the only way to go OBE is through fasting is it transparent that it is just my opinion? Could people coming onto the forum deduce that was only my opinion or would a load of people start fasting because they took it as gospel? (that is assuming I had any respectability on this forum- which evidently I don't or if I did it is ever diminishing with my rant).
Interesting and I think I agree but (not wanting to be rude) ultimately irrelevant because the very fact that I misinterpreted Xanth means that the same could happen again to someone else. Someone who comes onto the forum afresh could quite easily misunderstand such comments.

Factually speaking I guess it's all a matter of opinion.

Quote from: Astralsuzy on June 25, 2013, 05:40:41
I am sure Xanth meant well and was trying to do his best. 

I fully agree with you.
Quote from: Astralsuzy on June 25, 2013, 05:03:44
I agree with you Xanth, it is your opinion.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  

Yeah I agree as well but that's not my point is it. My point is his sentences are not clear whether he is offering opinion or purporting fact. No where in my statement do I say he is not entitled to an opinion do I? In fact, i write its fine him contradicting me with his opinion.

But I assume judging by your response you only read Xanths above response and none of mine. Case in point - Xanth, this is what I'm talking about. People take what mods say as gospel and disregard a lot of the rest. That is why it is important for you to be more clear on what you write.
Quote from: Xanth on June 24, 2013, 21:37:56
I just want to make something clear.  I'm stating my opinion, not a fact.  If the reader takes what I say as fact, that is not only their choice... it's their loss.  

I appreciate your sentiment but perhaps what you should make more clear is your sentences. When you write...

"Nothing you can "consume" will lower your vibrations.  Only the choices you make in your day-to-day interactions with others will do that."

...That does not sound like opinion. Perhaps if you add in, 'I think' or 'I believe'. Lets face it the way you phrased it sounds a trifle arrogant and all knowing. I'm sure it's not how you meant it but then may be that's something you need to address.

The only reason I'm harping on about it is because people look up to you as a mod and respect your comments so you should be more careful with wording them
Cmon, it must have an effect. After all isn't fasting considered a valid OBE technique? Eating supposedly grounds you more in the physical. A lack of food weakens the veil as they say.
In one of Bob Monroes books he describes separating while he opened his eyes. I don't think it's a big thing. Bruce Moen (although not going OBE (but equating to the same thing) enters the NPR while walking and driving.
Personally I find it affects me quite a lot. When I fast for a few days I get visuals as soon as I close my eyes at night. Very interesting but not a long term solution. Tom Campbell talks about how certain foods lower our vibrations (things like red meats).
I've been on a no sugar diet for about 3 weeks now and I am starting to notice my energy levels are up. I don't get that after lunch weariness and getting up in the mornings is easier. Difficult to determine the effect on my meditations at the moment. Have noticed a little more focus but then it may take a little while longer to completely detox from thirty years of sugar in every meal.

One point on an all fruit diet is that it can have a laxative effect. Just have the rubber undies on standby.
If you can't help them coming out then do the exercise from wave 1 in which Bob gets you to first put things in your box then systematically asks you to remove them to convert their energy into something more positive. You could maybe adapt that so as they come back out of their own accord you could visualise them being converted into pure energy that won't interrupt your mindset. That's why it's called an energy conversion box. Initially you are storing these unwanted negative energies but ultimately you are converting them to a more pure energy.

The cliched response to 'how long do I train with each wave?' is always until you feel you are comfortable in the focus level. I wouldn't always agree because people find certain focus levels just don't resonate with them so you could get to focus 15 (wave 4) and just get nothing every time. Doesn't necessarily mean you are doing it wrong or not enough time spent on it. Maybe you just resonate more with focus 21. I exclude focus 10 from this statement. I think you need a good grounding in 10 though as a launchpad.
Thought I'd reawaken this topic because I remember reading someone talk about Bob Bruce's simplified Merkaba method but nothing was actually said about what it involves.

It seems the actual merkaba technique is very difficult for most people to do without taking a calculator and a set square into your meditation. Below is based on what Bob says in Energy work (this does not impinge upon copyright as it is freely available in the preview on google books) and from his forum posts:

"You do not need a trance state or anything fancy for this. You just need to be very relaxed, like you are when you first wake up in the morning. This is a good time to do it. Just wake up, roll onto your back, settle a little, and go straight into the two tube merkaba method.

Do not think about how you will do this method. Let go of physical limitations and just do this. Most people need several sessions before it becomes workable so please persevere. This method is best learned standing or lying down with eyes closed. Once learned it can be done in the sitting position with eyes open.


To begin, imagine and feel you are inside a full body length tube of energy, like a glass tube that fits snugly over you body, open at both ends. Imagine and feel this tube spinning clockwise around your body. Feel this with the full length of your whole body as best you can. Do not feel just one part of it moving around you. Imagine and feel the whole tube spinning with your entire body. Spend some time getting used to this action before attempting stage 2.


Imagine and feel you are inside a larger tube of energy that is full body length but this time about one arm length in width from your body (so basically just a wider version of the first tube). Imagine and feel this spinning counterclockwise around you. Imagine and feel the whole tube spinning with your entire body. Hold this spinning tube as best you can until you get used to the action.


Perform stage 1 and have the smaller energy tube spinning clockwise around your body. Hold this action until it gains body awareness momentum and stabilizes. Next, create the second larger tube and make this spin counterclockwise. Continue spinning both tubes simultaneously.

Command silently! (focusing on the inner tube) "this tube spins at the speed of light!" Repeat a few times and really put some 'zing' into the action and see and feel it moving at incredible speed.

Shift attention to outer tube. Command silently! "This tube spins at the speed of light!" and see and feel this spin at incredible speed.

Shift attention to hold both tubes and Command silently and strongly "These tubes spin at the speed of light" and feel them both accelerate so fast they become almost invisible with speed.

If you get this right, you'll experience a minds eye explosion of light 'major' and be expelled out of body."

Apparently this is a simplified version that he will be detailing further in Advanced Astral Dynamics.
Ah, okay, I see. One thing I'm curious about is how much of a distraction does the flashing become once you achieve some non physical awareness. So far I've experienced more fleeting imagery and I can't help but think that the flashing is interrupting my focus on the imagery
I gave the L3 program a go this morning. For the first fifteen minutes I wasn't getting too much out of it and thought to myself the Lucia lights are much brighter so I whopped the brightness to maximum and within a minute I realised the shapes the lights were producing were a lot more malleable and aligned to my thoughts. Very interesting. I will explore this further. So in summation, good work on the program Lion and Leaves. Seems really good considering I've only used it once.

One thing I might add (which I noticed when looking at it in Laxedit) is that you have not put a return back up to beta waves at the end. Maybe the laxman does it automatically but if not I think this is really important to do so it. I've attended several TMI courses and they really make a big thing about being grounded after an exercise.

The logic is that if you consider yourself like an elastic band - when you move to an altered state the elastic of your consciousness stretches outward. Now if you don't come back to normal C1 consciousness you are left with that airy floaty feeling (which most people think is nice (which it is)) so when you do another session you are already ungrounded so the shift in consciousness this time is not as clear because you are already partly in an altered state. If the elastic band of consciousness is back at c1 it makes the next journey into the altered state more pronounced than if you were ungrounded so it makes these altered states more recognisable to you as you enter them rather than just a hazy fog of ungroundedness with no differentiation between states. Also, it is apparently important to ground the experience in order to retain a clearer memory of it.

I remember Leaves talking about Right of Passage on the Going Home cd. I have that as well and I thought it was awesome that there was no return to C1 but now I realise it is not a good thing. That track was designed for terminal patients so the need to come back is not necessary. If you listen to most hemi-sync Bob makes a very methodical and slow return to C1. This is to properly ground you.
I used which was cheaper than direct through the seller but the plus side was that the German manufacturers were the ones who sent it to me. So best of both worlds
I have a laxman on order at the moment and was interested in the L3 programme that you created, Lion. Have you based your strobing pattern on videos you've seen of the Lucia? If so I just found a good video that maybe you haven't seen which shows it up close in your face. When my Laxman arrives I might also do some testing with it:

go to 7:22 for the Lucia part
I found that when I have a stomach bug and a few days of not eating makes NP visuals very clear as soon as I close my eyes at night. I guess that's why fasting is a recognised OBE technique as eating food grounds you more strongly in the physical.
Quote from: equin on March 08, 2013, 09:22:28
Ok wouldn't it be easier if someone is really trying to become rich to forget the lottery and focus on a horse race or greyhound race. This would simply be a lot easier to memorize rather than 6 or 7 numbers sometimes backwards or what not. You would have to spend money on betting on the right horse coming in but the risk would be worth it. This would be a much better way of proof but of course people seem to try the lotto which seems more harder to do.

Thx for the all the welcomes also ty.

I agree with you but I still think getting verification from within the astral is far harder than the method I suggested in my original post - PK. I've been doing my own experiments and have far very encouraging results at manipulating the outcome of dice.

Asking for the numbers in the astral is, for me, a pointless exercise. Obviously you've got the fairly large hurdle of perceiving a steady image that doesn't keep changing its numbers but even if you managed that who's to say it is correct. After all NPR is a very subjective environment that is coloured largely by beliefs which could affect what you are perceiving.

Whereas with PK you can get instant results from your experiments and, if successful,  this slowly breaks down any limiting beliefs hindering you
I think the overarching problem with trying to win the lottery is that millions of other people are subconsciously trying to manifest winning it so the PK field is a mass of confusion and so invariably no one wins
What I'm interested to know is when you're using the laxman and you have moved out of phase do the flashing lights interfere and become a distracting overlay to the NP environment you are exploring?
If you're serious about manifestation look into Joe Gallenberger. He is specialist. If you live near Vegas he does weekend manifestation courses where you get direct and verifiable results to your psychokinesis (PK) skills in the casinos. He has also just written a book called Inner Vegas which documents 20 years doing the course and some of the incredible against the odds winning that was achieved.

It seems you've got to do a lot more than just set your intent. For PK to be high it requires a number of things. Things like doing it from a focus 12 state is best. Lots of energy raising. Creating protective energy bubbles to protect you from exterior negative influences, a sense of love and just doing it for the fun of it (to have a little play).

From what I can gather your mindset is key. Things like greed and fear are no no's. You shouldn't be going into it with the intent to expressly win money. That should be just a nice outcome of the greater experiment which is  to work on the PK skills. Apparently we all have a mindset when it comes to gambling of bid small to win bid. Betting on the lottery is a prime example. It's a negative mindset because what you are really saying is if I lose I've only lost a little. But that thought would probably have already lost you the chance to win anyway.

I would probably try for something smaller first where you can see your manifestation skills get a real time result (like slot machines). You go in to win (but not necessarily with money as your target). If you get good at it the money will accumulate on its own. Besides which if you get good at manifesting you don't need to manifest money you cut out the middle man and manifest what you actually want.
Peter Russell is another TMI trainer. He helped create the Exploration Essence course (although the schei├če has hit the fan at TMI recently and I think he has left). Anyway, very insightful man like Tom Campbell. This guy knows his meditation stuff

He does a free online meditation course. You can donate what you like. Haven't tried but I'm sure it's good:
Also. if you go here:

Some of the diary entries are about this guys journies to earth core. Enjoy
I seem to talk mainly about the Monroe Institute as if I'm on commission but, anyway, on their course Exploration 27 you travel to the core of the earth (focus level EC 27). It is apparently made up largely of iron crystals (if I remember rightly) with many intelligences there.

I am attending the course at the start of february so I may have more feedback then. Or alternatively you could read Bruce Moens Journeys into the Afterlife (book 3) which documents his experiences there.