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Welcome to Integral Philosophy! / The Conscious Mind
February 07, 2020, 00:11:03
I just had to share this. Sometimes I reckon we all come across things that are so well said or put together we just can't ignore it. So I want to post this for two reasons. One it's brilliant and two I think it fits very well with much of what we talk about here.

What Animals Are Thinking and Feeling - Carl Safina
I've often wondered what the correlation is between the subjects we discuss here and other phenomena. Like pretty much everybody I came here looking for answers and I've found a lot more than expected. However I'm still searching for answers. There have been so many unexplained happenings in my life but somehow I feel it all is part and parcel of the same package or at least most of it.

Take for instance Elementals. These are creatures I've never given much thought to but I've seen things so I want to explore that. My current knowledge is limited to stories, folk tales and legends which it appears tend to run amok mostly in places like Ireland and England. Now while I can claim a 50% Irish genealogy with 100% Irish Grandmother and Father I can't claim the background. They were born and bred American as was I. I can also claim some various Native American blood on my mother's side but again bred American. I know the 'Indians' also had tales and folklore but as with the other I'm just not well read with all that, nor do I want to be. What I want is to understand the experiences I (and many others) have had here in our modern world and explore my gut feeling that much of it is tied together with the common subject matter onboard this forum. I have many thoughts on this and not just concerning Elementals but things like Ghosts/Spirits, Shadow People, Cryptids, Orbs and so on.

Of Course none of this is new as humanity has explored these subjects far back as we can go. All of this has been looked at through the eyes of the times. Through superstition, mysticism, religion, new ageism, mental health and god knows what else.

Now? Well now we think we might be a bit smarter so we look at through microscopes and colored glass, skepticism and of course our superior minds. (snark) :roll:
I don't really know exactly what I hope to find and I also don't know if this topic is even acceptable to the Pulse. I know in the past many of these subjects may have come up but the ones I've come across mostly seem to deal with "oh my god, a ghost scared the bejeezus out of me" mind set. I want to go past that IF anyone is interested in doing so and IF Adrian and Xanth allow it.

That's about all I have to say at this time. I'm going to just let this lie here a bit and see if anyone has anything they'd like to say or questions they'd like to ask. Feel free to ramble if you're so inclined and we will see what emerges.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Uhmm, what happened here?
January 08, 2020, 00:22:16
Last night had a series of np's. The common theme was me being a bad-butt sissy, meaning I could kick butt but mostly was all talk. LOL
Seems I was meeting them all in order to give them lessons on how to be bad-assy too or at least more human about it. I think.

But the common denominator was the weird/unusual state of dress of the 'people' I interacted with and their strange body configuration. I can't get the visuals out of my head, help, lol.

No matter what scenario was playing out the characters were all in various states of dress. Like a shirt but no pants/underwear or socks and short shorts but no top/bra. Or a wrap completely open down the front. But that's not even the weirdest part.

All of the areas you would normally see were completely human looking; that is, arms, legs, head, hands and such. BUT the other parts that would normally be covered up were not. Those parts were thin, blue and androgynous. Their hair was also kind of weird too but I can't quite recall how.

I know this seems like it would be pretty self-explanatory and probably is but what was I doing there? Was I really trying to help a bunch of covert aliens learn to be human? Huh? Still scratching my head over this and saying really!!!
Wouldn't it be interesting to know what other people's very first or earliest thoughts were? I think so and looking at my own I think we might gain some insight if we all shared our earliest thoughts and memories.

I woke very early one morning. I lay there a moment thinking this, "Well I made it, now what?" Followed immediately by a thought which translated would have been akin to "Oh Crap!"

I sat on the side of the bed listening. I heard the woman known as mom in the kitchen, the man known as dad putting his shoes on in the living room, the old woman known as grandma sneezing in her room and the two boys known as my brothers tossing in bed. And immediately I was startled to realize I couldn't FEEL any of them. That was so strange. I had always been able to feel them and yet, here I was finally but what happened to our connection? I knew these people the same way you would know them if you had studied their file but the connection was simply gone. The loss was a physical ache.

I followed the mom around all day trying to get her to understand but all this little body I had seemed able to do was babble non-sense. Nothing worked quite the way I expected. Where was the freaking connection, why couldn't I see it anymore, why couldn't I feel it? These were the thoughts that would hound me for the coming days but eventually I started the process of acceptance. I would go home before long, I was sure of it. But somewhere along the way I forgot, most of the time, except when my new family went to the beach. Everything in me wanted to go home. The ocean and waves were like a calling card waking up a faded memory I could no longer access.

I was three years old.
Hey guys, I had an interesting experience the other night and need a little clarification from any of you who were visiting the EIC before it closed down. Did any of you save the posts related to the one experiment we did visiting the Island?

I actually did save those but then my computer took a total nose dive so I lost them.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / EV Asked a Great Question
September 21, 2019, 19:49:09
Are all nightmares, in fact, healing opportunities?

Thanks Escape Velocity. I think this a great question and think you wouldn't mind my asking it here.
So, what do the rest of you think?
Hi, I see we always have a rather high number of people lurking around on the forum. I know some of these are crawl bots and not real people. But some of you are very real indeed.  So my question is:

What would YOU like to talk about?
Or what would YOU like for the members here to talk about?

Of course we are always accepting new members so if you want to sign up just to answer this question that'd be perfectly okay. No one expects you to post anything you don't want to. Believe me, we understand how it is.
and should I be calling them that?

Well, of course in my mind they are very real. However just so there is no misunderstanding let me say they do not in actuality have horse heads. That is only a loose interpretation as a way of describing them. It's much like the mantis beings or reptilians etc etc. There is a resemblance and much of that is of course based on our own interpretation tables and being pretty much everyone knows what a horse looks like.., there you go.

So my question here is have any of you reading this come across these beings?
How do you feel about them?

I've been given some ideas as to who exactly these lovely beings are but beyond that I am only now scratching this particular itch. If anyone is interested you can read my latest entry in my Journal here.;msg372172#new

Hey friends and fellow travelers, boy when the astral wants you it gets you. Anybody else agree with that?  :-o

Not last night but the two nights previous I felt the call to go astral or OBE but really wasn't interested. It's been a rough kind of week (physically and emotionally) and all I wanted was to be lazy and sleep.

But last night the call came and again I tried to ignore it but finally said 'whatever' long as I get some sleep. So I got some sleep, not much though. I woke or semi-woke being pulled on and vibrating like I had hold of an electric wire. I thought to myself okay this can be a sub-conscious trip as I really did just want to sleep. Look guys, never tell the 'Others' how it is lessen you want it proved to you that you aint in charge. LOL!

I realize this was not an actual dude rather just my interpretation of the big lug who sat on my back and began probing my nether regions. Okay, okay I realize I've been a bit blocked with little activity on my part far as projecting is concerned. Anyway, this energy is probing and clearing out some blocks and I'm sure I don't have to tell some of you how that came across. (just think anal).

But here's the cool part. My head/mind was shooting off into the stratosphere being guided to a couple of small dots in the far distance. Talk about an extremely weird dual perspective! :lol:

This was likely the first time (or the first I recall) feeling as though my physical being was stretched across a vast distance. Amazing, wonderful, intense! On the last push to reach the two dots I blacked out and unfortunately have no recall after that point. I did however wake up hacking up everything in me. Today I feel great!

Just wanted to share that and happy to hear your thoughts.
If looks can kill shouldn't people with killer looks refrain from taking selfies?
Welcome to Dreams! / In My Dream I Imagined
July 04, 2019, 19:07:21
In my dream I imagined I could see all around me how winter would reshape the landscape. I was standing on a small hill outside my home. A lake was visible just on the other side and small streams fed the lake. Bridges and decks were being built to cross the lake and the streams. I imagined the slippery ice and snow and how easy it would be to fall from on narrow bridge. I saw how easy it would be to fall and slip along the ice on one of the decks pretty as those decks were. I saw myself wearing a heavy winter coat, falling into the cold frozen waters and being pulled down by the weight of the coat as I drowned.

Then I found myself in a department store. From just inside the doorway I checked out the wares for sale. There were clothes and I browsed through them imagining how each piece might change the way I or anyone would live their life. There were jeans which are my normally preferred attire but I by passed those and took a look at some dresses. As I looked out over the store I could see myself standing  over there wearing a particular dress I fancied and how my behavior matched the dress and how even that me felt as real as the me who stood imagining.

I moved to another department where fine jewelry and watches and things were being sold. From there I looked over at the next department and watched a mother as she and her daughter browsed the items there. Those items were well used and worn but still held value. I saw my imagined self step over there and pick up a worn stuffed monkey from a sofa. There was a well worn indention in the sofa from the previous owners and I felt there are stories here that tell of someone's life. I replaced the monkey over the indention and returned to the me, the imaginer.

Two ladies were examining and admiring a finely turned watched, exclaiming over the price and how well worth it the watch would be. All around me were display cases packed with fine ornaments and other jeweled items with high price tags. There was barely room to move between the displays and I thought the area was prone to accidents.

I can't say exactly why I did it but I was sure I should. I gently pushed on of the displays over where it crashed into more displays. I watched as glass shattered and beautiful items rolled to the floor. I was not angry or trying to prove a point at that moment I just needed to show them how easily we are mislead in this life. The two ladies stared in horror. The mom and daughter over in the next department looked up startled. The sales lady trotted and tottered over looking in wonder.

She said, "Do you have any idea how many tens of thousands of dollars you have destroy?"

I gazed steadily at her and asked her if she had any idea that while every item in the store was incredibly beautiful they had little value. She shook her head as though trying to understand while I gently explained that if the items were truly as valuable as they were priced the owner of the store would have been as careful with his merchandise as the owner of the used items in the next department.

I looked up retreating from my imaginings and stood again on the hill.
Welcome to Dreams! / Me Too
May 31, 2019, 03:08:49
I wake to find myself beside this muddy, slick, deep ditch. No idea how I got there. So I'm with several others and one the others is my daughter. We're there to help pull people out of the ditch. So there we are pulling and pushing and yelling encouragement when the side gives way and my daughter and I both go toppling over the edge. We tried to stop our fall before our feet became stuck in the mud at the bottom so we're scrambling to get out.

I say to my daughter, "Yikes, we need a super hero". We hear a bang and look up just as a huge metal door appears on the side of the bank we are facing. The door flies open and...

Good golly, Fabio never looked That good, lol. He steps down grabs my daughter, tosses her over his should like a lightweight sack of taters and throws her to the bank. I'm thinking 'all RIHGT'. But then he only offers me a hand up. OMG.

I immediately realized why he didn't just pull me out like he did her. And this is where thought comes into play.

When I said we need a super hero my thoughts were 'save my daughter' and all I need is a little help. Which is exactly what I got.

Who says Otherwhere doesn't have a sense of humor? ;-)
This one was a lot of fun. Apparently there is this highway I have frequently found myself traveling along. It gets pretty weird and is a convoluted course where taking the wrong exit or entrance can land you in some pretty far out places. This highway has taken me to places I couldn't even imagine, like a town where no door or exit takes you where you think it will. Where elevators may or may not keep you in the same building you started in.

It's taken me to hell towns where survival is a grump to say the least. I've been to shopping malls and well just about anything I can think of. So this highway is like, I don't know, a map (?) or something.

Anyway, the other night I find myself zipping along only I'm riding really close to the ground and I realize I'm sitting. So I look over and realize, Oh Hell, what am I on?? LOL

Apparently I somehow obtained a large leaf, yep a leaf. And this thing was like a hover board like the one in Back to the Future. OMG. I'm running along pretty fast and enjoying the heck out of this new adventure with the wind in my hair. I could even feel the roughness of the highway underneath my butt.

Out of nowhere these little brown objects are thrown across my path and I think what the heck was that so I back up the experience and go into slow mo and I'll be dang if those don't look like nuts, lol. So another batch of nuts fly by and I look and over across the way between where the road forms a clover leaf there is this monkey sitting in a tall tree rising up through center. He's laughing his butt off and totally happy as he randomly tosses nuts across the road.

That was just so funny I nearly fell off my leaf but righted myself and continued zooming along happy as a bee. Then I got punched in the stomach and woke up to my grandson smacking with a toy. LOL
Okay, who's up for chatting Saturday evenings from about 7 until?
I figure it might be worth the effort to get anyone here who can make it.
If the time don't fit we can work on that.

Cheers! Got the cookies in the oven :-o
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Silence
May 13, 2019, 21:36:07
Hi Yall,

I just wanted to talk a bit about the silence I've experienced lately. It's such an odd thing and I'm not used to it at all. I'm pretty sure the silence has everything to do with what I've been through lately and it doesn't worry me at all on that level. It's actually something I've kind of asked for a lot over the last few months or so which makes me feel that I've been heard and acknowledged. So I'm not asking for help with this, just thought I would share as it might be relevant to some things others have gone through at different times in their lives.

So to make a long story short - I've always felt the 'company' of other. Have a long list of weird, unexplained and just plain WTH moments. Lucid dreams, astral projections, out of body and etheric travel have pretty much just been a part of a mixed bag and par for the course (I think that's a golf term), lol.

The last few years have been rough on a purely physical level watching my husbands health go downhill. My own health seems to have chased his in a race for the bottom as I spent my time doing everything I could to take care of him putting me on the back burner. It's a common denominator for caregivers so I'm not looking for sympathy and all that. More so I'm just filling in background. I have zero regrets.

So this SILENCE is both welcoming and totally weird. I know my 'helpers' are still present, they are not fooling me and I don't feel they are trying to. They are here, watching and just letting me be. It's refreshing in a way and highly respectful of them. So I just thought I would share that and see what anyone else has to add or say.

Hugs Everyone
What a week. Sitting outside after dark has been quite the adventure.

Just as the sun is sinking down things begin slithering and chirping and rustling.

A bit later the cats begin prowling and yowling and the dogs begin barking and howling.

But as the night deepens all else falls quite when the master of the night makes his voice heard and his shadow glides eerily over the landscape. I highly suggest if you are looking for something to stir your soul or raise your hackles either sit outside in a dark corner for a spell or pull up YouTube (with all the house lights off of course) and search for the sounds of OWLS. Those things can scare the bejeezus out of you and the scariest one of all is called the Barred Owl.

Words of warning, don't sit outside in dark clothes wearing a fuzzy hat less you won't to get attacked. Just saying.
Just for laughs, what advice would you give to anyone seeking to extend their knowledge of the many subjects we discuss on this forum.

Mind you, no one is laughing except in the most lighthearted and friendly way

The idea here is that while many of our discussions (most in fact) are very serious we do need to realize there is humor everywhere, it is our greatest gift to each other.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Random Coincidence....
March 27, 2019, 02:27:12
Not too long ago I had one of my other (np) connections come out and introduce herself to me more so than she has in the past. I messaged on of our other members here who had actually told me her name a couple years ago after I first joined Astral Pulse. Any way, long story short her, my non-physical connection's name is Jane.

Any way I had picked up 3 random books a while back at the grocers. Yeah I know but hey I love to read and they were on clearance. Now 1 book is a mystery, 1 is a sci-fi and 1 is a random drama. All different authors.

Guess what?

The lead character or main supporting character in all three books was named Jane. AND every one of these heroines leaned toward the same background as my Jane. I don't recall having ever read a book my entire life with a Jane as a lead except the one written by Jane Goodall. Coincidence?
As you probably know by now my husband passed only a short while ago. I apologize for not being around more but I'm confident you all understand.

There have been a lot of ups and downs, most especially the last couple of months. I'm at a stage now where I just don't know what to do but I am trying to just relax and let things sink in and settle. Even though I've been prepared for this there is just no way to prepare fully.

One of the last things he said to me was for me to just do me after he was gone. I thought, yeah sure no problem. I now know how big a problem that really is. I don't know who I am. I get up in the morning and there's no one to check on, no meds to administer, no breakfast to prepare. No one to clean up. No television blaring on and on. No more doctors appointments. No one getting upset if I take a break and spend a moment chillin.

We had a beautiful service here at home this past Saturday with lots of family and my kids friends. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. I'm glad he isn't suffering anymore. I've a feeling he's very happy right now.

I've been having lots of dreams lately although I can't specifically remember any of them. I just wake with a feeling that it was good. That has been a great help.

I'm free now to do anything I want and it just pisses me off that my own health makes that hope very dim indeed.

Oh well, it is what it is. I know this post isn't really relevant to this forum. I just reckon I needed to express myself so thanks for letting me do that.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Love and Hugs
February 27, 2019, 13:35:10
Hi People, Just wanted to pop in to let you all know why I have not been on or responding much lately. Dino, my husband is now on Hospice at home care. It's been a rough couple of years and this last week has really been rough but I have practical help now and I am so grateful for all of it.

I don't know what I would do without family, friends, neighbors and now Hospice. This is a very uncertain time for me and mine so if you see me around it just means I have a minute and am thinking of all my friends here and missing you.
Welcome to Metaphysics! / Had A Vision - Baggage
February 01, 2019, 14:57:48
I was headed to town yesterday thinking lofty thoughts as I drove along. My car is just about as broken as I am if not more so. I call her Sally. She has serious transmission issues but can live a long time if pampered and loved. She has a lot of heart and responds well to gentle encouragement. Hey she's a lot like me. Yes I know that is very anthropomorphic. Who cares really as we put much these same qualities to crystals and rocks, Ouija boards and trees. All things have life and energy, came from life and energy and will return to life and energy.

So this is what I call a self-induced vision. Meaning I was thinking these thoughts when the visual took place somewhere inside my mind (call it the third eye if it pleases) or insanity if that is more likely to float your boat.

There I am walking across a desert like plain all brown and red sand. I'm loaded down with baggage (backpack, duffels, purses, suitcases and such). Some distance away is my Sally (car). She's trundling along on her wheels moving about as slow as I am. She's dusty and tired looking and as she draws nearer I see she too is loaded down with baggage. Inside I see bits of paper and bottles and drink cups, potato chip bags, a dirty diaper, discarded clothes and shoes and such.

She comes along side of me and we have a sort of conversation. It's telepathic in nature although I do also speak aloud.

Me: I see you're still going.
Sally: Yes and you too.

I look at her and communicate, look at us, both overburdened and bowed by a lot of baggage
She says, yes, useless stuff this.

We come to a decision and she stops her wheels and opens her creaky dust encrusted doors. I drop my bags to the side and began cleaning her out. She pops her trunk and there are bags of pure garbage there so I take them out and build a pier and pile on all the garbage and junk I find and set it afire. I find rags and windex and begin cleaning her till she sparkles in the sunlight. She says, your turn now.

So reluctantly I walk to my own pile of baggage and begin going through it. Oh my, there is a bag filled with pain and disappointments - I throw it on the fire. There is a beat up old teddy bear filled with child hood fears. I give him a hug and place him too gently on the fire. I find a purse filled with old wishes that I never got around to fulfilling, in frustration I throw that one hard into the fire. There's big bag of just plain garbage and I wonder why I was even toting that one, what a waste of energy that one was - on the fire.

In the end I stand straight and tall, smiling, looking ahead; seeing the future and adventure and knowing I still have time to explore. Beside me is faithful Sally sparkling and looking new. She opens her door. She needs a driver, I need a ride.

Has anyone here read this book. I found it dong a search after having a strange LD. Anyway I was told "100,000 (one hundred thousand)". Having no clue what it meant I looked up it up and this book turned up and it seems like something we would find very interesting.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Holidays
December 04, 2018, 23:20:09
Do you tend to have more experiences during certain times of the year or under certain conditions than normal?

Just something that crossed my mind today. I was wondering if holidays or joyous occasions brought on more success for people. Or if you are affected more by adverse situations and whether you are or seem to be affected by group dynamics. Has anyone noticed anything like this.

I know adversity, stress and illness seem to put me in high gear. I think it's bc at these times I am less likely to have a normal and stressless sleep routine. But also high anticipation and excitement, pretty much anything that destroys a good nights sleep multiple nights in a row.

Can't really say anything certain about holidays and such, just wondering. If this were twitter I'd has tag this as #casualconversation
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Really Odd Eye Problem
November 08, 2018, 10:05:41
I really am stumped and honestly don't know if this AP related or not. Sunday morning I woke up with my right eye hurting like the dickens. It felt like I had been in a cat fight, like my eyeball had been scratched and I had been pummeled. Looking in the mirror other than a small amount of swelling I detected nothing apparently wrong.

My eye hurt all day. By Monday morning the pain had spread and I wound up with a headache like I have never had before. The headache and eye pain lasted all the way through Wednesday (last) night when it finally all just went away. My eye seems to be normal, my vision is clear and has been all along. I didn't get in any fights with cats or otherwise. But I do have a vague memory from early Sunday morning, just can't actually recall what it was.

Anyway I don't really know what I'm asking here and everything seems fine as I am typing this. Maybe it's nothing but... IDK.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Nice to be Back
November 03, 2018, 17:22:13
Thanks Adrian, been missing this place.  :-)
Last night I was out somewhere near the RTZ - it was weird. I was sitting at a table and kept hearing someone calling my name in very soft whisper. Finally I looked up and saw who it was. I tried to get up but couldn't work my legs so fell down. Redo - back at the table, same thing happened. Redo - back at the table, this time I looked around ignoring the whisper. I saw writing on the far wall, looked like black magic marker.
"Whilst there was no one..." I didn't have time to read the rest. I was shoved from the left...

In download fashion I was shown a woman's face. I saw it like in a photo from every angle possible. The first few images were slow and then they sped up and I must have viewed dozens from the back, side and all different angles.

Then I was outside following this woman. She was walking under the carport(?) along the sidewalk. She had a little girl with her. The little girl ran ahead and her mother tottered after calling her. "Baby come back, don't run off. Theresa baby come back to mama, you're too far ahead."

She went around one vehicle and her daughter had simply vanished. In the next scene the police were there and I went to where I had last seen the little girl (about 3 or 4, maybe 5 years old). When I got to the spot I became violently ill, threw up. (sorry for being gross here). The throw up was a vivid red and yellow, it formed an arrow. I went in that direction. The colors ran in parallel lines as 2 parts of the arrow. The red part pointed straight around the building, the yellow pointed to a door. I went in the door.

The first thing I saw was a person in yellow fleeing outside the window toward woods or bushes. Inside the room was a red mess. A person in red was cowering in the corner. Blood everywhere.


I don't know what to call this. It was not a dream. Half way through this (the part where I began to feel ill) I sat up on the side of the bed. I had been trying to sleep without success when all this hit me. I felt sick sitting there but it wasn't my sickness exactly. I've had a pit in my stomach all day and this worries me. I feel it's real and now I know and what do I do. I've been searching the internet for news of a missing or () little girl. I would absolutely know the woman's face if I saw it again. But I am not sure if the face belongs to the little girl's mother or someone else but she is connected. Yellow and red are meaningful. The woman and the child had red/blonde hair.

If this was some kind of test I have no words. If not I don't know. I started to make this a separate topic, maybe I should. Anyway
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Striking a Balance
September 21, 2018, 00:04:00
Hi All,

When I first came to this forum I was confused but determined to end that confusion and find responsible answers if any were available. Barring that I wanted to find like-minded individuals who were not afraid to talk about their strange experiences. In doing that my hope was to form some sort of basis for my own experiences. I am human as I am supposing everyone on this forums is, lol. But sometimes I just don't feel quite human, especially when most of the people I know or have met go all googly eyed at the mere mention of things as are supported here.

I have come to the conclusion that the very best life is the one lived fully. What that means is different for everyone. Some people (it seems) are meant to live a totally physical life in which they do not ever encounter these paranormal events. Or, if they do they are meant to pass through them with not much more than a nod. Others however are dragged, sometimes kicking and screaming into a world that by all accounts does not seem to be even real and certainly not concrete.

Those in the first category are probably much better at handling life on this planet in general. They are at least seen as normal.

Those in the second category are often not so fortunate finding themselves lost among people they can't communicate with and this is why they often appear - not normal. They mostly do well in most areas of life with no more than the troubles that descend upon us all but it is that OTHER where they find frustration.

It's fine line and those are some unfinished thoughts but I needed to get at least that much out for now. Feel free to add your own thoughts on striking balance. I'd also love to hear why you all came here to this forum. It need not be an entire essay, just a few lines unless of course you are inclined to write an essay. Just whatever you want to share.

Hugs and love to all and be back soon.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Chicken or the Egg
September 09, 2018, 08:56:25
Wow, I've read a few older posts tonight and even considered posting on them but changed my mind and thought I'd go fresh.

I'm honestly a little baffled by some of the thoughts I come across, not just here but other places as well. Since when did we decide the world is fake? I keep reading statements like - It's all subjective or we create our own reality or there are no negs, it's all in your thoughts.

Say again? I'm not blowing off what others say I'm just can't seem to quite get on the same page.

My first very strange experience did not happen because I thought about it or had any preconceived ideas. I was 3 years old and innocent as a babe in the woods. Whatever that was it came from somewhere but not me.

My first nightmare did not arrive because I was afraid. If anything I still didn't even know that kind of fear. It was the event itself that taught me to fear what I later learned to term nightmares. Those mares did not exist in my inner world.

So much has happened and out of all of it absolutely nothing has brought me to the conclusion that this world/reality or whatever you want to call it is a matrix or just a created 'belief system'. Note I am not saying our beliefs do not color our experiences for certainly they do. I am saying that regardless of where I came from, of what pieces of me might be floating endlessly through time and space THIS me is here now and I did not create this although I may have agreed to help fill in some of the pages in the universal coloring book.

So which came first
The nightmare or the fear
The bliss or the orgasm
The chicken or the egg
Hi All,
My curiosity has woken up and once again asked me this question so here's my reply. "I guess people just like or maybe need limits."

The question is: Why is there even a question about the limits of telepathy?
I see this quite a bit. People will ask if you can communicate halfway 'round the world or across the street or with someone you don't know or with rocks or someone on the moon or someone who has been dead 1,000 years. Or or or...

It's been my experience that telepathy truly has only one or two limits. And that is lack of a receiver or a shield. Beyond that time, distance or species matters very little. But the only true limit is your own.

Thought this might make an interesting topic discussion and I might learn another thing or two.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / EIC Closing
August 02, 2018, 05:38:55
Seeing as how EIC (explorations in consciousness) is closing I would like to invite anyone there looking for a home to join us here at the Astral Pulse.

I know many are possibly already members here as well as there. But just in case you're not
The WELCOME Mat is Out
Welcome to Metaphysics! / Cloud Talk?
August 02, 2018, 04:20:03
On another forum (which is soon closing) we have an avid cloud watcher. I find her observations rather interesting as I have long felt a connection to the clouds. I'm not an avid watcher but have on many occasions seen things which have startled me.

I saw tons of marine animals flocking to a beach only a couple of days prior to a major storm in the Florida area. I've seen the sky filled with cloud kittens, dogs, fish and even... can you guess?

I have seen clearly legible written messages. A week or so ago my son and I saw a 'framed' painting that was signed. That one was really curious.

Two days ago I saw a heart with a hand drawing a circle over it. This is something I do with my grandson. I point to myself, draw a circle over my heart and point to him while saying I love you. Well the moment I realized that that was the image in the cloud I said "I love you too." The cloud imploded rapidly and just as rapidly reformed the exact same image.
Ahh, what love!

I don't know what makes the clouds so responsive but they are definitely tuned in. Interestingly but not totally surprising I find when my AP experiences are high so too is the chance the clouds will 'talk'.

Just thought you might like this topic and wish to explore it a little.
Our connections to those we love here in this here and now go so far beyond us it is an amazing journey. Some of you have read some of my posts and know I have a daughter. My daughter has a son, he's just over a year old.

(To explain and I'll keep it short. I have always known my daughter, going all the way back to when I was a kid myself. She didn't physically come into my life till I thought I was past childbearing. What I am finding is that the deeper I dig into who I am the more I find out who she is.)

We have apparently shared many times to together. Last night I was with her 'out there' and not for the first time. What was so interesting about last night is that I was reading a fascinating story. I can not remember the story as I type this but this is for a reason. The story kept me enthralled and each time I would get to the end of a 'page' that 'shirt' would be peeled off and I would continue reading on the back of the shirt underneath. When I got to the last shirt there was no more and the rest of the story is unknown. It was at this point I realized the person wearing the shirts was my daughter.

Her story is not finished. There in that place we were sisters (friends). All these revelations would actually take a book to explain but I'm not going there ( :lol: )

My point is only that whatever you see here and now is only the tip of an iceberg that goes both up and down so far you'll likely never contain it all. But there's the fun, the fascination, the awesomeness of US.

I can't tell my daughter most of these things as this life is her adventure and she's going in blind. BUT I am so happy to be part of it as I try to guide her and let her know she is so much more and definitely walking the right path. This may sound like it is all about her and it is but it is about me too and connections.

Call it what you want, label it as you may but in the end it is all about exploration and not who we are but who we will be.  8-)
I have something I would like to talk about and I hope this okay. We'll see.

First let me say I love it here at Astral Pulse. The members here have seriously helped me arrange my thoughts and forge ahead into the unknown. I'll never be a brainiac or be able to remember quotes or who said them accurately enough to discuss the greats in this field. But I do have a lot of experience and not just in ap. And I like to think and connect the dots, hey that's gotta count for something.

So here is my something. This forum seems to only be interested in ap, oobe and phasing. What's with that? Aren't we talking about alternate realities? Astral projection is just that - alternate reality. So where is the rest of the conversation? I know I've seen post talking about demons, aliens, angels and so forth in the astral and most of those post are pretty old but we are obviously missing the boat here.

Why aren't we talking about all the alternate reality stuffs? I mean things like Big Foot, Crop Circles (the real ones), doorways into alternate realities, time slips, and all the myriad strange and wonderful things that make up this world. Seems to me we have at least two very real realities here, physical and alternate. And wouldn't many of these such as those listed above fall under projection? Think about it. -- Some guy is walking along in the forest passes through some kind of veil, meets a cryptid or an alien, has an incredible experience and wakes up miles away days later. (now that is just an example) I would say that fellow definitely had some sort of alternate reality experience that very well may include a bit of astral projection on a profound level.

And yes, of course I realize there are hoaxes and phonies out there. But we don't need to debate that or the validity of any of these. This forum by its very nature attracts people who have some form of strange in their lives in one way or another so lets talk about these things and don't just mean ghosts and haints and demons of the dark. There are just so many experiences out there that include astral projection on some level I feel we should encourage such talk.

Anyway that's just my thoughts.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Just a General Chat
April 25, 2018, 19:52:29
Laugh people! I would use our iconic little emoticon here but those guys need help, lol.

Boy was I glad to get out of bed this morning. In last nights adventure I (along with a varying group of others) escaped giant pythons, alligators, torrential rain, mud and damn near falling off a bridge into someone's breakfast plate. Don't ask,lol

Night before barely escaped a neighborhood drowning in diseased humanity afflicted with some sort of zombie virus. Ran to the pharmacist who happened to also be a doctor, a vet and a diabetic judging by the dozens of boxes of doughnuts and animals scattered around his offices. AND my little motor bike didn't have headlights and couldn't outrun a bicycle.

Well in all cases I escaped to face another day of physical reality. Safer yes but not nearly as exciting.

So what do all these dreams mean? LOL. Only that my stomach has been giving me fits, nothing more or less. Seems the good stuff is on hold for a bit...

But wait, that was good stuff,  :lol:

What about you guys, any chatty news on your end?
I just gotta ask; has anyone experienced an astral event in which someone tried to take or trick you into giving them your genetic material?

I won't go into detail but the other night I had an experience where someone close to me signed a contract with 'others'. I clearly saw their signature and it was dead-on accurate with a date (not to distant). I was not asked to sign the contract but to seal it with my DNA. I was given a swab kit. I did the swab and sealed the envelope (so to speak). This was where I gained fully lucidity

I refused to hand it over. I demanded answers as to why they needed my genetic material. They would not answer. They were shocked that I had become aware and followed what was going on. They were not overtly threatening but more covert it seemed. They seemed as shocked at my refusal as I was for being asked to hand it over to begin with.

Anyone with anything similar or any thoughts on this?
Just read a post by one of our newest members, Windwalker. asking about guides. It made me think what if perhaps we, some or all of us, have been retrieved.

I find myself giving advice, help, hope, guidance in many of my experiences. To those I am helping that might make me a guide or retriever. Just looking to see what any of your thoughts might be on this.
I have to say something here and I will precede it by saying this is my personal take. I am not discounting anyone here as this journey is different for everyone. I read a lot here about technique and 'how to' but I honestly feel what is often overlooked is simply that light bulb moment.

It's that moment when BAM, it all makes sense. For example grade school math (or pick any subject). You're sitting there trying your best and studying and doing your homework but it just isn't making sense. You start to feel you are either the dumbest person alive or perhaps everyone else is cuckoo. So eventually you just give up, you go to class but you don't try anymore since your failing anyway.

Then one day your home helping mom bake a cake or doing some other totally mundane thing and BAM - YOU GET IT! You weren't thinking about it, you weren't trying to learn it but something about those fractions and ingredients just flipped the switch and NOW - you know what you didn't before.

And from that BAM moment you now have a base to work with. Now is the time to go back to the drawing board and look with a new understanding. I used to be one of those kids with a great work ethic, awesome grades in class and got everything right., BUT I couldn't pass a test to save my life and because of that I frequently brought home a dismal report card.

A school counselor finally helped me with that and God bless those random moments. She told me to take a vacation from studying, just go to class and afterwards walk away and forget about it. She told me NOT to study before a test. She said, "look, read the material and put down the book and let it go." Following her advice I have never failed a test since that day and believe me I have taken some damn hard ones.

What I'm saying here is if you have tried and tried and you are not getting where you think you should just stop. Give it a rest and simply allow what you 'have' studied to absorb and sink in. Go to bed, go to your meditation spot and simply be. Rest easy knowing you have the knowledge and all you are waiting on is the bam. Bams are ALWAYS a surprise.

I know this may sound like a rant, my apologies. I don't mean it to be but I do hope this helps someone who is feeling the pressure whether that pressure is coming from others or (most likely) from within you own self. Relax, this isn't supposed to cause anxiety but if it is then you're pushing too hard.
Yikes, the thoughts go round and round like the wheels on the bus. And today's thought is this.

What is so special about astral projection? I'm thinking specifically about the etheric and astral body. Why not just go straight to the mental plane? On the mental plane you have no need to 'get out', you don't need to be able to fly or vanquish bad guys. It seems to me being on those levels is about as tiresome as being on the physical level where you have a physical body to drag around.
I'm experiencing a lot of emotions right now and a part of me really wants to just keep it to myself. But there's another part of me that knows there is someone else out there that feels the same way or has felt this way before. And lots of those people will never have the courage to speak up and some one needs to speak for them till they can find their own voice.

I'm giddy one moment and depressed the next. Not in a clinical way just that normal way we find ourselves sometimes when we make a new discovery about ourselves, about life, just about anything really.

On the one hand I feel giddy to have people I can share my experiences in the NP with. People who 'get it'. People who are kind and walking their own path. People who are willing to be guides as well receive guidance. People are willing to 'put it out there' despite knowing there will be some who deride these experiences as being make-believe (at best) or insanity (at worse). People who will teach and learn. People on all levels of the experiential and spiritual highway.

On the other hand I sometimes find myself depressed at just how much there is to learn and how difficult it is to be human with all our frailties and desires, mixed emotions and extraneous thinking. I get angry sometimes when people point out someone else's faults (yes, I'm guilty of that too). We all have faults and I don't want to hear how stupid people are or how humans are pests upon the Earth. Even pests have their reason for being as each of us have ours. To claim us, the human animal, as nothing more than a pest or a nuisance is to presume our nurturers are as ignorant as we. What an assumption.

At it's deepest level life really is simple. All you have to do is live. You can live happy, sad, angry, any way you want - just live. That's all. There truly is only thing that separates us all all and put us into differing camps of being and that is attitude.

My whole life I have been plagued or blessed with experiences that many others just don't seem to have. People like me and probably you too if you are reading this know exactly what I mean. We all handle that in our own way and in time we learn how to be. And that is why I am here. I learned how to be out here in the world. Now I want to learn how to be in my world.

There's a lot more I want to say but I think this is enough for now as my chest and my inner Muse is getting emotional.

Love to you all - and light, and hugs.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / We used to call them...
September 27, 2016, 04:48:56
We used to call them fantasies, daydreams, imaginary friends and nightmares. We also sometimes called them angels, demons, spirits, ghosts and fairies.

Now that we are entering this 'awakening' are we just giving old thoughts a new name?