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a short speculative animation about the potential flow of the oil if it keeps going.

It says students lack empathy compared to their elder counterparts.

If emotional and sense memories are what move reality (and facilitate OBEs/APs) and the kids of today are lacking that ability to call up emotional memories then I see that as evidence of de-evolution.

Are we failing as a species?

Are we being intentionally manipulated by an external source.

Taken from commercial airliner over the Gulf of Mexico, oil as far as the eye can see.
I've shared this before, but I work at a metaphysical bookshop owned by a famous tv psychic that i won't name.

There are whole degree of weirdness with my boss, I can't even explain all the subtleties that make this a weird situation.

I'll just put it out there and see what you all think. 

So lately at work I've had quite a few customers come in telling me that they've had a dream about my boss or that he played a roll in their dream.  I could understand maybe one or two telling me that over the course of the year i've worked here.  I mean he's a celebrity.  But I have had a least a dozen within the past month or so tell me that he was a character in their dream. 

I though it was a little weird but I just ignored it.

Until it happened to me.

I don't remember a lot of my dreams but i distinctly remember a dream from the other day with my boss in it.  I can't remember the context, I just remember him being himself, a tv psychic, and sitting at a desk.  I assume he was in an authoritative role because someone introduced him to me as the "guy to talk to". 

I am wondering if he has placed something in the store to influence people here.  We have a lot of crystals from his private collection, including a $30,000 quartz point (it's like 4 feet long by 2 feet wide) and a $15,000 piece of Lapis Lazuli that is probably 1 1/2 feet tall, a foot wide and 4in. deep.  It makes me wonder if he programmed one of these stones to influence our dreams.  Perhaps it's the store itself. 

My boss is into ritual/ceremonial magick a bit, but he's very well versed in all kinds of different mystery traditions, so who knows what he's capable of. 
I've been reading a book lately called "Awakening the Energy Body: From Shamanism to Bioenergetics" by Kenneth Smith.
The author presents a perspective that I appreciate very much regarding the development of awareness, so I thought I'd share it.

Lately I've been a bit put off by some of the people I've seen posting about how dangerous "exploring consciousness" is.  Whether or not they recognize it, their comments almost seem to say that we shouldn't even try to do this projection stuff.  So, I want to share an opposing point of view.  Consider this a beneficial aspect of AP.

Allow me to preface this with a brief description of the fundamentals Smith discusses.  His work is based on Toltec Shamanism/Bioenergetics and through these perspectives he offers a diagram of the human experiential reality and energy body system.  Now, it is "slightly" more complicated than this, but for the sake of the excerpt I'm going to include, I'll give you the short version.

Essentially we have 3 energy fields around us.  Field one is what is known, our physical waking awareness (Focus 1 is it's Frank equivalent I believe), and exists on the right side of our body.  Field two is what is unknown but knowable, this is potential, imagination (Focus 2, the internal astral bit).  Field three is the unknowable, that which is beyond the capability of human awareness (Focus...I don't know, 3 or 4, you decide).  Field one and two are like bubbles around us (which is funny because I had a whole theoretical diagram of reality like a year ago based on a holographic sphere that surrounded each of us, then I read Xanth's Frank pdf and saw a post where Frank was talking about a consciousness bubble at one point....). 

The important thing to know right now is that field one represents learning and field two represents imagination.  Ok, here is the excerpt:

"As important as learning and imagination are, the more the energy body wakes, the less meaning they have.  Each is real, as real can be, and yet 'real' is contrived.  What is considered to be real hinges on a number of factors, including personal and cultural meaning, survival imperatives, and the current map of reality, to name a few, all of which are environmental factors that impact cohesion (the overall pattern of energy in the body).  As the conscious area of the energy body expands, a new dynamic unfolds.  Learning and imagination are equal parts of an active awareness that brings us closer to being.  In this light, imagination and learning are part of a practical method to enhance awareness.

Learning applies to integrating awareness within the first field, and imagination is a great way to proceed.  Imagination, in turn, pertains to developing the second field.  It is, by definition, expanding awareness and therefore accelerating learning.  Expanding the first field solely by learning for of the same known world is slow and tedious.  In relation to exploring a grander scope of an infinite environment, learning also takes a bit longer, as new references need to be related to what is already known.  Deliberate use of imagination therefore adds a vibrant dimension to learning."

So what that says is that if you want to enhance your awareness, you'd do much better to combine imagination with learning.  Learning alone (a right side/left brain function) is limited because it only pertains to what is already known.  Imagination (left side/right brain) on the other hand deals with infinite potential coming from what many people here call a certain area of consciousness, ie Astral Projection (or F2 or whatever).  When we project, or even just practice (anything that is an exploration of consciousness), we are engaging our imagination as well as our learning center which amps up the power of our merger of field one and two, the physical and astral. 

Keep exploring.  It's good for your soul (if you believe in that sort of thing).
I saw this on the local news last night and my brain started churning.

A commercial came on tv for the evening news talking about some local issue that would be covered that night.  Right after it one of the anchors came on and said "What do you think about this issue?  Text 'Yes' if you agree and text 'No' if you think this shouldn't happen".

The obvious explanation is that they want to "get people involved", but it seemed kind of funny to me relative to the idea that the news we see these days is a fabricated "movie" of what the global elite wants us to believe.

What went through my mind was, "So, if the yeses win it, is that what's gonna happen?"

Like American Idol, we text and a winner is chosen and that's what the news reports?  Is history being created by text voting now?

I'm sure that's not the case, but it still seems like "the elite" rubbing it in our faces.

"We control everything you believe about the world anyway, so let's make it interactive now!  Mwahahahaha!"

I don't think enough people are seeing that we have an ASTRALPULSE IRC Chat Room.

Come Join Us.  

Me, Xanth, NoY and Gbob are there most of the time, so there will almost always be someone to talk to.

Ishikawa and Fresco and there a lot as well.

And Soli has pledged to be there all the time too.

put in your Astral Pulse user name

the channel is #astralpulse

This is an explanation of the use of magickal (excuse the word....especially you xanth, i'll explain in a moment) intent specific to OBE and AP exit techniques (phasing included).  Let me first clarify my use of the word magick.  I know that a lot of people on this forum aren't necessarily into the occult or so-called magickal practice and I understand because I wasn't either until I learned what it really it.

In this sense, Magick is simply the manipulation of emotional memories to move energy thereby effecting one's reality.  That's it.  Really.  You might ask why I still use a word that is almost offense to many people's ears.  Well, two birds one stone.  I can explain how and why certain tasks are given in OBE/AP methods as well as alert folks to what magickal practice really is.  Still I know some just don't like the mystical terminology. Sorry.  Bear with me please, it's worth it.

What I'm going to share is partially my own theory, but it is developed from direct experience and from some external sources.  It makes sense, I promise.

For starters, thought is a function of mind while emotion is technically a function of body.  I don't want to give the impression that these are separate processes though, they are very much intertwined.  This will be relevant shortly.  Let's start at the beginning though.

We are each born with a unique perception of our reality.  Genetically we are a mix of our parents, but if you are like me you believe that there is more to genetics that just physical genes.  Throughout the course of one's life, experience influences perception AND the energy system in the body that allows awareness to be focused in the body.  (side note: it takes more than the brain to connect the mind to the body, it takes a complex energy system including primary chakras/energy centers as well as a massive system of smaller chakras and connecting flows.  This system acts like an antenna.  This is a bi-directional antenna that broadcasts stimuli signals to a non-local mind like the antenna at at radio station as well as receives a signal from the non-local mind like the antenna on your car)  This energy system is closely connected to one's genes and records energetic shifts such as a kundalini experience or just revelation throughout ones life.  This impacts genes as well.  So when you're born you come into this life with not only the genetic influence of the sum of your ancestors, but also the unique additions your parents added to that sum total.  Now insert into that genetic blueprint (which is already infinitely unique mind you, no one else has EVER nor will EVER have your specific genetic makeup) the "personality" that is made up of your non-local and infinite mind.  You start out from the get go with something that has never existed before and you will take it and mold it, adapt it and create a powerful manipulator of reality; the perception of said reality through your mind.

The point here is that you are experiencing reality in a way never done before.  This is important because it's what gives you personal power.  We talk a lot about energy around here and I think it's more complex of a subject than we can really know.  But suffice it to say, there is some kind of spiritual energy, whether you call it chi, the force, or just energy, it's there.  The basis of this energy in physical reality is a combination of mind and emotion.  The complex part is that there is no "generic prescription" for the movement of this energy, it is entirely subjective relative to each individual.

As you grow up from infancy and experience reality you are constantly and consistently molding your "schemas" about your reality, your mental blueprints.  These are created for speed so that you don't have to use your conscious mind to consider every single possibility.  If you had to do it that way you'd be immobilized, a useless creature because it would take you millenia just to process something as simple as eating.  Part of this process of adaption (model evolution) is to make emotional bookmarks in your energy system.  These emotional bookmarks are associated with experiences and their subsequent thoughts.  You create these bookmarks for many reasons, one of them being that an emotional response is faster than conscious deduction.  For example, if you are in a survival situation, your emotions take control and essentially drop your IQ to that of an ape.  You couldn't remember your mother's maiden name, but you know how to react quickly without thinking about it.  This is an evolutionary development that has served mammals well.  Another use for these emotional bookmarks is for use in the manipulation of our energetic reality. 

Consider the popular "new age" trend of attraction.  There are tons of Law of Attraction books out there and they usually always involve some kind of visualization exercises.  But there is an important part to these visualization exercises that is included to a greater or lesser extent depending on how competent the author really is.  That is the inclusion of these emotional bookmarks.  (Now, while you may understand what I mean when I say "happy" the truth is that you really have NO IDEA what happy means to me, nor I to you.  This is the subjective part.  Based on our infinitely unique genetic and personality influences at birth our perception of and adaptation to reality will also be infinitely unique.  No two people will ever experience reality in the exact same way, period.  This means that our use of words to describe emotional situations is really not appropriate at all because they're not the same.  It's convenient, but wrong.)  If you've ever read one of these books you know that in addition to visualizing yourself having what you want you also need to "feel" like you would feel if you already had what you want. 

This is the key. 


Say I want a new car.  Instead of just saying, "I want a new car" I would visualize myself driving my new car.  Then I would take it a step further to make my visualization of driving that car as real as possible which means including emotional bookmarks or memories.  Now I may not have a specific emotional memory of driving that new car, but with my evolved human brain I can apply an existing emotional bookmark to an abstract situation, thereby creating this new situation.  What I have effectively done here is created this version of me with the car I want in the "astral substance" (whatever you might think the astral is made of).  The astral or non-physical is the source of our "non-physical" aspects, ie the mind.  So when we think and put out intent we are creating waves in the astral substance that have a frequency unique to our specific perception.  It's like our personal signature.  It's how reality knows how to make sense of all the waves moving through it.  I like to think of it like a bathtub full of consciousness.  When I move around in it (through emotional memories and intent/thought) I cause ripples.  These ripples are unique in size and shape because of my size and shape (ie unique perceptual energy).  If you moved around in the bathtub, your ripples would reflect your perception.  We are all always moving around in the bathtub and sending out waves through consciousness.  This impacts all of reality all the time.  But because we have these infinitely unique perceptions our waves have our fingerprints on them and therefore have an energetic connection to us.  This causes our view of reality to change which we perceive as reality moving for us.  We're doing this all the time, it's how we create our reality, though we are often not aware of it.  When someone undertakes a magickal practice for example, they are focusing their personal power to make a specific movement in consciousness to illicit a specific result.  We are doing something very similar when we are attempting a projection.

Relative to AP/OBE, learning to master this process is the key to finding success in your technique.  What does it really mean though?  Essentially, you need to learn to bring these emotional bookmarks into your exit technique.  Note, these emotional bookmarks are the PHYSIOLOGICAL side of the thought/emotion system.  Which means, you feel it in your body and the bookmark was created based on stimuli from your physical (and non-physical) senses.  This is why your phasing rundown needs to be captivating to your senses.  Some may make a distinction between visually based exit techniques (like phasing) and tactile based exit techniques (like the rope method).  This is partially true in my opinion.  Both are avenues of achieving the same effect, the retrieval of these emotional bookmarks. 

I may continue writing on this later, but for now, what you need to take away is that when you are doing your exit technique, remember that your emotional memories combined with your intent/thought are what will help you successfully project.  This means that whatever your practice, make it as real as you can.  Use your memory of situations that are similar.  Find what you feel emotionally (senses and "feeling") in that situation and then adapt it into this abstract situation that you're visualizing for your exit.  If you're climbing a rope, remember the feeling of climbing the rope, the physical sensation, the internal sensations, how you feel about it and adapt it to this abstract experience of climbing a non-existent rope.  If you're doing a phasing rundown, make it as involved as possible.  Don't just feel the textures or hear the sounds, what would you be feeling inside, what would be your 'emotional' reaction if you were actually doing what you're doing in this rundown?  When you include these emotional bookmarks you are moving reality thereby making what you're doing REAL. 
I really like Jose Arguelles as an author and I really like the idea of a 13 month calendar.

Check out his website and see what your Galactic Signature is:

make sure to look at the rest of the site if you're interested.

A RedIce interview with Sonia Barrett about re-programming beliefs.
Being a psych student, learning the "backdoors" to the human mind has been a common theme.  But the extent of the complexities in modern media programming/priming is just insane.  Check out this writer's break down of a BEP video and its connection to transhumanism (the evolution of humanity through technological means).
I wanted to share a cool encounter I had today at work.

So, as I've mentioned before, I work in a Metaphysical Bookshop and I get a lot of interesting people coming through and today I had a great run-in. 

A guy came in the store who used to come here when he was a kid (back in the 80's).  He now lives in Las Vegas.  He was visiting Virginia to go to the Monroe Institute for an OBE conference.  The Monroe Institute is a little over an hour from my store.  He decided that on his way up to D.C. he would pop into the store.  He got a reading with one of our psychics and told her about the conference at the Monroe Institute. 

The reader knows that I'm a projector so she introduced us.  We talked for a long time about projection and he told me that he has only projected from a lucid dream, never a conscious exit.  I told him that I had only been projected for a couple months, but I was able to achieve conscious exit.  He got very excited by that because he says he hasn't been able to really talk to a lot of people who achieve conscious exit aside from these conferences.  We have a lot in common in that he has been using the RB methods for a while and is pretty much stuck where I was until I read Robert Peterson's first book.  I told him how I project and what helped my get over the Robert Bruce hump.

It was such a random meeting. 

He also told me to check out some Thomas Campbell video on YouTube.

I will sometime, but if you've already seen it or want to check it out, let me know what it's about.
Is anyone else bored today?

Work is slow.

I'm feeling slow.

I'm bored.

Sorry for getting your hopes up.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Karma on Astral Pulse
April 10, 2010, 19:49:15
I've noticed lately that there has been some heated debate going on here and there and it seems like every time I look at a post, peoples' karma keeps going down. 

I'm not saying that someone may not "deserve" to have their karma knocked down a peg, but I feel like we might be getting a bit too willy nilly with our smiting. 

If you feel like I'm out of line in saying this, I'm sorry, please ignore me.

If on the other hand you feel that smiting should be used when someone is out of line, not when they disagree with you (even in a heated manner), then unite with me in an effort to be more conservative with your smiting.  We're all smart people with interesting things to say and I think we're capable of being civil and not getting petty. 

As per request from GBob, here are a few exercises to develop clairvoyance.  I picked these because they also involve visualization and focus (which is important for AP also).

The Viewing Screen

Clairvoyance is a visual type of psychic skill and so the first step is to create a viewing screen to see the energy.  So, close your eyes and imagine that you are looking out through your third eye to a screen a few feet in front of your face.  The screen can look any way you want it to, big like a movie theater screen or small like a tv, whatever you want.  Take a few moments to notice what the screen looks like, what the border looks like, if there is anything unusual about it that you don't like.  If you aren't happy or aren't feeling "good" about your screen, destroy it and create a new one.

If any changes occur while you're watching your screen it is being effected by your energy and you may need to ground yourself before continuing.

The Viewing Receptacle

The viewing receptacle is what you'll actually be looking at for the reading.  Within this receptacle will appear the energy/information you're seeking in the form of color and imagery.  You can view this receptacle as any neutral object you wish.  One of the most common is to visualize a rose, because it can take on many shapes, open closed, etc. and has many colors.  It is also naturally grounded by it's own stem which makes your job easier.  Using this viewing receptacle is as easy as requesting energy to come to it and show you the answer to your question in the form of colors and images.

The Exercises

In this exercise you're reading your own aura.  You will have to use your intuition a bit to interpret what the colors and images mean.

1.  On your reading screen, create an image of a clear glass rose.  Study the shape of the rose and the petals.  Next imagine that the rose you have created is traveling to the outermost layer of your aura.  Take a few moments to see what happens to your rose.  Did the appearance change?  If you notice anything unusual or different about your rose, ask whatever change that has occurred in the rose to give you another color, image, or message about the meaning of what you are seeing in the rose.  Then destroy it by blowing it into a million little pieces.

In this exercise you are going to get a more in-depth reading of yourself and you're going to release any energies that you're ready to release.

2.  Create your reading screen and your rose again.  See the rose's color, shape and size.  Study it for a few moments.  Now, see the stem of the rose as a grounding cord that goes deep into the center of the earth.  Intend that the rose represents yourself and that the stem/grounding cord is going to release any foreign energies that your are now ready to release.  Watch the rose and the grounding cord and notice any changes.  You can end the vision after you see these changes or you can continue to ask more in depth questions by investigating the meaning of these changes.  Just continue asking questions that seem relevant and watch the changes.

In this final exercise you will get a chance to see something that you would like to manifest in your life.

3.  Create your reading screen and your rose again.  Intend for this rose to represent something in your life that you would like to create, such as a job, a lover, happiness, etc.  Watch the rose and notice any changes.  Does it's color change?  How open is the rose?  What is it's posture like (standing erect or wilting)?  Is there a particular color coming into the rose?  How many petals are there?  Are there leaves or thorns on the stem?  As you notice changes in the rose you'll will most likely be drawn to one aspect, so continue to ask questions regarding the meaning of that change.

Try to not figure anything out, just relax and watch the changes and let your intuition guide you.  It may take some practice but with a little work you'll be able to expand on these basic exercises to read other people and yourself more thoroughly.  And feel free to use a different receptacle than a rose if something else suits your needs better.
Thought I'd share something cool that happened to me today.

I got a Reiki treatment from a guy that I work with at the metaphysical bookshop (he's one of our psychics).  This guy's energy is crazy.  Every time he reads the Runes for me and I touch them I get a rush of energy similar to AP or Energy Work.  I learned a few things, first, my chi flows very well and I responded very well to the crystal treatment.  My energy is also in almost perfect balance.  What this means (according to him) is that whatever I do for energy work is working very well and he says my APing is doing wonders for my energy and my mind (he knows I AP).  I also learned that my heart and circulatory system is very sensitive right now.  It's to the point that any caffeine or even sugar can cause my heart rate to go up, making me feel anxious.  He said that I can drink tea, but in limited amounts.  He also told me to drink apple juice in the morning in the spring instead of coffee.  Naturally water is best.  And I'm not eating enough.  He said my stomach told him that I am not giving it enough food.  That's entirely true also (which he didn't know).  Since coming off my meds I am only eating like one meal a day. 

So let's get to the fun part.  As the session started I felt the energy moving through me instantly.  It felt a lot like the energy work I do.  I could feel myself drifting into a trance very quickly as he worked on my head.  After a few minutes I started to feel like I was swaying and then POP! I was out of my body.  I felt weak though so I didn't try to go far, but I wasn't in the astral.  For the first time I was in the 4th density, I had moved up a dimension.  I was watching him to the Reiki on me, I could hear what he was saying and I could feel the energy moving between my physical body and my "astral body".  I stayed out for almost 5 minutes (I was out for the entirety of a song that was playing, I checked the track time afterward).

While I was out of the body  I could see the energy around my physical body and I could see the "chi" flowing.  It looked like little blue rivers all over my body, enveloped by a sheath of dark purple mist.  What's more is that I could also see an energy tentacle coming from my solar plexus and connecting to my out of body body.  The practitioners hands were glowing and the energy on my phsyical body moved as he moved his hands over it.

It was wild.  First time I've had an experience like that.  I'm hoping it will help me with my projection.  I'm getting kind of bummed that I'm having so much trouble getting out lately.
Welcome to Dreams! / Personal Observation
April 02, 2010, 13:15:47
I've noticed in the weeks since my opiate replacement medication detox that while I'm still unable to project (anxiety, high heart rate, and restless legs) I have been dreaming like crazy.

This is odd for me because since I was like 13 I rarely remember dreams.  Lately though I've been remembering dreams like crazy, any time I sleep.  What's cooler, in the morning I will wake up like 6 times before I actually get up (when I can sleep in) and everytime I go back to sleep I am back in my dream and I can keep doing this over and over and until I finish the dream.  I've been reaching a degree of lucidity as well, which I've never really done.

It's like my energy is charged and trying to get out and is being expressed as dreams since I haven't projected in like a month.

Just thought it was interesting.
As I shared in Astral Chat, I just detoxed off of opiate replacement medication.  I was worried for a long time that the medication was preventing me from projecting.  Not only did it make me fall asleep easily when I was on a high dose, but I was also worried that it had some psychic and energetic effects.  Nevertheless I was able to eventually project (for the first time) when I got to a low enough dose on the medication.  I still have suspicions that it hampered my projection ability some.

Anyway, I am now off of the medication but I went through 2 weeks of opiate withdrawal and the symptoms haven't entirely gone away yet.  I'm still really anxious and my heart rate and blood pressure are still relatively high when I don't take the blood pressure medicine I was prescribed.  Naturally, I haven't been able to project and I was expecting that.  My heart rate has been too high for me to relax enough, I mean I barely sleep.

I'm having some concerns though.  I know this is probably an unusual situation and there probably aren't many people with experience in this area.  But I was wondering if anyone has high blood pressure or some other ailment that they think may prevent them from projecting and if so have you been able to remedy the problem?

Also, I kicked and screamed but my doctor insisted that I take a mood drug, Zoloft.  I am hugely anti-mood medication, I think they're zombie pills created to hamper spiritual expression.  But, being dependent on opiates for a number of years causes your brain to stop producing neurotransmitters at your normal levels.  The result is a lot of anxiety, depression and mood swings which can be detrimental to a recovering addict.  It's those crappy moods and anxiety that often lead to us using again.  So I agreed to take it for a couple of months, at least until I can start to get back to normal production levels.  My question is, does anyone else take Zoloft and can you say whether or not it effects your ability to project?  Have you projected before the Zoloft and after so you have a comparison?  I suppose any mood drug experience would be helpful.

As I've said before, I'm a recovering heroin addict and I've been on the opiate replacement medication suboxone for two years now.

This week I have been detoxing off of my meds and while the meds allow me taper slowly its still not a pleasant experience.  If you're unfamiliar with opiate withdrawal Google it and you'll know what I've been dealing with all week.  Its nobody's fault but my own and I take responsibily for that.  It still sucks.

Yesterday my heart rate got dangerously high so I went to a Dr.  They were worried about hyperactivity in my brain and thus seizures.  So they made me take an ambulance to the hospital.  They gave me diazepam and clonidine which helped a lot but then they just sent me on my way.  I tried to tell them that it was just going to happen again, its withdrawal, that's what happens.  But as I've learned, unless a doctor is trained and licensed in substance abuse treatment, it freaks them out and they don't want to deal with it any longer than they have too. 

So, I talked to my mom and she made me drive back home (2hrs away) last night so she could take me to the family doctor.  So I'm sitting outside the Dr here waiting for my appointment.  We'll see what happens.

Just wanted to let you all know I'm still here, I've just been a little sick.  Ill be back soon.
This is just me complaining, so no need to help me remedy or anything.  There are some things I need to do to fix it, but I think I know everything to do.

Anyway, I have been a complete failure the past week and a half.  Every time I lay down to project I make it about 15 minutes then fall asleep and wake up an hour later and can't stay still to go again.  Nothing has really changed in my habits so i don't know why i'm suddenly tired.  I have been taking valerian root at night for bed but I was doing that when I started projecting and had no trouble.  I don't know what the deal is but it's getting bothersome.  It wouldn't be so bad if I got at least a little practice out of the work, but I always fall asleep within a few minutes of laying down so I don't even get that trance practice or energy work.  It's a bit irritating. 

I guess I got arrogant.

Maybe my other dimensional selves have decided to show me that once I am successful it's not a guarantee that I'll always get out whenever I want.  It's frustrating though.

Oh, and there was the missing AP.  I projected but when I 'came back' I fell asleep instead of getting up and forgot the projection.  I knew I had it but I couldn't remember any of it so it was essentially not there.
I almost posted this in a topic I created a few weeks ago (How I got out for the first time) because this is a question that is asked a lot there.  But I thought about it and realized that this is a question asked everywhere and so I am posting it as a new topic.

This is a great article called "Astral Signposts: The Stages of OOBEs" and I think it will help a lot of people trying to get there to notice more readily what to watch out for.  Especially @ Anemani who asked, in one of my posts recently, "How do you know when you're about to exit, what does it feel like?" (paraphrased) and I answered that there is an ideal state of mind to reach and #27 &
#28 are addressing that state specifically.

I'm editing this post because the content I posted originally is copyrighted and while I've searched far and wide for the original website that it came from I can't find it, I can only find copied versions.  Now the essay isn't a published book or anything, it seems like it was just a blog post or something to that effect (maybe something like RB's Treatise on AP), but nevertheless, it's copyrighted and I don't have permission.  I'm trying to email the guy who wrote it to get permission to post it here but I the email address on the article isn't working and I'm having trouble finding him on the web (though I think I might have).

So, instead of re-producing the article in it's entirety here, I'll tell you what it's called and the author's name and maybe you can find it online yourself.  I think that I am able to post an excerpt of copyrighted material without permission, but I don't really feel like picking something from the article to post because it's all really good. 

"Astral Signposts: The Stages of Out of Body Experiences" by Charles C. Goodin

For anyone having trouble deciding if they're actually close to projecting, take a look at this if you can find it somewhere online, because he does a good job and point out different stages of the process.
Besides the wonderful people here at the Astral Pulse of course.  :-D

I just remembered that I used to be a member of this group.  It's part of a larger hub of various occult knowledge groups called 'Esoteric Online'.  I'm not sure if you have to be a member to download this stuff, but the Esoteric Online Astral Projection group has the largest collection of AP eBooks (.pdfs mostly) I've seen.  So, enjoy.

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Sorry guys, the link can't be there because most of the material is copyrighted and presumably on the site illegally then.  I want to formally apologize to all members of this forum because, while it was a simple thing to fix (notice the link was removed), I still technically broke the rules and I don't want to set a bad example.  So don't be like me and make sure that you're not posting copyrighted material without the permission of the author. 

I still recommend checking out the Esoteric Online site though, it's got a lot of communities related to all kinds of things, not just AP.  It's kind of like an Esoteric Facebook, or Meetup.  You can make your own page, showing the groups you're in, and there are a lot of knowledgeable people with a lot of good conversation going on all the time.  If you're interested in things like, Alchemy, Mystery Schools, Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Cultures, DNA, Symbolism, AP, Gnosticism, Shamanism, Lucid Dreaming, 2012, and so many other things, you might like this place.  The have so many good groups with a lot of good people.
I'm not sure if this is a common experience for many people or not, but if it has happened to you and you found a way to resolve or circumvent this, let me know.

So, in my process of OBE I reach point where my consciousness is flickering between waking and sleeping.  At some point in the flickering I come back to waking and I notice that my perception has begun to shift and I feel it as a buzzing quality (I wouldn't really say it's vibrations).  Usually at this point I "push" myself out of the body and go on whatever journey is in store for that projection.  Lately though, I've noticed something that I didn't really care about in the beginning because I was just so happy to have a successful projection.  Here's what happens....

On a few of the sleep cycles in my awake/asleep flickering, I find myself dreaming.  They're always short, always lucid and as soon as I pop back into an awake cycle I am totally aware that I was just dreaming and now I'm not.  This may happen 2-3 times in a series of cycles before I project.  Sometimes it makes the actual projection a little foggy at first because it's like my stream of consciousness stayed with me through all of it (the awake, asleep, dream, and finally projection) and it takes me a second to realize that I sense a buzzing when I exit.  That's part of my cue that the wake/sleep/dream cycles are over and I'm exiting. 

Here's the problem.  Because I'm having these dreams so close in time together and the projection, and because I seem to maintain conscious awareness through all of this, my projection becomes "painted" by the dreams.  What I mean is that the projection takes on the environment of the dream, only it's static, like everything is just as it was in the dream, but nothing is moving, like a snapshot of the dream.  And this is where my projections start out.  Well, I always start in my bedroom but as soon as I walk out of my bedroom (whether I jump through the window or walk through the door) I'm in this dream replica astral environment. 

What I'm thinking might be happening is that my dream memory stuck with me and created an "intention" that then transports me (upon departure from the physical) directly to a subjectively created astral environment. 

So.  Is there a way around this or a way to move out of this environment?  I'm not really familiar with astral movement yet.  I can walk and fly and all, but I haven't yet really experimented with going anywhere besides where I pop out of my body.  I mean, i get out of my body and just start going from there and wherever I wind up is where I go.  I know I need to make a plan, I think it will help if I have a "concrete" plan ready and planted in my mind.  But if I do wind up in this astral dream environment how can I get out?
This isn't really exciting or anything, but I had my first encounter with a being that really noticed me and that I was able to interact with. 

What was heartwarming was who it was.  It was my dog that died in December.  I wasn't able to go home to see her before she was put down.  I saw her in my projection and we locked eyes as I flew past her (her identity didn't come through in the projection, but as soon as I came back I knew).  In the hours after my projection (which was about 3 hours ago) I've been slowly getting intuitive type flashes that are building on the subsequent ones.

When we locked eyes she communicated with me and I didn't get it in the moment but now it's starting to come through.  It's like she stored a message in my mind for me to get when I was able to really comprehend and remember it.  I won't go into the message, it's actually really personal which is unexpected.  But I will say that her awareness is just like a human's, she just was in the body of a dog which limited her ability to communicate like people do.  As humans we always personify our pets but I think sometimes we don't really think they understand us like we "pretend".  But she's talking to me like she is my long lost lover.  Like our spirits have been connected for ages.  Very powerful. 

Ok, so I had my first successful projection a couple weeks ago and I've been able to replicate about 10-15 times in the past few weeks.  However, replication isn't always so easy and its never very consistent.  I know that many of you experienced folk are able to achieve OBE in minutes compared to the hour and a half that it takes me.  I also know that as I continue to progress I too will learn to achieve the OBE much faster.  The time isn't so much my problem.  Plus if I asked that question (How can I make my attempts result in success more frequently) I know the answer would basically be, "Just keep practicing and discovering what works for you and keep doing it." 

I have been coming across a weird scenario lately though and I haven't been able to resolve it.  Usually when I've successfully projected, it takes an hour or more and I reach a point where I fall asleep (lightly) a few times and at some point upon waking (while my consciousness is still balancing very delicately between awake and asleep) I will feel some vibrations and I intensify them and I'm out.  But the past few times i've tried to project I get to the sleep point and when I wake up my mind is suddenly VERY alert and awake yet my body is deeply entranced.  When I get to this point I don't know what to do.  I've tried to just focus my mind to a single point, I've tried to use an exit technique (like climbing the rope), I've even tried to roll my awareness around in my body to loosen it up.  It's a really weird experience because I almost feel like I'm stuck in my body.  I'm not paralyzed or anything, if I want to move my body I can.  What usually happens is that I struggle for a few minutes and get really anxious and just get up.  This is after I've tried to calm and center myself (which I can do sometimes), but it seems that at this point my mind is too alert.  it's like I've gone from deep trance to full waking consciousness in a split second.  I can never reclaim the mind state that I had just moments before. 

I don't know why this is happening as it never used to.  Has this happened to anyone else before and if so were you able to resolve it or did you just have to stop?

Also, I've considered what RB says about it being a successful projection but my consciousness just stayed with the body.  I have tried to stay there long enough to recover/download the memory but it's like my mind is too awake for that too happen.  I just don't understand why it happens and how I can stop it or work with it. 
There are a lot of OBEs methods out there and I've tried a lot of them.  But one of the things that I have noticed as I've tried different things is what the technique/method is really trying to do.  Here's what I mean...

The RB Rope Technique is an "indirect" method of shifting your attention outside of your body.  It's also a way to achieve a single-minded focus.  That's why RB does the awareness body stuff, it's so engaging to the mind that single-minded focus becomes easier. 

Robert Peterson spends a lot of time talking about "Swaying the Astral Body".  Essentially he's having us loosen our energy body, but I also think that what's happening in energy body loosening is kind of like a full body energy circuit.  (Not the one where you store energy in your abdomen, but rather when you just go feet to head, feet to head)  I think it's basically doing energy work.

I have cried the praise of Robert Peterson's Q-Mind (my nomenclature, not his; he calls it the quiescent state of mind).  The method most often recommended by him is to focus on the ringing sound in your years.  This is not an exit method, but a way to still the mind.  Again, this helps to create the perfect condition in your mind, that of single-minded focus.  He then recommends a method of visualizing a cube in front of your head that moves toward and away from you and ultimately generates a type of gravitational pull that pulls you when it come toward you and pushes you away when it moves away from you.  These two processes are combined in RB's Rope Method.  Single-Minded focus and focus of attention outside the body.

Does it make sense?  What have you all discovered about the mechanics behind all of these techniques we use?  For the longest time I thought that I was actually pulling my astral body out.  Now I think that I was just using the point-shift method in a novel and creative way.  Share the underlying mechanisms behind the techniques you know.  How do we REALLY achieve OBEs?
I've kind of been torching RB a little bit lately.  Not in any kind of mean-spirited way or anything.  I have just been addressing that I used the RB methods for a long time and never had much success.  By that I mean that I never got out of the body, but I did develop energetically and I learned the trance state very well.  For that I am ever grateful to RB.  AD taught me mostly all of the skills I needed to progress in my practice.  However, I still wasn't finding success.  I have some theories about why.  Anyway, I finally found my break through Robert Peterson, whom I regard very highly now.  I like his writing style, it's a lot like the style of the first AP author I ever read, the little known John Magus (Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality).  Very personal, anecdotal. 

RP gave me something that RB didn't, which was what I call Q-Mind (the quiescent state of mind).  That was the little trick that I didn't find in the spectacular creation that is Astral Dynamics.  Well.  I have to give it up to RB because it was there all along, I just didn't see it.  That's my theory anyway.  I think I was so engrossed in all the information presented by RB that I overlooked it.  He describes it as a flickering state of consciousness.  To be honest, RB describes my experience much better than RP.

In the throws of desperation though, RP's Q-Mind seemed to be the only piece of the puzzle I was missing.  It turned out to be the piece with the black dot that was the eye of the polar bear in a blizzard in hindsight.  Why do I say that?  Because I read about it in AD like a thousand times.  That's about the number of times I read AD (not in it's entirety, but different parts over and over).  Like I said though, RB's description is a lot close to my actual experience.  It's a shame I couldn't see the forest through the trees.

SO I got the new edition of AD a few weeks back and never really read it much.  I kind of just wanted it for sentimental reasons being that the original was so important to me, but also because RB kept saying that there was a lot of new info in the new edition and I figured I'd get around to it for leisure at some point.  Well, someone just responded to a post of mine the other day and suggested that I look at a section in RP's 'OBE', the chapter about fantasy traps.  So I did.  It wasn't terribly helpful, it didn't really address the questions I had (it did a little bit).  BUT!! What it did do was make me think, "Hmmm... I haven't read the AD stuff about the actual out of body experience since I finally achieved my first out of body experience.  Let's have a look!"  So I picked up my un-thumbed revised 10th Anniversary edition of AD and gave it a casual flip to find the post exit tutorial sections and this sentence just jumped out between the blur of pages flipping by, "Holding a Flickering State of Consciousness".  That was it.  It was there all along.  Looking back, I remember something about it in the first AD.  I just overlooked it.

So, I humbly retract my burning of RB.  I still stand by my exit method (it's working for me), and I still feel my point that we're getting to caught up with techniques is valid.  But RB gave us what we needed, we just missed it.  I will say that I think RP described it slightly better from a theoretical/technical standpoint.  RB's is just closer to what I experienced.  SO for anyone having trouble there's no need to buy another book if you already have AD or the new AD.  Just look for RB's description of the flickering state of consciousness!

Whew! That was a lot of babbling on my part.  Please, everyone in the forum (who I appreciate so very much) excuse my long windedness, as I know you've been putting up with it a lot lately.

Rusty, aka Personal Reality
I've been talking about it enough, but if you haven't come across me yet, I just recently began having successful OBEs.  Been practicing and training for a long time and finally met results.  But I have a question.

So far my OBEs are always really short, my consciousness is always strong while I'm out though.  But when I come back, as the memory fades my consciousness during the event seems to be foggier and foggier.  In fact, if I didn't remember making a note to myself during the projection that my consciousness felt really strong, I would think it had been a dream afterwards.  I am fully aware of the issue with shadow memories (dream, OBE, or otherwise) and so I've started an OBE journal to make a better habit of remembering clearly. 

It's very real during the experience, and begins to fade afterward (which is expected).  My question is how long did it take you experienced projectors before your OBEs became more regular, controlled, and longer?  I can't seem to keep myself out for more than a minute at best.  And when I am out, I always try to leave my apartment by jumping out of a window or through the front door (going through it, not opening it) and when I get outside the environment looks totally different from my actual community and I try to fly away to go do something and then I'm always sucked back to my body.  I've briefly tried to leave the "RTZ" (which I don't necessarily agree that that's where I am, but it's commonly understood around here as that) before by thinking of going to the Astral Planes and by trying to jump into my bathroom mirror (which I failed miserably at, I hit the window and fell down, which I thought was odd).  Nevertheless, I always seem to be stuck in my apartment and the area outside my apartment.

Did this kind of thing happen to others when they started and how long did it take you to get things going?

I know that I just posted a long message about my exit method and I really made myself sound like a big shot, but now that I've crossed the threshold what do I do next?

I guess my real question is, how long did it take you experienced projectors to start gaining good control (get accustomed to it all) and how long did it take you to develop more energy to create more stable projections, and were you able to easily just go anywhere immediately or did it take time?

I felt like my first real projections were a little foggy, like I was worried that they would end and that made them weak.  If any of you experienced that kind of thing, how long did it take you to become more proficient?

I posted the other day sharing my first true OBE experience and I said that I would post again and share my method.  

Note: if you just want the method, minus my explanation of why the way I used to try to AP was wrong, just scroll to the bottom.

You may be asking yourself, "Why would I listen to this guy who just had his first OBE?  Shouldn't I listen to the people who have a lot of experience with OBE?"  And my answer to you is, no, you shouldn't listen to the experienced projectors if you're having trouble with your first projection.  Don't get me wrong, the projectors with months and years of experience are an invaluable resource.  They helped teach me a lot of things about OBEs in general and how to handle my practice.  However, the truth of the matter is that many of them have been doing this for so long that they probably don't even notice how they do it anymore, it has become a natural behavior for them, like eating, brushing their teeth, or driving.  Seriously, how often do you think about how you drive?  How easy would it be for you to teach someone how to drive?  There are so many subtleties about how you drive a car that become unconscious once you learn how to do it and it can be difficult to think it through in order to teach someone else when you've been doing it for so long.  So it might stand to reason that someone who has just had their first "successful drive out in the country" is slightly more conscious of the actions that produced that first successful trip.  That is why you should listen to me.  Plus, if you've had as much trouble with all of this as me then you'll probably be willing to listen to anything. :-D

So with a fresh pair of eyes, let me share with you how I did it.

Why was it so hard?!?!

Before I tell you what I did right, I need to tell you what I did 'wrong' and how that made successful projection very difficult for a long time.  

When I first learned about Astral Projection I went out to buy a book and start learning how to do it.  I went to my local Borders and scoured the new age section (what an awful generalization of so many different subjects on their part) and finally found the little subsection of AP books.  I looked through a couple different ones, Astral Dynamics (RB), Astral Voyages (Bruce Goldberg), Journeys Out of The Body (Monroe), etc., etc.  I ultimately chose a book called, simply enough, Astral Projection (and the Nature of Reality) by a guy names John Magnus.  Most of you probably have never heard of it, he seems to be a one-hit-wonder.  However, his book was really good for my first experience (I really chose it because I liked the cover the best).  The only method he really gave was to try to maintain awareness while to went to sleep at night, and unfortunately I could never stay awake.  With little success I moved on and didn't think about AP for a while.  

Eventually I got interested again and bought RB and Brian Mercer's 90 Day Guide to AP.  As interested as I was, I couldn't ever make myself stick to the schedule and I eventually lost interest and moved on to other metaphysical/philosophical type things.  Then, about a year ago I started working at a metaphysical bookshop and one day came across Astral Dynamics.  I wasn't even going to buy it at first, but I was really interested in developing my sensitivity to subtle energies, especially in respect to being able to feel the vibrations of crystals and gemstones.  Crystals are a focus of my store and I always had customers asking me to help them pick the right one for them and I had seen my boss hold crystals and "feel" which one had the most intense vibrations and I wanted to do that.  It was recommended to me that I do some kind of energy work, like Tai Chi or Reiki.  I Googled energy work and came across the Astral Dynamics site and saw the NEW section.  I liked what I saw, so I bought AD and reading it completely renewed my interest in AP.  

I started practicing immediately.  I followed RB's methods completely and I practiced everyday.  Within just a few short weeks of doing RB's methods I started to see results.

My typical procedure went like this:

Deep Breathing (couple minutes)
Progressive Relaxation
Deep Breathing
Hand and Feet Stimulation
Deep Breathing
Energy Bounce Arms, Legs, Body
Deep Breathing
Full-Body Circuit
Deep Breathing
Trance Induction (with falling sensation)
Deep Breathing
Energy Center Stimulation
Deep Breathing
Energy Body Loosening
Exit-Procedure (usually rope method)

I usually did all of this sitting in a reading chair.  It isn't a recliner, it's cushioned, and has a high back for good neck and head support.  For much of my practice with this technique I had good results.  Nearly every time I practiced I would experience very intense exit sensations, like rapid heart beat, fluttering eyelids, rapid shallow breathing, rushes of energy in my torso, etc.  But for some reason I could never exit.  I would feel trance symptoms, like the feeling of floating and I would think that my "astral body" was separated and was just stuck and I would strain and try to force myself to float away but all I ever wound up doing was tensing my muscles and ruining my trance.  I got tired of always getting that far and never getting out and so I decided to lay off for a while and see if taking a break helped.  

After a couple months I decided to try again.  I bought the new edition of AD, thinking that there might be some new info in it that could help me.  I started my practice again and I got the exact same results.  I didn't know what to do so I performed a magickal ritual to show me the direction my practice needed to go in order for me to successfully AP.  That ritual brought me back to Astral Pulse Forum which started me on the road to success (this was about 1 and 1/2 months ago).  

Now, before I move on and tell you what combination of things brought me to success, let me tell you what was 'wrong' about my old methods.  There wasn't really anything wrong with the RB methods, there was just something missing.  What was missing was a description about the state of mind needed to get out.  RB does describe it but then presents SO MUCH other material that you get distracted from what I feel is the most important aspect.  What was wrong with this approach was that as a novice I hadn't yet discovered the subtleties of going on the drive that is AP.  The simple error on my part was putting too much effort into the techniques themselves and less effort in achieving the right state of mind.  I feel like RB left the importance of state of mind out of Astral Dynamics.  I think this because, like I said before, experienced projectors tend to neglect the subtleties when teaching because they are second nature to them.  I'll bet that when you do the online school, particularly because it uses the "Journeys Out of Body" Hemi Sync, that RB and his fellow teachers get the point across of the importance of state of mind.

What did I finally do right?

When I finally cam back around to the Astral Pulse Forum, I stumbled on Frank's phasing method.  It wasn't entirely Frank's method that I was interested in.  What I was curious about what how he was able to phase/project by just "noticing" when all these years I had been doing all kinds of techniques and processes and energy work and exercises with no success.  It occurred to me that there was something different going on here, something that didn't come through in AD.  I was really at a loss as to what to look for and where to find it so I just started to go through the authors that I hadn't read before.  I got Robert Peterson's first book and realized that I actually had read part of it online years ago.  But back then, the part I read didn't make as much sense because I was still focused on the the technique, not the preparation.  This time around when I read one particular chapter of his book it all clicked into place.

I had been coming to this realization for a while through years of contemplation on Astral Theory, but it never really solidified until recently.  I had basically been coming to the same understanding as Frank.  My ultimate error with the RB material was that I took it very literally.  I thought that I was doing what I was doing because I had an Astral Body that I literally needed to separate from my physical body.  Now I don't want to say that we don't have energy bodies, what I'm saying is that any energy bodies we do have (besides the etheric, the one that shares out body all the time and keeps us alive) don't exist here in our physical body per se.  I think that when we project, it's not that our normal awareness copies itself out from our body into an astral double that was generated for that experience, but rather our awareness shifts to a "subtle body" that already exists at a different vibratory rate than our physical body.  I also don't really believe that we ever truly inhabit out physical body, we are just focused here.  We exist simultaneously through all of the vibratory frequencies of existence.  To me, its like our physical body is just transmitting sensory data to our consciousness that exists somewhere else.  To project is less a matter of "phasing" to a different frequency and more about out consciousness changing the input source of sensory data.  

[Another, slightly less important, revelation I had through this whole process was that every one of these different vibratory realities is relatively physical.  By that I mean that to the awarenesses that inhabit that space, it is like what we describe as physical.  We only describe our reality as physical because any time someone does experience something else, it's always at a vibratory rate that's higher than this.  For some reason we assume that we are at "the bottom" of the spectrum, but I don't see any reason to assume that the spectrum isn't infinite in both directions.]

So why is this relevant?  Because it means that the trick isn't in literally shifting your awareness into an astral double generated by your body.  Though the "physics" behind the process may indeed be what RB describes, for all intents and purposes this idea is just misleading.  What is important is being able to "disconnect" the input of sensory data from the 'physical' body and change it to the 'astral body'.  SO!  How does one do this?

Mostly by dissociation.

Here is the short and sweet method that got me out:  

The first thing you should do is forget every method or technique you know, you won't need it right now.  

Ideally wait until you are a little sleepy.  I would try in the morning after you wake up or in the late afternoon/early evening when you feel sleepy enough for a nap.  

Lay down somewhere that you could fall asleep.  (I know it sounds completely backwards)

Close your eyes and let yourself drift off like you were going to sleep.

Maintain just enough consciousness to be aware of the ringing/whining sound in your ears.  Even if you don't hear it at first just keep trying and you will eventually.  I like to get those foam ear plugs and put them in because it ensures there won't be interference from outside sounds.  It will just be you and your inner ear sounds.  

If you want to speed it up a little first you can throw in a little bit of the trance induction falling sensation. But as soon as you feel some light trance sensations stop the falling and just go to sleep while listening to the sound.

You should start to feel some heavy trance symptoms really fast.  As soon as you do you will add another little focusing point, the center of the blackness behind your eyes or your third eye.  Either way.  Focus on the blackness and the sound in your ears.  

Here is the most important part of all of this.  DO NOT treat this like a method.  Just act like you're going to sleep and barely paying attention to the sound and blackness.  In fact you may lightly fall asleep a few times, but its ok, that's really what you want because when you regain awareness you'll be very dissociated from your body.  

For me this tends to take about and hour and a half.  Usually because I lightly fall asleep a few times, but also when you're in this deep state time goes by really fast.  Honestly I feel like I've only been laying down for about 10 minutes each time.  

I had my first successful projection the other day with this method and I have used it to replicate my projection every day since.  I already used it twice today.

What you want through all of this is to be uninterested.  You want to be receptive, as if you don't care whether you project or not.  It's your interest in projection that inhibits you and keeps you to aware of the sensory input from your body.  Once you make it out once, the rest will be down hill.  

Please feel free to ask me questions.  I will do everything I can to help those who are having difficulty getting out.  I want nothing more than for all of you to be able to experience this too.  You can do it, I promise.
So I posted a couple weeks back venting about my mountains of effort and a strange internal drive to AP that almost seemed alien, like someone else took over my body and made me practice.

I posted again the other day with a partial success story.  I was only out for about 5-10 seconds and my consciousness was pretty foggy.  Yet I was still reasonably sure that I actually projected.

I was excited about it but it was under abnormal circumstances so I worried that it was a fluke that I couldn't reproduce in a controlled way.

Well.  Yesterday I extinguished my concerns.  I got off of work early because of bad weather and decided to practice when I got home.  My mind felt right and I was a little tired and everything came together really well. 

The whole experience took about 1 & 1/2 hours because I fell asleep for a little bit.  When I woke up I felt a slight vibration in my head and somehow I instinctively knew how to increase their intensity.  It was actually really easy once it started.  I increased the vibration to a point where I felt a bone deep tickle and then I just shifted out of the body. It was really that simple.

I have a journal of what actually happened during the OBE which can be read

I went out the first time for about a minute, maybe two, then I blacked out and was back in my body.  When I became aware of being in the physical again I still felt vibrations and decided to try again.  And again I got out with relative ease. I stayed out for about 30 seconds then blacked out and was in my body.  I assumed I was done, that I couldn't go out again even if I wanted too.  I started thinking about how excited I was and how much I wanted to try again and without pause the vibrations just came back and I was out, this time for about a minute.

I am going to write another post later about the specific "method" that got me out.  Since this was my first real OBE in which I consciously got out and explored a bit, my perspective might help since its all still new to me.  You know, 'fresh eyes'.

I will say, anyone doubting energy work should reconsider.  Throughout the course of my 3 OBEs I progressively felt weaker with each subsequent projection.  I haven't done much energy work lately so I don't think the energy work is necessary to get out but if you don't have energy stored up your projection wont be very long.
Welcome to Dreams! / I DON'T DREAM!!
February 10, 2010, 15:35:05
Not really.  I know I must dream, I really don't think it's possible for someone to never dream.  Certainly there are dreamless sleeps, like medically induced ones (did you ever see/read sphere?).  But for a person who sleeps "normally/naturally" dreams happen. 

But apparently not everyone remembers their dreams.  I am one of those people.

When I was younger I used to remember dreams, not all the time, but enough to know I had them.  When I got to high school I just stopped remembering dreams.  So when i wake up it's like I never dream.  I thought it was because I started smoking pot in high school, even though a lot of friends had more vivid dreams when they smoked.  But I quit smoking pot a few years back and I still don't remember my dreams. 

Granted I haven't put as much effort into remembering my dreams as I have AP practice.  But you would think that by doing AP practice I would also strengthen my dream memory because they are kind of similar when it comes to memory.  I did start a dream journal (and an AP journal).  I have done a lot of stuff from waking up a couple hours early and going back to bed.  I have tried a lot of the Lucid Dream induction methods.  I have listened to a lot of binural beats and the brainwave generator (from 90-Day Guide to AP) that are supposed to help induce Lucid Dreams and just help you have more vivid/memorable dreams.  Still, nada.  I never remember dreams anymore.

I don't know what wrong.  I'm not on any medication that would mess with memory or sleep.  I don't do drugs anymore.  I do AP practice all the time.  BUT STILL NOTHING.  It's kind of worrisome.  I mean not really. but I am kind of curious as to why I can't seem to remember dreams.  Anyone else have this problem?
I'm 95% sure that I had a successful projection yesterday. 

I used a combination of the Kepple/Monroe "Noticing" method and Robert Peterson's "Listen to the whining in your ears to narrow your consciousness down to a thread" method.  One of the most important aspects of my session that stood out to me was that I went into it intending to project, however, I was just going to take a nap.  It was that difference between intently working on methods and choosing to be "uninterested" in what's happening that did it.  I was just being receptive to whatever happened. 

It took about an hour because I was dancing around on the edge of napping for a while.  But I got to a point where I started getting some vibrations and I learned that I could change their intensity by focusing my mind to a thread and then unfocusing.  So I focused for as long as I could and then BAM!  I got really intense vibrations that tickled my body so much that I almost backed out.  I separated from my body, rose about a foot above it, then for some reason my awareness rotated 90 degrees.  I was still parallel to my body in that I was "laying down" but my head was now facing to my body's left arm.  Right as I turned and took a moment to try to turn on my astral vision I got this feeling that I was suffocating.  I just couldn't breathe all of a sudden. I wouldn't expect to continue breathing once I'm out of my body but I also wouldn't expect to feel like I was suffocating unless I was really focused on the fact that i wasn't breathing.  The issue is, I wasn't thinking about it at all.  I was almost astrally peeing myself because I was out of the body, so I don't know where this whole suffocation bit came from.  Either way, it pulled me right back to my body and I came too breathing normally. 

I don't know what happened with the suffocating thing, but it ruined my first OBE.  Nevertheless, I successfully got out.  I only have 5% doubt because I had been teetering in and out of sleep.  But I am almost positive it wasn't a dream because I didn't have an uninterrupted stream of consciousness.  I was aware for the 20 minutes up to the exit, through the exit, through the OBE, and back into my body, then another 5 minutes that I laid there until I got up. 

Whatever the cause of the suffocation feeling, this was helpful because it gave me validation and it helped me recognize the state of mind I need to achieve. 
I've been at this AP/OBE/etc. work for about 6 months now.  I am practicing almost every day, any time I get a spare moment.  Every night I practice walking the line between awake and asleep.  Every morning that I don't have to be up for work or class I stay in bed and practice.  I have been filling my everyday awareness with OBE books, ebooks, websites, talking to people about it (I work in a metaphysical bookshop so this is normal work discussion), etc.  Each night I declare/intend to gain awareness during an OBE and that I AP easily.  I have started using the Gateway Experience again recently.  I do energy work every day (whether it is N.E.W. or other occult methods).  I even started doing yoga to help with relaxation (and I've never liked yoga).  I changed my diet (not really for AP, but one would think that it might help).  I started to keep a dream journal and a "book of shadows", yet I still barely ever remember any dreams which has always been a problem for me. 

I just don't know what to do anymore.  I have such a strong desire to achieve the OBE and other metaphysical type experiences, that I may very well explode someday soon.  Quitting is just out of the question for me.  But I am becoming restless and frustrated. 

Within the past couple weeks I've been adjusting my practice from the "techniques" given by Robert Bruce to some of the techniques used by Monroe and Frank (i.e. phasing).  In the past I have come "close" to successful conscious AP with 'Astral Dynamics'.  But every time I got "close" I would lose it because the physiological sensations were to strong.  I wouldn't intentionally back out, but my heart center would "beat" so fast that I couldn't ignore it no matter how much I tried, as was the case with my eyes which would flutter so furiously that they would "open" (physically or astrally I don't know, but it always broke my concentration on climbing the rope).  As all this was happening my muscles would tighten and draw all my attention to my body.

Lately with the Monroe/Frank type practice I have been able to maintain trance but I haven't gotten anywhere close to projection (as far as I can tell).  From what I understand, you don't have the same exit sensations through the phasing "method", but I'm not even getting to a point where a shift might happen.  I keep hearing about hypnagogic imagery and I'm familiar with the hypnagogic and the hypnapompic states but I've never experienced the imagery people keep referencing. 

I'm not going to stop trying, but I'm really getting a bit distressed over it all.  I feel like I've got all of these "abilities" bubbling up inside of me and I just can't find the cork to let it all out.  I've got all the knowledge, but the experience is missing.  I just can't seem to cross that line.

Thanks for letting me vent.

After reading Frank Kepple's explanation of how to use the Gateway Experience set, I remembered how curious I had always been about how to actually use the set.  I tried using it about a year ago, but I didn't think I was doing it right so I quit.  At the time I couldn't find any kind of guide or manual on how to actually use it.  But now I have.

This is a link to a Scribd posting of a manual for the Gateway Experience.  I don't know if this is the actual one used in Gateway Experience workshops or whatever, but here it is.

It has a lot of useful information about what each Wave is all about, and how one can go about working with each Wave.