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Quote from: Xanth on June 16, 2012, 14:45:44I think this discussion here helping Pauli in regards to Focus 12 could really assist Robin Goodfellow in regards to her original post to provide some extra guides for her in regards to Focus 12 and beyond.

Him  :-)..I have boy parts  :wink:

I'm curious now where this conversation might evolve to so thought I might throw out some observations I've made about past experiences. I do tend to distinguish between OBE and lucid dream.

OBE Experience:

While laying down I was having trouble getting to sleep so thought I might experiment a bit. Went through my progressive relaxation routine until the heaviness overtook me and began using ROPE. Almost immediately I felt pressure in my solar plexus and tingling throughout my body. My chest began to vibrate which caught my focus and as I held my attention on the vibrations they sped up and moved throughout my body. I started to feel myself lifting up out of my body at this point but it wasn't quite that clear cut. I could feel the numbness in my physical body, the non-physical vibrations, and a bodily awareness moving outside my physical body all at the same time. During the whole process I also retained spatial awareness regarding the room I was in as well. It felt very much like moving outward.

LD Experience:

Was feeling restless while trying to fall asleep so thought I would play with my imagination a bit. I settled down into my usual sleeping position and started watching the mental imagery behind my closed eyes. Its always so random I wonder if this stuff is floating around in my mind all day. Most of it is cartoonish scenes mixed with constantly changing patterns of light. Suddenly a very realistic scene popped up. It was at first just a tree but it was so real I could have reached out and touched it. I looked down and could see the ground, looked up into a blue sky. Very realistic so I kept playing. At some point I must have drifted off to sleep because I don't recall a transition but I woke up in my imaginary woods scene. I knew it was a dream and I also knew I was creating it. I cant explain how I knew I was creating it, was just my sense or my feeling. I knew I was within a self created reality.

These are two of my experiences with non physical realities with two very different feelings about them. My level of awareness felt the same in both. The OBE felt like an external projection and the environment around me felt stable, but I had the sense it was also external to me and not a creation of my mind. The LD felt like an internal projection and the environment felt just as stable as the OBE, but I had the definite sense it was being manufactured by my own mind like I was walking around within myself.
I think I've gotten all I needed from the original inquiry now.  :-) Am starting to remember why I used to frequent the Pulse back in the day, such diversity here. Ive had enough experience within nonphysical realities to find my way back, and I just don't think the phasing method adds anything to what I already know besides a new label. Ultimately I gotta follow my own drum beat, though I do enjoy relaxing while I appreciate the beat of a different drum once in a while.

Good thoughts to you all  :-D
I appreciate the warm welcome  :-D
Thanks you all for the replies  :-)

I suppose I got the impression from reading Franks posts that phasing was a well honed method of entering a WILD, which is where my interest in phasing mostly lies. I've developed a personalized training regimen over the years of exercises in consciousness exploration and at the moment full blown OBE's aren't on top of my list. At the moment I'm focused on sensory concentration through active imagination techniques, and Franks model seemed conducive to that area of exploration. I am very interested in the MIT's gateway program and think I might give the program a try soon.

As a side note I was reading 'Concentration' by Mouni Sadhu last night and thought the book would probably be of interest to those using phasing techniques. The book is a full course in concentration that teaches step by step how to focus your attention, shut off sensory stimulus, and expand consciousness beyond the physical through willed intent. Interestingly the advanced exercises begin with shutting off the visual and auditory senses as you expand the blackness to a 3D quality. Sadhu also used a 4 levels or reality model which corresponded to Waking, Dreaming, Dreamless Sleep, and a fourth state he simply mentioned was the Source of and interpenetrated the other 3 states.
Hello all  :-D

Okay, for the past couple weeks I've been reading the compilation of Franks posts and re-reading Monroes books trying to understand the phasing approach to projection. I figured the first step was reaching a solid Focus 10. I can quite easily enter the mind awake body asleep state associated with Focus 10. I say easily now but its been years since I first attempted reaching that state, now compared to then its a cake walk. Focus 12 confuses me. I cant quite figure out what its supposed to be. I keep reading that its associated with various mental imagery, lights and swirling patterns. I get that immediately upon closing my eyes however. The only difference is that at Focus 10 its much more immediate. In Franks model it seems to me that the switch to Focus 12 would be like entering a WILD. Or is the lucid dream quality beyond Focus 12? Thats basically what Im wondering. I've been re-reading astral dynamics as I study Franks model. My current understanding is that once Focus 10 is reached you have 3 options. 1: Use a technique to move awareness beyond your physical/energetic body into the surrounding area to achieve a RTZ projecton. 2:  Create a mental landscape or dreamscape and engage it with all senses until you phase into it. 3:  Focus on the random mental imagery in a nonchalant way while intending to move beyond it to higher focus levels. What I'm seeking at the moment is entry into the 3D technicolor experience Frank called Focus 2. Im just curious where within the Monroe Focus levels that depth of experience lies. Is it Focus 12 or beyond?
Hello all  :-D

I was a member here way back when it was still associated with Mr. Bruce, and I've kept tabs on the site on and off throughout the years. Cant even recall what my username was so am starting a blank canvas. Ive studied all things occult and esoteric for well over a decade, yet I've taken the patient approach. I never practiced any technique until understanding the why. Am at the point now where I feel I have an intuitive understanding of many esoteric Arts and am beginning to practice them. I was drawn back to this site due to Franks posts. I'm studying the Phasing approach to OBE. I hope to find fellow travelers here to swap experiences with as I travel down the crooked path.

May you all be whole  :-)