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I get headaches almost everyday(for the past 2 months or so). I wake up in the morning feeling ok then maybe 2 hours later I get a headache that lasts for a really long time and it goes/or diminishes then comes back later on(it's almost like it never completely goes away). This is really unpleasant as it makes it difficult for me to focus on school work. I've taken medicine for it but that doesn't help much and frankly I hate putting all those chemicals in my body.  :roll:

Is there any specific NEW technique I can use to get rid of it? I haven't really started the NEW system yet as I don't have much time or privacy. I've been doing some energy breathing for a few days now though my asthma makes it kinda difficult or maybe I'm doing it wrong.
Also I'm always tired even not long after waking in the morning. It's like I'm mentally exhausted then later it's physical. Right now I feel 'dull' and I've had a headache for 3 hours.
I can't keep living like this.  :(

I'd appreciate any help.