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Your guide sounds like an alchemist and the children/concoction was part a symbolic alchemy ritual. That's what it made me think of anyways.

It's very interesting to read - I love symbolic/visionary type experiences. Thanks for sharing Bedeekin.
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Inspirational quote
November 19, 2012, 11:27:32
"Hang in there" -Kitty hanging from a tree branch
Quote from: AstralCody on November 16, 2012, 01:03:11
You all have great points. I think the reincarnation thing definitely takes place. Incarnation, reincarnation, sure. But when I hear "You need to come back to earth because you haven't grown enough yet." I just think that's so messed up. Unless of course you want to come back etc. Number one, why come back here and have your memory wiped out? It sounds like a repeating process of trap to me... "trap planet"  :| Call me crazy but I think there may just be something else bigger going on... Like people or things... w/e telling us to come back when we drop dead, saying oh... you didn't do enough good... you need to go back and do good. just to toy with us. What is good anyway? To me it's one code of conduct. Look how bad society has gotten and I haven't experienced yet... but know there are higher civilizations out there. It's just if I have the option I am not coming back to planet the hell earth. This place just doesn't feel right... I am living though and doing my best. I love to hep people it's who I am.

I think you have a lot of information but the incorrect corresponding concepts. It's obvious you feel you have/had no choices in any of this, but it's from you're current physical perspective. It doesn't make any sense to you that we come here and our memories are wiped clean, but if you could remember everything, there would be no reason for coming here in the first place. We come with a fresh mind so we can experience everything for a first time, and so we can gain experiences that become ingrained in our being. You talk about how bad society is, but you haven't had the opportunity to see the reality of physical existence yet. You're in the midst of it and caught up in it as though it's the definitive reality. One of the things that make this world seem so tough and solidified while here is that it seems to last a long time, but from the other side, time doesn't even exist and this life is a little tiny drop in the bucket. You are not "you", you're just playing a role. You're a much more real and perfect being... you're not even working towards being perfect, we're all already perfect and just need to realize it. If enlightenment is anything, it's that.

There's no one who says "you didn't complete your task, now you have to make up for it". Your concept of karma is off... there is no good or bad, there is no punishment. You're doing this because you chose to do this. It's an exciting process, especially the more you learn about yourself.

I agree with Astral-Trea - I think you're ahead of the game because you're consciously questioning these things. I went through the same thing... my exact phrasing was "I wonder if this is one big cosmic practical-joke being played on me". And I became 100% determined to find the truth of the matter. Like I said earlier, it's either figure it out on my own (as we all have to do), or ride it out and hope for the best, and I'm not one to sit around.
I'll admit there's a lot of occult symbolism in it, but I also get the impression it was to make it viral on the internet. It worked too... I would normally never watch anything like that or even know it existed.
I would think it means being able to perceive things without letting preconceived concepts getting it the way, like seeing something for the first time without judgements.

QuoteI made bird poo for a movie... I had to study bird poo... fresh bird poo. I made it and everyone agreed it looked like 'bird poo'. I saw bird poo... recreated it by mixing certain substances that were edible (incase Dan Radcliffe got any in his mouth) and recreated the visual aspect of bird poo.

I would have just told Dan Radcliffe it was edible and used the real stuff.
That's crazy Lionheart, never heard of anything like that before. Your shoes look like the way mine melted when I was working on my roof in 98 degree weather. I hope you find the cause of it - that would be annoying, and then ruining an expensive pair of shoes on top of it.
Thanks for sharing that Lionheart, I had nice laugh. The Onion is funny. :D
I agree with Szaxx, that's good advice.

In a way it is a trap, in that we're addicted to the physical experience and take it for reality. That's why I do what I do... I want 100% freedom & liberation. Not that I think physical is jail or hell, but that it's limited and with boundaries (including the astral), and I've seen beyond the limitations, and I want to be that.

And lets say it is all just a trap. What are you gonna do about it? It's not like you have much of a choice right now. I suppose some people think suicide is an escape, but not if you just recycle back into it. The way I see it, you either learn from your experiences and fight for liberation, or you do nothing and just ride it out and hope for the best.
While coincidences and synchronicities can be kind of cool, the real life-changing events in my life were horrible or perceptively negative things. When they're happening, it feels like life is falling apart and not going right at all, but because of it, certain amazing situations happen later that wouldn't have happened otherwise, or they shape a more realistic/mature/evolved perception in myself.
Quote from: mon9999 on November 14, 2012, 02:06:40

It also makes you projectile vomit and cry in a corner while snakes come out all of your orifices. It's not quite a regular AP.
Sometimes I think coincidences are just coincidences. Other times when it seems like there is more to it, like it's just too strange, there still isn't anything to gain from it. It's just weird, the end.

Once I accidentally put the key to my house in the lock to the back door of my work and it unlocked it. My work key will not work on my home door though. I looked at the 2 keys and they are almost identical, just one tiny spot is different. It's seems crazy that could happen, though I don't know what the odds are. The only thing I get out of it is this story to tell and watch people go "that's weird".

A different odd coincidence: When I was a kid we were on a family trip in Michigan and we missed our exit and went the wrong way for over an hour. So we got back on track and found out a tornado came through where we were headed and destroyed everything. That was a coincidence that saved our lives, but it leaves me asking "why?". Weren't there other people that did go that way? Why didn't they get a coincidence? And why don't these coincidences bail me out of other nasty situations?
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Nuclear Tests!!!!!
November 12, 2012, 11:37:12
"Radio Bikini" is an amazing documentary on nuke testing. It had lots of stuff I never knew about:
You got Zorgblared!!!
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Members' Artwork
November 12, 2012, 11:21:12
Quote from: Contenteo on November 09, 2012, 11:32:20
The understanding of symbols is just as subjective as the process it takes to manifest them through a keyboard.

Has anyone considered that there are many similarities between what our posts are saying?

Remember, 1/4 is .25 is 25% is a quarter. All the same, but taking a slightly different bias in each scenario to the situational context.

To get to what is truly being described one has to empathize to remove the context to get to the heart of the phenomenon attempting to be expressed.


I can agree with this. Going back to the jehova's witnesses, I had a couple nice ladies come to my door over the summer wanting to tell me about jahova's return. So I talked to them about my own personal experiences in a way they could understand, using their terminology for things (I'm pretty good at this with Christians). I felt like they not only listened to me, but they were hearing a truth that made sense to them that they had never heard of or considered before. They left without leaving anything... it was like I turned it around on them. And while I'm sure they went back to their regular lives, I hope I planted a seed that will eventually grow.

And lastly, I feel one of the best ways to teach others, especially people not open to these things, is by example. I constantly try to improve myself and live in a way which I think would greatly improve the world if everyone did it. The more a person is around you, the more they subconsciously soak up these traits in themselves. You don't necessarily have to use words to teach and motivate people.
Quote from: Lionheart on November 08, 2012, 19:37:45
I used to love playing Tetris years ago, until Tetris got a hold of me. I would close my eyes to go to sleep and all I would see is those blocks falling. I would awaken in my dreams and everything around me would be reacting like a Tetris game did. It got irritating, but was also a great focus technique.

I'm very familiar with the falling blocks when going to sleep... that's the down side to being the best at tetris.

I remember back in the N64 days, I had a friend who played Goldeneye non-stop, and he said when he slept he would just be running around in his dreams cappin people left and right.

Based on this, some years ago I tried playing flying games for about 2 hours straight before going to sleep in the hopes of flying dreams, but it never worked. I guess it only works when you don't expect it. Or maybe you have to play 10 hours a day or more.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Define Karma.
November 09, 2012, 11:14:02
Quote from: Mr.Flip on November 09, 2012, 00:37:48
lil Oscar u dont have to keep doing all of that because its not really from the haert, see Karma is always working she doesnt stop matter of fact she has others who help her out, because they are always moving the wheels and setting up the next steps, when you do something bad or good it is put out there in the universe and someone notices it regardless it be Karma or your Dad, then because time doesnt stop things will start to change and the Karma you have inside yourself will determine if good or bad things happen to you, if you can use the situations that are given to you in the right way then you will have the best outcome period. She gives you what you Need not what you Want

I agree, this is very true, but I don't associate it with karma. I would just call it "living right". :D I love Taoism because of it's simplicity... there's nothing really to do - if you can get past your own ego and find "tao", then you flow easily through the world. Action through non-action. You're in compliance with the will of the universe/higher-self/god and can't lose, even when things are perceptibly "bad".
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Define Karma.
November 08, 2012, 11:34:29
Quote from: dreamingod on November 08, 2012, 09:16:07
If you accept the idea of free will,
Karma is not a punishment.
Karma is self imposed and self judgement.

My understanding of karma is desire in action.
It is not a moral judgement of good versus bad.
If your soul seed of desire wants to have certain experiences or
is attached to certain ego (definition of self),
it can be said that you have karma and will cycle (repeat) through those experiences
until you are free from those attachments.

Right, and from what I read, that's exactly what Thomas Campell is saying. I think a problem is that the actual word "karma" brings up too many stereotypical concepts that are hard to get around.
Welcome to Spiritual Evolution! / Re: Define Karma.
November 07, 2012, 12:01:33
Quote from: Bedeekin on November 07, 2012, 09:08:44
Would I receive bad or bad Karma if I was to kill a murderer?

That's what I was saying in my original post, is that Karma isn't based on good/evil or the superstitious views of it, like the woman-hater example. You don't get bad or good karma, it's basically just cause and effect. What actions you take in one life will help determine others. Whatever you need or have missed (or whatever the higher self is looking for) is applied to other incarnations (all incarnations, as time/space doesn't exist for the higher self and all incarnations are simultaneous). Without access to your higher self and knowledge of other incarnations, knowing about karma doesn't help much with your current life. You have to ride it out while doing what you think is right.
Should we really be spending our time publicly criticizing other people and forums? It's just going to create an even bigger rift. Let's just do our thing here. :)
Here's a new TED speech that I think compliments exactly what I was describing above and the reasons for the exercises. What's funny is that this is a new modern study, but the exercises I mentioned have been used for ages.
To clarify a bit more what I was saying yesterday, the forum goes through waves when it comes to members and topics. What is normal for a couple months changes into something else, then comes back. Like drug topics. You get a never-ending amount for a couple months, then they disappear, then they come back, etc.

So many people have come by with guides and faqs, new forum ideas, "perfect" methods, diets, machines... everyone thinks they have something that will make everything better, but from my perspective, not much ever changes. In the end, the same ideas and topics come back around and around. New people show up with the same things discussed before, and you go through it again.

What I'm saying is, I think it will always be like this. I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from doing anything, I just think that's the nature of it. If you try to harness and control it, you're gonna get frustrated. If you expect to help every person who wants/needs it, you're going to get frustrated. Everyone is responsible for their own progress, and this is a great forum to discuss topics related to it. Though I'll never look at it as a classroom or teacher/student thing. I'm more like the fellow on the corner who can point you in the right direction.

I'm neither complaining nor tooting the AP horn. It's awesome to see new contributions to the forum and think Beedekin's SP treatise is definitely needed.
There was a time when I was getting bored of reading the same newbie questions over and over, the same debates, the same opinions. And not just the AP, but the whole internet. So now I limit my time on the internet and don't log on during the weekends at all. It's healthier for my mind. "But what about the people that need help?" If they're serious, they'll figure it out. When I do help, it's mostly those I feel are very genuine in wanting to change their lives, not just pick up a new hobby.

Really, I'm just a member with some experience who may be able to help a fellow AP'er out. Even when I was a mod, I never considered myself higher/better than any members, I was just the one who cleaned up the messes. No one here is certified.
No where did Chaos say you should pray for egotistical things, like who wins a ball game or destroys another country. Really, what he said was pretty profound.

Prayer is an amazing thing and works, regardless of others cynical views of it. Even if you're praying to a God that doesn't really exist, faith combined with affirmations can work wonders. It is a very personal one-on-one as said. To this I can attest. And if it works for you, who is anyone else to tell you it's BS?

Please don't leave the forum Chaos Mage... there's no one else with your perception of things here and some of us prefer diversity to the same old thing. Though I understand your frustration.

(EDIT: I understand that Lionheart was not being cynical and was serious with his question to spark discussion. :) )
Welcome to Astral Chat! / Re: Members' Artwork
November 05, 2012, 11:15:30