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Hi jnadro, welcome. You are on the right track. I am not familiar with Jade but I say never stop learning/studying. You can usually find something of value in unlikely places as well.
Hello and welcome. Enjoy exploring the forum and feel free to Post your own thoughts, ask questions or just say hi.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Goodbye
October 11, 2023, 13:27:20
Thank you Donut for sharing you adventures with us. You are loved. Hugs
Hi All,

I have used many techniques (very successfully) since coming here to this forum. Thank you to all those who have shared their personal techniques, what an amazing bunch of people you all are.

I thought it high time I share my most effective meditation techniques. This technique (for me) has always led to the most purest and most amazing insights.

My technique is in simply doing. Not sure you can even call it a technique.

Instead of imagining taking a walk, go take a walk and while your at it, let your mind roam free. In short just let your mind go where it will while doing tasks that require little to no input. Most of us can walk, wash dishes, sit in the garden or backyard, stare out a window, fold laundry, pet our pets, swing, go fishing and hundreds of other tasks a day without thought. So while you're at it let your mind go where it will.

Think of it as daydreaming if you will. Children do it easily, especially when they are bored. We all do it easily, especially when we are doing the most mundane chores and leisure activities.

When you find yourself staring, lost in thought, gently bring your focus to your thoughts, just enough to maintain some awareness.

For example; you find you have been staring at something for quite some time, say a tree or a picture. Stay dreamy but take a closer look. That tree or that picture or whatever it is was communicating something to you or you to it. What?

The point is and especially for those who have trouble imagining is that you don't have to. You can just do it.

Well, that's it in a nutshell.
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: Orion's Belt
September 16, 2023, 15:07:02
After hundreds (no thousands) of years I think by now our (human) DNA should be damn near perfect. I would love to know what the problem is. Communication between them and us should be far better than it is.

Is there something we need to do on our end, if so what? If the problem is on their end, how can we help?

I think you may be in a prime position to ask these questions LightBeam.
Hmmm? Going cold here, no quotes as yall all make good points.

Belief just gives us a framework in which to describe our experiences. The reality is what is hiding behind all those beliefs.
Welcome Sac, looking forward to your insights.
Welcome to Psychic and Paranormal! / Re: Orion's Belt
September 14, 2023, 17:24:57
Interesting. Perhaps your new aquatic friend also had a random moment just as you and he is also wondering. Hmmm
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Szaxx - Please Read
September 06, 2023, 23:57:00
Welcome back, I knew you'd find this sooner or later. :-D
That is one good looking harvest Blossom.
You have a flower fairy lurking in your garden.
Thank you for your insights Xanth. Lately I've been seeing lots of things in a new light. Must tread carefully, last thing on Earth I want to do is start a new religion, lol.
I'm gonna have to think on this one Xanth. From what I have seen of souls/spirits entering Earth's atmosphere it appears we are each a complete and separate entity in our own right. I'm beginning to think differently or at least question many of the 'gurus'.

Of course we are all very aware of the role love and fear play in our lives. I wonder if we haven't pinned a little too much on that idea.

Entropy, now that's another subject and it appears that is the natural way of things. To everything there is a season. Our (human) existence seems to be in a time of harvest and/or laying fallow.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Karma: The Big Lie?
September 02, 2023, 11:43:04
For me, there is no question. I do not buy it. So what prompted this topic?

EV ( @EscapeVelocity ) and I had a long conversation in which karma became a major topic of discussion. He encouraged me to share my thoughts here and in the end I caved, lol.

But first let me say that I am not talking about day to day karma. Sure that is real, as in actions have consequences. What you do in this life (here and now) most certainly carries weight, consequences (karma) that can and will affect not only your life but those around you.

What is in question is cosmic karma that carries down through the ages. That whole concept makes zero sense to me. This karma (theory) hinges on a belief in re-incarnation. The point of reincarnation it seems is to clear our karma and karma hinges itself to that very thought. I see this as a flawed theory. For if we have to spend each consecutive lifetime correcting our flaws of the past we will surely never be free. And, I see this as the trap and the reason for this idea that we live on a prison planet.

That's my thoughts in a nutshell. I understand I am going against centuries worth of dogma. Many lifetimes have been devoted to this very subject and it makes me weary of approaching this subject even now but I feel it is time to break another link in the chain.
Hi Orian, welcome to the forum. You pose an interesting question, one I've and others have contemplated as well. It would be a fascinating experience for someone to seek out those who are blind and ask them.
Quote from: Xanth on August 28, 2023, 21:03:10Ask and thou shall receive!  How's that?

Wonderful, deserves a birtual kiss on the cheek!!! :-D
That's better, maybe go one up on font size. The quotes are much better than the standard posting.
Welcome to News and Media! / Re: Pyramids
August 28, 2023, 20:41:28
Thanks for re-posting that link. I couldn't agree more with what this man says.
Is there anything you can do about the font Ryan? It's so light I can barely see it. Us old folks need all the help we can get.  :lol: Maybe a little larger font as well, maybe... *fingers crossed*
Thank you to both of you for all you have done and will do going forward. Whew, so glad I didn't have to pack up and move.
Looks good Xanth, glad to be back. Would love a dark theme and/or a larger or bold font on the light one.
Great ideas all around everyone. I suggest people get busy saving anything they want to save. Just put it in a file on your computer till you know what to do with it. V will have to let us know whether he wants it transfered there.

And yes, I'm all for a small membership fee or whatever to keep it add free.
Sorry to see this news. I have found a home here and been quite happy. I just want to thank all the members current and past who served to mentor me .

Lu, I'm lost too.
Lu, you should heard the OMG omg OMG's. She was super delighted. Thank LB, it truly was an eternal moment.

So recently I mentioned a small np episode I had with the AST (astral surgical team). Just a little background, I have nerve damage and since having emergency surgery for an aortic aneurysm just under a year ago I have had some really bad pain in my right foot. A few days ago, the 11th I think, I quipped out loud to the ast that it would be great if they could do something for my foot. It really messes up my sleep. So it was early morning and finally I was relieved enough to fall asleep. Next thing I know I'm grabbing this woman out of the woods (she had just done something completely random and sliced her foot open, it was ugly). I grabbed her and took her to the ER.

The AST was there in full force and they immediately starter working on her and another person was brought out to the waiting room whom they had just operated on for the same thing. I thought, hey while I'm here maybe they will do something for my foot.

That's when I realized they had already fixed me as much they could for the moment.

I can honestly say my foot has been much better. Some pain and numbness still there but not of the agonizing variety.
Haha, great capture. Thumbs up.
Hi Tak, what a pleasure to read of your encounters with the non-physical. Beautifully descriptive and well thought out, thank you. I've also shared many of my own experiences here as have we all. I can assure you encounters with "The Astral Surgical Team" are truly food for thought as they can be so diverse. Sometimes beautiful beyond compare and sometimes downright terrifying. I've gone around with them a few times and have seriously learned that it's so much more beneficial if you can relax and trust. I had an encounter with them early this afternoon which I will post to my Everything thread shortly, if I don't get sidetracked.

Again, thank you for sharing and Welcome to the forum.