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Thanks Volgerle, I will watch the video. But I have to say that I think all these conspiracy theories about humans building UFOs are complete BS. And that is with a capital B and a capital S. We simply do not have the technology. I am speaking from a position of some knowledge when it comes to physics, science etc. We just don't have the technology.

Our greatest scientific minds are puzzling over string theory and finding the Higgs boson, and a "theory of everything".  These are fantastically clever people, but their knowledge doesn't come even remotely close to creating something with the anti-gravity and anti-inertia flight characteristics of UFOs. Our state of scientific knowledge simply isn't advanced enough. Not even close.

When it comes to the disclosure project, and all the channelings, and the Pleiadians, and the Galactic Council of Light, that I'm afraid is just people dreaming.  It all went very quiet after nothing happened at the Olympics. I was following some of the you tube channels, where videos were removed or made "private" as soon as their embarrassing predictions failed to materialize. Lots of egg on faces.

I actually BELIEVE in UFOs. There is a lot of hard evidence for them, from commercail and military pilots etc. They are real. But our governments are not colluding with aliens. My God, our government here in the UK is so inept, they couldn't even begin to deal with something like that, without cocking the whole thing up. And I don't believe the USA is any different!
There is no project bluebeam. The technology does not exist. It's just a figment in the imagination of conspiracy theorists who know absolutely nothing about science or technology. We can't do it now, let alone 1994 when it was first popularised.
I think I have had those dreams, obsessively trying to do some sort of task over and over again, endlessly all night. Also, during illness, and whilst AWAKE I have had the sensation that everything was small and far away from me. Weird. Bedeekin, your description is very good.
I'm guessing it was a combination of factors, your health, possibly you were feeling relieved because the pain had gone, possibly the previous days had left you drained, plus the meds probably contributed to you going into hypnogogia very rapidly. 

I find that a small dose of amitriptiyline at night gives a good night's sleep, plus tends to make me wake up slowly in the morning, ideal for hypnogogia, MABA, etc. Drugs can do that. Hope you're feeling better now.
Hello and welcome Astral-Trea!

20 years? That's a good pedigree, and you will find yourself in good company here. I have always thought that lucid dreaming, astral projection, and out of the body experiences were different experiences, though related, but you will find that many people here consider these to be all basically the same experience. It's a debate (argument!) we have regularly. But I'm sure you will enjoy it. If you have been LDing for 20 years, you have much to contribute. Look forward to reading your posts!

Hi Skash and welcome to the Pulse.

Yes it seems you are very close.  Next time you find yourself in SP, don't try to open your eyes!  If the SP isn't deep, you will likely open your physical eyes and ruin things. Instead, keep your eyes closed and your body relaxed.  Don't do any analytical thinking, it will wake you up. Just observe things without analyzing them (once you have achieved the AP state you can start to analyze again, but at this stage, it will simply wake you up).

Probably the easiest way to achieve "separation" is to simply roll out of your body. I find this easier than floating out. Try to move just one arm as you lie there. The objective is to move your astral arm, not the physical. You will know when you achieve this, because it will feel like you have raised your physical arm, but you will "know" that it is your non-physical arm. Doing this will deepen the SP, hopefully sufficiently to roll out completely.

So now attempt to roll off your bed. Again, you will "know" when you achieve this because it will feel "right". So once you are on the carpet, feel the texture with your hands. This will deepen the SP. Stand up, feel the furniture, feel the wall etc. All of this deepens the SP. Do not open your eyes!  Make your way out of your bedroom. Your vision should kick in. If it doesn't you now need to open your eyes. This requires care! If your SP is sufficiently deep, you will successfully begin to see.  You can now wander around and explore.

This is only one technique, there are many. Good luck!
Welcome to Out of Body Experiences! / Re: Time Travel
September 01, 2012, 16:38:24
Hello and welcome jaynong. I'm sorry to hear about your accident and loss of memory. I think nickspry's suggestion about hypnotic regression is a very good idea, and more likely to bring quicker results than AP. AP is a wonderful experience, but incredibly difficult to control in the way you want to. Even with years' experience, such a feat is extremely difficult.

Some of our members have found Steve Jones' tapes very helpful, whilst others are highly suspicious about him. I feel that he over exaggerates what is possible. If you do decide to learn AP, then you should do this with the intention of simply learning the skill as a general mind expanding technique, but not really with this one specific target of reliving that day.

That is not to say, you won't find the answers you are looking for, it's just that the answers may come in unexpected ways, by means of experiences which, without having an open mind, you would not experience. What I'm saying is that if you try doggedly to relive that date, you my fail, but if you open your mind to new experiences you may be shown things that answer your questions, in alternative ways.

Having said all of that, there is the idea of the Akashic Records, which is supposed to be a kind of "astral library", containing information about all events that have happened, and will happen. But this is a kind of old fashioned western occult idea and I have yet to hear of anyone who has really contacted the Akashic records.

I do believe that AP can help you in many ways, and may give you the answers you are looking for, though perhaps not precisely how you imagined! And do consider the hypnotic regression thing.

Hi Stillwater. Well it is a very muddy and unclear subject. I do actually understand what you are getting at, and accept that there might be some sort of intermingling of the physical and metaphysical aspects of NDEs. This means that evolution may have played a part in constructing the experience, although I really question how much influence evolution may have exerted. I know that mind and brain interact, so I can't deny there is already a metaphysical/physical interaction. How much this pervades the NDE is questionable, because I believe that many of the NDE elements are absolute parts of the non physical state, and have nothing to do with the physical. But I see your essential reasoning. So I have gone from "I really don't get this" to "I cautiously do get this". Mainstream dogmatists may be harder to persuade!
Quote from: Stillwater on August 27, 2012, 20:33:03
If the combined evolutionary-metaphysical model I have been entertaining here is true, my guess is that the NDE and ADE would be more-or-less identical, until some particular moment of death, at which point the ADE may take a new course, that is not tied to biology and its archetypes any longer. It also seems possible to me that a handful of the people who have had NDE actually passed this point, and somehow came back from the edge.

So the archetypal NDE may be presenting itself for as long as neurons have anything to say, but after they lack enough oxygen to function, it would seem what came after would be purely metaphysical.

So the beginning of most experiences under this model would be programmatic, but could diverge from this later.

So, your combined evolutionary-metaphysical model is really a physical model, making use of neurons, and then at some point changes to a metaphysical model, which does not make use of neurons.  The first part, which makes use of neurons, I would say was purely physical, and you would say is combined physical and metaphysical. This is where we potentially disagree. The second part, which does not make use of neurons is clearly purely metaphysical, I hope you agree?

So the crux of the matter is whether the first part, which makes use of neurons, is purely physical, and has no metaphysical aspect, or whether it not purely physical but also has a metaphysical aspect. If the former is true, then the evolutionary and metaphysical explanations of NDE are mutually exclusive. If the latter is true then they are not mutually exclusive.

Now I can see your argument a little. There are some aspects of the NDE which might be mitigated, or partially mitigated by the physical body. Perhaps the tunnel construct is the result of DMT release by the pituitary, as Strassman says, and is not a real construct. In fact that's the only aspect that I see as a real candidate, mainly because some NDErs describe an instantaneous transition to the Light, skipping the tunnel.

Most of the other elements, e.g. the Light, telepathic communication, sense of all knowing, seem to be completely native to the non physical state, and are absolutes, independent of any physical body we may or may not have. I don't see these as being anything other than purely metaphysical. The Life Review? well I wonder. This relates to physical memories, but is also so transcendental, of time, consciousness, and normal experience, that it seems hard to classify this as anything other than metaphysical.

Let's assume that someone is disintegrated, by an atomic explosion. Clearly they are instantly deprived of a physical body, so their ADE must consist of only metaphysical components. Which do you think these are? Floating above the physical scene? The tunnel? The Light,? The Being of Light? The life review? The telepathic communication? The sense of all knowing? Or none of these?
Hello reishi and welcome. Yup, I'm in the UK too...!

I learnt a lot about what happened to her by reading this link, provided by Volgerle

Initially, she was spurred on by a drug-induced, elaborate OBE, which she believed to be real. Initially enthusiastic, she then did a PhD on parapsychology, performing studies and trials into ESP. She spent a couple of years, but her trials didn't yield many positive ESP results. So presumably her PhD was a failure. I'm guessing if you put all this work into your PhD, and it fails, you're going to feel quite bitter, and academically a bit of a failure.

So in order to restore her academic credibility, I guess she put a lot of energy into debunking ESP. This would then be a way of getting value out of her failed PhD. Her consistent position has been that she has spent "20 years" investigating parapsychology and in all those years didn't find any evidence of ESP. In actual fact she only spent 2 years performing experiments, and she did have successes.

But in order to strengthen her anti-ESP position, 2 years has become 20, and 7 successful experiments out of 21 has become "no successful experiments". I simply believe her anti-ESP stance is her way of turning her perceived failed PhD into a success.

Celia Green is another terribly embittered parapsychology researcher. She started the Institute of Psychophysical Research, in the 1960s, and conducted research into Lucid Dreams and OBEs. She published her results, and whilst these were ground breaking, other authors jumped onto the bandwagon (eg Stephen LaBerge) and being much more successful at self promotion, took Credit which Celia Green felt she deserved. Celia Green fell out of favour in academic circles, lost funding and became increasingly isolated and bitter. Today she is reduced to writing a strange blog, publishing the bizarre letters she has written to institutes, she believes, owe her a job, money or both.

So it seems that the path of parapsychology research has claimed a few casualties, Susan Blackmore and Celia Green, counting amongst the injured. Interestingly, they are both somewhat critical of each other.
Stillwater, do you think that what people experience as a typical NDE (tunnel, light, being of light, deceased relatives, life review etc) is the same set of events that occur in an actual death experience (ADE)?
Quote from: Stillwater on August 26, 2012, 17:32:14
The interesting thing about all of this though is that the metaphysical explanation of NDE and the evolutionary one are not mutually exclusive. It is very possible that both sides of them evolved in tandem. In fact, if the metahphsyical explanation is true, this is more likely to be the case than not, since evolution would have needed to select for it somehow in the physical in order to justify its existence there.

Not getting this point at all. ??? Evolution is a physical theory involving genes, it has nothing to do with metaphysics.

If the metaphysical explanation is true (ie NDEs are "real") then it could not be "selected into the physical experience". Because it wouldn't be a physical experience. It would be a metaphysical experience we have after the physical body dies. i.e. the series of non physical events which happen after our physical body has stopped working.
Looking forward to that article Bedeekin. I have experienced the profound form of sleep paralysis a few times, and it didn't bother me at all. Rather, it was fascinating. I always use SP as a springboard for AP. I just float out of my body and that's it. I don't understand all the fuss....!
Quote from: Bedeekin on August 26, 2012, 07:24:03
Yes... I have thought this also.. .that maybe it got passed on from it being a positive experience... but.. .then not all NDEs are positive and not everyone who clinically dies has a NDE. Also NDEs are a 'more' modern phenomenon because of the ability to bring somebody back from a point of no return.

I've argued both for and against the evolutionary hypothesis on this thread, but really my position is more against than for. I agree with you, how can the same evolutionary factors which might give rise to a comforting NDE also give rise to a hellish one?!
Quote from: Stillwater on August 25, 2012, 18:04:17
If there is a way for what can only be called a bio-robotic factory to evolve in the shape of cells (and that is truly what it is, if you understand how complicated functional proteins are), then something as simple as a programatic series of mental images should be childs-play for evolution.

Well it's more than just a series of hallucinations...

Floating out of the physical body, observing it and the activities taking place around it
Travelling through the tunnel towards the Light
Feeling of safety and unconditional love in the light
Meeting deceased relatives
Meeting a being of light
Telepathic communication
Feeling of knowing all the secrets of the universe
The life review
Decision whether to stay or return to the physical
Strong psychological after effects, increased compassion, decreased aggression and competitiveness

This is a very sophisticated set of core experiences to have evolved, especially without any one of them having much obvious survival value. In the case of the bio-robotic protein factory, I suspect there are obvious direct survival advantages attributable to each stage of the evolution of the mechanism. I don't see direct survival advantages in the evolution of the NDE core set. In fact the only direct survival implications are negative (see later):

Quote from: Stillwater
And there are good reasons for it... humans are the only animal we know of that are strongly conscious of their own mortality (some other mammals might be too). Anything that eases humans of debilitating fears might give an evolutionary advantage, and thus be more likely to be passed on.

Alternatively there might be an evolutionary disadvantage; The certain promise of a blissful after life, would make the experiencer less concerned about his physical safety, increasing the likelihood of death and removal from the gene pool. Also, strong after effects, including reduced aggression and competitiveness would similarly be a direct survival disadvantage.

I'm finding it hard to see an evolutionary mechanism that might have resulted in the NDE core set. The thing is, this core set is not a sequence of unrelated hallucinations, it's an organised collection of experiences, which are entirely consistent, individually and collectively, with a similarly organised after life.  I just don't see the direct survival advantage which would be needed for these things to be hallucinations.
Well, I linked Susan Blackmore just to show how foolish she was. Like the other evangelical skeptics, she expresses her own personal opinion as scientific fact. This is something which NDE researchers (eg Long, Van Lommel, Parnia, Greyson, Ring, Sabom) do not do. They are usually quite circumspect when it comes to their own personal theories and do not make arrogant assertions.

In the clip I linked, Blackmore made a fool of herself by stating that NDE symptoms such as the tunnel are caused by oxygen starvation. A significant number of NDE experiencers (maybe 20%) do not experience a life threatening situation, they ony believe they do. They certainly do not experience hypoxia, yet they describe typical NDEs. Similarly, the majority of hypoxia sufferers (eg cardiac arrest sufferers) do not experience any NDE symptoms. There is clearly no correlation between hypoxia and NDE symptoms.

So when Blackmore says that oxygen starvation causes this NDE symptom, and it explains that symptom, she is clearly barking up the wrong tree. Yet she is so arrogant and smug about things she is clearly mistaken about. Something which Jeffrey Long, Pim van Lommel and Sam Parnia are not.
Quote from: Bedeekin on August 24, 2012, 16:31:21
NDEs also can't be an evolutionary brain trait... It's impossible.

Well actually, there may be an evolutionary mechanism. People who survive NDEs tend to continue life with a much more positive attitude and presumably lower stress levels. I'm guessing this leads to a healthier and longer life, and therefore higher chance of passing on those NDE genes!

Weak, I know, but the forces of evolution are in fact very weak. It remains a mystery why we should have evolved the complicated sequence of events which typically make up an NDE. Rick Strassman, the scientist who investigated DMT, made the same observation, namely, why are NDEs so sophisticated, an what evolutionary mechanism could possibly have led to this?

Nice find Kirkland.

Dr Jeffrey Long is always saying that NDEs are broadly culture independent, but the Japanese garden thing rings a bell somewhere.

However, if it is true that the Japanese don't experience a tunnel, then that drives a coach and horses through the standard critics' assertion that the tunnel effect is caused by oxygen deprivation in the visual system, resulting in neurons misfiring causing a bright tunnel effect. Presumably in Japanese people the visual system misfires in the pattern of a pretty garden....

Here is Susan Blackmore being very smug and insufferable about the tunnel. If the Japanese do not experience a tunnel, then she is clearly completely wrong, although like most skeptics she is supremely confident and misrepresents her opinions as proven scientific facts.

Watch from 5.12 to 6.01:
OK, so I'm still waiting for the results of Sam Parnia's Aware study, he keeps pushing it back. However, he has written a new book, "The Lazarus Effect" which is due out some time soon. It can be pre ordered on amazon:

I noticed someone has posted some interesting insights into this new book. Basically he's saying that the blurb for the new book is all about how our brains take ages to die and can be resuscitated hours after "brain death". There is nothing in the blurb about successful Aware results, the reality of the NDE, life after death etc. So the conclusion is that the Aware study has failed to prove anything much, and we will find this out in Jan 2013, when the new book is released.

Here's the link

Congrats piyal. Yes the beauty is breathtaking. Get used to it!
Quote from: Stookie_ on August 22, 2012, 12:29:37
By focus I suppose I mean where a person "focuses" their "awareness", in this case where along the entire spectrum of consciousness your awareness covers. Awareness would be what you as a person are aware of in the current moment. Right now my awareness is in front of my PC, my senses, my thoughts, etc. Then there are other things going on, but are outside of my awareness... subconscious stuff, like breathing. But of course I can expand my awareness to take some of those things in. Concentration is simply a "concentration of awareness" - shrinking awareness down to cover fewer things.

And by stretching awareness, I mean you expand your awareness into other states of consciousness along the spectrum. Awareness doesn't take form or size, just intent. 2 or more areas of consciousness in 1 single awareness (madness).

I see it's different than your explanation above - in mine, a vacuum has no awareness. The censors just send data to a program to execute certain code, none of which is aware. I understand what you're saying though. I suppose in daily life, most people would say "this is what I'm conscious of" not "what I'm aware of". I think I use the terms as I do in regards to AP because when I look at the spectrum of consciousness as a whole, it's not something we're "conscious" of, most parts of consciousness we remain "unconscious" of. If we didn't exist, it still would.

I don't have a clue if I'm right or wrong, that's just how I've always looked at awareness/consciousness in regards to AP.
(I hope I'm not confusing anyone. If you're confused, please ignore this.)

Thanks Stookie for that. After some googling, I see that the current biological definitions of "aware", "conscious" and "cognizant" seem to be almost equivalent (and at first reading seem to be more like your definition than mine). However, looking a little deeper, there is a difference along the lines I am trying to explain (although I could be wrong).

To me, to be "conscious of" implies some degree of subjective conscious experience (i.e. "qualia"), whereas to be "aware of" does not. This is why I say that a vacuum cleaner bot is "aware" of its surroundings but not "conscious" of them (does not understand them).

The Wikipedia definition of "awareness" is:

Wikipedia: Awareness is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, or sensory patterns. In this level of consciousness, sense data can be confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding. More broadly, it is the state or quality of being aware of something. In biological psychology, awareness is defined as a human's or an animal's perception and cognitive reaction to a condition or event.

This definition implies a level of "consciousness" but specifically qualifies this level of consciousness as being "without understanding":

Wikipedia: In this level of consciousness, sense data can be confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding.

So the Wikipedia definition emphasises that awareness does not require any "understanding". This is the crux of what I am saying: "awareness" is classified as a very low level of consciousness, one which "has knowledge", but without subjective conscious experience, without qualia, without thought and without understanding. Personally I don't think it even qualifies as a level of consciousness, but apparently it does.

If you have read this far thanks for reading!

Sorry if I confused anybody. Thanks for the clarification Stookie, I now understand what you were saying in your earlier post.
Hi again piyal, well now it's getting hard to explain what you are experiencing! The entity you keep meeting may be your Higher Self, (trying to give you advice, reassurance etc) or it could be your subconscious (trying to do the same thing). It's quite common in the astral to have experiences which are difficult to understand. May I suggest that the next time you meet this "other you", that you just ask what it is?  The answer could be very interesting!

In general, the Higher Self is that aspect of ourselves which has knowledge of our true nature, remembers all of our past lives, probably plans our lives before we incarnate, absorbs the lessons our physical lives teach us and so on. I haven't heard of it ever being described as an intermediate bond between the physical and astral, but in as much as it is very interested in your personal well being, it might intervene to give you hints and pointers, as you progress in your astral adventures.

I don't know if any of this helps? But do try asking the "other you" who or what it is next time!
Quote from: piyal_14 on August 22, 2012, 08:19:17
Hi catmeow! Thanks a lot for the links! They are all very interesting!
I can say that i can somewhat relate my experience with your link about Lourens M Sobe, the one in which he split into two "selves"!
It has happened twice, both at dawn! Both these times, after having my OBE, my astral self had communicated with my other self (which looked more like my real self), even when i was aware that my physical body was fast asleep on the bed!  :-o

Though there is no explanation for these incidents, i had found them quite fascinating! The human mind definitely has much more to it than anything else on earth!!!    

Hi piyal, I'm glad you enjoyed the links. The Laurens M experience, and yours, sound very much like you were communicating with your Higher Self (what you called Entity 2),  Your Higher Self would be the amalgamation of all your Lower Selves (Entity 1s) which have existed, and for that reason, it makes sense that your Entity 1 felt more like the "real you", because that is all you as Entity 1 have ever known. Your experience kinda makes sense to me, if you look at it this way. It's quite rare to contact your Higher Self which is what I suspect happened. You are quite lucky!

EDIT: I got so wrapped up in the Laurens M experience that I confused it with yours! Hope that wasn't too confusing. In your case, do you think you contacted your Higher Self, or did you communicate with your pbysical body????!
Quote from: Mr.PumperNickle on March 12, 2012, 23:47:16
From what I have read all over the internet there are human psychics who can get into the astral very easily who will stop you in your tracks if you intend to go into that area. If you constantly keep going to area 51 or even the more highly guarded,  highly top secret Dulce Base, Reptile aliens will posses your body and store your soul in a metal box container. Your body will then go "missing" and your flesh will be used for the reptile people to eat and clone. I have heard a LOT of information about area 51 and the Dulce Base. Three of the people I heard it from have all died from heart attacks or random shootings. So I guess either their deaths were a HUGE coincidence or the Gov. is hiding something very horrible within those bases. Don't go there, it's not worth it. Xanth you should go to the Dulce New Mexico base.

I go with coincidence. I don't believe in reptile aliens or illuminati. I will quite happily look around area 51, I simply don't buy into the "government agents are guarding the astral". If that were the case they would have found Bin Laden YEARS ago. Sorry, imo, these are all just conspiracies invented and propagated through the internet by hysteria.