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Yikes, the thoughts go round and round like the wheels on the bus. And today's thought is this.

What is so special about astral projection? I'm thinking specifically about the etheric and astral body. Why not just go straight to the mental plane? On the mental plane you have no need to 'get out', you don't need to be able to fly or vanquish bad guys. It seems to me being on those levels is about as tiresome as being on the physical level where you have a physical body to drag around.
I'm experiencing a lot of emotions right now and a part of me really wants to just keep it to myself. But there's another part of me that knows there is someone else out there that feels the same way or has felt this way before. And lots of those people will never have the courage to speak up and some one needs to speak for them till they can find their own voice.

I'm giddy one moment and depressed the next. Not in a clinical way just that normal way we find ourselves sometimes when we make a new discovery about ourselves, about life, just about anything really.

On the one hand I feel giddy to have people I can share my experiences in the NP with. People who 'get it'. People who are kind and walking their own path. People who are willing to be guides as well receive guidance. People are willing to 'put it out there' despite knowing there will be some who deride these experiences as being make-believe (at best) or insanity (at worse). People who will teach and learn. People on all levels of the experiential and spiritual highway.

On the other hand I sometimes find myself depressed at just how much there is to learn and how difficult it is to be human with all our frailties and desires, mixed emotions and extraneous thinking. I get angry sometimes when people point out someone else's faults (yes, I'm guilty of that too). We all have faults and I don't want to hear how stupid people are or how humans are pests upon the Earth. Even pests have their reason for being as each of us have ours. To claim us, the human animal, as nothing more than a pest or a nuisance is to presume our nurturers are as ignorant as we. What an assumption.

At it's deepest level life really is simple. All you have to do is live. You can live happy, sad, angry, any way you want - just live. That's all. There truly is only thing that separates us all all and put us into differing camps of being and that is attitude.

My whole life I have been plagued or blessed with experiences that many others just don't seem to have. People like me and probably you too if you are reading this know exactly what I mean. We all handle that in our own way and in time we learn how to be. And that is why I am here. I learned how to be out here in the world. Now I want to learn how to be in my world.

There's a lot more I want to say but I think this is enough for now as my chest and my inner Muse is getting emotional.

Love to you all - and light, and hugs.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / We used to call them...
September 27, 2016, 04:48:56
We used to call them fantasies, daydreams, imaginary friends and nightmares. We also sometimes called them angels, demons, spirits, ghosts and fairies.

Now that we are entering this 'awakening' are we just giving old thoughts a new name?
Then – What the heck, leave me alone. I need sleep, buries head under pillow.

Now – I still don't care for it. I don't like being dragged, pulled, pushed out of my body. It is totally not necessary. (These are my thoughts and probably relevant only to me). That sucking, popping, clicking weird energy is just really uncomfortable. I've never trained in or practiced deep meditation/trance but I can see where that would be very helpful. If my lifestyle were different I likely would do this as I have done enough to know that there is a difference to the overall projection experience during these states. However lucid dreams take me to the same place where the astral experience (for me) is the same and it fits my lifestyle. If it aint broke don't fix it.

Points to Ponder
hmm, I don't really ponder this. I know what works for me. I try not to comment on others techniques with the exception of saying LDs can get you to the same place. I know many do not agree but I don't see many others having as clear and lucid dreams as I do and quite often do not feel they are getting the full experience.

ETA: For those of you who have had these experiences since childhood, what do notice that is different between now and then?
Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / RV - Then and Now
September 15, 2016, 16:56:54
Hi there, I want to make some observations and thought it might be a good idea to do a then and now series. What prompted this is all the reading I have done that has led me to wonder why all this seems so hard. I keep thinking back to when it was all natural as breathing (for some of us). Writing/typing it out might give me some answers and I thought 'why not share'? It might help all of us and those striving to learn and wondering what it's all about. Please realize everything I have put here comes from my own experience and yours may be different. So let's learn what we can from each other and anything that doesn't ring your bell is safe to ignore.

Then - As a child remote viewing was as normal as opening my eyes and just seeing whatever was in front of me. I didn't think about it, didn't wonder if I could do it and had no clue there was even a separate name for it. If I was at school and wanted to check in at home I did so. If I wanted to check in on pets or friends or family I did so. I never once questioned if what I saw, heard or knew was real or not, it simply was. But over the years I came to understand that this was not normal for most people and so on occasion had to 'prove' myself. I was never wrong (as a child on into my teens).

Now – I simply have no real reason to actually view things outside of my immediate space. I don't spy on people remotely and likely couldn't if I wanted to. I know enough about life to not even have that need I felt as a child. But there has been a change. As an adult I have often viewed people and events that have left me clueless. I do not know them or the places but of course there are always clues and sometimes these RVs are very telling.

Like the time I saw a man who was clearly my husband in a place and time of which I have no memory. To my knowledge I have never met that man and to top that off he wasn't even human (Earth human that is). And yet he saw and communicated with me briefly. That in itself is remarkable and left me wondering just what else about me there is that I don't know (yet).

I have sometimes been wrong in my interpretations (as an adult).

Points to Ponder
Is need/necessity relevant to RV? And does this affect clarity?
Could some RV be a form of remembering?
Perhaps interpreting what we see is not always wise.

(edited for typos and clarity)
I see a lot of helpful advice here but I am most curious as to why people aren't making use of techniques that are already tried and true. I'm talking about hypnosis and subliminal messaging. Both can be very effective at training the mind.

After all when people are reaching for that trance or meditative state they are essentially putting themselves in that perfect state for suggestion.

Simple suggestions like;
I am lucid when I dream
I project out of body easily
I am brave when I project

Could really make a difference for those struggling and experts alike.

For those who respond better to commands from authority these might work;
You are lucid when you dream
You project out of body easily
You are brave when you project

These should be the same or very similar to the same statements you make when you are laying trying to project and pull yourself out anyway. The difference being that with trance/hypnosis you are putting the statement in your subconscious where you will actually be when you project anyway.

So my suggestion is why don't projectors make use of hypnosis/subliminal messaging.
I think a discussion about this could be enlightening.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / About Prayer
August 28, 2016, 21:40:58
I've been reading the forum topics again and came across one discussing prayer. I found it interesting but also disappointing as it devolved into insignificance.

I would like to ask everyone to put aside your pre-conceived notions regarding prayer. Forget the connection to religion, church and God and just consider what prayer itself is.

If you pray, what would you pray on or about?
If you pray, when would you pray?
If you pray, what are your expectations when you pray?

IF you don't pray, then substitute the word pray, underlined above for what you do. Perhaps you meditate. Perhaps you talk to your higher self or to your guides. Perhaps you have another word I have not included.

Prayer is a word commonly associated with religion and carries with it a negative connotation for those who do not consider themselves religious. But really, it is no different nor does it work any differently than other words commonly used by the non-religious. If we can understand that and get beyond 'the religion' we can better understand each other.

That other thread is well over a decade old so I will simply answer here in this new thread.

The question was,
"Has anybody of you ever actaully gotten help or response
to prayers? It would be wery interesting to know"

My answer is simple: Yes.

you can find that thread here if you are interested

I never knew any one in their right mind would 'want' to experience sleep paralysis.

I never knew sleep paralysis was considered a doorway into the non-physical.

I had never heard of the vibrations.

I had never heard of astral projection.

I thought the days of people being afraid of telepathy (esp) were long behind us.

I had never heard of mind-split OOBE.

I had never heard of soul rescue or light beings. Which I think is a noble goal.

Guess I didn't spend much time thinking about this stuff till recently. My non-physical night life has always been extremely active. But I have only been aware during sleep paralysis a couple of times. It's a very unpleasant feeling and I don't know why anyone would want to achieve it beyond proving to themselves it's real and they can do it. I generally just wake up in the non-physical while my body lies sleeping or doing whatever bodies do when the mistress is away. Sometimes that involves walking in my sleep and doing other things while my 'mind' is off doing other interesting things. Mind-split OOBE, who knew they'd give that a name.

But those vibrations, now that is a different story altogether. Now those buggers I never experienced till about 3 months ago and that's kind of how I wound up here. One thing I've noticed, for me at least, is that I kind of enjoy those little spurts of energy. Just had an awesome long one night before last and was able to keep it going. But now hears what I think about those. I never had them till recently like I stated above but then again I never needed them either. Traveling out there has not been a problem for me. What has been a problem is 'not' traveling out there so I as I've stated elsewhere I just shut myself down.

Forgive me for wanting to laugh I just find it hysterical that I have spent so much time learning how 'not to' do all this stuff only to find people trying to 'to do' this stuff. Now back to what I think about those vibrations. I think they were designed to wake my a-- up and turn me back on (so to speak). Trying to get my attention. And this leads me to wonder if the purpose for everyone else is a wake-up call as well. I say that because after doing a lot of reading it seems this is kind of a new thing happening. Not entirely new but new as in taking hold and becoming more common.

I'll leave off for now and tackle telepathy and soul rescue another time OR in replies if there are any to this.

I'd love to know what any of you think about this or have to add. Feel free to ramble or whatever you want.


Welcome to Astral Chat! / Curious About Walk-Ins
August 22, 2016, 16:20:30
I'm curious as to what you all think of or about walk-ins. What they are, what it means. Just anything you might know about them.
Reckon I decided to do a dream journal. I've been fairly successful avoiding lucid dreams lately but that's only because they can physically wear a person out. However since coming on these forums and studying a bit I decided to let them back in. I'm glad I did. Mom passed away 3 years ago and I seemed to have lost contact with her. It happens that way sometimes when people pass over. So it's only appropriate I start this journal with this one as the timing is perfect.

Thursday  August 13,2016

Was driving the old blue Buick down the highway when I hit a bump in the road. The car served off the road flying across a ditch and into a yard nearly hitting a beautiful young Oak tree. Only the car came to a rest a few feet away. Spotting an old clapboard house and barn I got out to make peace with the residents.

In the way of dreams I noticed the dirt yard and the dying/dead flowers at the base of the oak. The place looked like it had been abandoned for many years but also like someone cared for it still. What grass grew was freshly mown and what leaves there may have been had been raked away leaving trails in the dirt. Though any paint on house or the barn had been long since bleached away by the sun there was a notable cleanliness and order. I turned thinking I should go tell dad I nearly wrecked the car.

That's when I felt her (mom) brush the hair from my temple and as I turned I became aware in my dream. We were now standing in a room reminiscent of a nursing home. Mom showed me a self-portrait she had been working on. She was giddy with excitement. As she showed me I noticed a television monitor also showing her portrait alongside an old photograph. Two ladies were in the same shot updating everyone on the progress of the residents. They were talking about mom and how far she had come and how she had almost completed her portrait but still had a ways to go. I glanced down at the portrait I held in my hand and noticed the two ladies were being recorded live right in front of me.

One of the ladies (long black hair with a white skunk streak) leaned forward over the desk and told me, "I know you, we used to be Blossoms together." I realized I did know her from somewhere, she reminded me of an aunt I haven't seen in a long time but I don't think it was her.

I turned to survey the room seeing a number of others displaying their photographs and their self-portraits in various stages of completion. It was like they were carrying around holograms of their progress and no one seem embarrassed by their efforts. Some portraits still had a ways to go being very ugly, twisted and mangled, not matching their photographs at all – yet. I saw dad briefly, he was not as solid as the rest, almost like a watercolor of him. I had the thought he was also dreaming but he didn't see me.

Then I heard, "time to go back(?)"

Then we were in cars going somewhere. Mom and I went together with mom driving. She was so happy to be driving, doing something normal. I let her drive although I thought she was going a bit fast and being careless. She couldn't hurt us here though so I relaxed. We were in the old blue Buick. She hit a bump and off the road we went nearly smashing into the same Oak tree as I had at the beginning.

Only this time there were lot's of people there. The grass was green, the leaves were green, flowers grew in beautiful colors. There was food and sunshine and most remarkable, I knew so many of these people. And I saw dad, don't know how he got there but he was barely solid enough to see. I went to get his attention by tapping his shoulder. Just time I touched him he poofed in a light green mist of smoke. I thought perhaps he roused himself with a snore.

A lady there saw the look on my face and said, "It's okay, we're used to this, we've all been here a time or two. You too." I turned to look at the old car and poof. The experience ended.

My thoughts: In this dream I did not make any attempt to manipulate or change anything. I just let it happen. I was happy to see mom on her way to recovery. And more than that seeing how we are given a chance to heal and fix our own hurts was an amazing experience. I was totally delighted to see my dad in the dream. He is a alive and well but I see him slipping everyday. I do believe he too was sleeping and dreaming when I saw him. Whether he remembers it or not I am really glad he got that chance to see mom. I have a lot more thoughts but this post is quite long enough.

Although this is meant to be a journal for me I am very open to comments, questions and opinions.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Remembering the 80s
August 10, 2016, 15:11:41
Hi Yall,

I remember the 80s as being probably the last decade of innocence, if there ever was such a thing. By the time the 80s rolled around I had decided there was nothing to be gained by tapping into the world beyond. Most people didn't give anything psychical a second glance and the ones that did were easily seen as nuts. After all the 60s and 'hey, what's your sign' were behind us. It was okay it you saw a ghost but if you talked to one.. well, the paddy wagon wasn't too far away and mental hospitals were still up and running a booming business.

I learned not to tell people anything I gleaned in any way that was not concrete. If I slipped up and told someone something no one could have known I would simply say it was a random guess. In short I covered my asp.

But then, someone out there had other plans. I remember the sense of euphoria that sometimes flooded my being anytime there was talk of the future. I felt then that the years 2010 and beyond would bring a positive change. And I 'knew' that change would not be recognized till close or around 2020 and beyond. I could clearly see the world looking back at that time to the years between 2007 to about 2016/2018 and saying, 'yeah, that's when..'.

Where was the 2012 doom and gloom? It didn't exist back there in the 80s. In my neck of the woods the Mayan Calendar was just an old calendar and the Mayans were has-beens. Not till the 90s did that beast begin to raise its head, but ever so slowly. In the double-aught years (that would be 2000-2009 for you younger folks) came the cries of world doom. I could never get on board with that as my senses told me over and over there would be a time after when we would look back and see the truth.

In the 80s the world was just beginning to really talk about UFOs, Aliens, abductions, esp, telepathy, mutilations and all else 'other' on a grander scale. And most of that talk was ignored by the mainstream with the exceptions of those who actually experienced any thing. And a few jokers. And a few nut jobs. The internet wasn't available to the public then, people just didn't have home computers and if you did the net was virtually empty. But television made up for that. Check out the below link and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the lineup for any year you choose.

US television lineup 1980-1981

My grandmother always said one good turns deserves another. So now that we've passed 2012 and the world didn't end I'd like to ask what do you see as different? Do you really think more people are 'waking up/becoming more aware'? Do you really think the government has all the answers so every move they make is in relation to a conspiracy? Do you think we can do better than we have in the past?

Okay, enough rambling from me, your turn.

edit for spelling and other stupid errors
Hi All,
I know since I've been here I have so far not really talked much about my own experiences in any depth. I think it's time I did because like the title says, validation is a sweet thing.

A few years back I was shown how to help people by infusing them with soothing energy and shielding them from whatever stressful thing was creating problems. (Please forgive my terminology if I get any of it wrong.) Since then I have practiced and have had some hits that I could validate. Funny how sometimes these lessons can come from the 'other side' as well as 'this' side.

The last few nights I have been using this energy and shield to improve the mood in my own home. Life has been pretty darn stressful lately. Today, out of the blue, my husband says he had a dream last night. He is one of those people that has maybe partially remembered one or two dreams from his entire life. He says he never even dreamed as a kid. He and I are polar opposites in that regard. But last night he dreamed I was curled up to him providing him soothing comfort. (Mind you this was out there on the mental plane somewhere, not in physical reality). He said it was the most peaceful thing and he slept like a baby. My heart is very happy right now. My kids have not said anything but I've been working on them as well and I can see their moods lightening.

In truth my husbands attitude/mood has been much improved the last 3 days. But the dream he had was my validation as he knows absolutely nothing about what I've been doing, this forum or, well, any of this.

I'm posting this to show others that there truly is no limit to what you are capable of if you are willing to help others. The bigger lesson here is that you do not have to go searching far and wide for those you can help. Those close to home need us just as much. It's like feeding starving kids in far away lands while a neighborhood child goes hungry.

Hugs All and thanks for sharing your world.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Lucid Dream School
August 07, 2016, 00:39:14
I don't have a title for this at the moment. Maybe I'll think of one once I start.

I've had several lucid dreams over the years involving 'going to school'. Now I'm well past the age to attend school so these obviously are not about real life.

Anyway, what usually happens is a school bus is arriving, or I'm getting off a school bus, or I'm wandering around and wind up finding a school. Sometimes I am wearing a school uniform and am always younger than my current self. Now, these being lucid dreams, those are the situations I am in when I become lucid. I don't know why but every time I have this feeling of being pushed to enter the school. And every time I refuse (I do this consciously). That alone is odd behavior for me because in most lucid dreams I go with the flow, observe and learn without trying to manipulate the dream much at all.

I'm not looking for an interpretation of any one dream. I'm basically just looking to get your thoughts about this and see if anyone else has experienced a running 'school' theme.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / I believe
August 02, 2016, 23:04:53
I believe:
God exists
Prayer works
Miracles happen

I believe:
In the power of hope.
In the power of forgiveness.
In the power of the human mind and the human heart.

Our ideas of God, prayer, miracles, hope, and forgiveness may all vary
when expressed in words. But it is our minds and our hearts that tell us
we are nevertheless on the same page, heading in the same direction.

Without judgement, what do you believe.

my intent with this post is to remind us all of our humanity

I'm a little confused and I'll try to make myself clear. After reading a large number of topics here and a few elsewhere I get the feeling most people are trying very hard to learn to AP, LD and all sorts of phenomena. Okay, I can see the appeal. But there's a lot of talk about our beliefs being the driving force behind our experiences.

I've only come across a few references here from anyone saying not-so-much. I can't believe that is a complete truth. You see, my first conscious experience certainly came from no belief of mine. I had that typical paralyzing experience with the great big light in the eyes, cold terror through my veins happen. This was back in the early 70s. The only belief system I had was in god and the devil as preached by Southern Baptists. I already knew something was incredibly wrong with those teachings.

So my first conscious thought during that event was that the devil was after me. I immediately discarded that idea as ridiculous and ran like the dickens the moment I finally slithered off the bed. To this day I do not know what happened. But I do know this, the day following that event my side was bruised black as well as three bruises on the inside of each arm above the elbow. My mom asked about the bruises and some thing other than me told her I fell out of the cherry tree. That was a complete fabrication as it just did not happen. I never climbed that tree and it was not me that answered. Along with 'the lie' I was shown a visual of me chasing a rabbit and climbing the tree. The vision was completely fake. I was a kid but I know what happened and I never lied to my mom. My jaw swelled up a couple days later though there was no visible injury. I have something in my jaw that has been there every since and yes, it does show up on x-ray.

Now, decades and many events later I have ideas. There is definitely a reason behind all this 'awareness' or awakening if you so choose. But I do feel put upon. What I would like is any input any of you have to offer. Also I would love to hear from anyone who 'knows' what is going on. And no, I do not require proof as I know that kind of proof, as of yet, does not exist.

I know that's not the best title but it's the best I could come up with.

edited: spelling/grammer
Welcome to Dreams! / Mirror Mirror
July 19, 2016, 00:48:43
Like most of you visiting this forum I've had many experiences that defy common or excepted logic. I could write a book on the subject but fortunately for all of you and the world at large I'm not inclined. But there are a couple of things that I either have not seen discussed (to my satisfaction anyway) here or my own experience has been quite different from what I'm seeing. 

One is mirrors. I know others have seen mirrors and some of you have looked in the mirror(s). But have any of you looked in a mirror and had someone on the other side see you? If so, what was their reaction?

I recently saw a woman in a mirror. She saw me too and it freaked her the heck out. She screamed and pointed and her husband(?) pulled her away, telling her to come on she had to ready. He did not see me and did not appear to be concerned overly much that his wife(?) was totally terrified. Am I that scary?

On the other hand I once saw a ghost (?) in a mirror during a lucid dream. He was behind me several steps away. I became extremely angry/terrified/ ticked off and turned to him screaming, "I told you to leave me alone!" Now there was just no logic to that. I had never seen him before that I know of. He wasn't doing anything at all threatening, just standing there so why did I over react. Just like the lady that saw me. Hmmmm

The other thing I want to discuss later has to do with being wide awake during certain events. I'll make a new topic on that one later but jotting it down here to remind myself.

Feel free to chime in.
I really wonder who the most content people are. Those who spend their lives seeking and searching for enlightenment. Those who immerse themselves in the physical. Or those who divide their time between the two.

Hi all, I'm looking for some validation or clarification or just your thoughts on this. I'll try to keep this brief and simple.

A few weeks ago I received a download of some kind. I was not doing anything other than laying down to sleep. First I was struck by what felt like a very powerful electrical current. I was startled but the sensation was rather pleasant. There was a loud pop or click in my brain. I felt massive amounts of current through my body but also through my brain. I could literally feel adjustments being made so just relaxed into the experience.

After several minutes of pops, clicks, buzzing and colored filters the sensations began to lighten up and that's when I started seeing images. I couldn't decipher the images. Silently I told (whoever) that I wasn't quite tuned in yet and needed some fine tuning.

More pops, clicks, zaps and again the images were shown to me. I described those images in another thread. The images were clear and imprinted so fast it was all I could do to keep up. I sensed a great deal of patience was being shown me. After those images I saw the medallion in a solid white atmosphere. It was blinding, beautiful, powerful.

This event ended and of course I couldn't help but think about it over and over again.


Since this event I sometimes feel such strong etheric (?) energy. It does not happen every time I close my eyes just when it chooses to. The thing is I will see very vivid color swirls and then it's like a there's a flash light going off in my head. Seriously, don't laugh. Okay you can laugh but it is exactly like a bright bulb is going off in my head. I can literally see the light from behind my eyeballs. Sometimes I ignore it (it takes a lot of energy to remain conscious/awake). When I do ignore it I immediately fall asleep. Other times I will look into the light and YOWZERS! it's always a new revelation and I am completely awake.

So yeah, I do and I don't know what to make of this. Would love anyone's input.
Welcome to Members Introductions! / Nameless
July 04, 2016, 19:48:22
Hi, my name is Nameless which seems to suit me well and it's easy to remember. I found this website while cruising the internet looking for things of interest.

As an adult I do not call myself psychic but on ocassion I have been allowed to borrow various tools from beyond the veil. I consider these tools/gifts temporary. I've spent a good deal of time reading here and am struck by how open so many of you were as kids. It seems the custodians (over there on the other side) take great pleasure in allowing children access to toys/tools/gifts that as adults we take for granted. Perhaps their aim is to allow children to experience these things so that as adults we will come back to them with an eye to building a greater understanding.

As of the moment I don't know how active I will be on this site. I've recently become very jaded with the internet BUT it is still the fastest and most varied way to seek out information and more fully understand our world and the people/entities that inhabit it.

My apologies if I come off as a little cold, it's that whole 'jaded' thing. Maybe I just feel the need to protect myself a bit more than I usually do.

My main interests regarding the etheric right now is remote viewing.

I look forward to getting to know you.  :-)