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Quote from: Nameless on May 28, 2019, 15:24:50
I would say that was a huge step in the right direction. There is a high likelihood you received a lot more information from the lecture than you consciously remember. If so it will come out eventually. Great job and keep it up.

I have to agree with you that it is very effective to ask specific questions and only one at a time or only related to the same topic.

Try to question the Void when you are in it. It is also likely that you are the most lucid and can remember most of it when you stay in the Void for questionings.

The answers I found are the most reliable and even verifyable ones. Stick to yes/no questions maybe for the beginning. (See my old Void article for more).
Fantastic retrieval experience, EV.

So my conclusion would be: It can be about helping the deceased people climbing further up the ladder which does not mean that they necessarily reach the top of it so fast or with one jump so to speak.

I checked the Focus Levels again and if I am right he was then attracted to some kind of religious BST then according to his beliefs in his past life?

QuoteFocus 24 – The site of non-physical activity generated by simple or primitive religious or cultural beliefs.

Focus 25 – The expression of the major organized religious beliefs in recent human history.

So you helped him move on/up anyway. Just from his own astral 'badland' (or hell) to F24/25. He wasn't ready and able to go higher (nearer to his original home / Source). But he might be better off now in a BST and can move on from there 'later at another time'.
Quite literally referring to our senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, touch) there were always philosophical discussions subsumed under the term 'quale' or (plural) 'qualia'.

It's a bit overly intelectual of course and lacks a spiritual perspective. But generally it is interesting to consider if e.g. the colour red that I see is the same as the colour red that someone else is seeing at the same time. How can we know for sure?
Quote from: Lumaza on April 26, 2019, 23:52:25
Volgerle, I live by the adage, "if it's not broken, don't fix it". This is another of the many times I see that that comes into play here.

Do what works for you. You will be taught more when it is necessary to be. You likely are having little lessons given to you now as it is. Just go with the flow. Like I said "your intent has been heard and recognized.

Don't "overthink" this!  :wink:
I get what you mean, Lumaza, I understand. But as you might know me a little already, also from my Void article or other posts. I like categorizing, researching, structuring, discussing ... so yes, I am guilty of constant 'overthinking'.
Quote from: EscapeVelocity on April 26, 2019, 04:35:00
So I drop down, you just 'feel' the sensation of descending levels and instinctively trust that you are heading to the right place. I have no visuals now, I am back to 'sensing', which apparently the last several days I have been learning...but honestly, it sucks...

I feel like I am in complete I just's like the Void and a certain comfort level...

Cool. What I learn from this as a beginner (and I might be wrong) is that you can go over the Void to your 'destination' (= the retrievees location) after all. This is what I did with the drowned children. I was just approaching it from 'down there' (physical) insteaf of 'up there' (F27, higher astral).

So I need not necessarily go over F27/Retrieval-Center/Park/Island first? Maybe it is helpful and useful to have the locational 'ident' where you bring them back to?

Otherwise I would try (as a starter and since my time is limited because I cannot 'hold it' so long like more skilled projecors) to keep going to my destination first, meet the retrievee and then try to gain their trust and take their hand flying to F27 to the Centre - instead of sending them into the light or handing them over to a guide.

So that could work?  :?
Just decided to try a projection to that Retrieval/Healing Centre/Cathedral myself. After all I was there 'outside' already so I have the 'ident' somehow of this 'location' in F27. Maybe the guides will help me since I am a 'trainee' and thus 'part of the gang' somehow.  :roll: :-D
thanks for the kind words, yes, I also believe that I contributed a necessary part and maybe it was what was needed most for them (and the caretaker/guide) in this particular (and for me peculiar) situation.

EV & Lumaza,
Wow, amazed at reading all of your detailed professional experience(s). I see that as a relative newbie to the art of retrieval I only have started my (learning) process and am motivated to resume it soon after I put it on hold last February.

Friends, please never stop posting here. Let's start a 'Retrieval Club' in this thread and I hope I will be able to add more of my new(bie) experiences then soon (will post a link to blog every time).

Questions I have so far:

So you mainly do the retrievals all by yourself and get them to a place, if I get it right? You do not just let the guide do 'the rest' and guide them to this 'higher place'?

For me there are actually three main types of 'handover' or 'closure' to identify:

either 1) a guide handover or a 2) light event or type 3) going to a 'location' yourself, mostly F27?

I've been once there to this 'Park' or 'Island# but it was the/a library.

So the lady who wanted to see God did not have to be shown a guide or the 'light' anymore since she was already partly retrieved to F27/Island/Park (if I get it right) and to the Healing/Retrieval centre there - and she just needed counselling to be moved on further?

This would be a fourth type for me then. Advanced level. But is it still retrieval or isn't it even more? Counselling? Being or becoming a real 'guide' or guardian angel yourself?

I would call this retrieval work 4.0 already (I'm feel I'm only at 1.02 or maybe 1.03 now) after all.   :lol:

In this situation with the lady I would have tried not to turn into God for her but to 'show' her God by guiding her to some light (type 2) that I would have hoped to appear then (and it usually does in lower astral cases maybe?).

But in this case it would have been wrong then anyway because - as I understand it - she was already transported to this place higher up (Healing/Retrieval Centre, Hospital, Cathedral) and needn't 'a lift' of this kind anymore?

Btw, next to the Library (akashic?) I once made it to a 'Temple Of Healing' (described by Dolores Cannon in her book this way) and it looked like a cathedral indeed with a nice garden in front of it and people were queuing to get inside then on a sunny day. But I was not inside then. I was there with one of my main guides back then and I unfortunatley had to leave to get back to my body then because time was up. So maybe that was another visit to F27 or the "Island" or "Park".

Hope I'll get there soon. I do not feel though I will be able to go to F27 first and start a retrieval directly by going down. I think I cannot do it so far. I still would have have to 'work myself up' from the 'astral hell' together with the retrievee then to bring them to F27 myself.

I'm really excited to try this next time.
In February of this year, I seriously asked to be 'enrolled' in the retriever program and then got some amazing signs for a few weeks afterwards (dreams and physical life synchronicities) that I was 'hired' indeed.

I then had two retrieval experiences of a very different kind. Since I also (while I am still learning it) want to write a book about this topic in the future I also started recording them on my revitalised Astral Blog although I did not want to record any projections publicly anymore. But I also thought I can kind of 'inspire' more people to learn to become helpers and they are also amazing experiences of a different kind - and it fits my book project.

@Lumaza, a question also related to one of my experiences: How are the retrievees 'imported' to the Retrieval Center? Is it all still in the F2 area and it is just your way of visualising it, so it is practically a gateway or a hub to the people to be helped? Or is your RC a 'place' higher up (F3) and they are already a step further and were retrieved / brought to these separate rooms from a 'lower' astral plane (F2/F3) to work out their stuff and be counseled / retrieved further?

In one of my experiences I 'imported' one retrievee into my own dreamscape (F2) and it intermingled possibly with his own. I remember Fred Aardema writing in his book about a similar experience where he was first in a country road he knew from his childhood. He then met a child to be retrieved and they ran together 'home' into the city to the centre. There the city slowly turned into one that the child (also) knew and it ran into the light then. So that is another example where you start with our own visualisation / astral (dreamscape) area and it mixes up with the one of the retrievee. The other retrieval I had was in a more stable area which was unknown to me at a lakeside (I assume in F3, a lower astral consensus group environment with/for people suffering from the same kind of death event trauma, drowning in this case).

Here's the two retrievals from February documented on my blog (Drunkard, Drowned Children). I stopped the activity for now since I am in a life situation which is hard and have to 'retrieve myself' from it first before I can be a helper again, but I want to resume it very soon and also go on with my book.

Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: If you were...
April 20, 2019, 11:39:26
Quote from: LightBeam on April 19, 2019, 23:05:32
Volgerle, which galaxy are you from :)

No clue. But it must be very far away.  :wink:
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: If you were...
April 15, 2019, 15:24:49
Huh, pretend? Why pretend? I am.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Love and Hugs
March 06, 2019, 17:51:27
Sorry to hear.

I wish you all the strength needed now.
It is rather about the regular forum members actively posting there. RB does not post in the forum apart from answering questions in the 'Ask RB' section.

Btw, is this a new Godwin's Law variant especially for the Pulse? Any thread that last a little longer turns to RB bashing?
I'd also like to know which it is.

Can't be Astral Dynamics anymore because most posts there have nothing to do with AP/OBE.
Quote from: LightBeam on February 28, 2019, 23:56:49
The problem with FB pages is that whatever you comment there will appear on all of your friends's walls. I don't want my friend to read that. I haven't found how this can be blocked though because pages are usually public.
I'm not sure but can't you create a second page from your private one, e.g. as an artist pseudonym and post as this identity then? So one could always take on a nick like we do here, too?
Yes. We already found this out in that thread. It is the reasons why 'traditional' forums of pre-FB and pre-Smartphone type Web 1.0 or 2.0 like this one have declined.

We're a dinosaur, practically extinct.  :wink: :cry:
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Love and Hugs
February 28, 2019, 17:30:35

I wish you strength for the challenging time you are going through and send you and your husband energy.

Wow, EV, that was a cool experience with Lifeline.  :-)

I myself start or resume the process of retrievals myself now and I had my first one with drowned children recently although it was a bit more 'bizarre' for me.

I wish I could also attend a seminar at the TMI, but it is too costly and too far away for me.

I see violet during meditation sometimes and also when I was in a healing situation from another healer, then the violet dots or clouds moved from up to down or left to right. So yes, it possibly is also about healing.

Wish Lumaza, our retrieval expert and thread starter, was still here and comment but it seems he has again taken a longer time-out?
LD is more the way you get there, namely by already being in a D.

Projection for me also means induction (direct or indirect from half-sleep).

Still I remember getting lucid is always somehow in the more (private) 'dream zone' (as Kurt Leland calls it) which would be F2 according to Kepple.

OBE/AP can get you anywhere probably from F1-F4 if you are capable (although F1 might not be the actual F1 but a kind of etheric layer of the physical then).

Just from my gathered experience but I feel this fits also the accounts of many others.
These question-answer sites are full of materialist 'skeptics' who actually have to always butt in on EVERYthing, mostly about things they don't know anything about. I also noted this about other topics on these kind of sites.

Those 'skeptics' love writing their opinion over and over again (another example: Wackypedia). It makes them feel secure. So they can finally believe it. If it is written down then it must be true (which makes them ironically very similar to the scripture-dependent religionists).

:evil: :wink:

Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Gardian of the Earth
February 09, 2019, 11:46:23
Maybe it also alludes to you being a starseed who is indeed from somewhere else before experience-wise and you 'came here' a (long) while ago (eons or a few lifetimes) to help Earth and help (be?) the guardian. Sothat Atlas dude could be a metaphor. I think many of us projectors are 'starseed' and therefore we see this world as just one of many in different ways (dimensional but also in the physical universe) and that is why we also love the art of projection (also as a kind of escapism sometimes).
Quote from: LightBeam on January 30, 2019, 14:34:46
I actually find space experiences least exciting. Maybe because I don't like darkness. Sometimes, I just start shooting up, passing the upper atmosphere and I start panicking as earth starts to disappear. I guess it's just my human character's fears.
As one who has passed quite some time in The Void I like the darkness (although it is never fully dark there).
Your detail about the red dot over Florida guiding you down also intrigued me as it reminds me of an experience of mine where I was shown the location of a past life (Southern France) also from above on a globe/map. Seems a kind of normal mode for the non-physical to use red dots for this.
Fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

I so far only got into space seeing Earth from above and diving down again but never any further (as far as I remember it). I wish I'd also see some other systems and planets one day via AP.

I still wonder when they will change the term for what it really is: "mind/energy healing".

But in their internal logic and dogma they could never do this because in their world-view these things don't exist. But the Placebo effect which is the same thing with a different name does. What a joke.

It is generally maintained by many that speaking affirmations aloud (instead of just thinking them in your mind) does help to reinforce them and make them more effective. We have no certain statistics on it but many have made this experience that it helps.
Quote from: Xanth on January 18, 2019, 12:05:54
The one thing constant about our reality and life in general is that it changes.  :)
Things wax and wane as time goes by.

Teaching projection to little children should come along with the concepts and ideas of spirituality and meditation.
Everyone should not only learn to meditate, but we, as a society should meditate daily.  Finding time to be quiet with your own mind is paramount to learning to be with society.
True. Children should be taught meditation, that would help the world to bring about a 'shift' and more peace, since the effects on our collective consciousness are already proven. AP and 'other stuff' might then also come with it for some of them (later) but it is not necessary to happen for everyone.