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It is not the first time that someone tries this.

P. v. Lommel, physician and scientist from the Netherlands has already done a project with markers and pictures. I think the test is also still ongoing.

The problem I see here: why should I pay attention to a marker or picture when I watch "from the outside" the clinic staff trying to resucitate me? It is hardly conceivable that the patients will do this.
Robert Monroe wrote about a 'mindguard' for Pres. Kennedy in his first book.

I found the excerpt on the net (as pdf, you can google for kennedy and "robert monroe"):

"That evening, after going to bed, the surge came again, and I drifted out.
I was floating over several houses, trying to decide what to do, when
suddenly this tall man appeared in front of me (the same one), and stopped
me merely by being in my way. I got an impression of calm strength. He
asked me why I wanted to see the President. I was surprised at first,
because I didn't have any particular desire to see Eisen-hower (that was my
mind's connotation of President), but I made up an idea of a plan for
peace, and told the tall man about it. He then asked how "we can be sure
you are loyal to the United States." I replied, still confused, that I was
sure proper information on me was in Washington. He then said, after a
moment, that I could not see the President at this time. I consented
agreeably, and returned. Lying in bed, thinking it over, I first realized
that Eisenhower was no longer President of course. I also suddenly had the
very deep conviction that Kennedy had a psychic bodyguard (or rather
mindguard). I then realized that Kennedy might be there in Hyannis that
weekend. I got up and went downstairs, found the local paper, and on the
front page was the story that Kennedy was arriving in Hyannis that afternoon.
(I had not seen a paper for the past two days.)"

- Robert Monroe (Journeys Out Of Body)