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Quote from: Lionheart on August 11, 2013, 01:56:45
Hello Malvasia and Welcome to the Astral Pulse!  :-)

From what I see, whenever you turn the Laxman off, it resets automatically.

Page 12 of the Manual explains that when you turn the Laxman off, the brightness/white balance returns back to it's normal setting.

I personally like to turn the brightness up one or two notches. It really depends on which Session I am using. Some are much more intense then others.

thanks for the reply! perhaps I was a bit fuzzy.
I mean in the device settings you can click the white balance and adjust the strength/power of each color red, green and blue. setting from 0 - 100% each color. these settings are retained even after turning off the device. so if someone/you could look what your laxman settings stand on for each color i would be extremely grateful.

i would like to adjust the white balance back as the laxman came in the original. could anyone tell me what to set in? or your own settings that u most like? can not find the original settings in the manual.

thank you!
strange saw these a few days ago. they disappeared quickly and was over me like a black cloud. interesting that many here have seen them.