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There has just been released a new Light & Sound Machine for only half the price of the Laxman, but much more advanced and sophisticated. It also works together with Transparents Mind WorkStation and Neuro Programmer:

There is also a user forum with many great reviews and discussions:

Going to get this!  8-)
Dear Javier,

well, I guess everybody holds his own opinion. I definitely do not intend to "counter-advertise" the Procyon against the Laxman in this thread. I do own both devices and tt is simply my personal opinion when I state, that I prefer the Procyon more than the Laxman. For me it is simply more comfortable to use and I also find the Procyon more versatile than the Laxman. The Laxman sure does attract at first glimpse because of its stainless steel case, the built-in mp3-player and the extraordinary goggle ... but after having used the Laxman for a while, I actually do not really pull much benefit out of these things. As said before, I find the laxman goggle too bulky and inconvenient to wear ... and as I ended up using it with closed eyes anyway, the open eye concept did not really provide any benefit to me. The stainless steel case Looks great at first glimpse ... but it is very bad workmanship. Just a thin metal Shell where the buttons get stuck in if you push them to firmly. So below the line, it is only the built-in mp3-player that provides a true comfort.
Anyway, I found that I can do EVERYTHING with the Procyon as well, what the Laxman is capable to do - the only little disadvantage of the Procyon in comparison to the Laxman is that I need to connect an external mp3-player to it, but therefore the Procyon offers much more sophiticated features, visual effects and technical possibilities than the Laxman does, while I find the technical concept of the Laxman to be rather primitive in comparison to the Procyon. Sure, the design of the Procyon is somehow old-fashioned, but honestly spoken I definitely prefer to use a machine with an old-fashioned design but therefore with many modern and innovative technical features ... rather than a device with an attractive facade but with a primitive technical concept. Beside of that I simply dont find the Laxman to be comfortable to use due to the bulky and heavy goggle.

So my conclusion from the comparison of these two devices results in my opinion, that the Laxman is simply too expensive for what it has to offer, while the Procyon is generally capable of doing the same things for less than half of the costs ... and it is also more comfortable to use.

As already said, this is no "counter-advertisement" for the Procyon but simply my personal experience-based opinion. Although the title of this thread may be "Laxman Light and Sound Machine" there have been reviews and comparisons about other light and sound machines in previous posts from other users on this forum as well ... so maybe the title of this thread should possibly better be renamed into "Light and Sound Machines" in general?
Dear Lionheart,

thanks for your hint. Well, when lying down on a bed, taking the strap of the Laxman goggle off does of course increase the wearing comfort of the Laxman goggle. Personally I prefer to do my sessions in a half lying/sitting position (in my comfortable relaxing chair, which I fold back to a 35° angle), as completely lying down likely puts me to sleep too easily. :-)
This does not happen so much likely when I sit in a slightly upward position, though ... but in this case the Laxman goggle does fall off from my face to easily if I do not fix it with the strap. Therefore the Procyon goggle is more usable and convenient for my purposes ... and with the Procyon-converted L#3 session of yours, I can now comfortably use this with my Procyon as well. :-)
Dear Lionheart,

thanks for sending your L#3 session for the Laxman. I found the email in my spam crunch, therefore I didn´t recognize your email right away.
Your session does in deed put me in a very deep Theat state. I do find the goggle of the Laxman annoying though, as it is very heavy and uncomfortable to wear. As far as it is to me, the Procyon goggle is much more convenient and less annoying to wear. Therefore I have re-written your L#3 session for the Procyon, although it took me quite some time to "translate" the Laxman parameters and according values into the right Parameters and values for the Procyon. But finally it works exactly the same as your original Laxman session ... just for the Procyon instead with a more comfortable and less clumpsy eyeset. Oh, by the way: I did also add a deep tone audio stimulation with binaural beats ... but if you don´t like it, just leave the headphones off.

For anyone who is interested to use the L#3 session for the Procypn, please find it attached to this post. You will need to re-name the file name from  L#3.txt  into  L#3.PRw  though, as this forum does not allow to upload other file types than  txt, doc, pdf, jpg, gif, mpg or png.

Enjoy! :-)

[attachment deleted by admin]
Dear Lionheart,

thanks for your reply. :-)
I do know the Blog of Craig T. and did read myself all through it. When you cautiously read his reviews, it becomes obvious that Craig definitely favours the Procyon as the device of his first choice as well. His reviews on both the Laxman as well as on the Procyon are meanwhile a few years old and therefore not up to date any more. As far as I have learned from the MindPlace Website, the Procyon is currently available in the 3rd revision - means there have been two older revisions before. As mentioned on the MindPlace forum, the revisions 1 and 2 of the Procyon did have a rectangular lightframe jack which was identical with the lightframe jack of the Laxman:
So I assume that Craig T.s comment about the Laxman goggle being compatible with the Procyon is based on the fact that he probably owns a Revision 1 or 2 Procyon console. I on the other hand own a new revision 3 Procyon console, which has a completely different lightframe jack and therefore cannot be interconnected with the Laxman goggles. The only possibility to do so would be to modify the plug of the Laxman goggle - means cut of the rectangle plug and resolder a round plug that fits to the Procyon ... but then of course you can´t connect the Laxman goggle to the Laxman any more. So therefore I do rather not mess around with these things. ;-)

By the way, Lionheart - would you mind sharing your L#3 session for the Laxman with me ... I would at least want to give it a try with your session again, which received so many positive comments on this forum. ;-)

Dear Sixx and Doomkain,

thanks for your both replies to my post and for your hints in regard of setting the light intensity and the contrast of the Laxman. Of course I have tried these things and played around with these settings. It sure made the open eye use of the Laxman easier to bear ... but on the other hand it also led to the fact that the light stimulation became more boring and less appealing. In comparison to the eyes closed use of the Procyon with full brightness (which is very well bearable) the visuals of the Laxman are by far not as vivid and sophisticated when the brightness or the contrast is being set to a bearable level for open eye use.

By the way: I cannot confirm that the Laxman goggle is being compatible with the Procyon. The Laxman has a rectangle connector and jack for the goggle, whereas the Procyon has a round connector and jack (like the headset connector/jack on the iPhone). So These things don´t match with each other.
Hi folks,

I´m new to this forum, although I have been reading along for quite some while. :-)
Well, I couldn't resist and ended up purchasing a light & sound machine as well, whereas I purchased a Procyon at first ... and due to the very positive reports and comments on this forum a Laxman some while after that.
Honestly spoken, I have been a bit disappointed about the Laxman so far - especially in comparison to the Procyon, which for me provides much more vivid and intriguing colours and visual effects. Im must admit though, that I prefer to close my eyes when doing a session, as it is just being to exhausting for my eyes to keep them open all the time while they are being stimulated with light flashes - actually my eyes are really starting to hurt when I use the Laxman with eyes open ... and I also doubt that this is a healthy way to use a light & sound machine if one doesn´t want to cause damage to his eyes in the long run.
So the Procyon really gives me much more than the Laxman - and that for even less than half of the price! One big plus of the Laxman definitely is the built-in audio player, but on the other side I don´t mind connecting a small mp3 player to my Procyon in order to enjoy the light & sound experience in conjunction with music or other audio ... and if one can save US$330 for just relinquishing a built-in mp3 player, I think the Procyon is also defininitely being the better deal.
Anyway, I would like to give the Laxman another chance and wonder if Lionhearts L#3 program is really being so good that it makes it worth having purchased the Laxman. So Lionheart, I hope it is not being asked too much when I beg your kindness if you would share that session with me? I would really be interested into trying it out. :-)