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Dangit Lu, thanks a lot. :-)

I watched the interview and wound up jumping down so many rabbit holes I finally fell asleep. I've spent the last few hours trying desperately to climb out of one hole or another only to fall down another one, hahha.

None of the interview was exactly a surprise but I did enjoy it and came away with lots of questions. Always a good thing. I tried searching for more information on what might be common physical, genetic traits of experiencers. Surprise, surprise, there isn't any other than Dolan's.

I would love to see actual health analysis done on known experiencers vs those who claim experiences vs those who have never had any kind of experience. Starting with the most routine and basic things like BP, temp, height, weight, medical history, etc. Moving on, of course, to blood analysis, xrays, body scans and brain scans. None of that is out of the question and so easily obtainable as most people already have much of that on file somewhere, it just needs to be correlated and analyzed. I wonder that none have done this already and even I hadn't thought of it till now. Every search I did all I found was psychological which is highly opinionated and subjective. Hard facts aren't that hard to determine in this process.

Anybody want to fund an analytical team to do this?
Thanks LB, I'm in agreement with that. We do seem very capable of carrying many frequencies at once.

God Lu, A definite signal that, "No, you can't take this with you. What get's discussed here stays here." I guess it's not something we either can or perhaps should think about consciously.., at the moment. All things in due time but it is really hard accepting the duality of 'being a part' and not being 'allowed to keep that part.'
Same as Volgerle, I will be watching this. I am highly interested in learning all I can from intelligent people.

You said, "For years I too have been on the fence about the fact that just anyone can learn how to not only Remote view, but have conscious APs as well. I have seen enough on this Forum to see that no, not just anyone can do this. Even with training. Some of us just don't have the right "wiring".

I'm coming to that same conclusion. May be we do all have the same ingredients but the wiring is certainly different. More digging needed but we might be getting somewhere. :_)
Interesting development today. Had another astral family adventure this morning only I wasn't there. Well I was but not so they would know. Didn't realize till I 'woke' up that they weren't talking to me, they were talking about me, so to them I wasn't physically with them. But my grandmother was there (I never met her as she was long gone before my time). However, she frequently visits in my 'dreams', more so than my mother which I find interesting as my mother tends to visit my daughter more so than me.

Anyway, my grandmother popped in to say hi to our newest family member who is only about 4 months old now. Now the really interesting part.

My daughter text me this morning. Seems we both woke up about the same time (within minutes of each other). She had quite the experience as well. She too was hanging out with all the family and apparently, I presented myself to her, only I wasn't really there either.

So, it was like I was dead and coming to them in spirit in both our experiences. Of course that's what prompted her to text in the first place.

Now guys, I know I'm not in the best of health and don't have any foreboding feelings of my own demise or anything like that. Of course, I know it could happen any time, near or far, but that doesn't bother me in the least, so I feel there is something else going on here. I know we have some concerns but wow. How to explain this.

Was this just a snapshot of vague though real concerns or was there some lesson being taught/shown? I don't know (yet) but I did want to record this event.

Alls I can say is whether physical, spiritual, astral or mental life is never a dull moment.
Tides, hey! It's a miracle you didn't die from alcohol poisoning. I like the image you paint of the moon being inside. I'll meditate on that one. I think we are supposed to have a lunar eclipse here in the next few days. I would like to view it if possible.

Also, I have no doubt that you are surrounded by a warm positive energy. For you I say 'stay golden' for surely you are. :-)
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: In search of my ET
November 05, 2022, 17:51:31
Also, I think I've said it before, your little niece is quite the conduit. I'm glad you and your sister give her the respect she deserves.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: In search of my ET
November 05, 2022, 17:49:38
Someone you did not know got you an audience with a great prophet who then sent you an answer to your question. That is so incredible and wonderful. I bet you are feeling quite special right now and you should as you are quite special. Maybe in the near future you'll get far more answers. I certainly think you will, congratulations.
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Movie/Reality
November 04, 2022, 17:29:53
Whoa, that dream is very deep. Easy to laugh at on the surface but it shows some serious goings-on on a very deep or very high level.
What gets you excited about life?

Okay, I'll play.

Today I got excited over a book that arrived in the mail. But speaking honestly there is not much that does seem to excite me lately. Maybe I'm just getting old or tired, don't really know. Maybe tomorrow something will excite me, What about you?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Avatars
October 06, 2022, 16:30:09
Darn it, I knew you would say that (which I totally agree with by the way). Oh well, it is what it is so happy life, happy gaming to all of us.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Avatars
October 06, 2022, 12:15:19
LOL, you do have a fun way to view the world. The longer I live the more onboard with this idea I become. I just wish I could find the button to turn down the intensity level of pain and suffering our avatars feel.

Wait, I just had a thought - did you hide my button. Hahahaha

Welcome back.
Hi Casey, don't why I didn't see your comment till now.

Quote from: omcasey on September 18, 2022, 22:37:37
What are the odds of all this ?!@#$%, my goodness. Your experiences seem to be amping up, too. Or.....are you just beginning to write about them more.
I am trying to write a little more AND put past exp. in better perspective.
But also my experiences always ramp up when I am ill. It is sometimes a helluva price to pay.

LightBeam, welcome back. I have heard New York pizzas are the best but I haven't had one yet.
Quote from: Nodecam on September 26, 2022, 11:07:52
Hi LightBeam. How can one do this? How can you relive the past? Is it only a matter of intention, focused intent?
I'm not LB but I'll share my opinion. Think of the past as an event rather something done and over. When you make your attempt start by thinking of the event you want to re-visit. As you do this keep this thought in the back of your mind, "Is this accurate".
Wow, you are most certainly evolving on a spiritual level. The very interesting thing about these type events is the mix you experience. Seems we are often shown (at this stage) things that are typically way outside our understanding, but it is mixed with things (standard dreams, if you will) of things we do or can relate to which allows us that ever so elusive validation which helps move us along forward.

These validations (the cheese, etc.) are a way of letting you KNOW just how real your experience was/is despite your lack of understanding on a fully conscious level. My only advice here is to please not discount any single part. Instead of discounting try separating which you have already done admirably. This will help lead you to better understanding.

I won't do any interpreting of symbols and such as those are so personal to each individual. But you are doing a phenomenal job of analyzing this for yourself. One caution though is to not over-analyze. Your thoughts on this will deepen as time goes by and I will add one thing. I think you have already received the 'gift'.
I dropped something off at the Island today.
Thank you T-Man, I'll take all the healing energy I can get.

Who knows what was in the cocktail they were giving me but I'm sure it contributed. The gravity thing is so weird, lol.
There is a part two. I'll find that one and post it below.

"With regards to the alien woman, was it purely instinctive you knew she was alien or was there also something about her physical appearance ?"
Her physical appearance (face) actually changed right in front of me. I got the distinct feeling she was startled to realize someone had seen through her, so to speak. Nothing was said I saw her from a short distance then she vanished. It creeped me out for a long time. The second time there were many witnesses, and they saw her vanish as well. She was very tall, short blond hair, totally symmetrical facial features.

"BTW, just curious if have you experienced missing time or gone through periods with losing consciousness/blacking out ?"

Yes, I have lost time and gained time, both while driving. I lost about 2 hours while driving home from the store. To this day I simply can not explain it.

In '98 I gained about 3 1/2 hours on a trip from south to north Georgia. A 7 hour trip took me all of 3 1/2 hours. There is no way that could have happened but it did.

To me both incidents were perfectly normal, nothing happened that I know and yet the time just disappeared/appeared. I can't explain it.

Sleep paralysis, especially at such a young age is the stuff of nightmares. I think it might explain many instances of night terrors with children.

Hey funfire, a little roleplaying might help get some juices flowing. With things so slow you might not get any takers but you will never know unless you attempt.
Hey Bob, thanks. Here's that link. Wasn't as hard to find as I thought. There's not a lot of detail but if you have questions ask away. I think the drugs had a little to do with the pizza, haha.
The forum is way too quiet so I'm gonna stomp around a bit and see if I can raise some dust. I'll even toss in some np doo-dads. It is what it is.  :-)

A month ago, mid August, I went to the Er with a horrible pain in my pain thinking I likely had a severe kidney infection of some such or maybe covid since 2 people in my house had been diagnosed with it just the day before. Since they had back aches too I thought, well maybe.

Turns out I didn't have covid or an infection. What I had was an abdominal aortic aneurysm and needed emergency surgery.  :-o 

Two days later (I think) I came to and felt a great need to apologize to the entire hospital.  :? I don't know what actually physically happened, if anything. The nurses said not to worry as I had already apologized to everyone at least twice. All I know is half the doctors were aliens of one sort or another, the other half were the actual doctors. I actually watched the actually doctors hands being guided. It was very weird. But what had me fighting mad were these particular entities that kept trying to get me to do something on the ceiling. Looked like they wanted us to make pizza. What? Anyway, my perfectly sensible human physical brain just knew that pizza oven would fall on us and burn everybody, so I went into fight mode to prevent the doctors and nurses getting burned.

Well, the doctors and nurses all came through just fine. Me, not so much but I'm recovering and doing fine now. I've spent the last 3 weeks just healing. Been listening to quite a number of healing mantras and binaural beats and stuff on yt as suggested here and there on this forum. Thanks Ya'll!

The other night I had an interesting obe. I was in a limo with one of our otherworldly entities. She was telling me all kinds of stuff about what and why I was going through this and why I had further still to go. It was a very intellectual conversation, of which I don't remember most of the specifics. If you're curious this being was what most people are referring to as the tall blond nordics, which happens to be the same type I ran into in my physical life twice now. I wrote about that somewhere on here but I'm too lazy to look it up just now.

Well that's it for now. Now surely some of you out there have something going on in your lives as well. Make a post, talk about it, share your world.

Okay, okay, you don't have too but it might make for some entertaining reading.

Hugs and Love Ya'll
I've found the same with people who just don't have a clue, seems most fall into that category.

Your blue dust is interesting to me, I have visited a blue planet and been in a blue void-like area. These blue places tend to really recharge my batteries. I also know blue represents communication and the mental plain as well.

I think going UP is a natural by-product of our 3D selves. We see up as space, so that's a mental thing. I try to go out and that can produce some really weird results.

Thanks for the feedback.
You've probably already answered this but I might have missed it. Do you talk to your family and friends and question their experiences? Do any of them ever see you or remember anything (strange?) when you appear to them in obe form?

Even if they don't have full awareness, they may have partial awareness. I think you should explore this on a physical level.
21st Century Earth: Humans and Aliens Meet for the First Time in Recent Memory

Life is as we now know it, albeit a bit friendlier than our current situation: Humanity is about to take a sharp turn into a wildly but weirdly fantastic new direction.

Somewhere high above the city in a new apartment complex atop a high-end mall a family (a nation, a world) is about to discover a new thing.

Static everywhere, the lights pop and buzz, the televisions and billboards crackle and go dark. The aliens have landed but no one witnesses the landings. Suddenly doors begin to pop open of their own accord.

THEY are here. 

They have landed and they are prepared, weapons in hand. The shooting, the dying begins. But wait, where is the blood, where are the bodies? No one cares as everyone runs screaming in terror. One man is examining the apartment bathroom when suddenly he is locked in and all he can hear is his wife yelling for him to STAY THERE. She throws open the door handing him their son, she retreats quickly to grab their baby girl from the realtor holding her. As she does so the realtor pushes her back and runs away with her, the wife follows in hot pursuit. The mother-in-law turns to warn the father and grandson. The three slam the door of the bathroom and the father points at the shiny new tub/shower combo, INSIDE, he yells. Ahhh, a walk-out onto the balcony surrounding the inner mall. Wonderful. They race out the doors and down the stairs as the aliens chase after.

Must find the rest of the family but wait, where is the grandson? What is he doing? He's grabbing what looks like a child's big blue plastic remote control off a tabletop. Water sprays from tiny holes along the edges and as it touches the aliens they disappear.

They run through the mall shooting and shooting and shooting until the grandmother can no longer hold back her tears. She's laughing madly as is another man standing in the middle of the chaos. The two seem to have lost their minds.., but only for a moment as others realize the truth of what is happening.

The aliens are shooting the humans with red water pistols turning them into aliens. Humans are shooting back with blue water pistols turning aliens into humans. Within minutes, often only moments the Earth, that fantastic little blue planet has met their long distant neighbors and like kids at a picnic they have all run off to play the world's best game of Cowboys and Indians it has ever seen.

13 minute astral adventure into what could be.

Humm, never done so intentionally. Don't know why not but it does seem obvious. I've had some experience seeing through the eyes of animals, cat, bird, dog. Interesting to say the least.
Hey there Mustardseed, welcome back. Looking forward and wishing you well. Hugs