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Welcome! I am also quite a fan of the name especially the 333 in it since  I came and come across it in my life more than any other 'number'. It has meaning for me.
Quote from: Maryssima on August 22, 2019, 10:53:20
Hi guys, I speak just a bit of English... I need to know, according to your knowledges, if I met my relatives or just they was a fruit of my mind. The landscape was not responsive to my thoughts....
If I'm correctly translating your replies, it seems to be not possible for me to meet my relatives, but only my creations of mind!
Those persons were actually solid and interacted with me.
I think I was in Focus 3 and need to dissolve just a doubt about it....
Please, I need the opinion by who of you have direct experience with Focus 2 and 3 and not just a personal opinion without experience....
Thank you.
MARY from Italy
Mary, it was just a short internal discussion about Focus levels and also a misunderstanding maybe since the language terms we use to describe the nonphysical/astral might have slightly different meanings for some of us (which is fine).

It seems to me that you were in Focus 3 in a stable environment and thus it is highly likely that you met your relatives in my opinion and I assume the others will mostly agree to this.
Quote from: iamkuljuarenot on August 21, 2019, 11:44:15
So the other day I "woke" up, and I did, and I knew I was in my bed, but I was very relaxed, and I started to feel like I could control vibrations that usually lead to me either phasing into an obe or a lucid dream like state, and it happened.  The wierd thing is, I kept doing this upon waking, I was able to phase or get back into a lucid nonphysical state, and it was awesome, multiple times, and I felt like I've mastered it.  Here's the thing, when I got up, I remembered nothing about this until hours after and a hard realization hit me of what I did when I was asleep.  When I got up, I literally had ZERO recollection of this until hours later when something sparked my memory, like wtf?
I remember I had this a few times when I was able to phase/project several times in succession. It is a cool feeling to be able to do this.

About the memory loss or retrieval: what sparked it? Maybe it was also a more relaxed state you were in then and the 'changed' state of consciousness more akin to the projection state (such as e.g. daydreaming) caused it?
I have a similar thing about dreams: When I lay down in bed and begin to drift away I remember snippets of the dreams I had the night before. Never told that before here but it is a very frequent thing. Sometimes it is just a second or two and then it fades again. It is as if the subconscious would like to 'resume' the dream it just left before. Stranger things.  :wink:
Quote from: Erik on August 20, 2019, 20:05:48
Hi Nameless,

English is not my primary language so excuse me for grammar faults.

I have been lurking on the forum now and then for a few years already.
This has to do with the wealth of information and references on the subject of OBE and phasing, like Frank Kepple's archive.
I got interested in OBE and phasing after a few personal experiences (especially in childhood) and reading the books of Robert Monroe.

To answer your questions:
For me it's kind of hard to talk about these subjects on a forum because:
- My experiences on OBE and phasing are too fuzzy and I doubt about the value of the experiences to share with forum members.
  I only have some 'clear' results with lucid dreaming.
- As some people here and on other boards stated, it's about personal experience and there's a risk to get certain expectations how something should be, what may hamper someone's experience.

Hope you have some information why I stay silent but are very interested on the subjects.

Kind regards,


There is actually no "should be" as you say. Our experiences are all different and each has the same value. Comparing them can be fun and sometimes even lead to insights, but your experiences are you own and no one can take them from you or re-interpret them. And fuzziness is a lot of what even experienced projectors/dreamers get, too. Sometimes (at least for me) the fun is in making sense of the fuzzy stuff (even more than about the clearer memories), such as dream symbol interpretations.
Yeah, we also enjoy reading from you and we hope we all grow together (HARD) with you, too.  :-D
Quote from: Phildan1 on August 20, 2019, 15:42:42
Very true, Xanth. I had thousands of experiences and I proved this to myself that it is not really true that everything is thought responsive.
Agreed. But again: Who said that?  :wink:
If so I'm sorry for not expressing myself correctly in an above post because this is not what I meant.

F2 dream levels are thought responsive and not to forget: The Void which is HIGHLY thought-responsive, probably (as the base of reality creation) the most thought-responsive one methinks.  8-)
Quote from: Xanth on August 20, 2019, 12:40:14
This is actually a complete and utter misunderstanding of the non-physical.
Most of what you experience non-physically won't be "responsive to your thoughts".
Very few realities seem to be that malleable... and while you might be able to "modify" things from time to time, what you're changing is your subjective experience of the reality you're experiencing.

That's my two cents at least.  :)

This statement seems a little contradictory since you then actually state what you deny before. It's a little confusing. Please clarify, thank you.

Yes of course this very 'subjective experience' you mention is called F2 and you 'modify' or even 'create' it entirely by your beliefs or 'thoughts', mostly subconsciously if you are not lucid / in dreamstate. That is what we call F2 according to Kepple.

The question of the OP also was with regard to Kepple's descriptions of F2/dreamscapes and while he does not use the word 'thought-responsive' he at least says it is constructed by your beliefs, I think he also means mostly subconscious beliefs and creations since we are in the 'dreamworld' then.

Do you call the 'dreamworld' (F2) now not 'the non-physical' anymore? Because that is what you stated before iirc. It surprises me a little. I thought you meant the nonphysical includes thoughts and dreams (to which I would agree).

Other experiencers and authors (probably Leland and Ziewe) used the word 'thought responsive' indeed for these 'dreamy' areas, if I remember correctly. I find it quite adequate and not wrong.

Yes you are right that many or even most realities (F3) do not show this 'malleable'-trait and you cannot change anything there because the scapes and environments there are based on 'collective thought', this is true. But this was said here already and also by Kepple.

However, in some F3 areas you can create/modify individually and consciously - in some cases. Many projectors report these cases. If you create something "in the astral" (F2 or F3) or are "shapeshifting" this is also 'thought responsiveness' imv (works to some degree also in F3 areas). It does not matter if you consciously or subconsciously create because both kinds of thoughts are meant.

So in dreams (F2) you could also create subconsciously the persons, deceased or living ones. This what was this thread is about. I see 'dead' people and living ones from my current life quite often in dreams. It is also possible that you are 'visited' or have a telepathic connection and this is represented. Oftentimes deceased people appear with meaningful and even verifyable informative messages, so this would be another possibilty I would not rule out per se, although the act of self-creation for some (emotional) purpose seems more likely to me in dreams (F2).

For convenience I copy Kepple's F2 description entirely below.

QuoteT4) In depth: Focus 2

The region of your Consciousness Continuum that I call Focus 2 is very interesting. Unlike Focus 1, 3 and 4, this area of your consciousness can only be experienced by you. It is an area of individual consensus reality that nobody else has access to apart from you.

Focus 2 of consciousness is the next area inwards, so to speak from F1. Now, anything that ever has, or ever will come about within Focus 1 originates within Focus 2 of consciousness. This is the area of a person's imagination; it is where all ideas come about, all impressions, gut feelings, etc. Each and every manifestation that is brought into being within Focus 1 oC, absolutely all of it, every invention, every design, every piece of art of any description, etc. without exception originates within Focus 2 of consciousness.

Focus 2 oC is the place the olden day explorers termed the astral. It is perfectly possible to enter this area and engage in whatever belief construct you like in 3D. It's the place where most of us do our dreaming. If a person develops a degree of lucidity while they are dreaming, then this is where they will have a lucid dream. If they purposely enact some kind of "projection technique" then they can often enter this region with certain expectations, which will pan out as an "astral projection" experience as opposed to a dream or lucid dream. But these actions are all essentially the same. All that changes is your level of awareness and your expectations.

The key fact about engaging with F2 is that all your belief constructs will be represented in front of you in glorious 3D! As F2 is divided into many, many areas which all hold different beliefs, thoughts, memories and experiences from your life, you can engage with these belief constructs as you wish.

There are tremendous joys to be had here. Myself, I love running through all my childhood memories, for example. Anything you ever felt, saw, experienced, etc., etc., in your life, you can "relive" again within Focus 2 and in stunning detail. Absolutely anything and everything your physical senses have ever experienced, and I mean that LITERALLY, is recorded by your senses and "stored" within Focus 2, plus all your dreams too. F2 is where you do your dreaming every night so you are actually well used to this area.

When engaging with F2 worlds, you will find that the characters there can be quite limited in their range of abilities. This is because they are constructs made by you. Dream characters are a typical example of these constructs. When you are in a dream state in F2, your awareness is usually pretty restricted anyway, usually to the scenario depicted, so you don't really notice. If you enter an F2 area while fully aware, you will soon notice something odd if you try to engage these characters in meaningful debate or try to get them to do something other than what they were doing. They come across as being a bit vague and not quite 'all there'. This is one of the BIGGEST differences between F2 and F3. Some people ask how I can tell the difference between F2 'dream' characters and real people in F3. Don't worry, You WILL be able to tell! People in F3 engage in a whole range of actions, communicate with you directly in meaningful dialogue and act in ways that you could not predict, just as they do in F1/physical. This will become obvious to you once you gain a bit of experience of F2 and F3 environments.

I should point out that although this is your own personal area and cannot be experienced directly by others, it is still possible for someone to communicate with somebody else in an F2 state (such as a dream for example - which is just F2 with restricted awareness). Someone else from outside, say F3, can try to communicate telepathically and this communication will hopefully manifest itself in the F2 experiencer's world, perhaps even as a representation of the communicator. With any luck, the communicator may even succeed in raising the F2 experiencer's awareness to an F3 state, resulting in full face to face contact. This can happen in a seamless manner and is another example of 'overlays' in action, in this case F2/F3. This is how it is possible for those who have 'passed over', to use the old terminology, to communicate via dreams with those still residing in the physical.

This is about as far as those olden-day inner explorers went. Some of them tried to venture "beyond" F2 but by and large they were captured by their superstitions when they came across the 3D Blackness or FZ area. Getting lost or getting mutilated by some monster hidden in the dark recesses of 'The Void' was a big thing in those days. The tales of which would be filed alongside all manner of other scary "facts", such as, if a person travelled at more than 15mph their physical body would fall apart.

But these days the more forward-thinking practitioners realise this infamous Void of old is just an area of 3D Blackness situated between Focus 2 and Focus 3 of consciousness. To followers of the Monroe School, The Void is simply the 3D-Blackness at Focus 21. Simple as that. No superstitious nonsense getting in the way. Just place your Intent and away you go.

So when you "take off" into the 3D Blackness, you generally emerge within Focus 3 of consciousness, or what is becoming commonly known as the Transition Area, where you will come into contact with other people who are very real indeed, not just F2 'dream characters'. It is to F3 that we will turn our attention to next.
Quote from: Maryssima on August 15, 2019, 16:25:04
Hi, Volgerle, thank you for your answer.
The place, where I met my relatives passed away, was actually solid, permanent, and wasn't responsive to my
Could have been the real thing then.  8-) :-)
This can be a hard one indeed.

Maybe by observing the environment you might find answers. Was the area (city, landscape) more stable and / or was it more shifting all the time and thought-responsive? The first might be an indication of a F3  'realm' and the latter more of the individual (but nonetheless REAL) F2 level.

Even at F2-level you can get 'visits' (such as in dreams) from deceased relatives and friends, so no one but you can finally decide if the person/soul was 'real' or just a thought form of yourself. But even then there might be a kind of 'message' from your Higher Self or even the person involved. In the end we never know 100% anyway. Just my two cents.
We had this discussion here a while ago and as far as I remember one valid argument is also that Social Media such as Facebook and also Reddit-Groups or similar did replace the 'old fashioned' forum/message-board like this one.

It is a younger generation thing so mostly the younger ones look there first. Facebook is pretty active with some AP groups.

I think this is sad and a bad development because real discussions don't take place there. It is more like a blog comment system and more of a short-attention span thing. Sign of the times maybe.  :|

Send some good wishes to the workers and engineers working on the dam to succeed.
Intriguing stuff with all of your vanishing posts.

Just out of interest: Do you suspect them to be the good guys (ET/human) doing it for protection or delay disclosure for some 'reason' or to be some bad guys (ET/human) to prevent disclosure or just to 'annoy' and disinform? Just curious what you think.
Years ago, I had a kind of kundalini energy going up from the anus or the perineum region (where the base chakra is) during a dream (which was NOT sexual in kind but rather loosely related to healing ... interesting). It was very strong. VERY. Like s.o. put a pole or 'whatever' long thing in it. As said, it was not necessarily the anus itself but the region. I was happy to stop it by waking up though because I did NOT want this to go on (literally, haha).

The other energetic one was the whole chakra inner torso movement during my first wilful OBE induction, but I already wrote about this here. It did more involve the torso than the lower regions though, but it was as heavy and violent.

Interesting find. There is also a book as I found out by (very) quick search.
"Afterlife, Interrupted: Helping Stuck Souls Cross Over—A Catholic Priest Explores the Interrupted Death Experience"

You can read his forword in the preview. Good that he says he does not want to teach catholic doctrines or convert anyone. Interesting man indeed. He does not seem to use AP though in a traditional way, does he? He says they seek him out in dreams but then he also seems to converse with them clairvoyant/audiently in waking state, as far as I see it from the first chapter. Here it is:
Quote from: ForrestDean on July 09, 2019, 03:17:11
The global society is already in the midst of an ongoing "collapse".
They are apparently expected by many people.  It's clear that the majority of society is dissatisfied with the conditions of this world and most would love for anything to come and save us from the perceived plights in this world.  The Christians continue waiting for the Rapture.  UFO enthusiasts hope and wait for an alien rescue or even an alien invasion.  Conspiracy theorists are always waiting for this dystopian New World Order to rule the world.  New Agers keep waiting for the Earth to ascend to this 5th dimension.  Economists keep predicting a global economic collapse that the impoverished hopes will level the playing field and eliminate the growing economic disparity between the social classes.  People waiting for the next president to change the world for the better.  People waiting for the end of the world.  And I could go on and on.  As long as society continues waiting on some event to save or destroy them, as the case may be, from something then they will never stop waiting because they fail to take responsibility for themselves.
Really like what you write here. Can agree to all of it. Especially the similarity between christian and new ager's beliefs of doomsday/rapture and ascension/shift-to-5-D for the 'chosen' or 'ready' ones. It's hilarious. Practically the same thing.

And yes, people are too much waiting for an OUTSIDE saviour instead of focussing on their inner strengths. It is up to us to save the world - if we can at all and it is not too late. But society still seems to inert to move into the right direction despite the impending (or necessary?) collapse. I am not too optimistic but am open to be proven wrong about it, and maybe hope it a little.

Quote from: ForrestDean on July 09, 2019, 03:17:11
Again, people are so incredibly caught up in their own self-serving affairs that an alien full disclosure would have little to no effect.
That would again be 'chop wood carry water before and after' in a more negative (unenlightened) sense.  :wink:
Quote from: Thread Killer on July 07, 2019, 13:40:49I don't see much in my life changing that much. I'll still have to pay my mortgage and fight over who cuts the grass.
Reminds me of that famous Enlightenment quote.  :wink:

My condolences, sorry to hear this. It must be hard for you. Even though we know down here that our beloved ones carry on their soul life elsewere it is always hard when they leave the Earth theater where we played together in our roles.

My humble suggestion would be not to worry and ask the question (which here no one can answer for sure unless one is capable of visiting him) if he is fine. Getting active in the process is better. Despite the grieving you can also use it to make prayers or affirmations directed at him or/and his guides for a good and successful transition. It might be work for him because he might have to work some stuff out for him (but we all will have to) but the energy and loving/caring thought you send him are like a beacon that will reach him. I've heard these stories a lot. Affirmations, good wishes from the heart, strong helping intent and prayers reach and aid those who just left this plane.

Many years ago an old school buddy of mine chose to cut his life short with suicide. I then also put out the intent that he has a good transition and is helped and cared for and finds his way home or wherever is best for him in his soul evolution.
Months later in my dream he appeared to me in fine clothing (indicating he was 'well off' and fine) and thanked me for 'carrying' him or 'being a carrier' for him. I did not get it in that dream but later I could interpret it as the intent I had put out and that it successfully had reached him and his guides. It's about the directed energy and love we emanate then. It helps to 'carry' them onwards and upwards.
Welcome to Members Introductions! / Re: Hello
June 28, 2019, 13:28:00
You're right about the reading.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.  :-)

Yet I'd still throw William Buhlman's first book (Adventures beyond the body) into the mix if you haven't checked it out yet. It helped me (and many others I have heard/read) to get to my first consciously induced OBE.

Anyway, Welcome!

Still not all is fixed. Whoever relies on the "show unread posts" or similar searches gets a download request or something. It used to be each thread but it is still the special searches. "New posts" should work because many use it I assume.
I feel inclined to give your letter visualisation of your affirmatory statement a try, Lumaza.

Quote"By my act of will I "RELEASE" my focus over my physical body. "PLEASE TAKE ME" to your desired destination. "SHOW ME" what I need to "SEE". "PLEASE TEACH ME" what I "NEED TO LEARN". I am "CONSCIOUSLY AWARE, KNOWING" my physical body is lying safely in my bed. "I LEARN" from, "ENJOY" and have full "MEMORY" of them when I awaken for the day."

Maybe even print my own version of it out and hang it on the wall over my bed (I often do similar things, e.g. with targets I wanted to reach).

Normally I always wanted to be 'in control' and set my own targets, I know we talked about this also a while ago here, maybe it is time to really try the guidance by HS thing and go with the flow whereever it carries me for educational purposes (hopefully).

Welcome to the Forum!  :-)
I did not see anything in that video.

Reminds me of that GOT episode they all complained about.

Just too dark.  8-) :wink:
Quote from: Xanth on June 03, 2019, 15:36:26
It's never been a secret that Frank died... how or when.  He made it quite clear in his last several posts

I know it's a serious topic/thread but I can't help that I find the first two sentences funny because it can be a bit misleading.  :wink:

For users it was not clear and his last 'public' posts do not give an indication. Here they are. The 3 last ones indeed dealed with his health situation but as you can read he was rather positive about it and said he would be improving.;sa,showPosts

So that is why it was only hearsay and in recent years I also read some mods here write they don't know or it is not clear and they were just speculating he had transitioned. I would not call it all a 'conspiracy' (and who conspired against who then?) but certainly a kind of 'myth' was created around him and his 'sudden' disappearance in 2005.

So it is good now we know for sure. Thanks to everyone involved.

It is good we have his memory in written form and can cherish and share it. The Kepple Resource is one of the links about AP that I would most likely share to newbies and those who want informed facts. It's awesome (thanks also to Gandalf who compiled it). His legacy remains.
I wonder why Pulse users were not told before here because over the years many (normal, public) AP threads contained a lot of posted questions and speculations about this - even from moderators themselves who seemed not to know this but should have had access at the old threads in the admin area. Of course it is older and no one maybe searched for it correctly? This admin thread must then have been from 2005 or even earlier? Just wondering.

Thanks anyway for informing us now.