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Thanks for the question Tak. I don't know how I missed your response. You asked;

"Have you come to any conclusion from this fact? Do you think it was someone who put that to help you? Could it be another aspect of yourself manifested on the physical plane in the need to get out of that situation? What do you think it was? "

I've drawn many open-ended conclusions. LOL.  But by far my over-arching conclusion is simply that the universe is intuitive. It provides what you need, when you need it. Once we fully understand that, then perhaps we get to graduate and study in more detail exactly how that is all accomplished.
The first thing I will say is that what this mist means is anyone's guess.

Water vapor such as clouds, fog, mist, breath and so on are probably (in my estimation) the easiest of the elements (I don't want to say control) but maybe work with. Clouds are extremely responsive to thoughts. I will say these are not always 'entities',  though sometimes sure. So they can sometimes be thought forms. You have a thought and the mist paints the picture. The clearer the thought the clearer the picture.

Now this is not to say entities don't use these same principles to show themselves, they absolutely do.

Also know that it could be a trick of lighting. A simple thing like a curtain moving can have a profound impact on what you see. NOT saying this is the case here as I really do think she caught something very interesting in those pics.

Thank you for posting this. You are inadvertently showing how the non-physical and physical interact. :-D
Hello V, welcome to the Pulse. You should have no trouble finding whatever you are looking for here.
May I ask a question? How do you describe a witch?
There are few places your mind's eye cannot go. Lumaza is absolutely right, "experience it now, question it later"
Hello Beethoven, welcome back.

I don't think I can add much to the great responses you've already gotten. I will say that Yes, I do think all of these experiences (dreams, lucid dreams, astral projections, out of body, etc.) are all essentially the same think. It's what our spirit does when it is freed from the physical body. Some of us let our horses roam free to graze as they please while others keep them tied to a branch, so to speak.

Nevertheless, our experiences are as varied as we from each other and from even our own selves from day to day.

You said, "If I'm being honest, my desire to do the work is quite lazy compared to most who come here."

I'm lazy too! LOL

I feel you have much more to discuss. I'm looking forward to reading your impressions and tackling your questions, as I can.
I haven't read this book but it sounds interesting, especially for someone who is not familiar with the stories of many of the contributors. A compilation like this should give anyone an opportunity to string together new insights to what's really going on in our reality as we know it.

May our highest Spirit always guide us in these encounters whether physical, NP or other.
Lots of great commentary here. The whole Pulse community is so awesome. Lots of Love!

So I'll add my little 2 cents worth. Patience is something you have no say in, you WILL develop patience. Patience is simply not getting what you want when you want it. So the longer whatever you are seeking drags out and the more time it takes you to understand then the more patience you will develop as a side dish.

Ever wonder how those old geezers back in ancient times could sit on their mountain top retreat for so long and pass out wisdom? It wasn't patience, it was reality. LOL
"Have you ever had  dreams of doing things that you simply would never do ?"

Of course.

Dreams are many things and they do many things. they are NOT simply a reflection. They try us, confuse us, discombobulate us and test us. The reflecting comes from us (our waking minds) as we ponder their unique structure and meanings.
"How has AP personally changed my life?"

You may not realize it but you have asked a very very loaded question.

AP has changed my life in much the same way as stepping on a rusty nail. It has made me more cautious, more observant and more aware of my surroundings.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Precognitive Dream
May 14, 2024, 22:55:22
Hey LB, I'm so glad you had that experience. Yes, I have had a number of precognitive dreams or visions. Most are of little significance. However I have had two or three that were quite special. I actually find these to be most interesting and valuable as a source of study.

Tell me, how was the clarity of this dream?

Note| I actually had a longer reply but my internet died the moment I pressed post. It's taken quite a bit of time to reconnect.
Hi MS, glad to see you back with a purpose. I sense these particular events are a bit disturbing for you. I could be projecting my own past and present concerns though. I can't say I have had numerous events similar to this but a few. I have the sense some of them do not like to be found out as in when they notice WE do SEE them. I have questions for sure but often don't know how to pose them. It's fascinating on the whole but discretion and self-preservation are necessary tools.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Clue(less)
April 03, 2024, 14:24:17
Okay, glad I came back to this one and re read it. Considering the life-trauma I was going through it's a miracle I remember anything at all. Seems a huge proportion of my experiences come out of trauma. It's like when I need help the most - there it is. The only issue is that being under traumatic conditions makes these events harder to process. I know it's kind of off topic but anyone else see this?

Now I want to move on to something else you said EV.

"The question occurs to me- Who set this up? Me or someone else? My subconscious alone, my supposed higher self (whatever that may be)? Or me in cooperation with someone else?"

That's the question I have. I distinctly perceive one force as ME and another that is NOT ME. NOT ME is everything that is not me, lol. But this deserves it's own topic.

One more point. I think we all could use a little Don Juan personality in our lives. :-)
Hi again, I want to address another point you brought up.

"Now I perceive myself without a body, I am just a point of consciousness in the air... I remember that 12 years ago, the first time I experienced that, I was totally terrified, one is used to inhabiting different bodies, whether physical, holographic, energetic... But not having a body can be overwhelming the first time and I was always afraid of experiencing this again. However, in this new stage, this state for me is very common and in fact the normal state of consciousness... that made me happy, it smells like progress to me. I don't know how to explain, that I was very aware of the transition from being a point of consciousness to getting involved in the scene... I had to make "the step" towards in, but for that I needed to use some kind of body... So, with memories of what it felt like to have a physical body, I created an invisible holographic one and entered. I start running very fast through dark streets and I lose awareness."

Great observations, you are much further along than you realize. The simulation is teaching you the how to's. So far I have found there to be very few boundaries as a p.o.c. (point of consciousness). You will find as you progress that you won't need to create a body. I'll let you discover that for yourself. Good times.

EV really broke it down here. The Mansion/House/Hotel is still a source of contemplation for us so welcome to the club. One thing I think I can point out (at least to my mind) is that ALL of this exploration seems to have more than one level. What I mean to say is that we can go to the simulated mansion to learn. Later we find ourselves there to put what we learn to use. Does that make sense?

Nice. Have realized what the mansion represents? EV and I have been talking quite a bit about the mansion lately and here you adding your experiences. Guess we all got stuff to think about.
I can certainly go along with this. My observations tell me that people do this all the time, both unconsciously and consciously. Even memories take place in the non-physical. Thoughts as well, none of them are tangible and only meaningful as we give them meaning.

How many people pay attention to these non-physical things is smaller and limited to what they think of as non-physical. Far as I can see you are right in the results being different depending upon method and on the practice of certain methods. Shows us how much there is to explore and learn from all methods or just one.

To your last point about WHERE you end up. Each and every method appears to at least in some part be highly geared to intention. Do the math and possibilities are endless.
Tak, your experiences are beautiful and incredible. We have a lot in common. Whether it's a LD, a meditation or whatever type of experience I love to go with flow and get the most out of it. I rarely feel a need to manipulate the outcome,

I wonder at all the people, guides, entities and so forth that come to hold my hand or offer instruction might just be us; you, me, others. Like that little boy you sat with. As the years go by for him I wouldn't be surprised that he always remembers that time an "angel" visited his class. He'll likely have questions, maybe never even share that with anyone but I bet he will remember it always.

One of the hardest things I think we humans have the hardest time conceptualizing is that we are indeed beings of a dual nature. Thank you for a most enjoyable read.
Hi Casey. Congratulation, I think this is your best video yet. You did a fine job of explaining a concept that is not so easy to explain. My personal observations are that most people who work with crystals do so on an entirely intuitional level. Nothing wrong with that. But you are breaking it down. YOU are exploring ONE of the many uses of crystals. BRAVO!!

You are definitely on your own path. Not everyone will see the value in your chosen field (exploring and getting to know the ETs). I have seen enough to know they are there and sometimes I get to interact with them and that is enough for me. Keep cataloging these entities, someone should.
Subtitle: Raising the Bar
This is a physical story with non-physical elements.

I want to tell you all about an experience I had many years ago. Lately I've been getting quite a few pushes to go back and re-evaluate some of these.

When I was six I fell into/through a plate glass window and nearly severed my leg. Not really but close enough for a game of horse-shoes. Damage to the ligament and scar tissue caused some ongoing problems. That's a bit of back-story for clarification.

One day at about 10 years old I fell out in the yard and twisted my leg. To say it hurt is an understatement. It was on fire and I couldn't use it to stand back up. Mom called us all to dinner. Being late to dinner was not an option.  I looked around and wished I had something to grab hold of to pull myself up. I saw a black bar hanging within arm's reach above me and almost reached for it.Then stopped and furrowed my brow. Where did that come from? The closest tree was 10 feet away and it was only a twig at best. There was nothing else around.

I looked down and studied my hands in my lap at that point. I absolutely knew the bar was there and that I could grab it but it certainly didn't fit into the reality I was immersed in. And a voice said, "look". I did and realized I had a dual-vision, one physical, one not so much but both totally real. The voice said, "See it there, see how real it is. Now see it here."  (those are not exact quotes but close enough)

I grabbed the bar and it was very solid and real as anything I have ever touched. It was even warm from the sun. I hauled myself up and limped inside.

This event lasted only a few minutes but has stayed with me for life. As I look back over this experience I am forced to face reality. And reality is not what I have come to believe down through the years. It much more resembles the reality I knew as a child.

As an aside, I haven't abandoned the Pulse. Just need frequent breaks.
Love and Hugs

Hi AlterDive and welcome to the pulse. First I want to applaud your bravery. Not many are capable or willing to step up and say 'I just don't know'.

I have personally found only one way to define myself and that is by defining what it is that I will stand for and what it is that I will not stand for. Over that I must accept the fact that I can be wrong. Therefor I must always be willing to apply grace to others as well as myself.

You have a name, a real name that is yours. What does that name mean to you? How do you want YOUR name to be defined? These are not questions for you to answer here but for you to ponder on for yourself.

This will not solve all your problems as if by magic but doing this will give you the foundation to which you can stand on.
"Created in the Image of God" ?

Oooh boy, what a can of worms. If you go way back in history and study several translations of what was written prior to the Holy Bible you will actually find out what "They (the gods) actually meant. They simply put, wanted a thinking slave that could do their tasks for them without constant supervision AND that could survive and even thrive in Earth's environment as that was a very real challenge to "Them".

The religious connotations came later. You can't blanket Christians or any other religious group for eventually falling victim to false teachings. Heck, even we the 'enlightened' do it. We are all gullible that is, and it was part of our creation and training.

To add, my statements in no way suggest I have no faith. I absolutely do, it just doesn't come from others.

It's there, you just have to dig and this is only my thoughts.
Quote from: LightBeam on February 19, 2024, 11:44:18This dream was borderline lucid, but I have to note that the colors were even beyond anything I have observed so far in APs. A LOT more vivid and glowing. I had no idea there could be even more vivid colors than what I have observed during APs. It just goes to show you that there is so much more out there we have no idea of.

THAT'S what I'm talking about. So So glad you had this exp and shared it with us. The composition of many beings is crystalline. I smiled all the way through your post, how could I not!

It's okay to express a range of emotions, love and light alone pale beside each other. You are a warrior and a warrior needs a healthy dose of outrage. Love
I've learned that dreams are an extension of our waking self and astral projection/oobees etc are extensions of our dreams. We are simply capable of learning and living on many levels. This one here, what we think of as the here and now personal reality is but one fraction. How much do we know about THAT fraction, I'd wager very little, so no wonder we know less about the others. Drawing conclusions about any of them and what they mean and on and on can be very self-deceiving at best. Just enjoy and absorb everything as just another little bit of the puzzle.

My personal favorite form of exploration - Dreams by far. Lucid or otherwise.
Quote from: tides2dust on February 18, 2024, 10:32:28I have had a desire to increase my concentration and this seemed to help. That is, to visualize the lightning rings continually moving around my body, in opposite directions, uninterrupted between long inhalations and long exhalations. That there was no pause or disturbance in the visual of lightning traveling in opposite paths while breathing really did something to my brain.
How did the light/energy transfer feel? I have been able to achieve a pulsing energy/light traveling both directions a couple of times. The first time was a 'freebie'. After that I had to work at it. I still can't describe that feeling, only to say it's wonderful and a bit intimidating in it's intensity.

As to the previous post, seems you did well. It can be difficult to determine if an entity is as they are presented, not only are we challenged by our own perceptions but "look out" we are also challenged by the perceptions of those we meet. Trust your own discernment, as you did.
Thanks LB for reminding me of Delores Cannon's great insights. I think what waffled my head the most was that it was a whole truck. Organic beings, animals, etc yes but a truck, lol.

Thanks Tak and I agree, Delores Cannon is no less than awe-inspiring. I'm really glad you discovered her and us as we are very fortunate to have someone of your caliber and experience join us. I definitely know places and objects hold energy and often transmute/entangle those energies. Also love that you talked about a dog. Dogs seem surround many of my experiences as well. Always looking forward to hearing more of your experiences.
So, I'm reluctant to post this but here goes. You can thank Lu or choke him :-D  as he's the one that convinced me to post it as some of you may have a perspective on this or had something similar happen.

First, this is not an ap or obe or anything like that. The other day I was driving to town. There was a pickup truck and two other cars in front of me. I was behind the truck for 2 or 3 miles when we came to a traffic light. As we were all slowing down to stop at the light my eyes were directly on the truck in front of me when it began to turn translucent or transparent. It vanished as I watched. This was not a case of looking away and turning back and it was gone. I actually watched it vanish. I found a place to park and just sat there thinking about it. After a few minutes I cranked up my truck and went home.

What happened? I've seen a LOT of strange things in my time but not like this.