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Quote from: Xanth on June 07, 2019, 19:49:43
Sadly, the speculations will continue for eternity. 

Nothing is hidden for eternity, trust me.
Quote from: Ereus1 on February 26, 2018, 08:42:07
Still trying to AP, still have not and maybe my adhd is a problem?

like void meditation is bonking hard.

Like i have adhd, autism, bipolar and OCD diagnosed.

Everyhing is hard in the beginning, and with practice everything becomes easy. Don't let those "labels" limit you.
In Buddha's time (for example) there wasn't such a thing like "adhd" or "ocd" or autims". Yet the symtoms of those existed in all times. And in fact those are just lack of mental discipline that you categorise and label: and so give vitality and power. Those are nothing more. I say it because in the past I was diagnosted too with those as well. It was 2 years of hell but I just refused to give some labels any power and I took my mind in my hands and stopped playing the victim. Because if you say, lets say "I have a OCD or ADHD" then you make a statement that says "I cannot focus" or "I have no power". You try with a very negative attitude and it makes the thing impossible for you. Yet those are meaningless if you give up on them. I know it from experience. You have choice to keep those labels and identify with them or you can try you best to leave them and do concentration exercices even if you fail for months. With practice you will be better, no doubt. In fact I even know a Buddhist monk who can meditate for days without interuption yet in the past he had great panic attacks everytime he was alone with his own thoughts. Once you decide and believe that you are the power of your life, that your mind is an instrument and it is meant to be played and no to play you then everything is possible. But you just have to be ready to give up the association with it. Instead of saying I have "..." diagnosted, say "I know what I want and there is nothing that will stop me, even if it takes months or years to achieve".
Quote from: Lucidityman on September 07, 2018, 17:53:27

Tough question to answer. I would say as a start would be to replay your dreams during the day.  Go outside and look at nature. When people asked for a tech or a book to do something..To me that's kind of missing the point. The best way to learn something is not from a tech or book, but just doing it. Close your eyes and let imagery appear. Even if their was a tech, it would not work well because each person is different. So the best way to learn something is to understand your own self and have a desire to learn. Pretty much just follow your heart and things will happen.
Lets see what other people write.

That's a very good advice 😳
Hey fam! lol  :-D

I'm interested in having a rich inner world... great imagination skills and being able to picture/visualize anything... mental imagery, that kind of stuff.
Can someone please tell me a technique or a book or something?

Thanks a lot.

Blessings :D
Quote from: EscapeVelocity on June 02, 2018, 10:57:37
I vaguely remember this reference. I read through much of the Seth Material some 40 years ago; very good but very heady, difficult, intellectual stuff.

Did either of you guys find anything of value in declaring this "intention"? And what may have resulted?

I will admit that I suffer the same weakness as many do, and a desire for a quick answer, a bit of a short-cut to the truth, wherever it may be found.

The simple truth is that it requires work...and a lot of that. That is what I have found.

I just said the affirmation to myself maybe 2-3 times before sleep and thats all. I didn't really believed it nor disbelieved... I said it with the I dont care attitude. And it just happenned. But Seth is someone I read for years so he has great power of influence over me :D Its someone I trust very much.
I didn't remember any of my dream in few weeks and yesterday I found this:

I had a projection and very weird dreams :D
I almost stopped reading beacause of the "dmt" word. I thought DMT drug is required.
Other than that good technique. Thanks for your time :D
I had a beutiful yet very short projection this morning. It always happens like that... without me trying anything. I was flying in a beautiful green forest...

But every time I try a technique it just doesnt work for me. I guess Im not for visualization stuff.
The only thing that works sometimes is when I just focus on relaxing my body and focus on my body... I get the floating sensation, I feel like I turn endlessly... I lose the sensation of the body and it becomes somehow distorted. Sometimes it feels like I have no more legs and arms or that they are very far from me... Its a beautiful feeling and experience but I never projected with that. When this happens I still feel very awake...

I wish I could find a daily "training" that I can practice everyday ... but hard to choose whats right for me.
Thank you all for the answers. Great read.

In dream yoga there is an exercise where you imagine a energy ball in your third eye chakra. Dors that has the same effect as phasing/doorway? Thanks
What do you mean by spiritual pursuits? Isnt astral projection one of the highest spiritual goals?
Sorry if I ask the question but I dont read that often of phasing... people still do it in a constant way? I mean as a main technique?
I ask that because I never really had succes with it.

My friend is very realistic person, very logical, rational and 0 fantasy. I asked him something like this the other night : "you have the full power to create anything in that world; why do you still follow the "earth rules" ... he says I dont know, other way makes no sense to me. For example he has "Nasa" in his world lol (but its not called nasa) and it is the most succesful enterprise in his world but he never includes E.T's. Even if humans live on mars in his world/universe there is no other beings, just humans. So he is very limited to his own "ideas". He will imagine just things he know are "real" to him. For example I talked about astral stuff and spirituality but it just makes 0 sense to him lol.

So I guess that his inhabitants are "normal" and not anime. Because he is not fantasy type of a guy.
If I could create a whole world... gosh!!! it would be something way more spectacular lol Not earth like at all. Guess thats because I'm more "spiritual".
Yeah I do support him! Like I said it is fascinating to me. I never heard anything like that in the past. I wish I had that skill :p

Btw: I posted the same topic on this website: .

Those people (that tumpas community) create an entity (Tulpa) in their mind that has its own personality and choices... Its something that fascinates me too lol but never tried anything like that. So maybe some readers here will have an interest into reading about it =)
I just came from my best friend's house. Just impressed! We had weird and profound conversations as always lol... He told me something he never said to anyone. He thinks its weird and not normal. He said that since his early childhood he imagines a whole imaginary world with great details. Cities, villages, places, castles, streets... He knows all the people who are in that world (in fact its 2 planets) So its seems huge. He knows peoples names, looks, their desires, fears, everything. Of course because he creates them. He says that that world grows and evolves and that he can create anything he desires in that world. He told me about those imagnary people's stories. He talked about the world's politics, philosophy, religions.... The list goes on. I asked him to tell me about one person in that world and he did it was a huge story from birth to death lol. He says that he thinks of that world every time he walks in nature, or just before sleep or when he does nothing special. No matter what I asked about that world or the people who are in he could talk about it for hours. Its seems quite detailled. He is not in that world nor anyone he knows in real life but he admits that he is sometimes inspired by real life people to create people in that world. He says that everything stays there as he created it and sometimes when he wants to undo something its not easy if he created it long time ago or thought a lot abot it. He says that it takes him really big space in his memory and sometimes feel bad because of that... but he just can't leave that world, even if he tries he comes back soon or late.

So whats your opinion on this? Does anyone here has similar experiences? What can I give him as advice? It must be so cool to have such a huge imagination...

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: ONLINE VOICE CHAT?
January 12, 2018, 11:26:18
Quote from: Xanth on January 04, 2018, 08:11:43
Ah Discord... I haven't used any voice chat in a long while. 
I remember using Ventrillo for raiding in Warcraft... damn.  That feels like forever ago.

Anyway, make it so... perhaps I'll drop in one day.  ;)

I have Warcraft frozen throne... but dont really understadn the goal of it... i played like 30 minutes lol
Welcome to Astral Chat! / ONLINE VOICE CHAT?
January 03, 2018, 09:42:15
To mobs and admin; why dont you create a DISCORD server (its a voice chat software... very popular lately...)
That's something Seth talked a lot... he explained why Jane was the "tool" and not someone else... he said that Jane distorted the material because her mind could never reflect it perfectly but he said that those distortions were minimum. She had the best "mindset" or blueprint in her mind for what wanted to express. And he precised that she was not just a passive tool for the message... he expresses that she and Seth (himself) are part of the same "entity".

Its interesting how almost every spiritual or astral "guru" talks about Seth. He clearly inspired a lot of popular people. Yet he directly is not that popular.
I wish we had a thank you or like button on this forum :p
I cannot say enough how Important it is to read Seth! It changed my life forever. Its like talking with an almost omnicient being... he says that he is still "growing" but from our human perspective he knows so much. It feels infinite. I feel so blessed to read him since my 17 year. His books and the texts of Buddha. You never go back... I think that my projections started the month I started reading Seth and those experiences were incredible.
Even if Seths may sound spiritual he is not... its so practical and scientific... he is very funny and wise. Its not like some serious guru... his teachings are so fun, yet so profound.
The core message is what all others try to "copy" lately in new age/spiritual community. The message is that YOU ARE RESPONSABLE FOR YOU AND YOUR OWN LIFE AND THAT YOU CREATE EVERY SECOND OF YOUR EXPERIENCE. That no outside energy affects you. Here or in another dimensions. You are never "victim" of others nor the outside: because everything in your experience is a feedback of your own energy.
baro-san thank you for you comments. I already had natural ap/lucid dreams without any technique and I had lucid dreams with reality checks... Once Im in the non physical experience I have a great control and everything but it happens quite rarely by itself so Im seeking a technique like phasing or focus just on breathing. I'm not very good with visualisation.

When I realx and try a projection I get to the point where I feel like weightless/floating and no more feeling the body (unless I move) but nothing beyond that. Only once in the morning I succeeded and I made a chain of 7 LDs.

The post in french I posted is really amazing to read for me because I practice meditation and I love to focus on the breathe but I never had success with it because I just fall asleep if I meditate (focus on the breathe) in bed.

Anyway. THanks again =)
No need to apologize Lumaza... My curiosity about you is that you seem to practice so many techniques and "ways" so it's quite confusing for me.  I'm someone who wants to find one way and keep doing it. I read many of your posts in the past and you seem quite experienced but how do you keep practicing almost every possible technique? After those years of practice have you not found one succesful way? And keep it... because that's my goal.

So here is a french post about a guy who says that he projects only by relaxing his body and focus on breathing (and making it slower and slower), he even says that he focuses on the sound on the heart beat. At some point he just gets paralysed and he projects...

How is that possible because here we often read about the non physical focus to be able to project and about all the "visualisation" stuff... How is that just by focusing on breathing leads to projection? What is your theory on this? Why there is so much techniques when it is that "easy" lol ?

Seems like he was very inspired by Seth with his "focuses"

Seth: "I told you that there was a Framework 3 and
mentioned a Framework 4 some time ago. You
must understand that I am making distinctions for
your benefit.

"Framework 2 is connected with the creativity and
vitality of your world. In your terms, the dead waken
in Framework 2 and move through it to Framework 3,
where they can be aware of their reincarnational
identities and connection with time, while being apart
from a concentration upon earth realities. In those
terms, the so-called dead dip in and out of earth
probabilities by traveling through Framework 2, and
into those probabilities connected with earth realities.

"Some others may wind up in Framework 4, which
is somewhat like Framework 2, except that it is a
creative source for other kinds of realities not
physically oriented at all and outside of, say, time
concepts as you are used to thinking of them. In
a way impossible to describe verbally, some portion
of each identity also resides in Framework 4, and
in all other Frameworks."

That's one of my favorite with the nature of personal reality. Mind blowing books.