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Quote from: Bordmb on November 03, 2012, 21:59:19
As most regular patrons of the pulse notice, I often take extended absences from posting on these forums. Beyond the obvious reasoning for this, I too, have grown weary of throwing my opinion into the abysmal sea of other opinions and observations, often made by people who are 100% convinced that they are right and are still, in this age and place of enlightenment, arrogant and stubborn.

This rings with me. I too have been guilty of arrogance, but have tried to curb that. In fact, over the past year I am sure that the regular contributors here have generally become less arrogant and more open to others' opinions. However, there is still a great morass of differing opinions and misunderstandings, which I find more troublesome than arrogance. An arrogant person can be shamed if they understand they have been proven wrong. But an arrogant person who repeatedly misunderstands an argument, can not.
Oh I feel guilty now. I see there is a post called "Need Help Astral Projection" which on reading turns out to be an interesting post. Sorry seany! This is tough...
Bedeekin, absolutely spot on with your OP.

Sometimes I wish people would be a little more original with their posts, rather than just saying "CANT AP HELP NEEDED!". Posts like this do not encourage replies. Do some personal research, show some initiative and then ask intelligent questions. This will encourage much higher quality replies, and make for more interesting discussions for all involved.


As a complete side-track, I find the acronym MBT really amusing. This is in fact an acronym of an acronym. At some point I think we should shorten it to just M. It would then be an acronym of an acronym of an acronym. Another example possibly of that fractal paradigm???!
Dr C Jeynes, one of the reviewers of "Cycles Of Time: An Extraordinary New View Of The Universe", on Amazon said this of Prof Penrose:

"I am personally disposed to believe that the Universe is finite in time, at least towards the past. Perhaps this is something beyond observational proof, but in any case I think that Penrose's discussion, whether you believe him or not, is elegant and profound, and I sincerely hope that the new generation of mathematical physicists will take him very seriously. I think he is pointing to the next revolution in physics, with the development of quantum gravity, a consequent revolution in cosmology, and progress at last in some glimmer of appreciation of what consciousness could possibly be. The Universe is intelligible, and the systematic demand for intelligibility has always stimulated revolutions in our understanding."

Basically he is saying that we should take the old Prof seriously.

Hameroff and Penrose have been postulating this for years. Penrose was the first true scientist that I became aware of who talked any sense about consciousness. Anyway here are a couple of amazon searches on hameroff and penrose.
A simulation of the universe? Good luck with that one.
Information obtained under torture is notoriously unreliable. A person being tortured will say anything to stop the pain.  Regarding the question in the OP, you have no way of knowing that your captive actually has the information you are seeking. But he will tell you what he thinks you want to hear, regardless of whether he actually has the information, to stop the torture.  I believe that the actual reason torture is used, is not because it works, but because the captors get sadistic pleasure from it. I don't think it works. So I wouldn't use it. That was a logical argument, no ethics involved. Very clear pragmatic answer. Don't torture.

Now, if we could be 100% certain that we would get 100% accurate info, in that case, it's a tougher dilemma. Ethically I'm opposed to torture, but if it was certain to save many lives, then I would sanction it. But truth is, it doesn't work. So it can not be justified. I vote no.

Well, it's an interesting case, but there is the question of whether the experience happened whilst Eben was in deep coma, which would be medically impossible, or whether his experience happened whilst his brain was coming back online again, as he woke up.  Eben mentions "certain anchors" which tie the experience so that it must have happened whilst he was in deep coma. I haven't been able to find out wat these anchors are. Does anyone know?

I haven't listened to the full 1 hour video, yet, but does Eben explain what these anchors are? On this subject, there is a lot of posturing in the Eben camp, but does any one actually explain how it is established that the experience happened whilst Eben was in deep coma?
Welcome to Dreams! / Re: Dreams of future events
October 17, 2012, 14:30:45
That story brought me chills.... TL, are you still able to contact this woman? If so it would be interesting to find out exactly what she thinks she knows...
Hi AstralCody, I think maybe you need to venture further afield! Next time you are out in your neighbourhood, just float up and start flying (any direction really). Generally, the scenery will change to unfamiliar surroundings, hopefully somewhere interesting.  This happens because you will shift into unfamiliar astral territory. Here you may find the environment more interesting and "noisy".

Only rarely have I noticed profound "quietness" in an astral setting. On one occasion I was floating around a family home (which I sensed was my own home from a possible parallel reality which was being shown to me). Everything was REALLY quiet, except for an unearthly "boing" sound (very hard to describe). But the silence was quieter than you would experience in a sealed sound proofed room, and the "boing" was a bit like the sound effects in the film "Forbidden Planet", kind of spacey and weird!
I agree with the other posts. The best is to wake after 4 or 5 hours. Don't move and don't do any "analytic" thinking. Analytic thinking will definitely wake you up very quickly. You have two choices, either gently visualize a scene and feel yourself  into it, or else try to "roll out" of your body. The kind of "thinking" involved should be passive and unquestioning. As long as you remain mentally passive, the act of visualization or rolling out will deepen the sleep state, and you should find yourself OBE. Once OBE you can engage in analytic thinking again.
Yup,, multiple OBEs, quite easy after the first one. If you are OBE but get pulled back to the physical, don't move, don't do any analytic thinking, just roll out of your body and start all over again. Repeat several times if necessary.
AstralCody, do you stay in your house or do you venture out? Staying in the house can be quiet as you describe.
Quote from: Astralsuzy on October 05, 2012, 23:40:17
I loved watching the flying around in the video.  I do not think aping is that simple.  There are a lot of things that can get in the way of aping and things do not happen as we like them to happen.  There is a lot of learning to do to get things right and even then it is easy to mess things up.
Absolutely. But it's a fun video!
Obviously, they are trying to sell their course, and I'm highly skeptical of advertising blurb like this. I hated Steve Jones advertising, because he seemed to promise a lot which I seriously doubt he could deliver.

But I like this video. Probably because all of the flying visuals are very much like I experience them, flying across magical lands and through huge cities etc. Done that. As long as you realise that these places are very unlikely to be real physical locations, but rather astral locations, the video is kind of accurate.

Regarding checking up on other people, this is quite hard to do. I once did that, tracked down a friend who hadn't contacted me for a while whilst she was travelling in America. I found her and she later confirmed that she was staying where I saw her. But it is difficult to do.

Regarding the Akashic records, hmmm, never done that and I would be impressed if anyone achieved that and brought back accurate info. If the Akashic records actually exist, then they will take on whatever form, library, cinema etc which is most suitable for your personality.

Take this video with a pinch of salt. The flying effects are realistic, but the encounters with cities, Akashic records, other planets etc may have more to do with a non physical reality than the physical here-now. But if you want a really "cool" experience along the lines depicted, then AP can do that for you.
Have to agree with Lionheart. It's economic. Nothing sinister. no conspiracies...
Welcome to News and Media! / Re: Cloud Atlas Trailer
September 30, 2012, 19:16:53
Hmmm, looks like one to watch. Stunning sets, and cinematography too.
Quote from: Stillwater on September 27, 2012, 22:56:22
Give em some credit... they are rocket scientists afterall!

I'm still waiting for some derr-brain to claim a conspiracy and that they never landed....!
Quote from: Lionheart on September 27, 2012, 19:09:03
I watched it live that night. It was surreal. What was amazing is all the variables they had  to work out and that some of them they couldn't work out on Earth here. They were having a problem with the speed the parachute would slow the Module down to. Every test they did here didn't wouldn't work, so they just had to hope it would there. We couldn't create the exact scenario, atmosphere, gravity etc. here on Earth, but we could assume by knowing the stats of Mars that it would deploy properly there. That's a multi-billion dollar finger crossing there, lol! But they got it right and that's all that's important now!  :-)

I just think it was an incredible achievement.  The parachute deployed whilst the spacecraft was supersonic, something which I find amazing, even with a thin atmosphere. The telemetry coming back took 14 minutes to reach earth, so the flight control team at JPL was hearing the news 14 minutes after it actually happened. The rover itself provided three different telemetry signals to confirm safe touchdown, one of which was a continuous UHF transmission (integrity check) to confirm that the rocket propelled descent stage hadn't actually fallen on top of the rover and squashed it!

Article here gives all the facts:
Welcome to News and Media! / Curiosity lands on Mars
September 27, 2012, 19:00:07
I can't believe this worked, but it did!
Quote from: Volgerle on September 26, 2012, 12:06:31
I think this is already happening for quite some time with Google, Facebook & co.

This is "still" a parody, but there might be a core of truth in it:

Great OP and I love this spoof video. Anyway, that's why I don't use facebook, twitter, linkedin or google+. Unfortunately, if you run a small limited company in the UK, then your address can easily be obtained by just typing your name into google. A number of sites list director's addresses obtained from Companies House, in the clear for free to the whole world. will provide names addresses, dates of birth and phone numbers to any stalker for about £10. The banks are using illegal means to gather information too. I have a friend who is a senior banker and he says that some of the personal background reports that land on his desk contain so much information they could only be obtained illegally. But with sites like Facebook around, who needs to break the law? Sign up to google+ and it will tell the local burglars exactly when your house is empty. Use twitter for the same purpose....!
I will just add that there seems to be a creeping movement these days to explain NDEs and OBEs as "REM intrusion". I really think this is nonsense. It's a bit like the hypoxia explanation; unproven and not applicable to many cases. I'm not even sure what "REM intrusion" means.

Apart from the fact that clearly there is a very significant number of OBEs and NDEs which have nothing to do with REM sleep, and can't be explained this way, the explanation is just sleight of hand. 

The so called REM explanation is another example of rationalising the mysterious by applying pseudo scientific vocabulary which thereby gives an air of reason and authority. However, the vocabulary explains nothing and adds nothing. It is a bit like the term"spontaneous remission" used to rationalise the miraculous, and thereby render it less miraculous, without actually providing any explanation at all. We don't even know what REM sleep is. Or hypnogogia.

Give it a scientific sounding name and we give it a scientific explanation.
todd is correct. There is a class of spontaneous OBE which occurs whilst the physical body is fully awake and active. These OBEs can not be explained as REM state byproducts, since no REM state can possibly exist, whilst the physical body is wide awake, talking, driving etc.  The whole REM state explanation for OBEs is a red herring. EEG studies of people who could induce OBEs, such as Bob Monroe, Ingo Swann etc, have shown no REM state correlation.
Quote from: Volgerle on September 20, 2012, 06:38:24
I wouldn't call it consciousness but rather programming since for me the physical body is a kind of machine or 'bio-computer'. Many things are automated, even initiated survival programs (be they central/peripherous nervous system or hormonally steered or whatever), just like a computer doing a kind of 'self'-maintenance (which is pre-programmed or built into the design in the first place). This includes also what we observe as 'emotional' and distress actions. E.g. I've read a death account (past life regression) where the woman was burnt as a witch on the stake in the midde ages. She reported being already out of the body when she witnessed "her" body still crying from pain and struggling/wiggling in the dying process. I think that all of these (re)actions are built in, instinctual 'behaviours' and/or programs built into the computer software (maybe in the DNA-"software", too).

Yes, this is really my suspicion too. Firstly, I'll pin my colours to the mast and say that, based on the evidence of numerous spontaneous OBEs, I believe that the physical body does have a "consciousness" of its own, which is distinct from our non-physical, self aware astral consciousness.  That is what we have to infer from the evidence. So, at the minimum, there are TWO consciousnesses.

But is the physical consciousness self aware or is it just a bio-computer which behaves exactly as if it were self aware, but actually isn't? Well I suspect it is not self aware. When the astral consciousness inhabits (focusses on for focus level advocates), the physical body, perhaps it supplies the elusive "self awareness" which consciousness researchers have failed to find.

This would keep all parties happy; it would allow AI advocates to explain human consciousness as brain software running on brain hardware; it would explain why consciousness researchers have failed to find the seat of self awareness; it would explain that the "hard problem of consciousness" is a metaphysical process which can never be achieved by a physical bio computer (or any computer for that matter); it would explain the mind split phenomenon reported repeatedly in spontaneous OBEs; and it would explain how the "I" survives physical death.

Just a thought. Yes, I think that maybe physical consciousness is just a mindless computer program, and the self aware part is provided by our astral consciousness?