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If you're looking for anecdotes, you might be interested in Jurgen Ziewe's books. They're essentially diaries of his astral explorations of the afterlife.
There is something I have trouble with. "Past" lives, "other" lives (non-linear reincarnation), and astral immortality. New age doctrine, if there is such a thing, sometimes seems to imply our sense individuality is eternal. This is not the case in ancient religions and esoteric practice. While our "higher self" or parent being from which we stem existed before our birth and will exist after our death (or second death), this doesn't seem to be the case for our individuality and our sense of self, which we have acquired during our time on Earth.

What I mean is that some people imply that we simply don't remember, but we have existed forever and will exist forever. While others imply what gave birth to us did exist, but us as individuals only developed after our body was mature enough to support our consciousness, and that without the support of the body as an energy source, our astral form will eventually dissolve and reintegrate with that being which gave birth to us, our sense of individuality gone. Ancient religions put a lot of effort in developing ways to overcome this.

Is there a way to reconcile these two views? Is the new age perspective simply "wrong"?
You might be interested in Jurgen Ziewe and Bruce Moen's work, which deal specifically with the afterlife. But chances are you are visiting those planes in your dreams often, as we all tend to do.
I often see random people while meditating. Some seem to notice me and react by smiling, walking away, even get startled... Others simply come and go without noticing me. The idea that they are living inside us is interesting, but what does "inside" mean anyway? I prefer to conceptualize energy as being something that has a flavor, but no identity. Meaning, I am you inasmuch as I am *like* you, and vice versa. At least in the non-physical. Physicality seems to atrophy our capacity to change in this respect (which might be good for controlled spiritual evolution).

In a non-physical state, where there is no space (or time, we're told), you would approach someone by becoming more like them, and thus entering the same "frequency band" so to speak. You move by changing your quality of being.

In principle, as long as you know what someone "feels" like, you can access anyone non-locally by feeling more like them. In my opinion this is how spirit evocation works, ultimatelly.
Welcome to Metaphysics! / Re: Remote veiwing?
September 27, 2015, 21:44:43
To Jake and everyone who might be wondering the same thing: do not spend money training remote viewing. As someone who has learned to develop this thing on his own, I have to tell you it's no different than AP in terms of the experience and exploratory nature of the whole process. You can do it on your own by reading free online material (and will benefit from figuring things out on your own).

Unlike astral projection, there is a very large amount of frauds out there who will sucker you out of your money. Unless you find a reputable, in person IRL institution, you're better off on your own.

Head over here and read the free PDF manual: ( And you probably want this as well:
You can find a wealth of modern material here as well (also free): Specially interesting is the Eight Martinis magazine (PDF version is free, print costs money).
Finally you can find a remote viewing community here:

Also, not directly related to training/learning, but very interesting are the books by Joseph McMoneagle (and any speech of his you can find on YouTube). Interestingly enough, I recently found out he's the son in law of Robert Monroe. Small world.

Suspect of anyone claiming that you need to spend money in order to learn RV. It is a skill better learned with very little initial guidance and a lot of personal work. The journey never ends, but you shouldn't need more than a year or two of working hard on your own in order to be "an initiate".

Before you attempt ARV, you should really learn the basics. Learn how to do proper protocol. In order to do ARV you need to either have someone task you or learn how to do blind self-tasking, which is a complex procedure. If you don't learn how to do practice sessions first you will have a hard time juggling protocol and viewing at the same time.

Lastly I'd like to say not everyone remote views in the same manner. As long as you are blind to the target, you can remote view in many ways. You can write text describing your data, make sketches, use the more traditional gestalt/ideogram thing, paint, visit your targets while out of body, etc. Even interpret tarot cards or read animal guts. As with AP, do not let a convoluted methodology get in the way. Do not fixate on the method someone else tells you you should use (specially if that someone is charging you money). In the end, remote viewing is just a way to target psychic sensing of information in a structured, methodical way that makes it effective (otherwise it's just noise that could just as well be all imagination for all intents an purposes). Start with the established methodology, but don't be afraid to wander off if you see it works better for you (as long as you stay in what they call "protocol", learn about that).

Also this list of resources:
I'm sure you've heard a thousand times the expression "being of light". I'm quite the skeptic, so I tend to have a materialistic, scientific point of view, but I'm also open minded (and have had my share of "meta" experiences anyway). And thus something quite baffling has just dawned on me.

Quantum electrodynamics views electromagnetism as an interchange of virtual photons (creation and annihilation of photon/anti-photon pairs) as a way to effect electromagnetic force between two particles (you can read up Wikipedia on that if you want). At the same time, electromagnetic forces are what keep molecules together (high-school chemistry), and to some extent atoms themselves (here come into play other subatomic forces without which solid matter could not exist though, propagated by other bosons. Photons are a type of boson). The conclusion being, (expressed in a very simplified manner) that we (and all matter we see around us) are being held together by photons. Thus, if not made of, we are certainly put together using light. 8-)

Could it be this knowledge was discovered intuitively (if not empirically) long ago and remained in our cultures as that vague mystic expression? I'd love to hear some speculation and discussion on this. And to those with a scientific training in physics (formal or not), please do come forward and expose the holes in my rationale.
String theory acctually postulates that all fundamental particles (quarks) are vibrating strings.  It's a huge simplification, but the characteristics of that vibration determine the nature of the particle (what it is and what properties it has).

There's a book called The Elegant Universe that tries to explain String theory in layman's terms. It only requires highschool physics to understand it. Wikipedia has extensive info on this as well, but it might get a bit complicated.

This vibration has nothing to do with waves or any kind of newtonian phenomenon.
Quote from: Platorin on October 13, 2014, 07:28:41
Hey, I wanted to ask, did anyone encounter an ALIEN (yes, that kind of an ALIEN) during his/her OOBE journeys? If yes, could we have more details? ;)

H. R. Giger, the designer of the creature, said he based his paintings on his dreams. They were so disturbing he had to smoke opium to be able to sleep. Reportedly.
This is the inspiration for the xenomorph, the drawing that captured Ridley Scott's interest: Necronom IV.

Giger has some amazing landscapes. I suggest you look them up. Be aware it's freaky stuff though.
Since I was a kid I've been using a method for withstanding pain or discomfort by actually embracing it. Turns out the most discomforting stuff is actually in our minds. At least for me, the fear of suffering worsens the suffering itself much more. Of course I'm talking about cuts, bruises, colds, food poisoningand that kind of normal stuff. I don't know about more serious stuff.
I'm sorry, but I listened to the sound files and those could really be anything.
I'm honestly not trying to disrespect anyone here, but there seems to be a lot of room for interpretation.
Sorry, I was using my tablet and couldn't really elaborate on what I meant. I'm not questioning you, but rather wondering what role do other forms of interaction play. Neutrinos, radioactivity, electromagnetic waves, sound waves, and even (in a more indirect form) causality, they all link the universe together on a quantum level. I wonder how it all works. What kind of hidden interactions exist in the world that we still don't know about and would be considered magic or fantasy today, but science and engineering tomorrow. It's quite inspiring to think about all that.
Very interesting read. I wonder about one thing though. Quatum wave collapse (aka "observation") is caused not only by photons, but also, and more prominently, by other forms of electromagnetic radiation and by sound waves. In fact, the whole universe is being observed by itself the whole time, so it would appear conscious observation would not really be needed for this connection you speak of to be formed. I don't know if I'm explaining myself.

What are your thoughts on this?
Quote from: desert-rat on May 06, 2014, 03:23:54
I have made a few posts my self after a few cams of beer .  I dont really see the conection to time travel in your post . On why we are hear I see it as to blance karma from past lives .   Not perty like Zooey Deschanel , but he invented a lot of importand things , most people have no idea who he was .

Well, as you can tell, I was incredibly wasted last night. :roll:

Great post Stillwater. I'm a 100% with you on that!
PS (pre scriptum):I'm terribly drunk and I apologize for disrupting the forum, if that's what I'm doing. I can't even tell what time it is.

Why am I writing in here? I'm watching Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (it's ending now, but I've watched it at least a couple times). I've texted old mates, watched a couple or two other movies, felt self-pity, played piano after a long while, felt self-undervalued and self-overvalued... The thing is this forum is where I've least interacted in, but where I feel I'm understood the most. I drafted this post a couple of hours back and I'm now re-watching The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Awesome.

I quit smoking in February and for the first time I'm craving it like never before, but at the same time I've never been so sure I wouldn't even touch another cigarette in my life (why am I talking so much about the smoking? Oh nicotine you b1tch. Tonight I also watched 500 Days of Summer, which makes me think about other "bitches", or maybe *I* was the b1tch, whatever, I'm drunk so I'm entitled to thinking I'm sinless and perfect. Yes? The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). But what's the real reason for this post (and I do apologize if I'm making you read a damn drunkard who doesn't even know what he's saying)? It's that I often ask myself, and it's never until I get this drunk that I really ask, really hard, myself, what the purpose of our lives is (oh, crap, here comes the cliché). Not in a transcendental sense, but rather in a down-to-earth, almost-30-crisis sense. I don't have a girlfriend (hell, I don't even have a love interest), and I know most people don't either (boyfriend or girlfriend), my job sucks and I struggle to reach end of month with my dirty salary. I'm just like most people. And even if I had a super-10.000 $ (that was a drunk web developer's joke) a month-salary I would not know what to do with it and would probably spend it drinking, drugging myself (never been a huge fan of that) and hookering (is that even a word?).

End of prologue. I'm sure all of you have been as drunk as I am and are now feeling rather embarrassed for me, or feeling what's called Spanish shame (ironically enough, I'm from Spain, and rather educated in obscure English). How is that when we reach this level of drunkenness, that some of us, if not all of us, start wondering how come we have no frakking clue what we are here for? Or even better, how come we start assuming we are here for any reason at all? How come it's always something as beautiful as Zooey Deschanel (or dude equivalent) that gets our minds going about this (with a little, or a lot, of help from alcohol)? Girls, post a dude equivalent and I'll add a link. I really wished anyone could relate to this. In fact, go drink 2 liters of beers and come back. You'll relate to this much better then.

Navigate the mist back there. A perceived beautiful member of the opposite (or not opposite, but preferred) gender is what makes me wonder my place in the world. What the heck? Isn't that supposed to be transcendental stuff that's sprouting from the back of my mind? Well, it's actually the most animal, biological stuff, what's sprouting there. How come? Well, I have no idea. And I feel I losing it, so anyone who wants to, please hijack this thread and make it about whatever you think it's relevant. I'll try to come back when I'm sober and refocus.
The "seeing through eyelids" thing is pretty common.
I've have altered states of consciousness triggered by ambient noise while I'm falling asleep many times in the past. Not so much lately (maybe it fades with age?). In my case it was the humming of a crappy CPU fan I had installed on my computer.

I suggest you explore these phenomenons and use them to your advantage. They're great tools to explore your consciousness.
Quote from: BranStark on January 07, 2014, 11:03:25
I shall see for myself. :-) I have been getting closer with my practise lately (I am going to write about that in the Destynee plan topic in a few days and some feedback would be helpful :wink: ) and I am looking forward to explore about the nature of reality. I thought it might be intersting to look into this dubious yet intersting theory as well (but surely I am no die hard fan of this and it wouldn't be the first thing I would do). But you make a very good point. If indeed they are so common, then you or some other member of this forum who is an experienced traveller, would be likely to encounter them. It seems like none of you have, though.

Unless you are indeed in league with them and just feeding me disinfo. Shame on you, nasty lizzards. :-D :-D :-D

I have never seen these "reptilians" you talk about. In fact, this is the first time I hear of such a thing, and perhaps that's precisely why I have encountered none. See where I'm going with this? :D

And by the way, I'm an atheist. You don't need to believe deities (or a deity) exist in order to believe reality extends further, specially if faith has nothing to do with it, but rather first-hand evidence. But in any case, what is a god anyway?
Deanwttck my grain of salt would be that you don't spend any more money. It sounds like it's just building up additional frustration. I can relate to that, and I can tell you, although I'm not hugely successful myself, that you have all you need in you. And even if you think you have been wasting time and money, all that you have invested is actually part of a learning experience that will lead you somewhere. Learning about yourself and how to fail is just as important as learning about how other people succeed. Hell, I'd say it's actually necessary! So don't despair.

I'd recommend you focus your attention on something a bit more tangential in order to approach AP from a fresher point of view, so to speak. If you feel comfortable with different kinds of spirituality, why not learn about Buddhism and Hinduism? Taoism? Even if you don't "buy it", learning how different cultures have approached spirituality (how they tried to explain reality) can be very interesting and can give you some clues along the way. How about Magick? Or western paranormal studies? In my opinion they all touch some common aspects of what AP is about. Discordians say the reality (time, space, even identity) you perceive is just chaos filtered by your mind, which is just a point of view.

Learn about the subconscious. Ask yourself what reality is, what you are. Get philosophical, have fun. Read some Robert Anton Wilson, or Kurt Vonnegut. Read The Invisibles. The more fun you have, the more you will learn, even if you don't know what the heck you are learning about. :wink:
When I feel the vibrations I usually mess up because I focus too much on them. Just remember they are just a milestone, and you will not even feel them every time. If anything, they signify you are doing well, and that you should carry on down that path, but don't treat them as the conduit that will take you out of body because they are not.

Good luck.
For all you know that being could have been yourself in the future or in another life (I believe gender is irrelevant here). I'd say the only way to find her would be to ask directly in the astral.
As for the decalcification thing, I don't think it has anything to do with that. Your state of mind is all that matters, so don't let that kind of thoughts make you believe you can't do it.

You can do it! Now go and project! :wink:
What the OP describes sounds very much like remote viewing to me, except embedded inside of a dream/projection, which is really cool. You had a vision of your future there, only that future was caused by having the vision in the first place, so not very useful. Still cool though.
I got into a gang fight in a dream once, and before anything happened, one of the other guys put himself in front of me, and all the rest disappeared. It would be long to explain, so just suffice to say he was trying to make me realize I was dreaming so I could become lucid. Before I could realize though, I punched him in the face so hard I woke up with my fist crunching against the bed stand.

Other times I get bit or burnt, but it's usually a real physical stimulus that is intruding into my dream state. But when it is not some real stimulus, it's usually because I'm feeling frustrated, anxious or afraid of something in my daily life at the time and those manifest in the non physical as threats or assaults.
Quote from: DraregElder on October 26, 2013, 01:43:14

Amazing concurrence about your Hedone & the one i know as Teach. don't you think? I'm pretty sure, as in 99.9999999%, that that can't happen! It's a Hoot though, Almost duplicate entity manifests here, just like that, first time I put it out there Whats the odds.

Well, yeah, there are similarities, but she has never the same appearance twice for me, while you say in your experience she looks always the same. Perhaps she's some kind of archetype that manifests slightly different in every case.

I made my intent to talk to her tonight and instead I had a dream in which she looked like a friend of mine and seduced me. I woke this morning feeling incredibly nostalgic. Maybe I did talk to her, but I don't remember a thing because I had nearly zero awareness during the experience...
That was a mouthful of a title!

First of all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, so... apologies in advance.

Anyway, I have been experiencing hypnagogic imagery and sounds all my life since I was a kid. It always comes when I'm about to fall asleep. Usual stuff. Sometimes I used to get (not anymore) feelings related to touch, although not focused to any part of my body. I would feel "rugged" (not myself, mind you, but "it", "it" was rugged), or "soft", or "dense", "pointy"... you get the idea. I used to have these a lot as a child, but not that much nowadays.

Then there's another kind of stuff, which is proprioceptive (related to the positioning of your body in relation to your environment or to itself). I know, this sounds a lot like projection, but not quite. It can happen with my eyes open, while reading a book with the light on even. Sometimes I feel my body is huge, and I'm looking down from my face as if I was myself a huge towering mountain. Sometimes it's the opposite. My body is really small, and my point of view is huge, I feel like I could fit my whole bed in my mouth (weird image right there). Sometimes (more often with my eyes closed), I feel as if I had a wall just inches from my face.

It's fascinating, but opposed to regular hypnagogic stuff, which you can kind of interact with and control to a certain extent (in my case this is specially true with sounds/music), this is completely out of my hands. And the thing is I don't even need to be in an altered state of consciousness. As I said, I can be reading a book. I have noted though, that I only get these feelings lying down and being relaxed. But in any case, at that point I'm as far as one can be from falling asleep.

Have you experienced anything like this? I'm really eager to know more about it, but it's so sporadic that I can't really conduct any kind of research on it...
Thank you dreamingod! I have always had a bit of trouble fully visualizing this model.
Wow Astralzombie, that's actually touching. I've never had my negative traits put to the test like that, but I can imagine it must have been quite a big deal, specially being a child.

I also have experienced what DraregElder calls "repeaters". Well... one. There's this person, so far they have only taken the form of a young girl. She often approaches me through sex or in a provocative and lovingly manner. The meaning of the encounters changes greatly upon later reflection though. I think she's trying to teach me something, but I don't know what it is. We have never spoken or communicated directly.

It's always glances, touch, and speech (the latter directed to other people, never at me). Sometimes through the enactment of dream-like scenes. It's often with her appearance that my dreams turn lucid or even full-blown OBE's. Her appearance changes from one time to the other, the only constant being her gender, but I KNOW it's her. I have christened her "Hedone" (Voluptas if you are an ancient Roman), the daughter of Eros and Psyche.

I have found this on Wikipedia right now:
QuoteIn the philosophy of Epicurus, hēdonē was the quest for pleasure that would have only good consequences.
I like that :lol:

The thing is, I'm always so absorbed in what she's doing or she's making happen that I never remember to try and communicate directly :roll:
I think I'll turn that into my next goal.