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My experience with Magick was this book and two others by this author. It was curiosity and the good reviews promising success.

Indeed, I found a job quickly after a short time (it all happened in 2015).

What was the most fascinating is that the same night after the first 'ritual' I had a dream where a kind of military task force team landed with a helicopter before the house in my street and they were there to help me get the 'job done' (pun intended). I had then further nights with dreams where one of these task force 'angels' (a guy with longer hair) tried out different jobs for me (testing if I was apt to do them or introducing me to what was demanded).

So yes, according to my experience, Magick works. But it is imv a self-programming of your own consciousness that sets in motion a kind of non-physical 'program' that helps you then to manifest. Well. At least that's my theory.
After all these years I am still doing something wrong it seems because I still have not had a remakable 'bad entity' encounter.  :evil::-D

I think it has a lot to do with the Law of Attraction too. A positive mindset does attract more positive experiences. Mine are not always positive though. Because my life is loaded with trouble some of my astral environments are actually 'dark' but not in a 'hellish' sense. It is just like projecting at night time, lol. I am often (it seems) trapped in F2 (lower astral, possible F21-22 according to Monroe). Still nothing so bad happens. I am mostly it seems working on my own problems right now.

I used to be into retrievals and that is where you also project into these areas anyway. I still am occasionally trying to do them but at this time it seems not possible as I need to work out my own sh** first it seems.   :|

It does not surprise me that the OP had negative experiences only since they are fascinated by it and attract it. This is not even a reproach or anything. Just a statement of fact. The gaming community or other 'new' subcultures also favour this negativity with these beings. Or alternatively, if you just watch zombie movies and shows on Netflix, (no joke) you also provoke it.

In another forum years ago I remember we once had an AP beginner who asked why she had only negs in her way all the time during APs. I then asked her why she chose the nickname 'vampire princess' in the first place for this forum. You see. She gave the answer by that already for me. It's the mindset. People seem to subconsciously or by their daytime habits 'choose' their experiences at night in dreams or projections.
Quote from: Jessie on April 19, 2022, 21:38:27
Thank you for all the feedback and your examples!

Volgerle- As to your comment about having helper encounters. I've made requests several times but have never had a definitive "meeting" per se however, both in waking consciousness and during OBEs I've had inklings they may be there. I've even put out a mental invitation to meet-up for some "astral coffee" :lol:
Keep up with the invitations and requests. They might be answered one day. And yes, mostly I think they work in the background and invisibly guide us from there.
Quote from: Jessie on April 18, 2022, 13:32:50

  • I failed to recognize first of all that the room I was "awakening" in was actually my childhood room and not my real bedroom. I also failed to recognize the house did not look at all like my current home but more similar to my childhood home. I think this was a test of how lucid I was. I had the wherewithal to realize I was in a projected state and enough to observe my surroundings but my critical thinking did not kick in.
  • I believe the man in my bed was a test to see if I could overcome sexual desires (I've had this test many times before).
  • I don't quite know what to make of the older man in the pool and the woman helping the young girl. I wonder if it was a test of my own personal restraint because I've very badly wanted to meet a mentor/ guide and have yet to have a concrete encounter (that I know of).
  • I was observant enough to ride each vibration and exit right at the crest of it which resulted in successful "detachment". Unsure if I was actually aware physically or if this was "simulated" vibrations.

A few comments to your list from my own experience in paragraphs:

  • The childhood room as an initial portal when you are out of the Void was very common for me too. I used to jump into it a lot in my early years of projecting. Mostly I had very positive experiences afterwards especially when I flew out of the window (on the 2nd floor of my parent's house) into the sky, which was a kind of 'portal' for me. Sometimes I was aware and knew it was not the 'real' room and sometimes I was not lucid enough (partly lucid as so often). But it was always positive. It is a safe haven. I also dubbed it my 'Lightportal' at times.

  • I know a lot about these 'sexual tests' and I have to shamefully admit that I often failed them.  :oops: :evil: :|
    At one time my guides made a fireworks show in the sky to show me that it was over (metaphor for ejaculation) and could go on now normally and more usefully with the rest of the projection time. When I was back in my body I really had to laugh at this. Sometimes communications are really funny in the astral.

  • You will have helper encounters if you demand it. I have met some guides and flew with them hand in hand over cities and beautiful landscapes. Some I knew by name and some even came repeatedly. It can happen (at least it worked for me) when you stretch out your astral hands in the Void (black) and ask for help that they grab it to lift you up. However, it only worked for me the beginning and vanished in later years and I had to do the exits all alone. Maybe a sign to 'grow up' for me or they just got tired of lending a hand because my projections weren't productive enough (failed tests and all that). Don't know for sure though. Sometimes when in the Void the guides also talked to me with their voices. I heard them 'physically' like they were in the room standing next to me which can be quite spooky. Again, sometimes the voices were familiar but there were also new ones from time to time.

  • Later you might find out you don't need the vibrations anymore. Once a guide (female who came more often and who also talked to me physically) taught me 'indirectly' that I don't need (to wait for) them anymore. I was lying there in my physical or astral (childhood room) bed in the Void and waiting and she surprised me by starting to pull me out before they even set in. (Before that she also laughed at me!) Here is the part of my analysis copied from the old log (2011): "I normally would like to wait for vibrations (I like them!) to happen and then do the exit. Her tugging almost before any vibes seems to send a quite indirect message to me: "WASTE OF TIME, SO CUT THE CRAP, BOY!" It seems I'm (supposed to be) beyond the vibrational thing to happen and will become a 'phaser' now. (?)". I since then came to call it the  Cut-The-Crap-Lesson.  :lol: 8-)

Btw, I love how you detail and analyse your experiences. It nicely reminds me of my own private and also online journal (my so-called 'Lucidiary'  :-) ) where I did the same back then, a decade and more ago. Instead of 'Analysis' I called the section 'Comments / Aftertoughts'. Go on like this. Journalling is vital to the success. You are on a good path of progress and interesting discoveries in the nonphysical.
Happy New Year Everyone!
Quote from: LightBeam on March 19, 2020, 00:27:06
At least we have developed vaccines that have stopped many plagues from the past, although there is a wave of people against them.
Questionable thesis imv (and statistics that can be doubted). And yes, I am one of them against them. But this thread is not for arguing and I'm not in the mood. So ... peace.  :-)
The panic is blown out of proportion and maybe even somehow created by the media of new and old, mainstream and alternative (and if only because it 'sells' well, be it clicks, papers, viewers, listeners, subscribers, 'fans', 'likes' and 'followers', etc.).

Let's keep a calm head. Meditate and manifest a better world that gets healed quickly. We will get over this soon.

The best to all of you, friends.
That fuzzy "space" around the island (or F27 if so) area would be the Void for me which is a means to travel anyway for me, I even expect me to arrive via this 'travel mode' there when (not if, yeah Lumaza, .. I got this ...) I finally succeed

A heightened ringing ('Tinnitus') in left or right ear for some phases (sometimes weeks) is also normal for me but I also do not rule out physical or even medical causes, e.g. I still am currently forced to work as part-time telesales agent at a call center agency and have lots of 'stress' for my ears for 5 hours straight on 4 days in the week, all the phone dialing/ringing sounds also sucks a lot, literally on your ears, so maybe that is the main cause (in my case).

About the energy issues: I remember we talked about this I think many years ago even via pm back then 2011 or so. All I can offer now and did then is my Kundalini energy snake experience I had around 2009 two times (can give link to post), one was legendary for me before my very first wilfully initiated OBE into the 'RTZ' (physical-layer/etheric/PMR-like plane). It was indeed 'spinal' or torso-permeating, 'peristaltic' and 'very brutal' back then, although NOT painful, just like electric current going through you without the pain. I see this past experience today as a kind of a loosening of the energy centers/body that took place, with it also as a kind of 'initiation' of sorts, although a rather reckless one it was.  :wink:

Here it is (again, but posted before on the Pulse for sure):

Regarding 'that guy' as I only read it now in your post from yesterday:

Quote from: Lumaza on February 22, 2020, 23:03:48
Sitting a few tables in front of me is a man, I guess he is middle aged. He has a striped shirt on with a blue ball cap. I think he may be balding a bit as well. We don't talk. I know he knows I am there. How I know that I don't know, lol, but I do. He is also enjoying the ocean view. His shirt is striped and has color, but it's more like earth tones than anything. He is just there and I don't think he really wanted to stand out.

I have to say it is a bit intriguing although I force myself not come to fast and forgone conclusions if it was really already me and keep an open-minded but skeptical mind.

Anyway, for what it's worth here's why indeed it COULD be a 'me' merely from my meditation / visualisation sessions:

  • If I wear a baseball cap in summer they are always blue-ish
  • I wear striped shirts a lot, some of them are poloshirt types, but also t-shirts
  • Currently at home I was really wearing a earthen-colour (beige) t-shirt with a broader white stripe on it across the chest area - I could upload a pic of both garments (caps and t-shirt) maybe for fun and see how it matches
  • I have a very short-hairstyle (few millimeters with the hair trimmer). It is not a bald/skin-head though. It is thinner at the top though (for years been) so one could argue about the 'balding' process, has not changed or gotten worse for many year though and I almost look like this for over two decades now.
  • I am over 52 now and thus middle-aged, I look younger though as I am often told and am of a normal (thin) body shape, but not too muscular either (question: did the guy have a beard, mostle whiteish goatee-like or white/grey three-day beard or even both in combination?)
  • During the meditation / visualisation I had the strong intent to go to the beach and also (like you do) visit and sit in the club's patio looking at palm trees and out to the sandy beach and at the nice blue-turquois ocean on a sunny day. And also see you sitting there in your chair a few metres away. So this is why we maybe 'met' again? Maybe. It must be noted that it was not a projection but the buddha figurine I put in that room back then worked the same way, telepathically maybe? Therefore I might already have sent an astral 'advance party' image with my focussed intent and visualisation of the 'place' to you and your club?
  • Except for a 'hello there' if at all I really did not want to communicate with you, just to see you there and the beach club / patio and sit there too in a chair. So the guy from more 'far away' also makes sense.
  • I am generally not the guy who wants or seeks to 'stand out' a lot, I am introverted and calm and 'relaxed' - so maybe that in general fits the 'picture' too

All fine and no 'hi-jacking'. Also great for me. I had quite some Remote Viewing successes in an experiment with another forum group (Transients/Roundtable) a while ago, and around that same time also one with Lumaza (see above re. the Yoda figurine and the Doorway Method experiment) and I am always happy to try again if I can repeat this, so I might look for it after I 'landed on the beach' successfully

I think it is really best if we all first 'focus' on 'landing on the beach' and creating our collective (I really hate war term metaphors/references but maye let's see it as a tongue-in-cheek expression) 'D-Day', or maybe better 'API-day' (API = Astral Pulse Island)  8-)
Quote from: T-Man on February 22, 2020, 23:39:47
The item I have placed has special meaning to me with a strong connection and energy of it's own.  I thought this would create a great connection if someone else picks up on it.  It would also show that I was able to focus my intention on placing it over 'there'.  

Not a ball!
Could you describe the steps you place(d) it on more exactly if possible? Then it might be possible for me or all of us to hone in on it better. Is it somewhere inside or outside and what is around it and what is the floor/earth like (sand, grass, stone, asphalt, wooden, etc.)?
Just a short-report: tonight only weird dreams but one involved me being on a kind old sailboat / ship. So maybe that is the first signpost.

I like that it 'links to' Focus 27 where I wanted to go anyway for my 'retriever training' etc. So this motivates me even more.

I agree with the idea of (what I call) 'Interfacing' where everyone has their own 'view' or interface but it is still a connected place - or it's like if we all do connect to the internet via our computers, no matter be they desktops, phones, tablets, notebooks, maybe even with different 'skins' or customizations/settings (colours, fonts, etc.) ... but are still literally 'on the same page'. What a fitting metaphor methinks.  :wink:
Quote from: Lumaza on February 22, 2020, 03:36:15
I remember that as well. I think it was some form of a Buddha figurine. Unfortunately, it didn't gain much traction though. I guess it was the "flavor of the day". Perhaps people "tried it", (I hate that word), but gave up on it too quickly.
I can connect your first and second sentence nicely. It was a Buddha figurine but you actually first interpreted it as a Yoda figurine which is not far from it.

And since you said it (I know we have a thread on it here on the Pulse about trying vs. doing):

Do or Do Not. There is no Try . - Master Yoda


Ok. I'm in.  8-)

I like remembering how during the Doorway Method collective experiment about 2 years or so ago (we posted on that Transients forum) you saw the figurine I put on the table then. So we had a connection. It worked. This motivates me.

I'm ready to try this again. I postponed other 'projects' since I am not good at projecting at the moment anyway and maybe a 'fresh' and desirable target to reach will do it. Looks like it is a worthwhile destination to try. Never did before, not been to the old Island project back then.

Regarding your point (3) Visualisation a side comment: My main problem is with keeping up the image not with creating it. Even a stable image like any kind of object or a candle with a light always changes all the time and I cannot keep it stable. (Funny point: the candle always gets blown out by s.o. not seen, I can never avoid it. then I light it again and it gets blown out again, kind of a loop, well maybe the loop is stable at least for a while but then also changes for sth else...).

I did not yet read all of your 'map' description but would firmly recommend you upload a picture you draw of your place. A map after all is something to best visually communicated. Take a photo with your smartphone if you have one? Then just use the code "[image][/image]" with the link in between. Should work.

Will try to get to the Island tonight already (still doing wb2b method). See you there.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Your dream job
February 15, 2020, 12:14:01
Quote from: extracrispy on February 15, 2020, 02:14:49
I would suggest for there to be a balance struck between what is realistic and what you enjoy doing. If the job is too practical and thus boring, you will burn-out. If it's too un-grounded -- you may have trouble earning money. I am definitely leaning a little to the practical.
You post somehow indirectly suggests that combining both aspects and thus finding the middle ground would not be possible? I think however that it is. Although many people never reach this state and it might be difficult for most of us (I include myself here).

One of the 'rules of manifestation' is always said to be the 'follow your bliss / passion' strategy which teaches as that at least at some point the money will start flowing if you really like what you do and do what you like - and are persistent with it.

It's the ideal case. Reality if often different unfortunately for the majority of people forced to be doing the usual 9-to-5 humdrum because in this world and time you have to 'pay to live', that much is true.
Quote from: Szaxx on February 11, 2020, 13:29:31
Letting go of the physical means total conscious self awareness and the mindset of never having more than a dream of being here.
Lovin' it. A sentence to printout and stick to your wall. So good.
May I ask if you are lucid when you experience it or in a dream state? (Just asking because you posted it in the AP section of this forum but write dream which for us here normally means unlucid experiences in the nonphysical). Nonetheless an amazing place and phenomenon. Wish I had this 'place' to go to regularly but my happy places change quite often with the exception of my childhood room (which I call Lightportal because I use it to fly out of the window to astral planes) and the infamous 'Void'.
MarsZM, you are not crazy, really. Everybody does that. It's called the monkey mind sometimes if it gets obsessive. But to a certain degree it is normal for everyone.
Sent good thoughts and energy yesterday already without posting. All the best wished to get well for your sister.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: EMF/RF
January 07, 2020, 19:51:22
LightBeam, maybe you could try this one, too? It is brandnew on the market since today actually. Might be a scam as the others might be too. But who knows?

Source/God is none of these particularly. Or both of them since it is "All". However you see it.

Yin and Yang. One contained within the other, too. Even androgynous beings or forms might still have them, we just call them 'sexless' because they also unite aspects of both. Just my opinon of course.

There is in Esoterics a concept of the Divine Male and the Divine Female as archetypes in nature and reality. The procreation aspect is of course in it and some attributes of each side, e.g. nurturing, caring, giving birth or teaching for female or strengh, force, energy and providing for male. Also there is symbolic archetypes e.g. in colours, metaphors or forms (e.g. round and uterus/womblike is female, edgy/jagged and more phallus-like is male).

Some attribute aspects of femininity to some of the male 'prophets' or 'sons of god' e.g. Jesus because of his teaching and nurturing kind. But imv it is just because these 'spiritually advanced' humans could/can incorporate both 'gender aspects' of the Divine.

Nowadays in our societies, we live in a patriachy age, for thousands of years now. So humans saw a male Godhead. It used to be different. In some cultures and those lost ones of prehistoric times it might well have been more matriarchy-related with more female gods, or both.

In the old and basic (pagan, shamanic) religions there til today is also the concept of Earth/Gaia being female and the sky/heaven male. Mother Earth and Father Sky. It also was about fertility and nurturing (both female aspects) and procreation (both male and female).

So again. However you look at it.
Quote from: MarsZM on December 27, 2019, 03:05:43
I saw an article once... I am not sure if it was true but it said somewhere in Europe they are installing traffic lights on the ground because people were looking at the ground on their phones while walking and doing it straight into traffic lol. lots of people were dying i guess because of that so the city installed them in the ground! i forgot where... i think Germany but that's a big guess.

Edit. My memory is good! i just found this on google.

The southern German city of Augsburg has installed traffic lights on the pavement so that pedestrians looking down at a smartphone won't miss the indication that it's unsafe to cross.Apr 26, 2016

hahahaha right when Lumaza said that my mind went right to that...!

Yeah, I read that too a while ago. It is terrible. I am also a commuter and have the habit to sometimes (just for fun ...) how many of my co-travellers on the train are 'busy' staring down on their smartphone. It does not look good. Even many of the older ones do it now, it is not only the youth as we would expect anyway. (Often my count is about 80% to 90% as a very clear win for the smombies*).

*smombie = smartphone zombie  :-D
Quote from: Nameless on December 27, 2019, 03:44:13
Modern inventions are great but they sure take us away from our roots. I actually see a turning away from tech in our future.
I actually also hope for it a bit. Otherwise it will be a 5G radiation, Orwellian surveillance state and Transhumanist nightmare. Cannot share the optimism about technology. Yes, there are many advantages compared to 100 or 200 years ago or to the middle ages or whenever. But it also has its downsides on all facets of life. It's a mixed bag.
Any activity that is 'monotonous' can be used. You just need moments when you do not use your analytical ego mind in beta-waves mode.

So yes, washing dishes or walking/jogging can be used too. Some long distance runners report trance or even OBE states while on the track for a longer while. Buddhist Monks do walking meditations.
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year 2020 (or to think big: an entire 20ies decade) to everyone!
Quote from: Nameless on December 16, 2019, 13:41:12
1) Here - physical now
2) Other
This is waayyyy too difficult and complex, could you please simplify this to make it more comprehensible?
:-D :wink:
I like Tom Campbell and his theory. However I do not like his terms and acronyms (IUOC, LCS, NPMR, AUM, etc.) a lot. Hence I don't use them at all.

Personally I like the term Higher Self which for me is also 'part of God/Source'. I also don't know where to put the term 'Soul' since it could be the higher or lower self/mind (ego) indeed when people talk about it according to context (hence there's then also the term 'Oversoul' for the Higher Self as opposed to only 'Soul', but I also do not use that).

I like also the 'new agey' term Source since I find it quite an adequate description. I am not against the term God though despite its religious connotations.

Anyway. It is all just words after all.  :|