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Quote from: Xanth on October 02, 2016, 22:56:40
Welcome aboard!

I'm also from Canada, the Toronto area to be exact.  :)

Nice... I am in Red Deer Alberta.  :-D :-D :-D :-D
Everyone... thank you for all the replys. The feeling in this community is AWESOME!

Quote from: Lumaza on October 02, 2016, 20:49:22
Have a look at this. Exit Signs and Symptoms.

It sounds like your body was being "desensitized", which is normal and that the last piece to go was your foot. I have this happen often, whereas one part or another of my body will begin to tingle, just before my non physical focus is complete. The change in darkness sounds like you are entering the "void", also know as the 3D darkness. There is a strange change to the depth here and now it is time to start exploring what lies within it. Do not take a sneak peek back at your body though. That will lead to a prompt end to your current session.
This is when you "stay the course" and begin your adventure!  :-)

Thanks for the reply. That makes sence. When I was in the "void" if I was there i got the feeling the I was very small in a large dark room. Is that about the feeling you get?

I apoligize as that is the only way I can explain it. I was there for mabey 2 seconds each time.

What do you guys use to stay there?
Quote from: Lumaza on October 02, 2016, 20:37:15
Greetings!  :-)

Thank you for the welcome. I am not sure what thread you were reading. I have not posted the thread about the wife yet. But will look at the one you say as I am very curious LOL.
Quote from: ThaomasOfGrey on October 02, 2016, 19:05:43
It is all familiar - the foot tingling could be energy sensations, increased awareness of blood circulation, a hallucinated tickle from the mind to test if you are awake.

The darkness thing sounds like the void. It is basically a blank state of consciousness. Usually it has a "3 dimensional" quality about it and the transition is also associated with increased peripheral awareness. It is good success to reach this state, you can do anything from the void.

The hallucination of sounds is pretty common. Sometimes a subtle real world sound will get distorted and your mind exaggerates it into something like this. Other times you may literally see or feel people touching you. You have crossed over to another reality without realising it. I call these experiences mini dreams and they are usually jarring.

I am happy to hear this. Thank you for the reply.

I can say weather I was in the void or not. I was unable to stay there. I went in and out twice. But when I was in that state it was a little frightening. Thus I ended up coming out. I'm not sure why I was jarred out as it felt like a safe environment.

I am very new at this so it is all taking a bit of getting used to.
Hello guys.....

Wanted to post something quick. I had an opertunity to relax and try the process of AP. It just so happend that the house was quiet today. Around 10 am I decided to give it a go. I usually do this at night as it is pretty well the only time I have quiet.
And also FYI... I also use earplugs while I do this.

All I really wanted to do was practice relaxing.

After what felt like 10 to 15 min I felt this odd sensation in the center of my right foot, on the sole of my foot. Almost like a tingle.

Then while my eyes were closed things seemed to get "darker", hard to explain that. It was dark and seemed to get darker?

I then felt another tingle right between my eyebrows and sort of the top of the bridge of my nose.

I say the image of a white object almost looked like a square box. I thought I heard the kids stampeding up the stairs and then I sat up!

Was this a step in the right direction.  I noticed that every time I had a sensation I wanted to get scared and tense up.

Am I on the right track dose any of this sound familiar to you or is my mind playing tricks on me?

Welcome. I as well am new to the forum and AP.

Look forward to reading your posts and about your experiance.
Hello Guys & Gals,

I just came across this forum and wanted to sign up. I am just starting this journey and I am extremely excited. I am 30 Years old and have a wife and two beautiful children.

I have heard of OBE's in the past but did not know I had the ability to experience this amazing journey (Just going off what people say, as I have never experienced one myself) at any time and not have to go through such things as a "Near Death Experience" etc...

I went to search you tube a couple days ago and "Lucid Dreams" came up on my "Recommended". Which was very weird as I didn't even know what such a thing was, or how YouTube related it to anything I usually watch). Anyways, this peaked my curiosity so I watched the video. Eventually lead me to Astral Projection. Once I found video after video on this topic I became overwhelmed with... the only way I could explain it is, Hope/Excitement/Love/GREATFULLNESS...

I am excited to start this experience and look forward to hearing from this community as I work through any minor roadblocks that I may come across.

What do you recommend for me starting? I have watched videos, read forms/articles on what to expect and different ways of projection. What is the best way to start should I just jump right in or start trying or get a good knowledge base prior?

I feel like I will have to do this a night time as I have kids and family and it is really the only time that there is next to no noise in my house. If I have an opportunity during the day or morning to relax and focus on projecting I will jump all over it. But I hear it is harder a night. Is there anything you guys can recommend that may help in keeping the mind lucid easer at this time of day?

Thanks you for reading (it ended up being a fairly long into LOL) I appreciate the responses that are going to come and look forward to asking MANY MANY more question.

Also I beleive my wife is able to do this naturally. I will post a thread on this later as why I think this. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and there is a reason YouTube had randomly recommended this to me!!