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It's been awhile as the subject says.  Just wanted to say hello to those of you who may remember me.  Looking forward to this spiritual journey yet again!  :-)
Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Caffeine
March 22, 2016, 03:43:49
Hello all.  Do any of you or have any of you used caffeine before attempting AP?  I have when I'm so tired I felt I needed it and had some mixed success.  I know the point is to relax, but sometimes it's hard to not instantly fall asleep.  My preferred brew is Japanese green tea.
So, I had a cluster of ap's the other night.  Lots of things happened, however I'm curious if anyone has seen anything similar to what I saw.  Most of the time when I leave the RTZ I end up in the stars.  This time I went further, a lot further.  This was the third time I got out that night and I ended up in the darkness.  I could see the stars far away from me.  I shifted and ended up amongst the stars.  There were a sort of spacecraft littering the area around me.  They were not very large.  And they were almost shaped like a family van.  They just sort of hovered there.  Then I was projected farther out.  My body has had a lot of sensations.  I mean, I have had a lot of out of bodys and aps or whatnot.  This time though I traveled so fast.  It felt like I couldn't breathe.  I felt like I was pushed so far out.  Again, I saw these space crafts.  The atmosphere was orange.  A thick orange..  You could see the hugh in the air.  Almost like a fog.  And there were 2 deathstar shaped bases almost right next to eachother.  They just floated there with these spacecraft scattered around them.  They was a planet behind them.  It was a very awesome experience.  Anyone ever see spacecraft shaped like this?  Or deathstar shaped bases? 
Welcome to Dreams! / Enigmatik's Dream Journal
February 21, 2016, 15:46:35
Partial OBE? Partial DREAM? Edit DJ Entry 

2/20/16 Nothing to eat / little water. Shirt only. Living room alone. Aiden next to me. Fell asleep early, maybe 11. Super tired. Think I started affirmations but so tired I may have fallen asleep. It occurred after alarm went off at 5am. Stayed up maybe 10 minutes the listened to my binaural beats, then did affirmations and began body relaxation.

I appeared in my room at my old house where I lived 20 years ago. My right hand and arm were buzzing and I realized I was close to exiting. My legs and arms floated up like a balloon underwater but for the life of me I couldn't separate my shoulders. I played with this for a LONG time it seemed. I remember playing with the thought of looking at my sleeping body. I also remember trying to focus on the sensations and vibrations to see if that would help me get out. Next I tried focusing on the letter "A" in my mind. (not sure why) This didn't help either. My legs and limbs floated up and down a few more times. What happened next was just strange. I felt a pair of hands grab onto my ankles. This didn't scare me but I couldn't believe what was happening. It was so strange because this was in a house I lived in when I was a kid. This all was so weird!

The hands were there for just a short period when I instinctively sat up and grabbed them. I remember being on the floor at this point and trying to pull the person up through the floor. There arms were bent over my thighs as I was trying to get enough leverage to pull them up before they got away.

The experience now took me outside of my old house in front of the grocery store that was close by. This girl was moving away from me and I was closing in on her. She seemed to be the one that grabbed my ankles. I could sense it. Next, we are in what seems to be a police station. Maybe we got arrested? We arrive in a classroom with a bunch of other people and I remember trying to take a seat. It was crowded. I looked over at her and could sense this was bad and we were in trouble. The two agents in front of the room started to talk about OBE. It was as if they were trying to find out how much we knew or were capable of. Some people naively gave information and I felt these were people the agents were looking for. When I looked over at the girl, who now I felt like I had a connection with as if we were friends, I could sense we needed to play dumb. I did feel in imminent danger as if we were going to be taken against our will to possibly help with some sort of government experiment.

At some point I was back in the house with my wife who didn't even know me back then. She told me she felt an evil presence. My dad was there who looked a lot younger. I told him about the experience and he seemed intrigued. When I got to the part about my ankles being grabbed he sort of lost interest. We walked into the room where it actually happened and my wife was leaning against the wall looking out the window. I could tell she had to leave because of how uncomfortable she felt.

This was all I remembered. Very strange..... I know when I have an obe without any doubts. But this one I just don't know about. So weird.
Before the OBE - No food, bit of water.  Sweat pants and shirt.  Fell asleep on couch prior to laying down to doing routine for about 40 minutes.  Went to lay down about hour later.  Was VERY sleepy.  Slept in living room with Aiden next to me.  Listening to Paul Collier binaural music (30 minute segment).  Went through affirmations and fell asleep before I got to systematic relaxation of body. 

Okay, so while I was going through my affirmations and listening to my beats I think I fell asleep for a few minutes.  Next is while I was sleeping my subconscious went to begin relaxing my right hand and arm. (In an actual dream or hypnogogic state)  I believe the repetition of my routine was so ingrained that it began even though I fell asleep.  As soon as I began this relaxation technique my body began to go into the vibrational state and I instantly began to float out.  Surprisingly I floated down and had immense physical sensations while spinning and floating almost uncontrollably.  I kept repeating clarity now and all remained black while I floated what seemed forever down through this dark void. I tried many things to get vision, but nothing.  Eventually it took me back to my body.  Even though I didn't get vision it was still very clear and vivid.  I could hear my binaural beats the entire time.

Again, I could feel my right side hand and arm buzzing and immediately got out again.  This time without even thinking about it.  I began to roll out on the right side of my body.  Funny thing is that this roll continued indefinitely for what seemed to be minutes.  I was in awe of the highly sensitive sensations it was sending to my body.  From here I popped back into my body. Again I could hear my binaural beats the entire time.

Like a broken disk, I could feel my right again buzzing.  Out again.  Third time, then forth.  My body was in a perpetual spin into the darkness whenever I got out.  At this point I could not hear the binaural beats.  Most likely they had got to the end of the 30 minute video from youtube.

The next of time I got out I remember walking around my living room with the feeling of my eyes twitching in an almost blinding fashion.  At the same time I could feel my right arm buzzing and I knew I could get out again.  The separation process was beginning but I was on my feet.  I felt as if I needed to lay down because I was actually kind of in shock that this was occurring.    (This part of it seemed almost like a dream to me but I had a unclear 3d sense of my surroundings)  As soon as I remember again I was laying down and floating out of my body spinning about.  Down, sideways and backwards. 

The last time I got out I remember walking around my living room again towards the kitchen.  This time my wife was there and I remember explaining to her that I just had a bunch of OBE's and my body was humming with energy again so strong that I could feel myself trying to separate.  My eyes were barely open but I VIVIDLY remember this.  I was walking as slow as a sloth handicapped by the sensations.  Then I layed down and it happened again.  (This was the last one that I remember and again it felt dreamlike while I was walking around but I still had the 3d sense.. just very foggy though.)

Okay, now the kind of crazy thing.  Today when I woke up I told my wife about it.  She just kinda rolled her eyes like she usually does and that was that.  The only interest in it was that I told her I had like 5 or 6 of them.  But then she said that I was talking really loud in my sleep last night.  And that she could hear it all the was from the bedroom with her door partially closed.  She said she got up and stood at the door for a second to see if it would continue, which it did.  She actually thought I was talking to my son who was sleeping next to me and came out to investigate.  She came out to the kitchen and watched but by this point I was silent.  This is the spot that I remembered her being at when I was talking to her in my dream state or obe state.  Very weird.

Has anyone had a OBE like this?  I tried to solidify it over and over.  But I just couldn't see.  Sensations were very intense.  It felt like I was on a rollercoaster blindfolded.  I said clarity now many times and it became very vivid.  But when I tried to tell it to take me to my higher self it continually ran me through these weird OBEs.  Strange thing was that all 5 or 6 of them were dark and I couldn't see.  One time I had this happen a few years back when I floated through my bed and into the ground.  They had the same darkness as this one.  Not scary or anything.  Just unusual.  And what the wife had said the next day was interesting.  To know that she came out to the kitchen around the time I saw her in my obe state.  Weird.. 

I just thought that I would share my experience with the people who are having a hard time projecting, in hopes it will accelerate their progress.  A lot of my progress came from practically attaching myself at the hip to Lumaza and him steering me in the right direction.  I followed his advice as best I could and got really good results.  

First off he had me read!  Note that I have been projecting sporadically for awhile now... maybe 3 years.  But during this time I asked many questions on this forum without even really reading the stickies here.  Recently I did and this gave me a TON of information I needed plus answered some questions that I may have potentially asked if I hadn't.  I will also reread some of these because as my experience progresses I get more out of them and may understand them better.  There were specific ones he directed me towards but since then I have read more of them as well.  They are stickies for a reason.  

Another thing he and others stress A LOT is affirmations.  At first I did this by using the ones other people came up with.  Now I have made my own because they just didn't strike home with me and I like mine better.  They are worded with words that I would typically use, thus I'm not saying an affirmation that doesn't strike deep within my soul.  And to be honest, my affirmations are usually a conversation with myself that takes one minute or up to five minutes.  When I feel I have gotten the points across to my subconscious I move on.  

Lumaza mentioned in some of his posts how he liked Binaural Beats and Isochronic tones.  Well, I now too have began REALLY liking these.  They help me melt away and forget about my body.  And this is of course the point!  Heh.  He has mentioned a ton of different references for these.  One I like that he mentioned was Paul Collier.  I have consistently had good results with many of my OBEs with a specific track by him.  I mean why fix it if it isn't broke.

Another thing that just screams in this forum is to give things a chance.  If you try something once it most likely will not work.  You have to give things some time.  I have read this numerous times on the forums.  

Don't be shy.  Hehe.  I do believe that the forums are very important, however I also think it is important to find someone you can talk to via pm or whatever if you have specific questions.  Especially if you want to see if what they did works for you.  Some people really do want YOU to succeed.  They get satisfaction out of helping people.

There was much more advice that he and MANY others gave me.  I kept what worked and added my own touch.  I find myself happy with the results so far. One of the things that I do is similar to what Monroe did.  I keep a journal of my experience.  In this journal I not only include the experience itself but also the preparation for it.  Here is an example and I break everything down in hopes I can find the pattern of what is working and what is not (remember, the OBE's you had a year or 2 ago you most likely will not remember what you did prior to them so I believe this is important!)  

TIME/LOCATION12:30 Slept in living room next to my son but by myself.  
WHAT I ATE OR DRANKEmpty stomach.  Little water/no caffeine.  
BINAURAL BEATSListening to BB Paul Cullier
RELAXATION TECHNIQUESystematically put body to sleep by relaxing(hands, arms, feet, legs, torso, neck), moved on to making body parts heavy but fell asleep.
MISELLANEOUSWas I tired/or awake?  Did I nap that day?  If so, when.  Practically anything I can think of that I might deem as important to me.

Right now I keep a journal of my OBE's and what I did prior to them.  After I note all the circumstances I go on and journal the actual experience.  I am honestly thinking about keeping tract of unsuccessful attempts and what I did on those days as well to further help my understanding.

The relaxation technique I found below has REALLY helped me.  I like the systematic procedure of it all.  As you do it more and more you will get to the state of total body relaxation and or numbness faster.  I believe this is an important step to newcomers.  There are many ways to go about it, but atleast this is a detailed technique that you can take what works for you and leave the rest.

I also worked on imagery a lot.  Lumaza has a Doorway technique. There are Non Physical awareness techniques that are important.  By doing some of these and other techniques he and others have mentioned you begin to be able to actually leave this reality through your imagination.

Ultimately your success is determined by your ability to keep yourself accountable and to do what you need to do to figure this out all out.  Think of it like this.  YOU are a doctor and YOU need to diagnose what works for YOU.  Your condition is YOU CAN'T AP!  Doctors try many things on patients and keep NOTES for many reasons.  With progress in regards to OBE/AP it is really nice to know what works and what doesn't work.  If your like me you will forget details if you don't write things down.  If you go away from this for a week you might not remember what was going on last week.  Everyone is different.  If you are a patient with an unknown condition and the doctor isn't able to systematically eliminate things he probably isn't getting any closer to the solution either.  THIS I believe is MUCH like that.  This is how you learn what works and what doesn't.  Diagnose yourself.

This is just a bit of what I felt I NEEDED to share with the forum.  And note that MANY people helped me, A LOT!  Too many names to mention.  However, Lumaza directly helped me via pm and who I sort of consider as my AP therapist.  Hehe.   Please feel free to add anything that you would have considered being a game changer in you success to AP.  Thanks!
I was wondering what you guys do after you get out of body from the SP state and are still remotely close to your body?  Or not.  Last night I had a awesome OBE where after I floated out of my body the first thing I said over and over was clarity now.  I did this quite a few times and it was a crystal clear experience for me.  It seemed when I knew what to say without thought it worked instantly.  Do most of you just "THINK" of a intention?  Do you try to stabilize it by repeating something?  What exactly do YOU do?  Do you have a routine you go through as soon as you realize you are in a OBE or AP?  

Another thing is that most of my AP's or OBEs are pretty much on an auto pilot.  Usually I am automatically kind of floating somewhere or another.  Last night it seemed like when I was floating on auto pilot and taking in what I was seeing my vision literally seemed centered and I was 100% focused.  At any point I tried to think it almost felt like my vision was being "pulled to the side" as if I were losing grasp or the center of the experience.  Is this typical?  What are your experiences with this if you can relate?  Eventually after you LEARN how to maneuver and conduct yourself in an OBE, do you have a little more freedom without ruining the experience?

Thanks!   :-D
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Neat widget!
February 14, 2016, 16:08:41
Do you think our forum could use a widget like this?
I ran into it on a website I was browsing and hadn't ever seen anything like it.  Thought it was interesting enough to post it here to think what you guys thought.  I'm not very computer savvy so it may not even work in a forum.  Anyways...
Many times on these forums I hear about how beliefs can hold you back from AP or anything in general.  My question to you is have you ever seriously and vigorously pinpointed these beliefs and made some change?  How did you do it?  And was there an effective outcome?  My experience was a fear inventory a long time ago.  I did it with a friend.  It was effective but I think that I want to take a more thorough inventory and see if I can evoke more change.  I would really like to hear about your experiences!  Thanks.
I don't know about you.... but... Why does it seem that 90% of my AP's involve being in the star fields?  Any ideas or does this happen to any of you?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Shamanic Journeying
December 05, 2014, 04:49:15
First off, hello.  Glad to be back at it again.  Love you guys and this forum! 

Okay, now that is off my chest I would like to speak a little about Shamanic Journeying.  I attended a class on Shamanism last night and had my first "journey."  I met my power animal and had a very interesting time.  The teacher played a drum the entire session which almost let you go into a trance like state.  Now, I have had a number of OOBs and APs, and yes this was my first journey.  My question is whether any of you have journeyed and if it is ever as REAL or INTENSE like when you are oob or projecting.  When I was there listening to the drums I was hoping to go into the vibrations and pop out of my body, lol, but that never happened.  Anyways.. if any of you have any comments or anything to add to this post at all, I would REALLY love to hear them!  THanks!
I know there are a lot of you out there who have been experiencing AT for a long time.  What are some important intentions to possibly have?  I have heard on many intentions that one SHOULD meet their spirit guide/guides.  Do you set an intention for this or is this something that will happen when the time comes?  When most of you set your intentions is it the intention to HAVE a oobe/at?  My intentions for a long time were to TRY to contact a passed away relative.  This has not happened yet even though I have had about a dozen oob's and 2 or so AP's.  Any advice or anything you guys who have EXPERIENCE with this care to comment?
I recently have dreamt that I was at my grandmas house sleeping in her living room.  My wife was in another connecting room sleeping.  Anyways, she has never been to my grandmas house and this wasn't even an accurate layout of the house itself.  So, I begin hearing the exit noises and my body starts buzzing.  I remember thinking to myself out of fear, "I'm not familiar with this place and I don't know if I want to OOB here."  At this point I come out of body and float into the room that my wife is in.  I float over to the corner and then right up next to her.  She is sleeping on her side facing me.  As I am observing her she wakes up and looks in my general direction as if she senses something paranormal.  I can see the fear in her face as she looks right through me not actually seeing me.  She then gets up and runs out of the room.  After this I woke up.  The thing about this is that it seemed so dream like, but I do remember the exit sensations.... in a dream like way I guess.  Anyone experience anything like this?  I have had a handful of oob's but some of them seem like they are dreams.