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Topics - David Warner

Ap Friends,

Anyone ever work with sensory deprivation tanks (float tanks) in-depth?

I've read a lot about this and have always wanted to experience.

Ap Friends,

A friend of mine on AP executes retrievals all the time while having the oobe. I would like to know a few thing about this a little more.

1. How many others here at AP retrieve?
2. Do you still retrieve murderers that were once alive physically?
3. When you retrieve, can you give me a idea of the experience.

My friend has given me some excellent insight on this, but its always good to have others join in and share their experiences.

I know one of the authors Bruce Moen has written about this and I plan to read up on.

Please advise.

Ap Friends,

Lately, I've been keeping a spreadsheet on my sleep cycle, foods that I consume for breakfast,lunc,dinner,snacks, exercise, and date of the projection.

Has anyone here done any research into this further for themselves? Any foods that you can say make the difference with projecting or not?

I'm planning at to record 1yrs worth of data on this and organize the material and see where I'm at statistically. Maybe this will unlock some mysteries and help people in the long run.

Ap Friends,

Here's a projection that was definitely one of my longest experiences out of body I'm sharing with you. At times, it seems like a novel, but I can reassure that the memory was legitimate  with the experience.

Note: There are parts of sexual references to this experience. I tried to edit out much of it w/o losing the intent. If you are offended, I do apologize.

Hope you enjoy...


II Projections
Time: A good 1/2hr to 1 hr
Subject: Donna


The projection started out by waking up at 7:50am then
falling asleep imagining myself spinning around until I
found myself outside of my body looking at my mom/dads
house. This view brought me to full realization that I was
back with clear perception just like the other dream escape
experiences. The hypnotic state was able for me to once again
make it easier to leave the physical world and enter the

Once outside looking around at my environment I could
instantly tell it was a warm summer day with a cool breeze
blowing in the air. Something inside me felt so captured by
the moment of how mysterious this astral world was and so
silently beautiful. Taking flight off the ground I gently
flew thru the air over my mom and dads house then landed in
the neighbors house backyard which once again, to visit my
desire Donna .

Opening the backdoor to the house and entering inside
the house, I saw that a little kid along with his mother
were there welcoming me in friendly voice. Yes, I was
surprised to say the least about the two not giving me a
hard time wondering why I just walked inside there house
without permission. Looking at the mother, I'd asked her
"Where's Donna?", she replied "She's in her bedroom", taking
the mothers word I roamed around the house until I found the
first room with Donna, my desire laying on the bed almost as
if she knew I was coming.

Remembering from the past experiences with emotional anxiety of desire, I looked at my hands to have control so that I wouldn't lose my consciousness and come back to my physical body from having sex with Donna. For some reason, deep down inside I wasn't there just to have sex but to see if she was okay from what I did to her in a few experiences ago (losing her in space) and hoping that she would forgive me. Explaining to her that I freaked out about the situation at hand, being out far into space, heading for the moon, not ready to take on this new reality was just too much pressure that builded into fear in that I was

Donna looked at me and smiled then said "It could
happen to anyone and don't worry about it!!".
Sitting next to Donna I slowly begin to remove her
clothes off of her, exposing her bra and panties. Gently
unlatching her bra, her breasts blossomed out and that her
bra gently fell off to the ground. Placing my hands around
her breasts I begin to softly squeeze.

<Details omitted>

Telling Donna "Even if you are a thought form, you're very sexy!!" she replied back to me "A thought form??" while giggling as if she was pretending with curiosity, but as if I really knew the truth what's real or not.  Hoping up on the bed looking at Donna's we engaged in sex.

<Details omitted>

After a few minutes of intercourse with Donna I arose to my feet taking
off and out of the room saying "good-bye" with kisses.. Why
I did this so suddenly is beyond my reason but I feel that
Donna will understand for my abrupt leaving.

Finding myself back in the kitchen with the kid and his
mom along with two other guys around in there early
twenties which seem to be friends or brothers. I focused my
attention on one of the guys which I was able to make him
float in mid-air. Everyone in the room was surprised that I
was able to do this magic and were asking me questions.
Explaining to everyone that it's a simple task mental
process that you control with your mind in which you can
accomplish alot.  For some reason they all weren't grasping
what I was telling them which I could see the expression
drawn upon their face in question of what I just said.

The little kid came up to me asking me "did you find
my sister?", replying back to the kid "yes, I did.. we had sex
!!" and after that the little kid didn't say word from
that point on. One of the relatives of the kids was there
and that her presence was a big fat lady who needed to go
on a diet. She said to the little kid to come with her which
she would take him over to her house where everyone else
would meet. I then stepped into the conversation saying "I
can take the kid over to the house, it's a easier means of
transportation, flying that is, in which I can teach him how
to fly, but with me guiding".

We were then outside, the lady got into the car and was
telling me while pulling out of the drive way "you're crazy
about the flying scheme!!" then drove away out of sight. The
kid climbed on my back which I took off running then jumping
into the air barely wiping out from almost crashing into the
ground..  Finally, I ascended into the clouds which my
perception was split to where I could see the land masses,
oceans, clouds from the ozone level and the bottom
perception I was able to see the ground. This perception
occurred at the same time and isn't the first time this has
happened to me. It was hard to focus on both perceptions at
the same time so I decided that the top perception was my

Nervous I was about focusing my perception on the top
half which I felt as if I'd lose balance then out in space
I would be which wasn't meant for me. I didn't want any
repeats of what I did with Donna as opposed to having the
kid along with me and the possibility of losing him. The
little kid told me "just focus your attention on the ground
and not to be scared, but relax to enjoy", as I took the
kids advice instantly I began to descend to the earth's
atmosphere which there was no fear inside of me no more and
I kept flying faster. It seems that I might have been flying
at the speed of thought because everything in my perception
flashed in front of me so quick that I couldn't see the
whole scene.. who knows ehh??

Once I got closer to the ground where it was in sight,
ahead of me were mountains so breathtaking and so beautiful
that I couldn't take my eyes off of. So free as liberty to
do what I want, as a bird I was flying over the mountains so
peacefully on a warm summers day with the sun shinning
bright. What more could anyone ask for, I kept asking myself
while in flight....what more??

The kid and I landed on the ground by a huge building
which we past by it earlier while in the air before circling
around for a landing. It took me a few seconds to realize
where I was geographically when everything clicked.. I was
in Nashville, Tennessee at the Grand Ole Oprah "New Auditorium
and not the old located in the heart of the city". Thinking
to myself "of all places in the world, why here?", I then
explained to the kid that my brother and I were just here a
5-6 weeks ago touring the southern parts in the U.S.A.
on vacation for two weeks which one of our stops was at the
Grand Ole Oprah...

We entered the auditorium when a lady asked me for
tickets to enter, so I shown her the tickets that were in my
hand which happened to be blue and torn up. She asked me
"why are the tickets torn up", which I replied to her "I had
to leave the opera to gather up some friends" then the next
question she fired at me was "what color is the ticket?", my
reply was "the ticket colors are red & blue" then the lady
ticket taker let us pass, but even though I gave her a
line of b.s. it worked...:> Once we're in, the kid took off
telling me that he would find us seats, I then decided to
walk around to see what was going down.

Walking up to these three guys who happened to be
drinking beer at the time, I wanted to converse with them to
find out a few things. One of the guys offered me a pop in
which I refrained because I thought it would be bad for my
astral body but what about the physical too??, so I drank
the pop Anyways and from my observation the taste remained
the same.

Looking at one of the men's glass that he was
holding, I saw that it was filled with pop along with ice
inside. Starting to think to myself with my feelings of
lifting the glass up in the air then tilting it towards the
man, the glass with the pop inside was thrown at him at my
command of thoughts.

Instantly I felt a negative reaction with the men
coming at me with their fists clinched with revenge. As I've
done before in the past, imagined knifes and blades]like
Freddy Kruger had on his hand that would slice it's victims
up to shreds.. This time I was successful with the knives
coming out but it only grew to be a 1/8th of an inch was the
result. Realizing that this wasn't going to do any damage I
ran for my life with the three guys chasing after me and
finally lost them when I hid in this telephone booth.

While in the telephone booth, I noticed the
bottom half of the phone casing shell where the money
drops down to, there was see thru glass instead of a
black casing shell.  There were mostly coins of all types
but I could also see dollar bills as well in this see thru
glass casing. I reached for my pockets then grabbed $.50
cents and deposited the money into the phone to make a call
home. Even if I have to pay $5.00-$7.00 for the connection
is was worth it because I could explain my location to my
parents. My Dad answered the phone in which I told him the
location to where I was in Tennessee and that probably, I
would be home soon, even though I missed the south, replying
to my Dad "I'm sorry!!"..

After that I took a stroll further away to just examine
my environment.. In front of me was a little girl who was
glowing with light from her finger, this also resembled the
light from E.T's finger from the movie The Extra-
Terrestrial. After I looked into this little girl's
finger her faced changed form to an alien, the shape, size,
and form was different but looked to me as if it was ET.

I touched the aliens/little girls finger just like in
the movie ET. and the alien asked me to shake hands which
I didn't see nothing wrong with that until I reached out my
hand looking at a lobster claw that was the aliens hand. I
tried a few times to shake the aliens hand in which I said
"I just can't bring myself to shake your hand!!", and yes
the alien was mad at me... that's when the time was right to
cut from that scene.

Looking around for other people to analyze, I saw a man
sitting in a wheel chair talking to this man behind the
concession stand. Deciding to approach the two with a offer
that they couldn't refuse, which was helping the man in the
wheel chair to sit front row on stage. After explaining to
the two men, they wound up exploding with laughter about how
I could perform such a miracle..

Still laughing at me, the two men offered me a $80.00
bet on my foolish thought. Along with making another bet
which consisted of arm wrestling, I was going to use my mind
to squish the guys hand to win the game. At that time the
little kid came up to me saying "the show is on right now,
c'mon lets go" even though I lost the bets against the two
which I wasn't excited about in the first place so I decided
to take the money and run following the little kid.

Finding myself descending down steps towards the
stage, there was a friend who was sitting in the aisle which
happened to be a good friend of mine from high school and
that happened to be Steve . My friend Steve was
sitting down on the other side row of seats, I looked at
Steve and said "hi", which I immediately jumped into the
air taking flight towards the stage, barely missing the
red barn from crashing into it and knocking it over.

After landing onto the stage in front of everyone that
was seated for the show, I noticed people dancing, singing
to the country music that was being played by the musicians.
It seemed to me that the audience, musicians, dancers were
celebrating a special moment in time of a historical event.
A girl with big breasts came up to me and kissed me, so
My hands went wondering and about this time I was
having enough of this projection to return home.

II.- False Awakening

Feeling sad as I found myself waking up in the basement
couch looking at the TV then hearing my brothers voice in
question to give him a answer which my brother was asking
me where I was and that he was glad to see me. Explaining to
my brother Brian briefly about my experience he left the
room without even saying a word. While thinking about what
just happened I was looking at the tv screen when I noticed
that the girl who was on the stage and that I was placing my
hands down her pants was on the tv screen. Shaking my head
back and fourth I also heard a voice saying "Don't leave
home without it!" which at the time no one was in the room.

This didn't make no sense to me of what was happening
at the time, so I kept watching the tv screen with the girl
dancing like a ballerina, so gracefully and delicately her
moves were. After watching for a few minutes I finally
awakened into my physical body with blank empty thoughts of
what I just experienced...

Note: Once I was awake there was no trace of memory I could
detect with what just occurred in my experience. I knew that
I'd left my body for quite a long time and that the feelings
were there. After five minutes time, little fragments of the
experience started to come fourth but wasn't until 15
minutes later the whole experience flowed in at once..

Because of this experience flooding into my mind at
once with every bit of detail, I had to quickly grab a tape
recorder then narrate my experience on tape. I was very
afraid that I would lose the information and wouldn't be
able to bring it back, but luckily enough after talking into
the recorder for a half hours time all the information was
successfully poured out onto tape...

* Whew!! *

Every-time during the night when I project its also night time. On rare occasion the astral will be lighted. I do have a few nightlights on in the the physical bedroom but this doesn't seem to do the trick. When I'm in the astral, I will my intent with the lights turning or or welcoming daylight to appear. Been down the road of turning on the light switch but nothing happens

Can anyone suggest a good method of turning darkness into light?

Anyone here ever experiment with a EEG machine or did any scientific
study in a lap sleep with astral projection?

I've seen around the net different machines for home and it can be rather costly. Has anyone tried these machines, any conclusions that were studied on projections, vibrations and rems?

Has anyone ever tried projecting and then flying directly into the sun?

To see if you would catch on fire, burn yourself, blind or would you just
pass through, land on the surface and swim the hot lava?


Here's a start of questions for our poll. Others in this forum, please feel free to add onto this list. Also, what ever format you would like to use these question in that will support the software on this board not a problem.

1. Is your method for projection - Phasing?
2. Is your method for projection - Trance?
3. Is your method for projection - Lucid Dreaming?
4. Is your method for projection - False Awakening?
5. Do you drink alcohol socially?
6. Do you smoke?
7. Do you get the vibrations when you project?
8. Do you believe in God?
9. Have you ever validated astral projection with experiments>
10. Do you have sex in the astral realms?
11. Do you fear astral projection?
12. Who's your favorite author? Monroe, Castaneda, Muldoon, Ledbetter, Bruce, Frank, Adrian?
13. Are you able to see your physical body during a projection?
14. Have you ever been higher in the astral realms?
15. Why are you interested in astral projection - Fear of Death, To Help Others, Have Fun, or Curiosity?
16. Does your husband/wife approve of your astral projection ability?
17. Are you afraid of death since you've astral projected?
18. Does anyone else in your family astral project?
19. How many experiences have you had? 1-25, 26-100, 101-500, 501-1000?
20. Do you diet and exercise to achieve astral projection?
21. Do you use crystals,affirmations, pyramids, prayers for aids in astral projection?
23. Have you ever met your higher guides in the astral?
24. How long do you project for? 1-5Mins, 6-10mins, 11-20mins, 21-30mins?
25. Have you ever had a NDE (Near death experience)?
26. Have you ever met anyone at the astral pulse island and verified the experience with another member?
27. Whats your religious belief - Methodist, Catholic, Jewish, Lutheran, Jehovah Witness, Agnostic, None?
28. Do you think religion plays a huge role behind the scenes of astral projection?
29. How long have you been projecting for? 1-5yrs, 6-10yrs, 11-20yrs, 21yrs and beyond?
30. Do you think astral projection really exists?
31. Do you think health is a factor in successful projections?
32. Do you consume illegal drugs? - Marijuana, Cocaine, LSD?
AP Friends,

I was digging thru some of my journals and came across the time that I witnessed the birth of Christ. I do not want to offend anyone with this if you are very religious, esp towards the end when I saw the wicked witch. I am only sharing what occurred in this projection for us to learn together.

Time: 10:30am - 11:30am
"the birth of Christ"

    After I logged off the internet talking with my
girlfriend from Canada for a few hours. I felt inside that a astral projection was possible due to my body chemistry and mental state of mind that has given me the edge to leave under these conditions.

    It didn't take me long to enter the hypnotic state upon
falling sleep. I awakened to light vibrations running all
around my body and music playing as if someone had put
headphones on my ears. The weird thing about this music
that was playing, it was a child song from what I can
recall. I thought the song was silly and couldn't figure out
for the life me why this music was playing.

    As this music was playing in my ears i was able to look
Thur my eye-lids at dark surroundings. I know that my
perception was viewing the side of the wall but also it
seemed that a face emerged from this darkness. Could it have
just been my hands, my face or what? This I do not know and
maybe never.

    While all this chaos was happening I heard a voice
talking with me saying something along the lines of 'the
hand that you see it what you've created'. But when I would
look out of my eye-lids I didn't see any hands or maybe I
did... too hard to judge at the time.. although the
feelings are there and it felt as if I was looking at a
hand, but not to totally sure.

    Also, the voice that was talking with me carried on
thru the rest of the experience which for the most part
everything was incoherent. I do remember asking this voice
(teacher) to help me reach a higher level in conscious and
to guide me properly. As I asked this voice which I'll call
teacher, I felt hands around the back of my body pushing me
upward with a big thrust of one motion.

    Next second later I was traveling thru some sort of
space where I could see light that was pure white on the
sides of my view which looked like a tunnel for entry. There
was just a few tunnels of light from what I could see, but I
didn't touch this tunnels from what I can recall. At one
moment in time everything around me turned into blackness
with shiny brown diamond shapes generating light on and off.

    The feeling that I received from this level was
content, scenario and a total different feel that I've never
experienced in previous projections. It wasn't something
that I would want to remain in this state and never come
back, but it's real nice to experience this sort of
conscious awareness....

    After being in this dimension for a little bit the
whole scenario changed to where the darkness turned into
a actual physical environment. I saw stars around me, a
desert and man/woman on a donkey heading towards a city with
lights glowing. I saw sand dunes, camels, kings and horses
arriving to this city with in the darkness of the night. The
night was warm with a light cool breeze on blowing thru the palm
trees around the edge of the city and desert.

    I knew at first what was happening when I saw the
man and woman on the donkey heading towards the city in
which it was the birth of Jesus Christ. The next scene
changed from the desert surroundings to looking directly at
the manger scene with lord Jesus Christ in the stable. There
were a lot of people gathered around the manger witnessing
this event in time.

    The last thing that I can recall was that this
wicked witch of the west from the move 'wizard of oz' was
chasing me around behind the people gathered at the manger
scene witnessing this event. I did catch a glimpse of this
witch that was chasing me around and she did have a green
face and was small for her height..   Why this came about I
do not know, but this kinda throws a fork with this event.. I do
not know why this happened.

    Once I returned back to my physical body I was just a
little blown away from what took place. Excited yes and in
question of what happened yes... I feel that I'm getting
closer to my teacher and finally making head way to higher
levels learning about myself. Some of my experiences lately
I've been trying to strive for years now and they are
finally coming true... Maybe it's a act on my part of
growing up and not just wanting to leave the body for the
experience, but to reach higher with the meaning so I can
learn... it makes sense to me...

For who ever is helping me "Thank You!!"
Hello AP Friends,

This was the first time that I had setup the experiment with the cards. My wife placed one card on the bedroom door and another card on the door that leads to the mudroom and to the outside the house. Both cards were faced down taped at the top. I figured this would be a great experiment and not to hard to miss since I would be projecting into that path.

The cards were placed on the door about 3-4 weeks ago and it took me that long to finally wield the results.

Anyways, roughly around 3:30AM 7/14/2005 I awakened into the trance state after have gone to bed about a 1/2hr prior. I did feel the vibrations and realize that I was rather in a good stance to project. As always, I just rolled out off the bed and onto the floor. I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish and that was to view the card on the door. I floated around the bed frame and pushed my way towards the door. I was able to pull the card off the door and view the number and suit. The card that  I read was the King of Diamonds. After that, I lost control and was pulled back the way I traveled around the bed-frame.

The weird thing is that when I was on the bed, my astral body was upright and my legs were on the bed. Basically, sitting upright on the bed and during that time I was spinning around in circles. I felt the physical body trying to re-align my astral inside of my physical  but just couldn't. I had to actually had to lay down and focus and could feel the alignment kick in.
I kinda of wonder if this would be a good technique to prevent from coming back into the physical if you want to stay out longer?

Now, the next part is interesting because I thought I had awakened in the physical. I could see my wife Katie and she said to me "Wow, that was fast for you to verify the card". So we both went over to the door, pulled the card off and this time it was 8 of hearts.

Finally, I physically awakened and realized what had just occurred. So I grabbed my notepad, and removed the physical card off the door and went into the kitchen were there was light. I would be able to write the notes and see the actual card. To my surprise the physical card in the bedroom was 2 of hearts. Even though it wasn't the 8 at least I got the suit correct.

I decided not to remove the card on the front door leading to the mud room because I would again try to project later. Well, at 10:46AM I was able to project and this time no vibes were present. I did hear music from this astral projection subliminal tape I listen to physically and imagined myself rolling inside my physical like a log quickly turning.

Getting out of the body was a breeze and I moved quickly to the front door with the objective of reveling the second card. At the time, I was able to see the card and make out the number, contents BUT the problem that occurred which wasn't really a problem. I was able to stay out of body for 10-15mins exploring everything around me. I knew at the time if I was to abort the projection and come back that the experience would be cut short. So I decided to put the card in my pocket for when I would lose consciousness I could quickly look at the card upon returning and have a better memory.

Well, never a less I didn't realize this experience would be very beautiful, moving, and so inspirational that I forgot about the card details. During the experience I ran into two teenagers that I had asked if there were deceased and they both laughed at me. After that, I saw 3 black people, 2 men and 1 woman. I had asked them specifically if they were deceased and the black woman said "yes and that God is her savior and glory to be" I told her that I was sorry to hear that and agreed with her about her statement.

The other elements of the projection is that I was in a backyard which to be believed by me I was located at my mom and dads in the astral. When I was on the back deck, there were many flowers growing. Red, Pink and White in one flower petal. so I decided to pull the flower off and smell it. I could sense the texture, winkle touch and smell the scent of the flower. After that I turned to the sky and said "God, I love you and Thank You for this gift". Also, I asked help from a higher source like a angel or something from God. When I looked at the sky I could see a shimmer of a ray of light beam thru this pine tree and out from no where was this bird. The bird was a size of a watermelon, almost like a blown up puffer fish. I asked this bird at the time if you/it/he/her was my helper and it nodded back to me gracefully shaking his head up and down.

There's more to this experience and probably would take another 2-3 pages to detail, but I picked out the beautiful highlights of the experience. Imagine if I had aborted the projection upon verifying the card what I would have lost...!

When I finally returned back to my physical body, I went to the kitchen room and removed the card off of the mud room door. The physical playing card was the Jack of Diamonds.

What is truly interesting about this experiment is that the first projection and the false awakening the both times that cards matched the suit.

Astral Bedroom - card I read was King of Diamonds
Physical Front Room Door - card is Jack of Diamonds

Physical Bedroom - card was 2 of hearts
False Awaking Astral Bedroom - card I read with my wife was 8 of Hearts

What I think happened is that in the first projection and false awakening I had already read both cards.  So if I was reading the card in the bedroom, I would have been actually reading it in the front room kitchen door and vice verse. I know that the card in the astral that I tried reading on the second attempt was not suit or the number on the physical cards. I am going by gut instinct and vague memory.

The odds of having the same suit in one astral projection and false awakening attempt is 500 to 1. I still have more experiments with the cards but for a first time shot - pretty dam good!!!


I don't know if this has been done yet, but would there be anyway to put together a poll on for healthy lifestyle and astral projection?

Ex: Run a poll on the following: Smoker, Non-Smoker, beer/whisky Consumption, Drugs, Healthy Foods, Amount of Sleep, Time of Projections etc..

I think this would really give a great result on success of projections. Narrowing down the possibilities to what affects the projection and what doesn't.

Last night I was in a dream at my mom/dads house where I was in the kitchen. There was someone else with me which I think it was my wife.

At the time, I knew in the back of my head that Freddy Kruger was out and about and going to show himself to me. There's a door in the kitchen that leads to the basement. I decided to 'mentally' open the door with my mind using my finger tip to turn the door knob. It actually worked and out came Freddy all burnt, wearing the hat, scarred and with his fierce blades on his hands.

I know there was a struggle between me and Freddy while we fought. At times I could feel Freddy's knives slice into me as he laughed. Somehow, I was able to hold Freddy into a bear hug while the other person kept stabbing him with a kitchen knife. I then was able to throw Freddy down on the table and cut his body in half to where he wouldn't be able to walk.

I stormed out of the house and could hear the laughter and crying from Freddy as he kept repeating to me I want my body back. So out of no where as I turned the corner down the street, there was a like a parade of people and one person had a garbage bin where I tossed the body into the bin.

That was about it of the experience, but as I reflect on it and in the last month I've been faced with fears that I've been getting over and taking care of business like its not a issue. I wonder who the other person was in my dream - helped, angel, thought form, my wife etc..etc..?

i don't know if this is possible or even been attempted - but would there be anyway to glimpse, or capture a video recording of the astral world?

Anyone ever try to Astral Project inside of a pyramid?

About 12yrs ago my friend and I built a pyramid in his apartment. Covered the outer sides with wood and then aluminum.  Listened to meditative music and smoked a little too.

But for the most part I did have a few experiences. I'm not sure if I'm just the weird one of the group but has anyone tried that before?

What is the best way to determine if a thought form is actually real or not?

How to really distinguish between your sub-conscious thought forms?

Ex: A week ago, talked with this woman who turned into a man. Was this a thought form, or was this actually happening where the woman turned himself into the man?

anyone here ever project during school classroom while the teacher was putting everyone into a state of boredom lecture?

always a great feeling getting pulled back and the physical body whiplashes. then the class reacts to you being asleep - but out of body you are..


Pioneers of Astral Projection, they Spent All Their Lives experimenting, proving, writing and teaching. They are now lost to the ages, but would you think they would find a way to communicate back to the physical world like through other astral projectioners?

Robert Monroe  
Sylvan Muldoon
Carlos Castaneda
C.W. Leadbeater
Scott Rogo
Helena P. Blavatsky  

AP Friends,

Just recently I had six astral projections and in the last projection I had the opportunity to talk with this girl. I asked her name and she replied back and then asked me if I had any brothers or sisters. As I was getting ready to answer her I lost consciousness and returned back to my physical body.

I wish that I was able to communicate with her more and just get to know her and what she was about etc. The only thing that I did pickup before approaching her (Flying up to her). That it appeared to possible be amish, possible 20th Century clothing. Along with her was another girl and she didn't take too kind of me and left. They both were sitting on a wooden bridge with rope to hold balance and steps.

Has anyone here have had lengthy discussions with people, entities, angels, in the astral? Have you been ever able to verify upon return to the physical that they once existed here on earth.

Has anyone tested and studied the results of physical foods and the effect on astral projection? Do certain foods work best for inducing ap's or not?

Anyone here ever try the ganzfield goggles?

I purchased these goggles sometime back and actually had some interesting results.

Even though they don't make the goggles anymore, but thought I would ask the AP forum.

Anyone here ever setup experiments on materialization from the astral to the physical?

Don't forget the other authors too that are great material to read.... I think and feel these authors really had a impact on my early stages of astral projecting....

Muldon and Carrington (a deffinite read)
Oliver Fox
C.W. Leadbetter (a deffinite read)
Carlos Castanada
Janet Lee
Rudolf Steiner
Egytian Hermetics
Robert Monroe
Scott Rogo

Would there be anyway to map out the astral world geographically / physically?

If I'm in a certain time/place in the astral world and if I remain in that space for a length of time. Would the environment be changing dynamically, or would be static?

Anyone ever try to Astral Project inside of a pyramid?

About 12yrs ago my friend and I built a pyramid in his apartment. Covered the outer sides with wood and then aluminum.  Listened to meditative music and smoked a little too.

But for the most part I did have a few experiences. I'm not sure if I'm just the weird one of the group but has anyone tried that before?

Anyone here ever video recorded their physical body during a astral projection exercise?

I did this ages ago - physical body was asleep, took me under five minutes to put myself into the hypnotic state. Saw my body jerk due to the vibrations and a few times my hand would raise upward as I was reaching for something (during the ap I was waving my astral hands around trying to get out).

Anyone interested in seeing the video,comparing notes?

Anyone here ever encounter Pixies, Gnomes, or Dwarfs during their astral projection experiences?

What are their meaning and why do they exist?


When we project and view the astral world - is this what we are really seeing? Like if I'm looking at a tree in the astral, is it a tree? Lets say people too - if I am looking at my wife, could it be her or my sub-consciousness clothing as someone else?

Secondly - has anyone tested the astral sight? What the sight is weak or strong when out of body?

Just recently I had six astral projections and in the last projection I had the opportunity to talk with this girl. I asked her name and she replied back with her name and then asked me if I had any brothers or sisters. As I was getting ready to answer her I lost consciousness and returned back to my physical body.

I wish that I was able to communicate with her more and just get to know her and what she was about etc. The only thing that I did pickup before approaching her (Flying up to her). That it appeared to possible be amish, possible 20th Century clothing. Along with her was another girl and she didn't take too kind of me and left. They both were sitting on a wooden bridge with rope to hold balance and steps.

Has anyone here have had lengthily discussions with people, entities, angels, in the astral? Have you been ever able to verify upon return to the physical that they once existed here on earth.

Anyone here from the Grand Rapids Michigan area interested in starting up a meeting group every month of Astral Projection?

AP Friends,

Since we're all good at getting out to the astral plane and experiencing this gift from God. What about being able to reach the higher sub-planes of the astral? Sure we know the format -early morning projection, hypnotic state, etc..etc.. but what is the format for reaching higher?

Is it calling on angles, guardian spirits, listening to music so beautiful and pure, or meditation?

If you've been higher levels - what methods did you use?

AP Friends,

Not that I'm looking to partake in this but can one destroy or kill a chakra during a astral projection? Can they be killed or attacked?


Well, I finally initialized my crystal in the moonlight using sea salt for the last 3 days. I was lucky enough to have had the crystal a few days before the full moon in which I started.

Anyways, I've noticed in the last few days that my dream recall is getting a little better and experienced my first projection today with holding the crystal in my hand physically.

Never a less, if the crystal is helping cool but if its just a big old stone - its definitely attractive and a talk piece.

Anyone here have conducted any experiments with crystals regarding the effects on astral projection? Also, I've heard that its good to have a crystal that is for grounding and protection.. Can anyone contribute?

Hello Astral Projectioners!!

I was wondering if raising a family and finding time to project has limited ones obe's?

My wife and I will be adopting a baby in the future and I started to wonder if this would have any baring on my projections? Not that I would make the choice not to adopt based on this, but would it make it difficult for finding the time?

The think for the most part what will be good is the break in sleeping. When the baby cries during the night, I can get up, attend to the baby's needs and return back to bed - hence astral project.

Your thoughts are welcomed Mon and Dads.

Hello Astral Projectioners...

A friend of mine "Major Tom" who is a regular member of astral pulse bumped into me at the web site "Www.Astralsociety.Com". Major Tom told me about this web site and the forums so I decided to check it out. Major Tom and I go back a long way - back in the days of IRC, Alt.out.of.body, discussions with Robert Bruce on-line, when the internet was young... (1993 era). So its nice to be back in touch with a long lost friend... So much to catch up on!!

Just a little bit about me. - I'll try to keep it brief! (that never happens)

Anyways, been projecting for 17yrs now. The first 3-4yrs I was on fire projecting everyday, wrote the journals, communicated on-line with Major Tom, Robert Bruce and a whole host of other great people. During the rest of the years leading to present I've been on/off projecting during the years but not as serious as  I would like to have been. Basically, burned myself out on verification, writing the journals, and needed to focus on physical life.

Last few months I started to do some heavy posting at astral society's web site, involved in discussions and the projections started to come back.

Its great to be back projecting again, and I knew it just was a matter of time. So if I seem excited, flood the forums with posts asking questions, adding my .2, or putting my journals on-line for others to read - bare with me.. the freshness and excitement is there!!! Btw: I'm a IT professional and I'm a analytical thinker....  

My primarily goal is to help, learn, and explore together this reality and to hopefully make a difference.

I look forward to not just being a text message on your screen, but sharing our dreams together....

The Voice Of Silence