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Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Swinging
July 06, 2017, 16:57:05
Quote from: Xanth on July 03, 2017, 14:44:24
Sorry Subtle, my statements have that effect on people.  :)

Damn!  :|

Quote from: Selski on July 04, 2017, 07:28:53
Neither. I forgot.

Double damn!  :|
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Swinging
July 03, 2017, 12:30:35
Quote from: Selski on July 03, 2017, 09:06:50
Thanks peeps.  :-)

Xanth -  :-o  :-D

I guess you missed my question or decided to ignore it.
Quote from: JenShepwood on July 02, 2017, 13:11:28

Subtle Traveler - your reassurances that the loss of my husband may be a physical one but not a complete one are really comforting and I appreciate that so much.  As I'm going through this process for some reason I'm always seeking external validation and while I really know that I am the only one who can decide for myself, for some reason it just feels good to get it :)  And, I am listening...  I do understand what you are saying about the biological mind filling in the unanswered gaps.  I will try not to over analyze.  So hard though!  I have been documenting my dreams but hadn't actually documented any of the vibrations/sleep paralysis/energy types of things for some reason so I am now doing that as well. And, I have been meditating and I think your suggestion to do that for a while before pursuing OOBEs more specifically is smart (but if they happen, then Yay!!!) I had never meditated before and am pretty terrible at it but I keep sticking with it.  Originally I had been using binaural beats and now I'm listening to a guided visualization cd from Brian Weiss MD who is known for his books on past life regression (this is another new interest of mine.) I don't know much about meditation though - is there some form of it that you suggest or do you think anything is okay?  Also, I didn't totally understand what you meant by "clustering." If you have a moment would you be able to explain that idea a little bit more? I am REALLY looking forward to the book you mentioned that will be published in Sept.    

Seeing any perspective we arrive at as provisional and subject to change (or expansion) as truth reveals itself in different aspects' is an important consideration. And I am not suggesting that we 'cannot know' because of this. I simply see this process as an expansion of consciousness for each individually and the whole collectively.

My provisional perspective is that physical reality is intentionally structured (e.g., with time and space) to maintain 'our continual choosing' while we are extended here into the physical from our non-physical aspects. The 3D space reinforces the individuality or separateness we perceive. Delineated time reinforces the basic structure of "time slices" of this moment and this moment and this moment, that creates the individual perception of this decision and this decision and this decision. Get it?

I like your attitude that "if the OBE's happen ... then Yeah!". Nuff said.

Brian Weiss and his work were formative for me about 10 years ago. I mediated for years using his CD's. After a nearly 15 year experience with cancer and its lasting impact upon my body, just listening to Weiss's CD's each night for two years really helped with my healing. It is what I knew at the time. However, I have not used them to specifically meditate in nearly three years now. Eventually, I found the continual vocalization distractive during silent meditation where my focus was letting go of thought (e.g., the vocalization kept my brain too busy).

Overall, I am very familiar with the topic of past life regression (Michael Newton, Brian Weiss and others). However, I eventually found that I needed to "let go" of a lot of the past life regression language and its perceptions of what was happening during a regression. I gradually found the "interpretations" of the practice rooted in a physical perspective. I can provide two examples. First, there is not human karma, but when we transition there is a re-balancing of our energy. Second, there are not repeating lives, but there is an expansion of consciousness with each new life (which is composed of the past lives of many others).

However, I acknowledge that many people perceive help from past life regression (and I am all for this), but we now have better information directly from the non-physical about many of these things (via Frank DeMarco, the Monroe Institute, and others).

You may or may not have this experience yourself as you begin to read and explore more, but I wanted to speak up here in case you begin to experience the same dissonance that I did over the last few years. Despite the dissonance though, I still love the work of Brian Weiss and the relief that he brings people from the tyranny of religion. There are some beneficial outcomes from past life regression.

Meditation. I see meditation simply as allowing our cork to float. I recently talked a person through this on another forum, that discussion is linked below. I will share that my perspective about meditation has been heavily influenced by Abraham (Hicks) in the last two years, but Abraham provided me "a non-physical perspective about meditation" that I never had before ... even in materials from the Monroe Institute.

Note above, that there are several posts on pages 2 and 3 of of this link where I talk about meditation.

Clustering ... this is pretty straight forward ... it also has a visual

Frank DeMarco has a web site and blog here ... you do not have to buy a book.

If interested, you can see some of my book reviews here (including Buhlman, Ziewe, DeMarco and others). I carefully selected what I read.

I have read all of Buhlman's books. He teaches you "how to" but travelers like Jurgen Ziewe write very eloquently and descriptively about their specific non-physical experiences. Buhlman likes Jurgen's work a lot. His review is above mine on Amazon.

Happy "new and expanded" adventures to you!
Hello Jen ...

You have my condolences on the physical loss of your husband. Just know that it is not a complete loss. It is certainly a physical loss, but the majority of who he is remains ... he is simply focused elsewhere because he can no longer do so from the viewpoint of a body. And there are aspects of you (your inner being) which have contact with him as he is now (yes!). Without his physical body, your husband has a different perspective. It is important to understand this, because he will feel differently when you (and others who knew him) have contact with him.

Note that his contact may also increase your contact with others (who are non-physical).

You have done a good job documenting and describing your experiences. Keep doing this (write them down). Your mentioned experiences with sensing your husband's presence are valid, but you will feel sometimes like 'you are making this stuff up'. That's the way it comes forth sometimes. When experiencing the non-physical, there are basically two separate processes for us humans - perception and interpretation. So, you sensed the pulling (perception) in your energetic experience and then mentally associated that with your husband's placement in bed (interpretation). This is perfectly fine.

However, my warning would be NOT to over analyze (especially upon awakening from these experiences). Our biological brain (which is mostly not involved when we sleep) will over interpret and analyze upon awakening. The biological brain often becomes what might be termed "a copy of our mind" after these experiences, so not the best tool to work with. I do understand that at a deeper level that you are looking for answers, but the problem here is that the biological brain will "fill in our unanswered gaps" in our interpretations of our perceptions. Just know that this ultimately is not helpful. Does this make sense?

Since you asked, I can briefly share that I lost someone very close to me four years ago now. I did have several non-physical experiences with them during their physical death and transition. And before they left or changed or whatever that is, they finally came and spoke to me directly during sleep. I became fully lucid and fully conscious (while my body slept). I awakened afterwards into a paralyzed state. I knew this was "goodbye". It was sad and amazing at the same time. Prior to this, I could sense them around the house for about 3 weeks, but I did not have the developed skills that I have now to communicate with them. And ultimately, when their body was finally cremated, their energy and contact with our family seemed to change. I did sense them this morning when working through a home problem, but it felt different as I suggested above.

I am NOT going to suggest any books or reading. The book that I would like to suggest will not be published until September 2017 (by Frank DeMarco). However, I will mention that it will be directly related to your questions here.

So, I will suggest to do what resonates with you. If your desire is to read a book next, then do that. However, with this understood, I would not suggest pursuing out of body experiences specifically as your next step.

Instead of pursuing out of body experiences immediately, I am going to suggest that you meditate (just 15 minutes a day) if you are not currently doing that. Just "let your cork float" and if thoughts come up let them go. The goal is for meditation to reduce your resistance to "what is". This will increase the flow of your experiences (and maybe even with aspects of your husband). When these experiences do happen, write down the experience (perception) and then write down the initial impressions (interpretation). Use your feelings. If you sense your husband, use your mind to communicate any questions. Say them out loud if you want. Know also that you have your own inner help. When done with writing your interpretation, set your journal aside and do not analyze. If there is a lingering question, write it down and leave it in the journal. I have also found "clustering" helpful immediately after I experience non-physical contact. This method engages the right hemisphere of the brain, while delineated writing engages the left hemisphere. I can strongly suggest that a period of meditation will help prepare you for other experiences like OBE's, meeting your own guidance, maybe communicating with your husband, etc.

Finally, while your physical journey with your husband may have completed, know that the more expanded journey is not completed. I appreciate you sharing your experience.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Swinging
June 30, 2017, 10:51:11
The 'dream narrative' has lots of gravity from my experience. There is an immediate grounding into its story.

I had one last night which was preceded by a presence throughout my sleep period. I did something different during the day, as I used a different meditation technique (Tasoist Celestial Gate) throughout the day yesterday which seemed to engender these experiences. So I may need to start practicing a dream technique during those days that I use this meditation. Time for me to skim Robert Waggoner's book for a lucidity technique.

In the dream narrative last night, I was instantly 'doing' all the tasks that I am somehow responsible for in the non-lucid dream. This is usually what keeps me in the dream narrative (and detached from being). And upon awakening and getting the normal brain download after the dream, I immediately realized two of the dream figures were guides or parts of my inner being. My primary guide's appearance was altered though.

A good technique, which consistently happens automatically, is a useful tool toward lucidity. I mention this because I seem to remember you also jumping on a trampoline years ago (I may be wrong about that). Are you oriented more towards 'motion-based techniques'?

Quote from: Tongo on June 27, 2017, 01:18:03
You frequently hear in Astrap projection experiences of people travelling through space and timeffort and asking entities all sorts of educational questions. Is there anything you have learned in your astral journeys that perhaps sheds light on some of the mysteries of the universe? Do parrallel dimensions exist? Are there other vensigns of ourselves out there? Is the universe infinite? Are there alI ensure?  The list goes on. Anybody had any luck with these sorts of age old questions?

This is a fair question. You are staying curious (good for you!). Strictly from my OBE's, I have generally experienced three "answers":

1) I am not alone in this physical experience. I met and confirmed my guidance in one of my earliest experiences.
2) The universe is much more than what physical science taught me growing up (e.g., there is physical and non-physical).
3) I am more than my physical body (the human is a part of who I am).

As far as the "age old questions" you are referring to, I see a problem (limitation) with your question. It has a physical perspective (e.g., for example using time and space as references). But again ... I appreciate your human curiosity.
Hello Selski ...

I remember reading some of your posts over at the EIC forum. Looks like 'the Giraffe has been upgraded'.
Quote from: Stillwater on June 23, 2017, 01:01:52
What is real in this context? Helps to know what the goalposts of the question are... because I can think of senses in which it is both real and not real!

YES! (goal posts is a great metaphor or euphemism for "context")

There are a few things that I have heard the non-physical repeat over and over ... and one of them is this ... "the better the question, the better the answer".

So ... a well defined context (e.g., goal posts) gives a better answer. And ... a non-physical experience when well defined and presented in a solid context will provide most of the answer to most questions following the experience.
Quote from: PlasmaAstralProjection on June 10, 2017, 21:47:46
It's interesting and makes me wonder how much he is still involved in our lives.

Funny that your no longer involved with the church anymore after all this time.

Once again, you are presenting a physical perspective of my non-physical encounter. It is not a measure of time whether a being who is non-physical is still involved or not. The physical and non-physical is all one thing. This was the contrast presented by my experience.

And, it wasn't funny or odd from my perspective. As I have already described above, the experience itself was shocking (as a human).

I maintained consciousness throughout the experience. This was not odd ... it was sanity.
Quote from: Guyspie on June 18, 2017, 01:37:18
Is time nonexistent in the astral realm? Like if I astral project can I make a few hours seem like a few days/weeks/years? Of course I mean with enough practice and mastering astral projection.

There is an easier or simpler way to perceive this is not about mastering astral projection (or reading a long series comments). There is physical perspective (human brain) and there is non-physical perspective.

There is a perception of 'duration' in any non-physical perspective. And with this "no time" perspective, events may be perceived along the entire continuum from a non-physical perspective (past, present, future). The non-physical is experienced only with the mind (e.g., like when the biological brain rests when we sleep). The non-physical is experienced each night when we sleep, but while dreaming we do perceive a 'duration'. Get it?

A perception of time is ONLY associated with a physical perspective (e.g., this moment ... then this moment ... then this moment). That is because we are humans in a physical body with a biological brain. Basically, it is the human brain that segments each moment into a series of slices (this slice, then that slice, etc).
Congrats. This sounds like you attracted contact with your non-physical aspects (guidance).

While my first contact with guidance was during an OBE, the majority of my contacts since have been in fuzzy dreams. I have learned that this is because when dreaming we are seeing more like they see. To use a metaphor, our non-physical aspects do NOT have the focus that we have. As humans, our focus is more like a flashlight (very focused and direct). For our non-physical aspects, the metaphor is broader and expansive (e.g., the lighting is everywhere, but not focused). Our flashlight focus can also influence the perceptions and experience of our non-physical aspects.

Some of your initial interpretations about your experience do not resonate with me. I will point to two items to consider to keep this simple.

(1) Your concern about having OBE's may only be because of your focus (e.g., your flashlight influencing your guidance's focus), so do not impose too much upon this. I have found that inner guidance is much less concerned with whether I have OBE's or not. If you desire to pursue her advice about your OBE's and body, then that is fine. Overall, know that your guidance is not as concerned about having OBE's or phasing as some people on this forum are. There is a lot of peer pressure here towards that singular experience.

(2) You will find (over time) that your inner being is composed of many personas or threads. This female is only one thread or aspect. The perception of individuality in your dream is due to your own focus (e.g., like a flashlight). Human sees things individually, and bring that perception into the dream experience (e.g., a biological brain translation). The non-physical does NOT see things individually. So, you may meet more personas as you begin to resonate with those aspects of your inner being. Communication with guidance during waking moments of each day (especially in meditation) will engender these introductions. I met another aspect of my own guidance this last week during my morning meditation while in focus 10.

I have one final bit of 'physical' advice. Make sure that you are writing everything down. As human, the biological brain translates these experiences (e.g., the dream download just before waking). Additionally, the non-physical does not have "our human timing". They do experience 'duration' but they are not constricted by time because they no longer have physical bodies. They are conscious mind (not biological brain). Therefore, I would suggest both writing and 'clustering' (you can google this term, it is form of creative, right-brain writing). I CANNOT emphasize this enough. Inner being may bring something forth months or even years later after you have asked about it.

Again, congrats. And remember that ... the better the question, the better the answer.
Quote from: desert-rat on June 08, 2017, 09:14:25
There are a number of these on you tube .

Again, Desert Rat ...

This is physical perspective.

In contrast, I have only been talking here about a direct, non-physical experience with Jesus after his physical death (and without any religious overtones).

I would observe that it is interesting now that you bring up Terence McKenna within another YouTube video ...

The early death of McKenna became a prime example about the effects of the over use of marijuana (and other drugs). In the days and weeks before his death at age 53 in Hawaii, McKenna consistently held forth with his doctors and friends that his 35 years of marijuana and other drug use was a reason for his body's decline (and maybe even the cause of the cancer in his brain). In fact, he specifically held forth with his doctors that his 35 years of marijuana use was the reason for the brain cancer.

So, I think that Terence McKenna's final moments as a human on this planet say much more about the realities of marijuana and other drug use ... and certainly more than a metaphorical YouTube discussion about mushrooms and Jesus.

Quote from: T-Man on June 07, 2017, 19:38:50

Subtle Traveler,

You are right about the physical perspective seeing the separation.  As a human being living in physical reality it's hard not to think that way.  I will certainly try to think more in terms of a 'Oneness' or 'Wholeness'.  

Yeah, I know this problem also. I do this frequently enough. The language we use reveals it (e.g., space, time). I am only intending to create an awareness here, when I see a contrast with that.

I can share that there are nearly no differences between us and our inner guidance. They are the closest beings to us. They are simply focused where they are. We are focused where we are. This may help, so I will expand a bit. I now think of my non-physical aspects as a community, and I am part of that community all the time, however I am the human with an individual focus. Nothing wrong with that (I am human) however when I communicate with guidance, I often find that I need a community focus. If that makes sense?

Regarding "the everything else", my suggestion would be to think of this as "inter-connectedness" ... much like the physical nature of plants, animal and humans on our planet Earth here. I mention this distinction because "oneness" can create energetic problems and shadows. Kenyon has a great article about this (e.g., the leap to oneness) on his web site. I read it last night.

Again, great work! Your focus, your questions, your process for remembering, and bringing it back. All of it!
Great work!

Something that stood out for me. I have heard the non-physical consistently emphasize that physical perspective sees separation. So, your guide's initial response to your questions makes complete sense (e.g., they are us).

Thanks for sharing.
Quote from: ingerul9 on June 06, 2017, 08:20:13
Not to take away from your experience but I was wondering how do people know how Jesus actually looked - as in physical appearance?

You are not taking away. You are questioning. You are also curious.

I don't know what others would think, so I can't answer your presented question in that context. But I can expand upon my experience. I can also expand upon the experience of the 2nd person sharing my experience.

He did not look "exactly" like pictures I had seen, so I quickly questioned this aspect of the experience (Is this really Jesus?). However, there was an "inner knowing" and help during the experience. I see that now many years later. My first reaction when I suddenly saw this being in a glowing light body floating four feet off the ground and intensely looking straight at me ... was "Oh crap, that is Jesus (what have I done wrong?)". This response perpetuated shock. I was also thinking "who else could be doing this?"

His image was similar enough to pictures I had seen. For the next several days (actually years), I questioned the experience. I can assure you that this experience was not quickly or fully embraced by me as a religious experience (but certainly a spiritual one). However, I would now call the visual of Jesus a projection, because this may not be what Jesus (Jeshua) actually looks like now (or 2000 years ago). It was not a mirror copy of his physical body, because there were NO visible piercings or scars on his light body. Additionally, non-physical beings can take certain forms, so some of the imaging may have been done for our benefit (e.g., the experiencers). This has happened for me in other experiences. For example, my non-physical guide has taken a particular forms when she meets me non-physically.

It is also important to expand upon my own questioning here (because I did a lot of it). My questioning came when the shock subsided a bit and turned into a persistent fear (e.g., a natural physical response). Once beyond the shock, then the human part of me (biological brain) started questioning, "Why's he doing this now? What is this? How is this happening?". I asked all these questions and more during the experience. I questioned during the experience whether it was Jesus or not. I even questioned if someone was playing a trick with a projector. However, I was able to "eliminate" several of these questions about the experience. For example, I looked around for a projector beam and did not see one. I also realized that he was moving at differing angles and places, which a projector cannot do. There was also a 3D quality to the body of Jesus I was seeing ... this was a real being (no doubt about that).

I eventually realized that my fear was attempting to deny the experience (which looking back now was pretty insightful for a 15 year old ... maybe I had some inner help with that ... ;-) ), so I continued to remind myself to just stay in the experience and that I could ask questions later. I began looking more closely at his body and the golden-white light aura around him. I looked around to the areas he had been for newer distortions like light door opening earlier. I looked around at the group of 100 or so. We were singing, and I wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing this. I became an experiential observer, a very fearful one, but an experiencer. I ended up collecting a lot of information while in the experience.

Afterwards, the other person sharing the experience just knew it was Jesus. And, I never sensed that they questioned the experience like I did. I had no other explanation. I certainly did not think of anyone else. The other experiencer had a slightly different emotional response from me (they were crying with joy). They embraced it more simply as a miracle. I did not. I had a lot of unresolved fear so my questions lingered with a heavy, fearful tone. Honestly, I did not begin accepting the experience until I heard the second person's experience. I was still questioning that I might be hallucinating.

Regarding your question, what's more interesting to me from a 3rd person perspective is that we (the experiencers) had separate but similar experiences, slightly differing (e.g., they saw stairs and I did not), and yet we each immediately perceived this to be Jesus. There were no questions about that point by the end of it. This is why I point to "inner knowing". Also, there were 98 people who saw nothing. This suggests to me that something greater ... 'well beyond the understanding of the human biological brain' was going on. So, I left some room for that.

Finally, I will shared that the energy of his presence did have an intensity to it. I could feel this, but it did not have a heat to it. His light body was often bright and glaring enough while gently pulsing that I had to rub my eyes a couple of times (e.g., as if I was imagining it). However, he did not disappear when I did this. Basically, this was happening while the people on each side of me did not see him. Upon these realizations, it was clearer to me that this being was presenting itself from somewhere else. It was not "physically and biologically" there. These things (and the 2nd experiencer confirming what I had partially seen) helped me understand that this was a real thing. These were some of the visual things going on that quickly let me know this was not a "physical manifestation". This could only be concluded as representing Jesus (not someone else).

To this day, I have remained open to it being someone else, but I have never met anyone with a similar experience who could validate that. In fact, the only person that I know who has shared a similar experience with Jesus is described in Tom Kenyon's books (and that was his wife, Mary Magdalen). This is one the reasons that I have Kenyon's books.


PS to Desert Rat ... I can assure you Jesus looked nothing like a mushroom. ;-)

PSS to Plasma ... I can assure you he was NOT smoking Marijuana. Don't even go there, sport!
Quote from: Lumaza on June 05, 2017, 02:13:42
Please don't. It's a waste of not only your time and mine, but all the people that come to the Astral Pulse for not only help, but insightful discussions as well.

Shu-Man ...

I cannot offer that at this time.

I will simply suggest to what you presented is that you have not seen yet whether "my response here will be insightful or a waste of time". That in itself is just another perspective or belief (as suggested by Ryan).

I will need the time period that I already mentioned for something that I have started two days ago, so the remainder of this will have to come at another time.
Quote from: Xanth on June 05, 2017, 08:06:56
I'd suggest agreeing to disagree and move on.  I'd hate to see someone get hurt here due to what is essentially an opinion/belief/perspective.
Subject matter of this thread aside, there's some good discussion going on.  Let's try to keep that discourse going on that level.  :)

Let's try to remember that we're all friends on the same side.

Thank you for your input, Ryan. I will certainly consider what you have presented.
Quote from: Lumaza on June 04, 2017, 18:01:01

Lets just agree to disagree and move on!

Nope, not going to happen.

This is obviously no longer a light-hearted matter.

However, I started a process today, which requires my attention for some time.

I will respond to what you have suggested in your posts at a later time.
Quote from: Lumaza on June 04, 2017, 15:35:05
No, this Forum here does not teach that. Most people come here because they have just had their eyes opened by having their own personal first experience.

I used to use Tom Campbell's videos as a opener to new people here. But then I stopped. I realized that the new person reading here had just had their World and reality shaken by their first experience as it was. They weren't ready to hear that we aren't in our bodies to begin or that we are "all one of the whole".

I find the Astral Pulse Forums to be more about info and application. I like that too. I want people to find out for themselves what is what and that's why I attempt to teach here. They can come to their own conclusions and beliefs based on their own experiences and like just you ST, their experiences can drive them deeper into the "philosophies" behind all of this. But for now, most of the people here that are new to this, just want to know how to do it or how to do it again!

There are other Forums that you and I know of that go deeper into the "what's what" of everything.

I have to disagree based on my experiences. There is no philosophy. The physical and non-physical is all one thing.

The other forums you mention have "beginning people". For example, a long time participant just today decided to pick up and learn Gateway I (e.g., the first step at TMI). Additionally, there are experienced people in both places. So I disagree with your assessment AND about my judgment in posting the content that I did to Desert Rat.

In both places, even the moderators and more experienced people here get caught up in a "physical focus first". It is prevalent enough (in all places). You are doing it now (lol). Therefore, it is message that all can be reminded of.

In regards to people here you would consider experienced, I very purposefully credited and complimented an experienced person and moderator (Xanth) here. This added to the contrast.

Most importantly, my comment here was clearly and intentionally written for Desert Rat. Anyone can see that. I did not direct it to anyone else. This is the VERY CLEAR context and intention of my post. And I mention this, as while I have exchanged respectful and complimentary dialogue to him in the past, I do not know him well. So, I added the distinguishing point with him directly about non-physical and physical perspective. And ...knowing that others would be reading my comment.

I mention this detail because you seem to be "coming in sideways again" into my conversation with someone else. Honestly, if one of the moderators here was concerned with what I presented to Desert Rat, I trust that they would speak up.
Quote from: desert-rat on June 04, 2017, 12:13:24
Not to burst any ones bubble , but I think Jesus was made up .   The early church needed some one to rally around .  

Hi Desert Rat ...

No bubble burst here. You have a reasonable physical perspective (and held by many).

I agree 50% with your first statement ... simply because I recognize that others are not going to have the same physical experiences that I have (or have had). I attempted to make this contrast as clear as I could when I posted (e.g., it is my experience, not someone else's).

However, this perspective (here) does not discount that we (all of us) may share the same non-physical experience. This is a very important distinction. It has a great deal to do with our inter-connectedness (which is not discussed on this forum very often ... although to Xanth's credit, he does hint at this all the time in his posts to others). The physical human perceives "reality as separate" and  the non-physical part of us does NOT ... it sees 'the whole'.

I completely (100%) agree with your 2nd statement. It was a circus. I would suggest that the circus started with the disciples and not the 'early church'. The early church only accentuated what had already been condoned by the original disciples. And, this circus effect is what turned the things Jesus said into "a salvation message' (especially the writings and letters of Paul). It is very misleading. It was wholly out of context.

Thanks for your comment. I have enjoyed many of your observations here on the forum.
Quote from: paul72 on June 03, 2017, 05:03:19
Sorry previous comment should read ''the existence of Jesus WASN'T in question''

Thank you for your clarifications (and the one above). You initially posted a legitimate question here (imo) and I wanted to respond to what you had written. My comment about the historical record of Jesus as a human was intended for other people peaking in here. I knew things would get "noisy" here with others responding to this emotional topic (as you can now see).

I was raised in a religious setting also, which actually had its benefits, as I was abused by a school teacher as a young child. Religion provided a safe place to be a kid (it was a liberal setting). It was developmentally helpful. I learned to trust again. I stayed with that focus until my 20's (when all the beliefs became too ridiculous). I initially interpreted my Jesus experience through the focus of that human 'social lens", but I quickly saw that religious leaders did not have clear answers for my experience. This created a notable contrast.

So, having the courage to go back to moments in our life and question the purpose of an experience, can be constructive. This is what I was attempting to demonstrate by sharing my own story here with rather bold language. The discussion was getting away from your honest inquiry into your teenage experience. And I realized that I could provide a notable contrast to what people were sharing with you (kind of shaking things up), so I boldly spoke up.

I do not use the word "God". I have not for 25 years. There is our source ... our creator. "All that is" can be very useful.

We are meant to be extended here as humans, going back and forth between human physical (an individual focus) and non-physical (community focus) perspectives. We have very powerful focuses as human extensions of the non-physical. Experiencing that contrast (physical vs. non-physical) is why we are extended here as humans ... it is our participation in the expansion of consciousness. We have lots of non-physical help (guidance) in this. We are the human with individual focus, our guidance or inner being is the non-physical with whole focus, and all of it is one thing.

Everything in creation is inter-connected.

Overall, we are not different than Jesus in this. And, I might conjecture that this is why Jesus came forth as human (e.g., to demonstrate that for the people of his day), but the written record about that is very messy and misleading because of translation (Aramaic) after translation (Greek) after translation (Latin or English). You get the idea.

So "yes, absolutely" ... your comment about "all that is" makes complete sense ... it is a very good and useful descriptor. It is a pointer to the community focus (and inter-connection) that I mention above. And right now, you and I are being human by writing on this physical blog or forum (an individual focus). And I am setting this next statement up a bit, because what I was suggesting to you above is "sharpening your community focus" by meditating and gradually gaining more contact with your non-physical aspects. This is something that I found the most helpful in my own non-physical experiences. It is the only legitimate way that I know for you to answer your questions about your teenage experience.

This is a good chat. I appreciate you responding "consciously" and thoughtfully. If you have any questions or comments about what I have stated here on your thread, please feel free to speak up. I wish you well with your choices.

P.S. Everyone is special. We are each extended here from the non-physical ... expanding consciousness (e.g., learning is merely a by-product).
I am not answering further questions about my experience here. This is taking too much of my time.
Quote from: PlasmaAstralProjection on June 02, 2017, 22:21:47
Wow Subtle Traveler, I didn't know that you saw Jesus. That must have been a great experience for you. I grew up christian and so I had a lot of beliefs and thoughts about Jesus as a kid and growing up, so it's great to meet someone on the forum that has had direct contact with him. I would love to hear your full story and I am sure others would too, perhaps you can share it with us. Personally I expanded my knowledge of Jesus past the bible through reading Howard Storms NDE book. Anyway thanks for sharing that.

It was not a pleasant experience. I was in shock. The strongest emotion I had was fear, but I consciously stayed as a full participant in the experience until it ended (about 10 minutes). I had to mentally remind myself to stay in the experience several times. And I did. I was not sure what to do with the experience. I was 15 years old and attending a summer camp.

The experience began with a visual distortion opening and closing out of corner of my right eye about 10 feet off the ground (like a door opening 12 feet away). It was like a saw it, but I turned my head to look at it, and I did not see it. I began to question the experience at that point. Then about two minutes later, Jesus was floating 15 feet in front of me. The other person who shared the experience with me saw him walking down a staircase out of the sky at the time I saw the door open (e.g., when I saw the distortion crack open with a sliver of light). Then, this other person saw him move around the campfire like I did.

He began right in front of me (15 feet). I could feel an energetic and it was overwhelming. This increased the shock and fear I was experiencing.There was no physical contact or communication from him. And, I was in too much shock to engage him. There were about 100 people at this event and only two of us were allowed to see him for unknown reasons. I had my arms around the people on each side of me - which was a good thing. I eventually relaxed my body as I felt the warmth of each person beside me.

Throughout the experience, he was simply visible in his light body from distances of 15 to 40 feet. Golden white light. He had a visible male body with no scars or markings or piercings. He looked human with some facial hair and long brown hair on his head. He looked like Jesus. I immediately recognized him as Jesus. I knew he was Jesus (and so did the 2nd witness). He was in a pale cloak or robe. He was not animated. He kept hands and other body parts still while floating about 4 feet off the ground. It was night time, so the contrast of darkness and his light body increased visibility of this detail. When he was at the further distance about 40 feet away, his light body had at least a 12 inch visible glow around it (like an aura). I could almost see through the body at moments. That was the most comfortable distance for me (energetically).

He changed positions at least three times, disappearing to the new spot and re-appearing to show himself. I was concerned that I was hallucinating, so I asked a friend next to me if she saw anything unusual (no!). This only added to my fear, but I stayed in the experience. When the event (a campfire) ended, I heard the second witness crying about 10 feet behind me. I went to them after someone else mentioned their experience, and this person gradually told me what they saw. I then shared my experience with them (as a confirmation of what they experienced). I knew then that I was not hallucinating, but I did not know how to explain the experience as a teenager.

This is the only time I have ever seen a non-physical being in the physical as a human. I am not clairvoyant. I have met non-physical beings in the non-physical since then including guidance (and had other non-physical experiences), but I have never seen him (Jesus) again in either the physical or non-physical. I know a former moderator from this forum who has met Jesus in the non-physical more than once, but she is a very skilled traveler (imo) and a clairvoyant.

Overall, I do not consider this a Christian experience. And, I have not been associated with any church in over 25 years. However, the contrast of this experience has guided me in my other experiences and perceptions of how the physical and non-physical is all one thing.
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I've love to read some if you have any to share, because as far as I've seen... there isn't and he isn't.

First to all questioners ...

My response here was for the thread author to consider. I will not be responding to other individual requests for information. You can easily find it on your own. It is on the Internet in very common places.

Second, if someone is genuinely interested specifically in the Christ experience, I would suggest becoming a reader of Paul Selig's books. I have read one (The Book of Mastery) twice, and it was a highly "experiential" each time. There was a definite energetic for me when reading the book. Paul is very skilled.

Finally, I am not surprised by the multiple responses here (e.g., like I stated above ... Jesus is an emotional topic). I would suggest to all reading this that if you are genuinely curious, then do your own work!


Ryan ...

I am more than happy to set you on a path to where you can find the historical information for yourself.

If you are interested (and not being rhetorical in your questioning ... as in "prove it to me"), then I would suggest it would be easiest to start with Wikipedia. It will require some work. You will find bibliographies there at end of articles, which can function as maps for you to historical sources. It will be important to find references to the key historians of that time period (for example Flavius Josephus, and maybe Eusebius ... there are others but I am forgetting because it has been a long time). Be willing to look at the historians up to 150 to 200 AD, because the historians of that period cite earlier historians like Flavius Josephus.

To save some time, I would suggest specific Wikipedia searches first on Flavius Josephus and Jesus. Then, look to the bibliographies of those searches.

You will need to use Google to see images of individual documents that you are interested in (they will not be in English). You will then need to find English translations. This process will provide documentation of a "non-biblical" history of that time period (e.g., not using the Bible as a reference). Jesus maybe referred to as "Jeshua bin (ben) Joseph" by historians. And, many historians of the day (like Josephus) traced history to his brother (James) and family.

If you do not wish to do that work, then that is fine. But the "historian's trail of information" is out there, and visual images of many of the original historical writings of the day are now accessible from the Internet. It is much easier (and quicker) than it used to be.

These steps should provide a quick way for reliably searching the topic of Jesus as a historical figure (as documented by the historians up to 200 AD).
Quote from: paul72 on May 28, 2017, 14:47:34
When I was younger (maybe 15/16) I had a feeling that I was special and possibly related to or actually was Jesus! I know this is rediculous and I don't even believe in the story of Jesus but the feeling was strong.
I also remember being on bus full of people and I had a strong feeling that I was real and everybody on the bus was fake or robots or something.

I'm not an egotistical person in fact quite shy so these feelings don't really fit my personality profile. Since reading about concepts of a single consciousness wanting to create reality but experienced through us individuals I wonder if these feelings I had are related.

Has anyone else felt this? I'm really not egotistical honest!!!

Jesus or Christ is a very "charged" subject in our world today. As immediately evidenced below.

He was a real human with a real life 2000 or so years ago. There is historical evidence of this. However, personally I would not suggest the Bible as way to learn about who Jesus was.

Feeling or imagining that you were Jesus is different than "being" Jesus or Jesus being a part of you (like a past life supporting yours currently). So ... if you are serious about exploring your question that is the kind of work that cannot begin in the forum. You will have to go within ... and you may have to learn how to do that. I mention this choice because many are not taking your query seriously here (maybe because they have not had an experience with Jesus).

I can tell you that I have had personal experience with Jesus in physical reality. It was not about being saved (a common belief) ... It was not imagined (e.g., someone about 20 feet from me had a similar experience with him) ... I was not out of body (e.g., I had my arms around each person beside me and never felt this contact disappear during the experience of about 10 minutes). He was hovering about 4 feet off the ground (as many mediums see the non-physical) in a glowing etheric body surrounded by golden white light at a distance of 25 to 50 feet ... changing locations several times. I will not go into further details about my own experience. I provide this detail to assure you (and many others peaking in here) that it was a real "physical" experience. And, this was not my first non-physical experience, but probably the most shocking until my 20's.

However I briefly mention my own physical / non-physical experience with Jesus for this reason ... if you are really serious about your presented question, you can seek answers about it ... but again you must learn to go within ... my suggestion would be to start this process by meditating. The forum here CANNOT help you with your personal question about Jesus, but the forum can help you with learning meditation and other necessary practices (e.g., like exploring focuses of consciousness beyond focus 10) so you can personally seek out an answer to your question and teenage experience. Hopefully, I have provided enough detail for you to get started.

I wish you well with your decision.