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Quote from: EscapeVelocity on May 24, 2019, 22:51:32
Your experience is very reminiscent of my own and it seems that you received a positive and reassuring message. I hope it provides some closure. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Thankyou EscapeVelocity,
and thankyou to everyone else.
hi Just an update,
2 or 3 nights ago i had a lucid dream, I say lucid I know its just a label for having more awareness,
so the dream that lead into more awareness.
A young girl asked me if I wanted this kitten, I said yes.., thankyou, I held the kitten in the palms of my hands it was pink.
Immediatley I realised I was dreaming, soon after the kitten started to shrivel up,
normally when I realise I'm dreaming I do focus exercises, this time I was  focused on my mother, so I asked my Higherself,
Take me to my mother,
I was flying into a building window, I saw my mother standing in front of a mirror probaby 40 years old looking,
she turned and smiled , I gave her a big hug,
and like all lucid dreams emotion will collapse the experience , which it did.
i tried not to analize the experience to much afterwards and just accept it for what it was,
maybe it was  just my higherself saying everythig is ok,
anyways it was a comforting experience.
Quote from: Plume on May 15, 2019, 02:49:51
My condolences Sixx,
I also have parents with dementia and other brain deteriorations. it is hard to know what is happening in there last years . it is the brain , we realize that we are more then our physical when we learn to explore those states. You may just need to make an intend to have a sign send to you at all levels even during waking time , it comes in all kinds of form. make it your point of focus with no expectation just imagine that you will have some kind of message. Trust that you will know. heal first and let it take the time  that it needs.

Thankyou Plume,
and your right its very hard to know whats happening in the final years, and also it only really hit home for me the final months of just how much the desease
reduced her to nothing physically ,how devastating it was, yet all her organs where strong and healthy, she could have lived quite abit longer.
you make  a good point about making an intent to other levels of myself too , heal.......
Quote from: Windwalker. on May 13, 2019, 19:44:34
I believe your Mom has been set free of the disease which her brain caused her to suffer given her consciousness is no longer encumbered by a physical brain. I am curious if she was on a benzodiazepine like valium xanax or klonopin etc? Drs. prescribe these like candy to the elderly and the side effects are the same your mom suffered.

thanks Windwalker,
She was on Quitiapine and clonzazepam tablets, then in the last  months she having trouble swallowing, so  went onto the liquid form of clonazepam,
all are part of the benzodiazepine family i think,
In her last week/days as she couldn't eat they had her on morphine and mirtazapine ( if i spelled that right) and it was when ever she showed signs of
pain or uncomfort  they'd give her some more, just a horrible disease,
I see why the actor Robin Williams checked out early.
My condolences as well for your mother's passing. Losing a parent leaves an empty space, like you said. It's a very special place that only a parent could occupy, and as a child you naturally think it is a permanent thing; and yet, it is not, as we all eventually come to realize as we grow older.

I agree completely with Nameless' perspective on this. My readings and observations have also shown that most elderly people going through these stages of deterioration are, in fact visiting the other side and becoming slowly more acclimated to the NP side and gradually giving up their perspective on this PR side. And we do have guides and friends helping with this transition from the NP side.

With that said, I would not dissuade you from trying to check in on her; I see no problem with this. I have re-read some of your earlier posts and I see that you are familiar with etheric/RTZ projections. It was during one of my own etheric projections, three months after my father's passing that I unexpectedly and instinctively 'asked' to be taken to check on him. And I was escorted there and met with him, if only briefly...but it was enough to know that he was alright, so I left it at that.

So, if you are familiar with the process of an etheric/RTZ obe, then you know the level of 'intent' that is needed. Now you have a very good reason for an 'intent'. So take that intent with you into sleep or into a meditative/obe session and see what transpires. Ask to be taken to her, ask to receive information on her well-being, her status. Ask in whatever manner seems appropriate to you. Now is the time to be calm and relaxed but with a degree of seriousness and determination.

Let us know what you get from this process and we can proceed from there, if necessary. I know this is difficult, but it is best to start with you and what kind of 'read' you can get on the situation.

thankyou very much,
I will make some posts in the near future of my progress.
Thankyou for the kind comments,
I understand what your saying, I hadn't seen my mother for over a year up until 2 weeks ago,
and last time i left i said goodbye as i didn't think I'd see her again, but even then her mind was pretty gone, no emotion or real idea of where she was.
there where little spurts of being in the present but for the most part she was gone, her beliefs were of god and heaven, and I used to be the same along time ago

Mothers and sons always have a strong bond i think but as you go through your life its not really thought of, until that persons gone, then theres
an empty space,
something for me to meditate on perhaps,
thanks everyone.
Hi everyone I know I don't post much on the pulse, i think the last time i posted something I was wanting to get back into astral projection but work and life got to busy and  i just didn't really try in the end
but now I'm not working much and i have lots of time,  and things have changed  for me ,
so to the point of this post....

My Mother passed nearly a week ago now (76), she suffered from Lewy body dementia a horrible brain disease that affects the nurons sending imformation around the brain , it ranges from parkinsons to dementia horrific hallucinations  etc all very negtative stuff. in the
end she had to be sedated with morphine and  another drug I can't remember as she was screaming randomly at anything.
when she wasn't bed ridden she would tell me of these horrible places she would go, and not matter how much i tried to encourage her to think of a happy place, a sunny day , a smiling face , she couldn't do it, the brain disease? probably.

My worry now since her transition is that she could possibly be stuck somewhere in one of these places she visited,
my intent for an OOB is very strong at the moment as naturally i want to ,I need to know shes ok,
I wondered if some on the pulse could give me some guidance on retrievals, some techniques anything would be appreciated,


Quote from: Lucidityman on May 24, 2018, 21:28:05

Sixx..Nice screen name... I Think I know you from years ago...

As You know to leave the body is all about intent. A thirst... a will ..motivation. You can goto bed and "want" to do it.. won't happen. You need to have a desire... their is no "I might do it" ..wrong.. "You will do it."

You and me are similar... We both , our obes come natural to us... My obe's have stopped, Instead I think you progress. Hard to explain... For me I have more contact to the afterlife then I did when I ep'd. It seemed to advance me. Instead of vibes, doing the thing... I no longer need to do that basic form of Ep. I have ..allthough it slow... feel spirites around me when I sit here... It means you graduated as I call it to the next level.  You can always go back , but you don't need to. Experriment with the new ness... Since my ep's stopped I attract animales... LOL Figure that one out.

Hey their  LM
a desire your right , I am feeling that atm
It has  been along time since Ive been on, we probably have had some interaction at some stage.
you attract animals? thats good then!?
glad things are going good for you.
Quote from: Xanth on May 22, 2018, 15:58:10
Intent isn't "just thinking about it sometimes"... it's the placing of your entire willpower (whether consciously or unconsciously) towards a goal.

To answer the question "is it enough?"... well, it depends.  I'd say probably not, but what do YOU think?  It's YOUR Intent, after all.  :)
Yeah true, I'll get onto some affirmation dig, a little deeper
Quote from: Windwalker. on May 22, 2018, 03:07:20
Do you still keep nightly intent?

Hi, well I think about it sometimes,  is that enough intention though?
Quote from: Xanth on May 21, 2018, 08:51:29
Per your evaluation, how is the rest of your life?

I find that things come and go as they need to exist within your life.  This might be the case for your projections.
I'd not worry about it and let them come as they come.  :)

hi Xanth
lifes good atm living pretty minimally, no stress.
your probably right, they will come and go I guess, I 'll take it as they come  :-)
Quote from: baro-san on May 21, 2018, 02:35:58
Maybe it's that you entered a new phase of your growth, when you have to learn and experience new things, to get beyond having astral projections for entertainment.

thanks for your feedback, you could be right, maybe it is a new phase of my growth I never looked at it like that,  I never saw my
experiences as entertainment, more  of my true self I think. :-)
Hi everyone,

I used to AP regularly, probably 3 or 4 times a month spontaneously mostly,

but about 3 years ago they just stopped, and I am ok with that because the experiences I had changed my life.

however lately  I have been missing it, alot

Has this happened to anyone else? I 'm sure it probably has but is there a remedy ? , to get back on the horse

so to speak,
thankyou blue  and Xanth  its comforting to hear  :-)
thanks for your replies, :-)
yea shes had enough,old age can be cruel sometimes can't it
recently my mother of 73 took ill, a bad case of diverticlosis, was in  a lot of pain and doesn't really want to be here anymore,
she may go and have another operation and has told me she doesn't think she will survive it if that happens, and doesn't want to go through that pain again.

if she does transition over to the np  in the near future I don't want her to be stuck anywhere, she has her fears and still clings to societies ways
if she needs to be retrieved can someone here do that?  or check  she has left safely?

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Robin Williams RIP
August 19, 2014, 22:04:15
I'm sure his  medication  played a part in it , but you throw in all the alimony he had to pay to his ex wives, or ( all my money)  as he used to say,
his battle with addiction and depression and to top it off he was in early stages of parkinsons , I understand  he probably went screw it!! I'm outta here.

I think he should have gone "back to rehab in wine country to keep his options open"
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Robin Williams RIP
August 19, 2014, 09:40:36
I have never been so upset about a  celebrity passing, I remember coming home from school and watching mork and mindy, I was a huge fan from then on, loved his humor,

Some have called him a coward for taking his own life,
I say he was fearless , he done all he could he gave all he could , in the end he did what he had to do I'm sad he is gone, but happy he is free,
thanks for the laughs  :-D
I've  been wanting to go on the raw food diet for sometime now, but I realized that being  a meat eater all my life
the transition wasn't as easy as I'd thought it would be.

So I had to take small steps ,now I'm at the stage  where meats gone, and i'm cooking  1 meal a day,
thinking of different things to eat using my imagination when it comes to cooking is something I have always lacked.

through my day I usually snack on fruit, I've cut bread out, which was really hard to find things to fill that spot, years of habit,
I invested in a dehydrator which is great, holds all the goodness in, little snacks  lots of variety , you can store your fruits or what ever for a long periods of time.
another item i invested in was a water distiller which I'm still waiting on, it eliminates all fluoride  heavymetals etc
and I'm  getting some spirulina chlorella supplements ,which flush out the system , well theres many advantages to many to list.
green tea and honeys nice with some lemon
I've heard to many eggs is bad for you , I probably eat 4 a day which i was thinking might be  to much.

Another hurdle I hit was socializing, and the people your around and what they eat, temptation can be to much sometimes,
So discipline and support is important.

but overall its been fun especally since  opening a can and being the king of bland was my forte,
now I'm having to use my imagination,
but I FEEL GREAT though, lighter  :-D 
Well said,

I was thinking about this device when I was away, as curious as I am to try the latest  light and sound machine
I'm gunna put it on hold for abit

think instead I'll get a water distiller and some vegetarian cook books
and hopefully next year is the year  I  will  put my training wheels away :-)
I,ve  just been reading some of the features of the kasina

8g SD card!! rechargeable batteries, to name a few, way more features than the laxman has.
I enjoy the laxman  too, and its a great aid, but looks like its time to update.

When I get back from my xmas break I will be putting and order in for 1.
I'll give my laxman to my niece, she just got a job as an ICU nurse, be good aid for her I think :-)
hmm interesting , I will have to read some of the reviews,
how longs it been on the market , do you know?  :-)
cool van halen they were one of my favourite bands too ,
sammy hagar was pretty good

I had a acdc ld dream once, well one song, for those about to rock, the sound was clear as clear
never been to see them though.
after the song I walked out onto the street and a few ppl  asked for my autograph,  :-o
nice production ,
I stopped it at the heaven and hell parts
It would have  been more  interesting  if he  was talking about his own experiences/knowns,
instead of his beliefs of someone elses perceptions of the NPR's
but thats just my opinion/observation  :-)
So this morning around 5.30am I decided to do an L#3 session I felt some strong energy sensations half way through.
when the session ended , I started my visual exercises ,
1st at the back door, through the kitchen and rest of house, I repeated this once  more,
I felt a surge of energy and buzzing sounds getting louder not to far into the start of the exercise.
the vibrations came and went  a number of times,
I let go, shut my big mouth, and  just observed ,
now my plan was , when the vibrations  subsided  i would imagine myself at my back door, the  starter area for my exercise.
but it didn't work,
So I ended up just rolling out which was a totally spontaneous thing, went out the door of my bedroom into the living room walked through the wall onto the front lawn then flew round the side, came through another wall back into the living room.
then I saw my cat walking in, I think she saw me too, not sure if she was out or not.
i didn't want to stay out to long as I remember someone saying ,stay out a few minutes then dive back in,make a strong memory think it was Robert Bruce,
Anyways that was my 1st RTZ experience, pretty cool, very  very  happy :-D