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I think the main difference (and mistake!) of the Matrix movies is that they lay the "hardware" (and human consciousness trapped by it and 'wired' to it) as the fundamental basis.
Reality is the other way round. Consciousness is the computer and forms or even "IS" the 'divine' (as called so by G. Braden) matrix itself. Many progressive quantum physicists also talked about "the matrix" (long before any movies of this kind). I think that for example David Bohm did.
Quote from: Taoistguy on December 05, 2010, 08:41:26
It'd be interesting to see exactly why and understand more fully how we find this Focus so easy?
It is the perceptual DEFAULT mode our phycial human body with its senses is attuned to , evolved into and probably conceptually designed and built for. I say human body because probably animals already have another Default mode, e.g. with regard to perceptions of the vast electromagnetic spectrum (the total of which we perceive so damn litte of). Some animals are also said to perceive non-physical entities more easily or even habitually - who knows?
Everything else from that human "mode" of C1-Focus is ALTERED perception/focus/attention, that's why it is also called "altered" states of consciousness by some (para)psychologists, it is every time when we experiencs sth that is not normally 'available' in "Focus/C1".
I think you're projecting with all the related symptoms (paralysis, viewing your surroundings, then also dream-like reality fluctuations).
Quote from: CFTraveler on December 03, 2010, 15:14:13
I think so.  I think this is where all the 'dragon' mythology comes from.  Past life memories as them.

there's another possibility:

deviating from "orthodox" bio-archeology, it might also be possible that we might have 'encountered' them in any pre-human form. fossils (so called ooparts) are claimed to have been found of human traces from dinosaur times, heavily debunked and negated by mainstream science of course, but often they cannot explain the ooparts (many of which cannot be proven to be fakes)

certainly, humans looked different then, if at all human, but who knows.. civilisations might have existed before and we have not trace of them

just one example:

.. you know, history is bunk anyway ...  :wink:
Indigo children and reincarnation surely is an interesting connection, and it makes sense to me. By the way, I believe that Moen's so-called "Big Fishes" have had a lot of incarnations already behind them, which helped them to become these big fishes in the first place.

Quote from: CFTraveler on November 30, 2010, 22:41:26At some point I couldn't go to the RTZ, and when I decided to stay in my room (because I'm stubborn) I started to get vortexes and tubes and would get sucked into astral scapes.
Now I just get the scapes, and possibly mental experiences ...
Something similar must (have) happen(ed) to me now. What do you think is the reason? We cannot control it ourselves, do we? Do you think it is a kind of progress ('evolving' from astral to purley mental plane projections?).
I had so far only one full-blown RTZ-projection (where everything looked like on the physical plane). And yes, I can say it "felt" a bit different. "A bit" is an understatement. I was not in a body then but just a point of consciousness. I had a strange high vibrating voice somehow when talking to myself.
And before that I had extremely hard vibrations. Almost like electrical thrusts and jolts being chased through my whole body, mainly the torso. I still wonder today why I did not panic then. Still, I am now happy that I never experienced this with other types of projections again.  :lol:

Many people do manage some good verifications, so I think that RTZ or the "etheric plane" is indeed an "energy copy" - and a reliable one, it's like a mirror that is reflected from the physical or so. You can also view events in "real time" for verification. But still, I think it is a "plane" of its own - only narrowly entangled with what we call 'the physical'.

Then I had lots of what I call 'lucid dream projections' (I think it is referred to as Monroe's Focus 22 here?) or some 'soft-vibration hypnagoic exits' into "my room" that at first also looked like the physical one, but later it changed and got mixed up with reality fluctuations, own thought forms, probably dream images together with decreasing lucidity, reintegration with some false awakenings before that ... ya know, the whole bag ...  :wink:
That's why I do not think that this was a kind of 'RTZ'. Or only at the beginning (?).

Now, the third and current type is different again. I am more (as it seems) into immediate mental projections from a dreamscape (simulation) now. So I do not see any RTZ-like environments any longer. At the moment, I do not miss it, btw. 8-)

regression therapists around the world give accounts of cases where the person/soul knows in advance it might be a short life with high probabilties of early death (or even a very short life in the case of an early child-death), and some remember also their lives (in the womb) as babies that died soon, because higher self soul memory where every instant can be retrieved from the akashic or soul records (which possibly is the same anyway) is different from a human person's memory

as sad as it appears to us, on a "soul level" even these short lives may be supposed to make sense somehow

I remember I read one case reported by a past life therapist where the soul decided to be born as a baby that would die soon because the parents needed (and kind of wanted ...) this experience due to a karmic issue. It was out of love to the souls of the parents for the soul of the baby to help them with a karmic issue to deal with loss (of a child).

I know these things sound cynical for us here, but these cases are found in the literature, and the "view" from a soul level (where a life might be regarded sth like just a day in school) is probably very very different from "ours" here - hard to grasp on human level.

Even though those "in the knowing" don't need it, I have started to collect sth like "verifications" stories that might help to make those "debunkers" or close-minded to doubt their way of thinking  at least a bit. I want to upload it on a website. Although one does not really need them I find the stories interesing and intriguing.

There is also a thread in this forum on verifications, unfortunately it is a bit deserted now. So maybe we could "revive" any validations-stories (there) if s.o. has some of them? I'd be eager to "collect" them.

(ps. joneagle, xanth are you relatives?  :wink:)
Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: How many..
November 14, 2010, 11:07:45
Well, it's one of those things that you surely don't chat about with your colleagues at work when you're casually queuing before the coffee vending machine, nor with your neighbours when you do your occasional talk across the fence on a sunny day, yah know what I mean  8-).

well, friends or family, that is somehting different, but many just occupy themselves with spiritual / esoteric issues on a very "peripheral" basis, e.g. going to the Yoga course (but mainly for fitness...) ... or to Church on Sunday  :lol:.

And I don't force the topic on people I know. Sometimes I am even happy to deal with "mundane" and even profane issues when together with friends.
Quote from: kailaurius on November 13, 2010, 11:59:52We do not move around the physical during a projection experience.  The term "Real Time Zone" or RTZ is nothing more than a label used to describe a perception based upon how we experience the projection.  We do not even "move" around the "physical" when we are awake during the day while "doing" our normal activities.  Everything is Energy, whether we are consciously awake within the illusion we call the physical reality or exploring the inner realms during conscious projections while sleeping or meditating.  But that is entirely another topic.

well, in an abolute sense you might be right, then there is strictly (and absolutely) speaking no "out of the body" as there is no "in the body" either  :wink:

but if we revert to Relativism, which we as humans usually do to represent our "view"point, it still makes sense to use these labels since they describe the perceptions within the reality frame we call "the physical" / "material plane/dimension" / "our universe" or whatever you want to call it

these perceptions/experiences exist on this level and are in place according to the rule-set of this "mode" / focus / plane we're in here, and those rules that were implemented (not by us for sure) are adhered to automatically by our downloaded individuated consciousness, well, usually ... with breaches being called "paranormal", "mystic",  or similar.

in "the astral" (one perceived reality of many) it is possible to "view" the physical (another perceived reality of many) - or at least a representation of it  (almost) as it looks;  sometimes ... and sometimes not ... that's the strange thing I also experience(d) in the recent past

Btw, I don't think they are "illusions", that's such an inflationary term nowadays when we describe these experiences. I think we should turn it around:they are all realities. Only the prevalent concepts that the majority of our society (mainstream) has of these realties are illusions.  :wink:
Quote from: Pauli2 on November 12, 2010, 11:00:33
I guess there could be Muslim members, but couldn't astral travels be against their religion, as it could count as doing magic, which I think is forbidden in Islam? So perhaps Muslim members are a little hesitant to reveal their religion?
Doesn't the same apply to mainstream dogmatic Christianity and Judaism, too?
Quote from: Stillwater on November 11, 2010, 14:01:08Islam by many accounts is probably the largest religious group now, so it is very hard for there not to be.
What do you base this on? If you see Christianity as split up by many groups, sects, fractions and movements, so as not to count them as one anymore, then we should do the same with Islam.
Islam is not the same Islam everywhere, there are lots of (sometimes even fiercely opposed) fractions, sects and groups too. It's just that we in the West do not recognise this anymore.
(Btw, this might also apply to Hinduism, which is actually historically coming from a lot of originally different religions with not so much in common as it seems at a first glance, they are just subsumed under one name, at least that is what I heard recently, but I might be wrong here.).
So he is a top promoter of the Tea Party movement, as a very short glance at his wiki profile told me?

:-o :|
I also saw myself only once (pretty real though). But on many other times I experience the same as you do.

Well, maybe it is because what you see in the "RTZ" as some call it (slightly incorrectly to me), is a non-physical version of your room or house (or the material plane in general) but in non-physical energetic matter. It is not the room per se.

That does on the other hand not mean that it is not "real", every plane is a "reality".
This "reality" (RTZ) is possibly just the energetic imprint of the material plane, mixed up with "other Astral stuff" like e.g. your thought forms you can create there. Reality fluctuations.

Another possibility and a reality fluctuation is also the time-aspect. You can never be certain to "see" the things displayed as during the "real time" on the material plane. So possibly you see your room, but a version of it in another time frame. That could also explain "your absence" in the bed.

Just my 2-and-a-half cents.
I am friendly  :-D, but not really enlightened. :|

So back on topic:

What is "enlightened" anyway? Knowing a few theoretical things about metaphysics and combining it with ones own spiritual and/or "paranormal" experiences? And doing this while gradually climbing up a ladder of increased knowing and proficiency? And finally reaching a certain quality of consciousness in life? And teaching others about it?

Or what? So ... What is it?
yeah, the reality test card trick .. it can make you mad , I gave up trying now, too many fluctuations
Once I read a word instead on the card , it said "contort" (I know distort and would have understood that in this context. :wink:) Why "contort"? A message from my higher self? But what does contort mean in this context? Anyone any ideas (sorry for hijacking the thread with this now).
Cannot say, sometimes I play some in background during the night (I only can exit from hypnergogic or hypnopomp state anyway), so I don't know if they have any effect since I also got out without them.

I tried some also for lucid dreaming (... at least some say so in their description to facilitate it) and so far I think they do not really work.
I do get lucid (or OBE ... or in-between) sometimes but the frequency of lucidity seems not to be influenced by the sounds.

However, I think binaurals are great for meditation. So they are not useless for me.
Quote from: Fresco on October 31, 2010, 21:23:30
I agree, they wouldnt.  In fact it would be the last thing on their mind.

Anyways, nice to see a fellow 'Nederlander' on this forum.  Cheers
oh, sorry but I'm not, I just knew about van Lommel, but am not Dutch myself.
But hey, ... at least I'm European, too:
It is not the first time that someone tries this.

P. v. Lommel, physician and scientist from the Netherlands has already done a project with markers and pictures. I think the test is also still ongoing.

The problem I see here: why should I pay attention to a marker or picture when I watch "from the outside" the clinic staff trying to resucitate me? It is hardly conceivable that the patients will do this.
Robert Monroe wrote about a 'mindguard' for Pres. Kennedy in his first book.

I found the excerpt on the net (as pdf, you can google for kennedy and "robert monroe"):

"That evening, after going to bed, the surge came again, and I drifted out.
I was floating over several houses, trying to decide what to do, when
suddenly this tall man appeared in front of me (the same one), and stopped
me merely by being in my way. I got an impression of calm strength. He
asked me why I wanted to see the President. I was surprised at first,
because I didn't have any particular desire to see Eisen-hower (that was my
mind's connotation of President), but I made up an idea of a plan for
peace, and told the tall man about it. He then asked how "we can be sure
you are loyal to the United States." I replied, still confused, that I was
sure proper information on me was in Washington. He then said, after a
moment, that I could not see the President at this time. I consented
agreeably, and returned. Lying in bed, thinking it over, I first realized
that Eisenhower was no longer President of course. I also suddenly had the
very deep conviction that Kennedy had a psychic bodyguard (or rather
mindguard). I then realized that Kennedy might be there in Hyannis that
weekend. I got up and went downstairs, found the local paper, and on the
front page was the story that Kennedy was arriving in Hyannis that afternoon.
(I had not seen a paper for the past two days.)"

- Robert Monroe (Journeys Out Of Body)