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This is a show that was on the BBC.  A friend recommended it.  Check it out.

It's called "Around The World 80 Faiths"
Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Success!
December 14, 2010, 18:54:58
I just got over my 10 month dry spell with 3 projections in a row!  WOOT!

I'm not gonna talk about them right now, but there was some strangeness going on, like "Tri-Location" (I was aware of the projection, a dream and physical reality simultaneously, odd indeed).

Maybe if I can straighten the memories out I'll share the experience, but nevertheless I wanted to share with everyone that I projected.


by Lynne Levitan and Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D.

"Out of body" experiences (OBEs) are personal experiences
during which people feel as if they are perceiving the physical
world from a location outside of their physical bodies. At least
5 and perhaps as many as 35 of every 100 people have had an OBE
at least once in their lives (Blackmore, 1982). OBEs are highly
arousing; they can be either deeply disturbing or profoundly
moving. Understanding the nature of this widespread and potent
experience would no doubt help us better understand the
experience of being alive and human.

The simplest explanation is that OBEs are exactly what they
seem: the human consciousness separating from the human body and
traveling in a discorporate form in the physical world. Another
idea is that they are hallucinations, but this requires an
explanation of why so many people have the same delusion. Some of
our experiments have led us to consider the OBE as a natural
phenomenon arising out of normal brain processes. Thus, we
believe that the OBE is a mental event that happens to healthy
people. In support of this, psychologists Gabbard and Twemlow
(1984) have concluded from surveys and psychological tests that
the typical OBE experient is "a close approximation of the
'average healthy American.'" (p. 40)

Our conception, also proposed by the English psychologist
Susan Blackmore, is that an OBE begins when a person loses
contact with sensory input from the body while remaining
conscious (Blackmore, 1988; LaBerge - Lucidity Letter; Levitan -
Lucidity Letter). The person retains the feeling of having a
body, but that feeling is no longer derived from data provided by
the senses. The "out-of-body" person also perceives a world that
resembles the world he or she generally inhabits while awake, but
this perception does not come from the senses either. The vivid
body and world of the OBE is made possible by our brain's
marvelous ability to create fully convincing images of the world,
even in the absence of sensory information. This process is
witnessed by each of us every night in our dreams. Indeed, all
dreams could be called OBEs in that in them we experience events
and places quite apart from the real location and activity of our


So, we are saying that OBEs may be a kind of dream. But, even
so, they are extraordinary experiences. The great majority of
people who have had OBEs say they are more real than dreams.
Common aspects of the experience include being in an "out-of-
body" body much like the physical one, feeling a sense of energy,
feeling vibrations, and hearing strange loud noises (Gabbard &
Twemlow, 1984). Sometimes a sensation of bodily paralysis
precedes the OBE (Salley, 1982; Irwin, 1988; Muldoon &
Carrington, 1974; Fox, 1962). 

To the sleep researcher, these strange phenomena are
remarkably reminiscent of another curious experience, called
sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis occurs sometimes when a person
is waking from or falling into REM sleep, the state in which most
vivid dreams occur. During REM sleep, the muscles of the body,
excluding the eye muscles and those responsible for circulation
and respiration, are immobilized by orders from a nerve center in
the lower brain. This prevents us from acting out our dreams.
Occasionally, this paralysis turns on or remains active while the
person's mind is fully awake and aware of the world.

Some of the experiences people have reported during sleep
paralysis are: "I feel completely removed from myself," "feeling
of being separated from my body," "eerie, rushing experiences,"
and hearing "hissing in the ears," and "roaring in the head."
These events appear to be much like the OBE sensations of
vibrations, strange noises, and drifting away from the physical
body (Everett, 1983). Fear has also been described as a common
component of sleep paralysis (see the "Question and Answer" in
NightLight, Vol. 2, No. 1 for a discussion of overcoming fear in
sleep paralysis.)


So, it seems possible that at least some OBEs arise from the
same conditions as sleep paralysis, and that these two terms may
actually be naming two aspects of the same phenomenon. As a first
test of this idea, we should ask how many OBEs actually occur at
times when people are likely to experience sleep paralysis --
that is, do OBEs happen when people are lying down, asleep,
resting, or while awake and active?

Researchers have approached the question of the timing of
OBEs by asking people who claim to have had OBEs to describe when
they happened. In one of these, over 85 percent of those surveyed
said they had had OBEs while they were resting, sleeping or
dreaming. (Blackmore, 1984) Other surveys also show that the
majority of OBEs occur when people are in bed, ill, or resting,
with a smaller percentage coming while the person is drugged or
medicated. (Green, 1968; Poynton, 1975; Blackmore, 1983 )

Survey evidence favors the theory that OBEs could arise out
of the same conditions as sleep paralysis. There is also
considerable evidence that people who tend to have OBEs also tend
to have lucid dreams, flying and falling dreams, and the ability
to control their dreams (Blackmore, 1983, 1984; Glicksohn, 1989;
Irwin, 1988).

Because of the strong connection between OBEs and lucid
dreaming, some researchers in the area have suggested that OBEs
are a type of lucid dream (Faraday, 1976; Honegger, 1979; Salley,
1982). One problem with this argument is that although people who
have OBEs are also likely to have lucid dreams, OBEs are far less
frequent, and can happen to people who have never had lucid
dreams. Furthermore, OBEs are quite plainly different from lucid
dreams in that during a typical OBE the experient is convinced
that the OBE is a real event happening in the physical world and
not a dream, unlike a lucid dream, in which by definition the
dreamer is certain that the event is a dream. There is an
exception that connects the two experiences -- when we feel
ourselves leaving the body, but also know that we are dreaming.

In our studies of the physiology of the initiation of
lucidity in the dream state, we observed that quite of few of the
lucid dreams we collected contained experiences like OBEs. The
dreamers described lying in bed, feeling strange bodily
sensations, often vibrations, hearing loud humming noises, and
then rising out of body and floating above the bed.

Those studies revealed that lucid dreams have two ways of
starting. In the much more common variety, the "dream-initiated
lucid dream" (DILD), the dreamer acquires awareness of being in a
dream while fully involved in it. DILDs occur when dreamers are
right in the middle of REM sleep, showing lots of the
characteristic rapid eye movements. We know this is true because
our dreamers give a deliberate prearranged eye-movement signal
when they realize they are dreaming. These signals show up on our
physiology record, so that we can pinpoint the times when
lucidity begins and see what kind of brain state the dreamers
were in at those times. DILDs account for about four out of every
five lucid dreams that our dreamers have had in the laboratory.
In the other 20 percent, the dreamers report awakening
from a dream and then returning to the dream state with unbroken
awareness -- one moment they are aware that they are awake in bed
in the sleep laboratory, and the next moment, they are aware that
they have entered a dream and are no longer perceiving the room
around them. We call these "wake initiated lucid dreams" (WILDs).

A casual look at the dream reports and physiological
records led us to think that the OBE-type dream content was
happening mostly in WILDs. So, we analyzed the data
scientifically in the experiment described below.


The data we studied consisted of 107 lucid dreams from a
total of 14 different people. The physiological information that
we collected in conjunction with each lucid dream always included
brain waves, eye-movements, and chin muscle activity. These
measurements are necessary for determining if a person in awake,
asleep, and in REM sleep or not. In all cases, the dreamer
signaled the beginning of the lucid dream by making a distinct
pattern of eye movements that was identifiable by someone not
involved with the experiment.

After verifying that all the lucid dreams had eye signals
showing that they had happened in REM sleep, we classified them
into DILDs and WILDs, based on how long the dreamers had been in
REM sleep without awakening before becoming lucid (two minutes or
more for DILDs, less that two minutes for WILDs), and on their
report of either having realized they were dreaming while
involved in a dream (DILD) or having entered the dream directly
from waking while retaining lucidity (WILD).

Alongside the physiological analysis we scored each dream
report for the presence of various events that are typical of
OBEs, such as feelings of body distortion (including paralysis
and vibrations), floating or flying, references to being aware of
being in bed, being asleep or lying down, and the sensation of
leaving the body (for instance, "I was floating out-of-body").


Ten of the 107 lucid dreams qualified as OBEs, because the
dreamers reported feeling like they had left their bodies in the
dream. Twenty of the lucid dreams were WILDs, and 87 were DILDs.
Five of the OBEs were WILDs (28%) and five were DILDs (6%). Thus,
OBEs were more than four times more likely in WILDs than in DILDs.

The three OBE-related events we looked for also all
occurred more often in WILDs than in DILDs. Almost one third of
WILDs contained body distortions, and over a half of them
included floating or flying or awareness of being in bed. This is
in comparison to DILDs, of which less than one fifth involved
body distortions, only one third included floating or flying, and
one fifth contained awareness of bed.

The reports from the five DILDs that we classified as OBEs
were actually much like those from the WILD-OBEs. In both the
dreamers felt themselves lying in bed and experiencing strange
sensations including paralysis and floating out-of-body. Although
these lucid dreams sound like WILDs, we had classified them as
DILDS because the physiological records showed no awakenings
preceding lucidity. However, it is possible that these people
could have momentarily become aware of their environments (and
hence been "awake") while continuing to show the brainwaves
normally associated with REM sleep. The science of the EEG is not
sufficiently advanced that we can tell what people are
experiencing by looking at their brainwaves. Anecdotes from dream
reports indicate that people sometimes become aware of sensations
from their sleeping bodies while dreaming -- for example, the
dream in which you are trying to run while your legs become
heavier and heavier, perhaps because you are feeling their true
immobile condition.


Our laboratory studies showed us that when OBEs happen in
lucid dreams they happen either when a person reenters REM sleep
right after an awakening, or right after having become aware of
being in bed. However, we wondered if this relationship would
apply to OBEs and lucid dreams that people experience at home, in
the "real world."

Not being able to take the sleep lab to the homes of hundreds
of people (the DreamLight may soon give us this capacity!), we
took a survey about OBEs and other dream-related experiences,
somewhat like the past studies referred to earlier. The
difference between our survey and previous ones is that in
addition to asking if people had had OBEs, we asked specifically
about certain events that we know to be associated with WILDs,
namely, lucid dreaming, returning directly to a dream after
awakening from it, and sleep paralysis.

A total of 572 people filled out our questionnaire. They
were either students in an introductory psychology course or
readers of the NightLight. About a third of the group reported
having had at least one OBE. Just over 80 percent had had lucid
dreams. Sleep paralysis was reported by 37 percent and 85 percent
had been able to return to t a dream after awakening.

People who reported more dream-related experiences also
reported more OBEs. For example, of the 452 people claiming to
have had lucid dreams, 39 percent also reported OBEs, whereas
only 15 percent of those who did not claim lucid dreams said they
had had OBEs. The group with the most people reporting OBEs (51%)
were those who said they had experienced lucid dreams, dream
return, and sleep paralysis.

We would expect people who can return directly to dreams
after an awakening to be prone to having WILDs, and therefore
also to have frequent lucid dreams. Indeed, in this survey,
people reporting frequent dream return also tended to report
frequent lucid dreams. Thus, we believe that the fact that dream
return frequency was linked with OBE frequency in this study
gives further support to our laboratory research finding that
WILDs were associated with OBEs.


Our two studies have compared the frequency of OBEs in the
two types of lucid dream, and surveyed the relative frequency of
OBEs and dream-related events in a large number of people. We
have thereby learned that when OBEs happen during lucid dreams,
they generally happen in lucid dreams that arise from brief
awakenings in REM sleep, and that people who have certain special
dream experiences are more likely to have OBEs that people who do
not. These dream experiences include returning to the dream state
after an awakening, lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis.
    Above we described our operating theory that OBEs occur
when people lose input from their sense organs, as happens at the
onset of sleep, while retaining consciousness. This combination
of events is especially likely when a person passes directly from
waking into REM sleep. In both states the mind is alert and
active, but in waking it is processing sensory input from the
outside world, while in dreaming it is creating a mental model
independent of sensory input. This model includes a body. When
dreaming, we generally experience ourselves in a body much like
the "real" one, because that is what we are used to. However, our
internal senses in the physical body, which when we are awake
inform us about our position in space and the movement of our
limbs. This information is cut off in REM sleep. Therefore, we
can dream of doing all kinds of things with our dream bodies --
flying, dancing, running from monsters, being dismembered -- all
while our physical bodies lie safely in bed.

During a WILD, or sleep paralysis, the awake and alert mind
keeps up its good work of showing us the world it expects is out
there -- although it can no longer sense it. So, then we are in a
mental-dream-world. Possibly we feel the cessation of the
sensation of gravity as that part of sensory input shuts down,
and then feel that we are suddenly lighter and float up, rising
from the place where we know our real body to be lying still. The
room around us looks about the same, because that is our brain's
best guess about where we are. If we did not know that we had
just fallen asleep, we might well think that we were awake, still
in touch with the physical world, and that something mighty
strange was happening -- a departure of the mind from the
physical body!

The unusual feeling of leaving the body is exciting and
alarming. This, combined with the realistic imagery of the
bedroom is enough to account for the conviction of many OBE
experients' that "it was too real to be a dream." Dreams, too,
can be astonishingly real, especially if you are attending to
their realness. Usually, we pass through our dreams without
thinking much about them, and upon awakening remember little of
them. Hence, they seem "unreal." But waking life is also like
that -- our memory for a typical, mundane day is flat and lacking
in detail. It is only the novel, exciting, or frightening events
that leave vivid impressions. If we stop what we are doing, we
can look around and say, "Yes, this world looks solid and real."
But, if you look back and try to recall, for instance, brushing
your teeth this morning, your memory is likely to be vague and
not very life-like. Contrast this to a past event that excited or
alarmed you, which is likely to seem much more "real" in

Lucid dreamers often comment to themselves in dreams, "I
know this is a dream, but it all seems so incredibly real!" All
this goes to show that the feeling that an event is real does not
mean that it is happening in the physical world that we all share
when we are awake. This is not to deny that that inner
experiences are real, in that they have deeply profound effects
on our lives. However, as lucid dreaming so amply demonstrates,
we can learn to distinguish between our personal dreams and
events in the consensus dream we call physical reality. When we
do, we find that what we thought was one thing -- the waking
world -- is actually another -- a dream.

Proof that some or even most OBEs are dreams is not enough
to allow us to say that a genuine OBE is impossible. However, in
the interests of lucidity, if you have an OBE, why not test to
see if the OBE-world passes the reality test? Is the room you are
in the one you are actually sleeping in? If you have left your
body, where is it? Do things change when you are not looking at
them (or when you are)? Can you read something twice and have it
remain the same on both readings? If any of your questions and
investigations leave you doubting that you are in the physical
world, is it not logical to believe you are dreaming?

Another point to consider is that a dream doesn't always
have to happen in REM sleep. Most do, but there are probably
quite a few other conditions in which people can lose touch with
sensory experience and enter a mental world. Some such states
that we know of are hypnotic trance, anesthesia, and sensory
isolation. OBEs have been reported from these states (Nash et
al., 1984; Olson, 1988). Thus, the argument that an OBE cannot be
a dream because the experient wasn't asleep doesn't hold water.


To end this discussion of the origins of the OBE, an event
considered unbelievable by many and metaphysical by others, let's
consider the state of affairs that is considered normal: the "in-
the-body" experience. What does it mean to be in a body? Saying
that one is in a body implies that the self is an object with
definite borders capable of being contained by the boundaries of
another object -- the physical body. However, we do not have any
evidence that the self is such a concrete thing. What we think of
as "out-of-body" in an OBE is the experience of the self. This
experience of being "in" a body is normally based on perceptual
input from the senses of both the world external to the body and
the processes within the body. These give us a sense of
localization of the self in space. However, it is the body, and
its sense organs, that occupy a specific locus, not the self. The
self is not the body or the brain. If we think that the self is a
product of brain function, even this does not make it reasonable
to state that the self is in the brain -- is the meaning
contained in these words in this page? It may not make any sense
on an objective level to say that the self is anywhere. Rather,
the self is where it feels itself to be. Its location is purely
subjective and derived from input from the sensory organs.

Putting aside the question of the essential nature of the
self, perception is undeniably a phenomenon tied to brain
function. So, when we find ourselves experiencing a world that
seems much like the one we are used to perceiving with our usual
equipment -- eyes, ears,  etc., all things linked to our brains,
it would be logical to assume that it is our usual brain creating
the experience. And, if we were to really leave our bodies --
severing all connection with them -- it would be illogical to
assume that we would see the world in the same way. Therefore,
although no amount of contradictory evidence can rule out the
possibility of a real "out of body experience," in which an
individual exists in some form entirely independent of the body,
it is highly unlikely that such a form would utilize perceptual
systems identical to those of the physical human form.

Spiritual teachings tell us that we have a reality beyond
that of this world. The OBE may not be, as it is easily
interpreted, a literal separation of the soul from the crude
physical body, but it is an indication of the vastness of the
potential that lies wholly within our minds. The worlds we create
in dreams and OBEs are as real as this one, and yet hold
infinitely more variety. How much more exhilarating to be "out-
of-body" in a world where the only limit is the imagination than
to be in the physical world in a powerless body of ether! Freed
of the constraints imposed by physical life, expanded by
awareness that limits can be transcended, who knows what we could
be, or become?
I just found this site, it's got a butt load of Lucid Dreaming articles, including theory and practice.
Many of us find our way to places like the pulse on a quest for understanding of the Astral Projection experience.  But, if you're at all like me, you didn't really know much about AP besides what you read from people like Monroe, Bruce, Moen, Buhlman, etc.  You may also be like me in that you are interested in these kinds of experiences beyond the "modern interpretation".  What I mean by that is that I am really interested in the phenomena of "the otherworld", which includes, but is not limited to just Astral Projection.  Some people lump all experiences of "the otherworld" as astral projection, which is true in a way.  However, experience of the otherworlds (whatever you call it) exist on an infinite continuum of varying degrees of awareness and varying "locales".  You will encounter many of these experiences in shamanistic (which i use here to mean not only the indigenous tribal shaman, but also most branches of paganism) techniques especially, and usually in the context of self-healing and healing of the community (local and global).  But these experiences aren't limited to the world of mystics alone.  In fact, some of the world's greatest scientists were doing a lot of research into the nature of these other worlds.  From physicists to biologists to psychologists and everything in between.  Even some researchers that conventional academia swears would never be involved in such things, like William James (the father of modern psychology) for example.

Getting Started

Today I want to share a technique for self-healing/actualization that I believe is very close to what we around here call phasing, put forth by Carl Jung.  Jung described this technique as 'Active Imagination' and believed it to be a crucial tool in healing the psyche.  Though Jung didn't really write about this much, he did practice it and many of his students wrote about it.  The following was collected from  You can find other information from a slightly more "scientific" perspective regarding these types of experiences on that site.  Anyway, lets move on with some basic techniques for active imagination.

Active Imagination is possible when one moves his/her everyday consciousness towards the dream world. "Dream world" is used here to mean nothing more nor less than that realm that we all experience when sleeping, falling into sleep, or coming out of sleep. Since we all know this experience it is used here as short-hand to describe the major tone of Active Imagination practice.The first step towards getting started in Active Imagination requires spending time observing the "dream world" state.

   * Try to observe yourself awakening in the morning (or if you prefer, falling asleep at night). Allow enough time to carefully see how you emerge out of sleep and how it is possible to remain half alert and half asleep. Do this several times over a week. If you have problems with this, try the same process during a nap.

From these observations, we learn that our dreaming involves a state of mind where anything is possible. Dreams are free to follow all sorts of paths and free to generate all sorts of images, feelings, and thoughts. Also notable, is the frequency in which images, feelings, and thoughts are mingled closely together.Our daily way of being typically requires us to be quite focused, goal oriented. Our thoughts and feelings are prescribed around a relatively few major themes. We tend to exclude a great deal in this process and freedom is not a word that can be used to describe this state of mind.

     Find the means that allows you to move into profound relaxation but with mental clarity remaining. Try body relaxation methods. Try music. Use whatever method most slows down the everyday mind and opens it to whatever happens.
     Find your own answers to these important questions:What do you need to do to move away from being overly focused on your day's events towards the dream world? What does it feel like to relax deeply? What does it feel like when you blend of the dream world with your quiet, watchful, alertness?
     Also, try to increase your ability to recall your dreams. Record your dreams and study them not so much to interpret their meaning but to recover the moods that they convey, the images they use, the feelings they bring to the surface. Try to get a fix on the feeling of the dream experience.
     Later, after you have mastered capturing the tone of the dream world, set aside time to move from your everyday type of consciousness to the dream world. Watch out, you might fall asleep, losing the awareness you need to do Active Imagination. Relax into it, keep alert, pull up your memories of what the dream world feels like. Watch for the emergence of detailed images, feelings, and insights. Work at making these images, feelings, and insights more vivid. This is where the "Active" of Active Imagination comes from. You are required to become engaged in your inner world, bringing yourself to this process in terms of alertness and willingness to learn. Remain alert. You must remember what you see/experience or you will not be doing "Active" Imagination. By necessity, this will keep your sessions short, maybe lasting only ten minutes or fifteen minutes. Make notes afterward, especially on what you have learned on what the experience feels like.

Advanced Techniques

Active Imagination practice is as challenging and robust as any other Soul or Spirit discipline used throughout history and throughout the world. While several disciplines have had far and wide promotion (i.e. prayer in Christianity and meditation in Hinduism/Buddhism), the proponents of Active Imagination have not been so well organized or powerful in conveying their message. Active Imagination has frequently been an "accidental practice" such as in Alchemy when these early chemists had their deeper imaginations activated by their dedication to finding gold in their retorts and chemicals. Many artists (visual and performing) turn to Active Imagination with little awareness of its history or relationship to Soul and Spirit work to get the insights needed for outstanding creations.The following steps are offered to heighten awareness of just what is involved with consciously applied Active Imagination practice and outlines much of the work that is necessary to make this an important discipline.

1. Pick a time to do quality work. This is very important. So many of us have tried to relegate inner work practice to the time after we get everything else done. All of our obligations to work, to house, family, friends, to bills, are done first. Only then do we sit down to do inner work. By that time we are too tired to do anything. Do not use "junk time," that time left over once everything else is taken care of to do quality inner work. It won't work. This does not mean giving up your day job but it does require awareness of when your energy is appropriately high for this sort of work. Find the means to carve out good time for this important work.

2. Use Pre-Active Imagination work to turn inward and to create the ambiance for Active Imagination.3. When the ambiance is right, introduce a topic to be explored or allow a topic to show itself.

   If it feels right to introduce a topic, try:

           * an image or feeling from a very recent dream
           * an image from a very recent time during your day world
           * a mood from your day world
           * a powerful image/feeling from other sources (i.e. the Tarot, art, film, literature)

   If it feels right to allow a topic to come up, try:

             o to trust the process
             o to allow for more depth so that an important topic can up (avoid the "chit-chat" that we so often face when not going far enough)

4. Once a topic has been agreed upon, stay with it. Try to stick to the central image. This doesn't mean that it can't change, it will. Try to let the topic's full drama unfold rather than expecting/seeking a cascade of images/feelings.5. Get into the image (physically, emotionally, intellectually, and intuitively)6. Remember. It is too easy to let everything just pass your eyes without reflection, but remember that one of the primary aims of this practice is to learn. To learn requires remembering. To remember requires not a passive approach to what one is experiencing but a very active one. This is the main reason this practice is called Active Imagination. To remember you will need to:

       * Take notes
       * Tell someone else what you are experiencing so that they can record the action
       * Or, make the session last no longer than your ability to remember the inner events. This can mean that the session (once you are warmed up with Pre-Active Imagination) will only be five minutes long. That's fine, no harm is done with short sessions.

7. Dialogue with inner figures. If you can meet or call forward inner figures, do so. Become come engage in realistic dialogue; personification is one of the most powerful and important aspects of Active Imagination. Trust the process and listen and learn.8. Wind down. Sessions do not need to be very long. Ten to fifteen minutes can provide a tremendous amount of material. Develop a simple process of inner and outward steps that communicates to your psyche that you are now leaving this process. Some peple prefer to use an inner image such as walking down a path towards their home to make this transition.9. Emerge and do any needed additional recording of your experience.10. Settle back into your everyday world.11. Do Post Session Work


   Do Research As Needed

       Frequently a special image or motif will come up demanding exploration after you leave Active Imagination. Do what research you can and you want to do either on-line, at a university library or through the help of a Jungian Society. One note: for this type of work, most research only requires a light exploration of the topic. For instance, if a goddess figure appears, look at goddess images, get some sense of how historic and wide spread these images are, and find one or two that attract you. Also get a general idea of what these goddesses represent. Note that it is not necessary, and frequently a hindrance, to go into too much detail. Going into detail tends to turn a poetic inner experience into a head trip. Nothing against head trips, but if heavy intellectual analysis is used too early, before one has mastered accessing the unconscious, it will be an obstacle, pulling you away from the work you need to do. Once a reasonable level of mastery is achieved, then deeper research will not only not interfere with Active Imagination, it will serve to deepen it. However, in the beginning, try to keep to the gut level nature of what you experience. This will keep you motivated and connected to the ambiance created by Active Imagination.

   Do Something With It

       Many Active Imagination practitioners and teachers recommend doing something with you experiences. Writing, journaling, sculpting, painting, and dancing are just some of the means of taking an experience and bringing it into this world by giving it form. Giving it form will give it a greater place in your life and will further activate the unconscious.

   Keep To Your Promises

       If one is going deep enough in Active Imagination one encounters inner figures (either from a dream, spontaneously, or from an exterior image such as a Tarot card). Inevitably, a promise is made (or should be made) to these personifications of unconscious processes. This promise tends to be around some attribute of the inner figure and some attribute you hold or wish to hold. Robert Johnson in his fine book on Active Imagination, Inner Work, tells of a woman who cuts a deal with her inner artist. If she makes room in her busy life for a greater connection to beauty and art, the inner figure will not pester her through bad dreams and compulsions. Her life takes on a new vitality and sense of meaning, but Johnson warns, she must keep to this promise or this gift will be lost. When you make such deals, keep to your promises. This will increase your ability to hold meaningful dialogues with sometimes reluctant inner figures.

   Keep Quiet and Be Humble

       While you may now have a new understanding, an understanding that is well beyond your friends and family, don't be arrogant. Treat whatever you have received as a delicate gift. If you hold it just right you can possess it and learn more from it, but if you are not careful, this gift can become beat up and distorted. You don't have all of the answers---you just have another piece of a very large, complex, and when it gets down to it,---a very mysterious, puzzle.


       You have been presented with insights about life and these insights must be applied to open your perspective on the inner and outer world. Insights gained in Active Imagination tend to expand one's view by showing a new side to an issue. They weaken our old certainties, making room for new understandings and receptiveness. Active Imagination is synthesis and we need to carry this synthesis forward in our choices, our expectations, our demands.

12. Start Again

Further information can be found at
This isn't particularly novel, but I came across it and thought it would be fun to post.


                   Note: After having studied many methods of Astral
              Projection, I have found that this is the easiest to do.
              Monroe teaches these techniques in a week, but they can be
              easily done in a day, with proper devotion. I feel that this
              technique is superior to others because it doe not require
              intense visualization, which many people cannot do.

              (Taken from Leaving The Body: A Complete Guide to Astral
              Projection, D. Scott Rogo, prentice Hall Press)

              One of the chief barriers people learning to project face is
              fear.  Many are afraid that they may die, or be harmed in some
              way as a result of their projection.  Nothing could be farther
              from the truth.  The Canterbury Institute, renowned for its
              occult studies, executed an experiment in projection involving
              over 2,000 people.  None of them were hurt in any way by this,
              and now, three years later, none have complained of any newly
              arising problems.

              Once you are aware that you cannot be harmed by projecting,
              you should begin monroe's techniques, step by step.

              Step one:
                  Relax the body. According to Monroe, "the ability to relax
              is the first prerequisite, perhaps even the first step itself"
              to having an OBE. (out of body experience) This includes both
              physical and mental relaxation. Monroe does not suggest a
              method of attaining this relaxation, although Progressive
              Muscle relaxation, coupled with deep breathing exercises
              (inhale 1, exhale 2, inhale 3.... until 50 or 100) are known
              to work well.
              Step two:
                  Enter the state bordering sleep.  This is known as the
              hypnagogic state. Once again, Monroe doesn't  recommend any
              method of doing this.  One way is to hold your forearm
              up, while keeping your upper arm on the bed, or ground. As you
              start to fall asleep, your arm will fall, and you will awaken
              again.  With practice, you can learn to control the Hypnagogic
              state without using your arm.  Another method is to
              concentrate on an object.  When other images start to enter
              your thoughts, you have entered the Hypnagogic state.
              Passively watch these images.  This will also help you
              maintain this state of near-sleep. Monroe calls this Condition

              Step three:
                  Deepen this state. Begin to clear your mind.  observe your
              field of vision through your closed eyes.  Do nothing more
              for a while. Simply look through your closed eyelids at the
              blackness in front of you.  After a while, you may notice
              light patterns.  These are simply neural discharges.  They
              have no specific effect.  Ignore them.  When they cease, one


              has entered what Monroe calls Condition B.  From here, one
              must enter an even deeper state of relaxation which Monroe
              calls Condition C-- a state of such relaxation that you lose
              all awareness of the body and sensory stimulation.  You are
              almost in a void in which your only source of stimulation will
              be your own thoughts.
                  The ideal state for leaving your body is Condition D.
              This is Condition C when it is voluntarily induced from a
              rested and refreshed condition and is not the effect of normal
              fatigue.  To achieve Condition D, Monroe suggests that you
              practice entering it in the morning or after a short nap.

              Step Four:
                  Enter a state of Vibration. This is the most important
              part of the technique, and also the most vague.   
                  Many projectors have noted these vibrations at the onset
              of projection.  They can be experienced as a mild tingling, or
              as is electricity is being shot through the body.  /their
              cause is a mystery.  It may actually be the astral body trying
              to leave the physical one.
              For entering into the vibrational state, he offers the
              following directions:

              1. Remove all jewelry or other items that might be touching
              your skin.
              2. Darken the room so that no light can be seen through your
              eyelids, but do not shut out all light.
              3. Lie down with your body along a north-south axis, with your
              head pointed toward magnetic north.
              4. Loosen all clothing, but keep covered so that you are
              slightly warmer than might normally be comfortable.
              5. Be sure you are in a location where, and at a time  when,
              there will be absolutely no noise to disturb you.
              6. Enter a state of relaxation
              7. Give yourself the mental suggestion that you will remember
              all that occurs during the upcoming session that will be
              beneficial to your well-being. Repeat this five times.
              8. Proceed to breath through your half-open mouth.
              9. As you breath, concentrate on the void in front of you.
             10. Select a point a foot away from your forehead, then change
              your point of mental reference to six feet.
             11. Turn the point 90 degrees upward by drawing an imaginary
              line parallel to your body axis up and above your head.  Focus
              there and reach out for the vibrations  at that point and
              bring them back into your body.

                   Even if you don't know what these vibrations are, you
              will know when you have achieved contact with them.

              Step five:
                  Learn to control the vibrational state.  Practice
              controlling them by mentally pushing them into your head, down
              to your toes, making them surge throughout your entire body,
              and producing vibrational waves from head to foot.  To produce
              this wave effect, concentrate of the vibrations and mentally
              push a wave out of your head and guide it down your body.
              Practice this until you can induce these waves on command.
                  Once you have control of the vibrational state, you are


              ready to leave the body.

              Step six:
                  Begin with a partial separation.  The key here is thought
              control.  Keep your mind firmly focused on the idea of leaving
              the body. Do not let it wander. Stray thought might cause you
              to lose control of the state.
                  Now, having entered the vibrational state, begin exploring
              the OBE by releasing a hand or a foot of the "second body".
              Monroe suggests that you extend a limb until it comes in
              contact with a familiar object, such as a wall near your bed.
              Then push it through the object. Return the limb by placing it
              back into coincidence with the physical one, decrease the
              vibrational rate, and then terminate the experiment.  Lie
              quietly until you have fully returned to normal. This exercise
              will prepare you for full separation.
              Step seven:
                  Dissociate yourself from the body. Monroe suggests two
              methods for this.  One method is to lift out of the body.  To
              do this, think about getting lighter and lighter after
              entering this vibrational state.  Think about how nice it
              would be to float upward.  Keep this thought in mind at all
              costs and let no extraneous thoughts interrupt it. An OBE will
              occur naturally at this point.
                 Another method is the "Rotation method" or "roll-out"
              technique.  When you have achieved the vibrational state, try
              to roll over as if you were turning over in bed.  /do not
              attempt to roll over physically.  Try to twist your body from
              the top and virtually roll over into your second body right
              out of your physical self.  At this point, you will be out of
              the body but next to it.  Think of floating upward, and you
              should find yourself floating above the body.
                  Monroe suggests you begin with the lift-out method, but
              argues that both are equally efficacious.

i found it here:

it is supposedly from this book -->
maybe i should clarify my personal perspective.

i totally believe in 2012. 

i don't believe in some dramatic shift that will instantly change the whole of creation on earth.

but i do believe very strongly in cyclical time, in universal cycles beyond our comprehension (but not our imagination).  having studied shamanism a lot and spoken with a mayan (Guatemala) shaman/astrologer/astronomer on numerous occasions, I look at 2012 from an "otherworld" perspective, not a physical one.  But naturally, what happens in the otherworlds effects the physical, albeit more slowly.  the universe is increasing in complexity, there is an obvious movement towards physical entropy (which i suspect is countered by nonphysical ectropy).  i believe that the mayan calendar isn't a calendar as such, but more like a diagram, a blueprint, maybe a map of nonphysical changes.  the mayan calendar isn't just a collection of "arbitrary" dates like our calendars are.  the mayan calendar is composed of symbolic representations of energy, it is a magical device of great power.  i couldn't say what it's precise function is or how to use it, but i'm sure the answers to these questions can be discovered (especially through the astral). 

that said, 2012 has obviously become something really really stupid.  now the shadow self is the repressed aspects of ourselves.  our greatest fears, weaknesses and shortcomings all stuffed down inside because we don't have the "strength of character" to address them.  not only do we have individual shadows, but we also have a collective shadow, a human shadow.  as a species we repress that which frightens us.  a great example comes from Dean Radin, a psi researcher at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, who ran online psi tests starting in 2000 (and possibly still going, i don't know).  after 9/11 here in the states, Radin thought it would be a good idea to go back and look at the data from the year around 9/11/2001 to see if anyone had any unconscious premonitions about the attacks in New York and DC (arlington).  What he did was gather a collection of the most common words used to describe the 9/11 attacks (not psychically, just normal people describing it), which totaled 9 or so.  He went back and looked at the year up to 9/11 and the year following it (he looked at psychic tests that involved describing a picture yet to be determined in words).  What he found was actually quite astonishing.  Not only did people NOT have premonitions, the use of those words dropped to a level that was well below any other time that he had recorded just before 9/11.  On top of that, he also found that on other psychic tests (like predicting a playing card chosen at random before it was chosen) the accuracy rates dropped to the same low levels seen in the other word based tests on and around 9/11.  what this means is that people's intuition and psychic openness literally shut down, closed off, on and around 9/11.  it's like we collectively repressed our ability to sense the impending disaster because it was just too horrific and we couldn't face it.  unconsciously we protected our fragile psyche's as a species.  intuitively we knew the attack was coming and so we shielded ourselves from knowledge of it.  the same thing happens with 2012.  it's a great unknown which makes it a perfect opportunity to turn it into something that will shield us from it's true nature and our own.  one of the things it can shield us from is the knowledge of our impending physical death.  it also provides a way out from the horrible state of the civilization we have created.  from this simple idea has sprung an immense collection of speculation and theories (ever more imaginative) to further protect our ego. 

SO!  there are only a few ways to really address the shadow self and release it.  one of those ways is "honoring the shadow".  the shadow self really just wants attention.  it often gets that attention in AP/OBE/LD/Dreams by "trapping" the traveler in his/her own subconscious and forcing the traveler to face representations of these fears.  so when we do something to honor the shadow self we give it a little attention which eases the shadow self and in turn the shadow releases its grip on our ego ever so slightly.  continued honoring leads to continued release and ultimately an actualized being (i suppose you could say 'enlightened').  honoring the shadow is as simple as acknowledging it in a symbolic way.  one example of my own is that i would often paint a picture and then burn it to acknowledge my own doubts about my worth as an artist.  and that's what this thread is about, burning the painting.  by addressing how silly we've made 2012, we are actually addressing our own fears about the unknown and especially the Great Unknown (death).

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Astrally Inspired Songs
November 30, 2010, 12:39:40
Here are a couple songs I've found that seem to be influenced by astral travel in one way or another.
(this one is about astral traveling through the influence of marijuana, but it's still comin from the same place)
In accordance with acknowledging the "shadow", I think it's high time we all had a bit of fun with 2012.

So, this thread is for anything you find to be silly about 2012 (which is most of it honestly).  Quotes, pictures, comics, tv shows, speculations, observations, etc. etc.  Whatever strikes your fancy as funny, silly, blah, blah, blah, about 2012, post it here.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Short Film/Music Video
November 20, 2010, 11:21:12
I am a big fan of this artist, but I'm sharing this with you all for the video more than the song.

It seems to me to be a really neat take on someone dying.  It's just cool.

Maybe you'll like the song too.....probably not, members in the chat room tell me i listen to strange music.  nevertheless, the whole vibe of this video is just really great. 
I have begun to undertake pathworking.  The technique is commonly thought to have originated in the Golden Dawn as phasing/astral projection voyages through the paths between sephiroth on the Kabbalah Tree of Life, which corresponded to the Tarot Trumps.

What they were doing was something called active imagination, which Jung used as a means to individuate one's consciousness (or heal psychologically).  The idea was to create a visualization or allow one to come to you in meditation.  You could start with a basic framework or you could just close your eyes and see what presented itself.  Either way, you let the "inner kingdom" build itself out of your unconscious/conscious mind and then interact with it to gain insight into yourself and then heal any damaged parts.

The method I'm using calls for the creation of a literal kingdom in which I am the ruler.  This kingdom is an astral representation of my inner kingdom.  The inhabitants of this kingdom represent different aspects of myself and my social relationships.  Beyond the kingdom are other kingdoms of other people that are psychically connected to me.  There is also a forest of adventure where I might encounter deeply hidden aspects of myself and my reality.

Common kingdoms are created in the image of the Arthurian Legend or Perhaps a great Chinese Palace, but you don't have to limit yourself in this way.  Many people create kingdoms reflecting what they envision Atlantis to have been like.  I am in the process of creating my kingdom, which I have been passively working on as an astral temple for some time.  My kingdom exists on another planet where an odd orbit keeps the planet gravitationally locked with it's star so that one side always faces the star.  Because of the outer planets' gravitational effect though, the dark side of the planet stays comfortably warm all the time and this is where my kingdom is.  There are two moons that orbit in such a way as to provide constant lunar light to the dark side, so that even in the dead of night you can see the landscape almost as well as in the daylight.  The constant lunar light also gives the landscape a silver-blue hue.  My central court, where I usually start a journey into my inner kingdom, is a floating "gazebo" type structure.  It floats in a lagoon that is surrounded on all sides but the entrance by high cliff walls that shimmer blue and silver.  In my court are pathways that lead to other floating rooms that correspond to things like my "magic room", "treasury", "armory", etc.  In the center of my court is a portal to astral realms, surrounded by a moat of fire that lights the interior of the structure. 

So far, this is most of what I have created.  There are a few more details that I'm omitting, but it gives you an idea.  So, if anyone else is interested in creating this kind of inner kingdom to do active imagination visualizations from or if you just have created a really cool astral temple or home base, share it.  Tell me what your "sacred place" in the astral looks like.  What did you create?
Welcome to Magic! / Why MAGIC isn't a BAD word.
October 25, 2010, 11:47:58
I know that this forum is an Astral Projection forum and while topics like magic have their own forum, they are still not really considered to be a topic that we collectively have much knowledge of.  Because of this attitude, I think magic gets a bad wrap around here.  It seems to me that many members of this forum have become "metaphysically" stagnant in regards to understanding the uses of particular traditions.  With this in mind, I would like to explain a few things about magic so that you will all understand that magic isn't a silly superstition that has no bearing on astral projection.

For starters, magic is primarily an astral activity.

Any time a magical ritual is performed, it is performed on the astral.  There are physical symbols used for astral tools and energies, but those symbols are only in place as assistance in creating their astral counterparts. 

Nearly all magical techniques involved interaction with the astral in some form.  Whether that is active imagination (astral viewing, like scrying or remote viewing, but most notable on this forum, PHASING!, yes phasing is active imagination, not astral projection), astral projection (the sensation of separating from one's body, even if that isn't actually happening), or simply powerful intention, all ritual is being performed on the astral level. 

Initiation into magical or occult groups is done on an astral level.  Many famous members of occult groups have said that they were visited astrally by existing members as a form of initiation.  In these cases they were observed energetically and were even sometimes put through "trials".  When someone was actually chosen they went through initiation rituals, which at least on the part of the initiators, took place in the astral.  Initiates would often be programmed with powerful symbolism that the particular group used for astral work.

The ultimate goal of magical practice is not necessarily to control physical reality by means of archaic ritual.  Usually the goal was, self-knowledge, healing and what people might call enlightenment or rather mastery of their reality.  For normal folks who don't involve themselves in these types of things, the symbols of magical practice seem inert and boring.  But, through astral experiences, an initiate explores these symbols on a level where waking consciousness is subdued and something deeper gets a crack at it.  You discover worlds of meaning behind apparently benign symbols.

Everything else about magic aside (all of the superstition, the misunderstandings, remnants of inquisition and witch hunting, the fear and pretensions), magical practice is basically a practice that actively engages the participant in both the physical and nonphysical as a means of opening the connection between the two worlds and allowing open communication between the two.  That's it. 

Anyone having difficulty with astral projection might do well to investigate some magical traditions.  You might be surprised at how relevant it is to projection.  I sure was.

This is the link to a facebook group started by John Magnus.  It has a lot of open discussion about things related to Astral Projection and Consciousness.  It's worth checking out and getting involved in some of the discussions.

This can be moved if Xanth or Stookie feel it should be.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / The Moon - What of it?
October 15, 2010, 23:24:35
The Moon, it's there, but.......IS IT REAL?!   :lol:  Kidding.  The conversation thus far, if anyone wants to discuss it further. 

Artificial Moon?

Quote from: personalreality on October 14, 2010, 16:34:49
not true.  the moon is nothing like earth.
Quote from: Capt. Picard on October 15, 2010, 15:44:36
Yes, it is actually, unless youre with the whole "its a giant space ship" crowd. Obviously the moon did not form before the Earth, unless it is really is a giant space craft which I dont personally believe. The moon has been dated at about 4.5 billion years old and did indeed originate from the same interstellar material as the earth, it may possibly have been part of the earth as well. Where is your basis for your statement?
Quote from: personalreality on October 15, 2010, 16:18:53
Well, from a lot of places really, over the years.

Spaceships and whatnot aside (though I'm not convinced that it's not artificial), the moon, by all accounts, shouldn't exist.  But, specifically in reference to what you said (that the moon is the same age as the earth), based on the currently most accepted lunar creation theory, the moon should be relatively similar in composition to the earth, but it's not.  It could have formed within this solar system, certainly, but you can't assert that it is the same age as the earth or that it came from the earth.  Interestingly enough some of the oldest rocks found from the moon are a billion years older than anything found on earth (which doesn't prove that the moon is necessarily older than the earth). But there is also other evidence that the age of the earth-moon system can't be as old as the solar system (4.6 billion years).  A lot of it has to do with the shape of the earth and the distance between earth and moon.  Again, in line with currently accepted theory, if the moon was formed by the "Double Big Whack" (an invading body hit the earth, incinerated part, which coalesced and swung around and collided with the earth again, throwing off a chunk that became our moon), then why does the earth have all the iron and the moon relatively little?  And about the lunar creation theories, the mathematics don't really work out as well as one would expect.  They've had to tweak the theory numerous times, finally landing on one impact and then more recently landing on the double impact theory.  Nevertheless, astro-physicists are still having trouble reconciling all of the math to make this theory work.

There are some really good books on the moon out there. 

Like "Who Built the Moon" by Knight & Butler.
Here's a Coast to Coast AM episode with these authors

Here's a good episode of Red Ice Radio about the moon

Isaac Asimov even commented on the moon.  It's just too perfect.  you know life wouldn't exist on earth as we know it (or maybe not at all) without our moon being where it is and as big as it is (which the size thing is crazy too, no other body the size of earth has a satellite that big, our gravity shouldn't be strong enough to keep it, which it isn't apparently). 

But yea, I'm not really definitively saying anything about artificiality or spaceships or whatever.  Just that the moon and the earth aren't proven to be the same age, nor are they proven to have formed together or even from the same material (the solar accretion disk).
and there's plenty more out there

Quote from: Capt. Picard on October 15, 2010, 17:16:44
You are right that the composition is slightly different, but you are incorrect in that moon rocks are older than the earth, the oldest rocks from the moon are about 4.55 billion years old, unless you are referring to foreign meteorite material. The theories you presented appear to only appear in new age literature (which I usually treat as any other religious literature) but I will keep researching before I make any deffinitive statements. I require real sources on these mathematical inconsistencies but so far they dont appear to be actual problems outside of the new age community. But to stay on topic, the moon is only one of many ways I listed on how we know the earth's age, so going off on this tangent seems a little irrelevant, but interesting nonetheless.

UPDATE: The moon's mantel is more iron rich than earth's, either you got the theory backwards or your talking bull.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / The Shadow Self
October 14, 2010, 16:18:20
On the suggestion of Xanth, I wrote a post on my blog pertaining to "The Shadow Self".

This is the introduction to the topic.  I will write at least a second post pertaining to the role of the Shadow Self in astral projection and self-analysis.
I'm putting this in OBE/AP experiences because this timer can induce Lucid Dreams as well as the mind awake/body asleep state that is ideal for OBE/AP.

I made this Lucid Dream timer based on the Saltcube/Lucidology Timer.  This uses the alarmMP3 from their "Make Your Own Timer" stuff.

Here's the megaupload link

*removed the link to the huge file - uploaded it again, much smaller

And I made it so you don't have to worry about the safety of downloading it, I promise I didn't put any viruses in it.  lol  :lol:
Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Iso-Tones
October 08, 2010, 13:51:36
I'm sure plenty of people are already familiar with isochronic tones as an alternative to binurals, but I thought I'd post this link anyway for some iso-tones you can check out and download for free.  (Creative Commons Copyright so it's ok)

I've been playing with them a bit lately and have noticed some interesting effects.  I haven't used the meditative/spiritual ones yet, but the ones to wake you up and make you more alert have been working.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / John Magnus Forum
October 07, 2010, 11:50:22
Not to draw people away from the Pulse, but if you are already a member on multiple forums, why not add one more?!

Xanth and I just joined the AP author, John Magnus' forum.  This forum obviously hasn't had much traffic lately (or ever for that matter), so we are trying to bring it back to life.  If you haven't read Magnus' AP book, "Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality" I highly recommend it.  It was my first AP book, still one of my favorites and one of the books I recommend the most. 

So, if you've got some free time, pop on over to Magnus' forum and help me and ryan bring it back to life.

Direct Link

Or you can get there by going here
and clicking on "Discussion"
I'm starting a series of posts in which I will attempt to the best of my ability to explain the nature of nonphysical/physical reality in relation to the individual.  We'll see how it goes, but I started it by pointing out what I believe to be the one flaw that prevents real experience of reality, definition.  Anyway, here's the first part, more will be coming.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Utterly Irrelevant
October 01, 2010, 18:33:06
I just thought this was funny

It reminds me of that comic strip "Get Fuzzy".  There was a strip that they did before the election and it had the cat hitting the dog with a sock full of quarters while screaming "HERE'S SOME CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN!".

Sometimes I see nicknames that are obvious, like "AstralProjector" etc., and some names that are rather obscure but I still know where they come from, like Xanth (it's the name of a fictional country in a book series by Piers Anthony I think).  But sometimes there are names that I just can't figure out.  So, tell everyone how you came to use your Nickname and why.

I'll start.

My nick is part of a title from a Seth book, "The Nature of Personal Reality".  At the time, that book had a big impact on me (I was maybe 16ish).  Though, after I read the book and grew a little, the name took on new meanings relative to my personal philosophy and I continued using it.  To this day I use it for almost everything, from my music projects to forum nicknames.  I do have another name that I use which is my email "egodetox", that's a new development and relatively self explanatory.

So, let's hear it!
Welcome to Astral Chat! / My New Crystal Skull
September 17, 2010, 16:39:37
We've got MAX the crystal skull here this weekend at my store and his keeper Jo Ann always sells a lot of skulls she has carved and charged with MAX's energy. 

Last year I got a Seraphinite skull, this year I bought a skull made of Gaia Stone, here it is:

I don't know it's name yet, but when I find out I'll edit the post.
I'm not supporting any particular theory about 'transition of ages', but i've always felt that as a species we know very little about the cyclical nature of our greater reality (should that be the case).  As is addressed in this article, nearly every culture on earth that has stories or documented cosmologies speaks of cyclical time, of dark and golden ages moving with the precession of the equinoxes.  As disenchanted as we have become with this new age 2012 mess (stupid mainstream media, it was cool before you guys got it), it seems to me that it would be silly and irresponsible of us to ignore the ages of legends that we can still hear and read about today that propose a reality that moves in cycles.  Remember, we have a very geocentric perception about our reality, but existence is bigger than earth.
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September 11, 2010, 11:47:30
Just thought this was neat.

Jennifer Palmer

New photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope reveal an "unusually perfect" celestial spiral. 

Astronomers think that the spiral is being caused by the death of one of the stars in the binary system, LL Pegasi.  As one twin slowly dies, its outer layer of gas is being picked up in the corkscrew orbit of its still shining twin.  The dying star is itself is hidden, but it's ejecting material at about 31,000 miles (50,000 kilometers) an hour, the researchers calculate, forming a new ring in the spiral every 800 years.

"'If a single star was sitting still, it would eject matter in all directions at roughly the same speed,' said Raghvendra Sahai of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory."

Image courtesy of
I posted an article about senate bill 510 a few weeks back, but it was lost during the server crash.  So anyone who is unfamiliar with senate bill 510....

here is the bill in its entirety:

and here is a summary:

In effect, this gives the FDA the ability to shut down any food producer for nearly any reason, writing it off as a health risk.  Basically, the FDA is saying that we are not capable of producing food that is safe to eat.  While there does seem to be 'some' protection for private farms (monsanto has that covered anyway), this could be the end of co-ops, farmers markets, etc. 

Here is part one in a 3 part series about some families in Missouri that have been getting a preview of what this bill may do to private farmers who sell their food in the community.  Note that the FDA, Milk Board and Health Department aren't saying they can't sell milk, they just have to sell it privately on a delivery based system as opposed to setting up a stand outside of a local health food store.  I don't know how many of your grew up on farms but usually, when you're selling fresh food like that, the only way to really sell it is to set up a stand or go to a farmers market.  It's just not practical or feasible to go 'door to door' selling your produce (there's probably a solicitation law about that anyway).  This is potentially what will happen if and when SB510 passes.
this is just flat out hilarious. 

as xanth point out in IRC, its suggestive "conditioning" or priming.

still, i can see the Thank You Satan bit. 

it's just hilarious, it's like a preacher.!
You can also read this technique @

Here is a Phasing Rundown put forth by AP author, John Magnus:


1. Take a few deep breaths to realx your body and mind.  Think to yourself repeatedly: "With every breath I take, I get more relaxed."

2. Move your center of thought to just below the center of your chest.  This will help the flow of imagination while at the same time prevent thought energy from flowing to your head , the body part associated with reasoning and analytical thought.   Invoking the analytical mind might bring you back to your body, since it will get dreadfully confused.  The reasoning mind is quick to assume, and incorrectly so, that you are in danger of being physically harmed when you are released from your body.  This fear will cut short your projection.

3. From a point in your chest, feel love for the Earth and all its inhabitants.  Bring to mind something that you love immensely.  Take the feeling of love this generates in your chest and radiate that love in all directions.  A feeling of love will guarantee a positive experience in everything you do.

The Rundown

1. Visualize that you are standing in an open meadow in a forest.  Visualize as intensely as you can.  All sensory input from that meadow should be at least as intense as sensory input from the physical body.

2. Visualize the sun's rays hitting your feet.  The warmth relaxes them.

3.  Affirm to yourself repeatedly: "Tonight I will AP."  It is the person standing in the meadow that affirms this, not the person lying in the bed.  Continue the affirmation throughout the whole visualization.  [Note: It is commonly accepted that affirmations should be spoken in the present tense, using positive declaration; "I easily AP tonight" rather than "Tonight I will AP". - personalreality]

4.  The warmth from the sun spreads from your feet up through your whole body, relaxing the muscles as it spreads.

5.  The wind gains speed over the meadow.  A warm breeze of air caresses your face.  Feel the breeze.

6.  You see the green grass waving in the breeze.

7.  You smell the distinct scent of pine trees surrounding the meadow.

8.  Visualize walking around in that meadow.  Touch the grass, the bark of the trees, and everything else you come upon.

9.  Continue visualizing walking around in the meadow.

At this point you can take the experience one of two ways.   If you are doing this at night as you go to sleep, allow yourself to fall asleep.   If you wake in the night, continue visualization as you return to sleep.  At some point near dawn (when your REM cycles are the longest) you will awake with a buzzing, floating feeling.  At this point you intuitively intensify the buzzing and use an exit-technique (roll-out, stand up, somersault, etc.).

If you are using this rundown as a phasing method, continue visualization until you become immersed in the scene and have lost awareness of your body.  You have just phased.
This is an excerpt from a Michael Tsarion article called "Disciples of the Mysterium":

The Age of Catastrophe caused the ego of man to take birth. The ego arose like a ghost from the grave of a shattered consciousness. However, not only was the ego born from the flames of chaos, it was itself wounded by the trauma that fragmented man's ancestral psyche. The trauma that brought ruin to one form of consciousness, and crisis to the subsequent form, has not been healed. It remains a memory within the subconscious, and lies at the root of the peculiar psychological traits - the masochism, sadism, and psychopathic tendencies - found in the vast majority of human beings. The pain and scarring caused by ancestral trauma is the reason why the ego is so characteristically rigid and defensive. In fact, the ego's very existence is due to its capacity for exclusivity, autonomy, and differentiation. These tendencies, however, do not exist merely because the ego seeks to differentiate itself from the so-called "Id," or unconscious. They exist because the ancestral psyche experienced trauma and fragmentation, which in turn caused the ego to "contract" and "armor" itself. The destabilization eventually caused the ego to gradually section itself off from the rest of consciousness. It also caused the ego to develop an irrational antipathy toward Nature. Therefore, since the Age of Catastrophe, the traumatized ego has been wary of and hostile toward Nature. This fact has not been given the attention and thought it deserves. In short, the defensiveness of the ego complex is a direct result of psychic insecurity caused by elemental chaos.

What is more, the repressed antipathy felt by the ego toward Nature increases over time. One might say that the fear of Nature has, in Jungian parlance, become an "archetypal" idea. Man may not be consciously aware of his antipathy toward the natural world, but he does experience the consequences of it. In fact, man's well-recorded search for "meaning" - together with his "spiritual" ardor and aspiration - is an effect of his repressed antipathy and even animosity toward Nature and her processes. Man's search for the "essence" or "mystery" of life is his irrational method of regaining paradise, that is, the communion with "Allness" that was tragically lost in ages past.

thoughts on this segment?

here's the link
It's time for a little soul sharing.  I'm a psychology undergrad who is thoroughly dissatisfied with the modern practice of "psychology" [more appropriately the field of psychosis induction].  I really am disgusted with the majority of research being done at our "institutions of higher education".  That said, I find myself in an awkward but potentially fortuitous situation [assuming I am driven to accomplish my lofty goals].  I'll be finishing my undergrad this year and I have to start seeking the proper research program within which to finish graduate school and perhaps beyond.  So, I spend a lot of time finding research in the field that I am most interested in, consciousness.  I've come across a few good authors lately, but I really like this guy.  I'm just starting to look into his research, but I gotta say I'm really enjoying his perspective and so I'm sharing it with you.

maybe i'll decide its bollocks next week.

"Conspiracy!" One of the darkest words in the language of man. Yet there is hardly a single page of History that does not partially reveal the deadly eye of Conspiracy at work. It was a conspiracy that lead Brutus against Caesar in the Roman senate on the Ides of March...that plotted the betrayal of West Point by Benedict Arnold, during the American Revolution...that led John Wilkes Booth to the assassination of President Lincoln on Good Friday 1865. The past record of man is burdened with accounts of assassinations, secret combines, palace plots and betrayals in war. But in spite of this clear record, an amazing number of people have begun to scoff at the possibility of conspiracy at work today. They dismiss such an idea merely as a conspiratorial view - G. Edward Griffin (The Capitalist Conspiracy)
I'm positing a theory that the reason the server crashed is because we have CIA operatives on the forum and they noticed that I was posting to many "news stories" about their masters' handy work. 


So if it was you, I'm on to you and it will only be a matter of time before you're found.


poor interweb.

i don't know how i could survive enslavement without being able to talk to you guys.



By the way, Xanth, I know this is an AP forum, but conspiracy type stuff comes up quite a bit in conversation.  Could we maybe get a board for that kind of stuff?
What is often called madness by "normal" society is really transformation.

Itzhak Bentov, a Czech born scientist, inventor, mystic  and author and early exponent of what has come to be referred to as consciousness studies has this to say on the subject:

"It is ironic that persons in whom the evolutionary processes of Nature have begun to operate more rapidly, and who can be considered as advanced mutants of the human race, are institutionalized as subnormal by their 'normal' peers.  I dare to guess, on the basis of discussion with my psychiatrist-friends, that this process is not as exotic and rare as one would like us to believe, and possibly 25 to 30 per cent of all institutionalized schizophrenics belong to this category - a tremendous waste of human potential."

One of Bentov's findings is that the diagnosis of schizophrenia stems from the kundalini activation of other levels of awareness:

"The reason for this is that they have been catapulted suddenly into a situation in which they are functioning in more than one reality. [like i said before, indigenous people who would be considered schizophrenic by modern medicine standards are seen as gifted beings who live between worlds]  They can see and hear things occurring in our neighboring realities, that is the astral or other higher realities, because their 'frequency response' has been broadened...The onslaught of information may be overwhelming, and they begin to mix and confuse two or three realities."

The italics are my words.
Thought I would share this Psilibus as a continuation of our previous discussion.  I just came across this guy and he articulates the point much more clearly than I do.  So that's what I was trying to say months ago when we talked about this.  I don't see schizophrenia as being a disease, no matter how bad you've seen it.  Were these "schizophrenics" to be given training instead of medication perhaps we would have a much different view of what they are.  Who knows.
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June 12, 2010, 00:19:14
I don't know if anyone else is watching Stargate Universe or not, but I need to express how ticked I am about the season-finale tonight.

Absolutely fuked up.  I cannot believe they did that shite.  I mean, the description said "conclusion", conclusion my butt.

You're supposed to resolve the season specific conflict and leave a new cliffhanger for next season.  This was just ridiculous.

And, to make it worse, season 2 isn't coming until October!!!!  OCTOBER?!!??!?!

Wait a minute, it goes even further.  Not only is it not coming back till October, but they showed clips from next season.  That means that season 2 has already been filmed, edited and is ready to go.  But nooooo, instead we get more Eureka and Warehouse 13 (I love both of those by the way) until October.  I am soo ticked.  Really.


If anyone has the line on some bootleg downloads of season 2 let me know!
Suppressing Tesla Technology

I just love Nikola Tesla and liked this article.