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  My experiences don't feel good anymore. They are much different than what they used to be. Now it's like some sort of mission that I have to do in order to wake up, but it feels like it is there to teach me how to calm my mind, but I feel in danger and pressured by time, like the more I stay, the harder it gets to return in my body. I am taking anxiety and psychotic pills because I lose sense of reality in the psysical, and I'm wondering if those pills have anything to do with me having those experiences at night.

  The first "mission" was to find a particular person. Pretty simple, but the trick was to know that I was supposed to do something, other than flying and shooting spider webs. I only figured it out when I saw that I couldn't wake up.
  The second one was last night, and this is more complex and more dangerous. There was a big shadow monster who watched over a bunch of people working for him, perhaps slaves, including myself, and he was roaming through the hallways. I didn't know what I had to do, I didn't even know that I had to do something or else it would get harder and longer to wake up. Finally when I feared less the shadow monster, I found out that I had to start a rebellion, and that is by meeting and touching people or whatever, but if the shadow sees me, the mission fails. I failed a couple of times, but it restarted and when I got it right, I waited for like 5 minutes in sleep paralysis and it felt like I'm squeezed hard through a small hole.
  This was after I woke up from a dream where I died in a car accident with a friend, and I was saying a prayer to not go to hell.
  Could it be the pills?
I want to describe how I experience astral projection, because it has gotten to a point where it doesn't feel pleasant anymore.
The first faze is where my spirit leaves my body and begins travelling through consciousness with a feeling of love, gaining knowledge. This is how I think AP experiences should be. But then comes the second faze. The second faze is where this experience is over and I find myself back in the bed, only this time it is my body who gets out of bed and begins to fly. It is this that I am afraid of. I doubted this second part of astral projection ever since the beggining, where it didn't even feel real, everything was pixelated. Now I can see very clear, it's like it advances more and more, I feel like I'm the only person in the whole world and I'm not getting any knowledge. I feel like I'm creating this, and I feel like I'm not supposed to. Can you please tell me why? Do you experience the same? Where do I go with this "creation"?
Ok so I had the most amazing and the most intense experience of astral projection of all my experiences last night and here is how it was:
I went to sleep at around 2am, but I didn't have any intentions to astral project as I kind of lost interest lately after a few failed attempts. It didn't begin as usual, where I would first feel vibrations all over my body while falling asleep, and I could exit in that state. Instead I suddenly found myself in a dream able to see my body from a 3rd perspective, but it wasn't my physical body. It had no features and it was transparent, that's when I realised I was astral projecting. I remember telepatically communicating with another being, as we were trying to meet and gave me directions. Last thing I had to do in order to see her was going through this beautiful transparent door but you could see some sort of patterns inside of it, and they were moving!! Best door I've ever seen. After I stared at it a couple seconds I finally went through it and there she was...standing in the hallway, another astral body just like mine, waiting for me to go to her and unite. The feelings I got were, I will do anything it takes to have those feelings again. Now I know I have to cut the crap with all the bad things I'm doing in my current lifestyle that poisons my soul, and focus more on astral projection. That pure unconditional love that felt as we were becoming one being was something that is worth giving up everything, because it was just out of this world... After she left I followed her outside, then she dissapeared. The experience ended there, followed by a dream where I felt my heart filled with love and compassion, I even managed to turn a person that hated me into a person that was at least trying not to  :lol:
Truly life changing!
Welcome to Astral Consciousness! / Re: Life as a Game
September 29, 2021, 14:07:35
 I watched that movie yesterday, funny coincidence that I came across your post one day after, especially after a break from this forum.   

My toughts on the movie after I watched it, just like many other movies, were that it has a deeper meaning about how things are going on in this world. Of course you can find deeper meaning in pretty much everything that happens, but this movie has really got me thinking: What if Guy was like a woken man who got sick and tired of living by the rules of the system, having to go to work to pay the bills, starving for free time just so he could rest a bit, but having to do that again the next day...pretty much doing the same thing every day. He couldn't realize how boring it was because that's how he was programmed. Finally, a glitch in the matrix happens and suddenly he realizes that he doesn't have to obey the system, he can do whatever he likes. He jumps out of his own limited beliefs and now he's a free man, deeply enjoying life.

This reality is only limited if you make it to be. I have the same feeling about being in a "game setting", kinda like experiencing the story, playing myself as the characther. Since I realized this, I began taking life less serious and doing what every gamer does: playing the best he can  :-D

Welcome to Astral Chat! / My head hurts, please help
September 23, 2021, 16:22:27
  My head hurts. It hurts from so many toughts, so many coincidences that happen all around me that are setting new connections in my brain, connections that seem to guide me somewhere, I don't know where, but I know that I'm getting knowledge from it, informations of what's going on in this world, and it's like my brain can't get enough of it, but at the same time it's screaming in pain. Sometimes it gets so deep that even in conversations, when people talk to me, instead of focusing on what they're actually saying, my brain seems to be modelating those words in order to set new connections to create a different world in my mind. I know it sounds confusing, but this has been happening for quite some time now, and it gets so weird when people seem to actually be aware of their words impact over me, like they do that on purpose. It makes me feel powerless.

  My favorite one is reading, like...bro...when I read something, I can get so off the topic and get so deep in this creation of I don't even know, (that would be the best way to describe it atm) that it's actually amazing. Reading seems to be something I began to get control over, like I can read again a paragraph and actually focus on the topic, so that's good.

  I don't know if this is really a thing or it's just how my brain works, but my toughts are so connected to the outside world, with the sounds and events that happen, for example: I'm trying to find the meaning of my last dream. The moment I come to a conclusion, suddenly I get a notification sound on my phone, or a car honks, or just a random knock, almost like something is trying to tell me: "yes, that's the answer". This is just an example, I know it's hard to swallow, but when you're constantly dealing with this "confirmation sound", you begin struggling. It was fun at first, when only the most uncommon sounds and events were taking into consideration, and I guess even now it wouldn't be a problem if my head wasn't hurting. It only gets fustrating when I'm all alone with my toughts and that programmed need for confirmation. Those two combined is what causes me the headache. Meditation helps, and even focusing on my breath a couple times, but it doesn't seem to have a long-term effect. I may have to reprogram the brain, but I dont know how to do that in the most efficient way.

Would I be selfish if I tried to convince someone to join my spiritual path?
Hypothetically, you are his teacher helping him join the spiritual path, you are trying to "wake him up", but he doesn't know about it. At what point would you have to let him go, in order to not violate his free will, if he wouldn't show any kind of progress? You sure can't take him by force...can you? Because I'm sure he would be so grateful...

Thank you for sharing some of your wisdom with me  :-D
I guess for me AP isn't a "bad thing" as long as I keep it low and try to work through every single detail, rather than jumping so high, so fast, because I might miss some very important steps, I want to know absolutely every detail about Earth before moving on, but I guess the details are infinite?? I don't any case, it is such a beautiful thing...
Hello again, everyone!
Since my rapid introduction into the spiritual path, about a few months ago, I'd say that I learned quite a bit by now...
I used to leave my body at night in the beginning, but maybe my mistake was that I was greedy, I mean, I always wanted more and more when AP, and got to the point where I would have little to no interest in Earth anymore, all I wanted to do was to explore space, and I think we have an eternity to do that...last time i was actually told that I should stay here on Earth; couldn't leave since  :? Maybe we got so caught up in the need for more, (again...), up until we forgot that everything we need atm is right here...right now.

You are more than welcome to try to change my mind  :-D
Hello everyone!

I made a sketch about my progress in life so far, and I would love to share with you and hear anybody else's opinion. Fell free to judge or to add or to change anything based on your personal experience.

Note: This is my own personal opinion about how I perceive reality, I do not wish to imply nor change anyone's perception, I'm simply just seeking for different points of view, so I can possibly make the best out of it. THANK YOU!

Life Lessons

1.1-Awaken the 3rd Eye
   1.2-Build the Foundation
       1.2.1-Change Lifestyle Moment
       1.2.2-Look back the difference
       1.3.1-Passive Meditation
       1.3.2-Admire Nature at the details
   1.4-Regain Control
       1.4.1-New World Order
       1.4.4-Decalcify your pineal gland
   1.5-You are The Universe
       1.5.1-Active Meditation
       1.5.2-Astral Projection
       1.5.3-Connections believing in coincidences,

   Hello again everyone!

   It's been a while since I haven't posted on this forum, and now I want to share with you my experience that I had this morning.

   So I'm laying down after waking up around 4 AM trying to project like usual, not knowing if it would be successful or not. I've had maybe 10-15 OBEs before, but all of them were nothing more than 1-2 minutes walking in my room, sometimes even got back in my body right after hitting the floor, but this time was different....
   Multiple OBEs in a row were needed in order for this to happen, and when it did, I felt like it was too much for me and I wanted to wake up, but it was too late for that...Finally when i surrendered to the experience, I was suddenly catapulted straight up with unimaginable speed. The sensation was amazing, and at some point up the road, some non-psyhical being appeared to me looking like he wanted me to grab his hand. I did it only after a few restrains that I had, and what happened next is something that my knowlegde in writing can't even explain...Long story short, I was travelling through space.

   When I first started this topic I had no ideea what I am getting into, but now I am so grateful for this experience and for that "wake up" call that I got out of nowhere, for my lifestyle and my thinking has changed completely.

   Happy new year everyone and again thank you those who were by my side in discovering my path in this beautiful world that we live in  :-)
Hello Everyone!

I've recently discovered OBE and had a few experiences myself, but I have a problem.

Sometimes when I try to get out like usual, the vibrations are so strong they seem that they are going to kill me. I feel more and more legit pain as I am getting out, almost feels like something just wouldn't let me go, which doesn't make any sense because I know how it's like to be in the NP. This happened to me a few times now and I never managed to overcome the pain. As soon as I quit trying to exit my body, the vibrations instantly vanish.
Has this ever happened to you before? If this will happen again should I keep trying to exit despite the pain? Will the pain dissapear afterwards?

Thank you for your time!
I did it! Wow. I finally did it!!

I just woke up from my first true OBE! Theres a whole new world to explore!!!

I didn't make much of it because for some reason I couldn't move properly(I hope that goes in time), like I was on the floor and standing up would mean so much effort.
It was exactely like when I had SP, when I felt trapped inside, only this time I got out and wasn't afraid anymore!
Basically my whole experience was 2-3 minutes standing up near my bed, blown out of my mind, just looking and getting used to that feeling because man I'm gonna need to...

Anyone was also blown away just by looking at their phones?  :-D
Anyway THANK YOU all so much for supporting me, as I don't think I would've done it so quick without this forum. I was afraid it might take a couple of years. I look forward to explore this new world and now that I took my first steps into it the rest is downhill, so I've learned.
Here is a little update of my progress:

So lately I've been trying to project like crazy and all I can say is that everytime I did, I made a successfull step into what seems to be a very long journey I have to make in order to be able to fully project. Something always keeps me down and wouldn't let me do it just yet, almost like they're saying "Not now, you're not ready yet!". But after every session I feel super relaxed and refreshed and I get that feeling of making more and more progress in this journey, usually followed by legit happiness.

Everything makes much more sense now, and I came to realize that EV was sooo right about my first OBE experience not being by accident, as it has come in a perfect time of my life. I now know why I experienced those awful things and what were they trying to show me.

Quote from: EscapeVelocity on November 20, 2020, 06:29:17
did you by any chance like the Indiana Jones movies?😎
I've always liked adventure type movies, just not Indiana Jones in particular. Just curious, why you ask?
Thank you so much for your support and for the informations that indeed helped me form an idea about what happened.

Since I haven't experienced SP anymore after that night, I became more interested in voluntarily inducing myself into the non-physical, aka Astral Projection, as I've learned that SP isn't the primarily way used to get there. So I read Xanth's book (which I love btw) and I think I found the best technique that would work for me, since I find myself doing that quite often during daytime, something that he reffers to as a Mental Rundown. It's when you create an imagined scenario and if properly done with enough intensity, it has the potential for you to "step into your imagination, in full techni-colour 3D."

Of course you already know all of this, but the problem for me here is that as much as I try to focus, I still fail everytime. For sure it sometimes gets very intense, almost like I'm there, but I'm always more aware of my physical senses than I am of the non-physical ones. That long-expected shift between the body and conciousness never happens.

What am I missing?
First of all I would like to thank all of you for sharing your experiences as I learned much about OOBE which I didn't even know it was a thing until a few days ago.

So this is my first post and I've decided to do this because I want to talk about it and I have a ton of questions regarding my experiences, plus I have no one to talk to, as they would think I'm crazy.
About a week ago I had the weirdest dream, I remember running for the bus when suddenly a random guy jumps in front of me and sprays me with some kind of drugs he had. I immediately fell to the ground and felt some intense vibrations in my body for a couple of seconds as I was waking up. That was so scary and confusing. I didn't know what it was, what triggered it or what it could possibly mean, but I did know one thing and I could feel it: something changed.

Couple of days go by and the experience is almost forgotten, until 2 nights ago, when the vibrations came back, and this time they came HARD. I've had them maybe 4-5 times in a row, it came to the point where I would be scared to even fall asleep, as I would wake up by the terrifying vibrations again. The last time I had them I think I experienced what is called an OOBE. I was aware that my body was sleeping, and I knew I was dreaming, but man what a nightmare...The vibrations were so unconfortable and so terrifying, but only if it would've been just that...I felt trapped inside my body, I couldn't wake up no matter what I did, I remember shaking and screaming, at some point even tried to open my eyes with my fingers, but none of it seemed to work. It was like some dark force was forcefully keeping me there.

So eventually I woke up, praying that it would never happen again, but then i did some research and I found out that I can controll it and eventually having awesome experiences, but I still don't know what to do or how to overcome fear when the vibrations come again.