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Please delete this post.
Thank you
Be careful with those hard drive magnets you guys!
I love to play with magnets, and have given myself plenty of blood blisters with those things when they slam together and catch my skin in between.

Keep them away from magnetic media such as tapes, credit cards, etc, and don't get too close to your hard drive with them.

I was playing around once with putting one near a monitor to make a pretty magenta spot on the screen. The problem with that was that the internal degausser wouldn't make it go away like I thought it would. I had to make a beefier degausser out of a nut driver, a spool of wire and a variac. So my advice is keep these things away from the computer altogether!

Where to get 'em: There is lot's of neat info on them as well.
I don't know if I would want to be a Guinea pig, especially since I am so new to this, but I was wondering how psilocybin mushrooms would work with AP, especially since I have read about shamans using them.

OMG that must have been awful!
I had a dream 9 years ago that my chest was full of worms! :shock: And I remember how that made me feel. Especially since none of the doctors, or my friends that I visited in the dream could help me. I titled it "Hopeless". I felt terrible even after I woke up, and realized it was all a dream.

Here is where the general public can find your photo by the way:

I am a Webshots user, so I was able to troubleshoot your link.

Nice work BTW!
Thanks for the compliments!

I just take real photos, and fiddle with them, but I really admire folks that can just create awesome stuff out of nothing to start with except imagination, or good memory recall. I was just reading a post from someone who paints scenes from lucid dreams. That has got to be some awesome stuff!
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Astral Projection in Music
February 15, 2005, 20:15:52
Kitaro has an album called "Astral Voyage" which is one of his best in my opinion.
I took some copper tubing, and bent it into a 2' diameter circle, and suspended it from the ceiling with fishing line. I connected this to earth ground, and ran a suspended wire from my Tesla Coil to the middle of the grounded loop, turned out the lights, and let her riiiiiiiiip!
In Photo Shop; I edited out the wires, and added the trippy colors around the edges which came from another arc discharge photo.

Now if only I was a musician, I would have a really cool album cover.

Now you know why I am "Sparkweilder"! It has nothing to with metaphysics  :)
Well, I used to have some dreams about UFOs when I was a kid, but these were just spotting fly-bys rather than meeting aliens and such. I had an intense interest in UFOs when I was in my teens.

Now, thanks to you guys :evil: I had a UFO dream two days after reading this topic (maybe 4 days ago.) I dreamed that I went outside to sleep under the stars, and saw little tree frogs all over the place. They were harmless, and seemed to only just make an appearance in the dream, maybe as a symbol or something. I looked up into the sky, and saw clusters of stars very densely packed together that would form "star clouds".

The next morning (still in my dream) I tried asking people about the strange phenomenon, and no one could tell me anything. Then, suddenly a UFO too small to even abduct my cat flew through my picture window without breaking it. It chased me around the house for a while then disappeared. After this happened in front of family and friends, the word spread, and everyone was avoiding me because they were afraid that the UFO contactee thing was contagious, and that they would be abducted.

I got on a bus to go to an airport, and I sensed all the tension in the people on the bus. Like they were thinking "oh no, it's the contactee!" It's as if I became a Leper! I seemed to be very preoccupied with the fear of future abductions during the dream.

I have no fears, or thoughts of this during my waking life. The really weird part about this is that I have watched some really terrifying movies (like Fire In the Sky), and accounts about abductions that gave a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, but never had dreams as a result of it. Now I read this stuff which is really nothing scary at all, and I get a dream out of it. Go figure!
I hear this too, but it is there all the time in quiet environments, not just in meditation. You might notice it more in meditation because you quiet your mind, your internal AGC circuit allows your amplifier gain to increase and the noise floor comes up, like the static on an AM receiver that is tuned in between stations.

I always thought it was a noise floor kind of thing, where it is generated in the tissues, and neural pathways themselves. I have never tried playing with it like you guys have. If it can be changed during meditation, then the source of it is not what I thought it was at all. I will experiment with it later on.

For me, it normally sounds like the horizontal oscillator of a TV set, but not as loud. One time as I was drifting off to sleep, it got really loud all of a sudden, and actually sounded like several more tones joined in with slightly differing pitches. This would create a roar type noise. This all happened within a fraction of a second, and startled me awake similar to the way the falling sensation startles me awake, but not as intense as that. This could be the same thing that I see mentioned a lot with AP.
Welcome to Members Introductions! / Hi Everyone
January 21, 2005, 19:06:48
I've posted in these forums a few times already, but haven't done the formal "hello" yet, so I am here to fix that.

I actually found this site a few months ago while looking for info on psychic self defense. I am attempting to correct some serious problems in my life, and develop myself spiritually at the same time. I really had no interest in OBEs or AP in the beginning, but I ordered MAP anyway, along with the psychic self defense book because I read somewhere that by mastering the techniques that are used to develop astral projection, you will strengthen your energy pathways, and subtle bodies.

A lot of things are starting to be exposed that I need to take more seriously in my life, but at the same time I have been having a great time reading other peoples posts and saying to myself "hey, the same thing happened to me!" and "Gee, I didn't know that had anything to do with astral projection!". I don't know if this makes me feel more "normal", or actually more insane, but it's fun anyway!  :D It helps to take my mind off the bad stuff that's going on in my life.

Thanks to everyone who is keeping this site running!
Hi Everyone!

I am new to Astral Pulse, and also new to New Energy Ways. This is such a cool topic because as I was reading about clockwise stimulation, it got me wondering if this has anything to do with the Right Hand Rule in the study of magnetics, and electrical theory. This states that you hold your hand as if you are thumbing a ride around an electrical conductor, but point your index finger straight out. If a magnetic flux crosses the conductor in the direction of the index finger, North pole to south pole, then the induced current will flow in the direction that the thumb is pointing.

I am beginning to think, that chi, or whatever you want to call it, has behavioral properties similar to water, Radio frequency, direct current, and light all at the same time.

If the right hand rule can be used in energy development, it may be easier for some people to use than trying to imagine what direction "clockwise" is supposed to be. It's easier for me to visualize my right thumb over various parts of  my body, rather than a clock because the thumb points to the direction you want the energy to flow, and the fingers indicate the direction of the stimulation (magnetic flux). I work with electricity, so I like electrical analogies.