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Hope you manage to come back to the Forum, Szaxx.
Interesting. I might give the ancient book method a try one time. I'm fascinated by the Akashic Records and would love to 'read' them.
Quote from: EscapeVelocity on April 16, 2023, 23:08:52
A very interesting retrieval Volgerle! Thank you for sharing this at such a necessary time; we all could use a reminder of the truly helpful work that is always open to us.

I think your recollection and interpretation is probably 100% correct. I would like to add a few ideas.

There are, indeed, many times, SO much metaphor is involved and I wonder that it is not just our individual way of interpreting the energies at work in the moment, but also metaphorical forms our guides may utilize in order to acclimate us to the situation of the person being well as the probable metaphorical energy and situation of the retrievee herself (in this case). This is all energy, after all; energy structures that are widely variable, it seems. So, is part of the magic that a guide brings to the event the ability to match the metaphorical cognitive ability of a certain the natural metaphorical tendency and situation of the other words, matching the receiver to the sender? Projectors such as ourselves are brought into retrievals because we carry an energy marker that only still existant beings carry, and that apparently is enough to catch the attention of those somewhat recently deceased and still too closely focused on the Physical Realm. Otherwise, the guides wouldn't need us; they would just perform the retrieval themselves. But also, it might be a good training ground for us, as well. So, the reasons we are brought in likely vary.

The metaphor of the underground subway or train station is fairly common for the more experienced. It is the natural departure point to other areas of the Non-Physical. Kurt Leland describes it often in his books and I have read of it in many others' narratives. In my own experiences, I've not so much gotten the subway but often find myself on a bus or train, going somewhere. Eventually the idea sank in and has become a lucid trigger for me. The fact that you found the girl in a sort of subway station tells me she was likely recently deceased and at the point of departure, but somehow menaced and bullied by some kind of private, personal hell. Your appearance with your PR energy marker was enough for her to instantly clear her confusion and recognize the reality of the transit system right in front of her and to move on. It can happen that quickly and cleanly.

The descent through the levels and the guide suggesting you grab a bannister every few floors struck me as very interesting. Whether it was from F27 down to F22 in Monroe-speak, we can quibble about; I think the retrieval was likely in F23...but the descent required you to move down in terms of frequency and I think the guide was warning you that it would be a strain on your maintaining awareness. Therefore, the idea in a very metaphorical sense, was to visualize it as descending floors in a building and reaching out to grab hold of a bannister and pause for a few moments to re-establish your awareness as you moved downward. This is similar to the idea of maintaining awareness in a RTZ OBE by grabbing hold of something physical to steady yourself; in the astral, it is more directly about taking a moment to readjust/stabilize to the new frequency. My question is: Why wouldn't a guide just tell you this in a straightforward manner, why cloak it in such metaphor? Many of us have had these moments. My guess is that it is all part of the teaching and learning...learning in unusual and unforgettable ways...and maybe a little fun for our guides thrown in. lol

So, it appears that your awareness did fade out, maybe due to the rapid you learn the hard way what the guide was warning about...maybe it was meant to happen that, later in the night, you get another crack at the situation when your consciousness is better situated, and you complete the mission successfully...Nicely done! What a cool experience!
Thanks, EV, for your great feedback, always appreciated.

Love the idea with the stabilizing onto each level/frequency. That makes a lot of sense.
I also remember the train station metaphor from one of Leeland's books indeed.

I will go on posting my next retrievals here since I feel there is more 'in store' now. Well, at least I hope so.
Quote from: Lumaza on April 16, 2023, 13:58:55
I have to apologize for not continually posting here in this thread. Since I have chosen the path of being a "Invisible Helper", I experience a number of retrievals, in all different shapes and forms. I don't want to post here about them every day. I feel that continually posting my retrieval experiences to be like bragging. That's the way I feel. I know others don't agree with that. But I also see and feel the frustration over the years here on people that have wanted to learn how to and experience Retrievals, yet for some reason have been kind of blocked from learning it. It showed in a lot of Ginny's threads here on Retrievals when she posted about her own experiences. She was really adept with Retrievals.  It just goes to further the problems that were recently spoke about in a thread on the Pulse and that is "experience envy". It really is a thing. I have had many PMs from members here over the years where they shared their frustrations.
I would welcome you posting here some of your retrieval experiences again.
I understand, yes, there is 'frustration' if one has not the same (amount of) experiences, especially for beginner projectors. I was often frustrated myself, especially when I had months of dryness. I still do and I am even now not 'out' very often to do something of value. So this is why I was happy about this recent projection.
However, I would not call this frustration 'envy', it's a bit of a hard word for this. This would almost literally mean to 'begrudge' somebody these experiences. I do not believe that people here do this. At least not in my case. Actually, I often feel inspired and motivated by other accounts (retrievals or not).
Moreover, as you might already well know - and I posted it here and on PMs too - I am ... still ... (LOL) writing a book on Retrievals which will be an ebook available on Amazon & other outlets via a self-publisher but I might make it available for free. It will be very 'comprehensive' and touch many aspects and sub- and super-topics and also projection techniques for people who have no experience with AP at all. Also lots of literature references and quotes of course (I have a bit of an academic background so I cannot do without this, lol).
Also therefore, as you might see, I love collecting old and 'fresh' authentic retrieval accounts to include them in part or full with quotes and links to the original post on blogs, websites or forums (or reference the literature if it's from books). It's something similar I did years ago with the 'validations' - see my signature below, just in book form.
Now so far, I have already found over 40 retrieval accounts from different sources including here, plus adding my own. So as you can see, I have another 'selfish' motive why I'd be very happy if you posted further examples here in this thread (and everyone else here of course!).
A kind of 'sequential' retrieval from 2 days ago with a guide appearing (at first) ...

Saving A Girl From Being Bullied At A Railway Station

After exit with some struggle I stood before a door as expected and waited instead of going through myself (which was the initial plan to use a door portal to meet my Retrieval Team from the other side).
I did not have to wait a long time though. A tall young lady appeared. She had blonde hair and was at least two heads taller than me it seemed. She introduced herself as being from a Nordic (Scandinavian) country. When I asked her name she somehow denied the answer or did not react to it.
Instead she said we have not much time, only 15 minutes or so or that she is only available in 15 minutes for a longer talk with me.
Anyhow, so she explains to me almost in passing that we have to go first to the railway station because that is where the children often are who need help. This first confuses me because I cannot understand why children might die at railway stations so often (remembering my retrieval with the drowned kids at the seaside or lake which made more sense to me since little kids drowning happens more often than kids being run over by a train at a station).
Of course, so I join her on her quest and strangely we do not arrive at a kind of railway station first but somehow in the staircase area of a multi-storey highrise building as it seems.
She does not use the stairs or an elevator though, but kind of signals me to do the same as she does: Jump over the banister down below and then in free fall grab a banister again below when you have passed 2 or 3 levels. And then repeat it downwards until you reach the ground level. That seems the fastest method to go down indeed.
I am not shocked at all since I am ,trained' to do similar things from dream simulations. So we both jump down Tarzan or Kamikaze style and grab some banisters in between stopping, hanging for a while and then letting to in free fall going lower again. There are many levels indeed.
I asssume that there is a kind of metro / subway / ,Tube' station in the basement of this skyscraper building when we reach our destination, the ground. However, before we reach our target down below I feel my vision is going away and I fade out. I still have time to say sorry to the guide lady but then I am out fast.

Later (Part 2 of the retrieval event if you will) I have dreams about the metro (,Tube') in London and at one point get lucid again while I am really in a kind of subway or railway station.
I instantly remember my mission and look out for a child not wasting any time.
I see a little girl crouched on the floor against a wall and she is being bullied by a bigger male kid (or more, not remembered) with something being thrown at or held against her (don't know what it was).
I chase the ,bad' kid(s) away easily and take her by the hand and together we go to the next station platform.
I remember my mission of doing some kind of handover but I see no ,guide' or light source or whatever. On the station platform a train enters and we look at it and she remarks how beautiful it is.
I grab the little girl to lift her up and then enter the train carrying her, hoping to find the guide (maybe the tall Nordic lady again) inside to take the kid further ,up' (the train probably leading to Focus 27?).
This does not happen however while the train starts to move out of the station. I look at her and suddenly ,she' is no longer there but I kind of hold an empty transparent shade of her in my left arm like a kid sized plastic puppet.
Then again the projection / dream ends and I fade out of the scene quite disappointed again.

My analysis:

There is a lot of metaphor in this which is interesting in both parts of the event. In detail:
The guide was very ,tall' and I was told already years ago in forums that in dreams or projections guides often appear this way if they appear as humans, sometimes they are a head or more taller than you. I found this information to be correct in many of my own dreams or projections since then.
Another hint is when she said she is ,Nordic' and the North might also indicate her higher origin from ,up there' (maybe from the F27 Reception Centre area?).
She was also quite business-minded getting down to action immediately not wasting any ,time' (I assume she was knowing that ,my' - not her – time is limited for this kind of activity before I fade out). I believe that the retriever guides are this way, always focussed on their job and to get it done with our without our help. The retrievee comes first, not the retriever helper!
Our way jumping ,down' in that high building's staircase to the station also signifies the astral levels. Maybe we really started at the ,reception centre' area in Focus 27 (although I am not sure where I started but it was a lighted and thus 'higher' place) only to then descend to the Focus 23 or 22 area to fetch a child from ,down' there.
The railway station that confused me first might actually signify a place (or state of being) to be retrieved from indeed. You often first have to wait for the train to take you elsewhere (probably better), there's lots of travellers in waiting areas at stations.
The child(ren) themselves might still be caught in their own imagination or F2 dreamscape and not even take notice of the station, just like the harassed child was. Maybe that was the trauma it suffered most from in its short life life or was it even the cause of its death?
The train we entered was then maybe the ,portal' going moving her ,up' again to Focus 27. When I made her aware of it she then 'saw' it and commented how beautiful it was. That was maybe the decisive moment already: Noticing the 'portal', the transport system or even a guide?
The empty shade I held after boarding the train was maybe a sign that she then already had moved onwards and hopefully upwards. So already showing her the train or entering it with her did the trick.
Maybe it was a success after all?
Merry Christmas, festive season, wonderful holidays and generally a good end-of-year time to all of You!
Very interesting. Yeah, Possibly it's really a shift that happened. It could well be that we are not called upon this activity with individuals at the moment anymore as often as it used to be.

Thanks you for the feedback, Nameless and Lightbeam.
Quote from: Volgerle on December 10, 2022, 14:36:50
I find it a bit  :cry: that in this thread about 'human' astral soul rescue nothing has been posted for over 2 (!!) years.

Time to change that now.  :wink:

Question to all of you experienced travellers: Has anyone in the 'meantime' had any new retrieval situations in the astral you'd like to share? Mine were rather missing due to an all-time AP low and physical life crises with 'grounding' effects, although I renewed my 'vow' to go for retrieval work next year again.

I am still writing on the book about it (started years ago!) which is almost finished and am still 'collecting' accounts to quote in it with links to the original posts if they are on the internet or reference to the literature.

So far I have around 45 or so accounts (including a few of mine). Quite a lot already.

Anyway, if anyone of you has sth new for me to add I'm grateful.  :wink:

Moreover, by coincidence (or not?) yesterday I came across this talk between Juergen Ziewe and an experienced astral retrieval worker named Mike Marable which I found interesting.

Not anyone :?

Seems this forum is all about the hype on ETs these days but not for helping former fellow humans?

Not that I love the ET topic too. I do and had my experiences with them (astrally).

Just thought that s.o. of the experienced and still continuously projecting members (unlike me) had a kind of helping experience with stuck humans 'in the meantime'?

Seems the 'dead' retrieval topic is really 'dead' now, quite literally.  :wink:
I find it a bit  :cry: that in this thread about 'human' astral soul rescue nothing has been posted for over 2 (!!) years.

Time to change that now.  :wink:

Question to all of you experienced travellers: Has anyone in the 'meantime' had any new retrieval situations in the astral you'd like to share? Mine were rather missing due to an all-time AP low and physical life crises with 'grounding' effects, although I renewed my 'vow' to go for retrieval work next year again.

I am still writing on the book about it (started years ago!) which is almost finished and am still 'collecting' accounts to quote in it with links to the original posts if they are on the internet or reference to the literature.

So far I have around 45 or so accounts (including a few of mine). Quite a lot already.

Anyway, if anyone of you has sth new for me to add I'm grateful.  :wink:

Moreover, by coincidence (or not?) yesterday I came across this talk between Juergen Ziewe and an experienced astral retrieval worker named Mike Marable which I found interesting.

QuoteThis is part three of our discussions  between Mike and myself regarding our Astral Journeys. This time in our chat we put emphasis on the much lower Astral levels, the twilight areas, where the energy is low and people are often desperate to move on, though not knowing how. This is where Astral helpers come in. Mike explains how he goes about his job as a soul retriever. We are discussing how minor shifts in consciousness and focus on metaphors or beacons of light in the lower regions can open worm holes into a higher dimension. It is not always straight forward rescuing people as they can sometime be a drain on the rescuer, if they are not prepared.

Thanks for posting this. I bookmarked it for watching. Since it is 3 hours long it might take a while before I can comment and I want to have watched the entire thing then.  8-)
Currently I also work hard on this and am making progress. Stepping out of oneself, out of the anger, the fear, the self-pity, the being upset about things (personal and world events). It is difficult but the inner alarm clock of the inner (or outer) observer is working for me and the anger times are reduced now.

When "it" happens:

Breathe in. Breathe out. Stop All Thought-
Focus. On. The. Now.

It's work but it works.  :wink:
If you count "SPIDER"man as animal.  :-D

I once became Spiderman and was swinging between high-rise blocks shooting my net out from my arms and then also did some sommersaults hanging on it in a kind of big city back yard.

(I used to read spiderman comics a lot as a child, that might be the reason why it worked?)
Quote from: Lumaza on July 31, 2022, 10:56:40
Yes, unfortunately that experiment died quickly, as does all the other group experiments that I attempt to implement on this Forum!  :roll:  Oh well, another time, maybe another reality!  :-)  
Many folks who 'tried' it (I should say 'did' but in this case they really only 'tried') just don't have the stamina for it if they are not really 'into' AP or similar techniques that afford some 'work' and commitment.

Just btw, I think a 'more loose' RV experiment could work on this forum though if we do not restrict it to a certain technique. One puts out a target (object of their choice, real one or a pic) and 'sends' it to the others who  make their guesses when they 'view' it by using a technique of their own choice, be it AP/OBE, dreaming, classical remote viewing or just intuitive 'vision quests'. So it would not be about 'teaching' a method but rather about 'practicing'. IMV this could work here. Just sayin'.
Quote from: Lumaza on July 30, 2022, 19:29:16
As Master Yoda says...
 :-D :-D :-D
That was the long version. But nonetheless it is a "teachable" moment!  :-)
How could I forget   :-D

Of course I will DO it.   8-)

And Yoda ... always brings nice memories back from our common successful yoda/buddha figurine remote viewing experiment.
I recently experimented with Mantras again (after years). I will give this one a try, too.
The way I see it is that this 'thing' - that 'real you' (let's call it Higher Self but there are other names and it's just a word) plays a game with an avatar each time in a virtual reality frame. Here the game is called 'human Earth life'.

In a way you as incarnated mind/body complex are not your HS (that thing) but an avatar. The guy behind the computer is the 'thing' (HS). When one life game ends the person dies and does not come back by reincarnation.

Something lives on but I also cannot pinpoint how that stream of consciousness then works. No one really can.

I believe though the 'real' you is indeed different. But it is not less, it is MORE. We are all more. Robert Monroe (who called that 'thing' the Total Self or I There in his books) said that it has a 'different overview' completely.  So we as incarnated minds/egos/characters/avatars are just playing figures. That 'thing' is what then carries on. Buddhists say that it is a fire of a candle that is passe don then into the great fire.

I think that what we experience as past lifes is that stream of consciousness of that 'thing' and maybe drawn from its database or whatever. It is not the 'same person' but we can experience it as such by tapping into the stream of the 'thing' (HS).

I like Tom Campbell's view on this reincarnation and Higher Self thing which he calls 'IUOC- Individuated unit of consciousness':

"The Real You and the Roles You Play Over Lifetimes

Who is the real you?

In Tom Campbell's Big TOE, or big theory of everything, acronyms are used to explain metaphors of us living and experiencing in this reality.

A FWAU, or free will awareness unit, is only a portion of our consciousness with unique qualities that includes the avatar, or body we inhabit (subjected to our DNA and environment)
This body/spirit unit experiences life here, makes choices, and evolves or de-evolves from those choices.

Is this who we are? Or is there more to it? Stay tuned for Tom's fascinating theory based on his observations, repeated experiments and documented research of over 50 years.

IUOC- Individuated unit of consciousness
LCS- The Larger Consciousness System (some might call God)"
I read quite a few of her books. They are all fascinating reads.

The series 'Convoluted Universe' (5 volumes) is very recommendable. It touches on a lot of topics including ETs:

Some others are also good. Even her first one '5 lives remembered' (without ET stuff) from her early years of exploring and discovering past life regression in 1968 (!) is a good read.
It can remain the Afterlife for a "while" if you get stuck. This is what 'retrievals' are done for.

I think there are higher planes of existence that we as projectors who are still 'bound' to our bodies cannot reach in incarnated stage. Our soul essence (Higher Self or whatever you want to call it) included.

Then on the other hand we have mystical experiences and projections where this happened so we have the exceptions to the rule.

So my answer would be: It is both. Yes and No. But normally (if things go well) it is a 'no' since we are only temporarily here on Earth and its 'astral surroundings' and then move on as souls to seek new adventures and to grow. At least that is what I believe.
Love this topic too. I had 'meetings' with ETs but only a few in dreams and one in an astral projection. Mostly of the 'large grey' kind. These 'meetings' were never asked for (never had the intent to 'meet aliens') which makes it even more validating for me. However I have to say in spite of this fact the encounters did/do never make me worry, strangely.

I think Dolores Cannon years ago was on to something when she wrote about her book about the '3 waves of volunteers' who come here to help Earth/Humanity. We might belong to (one of) these waves. Also there is the 'Starseed' concept/idea anyway been there for years and I think there is something to it, too.

Oftentimes I did not 'feel human' at all, also as an introvert (probably very slightly autistic / aspergers) and thus being more of an "observer" to this crazy Earth (sh...t-)show going on down here.

As regards this specific forum, I do not remember any spaceship dreams in general, but I have to say that despite longer phases of time-outs or read-only mode I tend to come back to this forum all the time, and this for years now, it's a strange urge. This must mean something I guess. Moreover in this and also other forums I sometimes had (proven!) telepathic connections and successful experiments with certain members in the past. So there is 'connection' of some kind for me. But maybe I am just delusional.

Yet I believe that despite our different lives in different parts of this blue marble with different cultures, jobs, hobbies, views, languages, life styles, etc. we ARE one of a kind of 'tribe' ... possibly a Starseed Tribe, that is.
Quote from: Lumaza on June 08, 2022, 16:13:02
Volgerle/Sinera, I posted that after I read this post by CFTraveller at this link here:

I then visited the new Forum and saw I couldn't access any posts unless I was a signed in member. Not that I couldn't post a reply, but I couldn't even access the Forum unless I was a signed in member. That's why I posted what I did above. I was just posting what I had read and seen for myself there.

I was hoping it wasn't true though. There is a ton of great info that would need to be archived. That would be a lot of work for anyone to do!  :| :-o
Ok, didn't know or remember that one could not read posts when logged out there because I always remain logged in to forums so when I come back I don't need to log in.  :wink:
Quote from: Lumaza on April 30, 2022, 21:14:30
Robert Bruce's Astral Dynamics Forum is experiencing severe problems right now because of an attempt to upgrade. Their old Forum has gone into "read only" mode and you have to be a signed in member of the new Forum to even peruse there!  :-o They are charging for a special "Silver membership" too.

  They have indicated that they are going to lose a lot of threads and posts due to the new upgrade. So, no, let's not do that here!

As they say in my country: "Totgesagte leben länger."


Or maybe we could also say: "Astraldynamics is dead. Long live Astraldynamics!"


... because so far RB's Astraldynamics is not read only mode or shut down and still quite active with new posts. A few new members even did register and are posting. I've also just recently posted there although (like here) I rarely do.
So it was not shut down or frozen after all, well, at least not yet. Maybe it won't at all because RB might have realised that there is even still more traffic now than on his (imv quite dull looking) 'new' forum and so he 'let's it be' as it is?
I had the 'Technicolour' experience during a 'kind of' NDE-OBE during a surgery in 2009.

Excerpt from my blog entry:

"I was not lying on the table. I seemed to be hovering - a bit above my (physical) head, as it seemed. I was at my "head side" but it seemed that I was a bit more lifted, I however don't remember seeing my body at all (I never looked there, though). I saw everything in colours - so vivid, intense, vibrant, warm and lush - colours that I never saw before (and never after, so far!) on Earth. I just looked from the left side (with all the gadgets) to the right where I saw the chief surgeon doing some routine measure on a kind of handlebar (as it seemed, but don't know exactly what it was) next to or at the side of the operating table.

But there was more: I read his thoughts!

And even that is not enough to describe it, because maybe I actually "was him" in that short moment, too. I was expressing sth to me - the guy on the table - which I also was - strange, huh?. What "he" "said" was this (not in words or literally - just in a seemingly telepathic expression, an entire instant thought bundle directed towards me, and coming from me alike - yeah, I know how that's weird ... It wasn't words to be heard or even grasped, just information entangled with feeling/emotion. I only paraphrase it here, clad into words, to convey the meaning (emotionally as well as content-related):

"Hey, everything's alright, chap, don't worry, it worked well and we are ready now."

But actually, I was far from being worried anyway!

I was in an UTTER STATE OF BLISS like never before in my life.

It must somehow be what the mystics talk about. Ultimate well-being, vibrant with life and happiness, it is beyond expression, it is not happiness we experience as humans, not even when drugged (I suppose). The vivid unearthly colours seemed to envigorate (but on the other hand also be an expression of my) permanent joy, too. And one more thing: It felt like home. I cannot express it better. It's this feeling of being home, secure, in the right place at the right time - all as the ultimate expression of happiness. I felt "home" in spite of still receiving the 'visual' input from the surgery. That is bliss. Home. Also Love, of course. But in the end, there was and is no difference between the two for me. Love is Home. Home is Love."

Quote from: Nameless on May 23, 2022, 17:21:04
Raises hand. It's real.
It's not real. It's real.
I now remembered a second kind of Magick manifestation came after that one. It also had to do with quick money income (job) and involved an Indian goddess. Need some more time to write it up but it was amazing.